Tottenham 2 – 1 Arsenal: Match Thoughts And Individual Analysis

Technical deficiencies. Unforced errors. Tactical incoherence. Predictably disappointing result.

In the preview I was talking about the need for three goals if Arsenal are to win this one and a general feeling that the result will not be positive. Unfortunately, it came true.

I thought Arsene picked a fairly strong line-up with Walcott and Gervinho on the wings. Coquelin was selected over Frimpong to anchor the midfield and with the benefit of hindsight, on individual performance alone, it was a good choice.

In another sign that teams no longer fear Arsenal, Redknapp picked a two man strike partnership which gave Arsenal numerical dominance in midfield. That, along with the playing styles of the two teams – the hosts set up to play on the break, gave the Gunners a great deal of possession.

I also felt there was a slight tactical change in that at least one wide player was drifting inwards for Arsenal. Both Gervinho and Walcott spent a great deal of time just around the edge of the Spurs box. This, and the fact that Tottenham wingers weren’t always tracking back, created space for Sagna and Gibbs to bomb forward but those opportunities weren’t well utilized as most of their balls into the box were harmless and hit an opponent.

Spurs, on the other hand, used their wide areas effectively, and produced some threatening moments.

In the opening minutes Tottenham won a couple of set-pieces but Arsenal defended well enough. The first real chance fell to Scott Parker in the sixth minute after Song conceded possession with a sloppy pass deep in the Arsenal half. The England international’s effort lacked conviction and Szczesny made himself big to save it.

Around the 15th minute Arsenal has a strike on goal. Walcott’s left footed curled attempted was deflected just beyond the far post.

Most of the play involved Arsenal attempting to break through the middle or with the full-backs in wide areas. Spurs were looking for counter-attacks through Bale or with long diagonals. Neither side was creating clear cut chances.

It changed in the 27th minute when Van der Vaart got in ahead of Ramsey at the near post to guide a Defoe cross towards goal. It went straight to Szczesny and the Gunners survived.

A minute or so later Van Persie created a great chance at the other end after getting the better of Walker on the wing. Gervinho couldn’t hit the target when well placed and in space inside the box.

In the 34th minute Gervinho made his first meaningful contribution after a run inside that led to a pass for Walcott. Theo went for a left footed blast when a return pass to the Ivorian would have been the better choice.

Arsenal were having a strong period possession wise which eventually led to a loss of shape and an easy goal for Spurs. A throw was taken just inside the Tottenham half. From that Modric found Defoe who was unmarked and in acres of space just inside the Arsenal half. The striker then found his partner who had drifted away towards the right with Gibbs nowhere to be seen. Van der Vaart made a run towards the back post and Adebayor found him with a deft chip. The Dutchman finished the move with an elegant strike. Far too many mistakes from Arsenal to pin this on any one player.

There was a point that Van der Vaart should have been sent off for a second yellow after celebrating with the crowd but Arsenal cannot hide behind such issues.

The start to the second half was bright and showed the right mentality. Arsenal pinned the hosts back and looked even more dominant than in the first half.

The equalizer came soon enough after a number of balls into the box were cleared with Arsenal camped in the final third. Song got on the end of one such clearance and drove into the box. Van der Vaart was too casual and didn’t track the run. The Cameroonian drilled a low cross and for once Arsenal had bodies arriving in the right areas. Ramsey finished with a quality connection.

For ten minutes Arsenal showed the kind of football that made the team a title contender last season. But the gaps in the structure are too big this year and the number of counter attacking opportunities for opponents are high. In the 57th minute Adebayor was clean through after a few simple passes from the hosts. Szczesny got down well to save a relatively weak strike.

That chance gave Redknapp’s team some confidence and the game evened out. Kaboul was able to get to the Arsenal box far too easily after a one-two with Adebayor. Only a smothering tackle from Mertesacker took the ball out for a corner.

The worst moment of the game, much worse than the winner in my opinion, came in the 66th minute when Sagna twisted his foot after an aerial collision with Assou-Ekotto. The club have announced that the defender has fractured his fibula and will be out for approximately three months.

With 20 minutes to go Arsenal introduced Benayoun for Walcott to provide better cover to Jenkinson who had come on in place of Sagna.

Spurs won a throw halfway in the Arsenal half. For a few moments the Gunners were tracking their men. But as the throw was delayed for a few more seconds, it was as if time stood still. Only one Tottenham player was moving and the throw found his run into the box as everyone else was just caught napping. The cutback led to a shot that was blocked by Song. That block took the ball away towards the right back Walker who unleashed a ferocious strike from distance. It swerved a bit as it got towards Szczesny but the youngster effort to save it was terrible. It seemed Szczesny wasn’t expecting a strike and reacted late.

Minutes later Bale wasted a glorious chance to seal  it for Spurs. Mertesacker and Song let a long ball bounce and were expecting the Keeper to come and collect. Bale sneaked in as Szczesny was caught unawares. His attempt was again pedestrian and wide off the mark.

After going down Arsenal tried to push forward but lacked any sort of cohesion. Too many balls were played down the middle and very few reached Arshavin who was the most creative player on the pitch having arrived in the 77th minutes for Gervinho. Most of the balls down the middle were cleared easily and many led to counter attacking chances that were wasted.

Individual Performances:

Szczesny: Made a number of decent saves but one expects a Keeper to make those. Awful mistake for the goal.

Sagna: Bale was relatively well controlled as long as the Frenchman was on the pitch as he got back to tackle even when beaten for pace. Got a great deal of space in the attacking areas but there were hardly any unmarked bodies in the box.

Mertesacker: Made a number of last gasp tackles or interceptions. Won many long balls early on. Played higher up the pitch in the final few minutes but the ball didn’t find his head.

Song: Struggled against Adebayor in the initial minutes but was very strong after that. Played some ridiculous passes in the closing minutes as he was trying to find players in congested central areas with passes from the half-way line. Excellent work for the assist.

Gibbs: Good work rate, got into the right attacking areas but again lacked targets, was AWOL for the first goal when Adebayor pulled wide.

Jenkinson: Couldn’t keep up with the pace of Bale. Needs to learn better positioning to counter that.

I thought the defenders were not very good but there were far too many counter-attacking chances for Spurs which put them under pressure. The central defenders worked hard and got most of their decisions right. The full-backs have to offer more in attack and defence. It’s a balance Arsenal have struggled to achieve and it took Sagna and Clichy a long time to get it right after the change in formation. Gibbs and Jenkinson are going through that learning period now and it will make the work of the centre backs that much harder in the coming games.

Coquelin: Was impressive, especially in the first half, as he read the game well and made some timely tackles. Faded a bit late in the game as the intensity was raised to another level. I said earlier that the French lad will end up higher than Frimpong in the pecking order before the season is over. This performance should get him more chances.

Ramsey: Gave the ball away far too often in an uncharacteristic manner. I am finding it hard to understand the problem as he made mistakes when in a great deal of space. One can understand if he is struggling mentally due to his injury and makes mistakes in tackles. These were technical mistakes and rather elementary ones for this level. Very disappointing. Good finish though and one can only hope his confidence returns soon enough.

Arteta: Saw a lot of the ball but just didn’t make it count. A decent performance but not at the level one expects from a quality player in a dominant midfield.

I thought the midfield was able to control the game but didn’t offer any penetration. The midfielders were also caught in a no man’s land regularly. They didn’t arrive in the box to provide an attacking threat and weren’t deep enough to provide cover when the hosts broke at pace.

Walcott: Got into central areas frequently. Had a few shots at goal but nothing special. Was lost in a crowd more often than not.

RvP: Another game with phenomenal work rate. Technically he looked on a different planet when compared to everyone else on the pitch. Didn’t receive many quality passes.

Gervinho: Terrible miss just before the half hour mark. Offered very little in attacking areas and didn’t track back as well as one would have liked. Not sure why he wasn’t tracking Walker when the second goal was scored.

I thought there was a clear tactical change and the wide players were instructed to move in at every opportunity. That in itself was a good idea and created a lot of space for the full-backs. But the wide players lacked the technical quality to play in tight spaces and just didn’t make the right runs. Eventually it just resulted in a congested centre and the hosts must have been relatively comfortable in defending against this attack. Playing Arshavin with such tactics might have resulted in a lot more chances.

Subs: Arshavin didn’t get enough time on the pitch and was rarely found by his team-mates. Benayoun didn’t offer much in attack.

Wenger: I thought this was a strong team with a decent tactical approach but the players lacked understanding and a bit of quality in the final third. The team switched to man-marking on set-pieces and it was decent but the midfield was not getting into the right positions to break down counter attacks. On the whole the system isn’t working as there seem to be too many technical and positional mistakes which then lead to other problems.

34 Responses to Tottenham 2 – 1 Arsenal: Match Thoughts And Individual Analysis

  1. vivek says:

    eventhough we let in a cheap goal, i think the missed changes (gervinho and walcott) cost us the game. had they been taken, spurs would have been chasing the game. also thought benayoun will come out in place of of ramsey, who was having one of those days. time for us to play someone like arshavin in the hole consistently?

  2. Tunde kareem says:

    Nice analysis as always.we were punished with the second goal by an average player doing an exceptional thing.the team @ the moment just need the confidence 2 kill a game off on time with the created chances

  3. Dove says:

    I am not disappointed with the overall performance. But, once they scored the second goal, there was not way that we would be back into the game. No leadership! Players looked tired, uninspired, and Ramsey and Arteta could not maky any meaningful contribution.

    Sadly, it seems that we wont make the top four this season. Wilshere wont be fit till March. I think yesterday’s line up is the strongest we have right now. The team lacks creativity. Ramsey and Arteta are not good enough to play a decisive final third.

    Van P did not get the right support. He is disjointed from the team. The manager may have to reconsider his formation.

    There is no way we will catch the top three teams. There is a possibility that we could be competing for the fourth spot if the manager buys some three players. We need a creative midfielder and a center forward. Playing Mertseacker as a center foward was a desperate measure by Wenger.


  4. ujang suhara says:

    i think our work rate much better than in old trafford, ramsey still worried me about sloppy pass.. and where AOC.?? maybe capello want to see him last night.. i hope we can trash them in emirates… go gunner go..

  5. Scott says:

    For those who have never played in goal,no keeper in the world would have saved Walkers goal. The ball was going dead straight,was covered by the keeper,but about ten yard out swerved viciously……..nothing could be done.
    If the bloke hit that ball fifty more times,he would.never get the same result.
    Gibbs was sensational,Coquelin was sensational,Szczesny kept us in the game,Jenkinson DID cover Bale(not sure what game the author was watching),and generally,with half a side missing and away from home,a good performance.
    Yes,I saw some negative performances,but as the players in question were busting their arses,I would not criticise them.

  6. Arsenal4 says:

    With the team in our disposal, it wasn’t really bad performance. But unfortunately it means we have a quite weak team.

    Ramsey was guilty with so many wrong passes also bad decisions in timing the pass, Arteta seems more like a holding midfielder than a creative one, Per is going to be exploited by the quick feet of most EPL strikers.

    The hole left by Nasri & Fab continues to a big hole, not helped by the long-term Wilshere & Vermaelen injuries. Now Sagna add to the list.

    The other option is to play 2 strikers in the expense of Ramsey. This will give more penetration and hopefully unpredictability – Ox can come as a winger while Theo play in the middle. Hope Wenger think about it.

    It’s going to be a long season for us. I think Wenger should focus building the team for next year. Having said that, I would give more chance to the youngsters, make sure the top players extend the contract and start scouting top class player for the next season.

    Not giving up, but being realistic.

  7. Timi Moody says:

    Saddest news like you said Desi is’nt the loss of game but loss of sagna!!!! Im gutted … We keep on loosing our best players! Wilsher,TV5 , now Sagna…:-)
    A chance for Jek’s but i don’t think he honestly is of the required standard τ̲̅ȍ wear an arsenal Jersey! Well maybe that was in seasons past! The standard has alarming dropped now….

  8. gunner4ever says:

    Wenger has got away the last five seasons with Arsenal in the cl. This season could be sea change if things don’t improve.He has failed to get the quality defenders who could have made a difference.
    i expect him to go a transfer plunge come Jan. This will be his final throw of the dice. Then if the gunners are still stuck in mid table,he could be fired despite what the US boss may say, As manager you judged by results. Frankly Wenger has underperformed and refused to seek help because his ego is too great.

  9. arv says:

    Sagna is out for 3 months. This is terrible. I do not think Jenkinson can do the job. He has not impressed me at all, and looks terrified at all times. Bale burned him over and over. His lack of pace will hurt us.

    I would say use Santos and or Gibbs in his spot. Please no Jenkinson.

    Todays game lacked a strong midfield presence. Song was great at the back today but we could have used him to buffer their mid.

    Impressed with Coq. This kid made the best tackles. Looked calm. Did not give up. Marvelous!

    Gibbs did well today as well. Very dissapointed in Theo, Ramsey, Arteta and RvP to be honest. I do not belive he had one shot today. That will not cut it period. Gervinho allowed Walker to run up and take the short without a hair of trying to defend. He needs to quickly learn to finish, and play the final ball very soon or bring on Lee!

    • arv says:

      Heck, put Coq at right back! I love this kid. his Wiki says he can also play at right back!

    • AfroGoonieGooner says:

      Directed at no individual in particular

      I can’t work out why Walcott can’t get love from us. We seem to want to him to be the finished article instantaneously but its just not going to happen. I don’t have a thing for him, I’d just like there to a bit more reason.

      He has so many upsides its not funny, the problem is Wenger & the players don’t utilise him effectively. He will never create his own chances he’s just not that player. Theo just needs to be fast, with a good touch and clinical. He doesn’t need to play triangles he doesn’t need to press, he doesn’t need to hold up play that is just complicating a very basic game that he has. Put him between the two CB’s tell him doesn’t need to defend and tell him to make the right run and wait for the through ball. He is the weapon, not the man firing the weapon. The man firing the weapon was Cesc, when Cesc was putting him through on goal countless times. Most sprinters only get faster as they get older so his pace is going no where and not for a while. His finishing has steadily become better every year and he has become stronger every year.

      He will be an incredible striker around the age of 27ish. He is a late developer not everyone can be Wilshere, Messi or Cesc. I can understand the impatience because he has been with us for a while but I can assure you if he said he wanted to go everyone would be in for him. I’m not even going to say Wenger knows this, because we all should know its that obvious. He will come good but it may be too much too bare for some of us who are little more short sighted than others. Until then we just have to keep playing him because we would not be able to afford his transfer fee at 26-27.

      Also Everyone feel free to post what you were doing between the ages of 18-23. I’d be interested to know if you were at the top of your game at anything let alone the most played sport in the world during that age bracket. Sitting in front of the computer waiting for Jpeg’s to load so you can watch porn doesn’t count 🙂

  10. santori says:

    File to drawer under “dissapointing but somewhat expected”

    I thought we bossed midfield well enough but we don’t seem commited enough attacking.

    The players are affected by our sloppy gifts at the back and there is a reticence toward fully commiting ourselves in attack.

    Ramsey and Arteta were quite dissapointing. Lots of sloppy passes and not enough movement off the ball.

    Coquelin is a bright spark and I think we’ll see much more of him.

    We just seem to be in two minds at the moment. After the equaliser, instead of being hungry to win it, we seem nervous that we will slip up (which we duely did)

    Worrying times for us. Really dissapointed because for all the media broohaha about Spurs closing the gap, I thought we were technically better and had we applied ourselves better, we wuld have won the game.

    Instead, we’ve merely put ourselves in a bad position and open up the forum to more negativity from the press.

  11. Gutted!, not with the result but with the lack of belligerance and team chemistry. I don’t care that we lost but the manner in which we did does not bode well. I understand that players need to time to gel together but that’s one thing we don’t have. The late tranfers meant that the current crop of signings had to hit the ground running which they have clearly failed to do. I believe we have the personnel to finish in the top 4 but Wenger has to change his formation/ tactics. Why he does not revert back to 4-4-2( which was so successful for him) or even the 4-2-3-1 is beyond me.The current system worked well with Cesc playing behind the forward and Nasri playing around him. Gervinho may be Nasri’s replacement in the squad but not on the pitch. He is a more a traditional winger( a la Overmars). I’ve watched him at both Lille and at Beveren and he needs a traditional number 9 as a target in the box and as someone who “distracts” the CBs when he cuts in for the shot. Also, I feel that the right wing is proving to be a problem It’s clear that Walcott is desperate to play in the centre and hardly ever troubled the wingbacks today. The trouble is we have too many players being played out of position. Arshavin has the vision to play in the hole behind the forward but his work ethic betrays his motivation. RVP ( although is terrific as a number 9) plays best when he drops off a commanding forward.

    Ramsey looks a little confused with his role in the current fomation ( and I believe so is Wenger). He wants to play as a CAM, further up the pitch,but either
    a) Delays his pass too often ( and misplaces them as well!)
    b) Fails to hold on to the ball long enough to let the forwads make a run/ make room for a shot.

    Arteta is NOT a like for like replacement for Cesc. He is more a holding player ( always has been for both Rangers and Everton) arriving late in the box for the cut-back from the wingers. He and Ramsey (IMO) are similar players ( remember the goal against Manu last season and even in the couple of Carling Cup matches) and only 1 of them should play just beside Song/Coquelin with another player more attack minded (Wilshere/ Arshavin, both have the vision and the feet) ahead. This would allow us to play a 4-2-3-1 which has worked well for us in the past. We need to have pacy CDMs to cover our our ever-changin defensive line-up/tactics.

    I believe that one traditional right winger and one quality replacement for RVP would do our team a lot of good. Why we never play Park in the premier league is beyond me. He may not have dazzling ability but he is a natural finisher.

    Wenger ( and most fans) need to realize fast that the problem is not with the personnel but with the tactics on the pitch. Something has to be done fast or we will be left with too much ground to cover.

    • AfroGoonieGooner says:

      Great read Aditya, very balanced and thoughtful. Every time we purchase a player we have to look at there natural style play with in a game and accommodate that to the system. Not the other way around. 4-3-3 whilst a great formation and fashionable its not the only way to win a game. We act as if the last time anyone won a game outside of the 4-3-3 was 2004. We were behaving the same about Wengers 442 in the early 2000s called him a professor, then we thought the 451 in the CL run of 06 was like Halle Berry’s breast in monsterballs until we all busted out nut when mourinho introudced his diamond at Chelsea, now Pepsi-Cola Guardiola has a muento caliente e sexy 433 in spain. The point is systems don’t win games the players do when they can interact with each other to bring out the best in each other.

  12. Yang says:

    Bad result, still early stage to say team cannot make it top four.
    People complain about defense must consider the fact it will take few months to gel up defense.

    Look at Chelsea and United defense they had defense problem from last season but still cannot fix it up.

    Attackingwise, Arsenal was famous for accurate passing ability which is trade mark of AW team but current team have too many dribblers I think. Players need to think about how to pass each other and cut out some of dribbling from their game a bit.


  13. Oba says:

    Best of the post match analysis as usual.
    I think yesterday was our most decent
    Performance so far this season, even in
    Its obvious we are strugling we need to keep
    Fighting. Winning our next two home
    Games will be a way of starting again.
    We can still make top 4.

  14. MK says:

    Another dodgy goal (handball) and another one of our best players injured.. who put this Curse on Arsenal and how do we get rid of it?

  15. Mwaf says:

    Disappointed with the result but I think the perfomance was not bad. Like someone said this is among the best performances of the season.

    I think our weakest positions were the wings. Gerv and TW14 didnt perform at the level they should. Maybe it has something to do with the return from injury. Coq was brilliant. I beleive in the absence of Wilshere, Song and Coq can anchor the midfield in a 442 formation with Arteta on the right and Gerv/Walcott on the left. RVP uptop and Arshavin in the hole. We will make the best use of Arshaving in this formation.

    Gibbs gave a good perfomance as well and Song was brilliant as ussual. Per did enough. There was not enough creativity for RVP to feed off. mainly due to our poor perfomances on the flanks.

    With Sagna injured it is a tough ask for Jenkison to deputise. The boy has the potential but he may not be ready. What other options are there Coq, Miquel, can gibbs or santos play on the right?

  16. Tim says:

    Most of our problems seem to stem from midfield, where our balance just wasn’t right yesterday. Coquelin did well but Arteta was quiet and Ramsey wasteful. We simply cannot afford to give up possession as cheaply as we are doing at the moment – our passing game seems to have vanished.

    The performance overall wasn’t actually that bad, but yet again mistakes cost us in a tight match that could have gone either way – the sort of game we have become adept at finding ways to lose.

    Much for Wenger to ponder over the international break. The pieces are there, but they just don’t fit at the moment.

  17. Veronica says:

    Time for Wenger to leave. Anyone can manage Henry, Bergkamp and Viera. I hate this Arsenal team. They cannot press. Players stand innocently on their heels while another player only yards away is tackling for the ball. This team simply plays in second gear. The difference between Arsenal and Barca is that Barca all hound for the ball.

    AW’s philosophy is great. pass and move. But his tactical and strategic awareness is non-existent.

    RvP should be playing on the wing.
    Walcott is a one trick pony.
    Arshavin is a London tourist.
    Gervinho is still too raw.
    Arteta is certainly no Nasri or Fab, His days are over.
    Ramsay is hopeless. Where is Denilson.
    Chamakh? Hopeless.
    Benayoun and Rosciky are fragile violins. String will break anytime.
    Where is Vela and Lansbury?
    I cannot beleive I am so desperate. Where is Diaby?

    AW needs to go. All his bullshit about mentral strengzz and confidence and consistency and bullshit. That is the least of his worries. He is the cause of the lack of confidence and mental strengzz. Like I said my dog could coach TH14, PV4, Pires, DB10, Seaman and so on. It was also at a time where tehre was a huge gulf between the bottom and top teams and where Manure, Chelsea and City were not yet taken over by billions. Yeah I really feel confident every time Arteta, Arshavin, Ramsay, Koscileny, Chamakh, Walcott, Rosciky have the ball. Let’s not even mention Squillaci, Gervinho, Rosicky and others.

    If he does not he needs to go buying in January.

    Until then the team should be
    Santos Mert Song Gibbs
    Frimpong Coquelin
    Park OC RvP

    Wenger should be axed immediately. Wait. I hear people saying he is a god and how he has won this and that and how he built a stadium. Well, my cat could have coached the invincibles. He bought TH14, PV4 and Fab etc. Yes he did, He won the lottery. He will never be so lucky. The stadium and business improvements are matters for the board and owners not a manager of a football team. AW should be the CEO of Arsenal. Leave the football to the experts. Time to say thank you and au revoir.

    ANd please don’t forget. Why is it that a manager of a team is on 10 million pounds are year and the best players in the team are not even on half of that a year. Surely there is something wrong. Or maybe I am wrong. Maybe it is all about the managers today. If the manager is the most important piece in this puzzle then what of the actual football team. I can’t wait until FIFA 13 comes out. Will it be a game seeing what bullshit I can put in someone’s mouth. I don’t think so. Please don’t tell me that AW is worth more than his players. He has made over 100 million pounds from the club. And I bet being the tight arse that he is he has not spent a single cent of that money. Ferguson? After Championships, Champions Leagues, FA Cups I can understand increases in his salary as he has brought success to the club over time. But he does not whinge about wages to his players because he is hogging all the salary money. Yeah, says Wenger, vy should I pay zirty million for him? We don’t have ze money. That is because your on 10 million a year.

    Time to say merci and au revoir. You will make a great CEO of Arsenal Football Club.

    Time for a di Matteo, Martinez or even Pep Guardiola who i am sure would love this job.

  18. Len Goodwin says:

    Good goalies don’t concede the number of goals chesney has conceded over the last year. it seems that teams only have to kick towards our goal to score.
    he may be a nice kid and he makes some great saves but his mistakes are costing us
    we are paying for wenger not bringing in another quality goalie and another centre back.
    wouldn’t surprise me to see chamack at centre back and song at right back next week.

  19. deen says:

    it shuld be noted that walker goal was a stunner and moreova d keeper was blocked 4 some seconds b4 he saw it ,gervinho was d culprit he wuld have tracked back, in d abscence of wilshere , song , arteta and frimpong playin how midfield is our best shot .i think if song was in midfield yesteday he wuld have 2 assists ..

  20. zaragooner says:

    Great analysis Desi, as always. I have predicted before that we will lose this game, and i was right. The player knew about the importance of NLD game, but still they display a poor performance. What can we expect from a poor performance? Nothing. I think everyone have discussed about how poor are ramsey, arteta, gervinho and theo. No need for me to discuss further. I don’t know why we still play this formation even after Cesc left us. This formation will cost us this season. I don’t want to jinx this team, we had a great player but playing with Spurs made we look like average player. What’s wrong with this team? Where is Van Persie when we needed goal? How many times theo and gervinho will cost us with their games? I don’t want to judge gervinho and theo because they’re just recovered from injury, but please, if they didn’t fit, why we must take risk and play them. I’ve discussed this few times here, theo and gervinho are direct player, with direct passing and direct game. Not only midfield look sloppy, but winger cost us too yesterday. Theo is not suitable as a starter, he only suitable as a sub, where he can control the game with his run thru tired defender. I’m tired of explaining this. ffs about woj. I agree with all the world saves, but didn’t it count when he conceded goal? He should have save the ball. Please don’t make stupid excuse for him. How many times we want to blame the referee for our poor game? How many times we want to blame our defence with all this cheap goal. Our defence never looked bad last season even when we played Squillaci. Something is not right here. Thank God for international break and upon returning, we will face Sunderland. We need to do something within this two weeks or if not, i can’t even think what will happen to us this Season!

  21. meaner says:

    Arsene should b more ruthless from now.. Drop walcott n ramsey.

  22. fan says:

    Wondering why isn’t Park playing any league game for us, is he bought to play in the Carling Cup? Revert to 442 please, Park/Chamakh/Arshavin and Van Persie upfront. Walcott should be benched.

    Sad to see us losing to spurs, sad to see the club no longer has the intimidating aura we once had. We can keep the ball (against technically weaker teams) but we cant penetrate the opponents’ defense, whereas opponents can penetrate our defense with ease, even mid-table clubs are confident of beating us…

  23. Yang says:

    AW shouldn’t allow to leave Fabregas. Why Barcelona want him when they actually no need him, stupid greedy team. Hope resign up RVP asap. Nobody sure what will happen in this season.

    Board need to wake up otherwise CL money all gone in brink of eye.

  24. Shanty says:

    Good jobs Spurs…

  25. AP says:

    I am starting to see signs which suggest Theo will regress and go back to being only that pacy sub, he presently does not offer much special other than pace when in space…and considering space is something arsenal get rarely against good teams, his finishing is not up to scratch for the few chances that are offered to him. AOC looks like having more intent as of now and sometimes that makes all the difference.

    In a pretty ironical way, if the tough talk in all interviews actually translated even 50% of the time onto the field, things will be a lot different. A lot of young heads really need to shut their mouths and play.

  26. Prabal Rakshit says:

    Slightly off the topic.. but I never realized that we actually conceded less(!) per game after moving to Emirates. Just read this feature in the official club website.


    This fact is highlighted when comparing the manager’s records at Highbury (1996-2006) and Emirates Stadium (2006 to current day). Arsenal have not won silverware since moving into Emirates Stadium at the beginning of the 2006/07 season, but the team have a near identical record here compared to Arsène’s time at our previous home.

    The win ratio at Highbury was 70.6 per cent as opposed to 70.3 per cent at Emirates, while in fact the side have scored more goals per game (2.18 at Emirates, 2.16 at Highbury) and conceded fewer (0.68 at Emirates, 0.82 at Highbury) since the move.


    I was somehow under the impression that defensively we started a downward slide after the Inviincibles era and Arsene has not been able to stem the tide. In fact last four-five years we have conceded more and more goals progressively.
    Does this indicate that the other top clubs have tightened their defences, but we have been struggling to stay where we were earlier?

  27. Amy Ferguson Gerard says:


    This Blog has gone back to its usual sleepy mode – self-congratulatory, insipid, and basically uninteresting. No edge. This is all the more astonishing since the team is going through one of the most turbulent phases of its history.

    All the records are falling, except they are falling on the wrong side. The humiliation at Old Trafford. The worse start of the season in a century. While the house is burning, we are told we should be happy. Why? because Arsene WENGER has been at the helm for 15 years. So, let us reward him with many more years even if he loses most of the games.

    I have never seen such a controverted argument. The man who earns millions of pounds a year should be judged not on his actual work, but on what he did before.

    From France where WENGER has been basically written off come the news that Robion VAN PERSIE has put his house on the market. By the way it is a 2000 m2 house and it costs 1,750 000 pounds! What coukld this possibly mean except that he is about to leave.

    In the Daily Sun, SAMIR NASRI has said that much. He expects his friend PERSIE to rejoin MANCHESTER CITY in January. Once again, WENGER is going around talking non-sense, shouting at Man City for wanting to buy yet another Arsenal player. he will procrastinate once again and will end up selling at the last minute without any possibility of replacing the player.

    ARSENAL will be lucky if we end the season in mid-table. After VAn PERSIE leaves, you will see the hemorragie. The remaining players who count will pack.

    And WENGER and his bunch of clowns will have finally won..

    • Ashton Smith says:

      YOU ARE RIGHT. Lots of complacency. Also heard about Van Persie selling his house. Does not bode well. Totally fed up with WENGER. And the headless board. Did you see what Gazidis said? That it won’t be a problem if ARSENAl does not qualify for any European tournament next year.

      What the hell is going on? It does not matter whether we win or whether we lose. Why have a team at all? It does not matter whether WENGER performs or not. Nothing matters any longer with Arsenal. Let’s abolish the team then.

  28. alphie says:


  29. alphie says:


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