Can Bartley Be The Next Wilshere?

A new series of articles has been appearing on the official website these days called Loan Review. I have noticed two posts so far, one featuring Ryo Miyaichi and the other on Kyle Bartley. Both youngsters have received glowing reviews from journalists who follow their loan teams. The articles are worth the time in case you haven’t read them already.

Miyaichi is an exciting prospect and could turn out to be a genuine, world-class winger. But I don’t want to focus on him right now. Nothing against the Japanese wonder-kid but Bartley is a guy who seems more pertinent based on my current thoughts around the defence.

When I wrote this piece about Wilshere last summer, I didn’t realize it will turn out to be a pretty decent trailer of his season. Now I’m being a bit greedy and hoping the same happens with the former Bolton trainee.

I haven’t followed Rangers at all and haven’t seen a single live game. That makes it hard to write about the prospect but based on some videos on youtube, found at the end of this post, certain aspects stand out.

The most important one is that the young man has a lot to offer in terms of aerial presence and physicality. That’s a quality the Gunners have missed dearly in some games and certain situations.

Another interesting observation is his ability to get away with fouls in the box. I know the videos are not enough data to form a conclusive opinion, but by virtue of being English and his size, I think Bartley can get away with a few more fouls than a player like Koscielny does. There isn’t any statistical evidence for this, but I’m a firm believer that one of the aspects that makes the likes of Vidic, Ferdinand, and Terry top class defenders is that they can get away with fouls in the box.

That in itself doesn’t make Bartley a great prospect but it would certainly be a very valuable trait in some of the more physical games.

Having a player like him would also mean that Arsene can then play someone like Vermaelen or Koscielny in the midfield in games that are supposed to be physical battles. Of course, the main point here would be the manager’s willingness to make such a change, and I will cover the importance of this in the coming weeks. But if we assume that Arsene will make these changes, it’s not hard to see how someone like Bartley can be immense.

He also has a bit of a Bolton feel to him and doesn’t seem to mind rough tackles or some tussles with the opponents. It can be a real bonus in some instances.

Another advantage of having him in the squad is that he won’t take up a spot in the 25 player quota because he is still U-21. With the likes of Walcott and Gibbs moving past the 21 year mark for the next season, this will be an important consideration while balancing the squad.

With tongue firmly in cheek, one could also say that the kid has the experience of winning the League at Rangers as well as the youth double!

Arguably, Bartley hasn’t been as impressive as Wilshere was, has suffered some serious injuries, and the SPL is not really comparable to the Premiership. But the youngster has also shown decent technique and passing abilities that should help him settle in with the first team relatively easily. It would be premature to consider the youngster a regular first team player but I can’t see him doing any worse than Squillaci or Silvestre.

I know the popular opinion right now is that Wenger needs to buy a central defender. Personally speaking, I can’t see anyone coming in and doing better than Koscielny, Djourou or Vermaelen as long as the current systemic problems continue to exist. And if those issues are addressed these defenders will look world class. The popular opinion will then change as it does all through the course of each season.

Here are some videos that I found on youtube. Let me know what you think. Can Bartley have a breakthrough season just like Wilshere did?

And here is a bit of Bolton in him. I enjoyed his body language after the tackle 🙂

A big Thank You to the guys who have created these compilations. Your effort is much appreciated.

55 Responses to Can Bartley Be The Next Wilshere?

  1. Tim says:

    Loan Review: Kyle Bartley – Sheff Utd/Rangers
    Every season a number of Arsenal players go out on loan to gain valuable first-team experience and the 2010/11 campaign was no different. have tracked the progress of the loanees throughout the season and our ‘Loan Review’ series will examine each player in turn. Today we focus on Kyle Bartley.

    Kyle Bartley
    Kyle joined Championship side Sheffield United on loan at the start of the season shortly after signing a new long-term contract extension with Arsenal.

    The powerful defender was a regular fixture in the Blades’ back-line before fracturing his cheekbone during a 1-1 draw with Nottingham Forest at the end of September.

    He returned to action in November and went on to make 23 appearances before securing a loan switch to Scottish giants Glasgow Rangers on the final day of the January transfer window.

    Kyle was deployed at the heart of the Rangers midfield and became an instant hit at Ibrox with a number of impressive performances.

    The 20-year-old made eight starts, scoring once, and was in the thick of the action during a few hotly-contested Old Firm derbies.

    His campaign ended when he suffered a medial ligament injury during a Europa League clash with PSV Eindhoven in March.

    “The experience this year was invaluable and I really enjoyed my time,” he told Rangers’ official club website. “All the boys get on really well and they’re all great lads.”

    Ian Appleyard of the Yorkshire Evening Post

    “He was a regular under Gary Speed, who liked his footballing ability. Unfortunately, when the new manager came in, Micky Adams wanted new qualities from his centre backs and Kyle went to Rangers.

    “There aren’t too many Sheffield United supporters who would have many bad words to say about him. He looked like a real star of the future and even battled through the pain barrier when he broke his cheekbone and played with a protective mask.

    “He wasn’t helped by the fact that Chris Morgan got injured. I think the idea was that he would play alongside Morgan but he suffered a bad knee injury in October and missed the rest of the season. So, all of a sudden, Bartley had to carry far more responsibility. But it would have been a great experience for him.”

    Keith Jackson of the Daily Record

    “When he first came in January, he didn’t go straight into the team and I think a lot of people were surprised. His first game was against Motherwell at Ibrox on February 12 and when he came into the team he never left it because he was so impressive. He played in central midfield that day, as a defensive anchor, and he wowed the supporters who fell in love with him.

    “He’s fast, obviously he’s a big, strong boy, he is good in the air and he likes a tackle. But he is also mature beyond his years and you can tell that he has had a great education at Arsenal. Physically, he is ready to cope with anything and he has everything you are looking for in a centre half.

    “To bring in a kid from Arsenal who threw himself into everything the way he did really impressed the fans. There was one particular game against Celtic at Celtic Park, which has been called ‘the shame game’, where Bartley was involved in a bit of a melee going up the tunnel at half time. Johan Mjallby was having a go at El Hadji Diouf before Bartley stepped in between them and the fans really warmed to the fact that he saw himself as a committed part of the cause.

    “That was his first game against Celtic and he threw himself into a tackle and got booked about five minutes into the game. I thought to myself ‘well, here’s a test’. I’ve seen it 100 times where a young kid will get an early booking and then either disappear for the rest of the match or get sent off after 20 minutes. But he was as cool as ice, kept his composure and performed like a guy twice his age.

    “I don’t think anyone up here could speak more highly of him. The general feeling is that Rangers were extremely lucky to get hold of a player like that for six months. They realise that this boy is going to go all the way. I think he really took a buzz from playing for Rangers, who are a big club, in front of 50,000 every week. He connected with the fans and it’s not often you see a kid of that age really connect and have the impact that he did. He’s got the right attitude and he has all the footballing qualities you would expect of a young Arsenal player.”

    • Tim says:

      The most impressive of those quotes are :

      ”They realise that this boy is going to go all the way.”
      ”He’s got the right attitude and he has all the footballing qualities you would expect of a young Arsenal player.”

      “He’s fast, obviously he’s a big, strong boy, he is good in the air and he likes a tackle. But he is also mature beyond his years and you can tell that he has had a great education at Arsenal. Physically, he is ready to cope with anything and he has everything you are looking for in a centre half.”

  2. alwaysgunner says:

    Very impressed, seems like Smalling of Manure. Still a few rough edges as you would expect. Are the injuries he has collected so far very serious?

    • desigunner says:

      A cheekbone fracture and a medial ligament tear. Certainly not the run-of-the-mill thigh strain kind of stuff but with Arsenal players it’s difficult to not call any injury a serious injury.

      • Jonathan says:

        Still a tad raw, id like to see how he does in the EPL… definitely one to keep an eye on… reminds me of senderos in the early days… hopefully he ends up better lol

  3. Ketch says:

    He looks like a great prospect. To me he looks like a young Ferdinand, covers the ground well, and seems like hes a decent commander and organiser of the defense. Wouldnt have him has first choice, but i would definetly keep him for next season, and hope that he can develop at Arsenal.

    I also read somewhere that arsenal may try to buy Cahill and send him on loan to bolton to reduce the fee. To me that seems like a good idea for both teams. Arsenal get Cahill, and then get Bartley back next year once hes had a year in the premier league and bolton get a replacement for Cahill for a year, while they can scout for a permanent replacement. However i doubt that will happen but i can hope.

    Great read as always

    • santori says:

      What’s so good about Cahill? Bolton’s defensive record isn’t any terribly better than say Newcatle’s 2 places below them.

      Why is he how solution?

      • Ketch says:

        Id rather have Samba, but have Cahill is a lot better then having Djourou or Squillaci. Hes faster and isnt afraid to use his strength, you just have to look at that last ditch challenge against man u at old trafford to see the guys quality.
        You can possibly prefer Djourou or Squillaci to Cahill

  4. MongoosePepper says:

    I’m London Gooner trapped in Scotland at the moment and i’ve been watching Rangers since he arrived. He’s exactly what we need a bit of English BOTTLE! He’s definately ready even though still rough around the edges. He’s also got a GOB on him and is very vocal when in and out of possesion, hope he knows some French ;-). He deserves a chance in Defence or DefensiveMidfield as a sub and then natural progression will evail to 1st team very quickly for theboy of 19. Another Wenger GEM in the making. BO!

    • samir nasri says:

      i know you were just making a joke, but something that really impresses me is how the players get on regardless of natonalities.

      knowing that the players like nasri, wilshere, walcott, gibbs and VP have ‘fifa tournaments” is a great sign to me.

      basically, my point is. if he doesn’t know any french, i’m sure wilshere can teach him some!

  5. phil says:

    Looks the real deal for sure. maybe our new adams? would definatley put in the squad next season, if i were Wenger.

  6. Gooner92 says:

    Hes a dirty Hun and ill never forgive him for that!

  7. Tim says:

    Pirlo is leaving Milan on a free. Any thoughts ? Proven winner and all that…

  8. sam says:

    in my opinion arsenal defence is not that bad, maybe the left back position. during the whole season we were carried by newbies in the premiership. djourou and koscielny did well considering it was their first season.with vermaelen back plus this bartley we will be stronger.
    failing to break down teams has nothing to do with defence.
    still i will welcome any new signing but what arsenal really needs is matchwinner. if arshavin and bendtner leave and replaced by benzema and hazard( in my dream). we will be stronger, and a new midfielder if cesc leaves.
    arsenal needs at least 4 quality signings( again, in my dream). then promote kids like afobe, miyaichi,botelho as super subs while they are developing with the first team.

    • santori says:

      2-3 signings I think. Dependant on Fab.

      I don’t see that many of the kids being promoted to the first team. Maybe Frimpong if he carries on from where he left off.

      the rest of the lot should get a look in with the CCup if Wenger (correctly) re-prioritises it as a development cup IMO.

  9. sam says:

    i am sure arshavin and bentdner will prosper elsewhere. i hope arsene has seen enough and get rid of them.
    remember these 2 donkeys cause strain in the team by failing to finish off small teams in cup. so many replays caused exaustion or injuries to some senior players, they didnt rest enough because we had to replay leyton, leeds and ipswich. embarrassing!

    • santori says:

      Although you seem to forget that for his bit part this season, Arsharvin has weighed in with as many assists as fabregas.;)

  10. imstilljimmyfromtheblock says:

    Looks good. I wrote a blog post on potential Arsenal signings this summer a couple of days ago, and included a section on the prospects already there. Forgot to mention Bartley, which seems ridiculous now, given his obvious quality. I don’t think he’d look out of place in a lower-ranking Premier League side right now, with obvious potential for the Arsenal team in a couple of years.

    I’d agree with phil, squad next year – Carling cup etc. Though the loan approach does seem to have worked wonders.

    Can’t pass up a plug opportunity either – I’m brand new to the whole blog thing, please have a look at mine, anyone. My first (and only so far) post is on who Wenger may buy over the summer.

    Totally unsure of how to get it out there, so apologies if this is not the done thing.

    Loving this blog anyhows!

  11. xx says:


  12. ak47 says:

    seems to have the correct attitude doesnt he. that cnut attitude arsenal lack in majority. i miss that.
    when you do get back to ryo this part…..
    He played from the left side and that meant he was not forced to defend a lot and he could play his game. i thought was quite revealing.

  13. Mark says:

    by virtue that he’s english he can get away with a few more fouls……WTF DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?

    • Phil23 says:

      That the English are biased and think they are superior to the rest of the world? Only to be brought back to earth every 4 years?

      • samir nasri says:

        haha! so true. but it’s hard to say that of all englishman, my few english frieds (being in canada) are quite critical of all things english, whilst being proud englishmen.

        but quite right you are still, many on the football side of things appear very pro-english on everything, and i think that extends to the refs. that’s what desi meant, seemed really self-explanatory.

      • desigunner says:

        Sorry, not sure how your comments ended up in spam!

      • 037 says:

        There’s no reason for accusing English superiority, since Desi’s from India I think

    • Davi says:

      That refs are biased

  14. head says:

    It means that the PL is biased against foreign players. We might as well use that to our advantage.

  15. bc says:

    I am not convinced about cahill like i am not convinced about mertesacker. Personally if you are going to go for a slow big cumbersome type then Samba would be an option but in Djourou and bartley we have 2 big ch that are quicker than any of the 3 mentioned above they just lack the vital experience. I would prefer we concentrated on full backs and dm position. We should switch tv to left back and sell clichy to buy vertonghen or sakho. Gibbs and traore could provide the lb back up. There is also botelho. At right back we should sell eboue and go for jagielka as sagnas rival for rb coquelin and eastmond could also do a job there. Finally make a decision on bartley i would loan him to blackburn and also offer them squillaci in part ex for Samba he represents better value than cahill. With song and Frimpong possibly at the acn we need at least one dm. I would like to see 2 experienced signings torsten frings or even vieira are available on frees either of these along with parker or Inler would be great choices. This would really put some pressure on song to perform and allow Frimpong to get a full season on loan in the epl somewhere coming back when frings or vieira step down. Whilst i am on the freebie list what about pirlo and mexes? Surely worth an offer. Btw to cover the cost of parker and Inler we could sell denilson and rosicky.

    • santori says:

      RB… the great West Ham fire sale.

      what about Hitzelsperger. He could also play as an enforcer in midfield plus he has a thunderous shot (Anyone-else think we’ve gone a bit limp with our free kicks?)

      LW, I prefer Hazard (versatility) but Nzogbia will represent a decent buy until such time as young Miyaichi comes good.

  16. alphie says:

    i’d definetly keep him and give him FA cup and carling cup matches together with the defender who’ll be playing less between djourou and kos but i have a feeling kos will get the nod ahead of djourou.

    he definitely has something to him.

    does miyatchi qualify to play for arsenal next season coz if not then there’s no option than loaning him but if i had the option. i’d keep him around to have carling cup/fa cup and also substitute appearances.

    what are your thoughts on vela?

    anyway….i suppose we all agree on thing…almost all opinions we hold all hinge on wenger and nothing else….especially an agreed upon need of change in flexibility,unpredictability,organisational,motivational ….to be done intelligently but looking at him in recent weeks you kind of get the feeling KO’s are around the corner

    • santori says:

      Miyaichi is still a tad raw and must improve on his crossing but there may be a chance with him playing first half of the season before going out on loan again.

      Personally I still think we need another wide man.

      1) AA is slow/lost pace.
      2)Walcott can be one dimensional. If he is injured, there goes our pace man.
      3) Nasri could do with someone-else who can switch flanks with him in a game.

      I say get Eden Hazard now. He will only be bought up quickly by someone-else and his price will go up.

      But the lad plays with both feet and will be an able replacement for AA in a year on (AA should take on the Rosicky role as senior player/playmaker)

      Rumour has it Hazard will go for 20mil. Lille are in the CL next season and will have to strengthen with depth. Squillaci and Rosicky are past it for Arsenal but may still hav some utility for Lille (Plus they will have cold cash from us, say 15m to spend)

      I’d look at it this way if I were Wenger, Hazard can play both flanks so you’re getting 2 players for the price of one @ say 10m each. Good buy. 😀

    • desigunner says:

      Vela is an enigma. Incredible talent but that is not enough. Not sure what he’s lacking. If it’s a mentality issue Wenger will move him on. If Arsene thinks it’s workable, the lad might get another season.

      • alphie says:

        SANTORI…. i am not with the band wagon on signing a player like hazard….not because he doesnt have class or versatility or his price might scare wenger away but i’d rather we look for talent with HEIGHT on the wing which is a tad difficult but if you notice in matches the backpost headers on crosses from either wing either need walcott to start doing HERNANDEZZ/EDUARDO DA SILVA HEADERS OR SIMPLY HAVE A TALL ATTACKING WINGER WHO’D ADD AN extra bit of dimension to our attacking play.
        there is a specific head robin scored this season at the back post and landed while celebrating …i can bet you money that we can score that kind of goal frequently with a tall winger on one side.
        problem is getting TALL TALENTED PLAYERS because what i’m saying basically is we need a christiano ronaldo player….within our ranks we have JET but i dont know if he can make the step up….dont know how good he really is? NOW WHERE CAN WE GET A OUR CHRISTIANO RONALDO

        DESI…..i agree too he has talent but something always strikes me with the playing time he’s given…..has wenger given him enough chances coz a player of vela’s ability needs to start playing from the right cutting in with his stronger foot which makes him more dangerous,he’s not a winger….its similar to bendtner,he has so much fun on the right coz he can dribble in or shoot but basically what am saying is if you are cuttin inwards on your strong foot you are doing a GREAT SERVICE OF UNPREDICTABLITY TO THE TEAM….one can shoot,pass,dribble, do a nasri-dribble:-) ,playmake, drag defenders out of position n etc….feeling me

      • alphie says:


        I will miss his WORLD CLASS GOALS…..its not a rebuke….his goals were truly world class and his interceptions of passes.his two great strengths. IF ANY OTHER MIDFIELDER WOULD HAVE SCORED HIS LONG RANGERS WE WOULD BE A CHOIR WITH HIS NAME THE TUNE…..denilson,thanks for your service mate.

      • desigunner says:

        It’s surprising that he’s rarely used on the right. Not at Arsenal, not at Osasuna, not at West Brom (Mexico?). Could it be because he has a really weak right foot and people will always show him the outside?

      • alphie says:

        desi….osasuna he had a free role floating somewhere behind in the hole…players like messi and robben only use their right foot to push it back to the left so u have to play to their strengths. i’d really like to see vela overcome whatever he has holding back coz you can always see tiny bits of flashes of brilliance….the prof will decide

        on another note i think there are players whose futures hinge on others in the team….rosicky has been ill for long?

        i earlier spoke of a tall wingers….

        ashley young isnt tall but he kinds of ticks the boxes not to mention he is quite an arsenal fan.

        ashley young…5’9

        i must change my statement to players with heading ability:-) not tall players but height is a bonus too.

  17. Dante says:

    If we don´t get Samba then we should get Sakho from PSG after we sell Squillaci. And lets hope that we at least sell Denilson and maybe Diaby too then Vertonghen would be a good replacement there as he can play both CB and DM. Vermaelen, Djourou, Koscielny, Sakho and Vertonghen wouldn´t be that bad of a selection for Wenger plus we would have Miquel and Bartley pressing for a chance with the first team. Out of the players that have been linked with a CB position at our great club there are Subotic(Dortmund), Vertonghen(Ajax), Sakho(PSG), Gahill(Bolton), Samba(Blackburn)and Mertasacker(Werder Bremen) I think Vertonghen and Sakho would be the best deals for us this summer.

    • santori says:

      All these names you have bandied are :

      a) Relatively inexperienced.

      b) YOung and will be unhappy sitting on the bench if TV/Djourou fire up.

      • Phil23 says:

        Just as a moot point, Djourou has made 127 total appearances with 1 goal. Vermaelen 190 appearances with 19 goals. Vertonghen 198 appearances with 21 goals. All of them have more total appearances than Djourou. Not trying to diss your comment but after having a quick look thats what I found. Personally I don’t want another Center back only Vertonghen as dm.

      • Kushagra India says:

        So many ifs agree Desi we are in a muddle at the back the onus is on Wenger to change it by buying or coaching …..on another note Song and Frimpong both will go for African cup of nations we need a ,more than decent player Vertonghen has made overtures for Arsenal lets see he is versatile……..

  18. Wrenny says:

    There are two young loan players who I believe will be a part of the first team squad next season and surprise a lot of people (well, three with Miyaichi but it might prove difficult for him to earn his work visa this summer). One of those is Kyle Bartley, the other is Francis Coquelin.

    Desi, I would be interested to know what you make of young Coquelin.

    • santori says:

      Frimpong might get a look in depending on pre-season.

    • desigunner says:

      I haven’t seen much of Coquelin but have a feeling he isn’t really that physical right now. He might get bigger as he grows older. I also think he needs more technical consistency. Next season I expect one of Frimpong or Coquelin to get some game time, most likely to be the former if he recovers well enough.

      • Kushagra India says:

        exactly Desi we need a bit more physicality now rumours are coming that Song is wooing Inter I wont shed a tear as he has been inconsistent so far …….

  19. santori says:

    I like the lad.

    But I think we :

    1) Need to get rid of our weakest link in Cback namely Squillaci

    2) replace him with someone with equal seniority (Doesn’t mind a stint on the bench if need be) BUT who has experience winning them all and is still sufficently pacey.

    Someone like Lucio at Inter will help.

    I think Djourou/TV should be given a chance to blossom next season but as an insurance, a senior man WITH quality will help, particularly when we face a situation where the chips are down.

  20. Paki Gooner says:

    Excuse Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……………….. I couldn’t read a line more than the title. Are you sure, you were saying NEXT WILSHERE. Wilshere is going to be next something, not someone else is going to be next him.

  21. JP says:

    Denilson wants out thank the lord! Van Persie is committed to stay with the club and win, he should be captain in my opinion!

  22. richie says:

    I’m one of the few who questioned Arsene’s loan of KB to Rangers, because looking at our defence I thought we might’ve needed him. I made those comments before he went to Ranger, when the Cahill rumour surfaced. I didn’t think we needed to buy Cahill, when we could promote from within.

    I don’t want 2 get into I told you so, everyone needs to make up their own mind on if the defense lacked anything? I think AW for once went for expirence over youth. Squilla’s expirence (unfortunately for us)was in a league where a ball played in over the top and the head tenis often played in our league is virtually non-excistant.

    Therefore his “expirence” I believe counted against him, I don’t think he could cope with the type of (alien to him)football and the speed it was played at. We all know however that Arsene was very suddenly left without cover by Gallas jumping ship and the marriage of Sol to a Gordy lass prompting his move to the north east. I think Arsene for once panic bought.

    • desigunner says:

      Very interesting point about experience counting against Squillaci. It does explain some of his problems.

      I’m not convinced he was a panic buy because he looked like the fourth choice defender from the outset. The injury to Vermaelen made life really difficult for him coupled with the fact that Koscielny too was adapting to the league.

  23. richie says:

    A 2nd quick thought. I think too many of our own are looking at the wrong end of our team. There is too much being made of our defence. I would rather all those who want buy’s (another defensive mid, another GK, a whole new defence) think about our finishing. Fact; if we clinically finish a 3rd of our chances we would’ve won the league. Barca have the great Messi who scored 30+ and they bought Villa who might well finish with 20+
    With RvP playing half the season and getting 18 whats needed? IMHO a strike partner capable of getting at least the other 12-15.

  24. damzbaba says:

    I frankly tired of artciles like this, *can he be the next wilshere*? So what if he is. For all his fine performances this season, he’s been burnt out for long while now. In our insatiable desire for a motivational figure, we have turned to Wilshere and turned him into a bigger deal than he is. I’m FED UP of all these babies who should still be learning the trade and getting involved gradually come and learn the trade at the expense of the success of the team. Its that kind of ideology that gives Arsene the right to tell us about the bloody average age of his team. Real Madrid signed Ozil, Canales,Leon, but Jose realised only 1 of the 3 could cut it,and he’s been trying to infuse them in gradually. But NOOOO! Left to Wenger he would have used all three, forced wingers down the middle, forced supporting strikers wide, sacrifice experience and grit because he doesn’t want his babies to sulk. Bartley did well on his loan spell, good for him. If he’s that good, he should waltz right in and bench Djourou and we sell somebody because our defence has been SHITE for as long as I can remember and someone telling me he can get away with fouls in the box isn’t going to cut it for me. There’s a youth and reserve squad, let the kids play there. If they are very good and world class, promote them, if not sell them and thank them e.g Larsson, Bentley, Volz, et al. Let’s not wait 5 years to realise he had bags of potential and skill and couldn’t deliver (Denilson), because I’m not one of the better season next year brigade. This team is in a huge mess and everybody is blind to that because its Wenger. He has changed his winning policy, stuck to something that is now embarrassing us and has refused to change it. We have only won 3!!!! Games this year. People who are hungry for excuses blame the Carling cup defeat for the drop in form, didn’t Man Utd lose to Man City in the FA cup semis?? We are paying kids a lot of money to sulk and do what they please. We need a new manager, even if we don’t win things, I’ll stick by him as long as those who wear the jersey are ready to give blood for doing so. Next season is going to be worse if things are unattended. Project Wenger has failed..we need something new.I’m a fan of Arsenal Fc and not Wenger. The Club is bigger than any 1 person. Victoria Concordia Crescit

    • Ketch says:

      you idiot, project Wengers failed, hes been there over 10 years and has had a team thats gone 49 games unbeaten. He’s had to use youth as arsenal switched stadiums so couldnt afford big transfers, you fucking idiot.

  25. Kushagra India says:

    I would rather Arsenal extend Miyachi’s loan for another year or loan him to a premiership club too young too raw not strong enuf but helluva talent have seen him on TV really impressed but we are in a stage we need finished articles more than anything as Arsene’c career is at make or break stage…..need to be ruthless now we have lost on helluva no of trophies need to be picky…..IMO

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