Fergie Considering Bids For Atkinson And Clattenburg?

What he said. What he probably thought.

Regarding Rooney’s elbow, after the win at Wigan,

I have had a chance to see it. There is nothing in it. Mark Clattenburg saw it. I think he said it was an accident.

Atta boy Mark. Looks like a reliable chap. Might need him next year as these players are awful away from home.

After Clattenburg insisted he’d seen the incident,

The rules are straight and clearly there. Mark Clattenburg dealt with it, he spoke to the player and gave the free-kick to Wigan. That was the end of the story.

The one person who comes out with great credit is the referee himself as he was obviously under tremendous pressure, probably from the Football Association and from the media, which we expected. It’s over with.

Hmmm, the lad has guts to stand by a shocking decision. It’s a rare quality. I can bully the media but anyone I sign will still need such a thick skin. Howard can’t do it all on his own. Perhaps it’s time to get him some help.

After the Chelsea game on the penalty,

The penalty kick was so soft. Deary me.

If I can turn Martin, Wayne will be unstoppable.

On the Luiz tackle,

It was incredible. Even before that he’d done Chicharito off the ball. He’d done him late. Nothing done, the referee’s in front of it. He does Rooney clear as day, (the referee is) six yards from it, he doesn’t do anything. That changed the game. These are decisions that change the game. And he’s going to be refereeing every week.

That’s as good as Clattenburg if not better. If he can do it to Wayne in this manner just imagine how great he will be when he’s on our side. Wonder what it will take to pinch him from the Blues. It will certainly be cheaper to get these two than half a dozen new players.

On Chelsea’s title hopes,

If they get decisions like tonight then it can change everything. They got a lot of decisions tonight that surprised me.

I thought I made it clear to Riley that our biggest competitive advantage cannot be shared with anyone else. Martin showed real class but how dare he do it against us. If it happens again we’ll be in trouble. Where’s Riley, I must tear him a new one. That’s the only way these people will learn.

25 Responses to Fergie Considering Bids For Atkinson And Clattenburg?

  1. MSL says:

    He also paid lip service to FA by saying Rooney was lucky to not have ban extended. The big thing is FA will give him a two-match touchline ban or some such comical “punishment”. Then, everyone in the media will say, “oh look, FA spares no one.” End of story. Rinse-repeat.

    I didn’t see the match but there were plenty of complaints against Vidic’s fouling and a disallowed goal (for Chelsea?).

    • MSL says:

      I meant the ban for SAF.

    • desigunner says:

      Yes he did say Rooney was lucky in a reluctant manner after the FA cleared him. Before that review he was quite certain ‘there was nothing in it’ 🙂 Changes his story to suit the needs of the hour.

      I don’t recall any controversial disallowed goal. Vidic was lucky to get away with one bookable offence but it was just a few minutes before he was actually sent off.

  2. banglagunner says:

    Red nose old Fergi is a two faced snake …

  3. Champion says:

    Did anyone see Rooney’s sad bellyflop into the penalty box in the 1st half? Media seem very reluctant to replay or discuss it. I am sure I did not imagine seeing it. United are a complete shame and Fergie’s comments about the ref…well talk about biting the hand that feeds you!

    • jay says:

      No you did not imagine it. I saw it and i was waiting for some comments on it but nothing happened. Wonder what they might have said had it been some player from the “continent” who brought diving in england.
      Glad they lost. David Luiz is top class. Fergie, such a whining bitch. Maybe the FA will apologize for incurring his wrath. Thats 2 shocking decision from Clattencunt with Utd games. first the Gomes/Nani incident, and the rooney elbow. we’ll probably see Clattenburg for Arsenal Utd

      • CharlieGooner says:

        I saw Rooney’s flop too and was waiting for a replay of it, but I should have known better.

      • johnny says:

        David Luiz top class? Hmmm…. Not yet. He’s working a lot and he’s very determined, but he made a few big mistakes in the defensive. He also grabbed a goal, but needs time to adapt to the EPL. Anyway, he scored one goal more than Torres…

    • D says:

      Oh yeah! and did you notice how the camera just panned away as though someone took a crap at that spot? damn! not a word from the commentators… Heck! i’m talking about the ones on FSC!

    • desigunner says:

      Yeah I saw that and the assault by Rooney on Ramires. The second one should have been a booking. I guess Luiz saw that and realized he can get away with some rough tackles in this game. In that sense the ref was fairly consistent. He even allowed Vidic a reprieve after he pulled Drogba back and sent him off only after a third offence.

  4. Phv says:

    It is absolutely hilarious. Desi , you are spot on. Man Utd’s aging team is falling apart just like last season. I watched only the second half and it was incredible how rubbish Chelsea were in the beginning ( of the second). Terry, Lampard,Essien and Cole were passing the ball to Man Utd players in the first 20 min then they got the momentum and we all know what happened. David Luiz is such a classy player. It is a joy to watch him play. He is so good on the ball. He looks like an Arsenal player. Him alongside Djourou would be marvelous. I can only dream.

  5. Kushagra India says:

    BREAKING NEWS – The F.A have issued a warning to referee Martin Atkinson after he didn’t allow Man United to win against Chelsea tonight.

  6. FoolishgooNer says:

    Priceless……. Hahahahaha. I’m over the Cup dispointement, it was refreshing seeing Manures get the run around. Drogba holding the ball wasting time on the corner! I can replay that all day lol. Just to see the rednose’s face. Vidic less Manure face Liverpool and luis saurez three more points droped. I don’t care about Layton let me get 12 points from the next 4 EPL matches! Sunderland, Blackburn, Blackpool and the spuds who owe us some three points. All is well again! One game at a time Proffessor ! Cheers

    • desigunner says:

      Drogba can be a real menace when he puts his heart and mind into it. That keep-ball display at the end needed real talent and strength along with some arrogance.

  7. koye says:

    Absolutely priceless game of football…especially as utd lost. The referee was absolutely unfazed! Never thought he could give that penalty. Now we need to raise our heads and realize the immediate future is bright. Utd will still drop points, the question is will we take advantage?


  8. amit says:

    its arsenal’s title to lose…

    desi why dont you analyse the path leading up to the final stages of the prem and how arsenal might end up winning/losing!!

  9. kingsley says:

    I thought, i was the only one who saw that, “jimmy fly snooker Rooney”. As for Man U, some day, ur case will be like that of A C Milan & Juve.

  10. Edmond Dantes says:

    Our players are dropping like flies. worst possible time to be without Fab and RvP. No Walcott either. I just hope we can hold up our end and pip them to the title.

  11. Maximilian G. says:

    Brilliant Desi , just brilliant ! no more needs to be said..

    Manc machinations and control of the game’s backstage is mafia like, the FA , the refs, more than half the coaches and managers are lieutenant of Don Fergie in this league , above all the loyalist or cowardly journos and the obsiquiousness of the press, the pundits, the game callers is indeed the most shocking aspect of it…

    The door is open ajar for us to take the title, do we have the belief,the stamina, do we have the squad to mean business?

  12. Maximilian G. says:

    drop your moderation filters Desi,it is a disappointing put off and it is damaging the blog,
    ( we are a group of fans here, passionate Arsenalists, expats from various countries residing in the same continent as you Dwsi ,AND we like your blog BIT most of us say they have trouble posting here, shame!)

    • desigunner says:

      Would you rather have some delusional spuds fan copy-pasting 20 comments abusing the Arsenal on each article? I have to do what I have to do. If people don’t take it personally it should not be a problem. Ask anyone who has complained about moderation if their comments have ever been modified or deleted.

  13. Maximilian G. says:

    Cheers Desi!, true it took less than 5 minutes, this time, to get moderated and (re)posted, (sometimes it is hours though!)
    Of course you need to protect your domain, no question, but If you ask me, best apply post-fact moderation policy according to known criteria of ‘abuse’,
    and keep an openness to the medium.

    • desigunner says:

      Yes, I can understand why the time factor can be annoying. When I’m on my computer it doesn’t take long but if I’m out and about, or sleeping, it does.

      It’s not that I’ve been moderating from day one. I started doing this based on some experiences. And I try to modify based on further ones. In that sense it’s a continuous work-in-progress. And I don’t like doing it either because it’s just extra effort for me. I have reduced the number of filters with experience and will continue to do so.

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