Liverpool 1 – 2 Arsenal: Match Thoughts And Individual Analysis

Sometimes, when you’ve suffered so much through bad luck, such a win is immensely enjoyable despite all the frustrations. Pure delight!

That’s how I felt after the win at Anfield. It wasn’t a great performance but it was a terrific result. The effort was there but it wasn’t – predictably – as well structured as needed and thus resulted in an inefficient game that was, ironically, capped by super efficient supply and finishes.

Liverpool’s energetic pressing and slick movement had Arsenal in knots, especially in the first half. Van Persie questioned whether Arsenal “deserved the win” and Szczesny acknowledged the Gunners “…got killed all over the park” in the first half. But one could just as easily ask whether Liverpool deserved to win that game. When you consider the fact that Dalglish’s side have had similar problems all through the season, it’s hard to say there aren’t certain basic problems with the way they play; finishing chances being the most obvious one. Let’s not forget, at the end of the day Arsenal had more shots on target than the hosts who managed to test Szczesny with only 4 efforts, two of which came from that terribly botched penalty and it’s tame rebound. Even if you include the shots that hit the other Poles in the Arsenal goal – which is technically incorrect but does add an extra degree of perspective, the Reds still managed fewer shots on target.

The broader patterns of play were predictable. Arsenal were trying to push forward but couldn’t handle Liverpool’s urgency which exposed certain oft-discussed technical and tactical deficiencies in the side. This left the defence exposed time and again and allowed Liverpool the opportunity to stretch the back four over vast spaces. The Reds looked good at it but didn’t really create that many quality chances. This seems like an odd thing to say but, as mentioned above, Szczesny wasn’t making as many great saves as, say, Almunia did against Barcelona. And let’s not forget the penalty was a really generous gift from the Ref.

Nevertheless, such an opinion should not be interpreted to mean Liverpool weren’t the clearly dominant side in the first half, just that their dominance resulted – in part – from certain inherent weaknesses in the way Arsenal play and was marred by basic problems in their own game.

One of the problems for Liverpool was that they relied a lot on width and crosses, as inefficient an attacking tactic as can be. If they’d cut Arsenal open through the middle they might have had a better probability of scoring. Ironically though, the Gunners did get their equalizer from a cross, their only successful one from eight attempts! This brings us to the differences between Suarez and Van Persie.

Limiting it only to their efforts on the pitch, it would seem the Uruguayan is a right handful with his movement and tricks with the ball at his feet. But he is anonymous as far as an aerial threat goes and is generally wasteful. Suarez could only hit the post from a tight angle whereas Van Persie found the back of the net from a much more difficult volley where he also had to beat the Keeper. The Liverpool striker also succeeded with only 3 of his 11 attempts at taking defenders on.

As a side note it’s important to record that Reina’s positioning was very poor. Even the best Keepers in the world make mistakes.

Van Persie is a much more complete striker. He got the better of Carragher for the first goal. I’d mentioned in the preview he’ll fancy his chances more against the Englishman than he’d have against Agger. A host of such small details make the big differences over the course of the season. The Dutchman’s movement, awareness, technique, and composure were truly extraordinary for the second goal. He went in behind and wide to the left before moving forward ensuring his momentum was towards the goal. While doing this he’d already stolen a glance at the goal to see Reina’s position which, in turn, allowed him to place the ball without applying any real force on the shot. It was all about timing – timing of the run, timing of the look, timing of the strike. And who can say the timing in the context of the game could have been any better!?

In stark contrast, Liverpool’s goal, although it came from a cross from the Right, was essentially a blunder from Koscielny as he was under relatively little pressure. The defender went for force instead of calmly guiding the ball behind for a corner. This put him off-balance and was the major factor behind his attempt being mistimed/scuffed. He will learn with experience. Arsenal used to make such errors more often in the past but have slowly developed this ability and willingness to concede corners and throws when under pressure. It is, at least in part, linked with their ability to defend such situations and that has certainly improved.

To an extent, one could also argue Kelly’s miss at the back post – from Liverpool’s only real chance of the second half – was very similar to Koscielny’s mistake for the own goal. The defender was under relatively less pressure than you’d expect an attacking player to be in such a situation but he lost composure and completely fluffed his effort. The youngster might also have lost sight of the ball momentarily due to the movement of defenders between him and the ball. That’s just one of the factors that makes crosses so inefficient.

Arsenal were better organized in the second half but rarely developed a spell of sustained pressure. Reina was forced into a couple of big saves by Walcott, one in each half, and there were other occasions when the Gunners found the target but it wasn’t an exceptional attacking display by any means. Liverpool’s ability to push Arsenal back and their cohesive pressing in the middle of the park ensured their defence wasn’t constantly under pressure. Van Persie though, with superb assists from Sagna and Song, had more than enough quality to make the difference.

Looking forward, it’s difficult to say both sides will not see a repeat of such scenarios in other games. Liverpool will create chances there is no doubt about that. But will they finish them any better? Arsenal will continue to have defensive issues but in most cases their attacking quality will have a say in the result.

Individual Performances:

Szczesny: His best effort for weeks. Should bring some confidence back. Double save from the penalty was sensational but, more importantly, his judgment and decision making of when to come and what to do after coming was spot on. Would have been MotM in my book on another day but will have to settle for close second in this one.

Sagna: Had a hard time with his passing and runs up the pitch, understandably. But made the vital contribution for the equalizer with a peach of a cross. Had to chase back a lot but won both is tackles and 4/6 ground duels. Also made a couple of timely interceptions. Had the most touches and lost possession most often but it was a fighting display from the full-back.

Koscielny: Bad mistake for the goal, which was a technical and judgment issue, and not an unfortunate moment in my opinion. But he also made a team-high 5 interceptions to go with his tackles (5/6), ground duels (7/12), and clearances (7/9) in a frantic but largely effective defensive effort.

Vermaelen: Was a lot more composed than Koscielny but he too had his weak moments. Did keep Arsenal in the game by winning most of his individual battles – 3/4 tackles, 4/6 ground duels, 2/3 aerial duels + 2 interceptions.

Gibbs: Made a couple of incisive attacking runs but it was another such run that exposed the left side and resulted in the free space for Henderson in the build-up to the Liverpool goal. Had the second highest figure for total loss of possession. Won all three tackles and 7/12 ground duels.

Arsenal’s full-backs lost the ball often, mainly because they were the channel for getting out and had to face constant pressure. They were also pushing up regularly in the first half and ended up chasing back when Liverpool used the space behind them rather intelligently. The central defenders were stretched all over the place but did commendably in their duels reducing the impact the hosts could have had. When everything failed Szczesny stood tall. Arsenal’s defence again looked shaky but it’s a broader technical and tactical issue that is largely not their fault.

Song: Another player who had to put in a massive defensive shift. Wasn’t very effective with his duels, winning only 4/11 of his ground duels, but he kept getting back to plug the holes winning possession back in defensive areas a team-high 7 times. Made the most passes for the Gunners including that, now trademark, chip for RvP and the through-ball for Gibbs.

Rosicky: Little Mozart didn’t have anywhere near the kind of impact he had against Tottenham as space and time on the ball were at a premium. Was as involved as Song and played a big role in defending after Arteta had to be taken off. Had as many touches and made as many successful passes as Song including a couple of pre-assists where he found teammates in space. In the first instance his run towards the centre sucked Downing away from Sagna.

Arteta: Wasn’t at his usual efficiency levels as the whole team was struggling but provided the work rate and defensive shift in front of the back four. It seems he had a concussion, hopefully it won’t have any long term impact.

Diaby: Short cameo from the returning midfielder. Completed all his passes and was efficient in the duels but looked a touch off-pace. It’s hard to say his return wasn’t a rush job after another injury.

Arsenal’s midfield was again regularly caught in a no man’s land. They tried to push up but the Gunners just couldn’t hold the ball up well enough for it to work. Players deserve credit for putting in a hardworking yo-yo shift where they tried to go forward but had to chase back. Also deserve credit for creating the chances despite the constant defensive effort.

Walcott: Did make some intelligent runs. Tested Reina more than once. Also tracked back more than he’d have liked. This is the kind of game where he could have made an impact if he got a chance to play on the shoulder of the last defender but he had to drop deep into the Arsenal half far too often as the system required him to.

RvP: Just world class. Service to him was inconsistent at best and such games can be hugely frustrating for strikers. The way he maintained his work rate and concentration before producing two top quality finishes made him MotM in my opinion.

Benayoun: Was quite poor once again. It’s not hard to see why Arsene didn’t play him earlier. His movement and thinking is not in sync with the rest of the team and that puts him a yard or two behind the pace of the game. Tottenham’s shoddy defence didn’t expose this but Liverpool found him wanting, badly. Attempted only 9 passes in the first half and a total of 17 before he was taken off. Defensive contribution wasn’t noteworthy either.

Arsenal’s front three were isolated for most of the game and Benayoun’s limitations meant that he could never provide the qualities of the additional midfielder that might have helped Arsenal retain the ball when under pressure. This is an area where Arsene has a headache right now. Picking two quick and direct players provides excellent threat down the wide areas but the midfield is overwhelmed when the opposition can match them technically and are well-organized. Starting a player like Benayoun should ideally help but the Israeli hasn’t quite clicked. This diminishes the threat out wide and doesn’t really add to the possession component of the game in the manner that is needed.

Subs: Oxlade-Chamberlain impressed with his energy in a central midfield role but he clearly has little or no experience in that area. Gervinho brought some pace and an added threat on the left even when he wasn’t as involved.

Wenger: Can anyone deny the gaps in his tactical system when the side is stretched and pinned back in that manner? But he deserves credit for the improved second half effort and for the quality of goals as they can’t be produced without quality training. Just ask Dalglish!

34 Responses to Liverpool 1 – 2 Arsenal: Match Thoughts And Individual Analysis

  1. Ade David, a Nigerian Gooner says:

    Great post great win. 4 points gap between us and Spurs.

    • santori says:

      Quite amazing how several games ago we were in deep ‘crisis’ and since last week, we have narrowed a massive 10 points gap with the great pretenders to just 4!:D

    • Dhruv says:

      and AVB got fired. Team need to pull their socks and try for 3rd.

  2. Roachy says:

    Walcott needs to tackle more, too often he chases a player down and then backs off…..Wenger needs to address this with Walcott.
    I do not recall Walcott putting in one tackle agaisnt liverpool.

    Perhaps he fears injury, or maybe its just a mindset…but to get to the next level he need to tackle more.

    • santori says:


      He gets himself into decent positions but he doesn’t seem fully commited.

      Back to his poor ‘habits’ again for this one,

      I still think we lack a technical magician on the wings (particularly since Nasri left and if Arsharvin leaves)

      We need someone who can hold onto the ball and occupy/beat 2-3- players if need be. Walcott tends to give the ball right back.

  3. Northernbof says:

    Really enjoy your match analyses. Great game, brilliant steal akin to the last cup final we won .Liverpool played out of their skins, and no one has mentioned the fact that they had five in midfield thus overrunning our three, til’ they started to tire. Hope Chesney has finally become as good as he thinks he is.

    • santori says:

      The trick to beating the congestion of the midfield was to go over the top toward the wingers.

      If they close space down in one area, gaps would inevitably appear in others. They cannot possibly be everywhere at once.

      Our outlet out wide (unless the fullbacks got involved) was ineffective thereby negating our options playing out from behind.

      Walcott took the ball for a run several times but simply ran into red shirts and gave the ball back.

      As I mentioned, we are lacking a techinical wizard who can hold the ball up for us if need be and occupy 2-3 of their players.

      This should be a target for the summer, regardless of the fact that we have already gotten 4 wingers (Walcott, Gervinho, Chamberlain, Ryo), albeit all more direct than craft and guile at the moment at least.

      • WafflingWenger says:

        Absolutely. I think you can probably take comfort from the fact that these seem to be Arsene’s favourite type of players & if he is going to spend big, it is generally on a player such as this.

        I’ve said this before, but I think we’ve spent heavily on our defense over the past few seasons (probably quite rightly) & this has left a shortfall in the investment of ball-playing, technical attacking midfielders & strikers (which are distinct from more direct wingers which we seem to have quite a few of at the moment – beware theo). The base of our midfield, our gk & our defense all look very solid now, but the unexpected loss of Fab & Nasri & the failure of arshavin & Bendtner (who really should have been pushing VP and fulfilling Adebayor-like role in the squad by now) have really left shortfalls in this area, without ready-made replacements ready to take over in the near future.

        It is quite ironic really, especially considering the fact that our game has really been based on these type of players for the better part of a decade (or longer?). If Arsene buys big in the summer, it will be in this the area of the squad. Gotze then Hazard are the best options, but they will be priced accordingly.

  4. andy says:

    It was good to see Diaby. He actually looked good for the short time he played. I forgot he had some mad skills, can dribble, tackle, etc. I really feel for the player. He suffered a nasty break through a bad tackle, and he’s never been able to recover from it. Totally messed up his career.

    • santori says:


      And BTW, don’t know if anyone noticed but when Diaby came on for his short spell on the pitch, we were more in control of the game.

      He definately seems off pace but his movement can be deadly and alludes back to what I’ve mentioned before in that we lack the players who can take out2-3 of the opposition at a go (Jack being another)

      His first touch on the ball bought him good space and he had a decent crack at the goal.

      Not good to see him come off with complains about his hamstrings. The bloke has been wrecked by little niggling injuries which had he broken his leg may have garnered him some sympathy but current mood amongst supporters seems a loss of patience with him.

      If he can fully recover, he might be able to help give us a good run in our final dozen matches or so as our midfield is stretched thin.

  5. OSI says:

    I posted on the preamble you made to the game, and I think you’ve done well covering what happened….

    This game turned out as I expected in a lot of ways, and it was a perfect microcosm of Liverpool’s season: some of the play is irresistible, we can dominate possession and territory for large swaths, but undo our hard work with profligacy and dropping concentration.

    Nevertheless, you mentioned a couple of points that I’d like to rebut:

    – Tactics at the start were bang on for Liverpool, and it’s annoying to see people explaining away our dominance as the other team struggling, or something beyond our preparation and planning. As I said on the previous article, I felt confident that we matched up well from a tactical perspective, and the first half was proof positive. I remember someone put out a team they expected that was pretty narrow, and I commented that it would be the best thing from an LFC perspective, because our most dangerous attacks are generally interchanges from wide into central areas (and the narrowness would give us time to develop those attacks). That was pretty much the story of the first half, with Suarez and kuyt movement from wide to central causing lots of problems.

    – I think we did open arsenal up through the middle a lot, but were let down by some absolutely criminal decision making, I can think of 4 opportunities to play someone in through the center that were bypassed for a worse option….

    – The biggest difference between Suarez and van persie is one is a forward and the other is a striker. You would be foolish to swap one for the other and expect similar results….Suarez has always been a creator far more than a finisher; even at Ajax where he was pretty prolific, he was a pivot for a lot of attacks rather than being the focal point. That people think otherwise of him is probably down to the way he is used for us (not to his strengths, IMO), but keep in mind he was brought in to play ALONGSIDE Torres, which should say a lot about his skillset.

    – Bang on about carragher. That game was a case study in why he has hardly played this year, and I’d be surprised if he’s in front of anyone on the depth chart come next season (that’s including Kelly, who is traditionally a CB, not a RB)

    That game had me ripping my hair out by the end of it – lots of positives but the negatives are so crucial, and have been repeated by the same culprits ALL SEASON, that it’s done my head right in. if we could ever score an AVERAGE amount of the chances we create, some poor team would take a hiding….

    Hope you lot get third off spurs if we can’t catch you up for the final CL spot (which, in all honesty, I think we still can….)

    • santori says:

      Had Bellamy been on the pitch and fit to go at the start, I think we would have been punished.

    • WafflingWenger says:

      This was probably the most quintessentially English performance I’ve seen by a top team in some time & although I haven’t seen much of Liverpool this season, i thought it really exposed the strengths (fortitude, pace, intensity, work rate, pressing etc) and weaknesses (mostly technical – particularly in crucial moments such as the final pass or putting the ball in the back of the net) of such a style of play.

      Three quick observations on the game and some of your most interesting comments:

      1) It was interesting to note how few crosses Liverpool played in the air & how few were cutbacks – which suggests the regularity in which they got in behind Arsenal out wide, the strength of their movement up front and the importance of this strategy to their game plan. I haven’t seen a side do this so successfully & relentlessly to Arsenal since that game very early in the season against that team I only vaguely remember.

      2) Despite their relative success in shutting Arsenal down through the middle Adams, Spearing & Henderson really is a fairly brutal and uninspiring combination. I wonder how you feel about them? Whatever you may say, Liverpool really did lack any central penetration from midfield. Even when Adams had some space to run into he was very wasteful with both his technical execution and decision making.

      3) “it’s annoying to see people explaining away our dominance as the other team struggling” … isn’t that a fair indication of dominance? Stopping Arsenal from playing their game is always the first step to beating them. Liverpool do look like they’re set up to be a very high-pressing & direct (in their movement and their number of passes) side and thus, presumably start most of their most dangerous attacks from winning possession in midfield. Any team who regularly loses the ball in midfield will struggle. Once again, I wouldn’t consider this a negative.

      Thanks for the visit and the write up OSI.
      Thanks again Desi.

      • OSI says:

        I actually didn’t see it much as quintessentially English; in many ways it reminded me of Liverpool in 08-09 without the finishing. Yes, we worked hard and pressed, but that’s something good sides everywhere do. Most of our buildup was lateral, rather than vertical, and almost all of the first half it was short to intermediate passing. I honestly didn’t know how we didn’t go into halftime up by 4 or 5….

        To address your points:
        1. That has been the way we’ve played every team that hasn’t been content to park defenders in the box. We have a collection of players that are good at short movement and interchanging with flanking positions, and Suarez and Kuyt were superb at that in the first half. I think a big reason for it is them both having grown up in Dutch styled wide forward systems – its a horrible system if the front three aren’t clever with their movement into and out of wide attacking positions…

        2. Agree here somewhat. Spearing is inherently limited and wouldn’t get a look in if Lucas were fit. Henderson I REALLY rate, esp. as a central midfielder, because his movement and one touch passing are sublime (he’s probably the best pass-and-move player at the club, and I say that wig a lot if respect for others in the team), I fully believe he could turn into a 30-40m pound player in his late 20s….as for Adam, if you want the full measure of my opinion on him you should read my Twitter timeline….overrated doesn’t even begin to describe him and if it were up to me that would be the last game he played for the club. Consistently makes the wrong decision, and for a player wig supposed passing vision, the opportunities he looks off are simply mindboggling (that one where he chose to dribble into 3 defenders rather than play Henderson in 1v1 is just one example)….that said, 2 of those three would hardly get a kick if we are fully equipped, so there you go….

        3. What I was alluding to was people attributing the dominance to the other team failing to execute, rather than us executing to the point that the opposition are unable to. It would be like havibg the team pressing and forcing errors through covering, and the turnovers being down to lazy passing (as if a “good” pass was clear and simple to execute). It perpetuates the idea that the team is mediocre or average (we aren’t, and if we had one player of van persie style we could be a title challenging team)….

        Thanks again for plaudits, I don’t get around to writing about this stuff as much anymore, so its always good to do so and get insightful discourse (some here notwithstanding…)

  6. nickinportugal says:

    Echo sadnes for Diaby, a class act when he was playing well, but we got it wrong in midfield esterday, Wenger had very little to play with, he didn’t want to risk Diaby, you could seee that, we need Ramsey back and we should not have shipped Arshavin. He takes risks Mr Wenger, now we are really threadbare in the middle, no messing about against Milan REST KEY PLAYERS, no Santos type injuries, it has been a traumaic season but we are in a better position than we have a right too so now we need to be smart and get ready for the next three games all tough but all winnable, forget the CL it isn’t going to happen.

    • santori says:

      We are so thin in midfield right now it’s ridiculous.

      We must have one eye on Newcastle when playing Milan.

      Which is why we should have kept Arsharvin. At very least we could have employed him in the hole behind the striker , adopted a slightly more conservative midfield/wing.

      Rosicky was brilliant against SPurs but he is of the age where we simply cannot afford to expect him to deliver such an output for every game (energy-wise).. Arteta seems fine following the knock. Song god forbid we lose at this stage (HE is both shield and provider). Finally Diaby. Hopefully it’s just a minor pull the sort associated with a player just coming back into the thick of things. We could well do with his like right now.

      Newcastle is key. We can put some distance (Psychologically as well as points) if we win and assert pressure on Spurs.

      Should MIlan be a write off? Looking forward to your next post Desi.;)

      • Tee Song says:

        I can’t help but think that keeping Arshavin wasn’t a choice the club could make. Given that Andrei values international football and wanting consistent game time ahead of Euros, he may very well have pushed the loan move. And really, could you blame the guy for wanting out after the reception he received for substituting AOC? No matter his faults, no Arsenal player deserves that from the fans.

  7. santori says:

    Agree with Desi that we did not stretch the game wide enough.

    benayoun was completely ineffective with this one. It could go two ways with a returning player facing his old team.

    I would have thought him fit to be substituted at the half with the more pacy Gervinho (given Kelly nor Henderson ahead of him are the quickest on the park)

    When we did get the ball wide with Sagna, we got ourselevs an unussually (more than) decent cross and a good equaliser.

    Kudos to Sagna who as one of the senior players has been immense since his return. Some very timely interceptions by him.

    And Song. He seems to be a slow starter but as the game wore on, he got into it better and became more effective.

    Good win.

    But we’ll have to up our game with the next one against Milan, they will be far less forgiving.

  8. santori says:

    On a side note, amazing to see not many negative articles written about Liverpool, a club who have spent a decent sum trying to claw their way back to CL contention and looks like they may miss a 3rd season straight. What price Carling cup?

    The press likes to go on about our team of ‘panic buys’ and our one man dependancy but you look at the Liverpool squad and it isn’t exactly overwhelmed by quality.

    I would venture to say aside from Suarez and his dives, none of the team can be called “World Class” (not that that helped Spurs last match either)

    Henderson, Spearing, Adam, Downing in midfield….please.

    They wroked hard but got knackered after the half. we should have taken better advantage of that but I think we were a bit nervy knowing what was at stake (and without our backs to the wall)

    As it is though, we beat a difficult side who (aside from City) have been unbeaten at home. Were we lucky? yes. But the table does not lie. Over the season, the luck evens out and as Desi mentioned, their ‘unlucky’ streak in front of goal (As ours in defense) must point to more deep rooted issues other than simply the thickness of the goal posts or the roll of a dice.

  9. dont know how you see all that on the small screen.
    Lovely job as always Desi

  10. cupsui says:

    I realy like you analysis of the CB, Frantic but largely effective was a perfect way to describe koscienly’s game. I really feel he and TV5 need a rest as they seem “in the red” i am one that feels resting players against Milan is key, it is touch and go in too many areas right now. Thin in the mids, thin at CB and we just can’t lose RvP. But i can’t see wenger resting them. Just fingers crossed no injuries.
    Spurs lose again…here we come.

    Walcott has copped a lot of Sh*t again and thats a joke. He just demolished spurs and while liverpool wasn’t his best, he tracked back a lot and drew two top class saves from reina. Why do people hate him so much, he is such a dangerous player…not one we wanna let go and watch him scortch us in the future.

    Also we have to realise how hard it is to go and play at Anfield. We just beat liverpool at home, their first loss of the season their. Huge effort…”frantic, but largely effective” as some bloke once said…

    • santori says:

      I don’t think peopel hate Walcott.

      I think they are frustrated with him and rightfully so because they know what he is capable of but half the time he seems half commited and insipid.

      He gets himself into excellent positions (works hard for it) but then just gives up or puts in a half hearted/tame effort at goal.

      When he is fully commited, he is devastating.

      What I feel he lacks is innate aggression. He is the very sort of player you need to ‘psyche’ up befor e agame. Some MMA training may help him ‘toughen up’ on pitch.

      He works best when operating in nano seconds and thinking on the cuff. When he has too much time, he over-processes. He needs to go in fully commited to whatever he has decided to do.

      • Dhruv says:

        The other day, I read an article in one of these tabloids which compared Theo to Michael Owen and said that he could be England’s savior this time in Euros. I dont think that is true. Although Theo has improved his finishing, he still has deficiency in his technique. And consistency is also an issue with him.

        Having said that, Theo has lightening speed, and if the midfield can find him, he does have the surprise element. I recon he can be an important man for the team, just not the main man. He has ability to score quick goals and hassle an opposition where the defense is less nimble. Against Enrique I felt he had little chance. Meelan could be be exposed if our midfield has enough quality and understanding with someone like Theo.

  11. Chikezie Chinke says:

    I don’t have much to say, just another great game, wonderful performance although with some floppy passes. Tottenham, Liverpool down New Castle to go.

  12. Yang says:

    Crossing game is the one of most inefficient attacking game plan, just wonder why KK still stick to it. United play crossing game but United team has many special crosser and poachers in the rank.

    That is why Liverpool cannot score against any sort of well positioned defense with half good CB. Arsenal give too much space and time to aim cross, this game should be a lot more comfortable, I am certain AW still try to impose attacking game plan upon Liverpool, which is his footy idea but please defensive detail instruction is not a bad stuff.

  13. adi says:

    I’m pretty sure that if it wasn’t for rvp, walcott wouldn’t even be starting games. He was horrid in the first half against spurs, then produced his “once-in-10-games” blitzkrieg. With ox, gerv and ryo returning next year, i don’t really see too many chances for him, unless we change formations to a 4-4-2

  14. Dhruv says:

    I am more than happy with this win especially since now our league position is much improved and we are just 4 points behind the Spuds.

    I would not be interested too much about the “undeserved win” emotion which Chesney and RVP echoed. It is all part of the game and we have certain gamechangers which L’pool dont have. Last season, Lucas cheated Eboue and referee to get a penalty and rob Arsenal of valuable 2 points. At the handshake, Kenny was his usual self and told Arsene to f*ck off, so Kenny and all those who think this win was “undeserved” can STFU and get lost.

  15. Simon W says:

    Not bad though I disagree in places;

    Firstly? Not QUITE Right on the quality of goals – SHOULD read “such goals can’t be produced by training as the players that score them? Are BORN not made – Just ask Dalglish OR Van Persie”. Who incidentally when HE was a player? Was a combination of the best of Suarez AND Van Persie in terms of making AND Taking goals. You either have it or you don’t.

    BTW Van Persie? Wasn’t ALWAYS this clinical was he? He’s GROWN to be like it. Suarez may or may not to. He’s young as yet & is VERY prolific for his national side so you never know & don’t forget? Only 20 odd months back? Fernando Torres was even MORE prolific than VP is now – Wonder what happened to him? It’s gone strangely quiet on that front no? Funny that………..

    And Liverpool’s tactics? Were the RIGHT ones against Arsenal – Seem to remember you conceding a LOT of goals this seasons from corners/free kicks & Crosses FAR more than being outdone at your own game of being cut up through the middle (which we DID do twice & hit the post BOTH times btw). So Kenny set us up to do that – If our forward line Can’t hit a cow’s a*se with a banjo though? Not a lot we can do no?

    As to that last line? Yes we WILL start to take our chances eventually – It’s just a matter of learning HOW to create & Take them whilst remaining solid defensively for us as we were mainly just defensive under previous managers for a long while & Arsenal? Their so-called ‘attacking quality’ – You mean ONE striker of worth? May indeed have a say in MANY games for them but the important ones? You’ll need Something MORE at the back as well & Arsenal? DON’T have it right now as both Milan & ourselves demonstrated with contrasting results. That will be enough to ensure you win nothing this year – Arsene SHOULD have got you some defenders in the transfer windows – Now? He’ll HAVE to in the next one since you NEED them? At least as much as we do new strikers or a forwards coach…………………..

    Good report other than that little lot.

    • Dhruv says:

      Okay Simon, thanks for the comments. BTW what are you doing with that 35m striker? Is he born with it or not….

  16. Insyder says:

    Without Benayoun Arsenal would have been in trouble coz he was there to aid Gibbs who very often forgot his role as a defender.I think we need to start think of playing Miguel & out & out winger for the next match since Arteta may not be there.Let Benayoun play as defensive a midfielder.Gibbs out Miguel in plus either AOC or Gervinho on the winger

  17. Simon W says:

    Don’t ask me about Carroll mate – I was AGAINST buying him in the first place & would have much preffered someone like Forlan, Jovetic or Soldado – Personally? Think the blame for THAT one? Has to be layed at Commolli’s door as TBF can the acclaim for Suarez though he wasn’t THAT hard to spot. Just think Carroll is TOTALLY the wrong player for the sort of team-system Kenny favours which is a game of fine margins – Observe us under Kenny – When it WORKS (as in his ’88 & ’90 title winning sides & the end of last season) can result in a very good little side going forward who RARELY concede & when it doesn’t (ALL our home games this year, the Crystal Palace semi-final & a game v Coventry at home I remember in his last spell) we STILL look good going forward & in possession but give up ridiculous goals to our foes ONLY chances in games.

    To say Carroll’s the WRONG side of said margins right now? Is an understatement – But then Van Persie was profligate once to & look at him now. Further in that vein? Lucas was once booed by his own crowd yet HOW we missed him on Saturday – Had he been playing? I doubt Arsenal would have had even ONE chance never mind two goals & he’s been our player of the season up until his injury NO question. Just think those fine margins that Kenny’s teams depend on? Came down IN our favour last season up until the final 2 games & have been all OVER the place this year but set dead AGAINST at us Home quite clearly.

    How to change all that & MAKE us nail our dominance in games? F**ked if I know mate – Maybe a coach for our forwards in the manner of Steve Clarke with our backline would help – Maybe Kuyt finding his scoring boots (he scored only a few less for us last season than VP has for Arsenal this year) might help to. Finding a consistent penalty taker? As I said – damned if I know. Think a bit of calmness & Clear headedness & NOT panicking as if EVERY chance is our last (including pens’) might be a start. Clear heads are probably WHAT we miss more than anything right now so that’s as good a place as any to start I guess – Will it change anything? We shall see……………………………

  18. Dutchgunner says:

    Chambo played cm most of his career and only started playing the wing when he broke into the first team at Southampton according To his dad

  19. Borntobeagunner(btbag) says:

    What are liverpool fans thinking? Can they count the number of games arsenal has played opponent the way they did only to end up lose or draw such games? Then the fault finders/arsenal haters media vulture came divouring the manager and some players that might be less productive in such games? Arsenal deffensive problems is much more simple to spot out but that of liverpool problems are so complex that they might be pointing at wrong direction to be the problem. Well done gunners, we might not have won the £100k trophy but surely on track for what our priority is. We went out of carling cup 1-0 to man city with the reserve players so…weldone Desi

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