Welcome Carl Jenkinson. Mixed Feelings About The Jones Transfer

The official website announced the arrival of young defender Carl Jenkinson. I would like to join other Gooners who have already expressed a warm welcome to the youngster. Wish you a great career in Red and White Carl.

According to the Charlton Chief Executive, the lad comes from an Arsenal supporting family. That ensures excellent DNA I suppose.

I haven’t seen much of the kid, in fact I’ve just seen one youtube video where he played at left-back, so don’t really know how advanced his development is. To be fair to him the jump from League One to the Premiership will not be easy so we should not start out with high expectations at the outset. It is interesting to note that even the official website has filed this under the ‘Reserves News’ category.

Pre-season should give us a good idea and I’d like to reserve judgment till then. After that we will know whether he can be relied on to be a valuable squad player next season or he will need some nurturing before any real responsibility is thrust upon his young shoulders.

Wouldn’t it be a delight if he turns out to be the ‘Finnished’ product with English grit, determination, the works! On a more realistic note I will be happy if he has the technique of a continental player and the physicality of an English brute.

In a separate story, you must have read by now that Arsenal made a substantial bid for Phil Jones but the Blackburn defender chose United. I had mixed feelings about that attempted transfer.

Firstly and most importantly, it shows that Wenger is ready to spend and is willing to pay over the odds for an English player. If this particular transfer didn’t work out we can realistically hope there will be other targets. I believe any Gooner, irrespective of their current attitude towards the club and the manager, will look at this as a highly positive development.

Secondly, he fit the bill of what is required, well almost. My guess is that Wenger was impressed by his versatility and that would have made him a very useful squad player who could have developed into a first team regular over the next couple of years. He would have been the kind of player that can be brought on, in defence or midfield, when a lead has to be defended. From the functionality point of view and considering the needs of the team, it would have been a very useful acquisition. Indeed, he was just the kind of signing I had been hoping for all of last season.

Having said that, I must also say that I did have some reservations about signing Jones. Those were not related to his talents. If Ferguson and Wenger want a player then he has to be top notch. I am just not sure he is ready to take a first team spot right now and I’m not convinced big money should be spent on anyone who isn’t going to nail down a starting birth. While I find it hard to accept the cost for a squad player, that thought makes Wenger’s willingness to invest that much more encouraging.

Liam Brady told talkSPORT Arsenal will be spending some money this summer,

There will be a lot of business done this year and I think we will be spending a bit more money than we have done in past seasons. I think Arsenal will spend this year.

But he also warned about the lack of quality players in the market,

Where are the players to go around everybody? It is not only the clubs in England, but also all the big European clubs are in the transfer market.

I believe if Arsene sustains his willingness to spend big on one or two players he will find the right quality. Le Boss likes the word ‘decisive’ a lot and it’s time for him to show he can be decisive as well. Whether that will be sufficient or not is a matter for another day.

49 Responses to Welcome Carl Jenkinson. Mixed Feelings About The Jones Transfer

  1. haider says:

    we are not regretting jones sign for man u ,because we are looking for tall defensive player. though he is a good player & an English. over all we see it always: AW is slow to react, that’s a worrying.

    • Steve of Chiang Mai says:

      Its difficult to blame Arsene, he had the same bid accepted and spoke to the player before he made his choice. The lad is a Man U fan and hardly worth 16m let alone the extra few it would have taken to turn him into an Arsenal fan.

      • richie says:

        I like Jones but everyone including Arsene said we needed a tall dominant CD, so I’m surprised Arsene had the same money as Taggart on the table because PJ isn’t tall. We need a plus 6 footer so that should’ve ruled PJ out. As a player living north of Luton he chose to stay local and opted for the champions in favor of London and Arsenal. I’m shocked Arsene was prepared to splash the cash.

    • aravindvr says:

      losing out on Jones is a blessing in disguise.
      Is Jones the experienced world class towering centre back who instill fear in strikers minds?…No
      Is Jones the Big Name that fans have been calling for and who can lift our team up?…No
      So for the future of the club we would rather accept a 19yr old who is an Arsenal fan -Mr.Jenkinson than a ManU fan Phil Jones.

      Bring in someone who IS World Class like Chiellini/Lucio or even Gary Cahill seems far more experienced…
      NO more boys please…except may be Neymar.

      Another point is if Nasri goes..
      If Nasri goes what will happen to Arsenal?…nothing…
      There are so many players out there of Nasris class..
      I thinkh Nasri and Fabregas departure means enough space to bring in two experienced tall players.
      Whatever happens I want to c RvP wearing Captains Armband next season..Him,Wilshere and Walcott are the only passionate Gunners in the team.Many others seems just glory hunters like Mr.Samir…

      So many Hlebs and Flaminis still at Arsenal…thinking that they are World Class while in reality they are not.
      They just seems good coz they are at Arsenal supported by a philosophy of team game and coached and nurtured by a passionate coach.Just that they do not seems to realise this.
      Sell Cesc,Sell Nasri & other Glory hunters, bring in few world class players and Vicory is ours through Harmony.

      • Jonathan says:

        you speak about bringing world class players into the team yet are sending out 2 world class players… SMH, Foolish! Bring in the players and dont let everyone go… Thats the key to the continuity that Arsenal has not yet seen over this trophyless drought… Last year was the first time we didnt really lose anyone (besides gallas)… If not for Vermaelen being injured i feel our defensive issues would be resolved. Arsenal needs glory hunters. It needs players who want to win trophies because its fans want to win trophies and they are just as heartbroken about it as we are… Denilson can go, Almunia can go, Bendtner can go and bring in Eden Hazard, Ricky Alvarez and Vertoghen and we will have every key ingredient to success

  2. arsenal fan says:

    same bid for gary cahill , i think he can come to arsenal ,wont go to city cause wont get a starting place, come on wenger nows the time ,a signing of gary cahill stature wil be a good boost…

    • richie says:

      I think Cahil is a better footballer and would suit us better than Jones the asking price is where the problem lays, he’s bloody expensive although if AW was prepared to slash out on PJ then who knows?

  3. alfred ombeva otengo says:

    i think garry carhil would be agood signing for arsenal.he has the experience of the premier lague go for him

  4. Charlie says:

    Makes much more sense for Jones to go to United. He’s from just down the road in Preston, supports them and he’s a ready-made young replacement for Rio. He’s not as well suited to Arsenal where we have more youth than anyone and we’re looking for someone experienced to steady the ship and we’re looking for more of a Vidic type than a Ferdinand. I’m surprised Wenger bid so much for him but obviously the kid has talent. Could be a blessing in disguise that we missed out because we’ll hopefully end up with someone more suitable although i expect he’ll turn out to be a great player for United.

  5. Giwa Olayinka says:

    Jones is never a regret,because I know it is man united that will finally sign him

  6. irish gooner says:

    jones going to united is a blessing in disguise,,,,i think we will get sakho now and not gary cahill,wenger will sign an experienced midfielder instead of CB

    • Miranda says:

      Absolutely, Sakho is of proven quality and, though expensive by our standards, will still probably be cheaper than Jones. Clever Wenger to invite Jones round for a cup of tea and a biscuit, thus getting the kudos for trying to buy English without actually having to part with the cash.

  7. Jatin says:

    i just read that Jones has failed his medical at Man Utd. was it wise to spend 16 mill pounds on youngster..

  8. Miranda says:

    I’ve not seen Jenkinson but he’s said to be great on the ball, not a quality playing in League 1 will have helped him with, so with luck he’ll come on in leaps and bounds once he gets settled with us. He’s a right back apparantly so where does this leave us? Will we be keeping Eboue as cover for next season or will Wenger be expecting Jenkinson to take on the understudy role right away? Poor Sagna. Let’s hope he doesn’t get injured or exhausted too early.

  9. Phil23 says:

    Great news about Jenkinson, hes a good prospect and it is nice to see a tall right sided player. I agree with your hopes desi as a bit of grit and technique coupled with pace and a lot of desire would mean he could be a great player for us one day. In the other case, I would prefer Vertonghen for 16m. He is more advanced than Jones having just won a title in which he was one of the best players. Although if we had to fight Man City for him I think we should pay more as it would be bad news if he partners with Kompany. Lets hope that Bartley and Miquel follow in the footsteps of Szczesny and Wilshere and turn out to be better Centre backs than Smalling and Jones! That is an expensive yet good pair but our home grown talent is also very good with our players being similar to Uniteds duo in Height, Speed and maybe better in technique. Although we would only have one English Centre back so maybe only half the calls will go against us in the box? Anyway, i’m glad we didn’t get Jones as we need Vertonghen!

  10. Tim says:

    Why is Wenger trying to buy Jones ?
    Doesnt he rate Kyle Bartley who is the same age ???
    Very strange stuff going on. Bartley is like 5 inches taller.Wenger is talking about tall players. I dont get it. Plus, he doesnt like spending a lot of money.
    It does not sound like Wenger at all. He believes in the Academy.

    • desigunner says:

      I agree with that part – this doesn’t sound like Wenger at all. But if it is a change I don’t mind the change.

      • Miranda says:

        I think it’s just clever PR. Wenger is telling the tabloids the stories they’re wanting to hear. Wenger knew that Jones would opt for United or, failing them, Liverpool, so it was quite safe to invite him round for a chat to show how he’s desperately trying to take the pundits’ advice and spend stupid money on a ‘big’ central defender, a ‘strong British spine’ – you know the cliches. Meanwhile he’s quietly going about his business in his usual way, and if we do make a signing it will be somebody no one has heard of and for a sensible price. More power to him. English players are ridiculously over-priced and over-hyped. Just imagine if Bartley was owned by Rangers or Sheffield United (whose fans have given him fantastic ratings): he’d be valued at 20 million and the whole tabloid press would be on our backs to buy him. What was the better bargain Ferdinand at 33 million or Vidic at 6? No, I don’t want Gary Cahill for 20 million.

      • Steve says:

        I agree Miranda. Can’t see any benefit in signing an over-priced, over-hyped English kid. I just hope Wenger can find another Vermaelen somewhere. Will take him over ten such Joneses.

  11. Tim says:

    Desi, it shows that Wenger is ready to spend and is willing to pay over the odds but let’s not forget that last summer we made a 20M bid for Reina and we ended up with Squillaci and Chamakh ……

  12. Kushagra India says:

    He said: “We kept 21 clean sheets in 32 games last season, including 11 on the spin, which I believe is the 89th best in the history of football.

    “Good back four, everyone behind the ball, good at set plays, very George Graham. No disrespect to Arsene, but George’s coaching ability, defensive structure and technical ability, for me, is far better….

    DISCUSS!! people

    • Steve says:

      What is there to discuss? Graham was better at defensive structure but little else. Tony Adams talking about technical ability is a joke.

      Just look at Grahams Arsenal career. His knowledge of the game isn’t even a quarter of Wenger’s. But people like you won’t get it. For that you’d have to actually collect a lot of relevant facts and then apply your mind. Can’t really expect that from clowns who read two sentences and form opinions.

      • When it comes to defence there’s nobody better to listen to than Tony Adams. Sure, people will be more knowledgeable than Adams about coaching a whole team, but nobody will know more about defence than Adams.

        TA6 was the England Captain as well as the Arsenal Captain. The managers of other clubs envied Wenger for having Adams in the dressing room because that meant his job was being done for him. Adams is a very VERY highly respected leader of men. If you had a team consisting of Neil Ruddock, Dennis Wise, John Terry, Vinny Jones, Kevin Davies and a bunch of other idiots, who are you going to put in that dressing room to coach them? Wenger? Pat Rice … or the best man for the job, Tony Adams?

        George Graham was an Excellent manager and he’s an Arsenal Supporter. He was also an Arsenal Player when we won the double in ’71. Back in the day when George Graham, Terry O’Neill or Don Howe was managing Arsenal, management was very different. To see that difference, you just have to look at Roy Keane at Sunderland. Keane tried managing the team in the old style and the club sacked him because the wimpy players were complaining and requesting a transfer. That’s where coaches like Wenger come in, it has nothing to do with his knowledge. With Wenger, It is simply his man management skills that make him more ideal today. If you transported Wenger back to 1983, George Graham would look much more knowledgeable than Wenger, both with the way he handled players and from his team organisation/Team Selection. Back then there wasn’t files and clips of players from around the world on Hard-drives, there was no internet to research players, and so on. Having gone SIX YEARS without winning anything – the Credit which Wenger earned at the start of his Arsenal Management is all but gone now.

        WENGER IS CRAP at team selection, utterly rubbish. He put Toure as right back during that frustrating semi-final against Liverpool and put our best back-up Right Back onto the right wing -> result, Toure gives Liverpool a penalty. Why was Eboue on the Wing when we had Theo Walcott on the Bench. NOTHING, absolutely nothing can be said to justify that seriously poor team selection. Why is Arshavin and Denilson played out of position the whole time???? And you criticise George Graham … News for you Steve … George Graham was loved by us fans. Arsenal existed for many of us before Wenger and we can compare the two managers. We also know a lot more about the true worth of Tony Adams than what you seem to do. When it’s about defence, TA6 is the one to listen too. Considering our problems for the past 6 years has been our defence, doesn’t that show how Wenger lacks knowledge in that area …and when he played football … Wenger was a DEFENDER …. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL I like Wenger and I have to appreciate what he did for Arsenal, but that DOES NOT mean I have to listen to idiots insulting George Graham and other people who were integral in moulding the clubs history. Next you’ll be slagging off Herbert Chapman.

      • Steve says:

        A1A, what have you been smoking mate?

        Can you please provide the year by year record for George Graham at Arsenal and see how that compares with Wenger’s.

        Also, please explain what Adams has achieved at International and Champions League level?

        If TA6 is the one to listen to for defence, can you please explain the performances of the teams that he has managed so far? One would have thought by good defence they would have avoided relegation at least, no?

        The simple point is that in those days English football was rubbish. People like Adams and Graham shone because they were much better than a lot of the dross around but they were nowhere near world class as can be seen from their International and Champions League performances.

        Wenger revolutionized the Premier League when he came and would have done it in 1983 as well if he’d come in then.

        You come across as a typical clueless fanboy. Hard to have any meaningful conversation with such people.

  13. Kushagra India says:

    “And Adams, a north London legend who organised Graham’s offside trap, admitted he could never envisage working under Wenger because he would want a bigger say in coaching methods”
    Thats the point I believe in —

    Thats why I believe we dont have a new no 2 and an invisible no 2 at present I hope Pat Rice’s dilly dallying over a new contract was an indication of wanting a larger say on things….

    • Steve says:

      Adams hasn’t achieved anything in coaching. Why should some nobody in coaching have a bigger say? Let him first prove himself as a coach. Then we can listen to his opinions. Pat Rice has achieved a lot more as a coach than Adams. So I’d trust his judgment a lot more. But again, can’t really expect you to understand that.

  14. Kushagra India says:

    Young to be paid 130 k a week…..pay Nasri thats the norm nowadays and Kroenke show us the money pal…

    • Steve says:

      I am proud Arsenal are not part of that madness. And I hope they don’t break the wage structure. Screw Nasri if he is too greedy. Sell him to an Italian club.

      • richie says:

        I second that! They mustn’t break the wage structure Nasri is trying to do exactly what his countryman Flamini tried. I don’t like Nasri’s demands to sign big names before he’ll commit either. I rate Nasri and I expect him to improve in the coming years, but who the hell does he think he is trying to hold us to ransom. We’d all like arsene to sign a star or two, but Nas ain’t bigger than the club, who’s he to tell the manager I won’t sign unless you sign players I think match my ambition. Bloody cheek if Arsene really wants to splash the cash sell Nasri and buy Hazard.

      • Kushagra India says:

        Mate practically speaking why would stars want to play for a club who hasn’t won anything in 6 years and offer half the wages which the likes of Manure Barca RM Chelsea City are offering even for working less,

        Secondly finding a Nasri replacement will cost us more as we wont get good value from nasri deal whio is in the last year of his contract
        Thats what the move to emirates stadium was all about.

        I would rather sell Diaby and give his wages to Nasri.. 😉

      • Kushagra India says:

        You missed rvps latest comments.

        “Every year it always goes wrong in an identical way and that is frustrating,” said Van Persie. “When you look at results in the last years, then Arsenal shouldn’t be talking about winning the league because too many times things have gone wrong.

        “Sometimes you have to eat the truth and be realistic. But I do believe with the signing of a number of players, then next season we should be in there competing for prizes.”

  15. rocky says:

    Seeing as you come from a country that has no footballing heritage whatsoever it is extremly strange that you can feel to comment on your percieved English brutality.

    You are not from a footballing country, you can’t even play football
    I suggest you stick to kabbadi or whatever no mark sports India are good at and leave football discussions to countries with a footballing heritage

    • richie says:

      Idiot! Its obvious your as thick as your name suggests you to be. Racists and racism has no place in football and there should be no place for your racist comments on this blog. Steven Hawkins has a fantastic mind yet its a sad fact he would find it difficult to conduct an expirement as basic as pissing in a cup. That does no preclude him from commentating on scientific expirements with the sharpest clinical mind.

      The fact that someone hails from somewhere not known for their footballing prowess doesn’t stop them from making valuble comments. I’m a proud Englishman from the country that invented the sport but although I come from the country of origin I recognise my country’s limmited influence on the modern game. The inovators have been Brazilian with their technical ball skills the Dutch with the players and tactics.

      Who’s to say where the next inovations will come from? Its not too far fetched to suggest that a country with the second largest population in the world might produce the next Maradona. Your xenaphobic views believeing we know best we are the best is precisely why England fail to make the grade whenever the world cup roles around.

      • G4L says:

        Well said.

        People like rocky don’t deserve to be Gooners. In fact, I’m certain he isn’t one.

      • Rocky says:

        What tosh.
        Firstly I’m of indian origin so how can I be racist in fact prejudice against a country would be xenophobic. However this isn’t even the case.
        It’s just a statement of fact that India and her citizens are footballing no marks

        No one disputes that there are issues with English football but for someone who freely admits he is a JCL who thought Arsenal were named after Wenger is priceless.

        As for India producing the next Maradona what rubbish.
        Indians are useless at football. We are more likely to see the second coming of the messiah than India ever becoming anything in football!
        They are a nation if voyeurs full of artificial footballing Neanderthals like the author latching onto a fashionable fad without any understanding of the history passion or nuances of the game.

        Desi Gunner should look closer to his own doorstep and question why both he and his country are useless at football before commenting on our game.

      • G4L says:

        Hey Rocky, you’re a bitter Spud, aren’t you? Admit it. No Gooner can be that dumb. I can see the hatred burning inside you. Years of being in our shadows has done that to many a fool. Move along now, back in your mum’s basement.

    • Steve says:

      I agree with Richie here. How dumb can you get, Rocky? Seeing that you have no grasp of logic, it is strange that you feel you can comment on anything at all.

      How can you generalize the authors opinion based on one sentence? And if I’m not mistaken, he meant it as a compliment or in a matter of fact sense. Moreover, it’s not even his original opinion but one touted by the British press and a section of fans as a matter of pride.

      Get a life.

      • richie says:

        The fact you claim to be of Indian heritage doesn’t rule you out of being 1) a racist 2) Xenophobic. There are plenty of Indian racist just as their are plenty of Black racist. Next up there are enough people around full of self loathing. You could quite easily be a self hating Indian, or even an Indian hating indian. After all Indian society is very complicated. Brahmins are not known for their love of Dalits or Ashprush if you prefer. Therefore its not too far fetched. Jewish people that have complained to me about anti semetism have also expressed racist views about Blacks Arabs and anyone not Jewish. Just because an individual is sined against doesn’t stop that individuale becoming a sinner.

      • Steve says:

        Richie, mate, may I remind you the old adage – Never argue with idiots. They’ll bring you to their level and beat you with experience.

      • richie says:

        Steve thats truly an excellent adage and I know you are giving a fellow Gooner very good advise, but sometimes when people make stupid comments its like scatching an already raw itch. You know you shouldn’t but you just can’t help it.

  16. IndianGunner says:

    I believe this is a very good signing considering that he is a tall versatile player who can play across the backline someone like O’shea. Also Arsene will definitely develop him further and that should improve our options. Till now we had like for like replacements for our backline which was one of the reasons rotations were so much of an issue. If we had to rest players it would have to 4-5 five changes or more at one go which was affecting us in all those low-key fixtures with our passing rhythm etc
    I think Phil Jones is good but for $17 i don’t think so. He has hardly played a full season in the premier league and in a team which is built for defending and yet their defensive record is very poor. I guess we will see more additions in the coming months

  17. G4L says:

    I don’t think Jones was a good choice. He’d fit into the United system but he’d have bombed at Arsenal. We need someone like Sakho or other top class international players. Cahill might work but I have my doubts. Lucio has experience but lacks pace.

    • richie says:

      We need what we once had “a Sol type” Pay for a Sol clone and we would’ve won something in the last 6 years. On plenty of the other blogs I’ve been calling for Arsene to sign a proper center half since Sol left the first time. I’ve explained my reasoning over and over so I guess once more won’t hurt.

      There’s a lot of difference between a central defender and an English style center half. When a high ball is played into the area a center half will always try to meet the ball and head it away to safety. A central defenders normal inclination is to let the ball drop to the floor control it and play it out from the back. Both systems work, but in the prem there often isn’t the time to let the ball drop and control it. As the ball drops in the 100 miles an hour prem there are two men on you in your own box, so how do you control it and play it all cool out from the back?

      We showed the rest of the prem the best system and when they all copied it, we abandoned it. Combine a typical center half with a typical central defender. If you strong center half runs and jumps to meet an incoming high ball along with a typical forward and misses it, your typical fast central defender will sweep up behind him. That system of Sol & Toure worked so well for us we were invincible. Others like Moronho copied it with the Terry CH Carvalho CD partnership. When Sol left the first time our defence fell apart because Toure and Gallas are both central defenders.

      Then we improved a lot when we bought Vermaelin because although not completely a center half he often rose to meet incoming high balls. But the moment he was injured we were back to 2 central defenders. Djourou like TV ain’t a typical CH but like TV he often rises to meet high balls. So playing him with Kosh gave us a much better balance. Play Kosh with Squilla and were back to 2 CD= Disaster. My arguement is and has been (since Sol left the first time 6 years ago,its not a coinsidence) that no team has won the prem without a center half.

      • desigunner says:

        Very interesting observations there.

        I do wonder how Barcelona are a lot more successful in dealing with long balls? Granted they don’t allow teams any time on the ball but surely some teams would have troubled them from goal-kicks and such?

        I get a feeling it is more about positioning and cover. This involves the midfield as well because someone has to win the second ball. Why is our right side targeted less often than the left? Answer is that Song offers much better protection than anyone does on the left.

        Balls down the middle have troubled us but not that much. Bigger problems have come from balls down the channels. Teams are able to get out of their half and push us back with relative ease. Again this is something Barcelona rarely allow as their defenders read the game much better. That’s one of the reasons I feel Arsenal need a defensive coach more than any player.

        Still having a centre-half as you define him would be helpful. It definitely adds something different to the team.

    • richie says:

      Desi I understand where your coming from, but there is a massive difference for Barca. In the Spanish league balls played over the top are virtually non-excistant. Football in Spain without exception is played on the floor, not only that but every player in Spain is given time on the ball, because Spanish football isn’t played at break neck speed.

      The type of long high ball play headed down by a tall forward into the path of an on rushing midfielder (kick and rush) isn’t something seen in the Spaish league. Only Barca in the Spanish league hustle at speed denighing players time on the ball when attempting to win the ball back, thats why they are so successful in the Spanish league. If Barca played a season in the EPL they’d struggle for a top 4 finish because of the physical demands that come from our league.

      When Barca come up against English opposition in the CL its only for two games and they can raise their game for 180mins, besides English sides that make it into the CL don’t play kick and rush. Kick & Rush is your average prem game against Pulis’s boys, Blackburn etc and its in those games that we struggle.

      Against footballing sides we can out play them but against the physical kick and rush types without center halves we will always struggle. Remember Sol’s second coming? Suddenly the Stokes, Blackburns, Birminghams etc etc held no fear for us. The massive amount of set piece goals we have in the EPL isn’t a factor in La Liga, because its nowhere near as physical and nowhere near as quick. Thats what makes the EPL so entertaining.

  18. alphie says:

    my take on this jones transfer saga is that arsenal never wanted him in the first place….arsenal is brimming with young centre backs who are learning their trade to become the best so since jones isnt the finished article then i’d assume this is just one of those rumours to throw noses off target….its a typical wenger ploy….le boss may get his tactics wrong in-season but off-season save for obvious transfers he keeps his cards so close to his chest his nipples cant even tell whats happening:-)

  19. Steve, yes, “obviously”.

    It would be the case for anyone with a different opinion to you. It mattered not what anyone says, you’re going to be right. All you’ve done is obsessively bash great servants of the club like Adams and Graham, and fixated on the glorious Arsene Wenger.

    Wenger would not have revolutionised football in this country in 1983. Absolutely no chance of that. The football was not crap back then either. Obviously at the time, the glory hunter which is you was a Liverpool Fan. You come across as someone with BPD.

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