Gervinho To Compete With Walcott While Making The B-Team Stronger?

The official website had a somewhat uncharacteristic announcement this morning. Usually, we see a player introduced after a transfer is completed but in the case of Gervinho, tells us that the player has agreed a deal but the transfer is subject to a regulatory process. I am guessing this has something to do with his work permit. Hopefully, it will be sorted soon.

Before venturing into a discussion on the player and his likely place in the squad I just want to discuss this announcement. Why was this rushed? The club could easily have waited till the paper work was complete before making the official statement. Is this a PR exercise or an attempt at placating the fans? At least a start of sorts? I hope it is as fans need and deserve much better communication from the club.

Moving on to the topic of the post, I’d like to join the others in welcoming Gervinho to the club. He will make the squad stronger. Just how much better will depend on the way Wenger uses him, the understanding he develops with other Gunners, and his rate of development.

I have not seen much of Gervinho in the French league but did see his performances in the World Cup last year. He looked like a pacy player with quick feet. I would say his biggest strength is his running, with and without the ball. That should make him a big threat on the wings and on counter-attacks. His movement and speed should also make Arshavin and Fabregas that much more dangerous as they will have better forward looking options.

On the flip side, I am not convinced about his passing or finishing abilities despite his fairly impressive stats for Lille. That’s an area where Arsene will have to work his magic.

On a fast break, the Ivorian’s pace and dribbling abilities will present numerous opportunities for scoring or squaring the ball for a team-mate to tap in. It worked well for him in France. But given the way Arsenal’s opponents play it will be hard for Gervinho to get that kind of space on a regular basis. Nevertheless, the Ivorian should fill in for Walcott better than Bendtner or Rosicky did. He seems more naturally suited to that role than the Dane or Little Mozart.

In the absence of Walcott, the Gunners lacked a direct threat last season. Gervinho is a positive signing in that regard but he will have to work on his game to make an impact in the Premiership.

Gervinho’s weakness seems to be his technique which is not as good as that of top international strikers. Even in compilations on youtube one can see scuffed shots and passes. Pace, positioning, and intelligent link-up play can often make up for this and we have to hope he will not take long to tune into the wavelength of his teammates.

I doubt he will be a part of the starting line-up if Cesc and Nasri stay at Arsenal. Even if Nasri leaves, it’s hard to see Gervinho starting ahead of Arshavin next season as he is not that strong on the left wing.

Consequently, it will be extremely important to see how he reacts to being a substitute for most games. Last year Wenger had a first choice eleven and a B-team (even if that distinction was unintentional). Many of the players in the second string struggled because of lack of games. It could easily happen to the Ivory Coast international. I would like more rotation and better balanced rotation but so far Arsene has showed that he prefers certain players and combinations more.

I am completely ignorant about his defensive contribution/abilities. My guess is that he will be somewhere in between Arshavin and Nasri on that front but I’ll have to see him in pre-season before forming any opinion.

At 5’ 10” he isn’t a very tall player but is physically strong and athletic with a good leap. Those characteristics will come in handy.

To be completely honest, I don’t expect Gervinho to be the man who makes or breaks Arsenal’s season next year. He will be a useful squad addition and will probably produce some breathtaking moments but don’t be surprised if he frustrates more often than he delights, at least in the first season.

53 Responses to Gervinho To Compete With Walcott While Making The B-Team Stronger?

  1. JP says:

    Nice pic up with Gervinho. I think he will be used as you stated. I wish we would have recruited from within the premier league as this is the all to familiar (and oh so tired of) french league signing who will need time to adjust etc, etc, etc. Ashley Young will not need time to adjust to United, Charlie Adam will not need time to adjust at Liverpool. It’s like the same scenario every damn summer. I can’t help but think we couldn’t have gotten the same from N’Zogbia or Rodallega. My main sticking point is the apparent solution at left back. Gibbs, Traore and Thomas Vermalen can play there too. I am not for the first two options and not sure about TV playing there as I have not seen him in that position, but it he does we need another center back. Also, what happens when ANC comes in January and Chamack and Gervinho are off and RVP is injured and Bendtner in Germany???? Arshavin at center forward again??? Hopefully we are thinking about this now and planning for it. At this stage of me writing this we are not showing ambition. Hopefully, this will change by end of the window. However, judging from years past I would not hold your breath.

    • santori says:

      So you like paying high prices for mediocre players?

      I didn’t think Chamakh had a hard time adjusting in his first season with us (at least first half)

      Nor did Arsharvin or Vermaelen.

      What gives you that idea?

      • richie says:

        Chamakh only struggled 2nd half of the season
        because he was moved from his best position
        leading the line, when RvP returned from injury.
        Personally I’ve never thought RvP’s best position
        is as CF. Playing for Holland he links mid with attack
        so well when he plays just behind a front man his
        best position I suggest. If its Bendtner (played on the wing)
        out, and Gervinho (played on the wing) in? Then we’ve got
        a better wide player.

      • JP says:

        No, I do not recommend buying mediocre players buy good ones. Your statement regarding Chamack only backs up my point. He played very well up until November and by January was complaining about fatigue and was a non factor during the run in. I’m hoping that his conditioning improves this year and he can last and be productive for the longer periods. My point is that “the potential adjustment period” with foreign players ultimately translates into drop off in productivity and hurts the team. All I’m saying is that you can significantly reduce this risk by recruiting players within the EPL, a la Man United and others. I’m not against recruiting foreign players but when was the last time Arsenal made a transfer from within the EPL? Maybe a change in this regard can help us get the improvements we crave. The best gauge that they can cope in the EPL, is that they have already proven themselves in the league which you are requiring them to play. And that’s part of the reason why one may have to pay more for tried and tested. (No, I don’t think we should pay crazy above the odds prices for EPL talent, but I do believe we can get good players better than some of our fringe players for good prices.)

      • santori says:

        @JP many other players who had more exposure to the league were non factors in our run in.

        I’m sorry I don’t buy your theory.

        I think your recommended players are based on what you hear in the media. I wouldn’t believe all the rumours.

        What we need is quality, not PL players.

  2. Don McMahon says:

    I saw him play regularly with Lille and in the WC and your assessment is a little bit too severe. He uses his pace to great effect like Walcott BUT he can lob and cross quite well. He is NOT a strong defensive player so he’s more like Walcott in that respect. I particularly like his ability to shoot with both feet and his love of roaming across the midfield to help stretch defenses. He is also a very good passer, look at his 10 assists last season, they were all done from behind the main striker or from the wing. He has tremendous sprint speed, almost as fast as Walcott and he is fearless when attacking defenders, unlike Chamakh or Bendtner.
    Wenger has another gem on his hands and like his Ivorian confrere Drogba, he holds great promise at 24!

    • santori says:

      I would agree with you.

      He isn’t here to furnish the B squad.

      He has genuine pace which we sorely lack up top at the moment.

      I’ve seen some games and his control is excellent.

  3. Goldsoundz says:

    Wow so many big question marks right now. What does this signing mean? Is it really a matter of Walcott/Gervinho splitting time or is it a signal that its time for Walcott to make that shift to striker that Wenger has talked about for so long. This would also imply a revert to a 442 or 4411 with RVP playing as a playmaking 2nd striker…. which also implies that he has conceded Fabregas will leave. Based on Ferguson’s quotes on Nasri today, it seems that as most people believe Nasri is on his way to City. His inclusion in the Asia tour seems like a way to squeeze a couple of extra million out of them. It seems quite deliberate that Nasri is absent from all of the numerous pictures and videos shown on the club website in regards to media events and so forth in Malaysia.

    In my opinion both the Fabregas deals and Nasri deals should have been done before the tour so we as a club can move forward. I know some of you are saying Nasri will resign, but he has proven to be a very stubborn fella in the past and if he hasn’t signed a new contract by now he simply isn’t going to.

    For my money we should be back in for Yoann Gourcuff. For the 20m+ quid we get for Nasri we can get Gourcuff from Lyon with some leftover. He is clearly unsettled and they only paid 22m euros for him last year. Ironically he has essentially lost his playmaking role to Nasri in the national team and this represents a great opportunity for him to get his career back on track. I think Wenger could work wonders with him- he has a great physique on him and his technique is second to none. In the past year he has gone from the darling of French football to somewhat of a villain because of his forced move to Lyon and the World Cup debacle. I could really see him jumping at the chance to come to England to reignite his career.

    From what I can gather Borussia Dortmund are in advanced talks to get a hold of Bendtner. Perhaps we can somehow figure a way to get either one of their central defenders- Hummels or Subotic to go the other way in a deal involving extra cash? This would solve our CB problem in a huge way as these two players are without a doubt two of the finest young CBs in Europe.

    Bring in Maynor Figueroa from Wigan to provide competition for Gibbs at left back. Find a way to ship out fringe players like Denilson and Rosicky to replace them with ready made Prem players like N’Zogbia to flesh out the squad depth.

    IMO this would be an exciting team to look forward to in the new season even without Fabregas and Nasri. Make it happen Arsene.

    • santori says:

      I agree with you on having 4-4-1-1 as an option, and I think that is prob the way Arsene is leaning with Gervinho coming on to provide us added variation. We were far too predictable at times last season.

      I am not sure if Gourcouff is terribly on form at the moment but if there is a need to replace Fabregas (I frankly don’t think he’ll leave), then Montolivo at Fiorentina is an interesting option. I say this because :

      1) He is also in his last year of contract (Nasri situation). They are rumoured to be trying to secure Aquillani.

      2) He is a deep lying playmaker (Regissta) in the mold of Pirlo.

      3) He can also play DM (Not to mention he is 5’11)

      BTW with regards Lyon, one player we should look at as cover for Gibbs is Michel Bastos (Brasil LB)

      If Gibbs comes through this coming season (and I prefer to see the results first before entrusting him in being first choice TBH), then Bastos can easily be re-roled as a winger (which will leave Gervinho as a strike option)

      Bastos can play both wings (as he does for Lyon) and has good distribution. More importantly he could be an eventual replacement (shortly) down the line for AA.

      Finally, I seriously doubt Bastos will cost anymore than Gervinho. He certainly won’t cost as much as Leighton Baines.

      • Goldsoundz says:

        Bastos is an excellent player and he would be a fine addition. I’m sure Wenger has said this in the past, but Gibbs to me looks like his future is really farther up the pitch as a left winger a la Gareth Bale.

      • santori says:

        I fear Wenger will hold to his words and depend on Gibbs to step up.

        For that reason I see Bastos as a good option to provide us reasonable cover in the event that Gibbs fails to deliver this season.

        And if he does deliver, then we push Bastos up to the wings.

  4. Goldsoundz says:

    It also doesn’t hurt that Gourcuff would be reunited with his old target man Chamakh….

    Make it happen Arsene.

  5. AcGooner says:

    Hope he will not be afraid to attack EPL defence. Bastards like showcross will try to explain him that it’s diferent there.

  6. orian jackson says:

    Come on u guys all we need is one good defensive midfielder because I don’t think song is rough enough n often time a little too slow. That with two good solid center back like cahill and samba then put vermalin in the left back position along with gerviniho and we should be flowing this season.

    • Goldsoundz says:

      Nobody wants to rebuild the the team just for the sake of rebuilding… but the fact of the matter is that Fabregas and Nasri both want to move on.

      We need to move on as well.

    • santori says:

      1) I don’t think we need to sign a DM spcielaist. What we do need is a player in another position who can fill DM IF Song is injured.

      If cesc leaves, Montolivo is a good candidate as he can function both as a playmaker and as a DM.

      2) Which brings me to the issue of CBack. I cannot express to you how happy I am to hear that Spuds will beat us to Chris Samba.

      Both Samba and Cahill are mediocre at best and in the latter’s case highly over priced.

      Again I would wait to see how the market turns.

      Pepe is being tracked by Chelsea and is in his final year of contract with Real. If it falls through or if we are forced to sell Nasri (I would prefer it to be off shore rather than to one of our peer threats in the PL), then we might have a go for him (and possibly get player +money)

      If not, and if Chelsea get their man, Alex will prob become available and surplus to use at stamford Bridge.

      Good at set pieces, cannon of a shot, grit, experience, he checks all the boxes for me.

      Cos another option (assuming we bring in the new quality CB…) would be to re-role Koscielny as an emergency back up. For that matter, the Frenchman could also be tried in LB but I would think that represents a bit more of a gamble since the primary LB (Gibbs) is still relatively untried.

      My big worry at LB is that Gibbs (and it would look to be the case) gets the full nod and Eboue is shifted over as his cover (with Jenkinson covering for sagna). That would represent IMO a very big gamble.

      • JP says:

        Pepe just signed new 5 year contract. I don’t think Alex is an option for us to sign. Why would he come to us???? I wouldn’t if I were him. You don’t like the options for center back but we need one badly to deal with set pieces, corners, free kicks in the box and the Delap throw in. Your move, make your decision.

  7. Aussie Jack says:

    So in short Desi we`re saying we still don`t have the `hitman` we need? Maybe Benzema`s on his way after all?

    • We don’t need a ‘hitman.’ Walcott, Nasri, and Gervinho will be our main goalscorers, with RvP, Cesc, and Chamakh backing them up.
      You don’t need one goalscoring striker to win titles, as Cheslea and United have shown. Although United had Ronaldo who scored a lot, but from the wing.
      Nasri and Walcott can do something similar from that position, in our very fluid, almost strikerless, formation.
      It actually works in our favor that all of our attacks aren’t finished by one player. That is a sign of a one-dimensional team.

      • santori says:

        I would think RVP will be the main striker don’t you think having hauled in a record amount of goals for half a season’s work.;)

      • Aussie Jack says:

        With the exception of Gervinho we`ve tried this combination and had trouble finding the net. As for not needing a goal scoring striker, tell that to Rooney and Drogba.

      • santori says:

        We were struggling with 4-3-3 too.

        When Wenger loaded up more options up front (usually too late into the game) we were instantly more effective.

        We had issues finding the net because we were nervous. This was due to the porous nature of our defending.

    • santori says:

      I would expect Benzema to be an opportunity buy only. That is IF real go for say Neymar or Aguero and IF benzema’ price is lowered as a result.

      OTOH, with Gervinho on the books, it seems a little more unlikely that we will require another striker.

  8. timmy the gunner says:

    It is amusing how you say that you have not watched one game of Gervinho, but still decide to write an article about him. B team? replacement for Walcott? This guy will be a starter at Arsenal and will take the Premiership by storm. An absolute bargain at 10.5mm!

    • Really? Because that would be awesome

      • santori says:

        A fantastic price.

        Now hopefully we off load Vela, Rosicky, Denilson, Squillaci ina ddition to Bendtner and Almunia. We should free up the wage structure a little.

    • Davi says:

      Agree. I think he’ll be better on the wing than theo. I’m more hopeful his signing signals a change in formation, with theo being played up front in something more like the old 4-4-2 system.

  9. santori says:

    This is an excellent signing IMO.

    1) It represents a signing that Wenger could most comfortably punt early on as it affords us cover for both striker position and wing. I don’t think we will be in for another striker IMO but if opportunity strikes, Gervinho could be roled as a purely attacking midfield asset.

    2) Gervinho’s pace is crucial. I have been saying that we lack pace right up top. Where as Chamakh is good in the air and RVP is unpredictable (and I mean this in the best possible way), we have lacked a genuinen pace man right up top for some time now (in fact since Henry left)

    Consequently our fast breaks have become a little more cumberson often consisting of an extra backward pass or to the side as the forwards we have are not able to take on the last (2) defenders.

    Particularly since teams do tend to shell up against us, it is doubly importnat that we are able to take them apart on the break before they shut shop.

    3) Out on the wings (As Desi mentions), we have been too reliant on Walcott as our only outlet with speed. Gervinho with give us an option on either wing.

    4) Whilst cesc may stay (I am 85% convinced he will), it does not detract from the fact that we should have more flexibility and variation with our attacking set up.

    Part of the problem with 4-3-3 (as I have mentioned) is that we get congested out against teams that park the bus. This in particular as RVP (IMO) is not a natural CForward but more of a hybrid between a forward and a playmaker (ala Bergkamp). As such he tends to drift out of position leaving us with no end product in the box to finish off our moves.

    Particularly against teams sitting deep, we may benefit from some different tools. One would be to put in a battering ram in Chamakh. Another may be to add speed with Gervinho (for those breaks)

    In either case, a 4-4-1-1 may be a viable option particularly since if we are playing teams sitting deep, we do not really need the extra man in midfield to hold control.

    I am all in favour of any one who can come in and afford us tactical variation and I think Gervinho is it.

  10. santori says:

    Anyone think Wenger’s starting a legacy of hiring players with Brasilian names who aren’t Brasilian?

    Of course Eduardo was ‘orginally’ Brasilian.

    He can add on Pepe (who is Portugese but originally brasilian!) 🙂

    OTOH…hope he gets Bastos or Alex, now those are real Brasilian, not Denilson.

  11. ven says:

    First I think you are completely wrong with respect to club’s announcement of Gervinho’s arrival .The club has been spot on announcing it earlier to put out the the anxiety among the fans, I don care if the announcement is big or small.
    Second I always thought that you were a decent writer,I was extremely disappointed when I saw you writing your guessings rather than facts and you are not positive at all.
    With his arrival I see us shifting to 4-4-2, with him on the right and RVP and Walcott in the centre, I don’t see him on the bench

    • santori says:

      I don’t believe we need to be dogmatic with our set ups. Both 4-3-3 and 4-4-1-1 have their uses.

      The point is to have variation when need be..

  12. Obyno arsene nwankwo says:

    Who says we dont need a point man? For midfld? Oh! Frimpong is lik a new signing unless we sell AA,R7,&Deniesn to buy only Montelivio.we need a vidic/pique in CD.

  13. desigunner_fan says:

    i’l say arsenal line up nxt yr shld be..
    sagna cahill djourou TV5

    wilshere song

    walcott fab nasri


    with arshavin,gervinho,chamakh,scott parker gibbs kosh fabianski on bench..
    sell b52,denilson,alumnia =+16 mlillion
    buy gervinho,cahill,parker =-35 million
    hence transfer budget = 20 million
    seems realistic if wenger’s got 40 million..i dnt think dat samba wud be a good signing in this formation as he’s nt a ball playing defender(which dsnt suit our gameplay) n will nt compliment djourou (who i thnk was solid last season n will do evn bttr if he plays along cahill n tv5 rather thn kosh n clichy)..

  14. joe says:

    gervinho is an excelent signing. Watching youtube and concluding hes not good techincan says more about the writer than about Gervihno tbh.
    Who the hell judges a player from what he sees on youtube?????
    Bebe looks terrific on youtube. Tecnical and good. You think hes a better player than Gervihno because he looks better on youtube?

    • G4L says:

      Really mate?

      Bebe looks terrific on youtube – that is the point of youtube compilations, isn’t it? To make players look terrific. Gervinho’s compilations have his best moments and those aren’t very impressive. So how good can he really be?

      Prediction – fans will boo him before the season is over.

      • santori says:

        That’s a bit negative.

        This bloke just helped Lille to the double in Ligue 1 weighing in with 15 goals.

  15. joe says:

    However with both miyachi and gervinho on the wing this year, we will be leatha. fast pacey and skillful. Let United use 12M on Oxlace chamberlain, he would not come close to our fist team anyay with the emergance of myiachi,

    • G4L says:

      Miyaichi won’t get a work permit.

    • santori says:

      + Miyaichi IMO will still be a little rough round the edges. He needs to improve his service (particularly crossing)

      Prob a look into the cups for the first half of season and then maybe out on loan again.

  16. afc by birth says:

    I think people are being harsh on our left backs, firstly Vermaelen is his country’s 1st choice left back for a reason, rather like he is their 4th choice centre back for a reason. if you look at Gibbs, Traore and Botelho (although it has been confirmed he will spend another season on loan) and compare them to Ashley Cole at the same age, they compare favorably. At this stage Ashley Cole had played around 40 matches of which 11 were in the championship. Gibbs has played 59 matches of which a handful were for Norwich, Traore has played 70 plus for Arsenal, Portsmouth and Juventus, all in the top flight. Botelho is the most successful of the 4 at this age he has played close on 150 career matches. Mainly in the 2nd Tier of Spanish Football, however, some of his performances have been man of the match performances, pretty good for a left back at any level. Ashley Cole was not a good defender when he got the chance at 21 to take over from Sylvinho and he did not have the experience that these 3 have either. As for Vermaelen, sure we all see him as our best CB, but that is because he is, at the moment. However, should Wenger bring in one or 2 CB’s or if Djourou, Bartley or Koscielny take the bull by the horns, he could soon become our 3rd or 4 the best CB, then i would have no problem in switching him to LB or even DM.

    • santori says:

      It’s a bit of a gamble.

      I’d rather hedge on caution with a Bastos. If Gibbs goes on to do a Jack wilshere, then we can push Bastos into attacking mid (in lieu of possible departure by Nasri)

      I don’t think we should put ourselves in a position to gamble at the back with recent results in mind.

    • santori says:

      + rather keep TV in the middle. PLaying LB for Belgium is nothing to guage by.

      Should try Koscielny out wide as he has plenty of pace.

  17. afc by birth says:

    I actually think we are in a better position than last seaon this is how we lined up for the majority of last season (starting and B team in brackets, based on starting appearances)

    Sagna Djourou Koscielny Clichy
    (Eboue Squillaci Vermaelen Gibbs)
    Wilshire Song
    (Diaby Denilson)
    Nasri Fabregas Arshavin
    (Walcott Rosicky Bendtner)

    Assuming all are fit this should be the starting team and back up

    Sagna Djourou Vermaelen Gibbs
    (Eboue Squillaci Koscielny Traore)
    Wilshire Song
    (Diaby Frimpong)
    Gervinho Fabregas Nasri
    (Walcott Ramsey Arshavin)

    For me the starting line up is slightly stronger, however, i think the back up and starting line up could be better. I want to see 3 signings
    They are Mertesacker, Vertonghen & Parker. Mertesacker and Vertonghen would be my new CB partnership with TV, becoming first choice left back. Djourou and Gibbs would take Squillaci and Traore’s place as back up. Parker would take Song’s place with Song becoming the back up. This would give us a 3rd team to start the Carling Cup looking this.

    Jenkinson Squillaci Bartley Traore
    Lansbury Frimpong
    E-Thomas Rosicky Miyaichi

    That is a very decent squad of 33 players. Any 1st team players or players over 21, not mentioned should be sold (Almunia, Bendtner, Denilson) or loaned out (Botelho)

    The sale of Almunia(1m), Bendtner(10m), Denilson(4m) together with the money from Clichy(7m) would almost pay for the outlay on Gervinho(10m), Jenkinson(1m), Mertesacker(8m) and Parker(5m). Leaving us to find around £18m for Vertonghen and the £2m shortfall.

    • santori says:

      Squillaci needs to go. Gibbs should have proper cover.

      Also I’d be happy to just see B52, (maybe Vela), Denilson, Rosicky, and Al just struck off the books to make way in the wage structure.

      Parker, no thank you. We have better as is. Your valuation on Mertesecker seems low.

  18. G4L says:

    He is nowhere near as quick as Walcott. Premier League defenders will not have any trouble against Gervinho. But Philip Auclair said he wil be the next Pires so who am I to judge.

  19. Nepali Gunner says:

    The announcement I think was forced because Arsene Wenger disclosed it to the media, which he does not normally do. Hence, the hand was kind of forced. But Gervinho has already divided opinion, and I for one am cautiously optimistic. I do agree that from his videos (and this is purely based on youtube videos, so I could be completely wrong), his technique does not seem the best. My fear then is that premier league might be more difficult for him since it is faster. Technique becomes critical when you are rushed.

    As for the team, I do think we need at least one CB, which is the general consensus. I would like to see a left back come in as well, but probably won’t happen. However, we do need to think about the AFCON, which is one of the most annoying tournaments in the world. And this period could be crucial for us.

    Anyways, we need a couple of signings more. Even Van Persie and others have started to chime in about signings, and I do agree. I hope we get Cahill. I think everyone would be really happy with that.

    Here is to hoping for the best.

    • santori says:

      @17m Cahill is way too expensive for his capability.

      His name is only bandied around because the media would like to force the agenda that Arsenal should buy British to add grit.

      There are plenty of options out there that will add grit and not necessarily cost quite as much.

      Both Pepe and Alex are more experience and more capable than Cahill.

      Pepe is in his last season on contract with Real. he is being tracked by Villa Boas. Pepe also comes with the added benefit of being able to cover DM (as Barca have found)

      If Chelsea get Pepe, then Alex may come on market for reduce price. he is good at set pieces, has a cannon of a shot in addition to grit and experience. he has also been settled in the PL. To me a better option than Cahill particularly as our current set of defenders IMO are still young and will be given space to develop with a quality senior man in lieu of Squillaci.

      OTOH, happy at least to see that Spurs will’beat’ us to Samba. At least I won’t hear anymore of that one.:P

  20. Wild thang says:

    Thierry Henry arrived at Arsenal with a reputation of being a winger with plenty of pace and ended up being a superstar striker for us. Let’s hope AW found us another unknown superstar!

  21. santori says:

    Too late.

    Pepe has been handed a new deal.

  22. JP says:

    The problem is we need a center back for aerial balls into the box and when we play teams that expose us in that regard. In other games against teams that do not adopt this line of attack as much, I am quite comfortable with what we have already. Our team is built for the Champions League as we are very technical, we can manage very well in that arena with what we have. More situational defenders for specific games in England would help us in the rotation. Squillaci needs to go point blank. I would rather give Bartley his position at this stage. That’s what gaining size and people like Samba, Hangeland can offer us. The average height of our team is very short and we get over run all the time from aerial attacks on an on going basis. Far too frequently for my liking. It was such a refreshing site to see Sol Campbell come back and head a ball with authority, too bad he was past it in age.

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