Fergie Considering Bids For Atkinson And Clattenburg?

March 2, 2011

What he said. What he probably thought.

Regarding Rooney’s elbow, after the win at Wigan,

I have had a chance to see it. There is nothing in it. Mark Clattenburg saw it. I think he said it was an accident.

Atta boy Mark. Looks like a reliable chap. Might need him next year as these players are awful away from home.

After Clattenburg insisted he’d seen the incident,

The rules are straight and clearly there. Mark Clattenburg dealt with it, he spoke to the player and gave the free-kick to Wigan. That was the end of the story.

The one person who comes out with great credit is the referee himself as he was obviously under tremendous pressure, probably from the Football Association and from the media, which we expected. It’s over with.

Hmmm, the lad has guts to stand by a shocking decision. It’s a rare quality. I can bully the media but anyone I sign will still need such a thick skin. Howard can’t do it all on his own. Perhaps it’s time to get him some help.

After the Chelsea game on the penalty,

The penalty kick was so soft. Deary me.

If I can turn Martin, Wayne will be unstoppable.

On the Luiz tackle,

It was incredible. Even before that he’d done Chicharito off the ball. He’d done him late. Nothing done, the referee’s in front of it. He does Rooney clear as day, (the referee is) six yards from it, he doesn’t do anything. That changed the game. These are decisions that change the game. And he’s going to be refereeing every week.

That’s as good as Clattenburg if not better. If he can do it to Wayne in this manner just imagine how great he will be when he’s on our side. Wonder what it will take to pinch him from the Blues. It will certainly be cheaper to get these two than half a dozen new players.

On Chelsea’s title hopes,

If they get decisions like tonight then it can change everything. They got a lot of decisions tonight that surprised me.

I thought I made it clear to Riley that our biggest competitive advantage cannot be shared with anyone else. Martin showed real class but how dare he do it against us. If it happens again we’ll be in trouble. Where’s Riley, I must tear him a new one. That’s the only way these people will learn.

Guest Post: Crazy Transfer, Hidden Arsenal

February 8, 2011

If you scour the Arsenal blogosphere on a daily basis the name Critic will need no introduction. He’s a passionate Desi Gooner like yours truly and has contributed the following light-hearted piece. I hope you will find it a nice change from my usual analytical ramblings.

It has been a crazy transfer month, with even crazier rumors. But it could have been a much better and happening transfer window of all time. Here’s an article taking you guys to the last day of recently concluded transfer window that could have been….madder, with some mad journalism of course.

Rumors are rife that a well known club in England has put £15 m on the table for NUFC’s Joey Barton. Identity of the club is being kept very secret. To the joy of all football lovers, the club involved is a night club in England. Apparently they are short ‘in numbers’ in gatekeeper and bouncer department. They reckon mere reputation of Joey with his moustache will be enough to protect the club from goons like ALEX BROTHERS. The club also believes that his ability to make obscene gestures and kicking the ball in right areas can come in handy (he must have learnt something while playing football).

Our reporters tried to get at the bottom of this rumor but to no avail. Mr. Alan Pardew, too busy in practicing different poses and smiling gestures for the camera, refused to comment on the current situation and warned us not to distract him.

Rumors are doing rounds that Abramovich is considering a massive raid on United. He is bored and wants to spice up chelsea’s title pursuit. He has figured out the way to keep a squad of unlimited players. Sadly for him, only few such special talents are available (they are always available).

Voices of discontent can be heard from very old mall debris. United have asked FA to intervene and protect their ongoing ‘RESPECT’ campaign. But FA officials laughed on the confusion over their campaign. Mr. ‘Honestly Dishonest’, explaining the main idea behind their campaign said, “we only RESPECT money ”.

At United’s press conference, journalists were going crazy for confirmation on recent developments. But as usual, ferguson’s words couldn’t come out of his mouth. Out of frustration, journalist started chanting, “We don’t know what you are saying”!! All this left Mr. Alex miffed. He left hurriedly after giving stern warning (in written) to all journalists that he will consider calling back all of his loanees from their current spell, under which they are working as their housekeepers. Soon, the jolly environment turned into a gloomy one.

Elsewhere, our undercover agent ‘I am lennon’ spotted a very familiar figure. On using his brain, he realized it was his current master, one of the greatest poker faces of all time, Mr. Arry Redknaaapp. Before blowing his cover, he again stressed his brain (2nd time in his entire life) and thus spotted an opportunity for another potentially spicy transfer story.

Mr Arry was looking rather jolly (or is it just the face??). ‘I am lennon’ tried to click his photo but soon found out his camera’s batteries were leaking like their defense and the natural light was fading as fast as their title dreams(lolz, everyone has a right to dream though). On further inspection, he found out that the man had lost all his transfer kitty and Gareth Bale in a game of poker. Acting sad, ‘I am lennon’ asked, “what will we say to the fans”?? To which Arry took a moment or two and then, both laughed their heart out. Arry bid farewell to ‘I am lennon’ and thanked him for making him feel better again.

I guess that’s the only serious bid that Arry made during the transfer window.

Back home due to lack of transfer activity from Arsene Wenger, some of the fans decided to prepare a bid for,….as  I am being told by Andy Black and Richard Locks,… Paul Collingwood!!! ??  In their opinion, (fans) (my fellow correspondents just got the sack) he has the agility and if he can catch the small ball then he shouldn’t have any problems in standing between the posts for Arsenal. He also possesses decent footwork and most importantly – he is ENGLISH.

ECB have asked for calmness and common sense among people and authorities. They don’t want any distractions for their players at such a crucial juncture, especially when there is less than a month left for cricket world cup.

Will the bid go on?? Will Collingwood agree?? But most importantly, does Arsene know about these recent developments??? Only time will tell.

Time is with Arsene in his office. They are desperately waiting for a world class central defender to knock on his door. In addition to defending, he should be a good midfielder, goal scorer and must have the ability to pull off stunning saves as a goalkeeper. Will such entity come to Arsene? Are you that man? (if yes, then f*** off to charity because we create our own players) Will fans finally sign Paul Collingwood???  When asked, Arsene replied “I am manager of the greatest football club on earth, not a psychic”.

Enough said. It’s been a mad, mad transfer window but with sincere journalism….

But time is still at Ashburton Grove, humming with loyal gooners..

“Future is bright….

It’s not red, not blue and definitely not white….

It’s ………..


And we can clearly hear the voices from all over the world…………………………..


Fabregas And His Cescy Sense Of Humour On Twitter

September 23, 2010

I recently discovered the twitter profile of Fabregas, at least I think it’s the real deal. I’m not very familiar with twitter so can’t claim to be sure but you can judge for yourself.

Like most of us, Cesc was quite happy with the win at Spuds,

It feels good ….Great performance!Being Great to watch football played this way!Well done boys!

More interestingly, I found this picture on twitpic with the caption: “Do you think our masseur is sexy?” 😀

Left me wondering if I’ve finally stumbled onto the reason so many of our players spend a lot of quality time on the treatment table 😉

In case you’re into twitter, here is Fabregas’ twitter page and this is the link to his twitpic account.

Apologies if this has already been shared by others and a word of warning – you’ll see pictures of some vile, abominable creatures on that twitpic.