What About A Nasri-Berbatov Swap?

Well, I am not much of a transfer speculation/discussion guy but today’s game and a highly unrealistic transfer rumour about a Nasri-Tevez swap got me thinking.

First, let me just mention why I don’t see any sense in the swap deal with Tevez. The Argentinean is a world-class player but I don’t see him fitting into the Arsenal style. He is, and I say this without intending to be critical, too selfish a striker (a quality that works well in certain cases) and will affect everyone around him. More importantly, I don’t see how Arsenal can afford anywhere near the wages he is on unless all the transfer funds go into that. But the single biggest problem with the deal is that Tevez is unsettled and doesn’t want to be in England (If I haven’t misread his situation). What will prevent him from demanding a move in January or next summer?

If Arsenal want a big name there are better options around.

But once I got thinking about a swap deal, it struck me that Berbatov is in not too dissimilar a position at United. He has scored goals there and won titles but he doesn’t fit as well into their system. There is no doubt in my mind he’d be open to a move after the Champions League Final snub.

United want Nasri and he will improve their squad without a doubt.

Similarly, Berbatov can be an excellent No. 10 for Arsenal. He has the technique to fit into this team, the vision and creativity that will be desperately needed, and he is the kind of a player who would be just as happy giving assists as he would be while scoring goals. I can see him bringing something different and special to the dressing room.

There are some issues with his work rate, but if we are honest, Arsenal have learnt to carry some players. I can see him come into today’s starting line-up in place of Arshavin or just behind the striker.

He can also lead the line when, sorry if, RvP gets injured.

When Fabregas played, his contribution made others perform better. His vision and technique got a lot more out of Arshavin, Van Persie and the others. The Bulgarian can’t be an exact replacement but he will be better than most. He will definitely offer a lot more than someone like Tevez.

Even his wages will be a lot more affordable compared to Tevez or some other superstars.

Anyway, these are just thoughts I had but surprisingly I haven’t read this link before. Of course, this is more likely down to my conscious efforts to stay away from transfer stories than any other reason.

Then again most transfers are complicated affairs, especially this season, and there is no guarantee that a) Ferguson would sell such a player to Arsenal, b) Berbatov would want to come here, c) Wenger shares my views about the Bulgarian, or d) Nasri would agree to a move to United if City are offering a lot more money. And I am sure those are not the only issues that can derail such a move.

But it is worth a thought if nothing more. Don’t you think?

53 Responses to What About A Nasri-Berbatov Swap?

  1. G4L says:

    It won’t go down well with the fans. If a guy isn’t good enough for United then why should he be at Arsenal and all that jazz.

    Tevez is the best player at City. Berbatov can’t even make it to the squad for a big game at United.

    I, on the other hand, would love to see Berba at Arsenal. Have to confess, I have been a fan since his Tottenham days. Can be another legendary DB10, almost as good as the original.

  2. myles says:

    Have been a fan of berbatov ever since he was at spurs, but he’s too old and would never happen

  3. Steve says:

    Berbatov would be good for a couple of years at least. By then A.O.C, Miyaichi, and Frimpong would have come along nicely, not to mention the continued development of Wilshere and hopefully the resurgence of Ramsey.

    He fits our current need but it will never happen.

  4. Rich says:

    Tevez v unlikely but would take him in a blink of an eye, even tho he’s proving himself to be a mercenary,
    Berbatov hell no
    Quality player on the ball, but no work ethic, we already accommodate Arshavin, we don’t need another lazy, impact player

  5. Greg Timothy says:

    The age difference could be an issue. The red faced cunt has other options and strengthning a rival’s attack is not one of them.

  6. LosingFaith says:

    why sign another flop? that loser mentality that is holding us back

  7. JP says:

    After today’s performance we need better players point blank. I would take Adebayor back at this stage!!!!

  8. JP says:

    When will we learn, that you can’t win if you don’t SHOOT!

  9. Zgunner says:

    If it was a speculation from my heart I would say trade Nasri leaving to him signing a mega rock and roll 5 year extension contract. That he proves all the fans wrong and that he loves Arsenal and no other club.

    But back to reality.. I’d say we trade Nasri in for Sneider. I feel Arsenal could do with a little more dutch blood; they fit well in Arsenal’s play… and of course Sneider needs no further recognition.. he could bring more than what Van der Vart might have brought Arsenal.

    So back to reality. Someone needs to step up into the playmaking role until we get a replacement, or a natural one emerges from the team.

    I pray it doesn’t take too long. Given the current crop, I would chose Alex Song for that role temporarily, and have Frimpong/Djourou cover DMF.

    This -of course- would only be a temporary solution. Hopefully Jack’s return will be the missing element to the team that was fielded against Newcastle.

    • Zgunner says:

      Note: I only say this about Song based on what I have seen from him today and in the past. He takes CHARGE. Song can be quite sneaky and unpredictable further up the field. It’s his passes that can be miss or hit.

      • Phil23 says:

        I, along with many Arsenal fans supported the Netherlands over the world cup. Something I noted was the absolute non existent relationship with Sneider in footballing terms. It was as if Sneider didn’t like Van Persie and just plain refused to pass to him! For this reason alone I would say he’s not the right fit for us.
        In terms of Song that is a good idea and I think that if he was paired with a more defensive midfield partner he would be given the opportunities to bombard forward like last season while not leaving a huge gap in front of the defence. He has definitely got some play-maker in him!

  10. Gunzblazin says:

    No way berbatov, plenty of good players out there that we can go for, mata would have been great but i think we might have just missed that ship 😦

  11. when Nasri and Fabregas leave that will free 200k of wages so why not Tevez, hes miles better than Berbatov.

  12. arsenal4ever says:

    hell no


  14. WC says:

    We already have attackers that can’t track back, why add another one that cannot scores when it matters?

    Berba only plundered goals against teams he’s expect to score against but he’s never there for the big games, that’s Rooney and Chicharito’s job.

    We need players who can step up to the plate when it counts, not those who look like superstars against teams who we’ve outscored 6-0.

  15. Phil23 says:

    I agree that he would be a better fit for Arsenal than Tevez considering he can possibly fit the wage structure. Personally I wouldn’t like this deal as I believe United are the favourites for the title and this is the only position they need strengthening in. If Nasri went to United it would surely be the worst move for Arsenal’s title hopes in the next couple of years. I think that if Wenger has said he likes Benzema he should come in with a large bid that will turn Madrid’s heads. He should do this with Eden Hazard too, who Wenger has said he wants at the Emirates. For me if he puts in these big bids he will gain at minimum respect from the fans. I would also think that we might just have enough pulling power that the players tell their clubs they want to go. Anyway, I hope that Arsene is very aggressive over the next few days because I feel like if the signings are made the fans will really get in behind the team again.

    • Steve says:

      Benzema isn’t a patch on Berbatov and Hazard is unproven, inexperienced youngster who hasn’t done much at the national level.

      Aggression is good and I concur about the impact of big signings but that won’t last if the signings turn out to be duds.

      Excellent point about strengthening United. But I think the deal benefits us more than it does them because they already have a good enough team and the improvement will be marginal. We will get a big player when two are leaving. The value for us is much higher.

      • Phil23 says:

        I would respectfully disagree about Benzema. Firstly I only said his name because Arsene Wenger himself said:
        “He’s a player that I like.I think he’s intelligent in his movement, I think he is capable of combining well and making a difference, and of doing individual moves as well. So, for me he’s a player who’s at the top level in the world.”

        So I guess Arsene Wenger doesn’t know a world class player when he sees one because Benzema isn’t a patch on Berbatov. Not to mention that the statistics also say Benzema is a great player. He has had a 30+ goals season and last year he outscored Berbatov by 5 goals, also getting 9 assists to Berbatov’s 5. Add to that Benzema is 23 and I just can’t agree with your conclusion.

        In regards to Hazard you’re absolutely right that he is unproven, but if he was do you think we would even be in contention for us? Of course not he would be at Barcelona on outrages wages. Just watch the guy and you can see all the talent is there. Arsene Wenger would probably be one of the best coaches for his style of play as well. He is also a player that Arsene directly made a statement about. “Wenger said.
        “We are following him. Personally I think he has real talent and the level needed to play at Arsenal. But in the offensive department we have many players. At the end of the season we’ll have a look at the situation.”

  16. All i knw is dat, Arsene wenger shld act fast, before its gettin too late.

  17. myles says:

    Yh in the world cup sneidger only started passing to van p in the final when things were desprate, robben did the same aswell, they both want all the glory…… And song in a more advanced role seems good, he’s always been good at going forward, and he has the qualities to succed there

    • Zgunner says:

      I still think Sneider would be like a duck to water. The dutch team of 2010 was not playing the beautiful dutch football throughout the campaign… and I personally don’t think RVP was sharp enough that summer. If there is a selfish player on the dutch theme I would has to vote for Robben.

      Sneider is a versatile and dynamic player. He is a good leader too and is not afraid to take goals from distance shot – something quite missing at the moment for Arsenal. Why on earth isn’t Rosicky shooting more?!! He’s got a killer shot.

  18. KINGOFTHEGUN says:

    They must get Tevez and Sneijder… Nothing stopping Arsenal from making a bid for Sneijder… + his deal with United broke down…C’m0n lets push the media to push Wenger to place a bid for the man!!!

  19. Reygwanchele says:

    Jamani, I, if i were arsene, the better choise was Carlos tevez coz can coople wth arsenal’s style!

  20. yunusa okonkwo says:

    the only problem wenger will have with tevez if he is willing to join arsenal are his wages wenger will never pay any player more than his current captain as for him being selfish a striker have to be selfish if he want to score week in week out flash back to henry’s era at arsenal he use to be selfish but always emerge as our hero as for berbertov he is creative but at the same time too slow for arsenal pattern of play hang on the ball too much and will always slow our fast passing football and lastly i hate man u and i would’nt want a player who had dorn their colours to do the same with our’s

  21. Then change the Arsenal style to fit the players. Why would anyone come here to be told to walk the ball into the net?

  22. Mohamed Zubairu says:

    Make no mistake about this – money and the Arab connection a major factors in Nasri’s decision. He won’t go to united because they will not offer him what Man City would. Nasri is An Arab by origin and would love o be in a team own by his kinsmen. Many French players have come to Arsenal because of Wenger and what goes around, comes around.

  23. para says:

    Berbatov is a good (much unused)player and would fit AFC.

  24. CROoney says:

    you know, the article writter, there’s a reason why berba doesn’t play against a quick passing sides such are arsenal and barca – because he’s too slow to cope with it…plus he can’t even make in our side…tevez – nasri swap is unrealistic simply because tevez would not be taking a step down and stay in england…tevez is not selfish at all – he’s brilliant

    • Zgunner says:

      I agree. There is a HUGE difference between being a player with individualistic talent and being SELFISH.

      For example, I don’t think either Maradona or Messi can be dubber selfish… These are players that can do more… So it is in Tevez’s case.

  25. james zico says:

    i,will say that if nasri want 2 leave let him leave,will can bring sneider to arsenal so that will can exchange it with nasri that will be a good 4 him dan will sell to city.

  26. james zico says:

    i dont know wny wenger dont want 2 buy big play,i tell u if wenger do not buy big this season i dont see arsenal this season as top 4 pls fan of arsenal tell wenger to buy big play before transfer close

  27. iniobong says:

    for tevez is better cos he is fast,strong n is alwaz hungry for goals on the other hand berbatov is slow on the ball as it stands arsenal needs a striker who aility n ability is high

  28. Unbeatengooner says:

    Nasri for Dzeko? I’d be very keen. Not only for the economic fit, which seems to be the only concern when Wenger picks his signings but also the technical one.
    Though there lies the argument that with Gervinho, AOC, Miyaichi, Joel Campbell we’ve got numbers in that department, I believe we clearly are in need of a potent attacker – someone who creates, converts, retains possession in the final third or brings others into play. Dzeko, I believe, has the ability to do the lot.
    He can hold the ball up, making telling runs into the box, link up well with the midfield, put in a good shift and finish.
    While everyone grabs at the chance to sing van Persie’s praises for his vein of form post January, I’d like to ask how many goals have the attackers around him scored in the same period? Why the likes of Nasri, Arshavin and Walcott got to double figures as early as December only to fizz out since?
    Also, how many times have we seen lame, hopeful cross sweeping the opponent’s backline with no one in red ‘n’ white in the vicinity?
    This highlights how accommodating the dutchman into our system isn’t without its flaws. Not just from a goal scoring perspective, but also not retaining/losing the ball which for a club like arsenal is a potent break opening us up.
    As with Dzeko, the lad has got the mobility and technique to play for Arsenal while having the power, work rate and awareness to provide able cushion for van Persie to have his stamp on the game.
    I’d also like to think having the bosnian would get more out Ramsey and Wilshere, courtesy: our system and philosophy.
    His wages, fee for starters would be more affordable; With Aguero’s arrival and Tevez staying, he wouldn’t be dead against joining the gunners.
    What are your thoughts?

  29. RmanGoon says:

    Some facts to ruin your party:
    Sniejder to Arsenal- Never
    Tevez to Arsenal- Never
    Berba to Arsenal- Never

    Im happy to eat some humnle pie, but I doubt that will happen given we’ve got Miyachi, Walcotts ready for FwD position and Joel Cambell. I think we will get an AM and CB and maybe a striker if we’re lucky. Lets hope Arsene decides, and qiuck! Keep it Goonerishh people

  30. brad says:

    I just got the sickest blow job :)))))))

  31. Finnish Hit says:

    (Thanks for the match report.)

    As far as wishful thinking goes, I’ve been hoping all summer of another way to solve the Cesc saga:

    Sell him to Barca. Loan him back for this season. Cesc would be guaranteed of the move finally, he would get one more season with us without too much pressure. It would be an honorable way out, he wouldn’t need to sit on the bench as much, because Xavi would be older by a year after this season. We would have time to solve the creative midfielder issue.

    I guess I should’ve e-mailed Arséne in June. 🙂

  32. WafflingWenger says:

    Berba? No Thanks!!!!

  33. Claverc says:

    If Arsenal do not perform well, do not win a trophy,do not make the top 4, get knocked out by Udinese, then PLEASE get rid of Wenger. Please. Enough of French-lies.

    Just last week Friday he was saying he did not believe anyone would leave Arsenal. Enough of his half-cooked statements.

    Come on Wenger grow a spine for crying out loud!

    Why doesn’t he want to reinforce the squad when it is obvious that only one or two players make it into the 1st team from the youth?

    • Finnish Hit says:

      “If Arsenal do not perform well, do not win a trophy,do not make the top 4, get knocked out by Udinese, then PLEASE get rid of Wenger. Please. Enough of French-lies.”

      I don’t think you know what the word ‘realism’ means.

      The fact is, during the last years two clubs have emerged with unlimited resources and have bought their way into the top three and shoved us down. There is NO WAY we can be ahead of them, Wenger or not.

      And Man United is, well, they are just that much bigger and Ferguson a better motivator and tactician.

      Shortly, I believe you should attend Le Grove or other blogs that are more emotional than intelligent.

  34. Claverc says:

    Swap Nasri for Berbatov? Geez, are we as Arsenal fans so pathetic?

    Desi, how you can even suggest that – perhaps for comments? – is beyond me.

    Rio Ferdinand came out saying he admired Nasri, now you want us to strengthen Manure?

    Pathetic. Crappily pathetic to the utterly.

    • Finnish Hit says:

      Erm, I think Desi has arguments to support his view (if you bothered to read further than the healine), where as you seem to come a tiny little bit short on that area…

  35. Claverc says:

    @Finnish Hit: ‘…Ferguson a better motivator and tactician.’

    Just writing that tells me all I need to know about trolls like you.

    If Old Red Nose is a better tactician, why did Manure not win their way to the Champions League cup?

    If anything, ORNs’ losses against Barca inform us that Wenger is a better tactician having won at least once against Barca. With a ‘supposedly’ inferior team.

    Take off your Murdoch-tinted glasses regarding Manure, a club lumped in debt, perhaps you might realise that outside of England real football is played.

    • Finnish Hit says:

      There’s no need dissing Old Red Nose. Maybe Pep was even better on that day.

      We don’t have Murdoch stuff here (which is outside of England).

      And try to read Desi’s post for arguments.

      If we have to let Samir go, why not try getting something out of the trade.

      I’m afraid your comments have too little quality for this blog. Sorry.

  36. Claverc says:

    What ‘reasonable arguments’ can be made to justify giving/selling Nasri to Manure?

  37. shehryar says:

    berba is too slow and not technical enough !
    desi boy come on !! we should get malouda instead!

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