Arsenal 7 – 1 Blackburn Rovers: Match Thoughts And Individual Analysis

Well, we kind of had an idea that Arsenal were playing well but not getting the results. It was a matter of details according to Arteta, Wenger, and others. It all came good in this one as Blackburn were the hapless victims of a rampant Arsenal side.

Chance conversion was another issue which was put to bed, at least temporarily, with 7 out of 8 shot on target registering on the scoreboard. Benayoun was the only one who missed out as his hopeful half-volley went straight to Arsenal’s favourite opposition goalkeeper. A couple of deflections also helped the cause.

On the whole this was an easy game. And for once the Gunners didn’t make it into a difficult one although the opening 30-35 minutes were a bit edgy.

The hosts got an early lead after a quick pass from Coquelin found Walcott in behind on the right. The Englishman squared it for the first of his three assists, Van Persie tapped it in for the first of his hat-trick.

After the goal Arsenal didn’t really get into the danger areas often enough. There was a shot from distance by Rosicky and a couple of corners that led to half-chances but Robinson wasn’t very busy. One could still sense a degree of hesitancy about the Gunners’ movement and decision making. Old problems of penetrating a parked bus were coming to the fore again.

Things took a turn for the worse just after the half-hour mark when Koscielny fouled Modeste just outside the box. Pedersen converted the chance with a brilliantly placed strike but Szczesny should have done better after getting a hand on the ball.

Interestingly, the goal worked in Arsenal’s favour as Blackburn gained some confidence. The visitors pushed forward with newfound belief and this opened space up for Wenger’s midfield and wide players.

Arsenal raised the tempo after going down and reaped the benefits in three first half minutes. First it was Song who played it through for Theo. The winger picked his second assist on the stretch, with Van Persie again displaying excellent poaching instincts. Soon after it was the turn of De Kapitein to turn provider as his sensational through-ball found the run of Oxlade-Chamberlain. The youngster rounded the Keeper and found the back of the net with aplomb.

Blackburn were rattled and confused. Staying deep after scoring the equalizer might have worked for them but now they really were out of ideas. Givet dived in two-footed on Van Persie highlighting the state of disorder more than any sense of malice. Steve Kean’s side had no chance after they went down to ten men.

Arsenal scored the fourth from a corner, with Arteta hammering it home from the edge of the box. It left me wondering why Arsenal didn’t have a man in that area more often as we regularly see opponents only half-clearing the first ball.

Oxlade-Chamberlain got the fifth, with another composed finish, that was created by a jinking run by Theo, who also showed he can think when running with the ball! Van Persie completed his hat-trick when he received another square ball from the Right, this time from Coquelin who beat the defender with a nifty piece of skill.

After scoring the all important goal against Leeds, Henry’s second of this loan spell was more of a fortuitous token goal that went in off the defender in the last minute. That Van Persie was still sprinting and looking to create after scoring a hat-trick and the match completely settled, shows why he is the perfect role model and leader for younger players and fans alike.

This game was a real pleasure to watch and came at the right time to lift sagging Gooner spirits but too much shouldn’t be read into a big score. Consistent as ever, Arsene restrained from making any jibes at detractors and was completely clear that the number of goals should not be taken too seriously

I do not give much importance to the seven goals, it is just important we won and played well.

Yes, the goal difference could be a factor so the goals will come in handy but the number of goals scored is a minor issue when analyzing the game. Sometimes a team doesn’t win despite creating numerous chances, as we saw against Bolton, and on other occasions they might absolute spank the opposition when everything goes in. It’s important to get consistency that ensures more chances lead to more results rather than an equal balance of scoreless games and hefty scorelines.

Individual Performances:

Szczesny: It was a well-taken free-kick but Szczesny should probably have done better. Was also shaky against the long ball on an occasion or two. Had only one other save to make and the odd catch or collecting job.

Coquelin: Very impressive effort from the youngster. Wasn’t troubled by the pace or skills of Hoilett, won a vast majority of his tackles and duels, linked up well with Theo, pre-assist for the first goal showed awareness and technique, assist for the sixth showed skill to beat a man and ability to find his striker, high passing accuracy and involvement as well.

Mertesacker: Made a couple of vital clearances and a good block when Dunn had a clear sight of goal from distance. Joint highest passing accuracy, good composure, and was generally in control of the situation at the back.

Koscielny: Was dominant at the back and won most of his tackles/duels. Stats say 2/2 on tackles, 6/7 on Ground Duels and 4/4 on aerial ones. But he also struggled a bit against the physical striker. For instance, the foul conceded for the goal was a moment when he was trying to nick the ball but Modeste was strong and was able to shield it well enough to draw the error.

Vermaelen: Has been doing well on the left and had another fairly solid game. Blackburn didn’t have any real creative threat from the Right so it was a relatively easier game for the Belgian.

The back five were dominant in most instances as the visitors couldn’t get enough bodies forward. They also played their part in the goals as many of the moves started from the back.

Song: Much improved from his effort at Bolton. Passing quality was back to its usual high level and made the most passes in the final third. That showed how high up the pitch Arsenal were able to play. Crucial pre-assist for the second goal.

Rosicky: He had a decent game but not as good as some might think. Was the second lowest in pass accuracy among the starting eleven, just in front of RvP. Was often a yard behind the play and a number of his touches weren’t very effective. Lost possession joint highest 19 times which showed it’s difficult for anyone in an advanced role. But he also played a vital part in the build-up of at least three goals with quick thinking and execution.

Arteta: Efficiency personified once again. Most touches, most passes, joint highest accuracy. Scored a good goal from the edge of the box. Did well to bring the ball out of defence under pressure. His one-touch pass helped Arsenal bypass the high pressing in the build-up to the second goal.

The midfield completely controlled this game. They had a tough time penetrating the deep-lying defence in the opening half-hour but did very well once Blackburn came out and turned on the screws after the visitors were down to 10.

Walcott: Olsson is quick but he was beaten way too often by Theo’s pace and movement. Three very good assists. For the final one he resisted a couple of attempts to tackles him and was composed enough to find his teammate. More of this is needed in crunch situations.

RvP: Easily the MotM. Goals looked easy but he read the play well and finishing was flawless. First assist was exceptional, second – so late in the game – inspiring and memorable. Joint highest successful passes in the final third from a guy who also scored three!

Oxlade-Chamberlain: Very strong on the ball and in dribbles. Excellent technique and awareness for both goals. Also made a valuable contribution to the defence by winning the ball most often in the middle third.

The front three were clinical and ruthless. They did benefit from very poor defending so one must not read too much into this performance but it should be a good confidence boost and should bring some of the belief back.

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  1. GbG says:

    A very late post but an excellent analysis of the game. I’d predicted a brace for RvP and one for Arteta with Blackburn scoring from a penalty or free-kick. It all came true but I’d never imagined it would get so much better. Kudos to the players for bringing some dignity back. Am in love with the Ox and Le Coq, proper animals them two. Martin O’Neill next, up the Gunners.

    • santori says:

      Those two Walcott and Le Coq played well together. Le Coq offered options out wide to Walcott affording Walcott the opportunity to cut in.

      le Coq has been a revelation. Excellent technique and tenacious to task. Me thinks he will give Jenkinson a run for the money at RBAnd I personally prefer him there of the two as he is creative from out wide.

      Walcott. Much better from him. Again, I feel he works better when he isn’t given time to think and when doing what he does best, runnig at the opposition. The time frame for thought is then narrowed down to the nano seconds and his footy brain kicks in properly. Excellent contribution for a hatrick of assists. More please.

      • Messi's dad says:

        Le Coq is like (on a several superficial levels of course) a much more skilful Flamini…

        Agree with you that Walcott is more of an instinctive player, which is why he tends to fare badly against opponents who know how to back off (which gives him time to hesitate and overthink) before herding him down blind alleys.

      • Dhruv says:

        It is good to form opinions of Le Coq and Walcott pairing based on couple of performances but I suggest we see them some more times. Le Coq has been skillful and he will have a bright future. Need to see more intelligent football from Walcott against better opposition.

        One player who looks the part is AOC. He may have bad days in future but he is a player who has speed, technique, shooting ability, and can finish. He round off the keeper to score, which Walcott has not done too much. AOC has also improved defensively too. Overall he is impressive.

  2. Do you think with both Song and Arteta in the team we could risk Arshavin in the advanced midfield role?
    He is much more direct with his passing and can keep the ball when he see’ fit.
    He also plays more first time balls than anyone else .which always creates opportunities when it comes off.
    I know we would also lose the ball more ,but hey,goals galore

    • desigunner says:

      To be honest, I think that would be very risky.

      The thing is, Arshavin isn’t always restricted to the wide role. He often drifts inside when Arsenal are pushing up the pitch. So creatively it won’t be that different. But in terms of sustaining possession via quick but safe passing and movement so that the opponents are pinned back, ensuring they don’t get enough space in the middle to play the ball around, and for tracking back in the central areas, Arshavin won’t be the right kind of player.

      Arshavin would excel in the hole or as the second striker for a team that sits back and is looking to play on the break. That way he would have a lot of space to himself. He’d also have the freedom to roam and fewer defensive responsibilities. That’s where he did really well for Russia IMO but for a team like Arsenal and given the tempo and pace required in competitions like the PL or CL that would not be ideal.

      I think he needs his shooting back more than anything else. If he can have a threat while cutting inside from the left, a lot of options will open up for him and opponents will have to take safety measures. Right now they are able to give him space as they don’t see enough threat from his side. For eg, Fergie was confident enough to take a full-back out and put Valencia in that role after Arshavin came on.

      • santori says:

        Ia gree that Arsjarvin is better in the hole with freedom to rroam. Also there is ‘less space’ to cover in that set up as oppose to out wide but it will entail us playing a slightly modified 4-4-2 in a way.

        And I thought we somewhat did this toward the end with Henry playing closer to front and middle in tandem with RVP 9who dropped deeper)

        Having said that, the fact that Benayoun was on instead of Andrei is telling. I’m not sure if we will see the Russian end of this summer to be honest. And with young Ox rise to prominence, the return of Gervinho, AA is going to find his playing time even more limited.

      • jeff says:

        Totally agree with Desi.. Arshavin might not have the required edge to defend.. although i must say he’s much more creative than Ramsey.. Currently,Rosicky is the best suitor for that position.. defensively,he’s good enough.. tackling flies in whenever rosicky plays,and he can put the pressure to opponent’s defender.. Yossi is not bad either.. i still prefer Yossi than Ramsey.. Probably Ramsey will do a little bit better in Arteta position than in that playmaker role.. coquelin looks promising by the way.. he’s our new flamini.. hahaha..

    • Dhruv says:

      George that is a thought alright, but Arshavin as a midfielder in Arsenal’s system does not cut it. Not enough hardworking, just compare Cesc/Ramsey/Rosicky to Arshavin, aren’t all 3 much more busy players. Creatively Arshavin is okay but he is out of form. Didn’t u see the Man City game? he could not even receive a pass leave alone making one. I have even noticed that players are reluctant to pass to him because he losses possession too often, a small push and he falls flat.

      I like Arshavin but to have him back on the ground playing but for that to happen first of all you need a full back like Santos to help him attack and then you would want Arshavin to be cleared off any defensive duties to play him always up the pitch.

  3. VanTheManPersie says:

    Well i said earlier only a 4-0 would cheer me up and it was even better. Classic case of us takign the chances early and burrying a relegation threatend team. Such teams can play well when they have something to cling onto but when we take our chances it makes it easier. Liked that we didnt take our foot of the gas and ran them ragged for 90 min.
    The defending was very poor all the way from BB, partly to do with 10 men, the hope had gone from them which happens when you take their chances early in the first half. Desi mentioned arsenal would need to press higer up and they did till the 92 minute with henry stealing the ball and caping a wonderfull evening with the goal.
    Rosicky was excellent throughout the game and deserved a goal and wanted it badly too I sensed from the frustration of not converting a couple of times.
    Very impressed with ox, he wont get past good defenders so easily but his pass to pick out arteta, and avoiding the temptation of shooting/putting blindly in the box instead choosing to pick out coq who squared the ball to Van persie for a cool finish, just shows his maturity level for someone so young.
    Walcotts best moment was when he kept composure and went past Bb defenders to lay it on a platter for the oX. More of the same please.

    With Gervinho coming back,OX and Walcott, there will be a directness to arsenal’s play not seen in 3-4 years.

    On the negatives, although some may call it harsh, when the game is tight, you wont schezzer to save those free kicks if he gets a hand to it. He looked rattled for a while and came out to punch and got the player but the offside whistle came to arsenal’s rescue.
    The lady assitant refree was seen more times than the schezzer/arsenal’s defense , says a lot about BB performance.

    Weneger chose to give everyone a run out except park. Just shows what he thinks of him.

    Van persie’s pass to the Ox reminded me of Dennis’s ball to Viera to complete the unbeaten run, although that was more spectacular.
    Cmon you gunners. More of the same against sunderland.

    • I disagree,it shows what you think Wenger thinks of him.Nothing else.

      • santori says:


        Park really is polishing the bench.

        When we are 5-6 goals up playing ten men shellshocked Blackburn and the manager thorws on first on loan Henry then on loan Benayoun ahead of you (and not take off the main striker RVP), I think it is soewhat telling.

        Don’t know what to make of it other than it was a hedge against injury this summer becauyse Park didn’t cost terribly much.

        Again, I would have preffered us to have sorted out the striker business early this Jan and sent poor Park out on loan at least, maybe to Lille so we can repair some bridges and maybe generate some good will if we are in the market for a bid for one of their mecurial widemen.;)

    • Messi's dad says:

      Regarding Park, it could be that this being Henry’s last loan match, i think, I thought it was just a nice gesture by Wenger to allow Henry to play for the Arsenal for the last time in his career?

      Fairytale start to his loan, fairytale end to his loan…

  4. I think you underestimate the mans ability to keep the ball when that is his intention
    He has been known to have 100% pass completion.
    But that said ,it is a risk and he would change the look of our play.

    • that was supposed to be a reply to your reply to me. 🙂

    • desigunner says:

      There are different ways one can keep ball. Arshavin is the kind who can run with it, hold on to it when there is space, and so on. That makes him very useful for a side that is under pressure and he is an out ball. Russia put that to good use often. Arshavin is, or was, good at this and could play for a side sitting back. Even in the Bolton CC game earlier this season, Arsenal were often quite deep.

      The second type is where one just keeps the ball rotating. That means a lot of short passes and running, which often seems pointless but isn’t. It’s very hard to play a lot of creative one-touch passes and sustain the pass and move play at the same time. Cesc could do it, few others can. Ramsey is struggling on the creative side, Arshavin would struggle on the possession side. It’s a matter of making decisions, having the work-rate, and a number of other factors. Right now he has the time to get between the lines and look for penetrating passes when he starts on the left. Can he do the same while he also has to run around offering himself for short passes?

      The point, of course, is not to berate this individuals, it’s just a very tough ask. I think Wenger must have tested this in training and the fact that he hasn’t picked Arshavin in the middle three seems an indication that the Russian doesn’t fit into that role in Arsenal’s current system.

      He could probably play there is Arsenal had at least one winger who was very comfortable on the ball like Rosicky for instance. Essentially that would be very similar to the current system but with Arshavin more central and the midfielder in a wider role with higher defensive responsibilities. Again it’s hard to believe Arsene hasn’t considered this and such other possibilities.

      • Oh I am sure you are right and Arsene will have considered it and indeed rejected it.
        Not much chance of me thinking of something that the great man has not.
        You said”He could probably play there is Arsenal had at least one winger who was very comfortable on the ball”
        Which is why I mention it now with the emergence of AOC.Prior to this i had previously disregarded it.

      • desigunner says:

        Will be worth keeping and eye on AOC’s passing stats in the next few games. So far he seems to have played more like a winger and less like a midfielder i.e. fewer passes, more dribbles and runs with the ball, lesser defensive responsibilities.

        But Wenger thinks he is good enough to be a quality midfielder one day. So let’s see how he develops and maybe that could open the door for Arshavin in the middle.

    • desigunner says:

      @pedantic george, You might want to address the person with the @ in case the comment structure isn’t clear on the phone or for whatever reason. That way a comment directed towards someone won’t confuse anyone reading the it. Just a suggestion.

  5. santori says:

    Southampton lads, didn’t they represent?

    Ox looks amazing (not to hype him or anything but..), excellent range of passing, plays with his head up, composed finish, quick and physical, tracks back and humble enough to realise he has a long way to go.

    We play like this in any game and we will blow the opposition away.

    Haven’t felt this exhilerated for a while even if it was against Blackburn.

    It was especially gratifying after many fans knocked this team as being the weakest they have seen in years. I don’t think so.

    And what a shameless spectacle the empty seats all round.

    I have a lot of affection for the club but some of the supporters in our ranks are honestly scum. It’s when your club is down that you turn up and lend them your voice.

    What a bunch of numpties staying home with their bin liners. They missed and excellent game with top class finish.

    Not to get ahead of oursleves but I think the difference yestedrday was 5% extra commitment. Quite obviously some strong word were said (maybe not by the gaffer but some senior players)> Song elevated his game and proves why he is so crucial to this campaign.
    Ditto Walcott whom I thought it some ways was helped by the presence of Coquelin out right with him.

    Fantastic shift by Arteta. RVP, well he could walk into any team in the league and instantly make them a one man team.:)

    Bloody excelllent performance. Now let’s hope we keep at it and the results keep coming for us.They are some ways ahead of us but culling back Spuds is not beyond us yet.;D

    • Mike mcdonald says:

      When RVP attacks the 6 yd box three things happen…
      1) Theo doesn’t have to think
      2) it spreads the defenders out
      3) passing lanes appear

      Love to know your thoughts?
      Mike in the USA

      • desigunner says:


        I think at times it’s the other way round. RvP can attack the six yard box when he sees Theo (or Gervinho, Ox, et al for that matter) getting in behind. If we didn’t have a player making the run in behind, Van Persie wouldn’t get a chance to attack the six yard box or the defenders would be tight on him as they won’t have to worry about the run of another player.

        Not sure what you mean by passing lanes but square passing options from wide areas open up due to RvP’s movement. He often watches the runner and the defence while making his run. That way he knows where the player on the ball can find him – front post, back post, or cut-back. His intelligence certainly makes a big difference, a static striker or one with less developed instincts won’t be that successful and wide players would have to work harder in that case. Tap-ins are usually easy because the harder part is done by the movement of the players.

      • santori says:

        Agree with Desi, the run has to be made for RVP to take up the position but then I do also feel RVP does help Walcott in getting into the position in which invariably senses Walcott will square toward.

        Walcott put in a couple of other dangerous crosses from outwide but there wasn’t anyone in the box in those moments to capitalise from them.

        perhaps the greater lesson for us would be to ensure that whenever we do see our wide men making those sort of runs to have soeone lurking and ready to pounce be it RVP or not RVP.

        BTW good p[oint Desi with regard the man lurking outside the D following a corner (That would be Arteta in this instance).

  6. BarDel says:


    When Gervinho comes back from the African Cup, would you want him to start infront of Ox? Tough choice honestly… I guess it will depend on the fitness/fatigue of both players in the coming weeks.

    • desigunner says:

      Yup, fitness and form at that moment will affect Wenger’s choices. I think he will also rotate a bit to see what works best.

    • WC says:

      I would prefer Ox move to the right and Gervinho stick to the left. This is going to be a one off game for Theo – he’s too inconsistent. Blakburn dropped their best defender and captain and then ended up down 10 men so to say Theo is at his best from these circumstances is overstating. Gervinho is more consistent than Theo and Ox has a wider range of skills than Walcott.

      • VanTheManPersie says:

        That is slightly unlikely, although am all for it, Arsene might decide to use one of them as impact subs. But he would not have to think about it right now as Gervinho will just be returning(victorious?) from ACOF and he might be rested. PLus we have champions league and FA cup, so we will see a mix and match of the three. The Sunderland game will be touhg considering our away fomr, their currentt forma and the champions league tie. The Ox, although plays with his head up so to speak, does till run into blind alleys at times in some games trying to get past ppl. Against an organised milan side in the champions league, it will be very interesting.

  7. sweeper says:

    some say theo had a good game, but i think aoc just shows how badly theo is lacking in his position, he did get some assists but they seemed more outta luck, he always just crosses the ball across the keeper like it’s not his responsibilty to put some effort into making sure theres someone on the end of it. theres almost no awareness and he has to rely on some sort of protocol him n vp have developed. and it doesnt work all the time, most of the time vp’s shot is just too good even from a tight position. if vp got quality service in and around the box he’d have even more goals. WE ARE UNDER UTILIZING VP’s GREAT FORM.

    im going to come out and say : we should sell theo in the summer!

    As much as i love theo,i always thought he’d improve his game and grow as a player, but it seems hes content with such a limited part in the game. now i think, even if he did try and work on his passing, first touch and ball control, he just wont be good enough. he offers us far less than we are sacrificing by giving him a reserved place in the starting 11 irrespective of his performances. Theo was great before when we played counter attacking football, but these days we play differently and his position requires too much of him.

    • VanTheManPersie says:

      I beleive arsenal have played the possesion game in most of the matches theo has played and seldom only relied on counter attacks. In fact that was a strength during the invincible days which is still seen, but not in abundance like those. It was cesc’s through ball that was making theo look good. Ok, not just that but i guess you know what i mean.

    • Dhruv says:

      I do agree with your point that AOC is much more versatile as a winger and striker than Walcott. But Walcott is a good sub and I believe he can still contribute. Ability wise AOC is better than Walcott but Walcott can learn. I also heard that Walcott is signing a new contract.

  8. Messi's dad says:

    Great, morale boosting game.

    A shame the empty seats… if they were the result of an organised protest, i must say this is on a whole level far worse and counterproductive than jeering your own team.

    just 2 general observations:

    – Ox looks Jack Wilshere class (look at their 1st touches – how they receive the ball and set it up immediately for the pass/shot). This i think is the main difference betw Jack and Aaron at the moment, Jack is much more 1 footed than Aaron, but is able to move the ball to his favoured foot far more efficiently.

    – Koscielny (mistake for the foul notwithstanding) looks on course to be EPL players of the season (together with RvP), for excellence on a sustained, consistent basis. I think his distribution from behind is a very impt and underrated factor to our play, esp if partnered with Big Per who takes to make more conservative passes, and tends to attract the attention of nearby attackers due to his perceived slowness.

  9. jeff says:

    Theo, probably has only 1 good game every 5 games.. that’s still not enough.. i’m still not convinced.. when Gervinho comes back,i’d like to see Ox with Gervinho as our wingers.. Ox is more tricky than Theo,he’s not as predictable as Theo..

  10. Dhruv says:

    Good emphatic win for the team. If nothing else a 7-1 win improves the goal difference if at the end of season things come to that, with as many as 4 teams vying for the last CL place.

    Young AOC and LeCoq were impressive, but then they have always been from the beginning of season. It is important not to overplay them.

    I just wish we had a good replacement for RVP who could score. AOC can, Arteta too can have good strike at goal, but no one beyond them.

    Arsenal are 6th and could be pulled back to 7th after L’pool and Spurs game but Arsenal finally do have hope for the next week.

  11. Chinke Chikezie says:

    Before the game i named a likely line up which had only Sagna missing from it, but the most important thing was not the line up nor the system of play but the style of play. I suggested they should maintain the system (4-3-3), but change the style i.e. they should play close and as well pass the ball faster. I also stated that the wing players should always run flat behind the opponents defenders, because this creates lots of goal opportunities if well timed and i concluded that the team should always press the opponent at all times. To my greatest surprise this they did and we saw the outcome, i hope they will continue this way.

    I will like to emphasize a bit on two players most people didn’t include in their line up before the game even Desigunner.

    Chamberlain – A lot of writers chose Arshavin over this young man but i stated some qualities that made my preference to stand. Although less experienced, he’s faster and has not just the ability but the willingness to take on defenders. I also stated that unlike Walcott he’s more composed in front of goal. These qualities were well defined in the game.

    Rosicky – A lot of writers also preferred Ramsey over Rosicky, but i thought of one thing, if the style of play i mentioned above is to make a meaning then Rosicky is the best man for the team. Though they are both mobile, Rosicky passes the ball a lot faster, he has a better vision, he does not hold unto the ball most times and he makes a better decision, in other words the teams attack becomes sharper and more purposeful. Rosicky compliments Arteta more in the midfield.

    I will like to end by saying i can’t remember the last time i saw an Arsenal display of this nature, not because of the goals but the possession, fast good passes and the confidence level. Those were the Arsenal character in the days of Dennis, Kanu, Ray, Adams, Viera, Henry, Pires, Keone, Cambell etc.

    • Messi's dad says:

      This is a very close decision for me, between Rosicky and Ramsey.

      Rosicky is one of my favourite players, and finally seems to be getting some consistent form back after his 2 year injury (or was it 3? He was the signing to replace Robert Pires, i think!) Perhaps somewhat overrated shooting (one and only outside foot shot), but he is a classy, “typical Arsenal” player – great first touch, great vision, great ball retention and ability to time the release of the final ball.

      Ramsey seems slightly a different kind of player to Rosicky, I have the impression he likes to pick up the ball from deeper compared to Rosicky, and he actively helps out with defence just outside the box. So perhaps he’s more a “British box-to-box” type, with his preference to run late into the opposing box to influence play.

      In a way, Rosicky’s playing style may suit the current Arsenal set up as he naturally knows how and when to release speedy wingers (being often made to play in that role himself).

      Sadly, Rosicky’s best years may be behind him, and Ramsey is the (present and) future. I think at this stage, Ramsey needs to be getting his 20+ games a season under his belt, and in all likelihood, will “explode” soon. He just needs to tweak a few things (e.g. how to speed play rather than dwelling on the ball and slowing down counter-attacks), which may only be possible with first team experience.

      I think Rosicky’s contract is ending soon, no? If that’s the case, I do hope his contract is extended, both on the basis of what he brings to the team as well as what he can do to help with the education of the next generation of Arsenal midfielders.

  12. boyo says:

    It is not by chance that Arteta and Song looked so much better this game! Ramsey is to slow on the ball and puts them under to much pressure. Rosicky fits in far better and I think has moved Ramsey onto the bench. I think we all forget how good Gervinho is! He plays for sure and Walcott and the Ox rotate.

    Gervinho is in his first season in England and with the prof working on his finishing we are set to have him and the Ox destroying from next season!

    • Tom says:

      Although Rosicky did much2 better than Ramsey,but i’m not sure if he’s moved Ramsey onto bench.. Wenger keeps playing ramsey regardless of the quality of his performances,looks very much like Denilson circumstance a year ago.. well,it seems unfair for Rosicky.. IMO,Rosicky should start whenever he’s fit..

  13. abachaGhana says:

    i had always loughed when some days ago Desi mentioned AA in his lineup ahead of the OX and used experience as a reason.. What can experience do than the pass ox gave theo against bolton.. I dont know what to say about le coq to satisfy my impression for him.. Dont get me wrong sagna is better than gim but he has something that sagna is not having ie technics and pass.. I am from Ghana but i love him play than menu…. Keep it up and stay blessed gunnerz

  14. nadjulius says:

    thanks for all your great points you made there. however, i would like to dwell more on the theo issue…i believe this guy is a good player but there is A LOT he needs to learn although i know his learning time is on the ropes. i have realized he does look up when crossing his balls…he leaves them to chance and in the end we lose a lot of possession because of that, despite the fact that quite often we get corner kicks we hardly convert into goals. theo should also try to learn from aoc, this young lad has admirable confidence on the ball and puts some thinking into his decisions which i know thoe does not do…on the overall, i have realized we look more comfortable with rosicky, arteta and song in our mid field…ramsey should be on the bench and learn how these guys make decisions on the pitch because i think his decision making is lacking especially where we need a one touch through ball…when it comes to le coq…in him i see another flamini..i hope we dont lose him like we did for the latter…i also ask my self..why does nt arsene give benayoun more playing time..he has got the skill and think he just needs more playing time…about the bb game….it was just delicioius to see my team destroy those lads…big up arsenal and simple terms..THIS IS RVP’s TIME…why fly yet you can walk on water!!!!

  15. Shiv says:

    Finally a game we could sit back, enjoy and soak in the terrific slick skills of our fav players. The return of Mikart has again galvanized the team. Mikart’s absence was acutely felt in the swansea match where we were totally outfootballed off the pitch. Also came with his shooting boots on which is a big plus for the team. Surely a candidate for season mvp for the gunners along with Vanman and Kos. Roscky also showed why he’s better than Rambo. Roscky’s speed of thought and execution is at different level than the pretender. The jury’s still out on Rambo. Most impressive were Frocq n OxC. Frocq’s got ability and verstality and above all he’s got the heart and capacity for a fight. He’s played at so many positions i wonder he’ll remember his original place before the season is over. OxC’s performance was heart stirring. Gerv could take few tips the way he took his first goal. Also his pacy run which culminated in Mikart’s scuffed attempt was something special. I think Twal’s performance looked much better ‘cos he put low balls into the box rather than boot them over. What say DesG ? No words are good enough for Vanman. What goals and what a pass to create OxC’s goal. Hope we carry this on to the next game.

  16. Bayonne Jean says:

    Apologies for the late comment, but do think we need more of a discussion on Szczesny. Don’t get me wrong, he deserves his spot, because he has a ton of qualities most needed by a keeper — confidence and command, plus he makes the instinctive reflex save from the run of play. But let’s face it, he has NOT had the greatest season on free kicks and on distance shots — seems to be a quarter second slow to react and respond, he’s shown that fairly consistently, and that’s a worry.

    • VanTheManPersie says:

      Just a thought. how many quailty free kick takers are there in arsenal to really test Schezzer in practice/training sessions. RVP,Arteta?,Henry?Rosicky? i wonder what they do when doign all the drills. Its alright trying to improve using a GK coach and all, but i dont see how he would be gettign enouhg practice with ppl curling one over the wall in thsi arsenal team.

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