Another English Team Gets Between Arsenal And Campbell?

I have not been interested in most of the transfer rumours doing the rounds (quite literally!) this summer. But a recent story linking Costa Rican striker Joel Campbell to Arsenal, being run by Gunnerblog and Young Guns, got me excited.

Here was a young, pacy striker that I’d never heard of and Wenger was interested in him. He had to be good and I had to know more. Apart from quality articles on the aforementioned blogs and lazily copied reproductions in regular media, I didn’t find much except this piece on La Nacion, which appears to be a Costa Rican newspaper.

The headline I have used is the same that Google Translate provides for that link. It quotes the youngster’s dad saying,

We got another very good offer from one of the great English team, which is just as interesting in the sport to Arsenal, but more economically.

I will meet now with my wife and together we will make the decision whether to give Arsenal the other or wait for the other option or something else.

I am really not aware of how these things work and whether the source is credible or not. If anyone has a better understanding please share it.

A young, unproven striker is not on top of Arsenal’s requirements but I think such a player could fill a crucial hole this season and in the coming years. More than Gary Cahill, Chris Samba, and the likes, I’d want to see this deal go through.

29 Responses to Another English Team Gets Between Arsenal And Campbell?

  1. David Mayen says:

    In the latest news, the father is about to meet Arsenal people to decide.

    The decision is up to the father.

  2. Steve says:

    Looks like a left footed Anelka. It will be a shame if we miss out.

    “… but more economically” … who could it be? I doubt City or Chelsea will spend money on a kid. They have enough to go after the big names. United maybe, after the success of Hernandez. Or is it Spurs who are trying to copy us in every way imaginable?

    BTW, be prepared for another kid – Wenger’s lost it and more tripe.

  3. Jrock says:

    I hope this is not true! The boy is so good and I had already started planing the season with him in the picture! Lord help

  4. pacman says:

    Agree.. Me to want to see this deal go trough

  5. G4L says:

    I bet it’s them LWCs. Their strikers are sh*te and they are desperate. If the dad is sensible he will pick Arsenal. It will be a great deal for the lad even if it isn’t the best one for us.

    Will he get a work permit? What’s the point in signing another kid who is going to go on loan? We already have Wellington who is similar.

  6. sam says:

    salaries of players we are getting rid of can clearly pay for this boy’s transfer fee. why are you complaining? if he takes time to shine. torres,dzeko and carrol still have to justify their price tags.
    if wenger pay big money for a big player who fails to shine you will still complain.
    the transfer window is till opened

  7. In Wenger We Rust says:

    As long as people are ‘excited’ by such kids Wenger will never buy the experienced, proven players we need.


    • pridders says:

      mate, calm down, he costs less than a million. we sign him and he flops, so what? we could still probably sell him on for a small profit. he settles and does well, we get a quality fast poacher we’ve been lacking and even if he does end up upping and leaving then we’ll still be better off than if we never signed him. i agree it isn’t exactly what we need atm, but it doesn’t cost enough to impact other deals and so really won’t matter, cheer up!

  8. Gunner2301 says:

    Won’t he need a work permit? Talk of him joining the team might be premature. Look how long we had to wait before Carlos Vela was eligibile. This guy might be able to play in the team in 2014.

  9. G4L says:

    Did anyone read Pique’s sorry-assed attempt to defend that ballon d’scum winner Xavi?

    “Any player would suffer when there is so much talk about his future and when you don’t know where you will play next term. It’s not disrespectful to say this out loud”

    “I know what the situation is like. We should leave Cesc alone and show patience. There’s still plenty of time to complete his proposed transfer. It doesn’t help to talk about it all the time’

    The f*ckwit says it but doesn’t see it. It’s right there in his last sentence. “It doesn’t help to talk about it all the time”.

  10. Howard says:

    This is no kid. The boy is already an international and scoring for his national team. He seems better than Anelka at the same age.

    Chicarito, Obertan, Bebe all had work permit so why not this boy who’s already an international.

    Wenger managed to get in Denilson under special talent so why not.

  11. NN Roy says:

    The ignorant twat has the audacity to say that Cesc is suffering because he doesn’t know where he’ll play next term. Arsenal management needs to fax Pique–da’scumbag a copy of Cesc’s contract that clearly mentions who is footing his whopping wage bill and where he is contractually, legally, ethically, and morally obliged to play not only just next season but a few more seasons to come.

    Why don’t all Barca jokers take their heads off their smelly asses and focus on what they are actually paid to do, instead of playing their favorite ‘pimp’ role.

    • mitchcav says:

      Fantastic! Remember this message, the day Barce got their new name The Pimps. From now on, that team will now be called The Pimps, pass it on everyone, never mention the B word again, only The Pimps. I will spread the word, within weeks The Pimps will get wind off their new name – THE PIMPS. Come to think off it, half of The Pimps dress like pimps
      thank you Roy

  12. el bizarron says:

    I’m not too excited. He looks like another prospect we won’t see for a year at least. Would still be a nice addition. As much as I’d like to see reinforcements toward the back end, I think better defensive organization from the team as a whole would be more effective.

  13. John says:

    I hate to think leaks caused this to happen Arsenal really need to close deals better. They missed out of Friedal then Alvaro and now possible Campbell its simply not good enough add to then the protacted Gervinho transfer which took over a month and the fact Nasri and Clichy contracts were let to run to within one year which is just asking for problems management need to kick in the ass!!!!!!

  14. John says:

    Desi was watching Argentina the other night terrfic to watch going forward but then the overplayed or overcomplicated the move and were shaky on set pieces reminded me of Arsenal ask yourself will they ever win anything playing like this… They answer is not a f**king chance we need to adapt or style to become more solid even it this means we aren’t as amazing going forward.

  15. for the price quoted have no probs with this, just need some quality 1st teamers now

  16. Quincy says:

    We can’t even convince unkowner to come to us anymore. First Ricky and now Joel

  17. Phil23 says:

    I am hoping that this goes through. He is a great prospect who will surely push Jet and Afobe for a spot in the squad next season. He looks like such a great raw talent. I woud be happy with one or two more of these exciting youth signings and just one senior player to take Squillaci out of contention for a Centre back spot and to back up Song in midfield. Frimpong is good but I would not trust a Barcelona game to Frimpong and Diaby just yet if Wilshere and Song were out. So far all of our young signings look great! I am most excited about Jenkinson! He is tall, strong, fast and gets into forward positions. He is English too and I believe he could end up being preferred to Gibbs at left back. If we keep Eboue I expect him to be used on both sides of the pitch. The loan moves I have heard about Denilson also excite me as it means Arsene is going to trust players like Frimpong more. Hope your not feeling too stiff from the car crash Desi!

  18. Hussein Musa says:

    Sorry guys Arsenal have signed Joe Campbell, just wish also they would sign more ready made players faster,sell Fabregas and get a replacement.

  19. carlos from costa rica says:

    im from costa rica (saprissa an arsenal fan)
    if you want to be informed about joel campbel situation with arsenal, you can check (teletica deportes) teletica is a tv channel who is one onf the owners of SAPRISSA.

    check websites like mariosegura. com, everardo

    in sais that joel campbel is already arsenal player and monday morning joel have the medical test here in costa rica because of the world cup (under 20) , besides talking about money it mention that its arround 5 million dollars and everyone is speculating that is just 4.5 million

  20. carlos from costa rica says:

    The Arsenal will be taking over the services of striker Joel Campbell tico after this morning’s Saprissa leadership agreed to sell the club.

    Humberto Campbell, father of the player, told the newspaper Al Dia that his son signed for five years with the “Gunners”, who paid $ 4.5 million for his goals, some would go to Saprissa and the other to the player.

    The negotiation would be closing on Sunday with leaders Arsenal and talk to Joel would use # 12.

  21. Raghugovind says:

    There was a very interesting name that I saw linked to Arsenal (Maybe bcoz he was french) but unfortunately saw only one post on that . Eric Abidal . Can play both LB and CB . It would be a kickass signing. But I don’t think it will materialize as He is with Barca .

  22. Kushagra India says:

    He will be a good signing but we are in desperate need for defensive reinforcements .I would rather see a defender coming this window …….

    • Kushagra India says:

      We need players who would be difference makers now and convince the likes of Nasri ,Cesc to stay and pacify the fans..

  23. Kushagra India says:

  24. Prabal Rakshit says:

    Joel Campbell is worth spending on only if we are sure that he is better than JET, Afobe, Watt, Sunu, Freeman etc. etc, Otherwise we would have yet another talented youngster with no space to go up. I would be very suprised if he gets a first team slot (‘carlos from costa rica’ does suggest the number 12 – which incidentally was vacated by another carlos :-)). Hopefully the combined judgement of Arsene, Liam B, Steve R etc. would be right about this kid.
    BTW Wojciech Szczesny tweeted that he is going to get a new shirt number 13. May be a new keeper on the way?

    • santori says:

      No new keeper but keep Lehman for another year as third choice as mentorfor the young keepers. Mannone should go out on loan again.

  25. santori says:

    We don’t need him.

    No big deal.

    There will be someoneelse out there equally if not more talented for Arsenal who will at least be bothered to show up for a medical.

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