Manchester United 8 – 2 Arsenal: Quick Thoughts

Apologies for the delay in the post, but as I had mentioned in the preview this was a family weekend and, in hindsight, it turned out to be a good one to miss the game.

When I’d seen the team sheet I’d feared this would be a three or four nil kind of a game. No Vermaelen, no Sagna with Jenkinson, Traore, and Coquelin in the back five against an in-form United start was a disaster waiting to happen.

The result wasn’t a surprise and I don’t want to get into the analysis in detail because, honestly speaking, dwelling on the game hurts and I am sure many, if not all, of you would want to move on.

Since the start of the season I have been talking about the ease with which opposition teams have been bringing the ball to the Arsenal defensive third. They lacked the quality in decisive moments. United didn’t.

The number of defensive flaws in Wenger’s 4-3-3 are staggering considering the ambitions of the club. I am more convinced than ever that without a change/addition to the coaching staff there is little hope of challenging for the big titles.

In this particular game, the defenders made a number of mistakes but once again the load on them was unbearable. There are some basic issues that just have to be ironed out.

For the first goal, Djourou was trying to block the run of Welbeck hoping Szczesny will come and deal with the ball. Watching the replays it seems to me that Djourou was the closest to the ball and could easily have reached it before the United youngster. In 09-10, a lot was asked of the goalkeeper and it seems remnants of those errors still exist despite clear change in focus last season. That tells me the defensive coaching still isn’t good/clear enough.

The second goal was an excellent finish but one has to wonder why no one was tracking Ashely Cole.

Rooney scored the third and fourth with top class free-kicks. I believe Gooners, irrespective of their attitude towards the manager and the board, have all been wondering what prevents Arsenal from developing a couple of good set-piece takers from a bunch of so many technically gifted players. Again one has to question the coaching/training. Is enough emphasis put on this or are players left to work on it on their own?

Szczesny too has a weakness in defending set-pieces. Starting with the Henry kick in the Emirates cup, the one by Di Natale, and then these two kicks by Rooney, all show that Wojciech is rooted to his spot and is slow to react to his right. On the other end he tends to move early and leaves a gap that Rooney expertly exploited for the fourth goal. This too appears like an error the coaches should identify and correct.

The fifth goal came from ridiculously ineffective pressing after a corner was cleared and then an appalling lack of effort in tracking back which left the back four vulnerable just when they were running back to get in position.

Sixth was schoolboy defending from the team, the seventh was the price of having Walcott at right back (why couldn’t Arsenal play with a back three?), and the final goal was again an excellent finish with the defence all over the place.

The gunners did manage two at Old Trafford, for just the second time in the Wenger reign and the first time in a League game under Arsene (if I am not mistaken). The first one again highlighted how bad De Gea is at the moment as the Walcott strike went straight through the Spaniard. The second came from some dogged work by Jenkinson and a good finish by Van Persie. How the Dutchman managed to botch the penalty with such a clown in goal is beyond me.

I must say, looking at this performance, United look like they are stronger in attack than they have been for years. But they are also a bit more vulnerable defensively and once teams realize that, their games will be a lot more interesting. On current evidence though, it will be hard to stop the reigning champions from holding on to their trophy.

I don’t want to do much of an individual analysis here. Ramsey deserves a mention for his quality and effort, Rosicky for a couple of wonderful passes and a terrible overall contribution, Arshavin for being the barking dog that never bites (always threatened, never delivered), and the rest of the players for doing as best (or worst) as they could.

Most of the blame does fall on the manager because it seemed the team lacked tactical cohesion (something we have seen often enough in the past). He could have started with a guy like Lansbury instead of Arshavin just to have another defensive body if three youngsters were starting in the back five. The Russian is experienced but out of form and awful at defensive work. Lansbury would have at least ensured another body in the right areas.

The manager also went with an attacking approach even when his team is still developing an understanding. Playing deeper and inviting pressure would have been the right approach in such a game with Walcott and Van Persie left up to play on the counter. There are times when Wenger’s inability to modify the tactics to suit the realities reach hair-tearing levels.

Even his substitutions are hard to understand in such instances. Coquelin, while inexperienced and making his debut, was still working hard to get into the right defensive areas. Once he was taken off it became all the more easier for United to pass the ball in front of the back four. Did Wenger really think he had a chance of getting a point from this game by introducing AOC in place of Coquelin or had he given up on the game/final score and just wanted to see how the youngster did?

While it is clear Arsenal need reinforcements, something the manager and management have acknowledged, I strongly believe the need for a coaching addition is paramount. Some might ask, why bring in a new coach and not a new manager? My answer is that all evidence suggests a change in manager will guarantee a drop out of the top four on Arsenal’s budget. Wenger has a system that works but there are too many critical holes that need to be plugged.

It took Clichy a long time to settle in the role and he sacrificed a lot to keep the gaps on the left covered as best as he could. It is games like these that highlight how valuable his contribution was. Similar arguments can be made for some other players as well and of course, Cesc and Nasri are big losses. Arsene will have to sign the right players but that might not be enough. Let’s not forget Baines was part of the defence that was hammered 6-1 by Arsenal and players like Cahill, Jagielka, and others have always been members of teams that conceded more than the Gunners despite being more defensive minded.

There is no quick fix and there aren’t any players in the current market who are going to come in and perform miracles. The most important answers will have to be found on the training pitch even if four or five new players are signed.

I think for once the international break has come at the right time for Arsenal. The Gunners need time to strengthen and regroup as this season can easily slip away in the next few weeks.

I want to end with a word of appreciation for the away fans. Their support was the only heart-warming memory from an otherwise eminently forgettable game. Hats off to everyone who was there!

34 Responses to Manchester United 8 – 2 Arsenal: Quick Thoughts

  1. Wolfgang says:

    The first thing a defender has to do is defend.Wenger’s mantra allows them free licence to roam up field.When the gunners attack breaks down as it will invariably,,a swift enemy counter strike has the defenders scrambling back .By then it would be a goal down.
    The high defence line is to be blamed for the massacre. If it were not that high,time and space would at a premium and Rooney and the red devils would not have the luxury of shooting let alone scoring.
    Wenger has to geta defence coach sort it out. By the way if Wenger asks his players to play the Arsene way without any back up plan ,the gunners would still concede goals.

    • santori says:


      Wenger thought his team was still good enough to compete directly with United.

      How many times have we seen this?

      there is no shame in admitting that they are stronger and adopting the necessary tactics to counter them. Lesser teams with poorer quality players have held United to less goals than our pathetic display.

      Do we have the tactical nous to switch? Have we prepared for contingencies? The answer is 2 letters beginnning with N and ending with O.

  2. ballaballa says:

    If you want a player to come into your side and perform miracles buy sneijder

    • santori says:

      No we have to stop wasting time and get players who will want to come to us.

      Sneujder will not come to Arsenal Aside from wages, we are not a convincing product for his ambitions at the moment.

      Stop dreaming.

  3. Simmer 10 says:

    The way arsene trains his team is outdated, this is the biggest problem

    • santori says:


      Even if he doesn’t want to replace old Pat “I’m chewing my kuckles to the bones and lookinga t you boss to text me some directions” Rice ( massive mistake IMO), he should at very least bring in one asst coach to concentrate on defensive issues and one to concentrate on offensive ones.

      At very least, the exercise will afford Wenger better attention to detail with common ailments so easily rectifiable and afford him a chance to have 2 bright sparks compete and be groomed for succcession from within if need be.

      That said, if Wenger does not bring in 3 convincing signings within the next 48hrs, I think he will be signing his own P45 as fans will switch off of the season, hurting the pocket books and negating the ticket hike + all the good work done in Asia.

      What a shame.

  4. santori says:

    Spot on our coaching is deficient.

    But even with the likes of this watered down team, we should never have allowed ourselevs to ship 6 against United (themselves younge rand with some players out). It is a disgrace.

    The gaffer was dealt a big blow sans TVermaelen and Sagna.

    Why on earth persist with an open attacking style without the necessary widgets to do so?

    He should have played 4-5-1 and drilled the team to hit United on the counter.

    …………………….(reserve back 4)……………………….

    We had the personnel to cause some damage but instead of having the correct tactics, Wenger has once again proven deficient in the dept against better minds.

    Why play AA who has lost pace out wide offering no cover to Traore whatsoever? AA needs a smaller patch to work effectively in. Put him in the middle to harry and hassle AND importantly release balls either out wide or to RVP in the counter.

    Miyaichi should have started out left. The Japanese schoolboy has one season of very valuable exprience in the Dutch league. he should have been our surprise factor. More importantly, he would have offered better cover to the LB with his pace and energy levels.

    Coquelin was a disaster waiting to happen(particularly as holding ina very open 4-3-3)

    Lansbury would have been an equal disaster. he is simply not techinical or good enough.

    We needed to pack the midfield (like UNited did to us once) and exploit our speed on the wings. I agree that United’s defense isn’t all that particularly with Jones and Smalling marshalling (although they did a better job than our calamity pairr.

    The worst thing with the defeat is that Wenger is about in danger of losing the player’s respect. You can see it in the body language (and effort). They just don’t believe anymore. We are in danger of jeopardising some bright futures here not to mention losing several more exprience players next summer (RVP. Rosicky, AA, maybe Walcott)

    Wenger has to buy a marquee name to stabilise us.

    he is fond after the match of stressing” special circumstances”.

    Well, this is a special circumstance. We have been throughly unprepared for the exigerncies of the PL start and the fault lies squarely on Wenger.

    He needs to buy a top top name (aside from reinforce Cback and Lback, maybe even Rback)

    That should be a proper CAM.

    I personally have no idea why he has not moved for MOntolivo at FFiorentina.

    Instead of barking up the wrong tree trying to bring in players who are already with clubs commited to the CL (HAzard, Goetze), he should be looking at the shaky Italian market.

    Montolivo plays both as a DM and as a deep lying playmaker.

    Perfect to cover our short term derth of DMs and then afford us someone who can release our gorwing stable of pacy wingers quicker.

    He has already rejected a contract extension and Fiorentina have made loud noises that they will not sell to a Seria A club (wise ploicy and something we should have adopted with Nasri)

    Get him Wenger and get him now.

  5. el bizarron says:

    Whatever happens tomorrow, I think Arsenal’s front office has some explaining to do. I know I’ve previously said that transfer dealings shouldn’t be made public while they are still taking place, but after what has transpired something has to be said about the calamity of outgoing and incoming players this summer. The seemingly insane tactics being employed on the field also need to be addressed. But most of all, a plan to improve the team and move it forward has to be laid out. (There is a plan, right?) Yes, free tickets are nice for the supporters, but I think what’s really needed is an explanation.

  6. el bizarron says:

    Oh, and congratulations to Arsenal’s Ladies for winning the WSL! We gotta tell the lads to start playing like the girls.

  7. gunnersmama says:

    OK lets put this into perspective:-

    Lets look at the Spuds V Us.

    Spuds 2 games played: 2; Lost 2 Goals for 1 Against 8 goal difference -7

    Us played 2 Lost 2 Goals for 2 Against 10 goal difference -8

    Now if you compare the players the Spuds had available verses the kids we had on the pitch, its not even a contest. I also believe they had 11 v 11 for both their games.

    So why are we talking of a crisis at Arsenal while the other North London Team seem to be ignored?

    I think they have even more of a problem than we do. Some good signings and discipline within the team to keep the whole team on the field will see us with a decent season.

    But to the board of AFC: PAY THE WAGES NEEDED TO ATTRACT THE TOP PLAYERS AND GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND!!!!! I do not blame the manager, he is aware or what should be done, attract the players with competitive wages. Yes Man. City and Chelsea have ruined the game, but that is an unfortunate fact of life, live with it or become an also ran.

    • nick says:

      You’re comment shows us how bad things are…’re now comparing us to spurs. Thats what spurs fans have done the past 15 years b/c we have been better than them in every department. The fact that we’re now comparing ourselves to them and how bad we have both been tells us all we need to know. The barometer for arsenal should be the top not spurs. Don’t forget that the new stadium was built to keep us from falling behind (we should be able to spend $20m per year without any worries and increase that to $40m when our commercial deals are are negotiated.)

  8. nick says:

    Doubt we will spend money to get sneijder but if we get cahill and jagielka then the line up should look like this:


    Sagna Cahill Jagielka Santos

    Vermaelan Wilshere

    Ryo Van Persie Gervinho


    Fabianski, Koscielny, Song, Ramsay, Arshavin, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Park.

    Reserve: Gibbs, Frimpong, Jenkinson, Djourou, Rosicky, Chamakh, Miquel, Squillaci, Diaby, Lansbury,

    I think the only position for theo is upfront because he is awful as a winger (it helped before having cesc and nasri passing to him but asking theo to step up with possession is not going to work). Having vermaelan as the defensive midfielder/heart beat of the team will be great because he gives everything and looks like he actually cares about what he is doing. He is also good with the ball and can push forward. Ryo will be ok on the wing as he is as quick as theo and can run with the ball and played in holland last year. Arshavin and swap with him to keep them both fresh.

  9. Fletch says:

    What has Tottenham scum got to do with anything?
    Yes, Ashley Cole had a good game lol. WTF?

  10. bob says:

    wenger should leave … been saying it for 2 years on these boards only to be told to shut up.

    simply put, this is the first time in his afc career he is under any pressure at all. and he cant take it.

    players want to leave

    again he was incredibly poor at tactics, a 2nd division team MIGHT get hammered that bad.

    he didnt want to replace cesc and nasri thinking the ‘youth project’ was strong enough – why do u think replacements weren’t signed 6 month ago when even i knew they were leaving.

    …and now afc are paying for sway supporters loyalty……

    hes bad for business and STAN knows it.

    goodbye wenger …. see you when you arnt so arrogant or stubborn.

  11. Aesculape says:

    The Manager has reached the end of the road. The entire club is leaking and there is no one to come out, stand as a man and take responsibility. As a consequence, many fans are losing faith. Soon, they will simply not care any longer.

    This is what should be dealt with. Unfortunately, Arsenal Football Club is in deep denial.

    It is not enough to say the Board recognizes the issues. If the Board recognizes the issues, it should act. And it should act now. Otherwise, it is like papering over the cracks – like giving the captain armband to the next on line to leave; or paying back their tickets to the fans who went to witness our slaughter in the hands of Man U.

    Wenger is a specially stubborn man. I am very afraid the transfer window will close in a few days and we won’t have reinforced the team with new signings.

    It is not true that there are no players on the market capable of making a difference. There are many good players in all departments of the game in championships in Italy, France, the Netherlands and Spain.

    The truth is that we have not done our homework. Wenger pretends to save money, does not want to buy at the market price, and ends up losing the best. Look at what he did with Phil Jones, Juan Mata and many others.

    Every single player will tell you that they do not do much during coaching sessions. Clichy went to Man City and was bewildered by what Mancini does. Our training sessions are a total joke. This is what is reflected in what we more and more now see as Wenger’s lack of tactical acumen.

    Players in teams such as Barcelona will tell you that our physio department is a total joke. That’s whhy we have so many injuries. That’s why we lack physical strength.

    Modern managers will tell you that our way of dealing with the market is totally irrational.

    The whole thing is in need of a revamp. Unfortunately it does not look as if this is going to happen.

    I have to hope that by the end of this season, Desi will still have a Blog we still want to waste our time reading.

    Finally thanks, Desi, for your analysis. For the first time since I have been reading you, I feel a certain impatience building up! We all share the same sentiments to a certain extent.

  12. terry says:

    i think there is a quick fix
    we need steel at the back we need to change our defensive game from a high back line to a low one. for that we need tall and strong tackling defenders.

    when we play a low bakline there may be gaps between the defence and midwe need to look more at long balls.

    a tall srtong cf who can score golas and hold the ball.
    sorry but that cf is not robin

    these are the players i would get in:
    chaill and shawcross
    they could actually form the best def combination in the league.

    santos for lb.
    i woul dinvolve both djouru and squillachi in the deal for the above mnetioned defenders.

    in midfiels i would get a left midfilder and a cm.

    if we would convence kaka nothing like it

    left sided mid for me would be sumone who could cross the ball dribble well adn streach play wide.

    chrish brunt or matt jarvis are 2 very good players playing for average clubs who could actuallt shine in our midfield.

    my tram would finally look like this:


    sagna cahill shawcross bastos

    wilsahre song brunt

    arshavin kaka

    Nikki b

    bench: RVP, arshavin, gerviniho, frimpong, vermy, kozzer
    gibbs, ramsay, rosicky, fabianski.

    in this formation song needs to sit back our wing backs need to attack a lot and er need nikki to play onli centrally with sum good crosses towards him.

    kaka plays just behind him.

    with us playing the high ball game.

    and for our beautiful tippy tappy football

    the team would be:


    sahna vermy kozzer santos

    wilshare kaka

    gerviniho walcott

  13. AP says:

    To a large extent i don’t see much reason in a pre-match post discussing possible tactics for the game. When even the common man on the proverbial street knows what style, formation and “tactics?” Wenger is gonna play game after game, a pre-match wishlist seems useless.

    Its almost looking like taking a lot of fine bred colts with different capabilities and making them go round and round around a blacksmith’s furnace everyday. Pretty soon the natural varieties people bring to the table are lost and they end up clueless when the one thing they now know (going round and round) doesn’t work anymore as the world has evolved and figured the circles they will run around.

    Getting ur quickly cobbled up fullbacks to go on the offensive and leave gaps against a champion who specializes in attacking from those gaps looks so foolish. It was disgusting to see Jenkinson and Walcott shouting at each other and on one instance Jenkinson taking the ball from Walcott’s feet near the opposition penalty box. Actually, towards the end i felt Jenkinson probably played a much better winger game than Walcott generally does.

    True that a lot of the main players were missing, but if your squad defenders don’t even know how to keep a straight line, then nothing more needs said. It may be a coaching fault or a player fault, but such differences are really academic as long as defence behaves like this on field.

  14. TwoLeftFeet says:

    I heartily agree with you Desi. Irrespective of our performance at OT this weekend, I have been clamouring for a change of tactics since the beginning of the season. Our present 4-3-3 system was made for Cesc and without him there isn’t much point sticking with it. The system is rather inflexible and requires a great deal of balance and precision which can hardly be expected from a squad as inexperienced and new as this. (10 of our players have become a regular part of the first-team squad only last season or later!)

    I do not know whether it would be possible to change tactics midway but a switch to a more conventional 4-4-2 might be a better option given our present dearth of quality CM players. Either way, as you pointed out Desi, better coaching and emphasis on tactical nuances is the most important improvement that needs to be made. IMO that is probably more important than signing new players.

    On a side note, United had an equally young team as well with a fair few injuries to boot but the difference was that their players had much more experience – something that is usually associated with Arsenal youngsters. I was wondering if Arsene could make better use of the loan market and send some of our more promising youngsters to Premiership clubs rather than Championship/foreign leagues. This may delay their Arsenal debut but it would provide a fairer assessment of their ability and leave them better prepared for the task when they eventually do join the first team. The names of Wilshere, Welbeck and Cleverly come to mind among those who have benefitted from this.

  15. nicky says:

    One of my Gran’s favourite sayings is “Never look a gift-horse in the mouth”.(She cleans at the Emirates)
    The defeat at OT could well be a blessing in disguise
    as it becomes a pre-cursor to a flurry of vital transfers. If we had won or drawn the game, the word from the Emirates might have been that we need no-one. By Christmas we may be thanking Ferguson for our wake-up call….wonders will never cease!

  16. moses says:

    wenger is a dull fool where was he thru out the summer is he waiting for midnight on 31 to buy players? next good players will demand to leave cant any one advise this outdated fool who lives on past glory?

  17. El-Alamein says:

    We have come to worship a man who came to England at a time when the game was badly in need of innovative ideas. He brought some good ones then, including in terms of how to live and manage within one’s own means. He inherited a solid team at the back and he aded a zest of attacking flair.

    Then after he went on for an entire season without being defeated, he thought he had become the new Jesus Christ on Earth. He stopped working, callously disbanded the team, went into some crazy experiments with young boys before settling into tactical routine and general mediocrity.

    We kept worshipping him. He has been doing a very bad job for at least the last 3 to 4 years. And we kept worshiping him. We came up with this ludicrous idea that he knew better than anyone else and everybody else. He gladly believed it and acted accordingly.

    He got so drunk with the power we gave him that he became one of the most stubborn managers around, totally unaccountable.

    He was so ensconced in his own narcissism that he did not take the real measure of what the revolution at Chelsea, Man U and Man City actually meant in terms of football economics. He kept wanting to live in his own world, scorning whenever he could the profligacy at Chelsea and administering lessons to everybody else about how to live on a shoe string.

    He is now being engulfed by the delusional world he created and we helped him to believe in. The drama is that the team is collapsing with him.

    Go and read what fans say on ‘Arsenal Times’. The anger is so palpable.
    This man has been “tinkering” for 6 to 7 years. Why on Earth shouldn’t he be held accountable? How many more years are we willing to give him? What kind of business would reward this kind of calamitous mismanagement?

    Now we are being asked to reward Wenger because he has been so good for 15 years. Should we keep rewarding him until there is no team left at all?

    We should stop this nonsense. The team needs to be rebuilt. Without a team, let’s forget about Arsenal.

    It is not true that there are no coaches or managers who could take over. Someone mentionned the name of FRank Rijkjard yesterday. This name is making the rounds.

    If the transfer window closes without Wenger buying some ostensibly strong players to reinforce this team, I can assure you that his long reign at The Emirates will go in flames.

  18. critic says:

    Desi gunner you are getting pathetic and pathetic. I have been following you for quite sometime now and your writing is going down the hill.

    It was Ashley Young not “Ashley cole”. Plus you give me impression of just writing an article for the sake of it. There’s no style in your writing that was say 6 months ago. You are just putting words their without giving an extra effort.

    If you want to be a gr8 blogger you have to work hard.

  19. nicky says:

    Let’s fantasise a bit. Wenger gets the boot or resigns. A new boss arrives with different ideas and is given a free hand. Usmanov takes over the Board and releases funds galore. The new boss buys left, right and centre. We outbuy Chelsea AND Manure and start to overlord the EPL. Our debts soar but we win much silverware. Is everyone happy? I doubt it because most fans await the bubble bursting. The true fans regret that our success hasn’t been achieved by hard work, but merely by the spending of money.

  20. Yang says:

    I don’t think defensive tactic work with so many inexperienced young players in line up. Defensive football is not executed with couple of words or instruction.

    Tactical formation changing and plan B stuff are not a simple thingy. you gonna need very clever and versatile players in your squad with enough quality.

  21. Cape Gooner says:

    Desi, it puzzles me that you said “Watching the replays it seems to me that Djourou was the closest to the ball and could easily have reached it before the United youngster.”

    The repays clearly show that Welbeck was between JD & Kos on or about the edge of the area. The lob went between Welbeck & Kos. The only way JD could have got to the ball was to go through Welbeck.

  22. Anastasia says:

    According to The Guardian, The Fool is about to sign two defenders. One is German, from Werder Bremen (center half) and the other is Brazilian (left back) and currently playing for Fenerbace.

    The Fool should also sign a holding midfielder before the transfer window closes as well as a powerful forward capable of playing with his head, holding the ball and scoring.

    If The Fool does make those four signings and improves his training methods and tactical repertoire, then he might have saved his head.

    At least for the time being.

  23. Gervinio's Forehead says:

    The board need to pull their finger out and have a deep sniff… Authorize higher player salaries so we can attract ‘invincibles’ quality not mid table dross or that stench is what we are gonna be in…

  24. Gervinio's Forehead says:

    @ all you supporters… Someone is CUNTING us over…. The way I see it, 3 possibilities…
    1. Wenger is CUNTING us over by being a tight fisted, el cheapo surrender monkey.
    2. Kroenke Inc. & co. are CUNTING us over by doing to us what Gillette/Hicks done to the mugsmashers & letting wenger take the fans wrath… just like Benitez did…
    3. It’s a clever ploy by Usmanov & Dein to destabilize the club… Darren Dein, spawn of Double D has been the manager of Toure, Adebayor, Nasri, Fabregas, Clichy, Cole… Well I think u get my point… Worringly his new clients are Wolcott, VanPersie, Song and Wilshere….hmmm… shit hits the fan & they roll in like knights in shining armor… smells like there might be some CUNTING going on.
    I don’t buy the notion that Wenger, the second most successful manager in prem history is personally to blame for everything wrong…not saying his shit don’t stink, it does but over the years, just look at the players he identified that moved to other clubs coz the CUNTS on the board were too tight…. Essien was earmarked when Viera to Real Madrid saga was going on… Xabi Alonso, Malouda, Ronaldo, Bale are just a few of Wengers targets that didn’t materialize coz the board are tight sphinctered CUNTS…
    CUNTS…. The lot of em’
    Question is what are we as supporters gonna do about it??? Time to organize lads…. I think the CUNT in chief needs to know we ain’t CUNTING about and won’t let him turn THE ARSENAL into one of his mediocre franchises….

  25. Claver says:


    It is becoming increasingly obvious that it is the tight,stingy board (with 2 billionaires) on it that pulling Arsenal down.

    The only thing Kroenke wants from Arsenal is money. Why hasn’t he paid off our loans if he believes in our future. Idiotic.

    The devil always appears reasonable until you realise he is a cannibal.

    If Wenger has said to the board (allegedly) that we need to raise wages to a 100k, then people like Gazidis must be working their butts off to see that we can raise turnover correspondingly.

    Instead, Gazidis is erecting little posters on the walls. Utterly pathetic.

    Arsenal have a global reputation built by Wenger and instead of building on that by enlargening our vision, Gazidis and Kroenke want us to (effectively) downsize.

    Desi, u r right about Pat Rice. I said it last year and early this year. He is practically irrelevant. Coasting along on Arsenal benefits.

    Our scouting team must also scout for future employees. Starting with a new Chief Executive and a new defensive coach.

    Pat Rice, Gazidis and Kroenke are small thinkers where big thinking is needed.

    To anybody with half an eye, the new rules are really not going to change much. It’s written on the walls. Yet the Board acts like they are waiting for the ‘rapture’.

    These are different battles, fresh blood is needed just to keep up.

  26. Abu says:

    In any space there are three kind of people. The moneybags, the tacticians and the occasional visionary. I don’t need to point out that Wenger is the third kind. The difference between the third and the first two is that method and means matter as much to them as the final results. They are out to transform the entire space, not just ‘win’ in a narrow sense. Tactics is a small word in the visionary’s dictionary. It betrays a lack of trust in their worldview. Tactics are about bending and adjusting to the world around them. THEY are about bending the world to their will, not the other way round. In talking endlessly about defensive tactics, you display an utter lack of understanding of Wenger the person Desi. His vision is clear as daylight – attack is the best form of defence. The does not shift with context. The problem is neither Wenger, nor the lack of tactics. It is resources. In fact the ‘lack’ of tactics i.e. steadfastly and stubbornly sticking to the vision is the VERY REASON why Arsenal have MASSIVELY overachieved. Being TOP 4 every year despite being one of the lowest transfer market net spenders of all clubs down till LEAGUE TWO. If we had a tactical manager by now Arsenal either would comfortably have been a mid table team, or groaning under the burden of massive debts like so many other clubs – perhaps both. Now imagine the possibilities if the vision had been backed up with resources. That is what Wenger, having patiently waited for 6 years, was demanding this year. Don’t sell Cesc. Let Nasri go on a free if need be. We can’t be a big club and sell our best players. Get ‘super quality’ in – Benzema, Hazard, Mata and who knows which other names. But Kroenke of course would have none of it. And so we get 8-2. That is alright for Wenger. He would rather lose spectacularly than compromise on his vision. A team of kiddies will still be set up to play beautiful and attack – don’t forget Arsenal had 13 attempts on target to United’s 15. They went down but they went down sticking to their guns. That is to be applauded, not dissed as lack of tactics. That is the stuff visionaries are made of. Glory or nothing. Amen to that.

    • Claver says:

      Spot on. It is not Wenger’s vision that is flawed. His vision has indeed helped us to overachieve.

      But at a time when we need the board to put some wind in his sails, some rain to his seed, we have the dithering Gazidis and Kroenke. Who are too afraid to back a brave Manager.

      We have had chants against Wenger at Old Tartford (Rooney’s slapper) for years. If Gazidis is such a supporter, why doesn’t he step up for our Manager?

      I would bet Kroenke and Gazidis are scheming behind the scenes. Drooling at the prospect of such a cash cow.

      We built the Emirates on the back of Wenger, ditto the London Colney.

      It hurts to see Cappello take the England team to a ground built and planned by Wenger, he being a man who loathes our player and Manager.

      Why don’t they take the National team to Man City or Manure? They just want to enjoy the hard work Wenger has put in whilst slagging him off at the first opportunity.

      People like Rooney on our training ground, who loathe and despise us…at our training ground built by sheer hardwork and NOT debt.

      Ditto the silly media. Why do we bend over backwards to have idiotics like these come to our training ground?

      If the North is such a good place for football why don’t they take the National over there? Instead of sullying our training grounds with their spittle?

      Manure owe some £500m in debt, yet it is us who are said to be having problems.

      I am beginning to wish Kroenke had never set foot in our boadrooms, nor Gazidis made a plush office for himself at our expense.

  27. Brinks says:

    I remember last season, a certain Real Madrid team with the 2nd best midfielder in the present game, a good defensive lineup, the best goalkeeper who captained his country to world cup victory, with the greatest defensive manager of the present time, got hammered 5-0 by barcelona. Was there a crisis? No.
    Agreed, we had no defensive formation or tactics.Yet a notable thing is that we had 13 attempts on target while they had 15.they scored 8 and we scored 2 and also missed a penalty.
    It’s a simple fact that they had taken their chances while we didn’t. The result was humiliating, yet it doesn’t mean that we are in deep shit. We have problems, with the defensive coaching as Desi pointed out, but we need to move on, learning lessons from the defeat.
    People who call for Cahill, Baines etc don’t remember that they were part of the teams who were thrashed by a better team in the past. We need to buy players, but that alone is not going to solve our misery. Our coaching team, manager and players should improve (that’s applicable for the new signings also). The impatience of the fans will lead only to panic buys and that isn’t going to work. A change of the manager? spuds, pool, madrid…look at what they got..
    It’s about working on the weaknesses, trying as a team to get better, and support the team through ups and downs. I am sure that the behavior of the away fans must have motivated every player to do better in the next game.Booing and complaining can lead to de motivation and disaster.
    Let’s get behind the team and the manager and hope that this hammering will turn out to be a blessing in disguise. It’s good that we are going through it at the starting. We have players coming back from injuries and suspension, and if we bring more and i feel we will have a great run ahead.
    Keep the faith.

  28. Nikko says:

    To everyone who wants Wenger out, I think that the board do not make funds availible to him. Now Wenger says there’s money, but he isnot going to come out and say, there’s no money we cant afford anyone. If the board really cared about this club, they’d have done something about it either, fire Wenger, or go and sign someone big without his permission like Abramovic

  29. thegeeman says:

    This was a total ass kicking. My Guners are in complete disarry. This is not good. I thought it would be closer than that. I was hoping for a win. We are light years away from where we need to be. Wenger needs to be fired. The guys quit. Actually the Gunners quit March of 2011 when we lost to Barca.

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