Smart Choice By Wilshere. And By Bendtner?

Stuart Pearce has left Wilshere out of the U-21 squad. Coming soon after the honest interview given by Denilson that filled most of us with hope, this is the second piece of highly encouraging Arsenal news. I hope this trend develops and the summer turns out to be as memorable as the last few weeks have been miserable.

The England youth manager explained his decision by indirectly hinting that Wilshere wanted out.

I spoke to Jack last week and he explained that while he told me in March that he wanted to be part of the squad, he now feels he is not in the best condition to take part in the finals. That is based on the number of games he has played for Arsenal this season, sports science data which Jack was presented with last week and concerns he has for his fitness looking ahead to next season.

Since these aren’t the exact words of the Arsenal star, I don’t want to read too much into it. Some people could turn this into a negative story saying Wilshere’s turned his back on his country, but, thankfully, this particular news doesn’t seem to be going in that direction.

I think that Jack has been extremely smart about this issue and has taken the right decision based on valid, scientific facts and most probably his own exhaustion. Even without that data, many who watched the last few Arsenal games could clearly see that the youngster was struggling physically and perhaps mentally as well.

I am amazed by the maturity shown by someone so young. Playing for one’s country, even at the youth level, is a matter of pride. Balancing the requirements of the body against the emotional urges anyone is likely to feel when presented with such an opportunity requires exceptional clarity of thought and decision making abilities.

Going to Denmark would have done no good to Wilshere, Arsenal, or the English team in the long run. It was a classic lose-lose situation and the key men in the English set-up should have been experienced and knowledgeable enough to see that on their own.

A small but important point worth noting is that Wilshere was shown some sports science data last week that helped him make the right choice. I wonder who could have done that 🙂 The complexities and subtleties of a football manager’s job never cease to amaze me.

Hopefully, there won’t be further twists to this saga and the future of Arsenal will get a well deserved rest in the summer.

In another interesting rumour, that could further enhance the trend mentioned at the start of this post, Bendtner’s father has reportedly said that his son wants to leave Arsenal.

Nicklas is 100 per cent open now to a change of clubs. He has made his decision and he has told it to Arsenal. Nicklas needs to be playing regularly from the start, so, sadly, he must leave. He wanted to finish the season first, so no-one could say he didn’t fight for a first-team place right until the end.

I am not a fan of attaching too much value to third person statements on what a player wants to do, even if that person is the father of the player. But the future of Bendtner has been open for discussion and I have a feeling the best option for all concerned would be to let him go.

I like Bendnter as a player and admire his confidence and professionalism. He can carve a fantastic career in Italy or Germany. At Arsenal, I am not convinced he will be that useful in the system that Wenger is using. And based on the manager’s recent interviews, I am not sure he is too keen on adding certain variations that could get the best out of the Dane and make him a valuable player for the Gunners. If the manager cannot adapt certain aspects of his tactics to suit the players he has, he will have to find players who better suit his style.

This transfer could be another win-win for all parties if Arsene can get good value for the Danish international.

I want to discuss some other points covered in the recent interviews and press conferences that Wenger has given, hopefully in the next day or two. Some friends had come over from Canada and the weekend just passed in a blink without giving me much time to write. I wasn’t even able to watch the game so the match report will be delayed till later tonight when I can find a few hours to watch and write. Apologies to those who are interested in the match analysis and have been waiting.

11 Responses to Smart Choice By Wilshere. And By Bendtner?

  1. JJ Pittman says:

    Good news about Jack! When you get to watch yesterday’s match, I think you will be impressed by the number of times Chamakh was playing like a true #9 up front, reminiscent of the early part of the season. IF we ever did use a formation with two targets up top, maybe Bendtner could work well with Chamakh. He does have some skills coming in off the wing, but generally, he’s wasted out there, and I don’t believe we will ever play that way until Wenger is gone(2 or 3 years left on his contract?)
    So, I would say, let Bendtner go. In fact, I would like to buy him for what he ‘s worth and sell him for what he THINKS he’s worth!

  2. Msanii says:

    I am one of those who have been waiting. I didnt watch the game either but i find your analysis to be objective and fair. Keep up the good work

  3. G4L says:

    Another one on the waiting list!

    Great to see Wilshere escaping the clutches of the English FA and Stuart Pearce. I was hoping at least Capello will have the sense to rest him but the Italian didn’t say anything.

    Bendtner can also be very successful in England if the wide players feed him. For that reason, I hope he doesn’t end up at Spuds.

  4. Simmer 10 says:

    Good by b52 you are a legend in your own mind!

  5. Exo says:

    Don’t waste 90 minutes of your life watching that shower of shit mate. I went and we were fu@king awful, every player (apart from Robin Van Godski, again) every single one of them was thinking of going on holiday and fingering Mary Jane Rottencrotch on the beach. Don’t know about “spend some Fu@king money” I felt like singing “save some fhcking money”

  6. santori says:

    Was reviewing my thoughts on Ricky Alvarez. Seems a useful player since he can play centrally but offers a skill set out wide reminescent of Bobby Pires.

    Either him or Hazard (Can operate on both flanks) will be great. Or Nzogbia (albeit a little more limited)

    Up front, if Bedntner does depart, then a mor pacy and direct central striker to offer an option to RVP to play with.

    At the back, someone experience like Lucio although Hangeland may not be back on account of the fact that he is now no longer flavour of the moment (That would be Parker, Samba and Cahill). Surely his price is more reasonable these days and @29, he is 3 plus seasons of top footy to contribute yet.

    I think both Vermaelen and Kos are similar players (sweepers if you like). Djourou is more a stopper (with some height). If we lose Djourou (to injury), then TV and Kos may find some of our opponents a handful (Zamora for a start). A Hangeland could help.

  7. Phil23 says:

    Desi, enjoy your time with visitors i’m sure we can all wait!
    From what I’ve read Almunia, Rosicky, Denilson have been asked to leave while Bendtner has asked to leave. This leaves Squillaci and Vela safe for now, although I expect to see Vela and Squillaci used in swap deals over the Summer. Squillaci is not a terrible defender, he is just not the right defender for us, we need a stopper and he is just not a stopper of Prem standard. If we consider these 6 players gone we are left with this squad if all others stay:
    Szczesny, Fabianski, Lehmann, Mannone, Sagna, Eboue, Djourou, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Clichy, Gibbs, Song, Diaby, Wilshere, Fabregas, Ramsey, Nasri, Walcott, Arshavin, Robin Van Persie, Chamakh
    4 Keepers
    4 Fullbacks (only two that can defend well)
    3 Centre Backs
    3 Defensive Midfielders
    2 Attacking Midfielders
    3 Wingers
    2 Strikers

    At first glance we are need of:

    1 Centre Back
    *1 Fullback
    1 Defensive Midfielder
    1 Attacking Midfielder
    1 Winger
    1 Striker

    According to this list we are only in need of a defender if Squillaci goes so I think this must happen. Personally out of our remaining squad the only positions I am worried about are the fullback positions. On the right we have two 28 year olds (by the time season starts again) so there is no young talented player coming through to learn a vital position in our formation. On the left we have Clichy who may leave, and then about 3 players who are all below par on the defensive side (Gibbs, Botelho, Traore) Essentially we have two very good starters and if any of them aren’t present we look exceptionally weak on the flanks defensively. So onto that list I would add 1 Fullback. The only way I can see it wroking is that we buy a younger top right back to come in for Sagna in a couple of years. He must be two footed and able to play on either flank for the first couple of years. Otherwise Eboue must switch to the Left but I see him as too one footed.

    Ok back to the list. These are my replacements for the defensive end of the park:
    1 Centre Back Jan Vertonghen/Bartley
    *1 Fullback Gregory van der Wiel
    1 Defensive Midfielder Jan Vertonghen/Frimpong
    I think just two players would be enough to make our defensive squad look amazing. Although with the sounds Arsene is making we may see an English Centre back or Defensive mid. In the attacking end I am completely unsure who should sign. Should Walcott transition into our third Striker or should Arsene spend on someone else who is surely going to get a small amount of playing time? Will he get an experienced old head at attacking mid or a cheap gem? One thing is for sure, we need another winger who will also be supplemented by Miyaichi if all goes well. Oh well at least my questions will be answered over the next month or so!

    • Charlie says:

      We’ve signed Carl Jenkinson already who’s a young Right Back. It’s time to ship out Eboue and Clichy in my opinion. Vermaelen should be moved back to LB which is a postion that he has played many times before and that will vastly improve our defense of set-pieces. Gibbs will stay as back-up because he’s not good enough for the first team yet as he’s shown with numerous mistakes. That leaves the door open for two new CBs. I won’t mention any names because i’ve not watched enough matches lately but we all know that the guys must have leadership skills and be above average height and build to make up for what lacks in the current squad.

      • Phil23 says:

        I agree we’ve signed Carl Jenkins but lets say Sagna leaves at 30, does that mean a 21 year old Jenkins will be ready to take over that first team spot? Surely a 25 year old Van der Wiel would be a better option.

  8. aravindvr says:

    Last summer also I said
    clearing few from our squad is of prime importance.
    Now it seems its high time a few left.
    We should make a small strong group of players.
    rather than all those immature boys around.

    these are what I think Wenger should do.

    Players to be sold.

    Clichy- inconsistent and error prone but too senior to be left at the benches.A must sell if this team need to progress.

    Gibbs- next Cashely Cole?..nah may be next Clichy.

    Cesc- Anyone knows why, and we ll get a more deserving Captain in RvP and how about Wilshere being the vice captain.

    Denislon, Eboue, Vela, Squillaci, Chamakh- Not Arsenal standards by any means.

    Bendtner- turning out to be the next Adebywhore.

    Nasri- As Wenger says, we do not want anymmore falamini situation.Also we cannt anymore play with a midfield of Ramsey Walcott Wilshere and Nasri.
    Tht would be too lightweight.

    Arshavin- His game fits elsewhere better.NO more efficient performances needed.We need a trickster,flair player at the wings who can cross and pass consistently.

    And Mr.Diaby should be given just one more season to prove hismelf or leave.

    All these players are quality but how effective they are to Arsenal matters the most.

    Must buys

    A solid, powerful,estabilished box Striker- who ll always be there to tap in the ball in the back of the net.Whom, the midfielders and wingers can rely on.

    A arrogant,leader,aggressive animal DM who can kick few guys around and protect our boys and can push Song to the benches.What was Wenger doing when vanBommel decided to move last Jan?

    A Left back who s a machine and can Run,Cross and Defend.

    Two sweating,working,fighting,towering CentreBacks who can push Kos and Djourou to the sidelines.

    And The Flair Player on the left-A messi like crowd puller whose tricks and turns and goals can impart confidence to the team and impart fear amongst the opposition.

    Theres no way out for our club otherwise.

    If Wenger signs a ‘youth’ again, hes digging his own grave.Since we have so much young talent coming up the ranks.
    So why not spent money on an aged,experienced winner,someone who had won few titles.Someone who can take few responsibilities on the pitch rather than a frustrated Wenger himself throwing and kicking bottles around in the sidelinnes.

    ‘Spend some Fuckin money’ now seems much more important now than ever before.
    And ‘buy some fuckin ass kickin proven winners’ needs to be Wengers transfer motto.

  9. odhi deuu says:

    good riddance to a bad master. nevr heard of such a good piece of news

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