Who Do You Want To See Relegated?

This article has nothing about Arsenal but I just wanted to share my views on the teams fighting the battle for survival at the wrong end of the table.

Two out of Blackburn, Wolves, Wigan, Birmingham, and Blackpool will be joining West Ham in the Championship next season.

To be perfectly frank, I am disappointed that some good sides are struggling to survive. Blackpool have been a breath of fresh air and it will be a real shame if they go down. But if Fergie does play a full strength side they could struggle to get a point at Old Trafford, a result that will almost certainly condemn them to the lower division.

Wigan are another team that I like. They have the right approach to the game. I understand some people prefer to judge football games based on results in the next day’s newspapers but I prefer to make my opinions based on what I see. From that point of view, Wigan will be missed if they go down.

Wolves are a tricky one. The likes of Karl Henry running amok on a football pitch are hard to tolerate. But after some stinging criticism in the early weeks, Mick McCarthy has done a good job with his side and they have played some quality football without being overly physical. I think they deserve a place in the top flight.

Blackburn would have been my prime candidates for relegation if Fat Sam has still been in charge. But now they have new owners, Indians to boot, and have changed their playing style under Steve Kean. They are another team I’d like to see in the top flight with the young manager being given a full season to show his worth but if some team has to go down it might as well be Blackburn. It’s probably unfair but I think their fans deserve it for unabashedly supporting some of their previous managers and the violence perpetrated under those regimes. Some Gooners might also want to see them relegated as it might increase the chances of Samba being put on the market but I’m not a big fan of the giant so it doesn’t affect my thinking.

Birmingham are my top favourites for relegation. I can’t see a single positive about that bunch of thugs. Can the Tiny Totts do me a favour by thrashing them convincingly?

So my preference would be for Birmingham and Blackburn to go down but I have a feeling it will be Wigan and Blackpool fans that will be enjoying, if I can use that word, Championship football next season.

Btw, I did read that news about Denilson but haven’t yet had the chance to read the full interview. Undoubtedly though, if he can find a club, it will be a good start to the Arsenal summer. More on that once I get the time to read the full interview from a couple of sources.

24 Responses to Who Do You Want To See Relegated?

  1. Raghugovind says:


    Let me know what you think of Fernando Gago as a transfer target !!

    • desigunner says:

      Gago impressed me a lot when I first saw him at Real. But he has never shown consistency over the whole season. Not convinced he is the right player for Arsenal unless Wenger believes he can get something extra out of him. But that list seems like some guys wish list rather than Wenger’s targets.

  2. G4L says:

    Birmingham and Wolves for me. I’ll be praying all day for a Blackpool win and an injury to Rooney in that meaningless game for United.

  3. Chris says:

    Birmingham. I am praying for a big Spurs win. Yes, I feel dirty, but would love Blackpool to stay up for their entertainment value.

  4. buck says:

    chris i say the samething birmingham i hope spurs crush them birmingham almost ended my relation with my girl but that’s another come spurs do it for us and wigan blackburn so we could even samba for cheaper and phil jones

  5. JJ Pittman says:

    Love Blackpool and especially Ian Holloway. One point could keep them up, IF wigan lose or draw(very possible) AND Spuds beat Brummies. But then, Spuds would be in Europe instead of Scouse.
    Worst result in Wolves match would be a draw, although big win by Rovers would put Wolves below Blackpool(IF Tangerines draw) and I still don’t like Blackburn even with Fat Sam gone and new owners. Mick has done a good job of late with Wolves and Molneux is a special place. I also remember one of our nemeses, Roy Keane and his antics in 2002 v. Mick.
    Best result for me would be Blackpool win and who cares what else happens?!
    Also looking forward to seeing the Canaries back in Premiership next season. Maybe they will be a refreshing replacement for Tangerines if they do lose to ManUre

  6. IndianGunner says:

    I would love to see Birmingham relegated. I have really hated them since the Eduardo incident and i hope they go down. Blackpool have a slim chance of survival since Manu would almost certainly rest some of their players. Both Birmingham and Blackpool would mostly lose their games but what would be interesting is the goal difference. Right now the difference between the two teams is just 1 goal
    Let’s hope the Tots do atleast something useful this season 🙂

  7. Miranda says:

    Stoke, Bolton and Newcastle – big thugs, Bolton being the top foulers this season – but since that is impossible I’ll settle for Birmingham and start trying to think of a way of jinxing Pulis next season. I did ill-wish him this season, and for a while Stoke were in the relegation zone. Must try harder.

  8. Gooner Sam says:

    Stoke but unfortunately that’s not an option

  9. Gooner Sam says:

    But actually Birmingham because they ate shit, nothing to do with them beating us on the cc and Blackburn because we could then buy Phil Jones

  10. Miranda says:

    I want Wolves to stay up. I hated their thuggery last season and the beginning of this, but after the widespread critism of Karl Henry, McCarthy seemed really to try to change the way that they played. If they go down as a result, it will just reinforce the message that thuggery is the safest route for a poor team to take. I’m glad West Brom are safe and would like Wolves to be rewarded for making an effort. I also quite like Wolves and West Brom’s fans, whereas Birmingham’s seem more lout-like.

  11. Dobbi says:

    Birmingham, Stoke and Man United

  12. Pais says:

    Birmingham, definitely. Not just for Eduardo, but any team that gives scum like bowyer, ridgewell, and johnson gainful employment deserves to be relegated and fall like an anchor through the divisions in to non-league ignominy and bankruptcy.

  13. Domhuaille MacMathghamhna says:

    Birmingham for sure and probably Blackburn….like most of us here,i like Holloway and Blackpool!

  14. ian says:

    love to see birmingham down, blackpool stay up..dont really care about others, probably say blackburn would be nice..

  15. ian says:

    ha, seems like we all like blackpool!! i think they are the poor mans arsenal, love their manager and style of play, so cmon stay up you lot!!!!

  16. Ad says:

    Birmingham of course will by my preferred club to get relegate today. Enough to see they cursed Arsenal 2 times for the trophy challenge since Martin Taylor’s tackle and Carling Cup final. The other one , maybe Blackburn, so Arsenal will have a better chances to get Samba or Phil Jones.

  17. Bergkamp10 says:

    Birmingham and Blackburn.

  18. venky says:

    Birmingham. why? because they are a shame for EPL and Blackburn because that makes samba available,Oh God! no we dont need another defender in the form of Phil jones who is not that tall though he is technically good, what we need is a monster in the form of samba.
    I like Ian holloway (well, who doesnt like him ) and Roberto martinez for their footballing principles. Mick mcarthy is a very good manager believe it or not. EPL needs managers like him.
    But my head says it would be Blackpool and Birmingham considering their fixtures

  19. critic says:

    wigan do play good football but their fanbase is not big. Even inside stadium one could see empty seats regularly. Thus, atmosphere at wigan is that of mourning.

    I would like them to go down and martinez staying up.
    Birmingham are everyone’s firm favorite. But i doubt spurs has bottle to defeat them. 😉

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