Fabregas And His Cescy Sense Of Humour On Twitter

I recently discovered the twitter profile of Fabregas, at least I think it’s the real deal. I’m not very familiar with twitter so can’t claim to be sure but you can judge for yourself.

Like most of us, Cesc was quite happy with the win at Spuds,

It feels good ….Great performance!Being Great to watch football played this way!Well done boys!

More interestingly, I found this picture on twitpic with the caption: “Do you think our masseur is sexy?” 😀

Left me wondering if I’ve finally stumbled onto the reason so many of our players spend a lot of quality time on the treatment table 😉

In case you’re into twitter, here is Fabregas’ twitter page and this is the link to his twitpic account.

Apologies if this has already been shared by others and a word of warning – you’ll see pictures of some vile, abominable creatures on that twitpic.

22 Responses to Fabregas And His Cescy Sense Of Humour On Twitter

  1. Hrochnick says:

    It is real Desi, he’s only been on a few weeks but it was first publicised by his sister. And I think the intimate nature of the pics alone speak for it’s validity.

  2. Dom says:

    It’s good how he writes it all in English, castillian and Catalan!

  3. bull says:

    Do u guys know any other twitter account from our beloved gunners ?? ( real one )

  4. Saga says:

    Cesc has great humor and I love the tweets. I had not thought about the injuries might be becaue of KH (but me and most who commentented that pic think Cesc is sexier).
    But I also have been thinking that before Sunderland Cesc tweeted that he is “killing” Tommy (Rosicky), Carlos (Vela) and Deni(lson) in some board game and then he got injured so does that trio have some powers to revenge?
    As for other definately real twitters one is Denilson http://twitter.com/_denilson15 (he did live videos after last home matches)

    • desigunner says:

      🙂 A point of trivia – the game Cesc mentions Parchis is an adaptation of an ancient Indian game Pachisi.

      Thanks for sharing the link to Denilson’s twitter, I’ll add it to the sidebar.

  5. GoonerFan says:

    I am thinking of joining twitter now…

  6. santori says:

    I don’t seem on the same page with this one Desi…or maybe the humour is slightly lost in translation.:P

    Is Fabregas attracted to men(for that matter the rest of the team)? Surely that’s not a woman massaging him or does he believe it is? 😀

    One wonders who plucks his eyebrows.;)

  7. […] Fabregas And His Cescy Sense Of Humour On Twitter I recently discovered the twitter profile of Fabregas, at least I think it’s the real deal. I’m not very familiar […] […]

  8. Omar says:

    this is Chamakh

    and this is mine, let’s follow each other and tweet about arsenal 🙂

  9. Wai says:

    Not sure, but many people say this is Chamakh’s Official account!

  10. mkv says:

    Youngguns site says Wilshere’s twitter is fake

  11. Fernando says:

    Unfortunately for arsenal fans if you look at the bracelets Cesc is wearing you will notice that they are catalan colours!!!!!! Grr

  12. George Max Jarboe,Jr. says:

    Ha!Fernando,you are mistaking,dont you see My beloved clue,Arsenal away jersay.T

  13. George Max Jarboe,Jr. says:

    I am of the strongest conviction that Cesc is not going any where next season.We made him and he loves our club,Arsenal.

  14. Nischit says:

    This is arshavin’s twitter feed :


  15. Laura says:

    This is wilshere’s http://twitter.com/jack_wilshere

    and henri lansbury 🙂 http://twitter.com/henri_lansbury

    they’re definitely real. wilshere posted a picture of himself holding a piece of paper with his twitter url on it and his signature. and he and lansbury regularly tweeted each other while they were away with the u21 england squad 🙂 and there’s also a picture of both of them!

  16. Katie says:

    I was just wondering what kind bracelets his wearing.

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