Can Clarence Seedorf Be The Key Signing For Arsenal?

I don’t normally spend much time talking about transfers so this is somewhat of an unusual post. There have been some thoughts in my mind for a while and they clicked in place when I saw the news that Clarence Seedorf is going to be a free agent in the summer.

In the Arsenalsphere, countless hours and column inches have been devoted to the discussion on leadership, experience, and mentality issues. Most fans, even positive supporters with complete faith in Wenger, seem to agree that the Gunners are missing something in this department.

I don’t share the sweeping criticisms that there is no winning mentality in this squad or that there are no leaders among this relatively young group but I do agree there is scope for improvement on all fronts, viz. leadership, experience of winning big trophies, and strong mentality.

It is a complex issue and I wasn’t able to see how signing one or two players could solve everything. I still don’t see a complete or guaranteed-to-work solution but someone like Seedorf might go a long way in balancing this squad.

Before I expand on this I acknowledge that the Dutchman is past his heyday and will certainly not be seen as a marquee signing. Those who believe quality players can only be signed with big money (there are plenty of such people around and sadly some of them are quite vocal gooners) will undoubtedly vilify the manager for another ‘cheap/free signing’. But if we accept that players must be signed based on the needs of the squad and not of the fans, and that quality is not always proportional to the amount of money paid, then the acquisition of Seedorf could make a lot of sense.

Serious fans of the game know the Dutchman’s resume so I won’t repeat it. I think the biggest gain for Arsenal will be that of a player who knows how to win big trophies on a consistent basis. We must not forget this squad has some extremely talented players and if someone has to come in a leadership role that person would have to have unquestionable credentials. I’m pretty certain every member of the squad including the likes of RvP, Cesc, Nasri, and others will show natural respect towards the ex-Real Madrid midfielder.

The same cannot be said for the overwhelming majority amongst the gazillion names that are bandied about when fans have a discussion on internet forums and blogs.

The second aspect about Seedorf that I like is that not only is he a winner, he is an exceptionally good footballer who will fit into the Arsenal style seamlessly. the Dutchman can also act as a catalyst to accelerate the development of guys like Wilshere and Ramsey. The youngsters are top players right now but imagine a stage where the two of them can just own the midfield against any opposition! It’s a very realistic proposition but will take a great deal of work from the duo and having a mentor who’s been there and done that will do them no harm.

An interesting point that has been mentioned during the past few months is that Arsenal need players with a defensive mindset. It took me a while to completely understand the notion but now I fully agree with it. Seedorf is an attacking midfielder with a highly technical game. But he has played in the Italian league for a long time and we can see his defensive intelligence. Of course, he won’t be a substitute for a new No. 2/defence coach but Arsenal have quite a few players of similar ilk and they can all benefit from his experience. Subtle improvements in positioning, ball retention, composure, controlling the tempo of the game, etc. can make a massive impact on the results and points tally at the end of the season.

Another advantage with Seedorf is that he will understand that he won’t be first choice or a regular starter. Cesc, Song, Wilshere, Ramsey, and Diaby will all need games. In that regard, I’m convinced someone like the four time Champions League winner will be happy to play the kind of role Scholes and Giggs play at United. He can start some games based on the squad’s fitness situation and can also come in towards the end of matches to help the team hold on to leads. For him personally it would be a slightly different challenge but one that he should relish.

This won’t adversely impact the development of the younger players as they can learn from watching him in training and during crunch moments in certain games.

I haven’t followed his career closely but the highly decorated midfielder seems like a true professional with excellent work ethic. His fitness too has been exceptional throughout the course of his career and physically he seems strong enough for the Premier League considering he won’t be playing full games every three days.

Obviously, there is no guarantee that such a move will work out to Arsenal’s advantage to the extent of landing a few trophies in the cabinet. I am not saying he is the only player Arsenal need or that anyone else won’t work. However, considering various factors mentioned above, this would seem like a valuable acquisition with very little risk and a high probability of positive contribution to the squad in more ways than one.

Can Clarence Seedorf be the key signing for Arsenal?

57 Responses to Can Clarence Seedorf Be The Key Signing For Arsenal?

  1. G4L says:

    Interesting points but I think he will struggle for pace in England. Italy is too slow and older players can still play there.

  2. ratito says:

    It can, but it won’t. With AW’s track record of buying players over 30’s, the odds of him signing is very low I would say.

    Still, we never expected AW to sign Campbell. Or Silvestre.

    One can hope.

  3. guy says:

    love it. He would be ideal to join or squad. he is still world class.

  4. guy says:

    but while we are at it, why not pirlo? his contract is up 2, is slightly younger and with equal experience. and he defends

  5. zaragooner says:

    I acknowledge what he can or will bring to the team but looking at his age, i don’t think AW will consider it.. i think we can stop the day dreaming 😦

  6. Phil23 says:

    The right kind of player to be looking for but if the player is not in a position where he can add something to the first team i personally would prefer the return of Vieira, G Silva or Henry. Maybe that is because I am selfish and wouldn’t want someone else’s star to come to steal our players glory. For instance, if we win next year with Seedorf, the press will glorify Seedorf as the saviour of Arsenal as to not give us the credit we deserve. In fact, the pundits were already preparing an “Arsenal didn’t win it, United and Chelsea tried there hardest to give it to them” speech. Good point though and we could well see someone like Seedorf come into the squad.

    • WafflingWenger says:

      Why do you care so much about what they think?

    • santori says:

      Forget G Silva, Henry, Viera. You are living in the past.

      OTOH, what we really need is a more dependable back up at the back.

      Whilst I don’t think Vermaelen, Djourou and Kos should be displaced, Upson (West Ham are all but relegated) for Squillaci (will the boss strike him off after one season?)may add the necessary grit and motivation (from an old boy as you wish) when we do need those moments to dig deep.

      Otherwise I do think our midfield will gain from experience and improved. My only worry is back up for Song. Frimpong looks promising but he’ll be rough around the edges.

      • santori says:

        As Edna Mole would say (and I quote The Invincibles), “I never look back darling only into the future”:D

        We must not forget that we are picking up experience as a squad every season too.

        just as Szsc, Song, Jack, Nasri have all stepped up this season, we should see further improvements next season so whatever ‘experience’that has to be imported has to be weighed against this factor (within reason of course)

  7. nikkogunners says:

    How Old is Clarence Seedorf? 36, 37. wow…from your discussion he would be a good addition squad player but i don’t think Wenger would go for a past 35 yrs when he keeps trying to argue his kids are alright, haha.

    my dream transfer action would go like this. I would sell Almunia, Schillachi, Denilson, Rosicky, Arshavin, Bendtner and Vela. I would bring in Maarten Stekelenburg, Chellini, Goklan Inler, Edin Hazard, Darío Leonardo Conca, Radamel Falcao Garcia, Pappis Cisse.

    notice Asernal are playing like Barca with The Midfield becoming more influential and few strikers. Hazard and Conca would great attacking options added to what we already have especially should Nasri and/or Fabregas exit…

  8. Kidd says:

    First things first,we need 2 sort out the defence first.seardof is not a priority,whilest i appreciate his undoubted qualitya and his courlouful career ,i’m a bit skeptical on wether he wil improve us on the pitch.he has weight problems now and has lost pace 4 those reasons i think he wil strugle in the epl.however its difficult 2 judge smtmz ,henrik larson came 2 utd at 36 and he set the epl alight may b seardof can hav the same impact,seardof’s technical ability is second 2 none,his vision is extra ordinary .sm1 suggested andrea pirlo ,i also think he wil b a great signing i’m one of his biggest fans,but i’m not sure if players lyk him would leav milan they are idols there.the real issues are in defence ,clichy i’m afraid he is now a liability,he makes 2 many costly errors talk of playn opposition strikers on side,givin the ball away carelessly,lapse in concentration,jus 2 name but a few.wenger need 2 bring in a centre half who can play left back.upfront we need more pace maybe ryo mainichi wil be the solution we also need another real goal scorer lyk cavani then w’r fine.

    • santori says:

      Someone mentioned Lucio as the sort of cup winner we could dow ith at the back but @32, he will still be considered young compared to some of the old dinosaurs at Inter.

      Other than that, UPson could make a useful target (and cheap) but only if Wenger will strike Squillaci (IMO the weakest link) after all of one season.

  9. Greg says:

    Interesting. First, I’m not sure we need this type of player added, and second, if we did I wouldn’t pick Seedorf because to be honest I don’t think he could add anything to Arsenal’s game. I know it was a friendly, and I know this was when we were at our peak, but at the Emirates last year he looked his age.

    It’s tempting to say that we should buy an older player who’s on his way down, to add some experience. But if you look around I’m not sure it’s the case. PV, despite being a demigod, hasn’t had a massive impact at Citeh. I’d all but forgotten Pires was at Villa. Scholes and Giggs never left Utd, so they are a different matter – they are the continuity in that squad.

    You can see the benefit in lower division teams when they have someone like Gary Speed around, an older guy, a leader. Or like when Dwight Yorke turned up in midfield for whoever it was. Sunderland? Don’t remember.

    But Arsenal are not a team of ordinary players who need a teacher. I think our problem is more that we’re a bunch of excellent players who don’t know how to think like a team yet. Our players tend to switch off, become indecisive or panic under pressure, symptoms of players who feel a little unsure of their teammates, a little isolated.

    I don’t think we’re short of experience, I think we’re short of players who want to make the players around them better. In fact, now I think about it, we don’t miss PV, we miss Edu – maybe the most underrated player we’ve had in the last ten years.

    • Phil23 says:

      I think thats a bit harsh on Vieira, City are sitting comfortably in 4th and are in the f.a cup final. Patty is a big part of that and I have read several ‘stabilise the ship’ comments from him so writing him off is easy but not necessarily correct.

      • santori says:

        I don’t know. I don’t think Viera is giving as much utitlity as you think he is.

        OTOH, in defense of age, Giggs is what?

  10. crashcameron says:

    Seedorf! never thought of that. perfect … in concept. but it may turn out to be two years too late (both for team and player)

    • santori says:

      Seerdorf. This was something Lee Dixon suggested end last season BTW. He repeated it recently on MOTD. Any role for Dixon perhaps on the coaching staff?

  11. Goonerpower says:

    No chance

  12. Shegoman says:

    He is fit 2 play in England nd mostly in Arsenal. Wenger should quickly go 4 him b4 its too late in d summer. Thanks

  13. calvin says:

    Good choice,but we also need one mature defender nd one mature striker then we can start winning trophies

  14. Charlie says:

    Only as a coach. There will be too many players ahead of him and he’ll never start a game because he is no longer at that level. Let’s look at what we need. A CB between 30-32yo with experience of winning trophies who is tall, strong and shows leadership qualities. The perfect man for the job is Lucio of Inter Milan but i don’t know whether there is any chance of him leaving Inter. He has won 17 trophies and he’s a BEAST of a defender.

    • santori says:

      And there is no point to signing him on if he isn’t playing/contributing to our solidity in midfield.

      That much said, the one area of concern in midfield is DM with Song. Frimpong is promising but probably going to be a little wet behind the ears.

      Diaby and Jack are what I consider supporting mids who pitch in on both duties going forward and tracking back but are primarily meant to ‘carry the ball forward’.

      My solution to Song’s back up (bearing in mind ACN) is KOscielny.

      He is quick and intelligent enough to play as a screener in front of the back 2, where his lack of height isn’t as much of an issue.

      • santori says:

        CB @32… I give you Upson

        I don’t know about ‘winning experience’ but more importantly his heart will be in the right place. what we could do with is some fighting spirit and belief in the club.

        He will also be undoubtedly cheap (clearance item at West Ham)

  15. dw says:

    Seadof was to old 5 years ago,
    We just need some one with a
    Big mouth and a do or die mentality
    We have tomas v but we need one
    Or two more , we have alot of world
    Class players to do all the flair work
    We just need that john terry type
    Player just a bit of grit.

    • JSP says:

      We need a player to go round shagging the wives of the other players??????? Are you sure!!!!!

      • santori says:

        I dunno. I wouldn’t mind Terry in it for us. Small price to pay for defensive solidity, I’m sure Clichy won’t mind (is he even married?):D

  16. Mark says:

    too old? too slow (for EPL)? will his body hold up to EPL? can he be that impact player?

    There’s one player who can have a huge impact for arsenal. he has speed; can play in the middle,left or right; has physicality and a strong physical presence; can dribble players with his trickery; can shoot from distance very well; has intensity and leadership attributes.
    Hulk! don’t be fooled by the tacky name, this guy can play and is the perfect fit for Arsenal. he’ll add another dimension! He’s currently helping Porto to win the Europa league. IIRC he’s 25.

  17. JSP says:

    Yer let’s sign some has been grandad that’ll solve everything!!

    Are you serious you numpty?????

    Give Liam Brady his boots back!!!

  18. bulime solomon says:

    i think seedorf would be a good signing.playing alond side jack, song and cesc in midfield will help our young lads know what to do and when to do it dependig on the requirements of the game and since he won’t a 90 minutes player this will give room for our young lads tolearn alot from him since they will be with him in trainig

  19. realistic tony says:

    i can see the logic in that suggestion, but as someone else said, Patrick Vieira would be better and he is a gooner! and he is good in the air, something we lack, particularly at corners.
    Imagine vieira coming on at newcastle 4-0 up….i couldnt imagine 4-2 let alone 4-4!

  20. realistic tony says:

    good shout for hulk, i agree if you watch him , you will see many facets of his game. In fact i like a lot of portos’ players.

  21. mr creosote says:

    if this were to actually happen i would wee myself with joy. I’ve been dreaming of this signing for years……

  22. Kushagra India says:

    Desi Completely agree on the requirements and needs of the team you pointed out .My only fear with Seedorf is will he able to adapt to the pace at this age especially since Seria A has been very poor lately derived of any pace as the UCL matches suggested….

  23. Kushagra India says:

    Graham on Sky–
    The Frenchman has said he will strengthen his squad in the summer but Graham is concerned, given his past acquisitions, that he will not address their obvious frailties.

    “They need, to me, defensive players,” he said. “When I look at the centre-backs now they could be good midfielders playing there.

    “They’re nice and tidy on the ball, they’ve got good phsyiques, they’re not 6ft 4in, but they need defensive-minded centre-halves in my opinion.”

  24. Kushagra India says:

    I think some times for the fans and dressing room sake we need marquee signings…Fergie said this before as well….we brought Lehmann Campbell when his legs were gone and it all ended in fears…

    • santori says:

      I’m not sure if we can afford ‘marquee’ names but I do agree with you that we must limit and be very intelligent about where we need older players.

      To my mind, we are best served with this in defense but not at the expense of our natural starters next season in TV/Djourou. the weakest link (Squillaci) is the obvious spot.

      Other than that, we should be getting players close to their prime.

      Bearing in mind the competition and ludicrous prices that clubs such as City and Chelsea will be willing to pay this summer :

      I think we should focus (for pricing sake) on-

      1) Players who have obvious quality but may have lost their way a little (Benzema, Gourcouff…still cost us a pretty bundle)
      2) Players with proven potential who may have an added affection for Arsenal (Hazard)
      3)Older players ( I would limit this to one and in Defense. a good option may be Upson who has both incentive to do well at Arsneal and may not cost much due to West Ham’s circumstance)

  25. Kushagra India says:

    I think some times for the fans and dressing room sake we need marquee signings…Fergie said this before as well….we brought Lehmann Campbell when his legs were gone and it all ended in tears…

  26. Kushagra India says:

    IMHO we are better of signing SCOTT PARKER…..

    • santori says:

      I like the player but I think we have better at the club already.

      Both Ramsey, Jack (and even Diaby) are IMO arguably as capable if not better.

  27. Kushagra India says:

    he wont be costly either….

  28. james says:

    No argument whatsoever with this post, now we’re talking about the kind of thing needed. I’m not too sure about Seedorf- I do think he offers a particular need in the current side (sort of like Gilberto could’ve represented had he stayed and helped some of these kids develop) with his ability to play keep-ball during those winning postion times when most players have lost their heads in the current side. I just don’t know if a shift to the faster premiership might expose how many seasons of professional football he’s played but as a free signing, I’d make a short-term deal in a minute, what our players would learn from his may be immense. I also remember the Swiss- Inler from Udinese and he does have that dogged tenacity and apparent leadership and would provide a reserve/starting-challenger to someone like Song but would be a relative gamble (as any foreign player would) even though he also seems to have all the physical skills.
    Honestly, the name I’ve been enamored with so far is Chielini, sadly his introduction will take a spot from both Djourou (who seemed to be growing this season) and Koscielny if we expect Vermaelen to be a guaranteed starter next season- that CB position is such a funny one as we do have 3 solid player (one possibly exceptional one) and any reduced time for the developing ones could cause a deterioration as we witnessed with Senderos from the Champions League run.
    I’d also prefer a relatively deadly/greedy striker to come in (with Bendy going out) and a possible change from our 4-2-3-1 formation which depends hugely on both Cesc and RVP (to date, very untrustworthy because of injury) and suffers whenever other players come in. I really think Arsene needs to push the players to understand fluidity and in-game formation shifts when necessary (either when we’re behind or need to keep hold of a lead to deter against another team’s strategy). Eduardo, for me, was meant to be this but there’s no need going back to what happened with him in our lovely league. Hernandez, who you did pan in an earlier post, could have been that sort of player (no need thinking about that). Of the players out there, I’m not even sure who is available or who we can afford- for me, I would not mind and Aguero or even a Forlan on his way out. I think Chamakh still has a lot to offer, his confidence problems this year regardless, and he does provide an aerial physical side if Wenger finds a way to adapt formations and play him with RVP (after some good summer training to improve their cohesiveness).
    Above all, I’ll point to the biggest problem I think needs to be solved- we need to become more dynamic. I think this is the biggest issue with the current side, they follow a particular method based on what they’ve been trained on or the personnel on the field and they are almost completely ignorant about making on-the-cuff adjustments given the circumstance. Wenger should take responsibility for this (could this be why a ‘different’, more vocal assistant is needed or why more experienced heads who can be respected on-field commanders of other players a la Vieira) since I honestly think he’s never been strong in this area. Throughout this season, whenever we needed a goal, he brought in Bendtner and Arsh and put both on the wings- it worked once and failed a host of times but Arsene kept doing it, for what reason, I know not! At one time, we pressed hurriedly up-field then stopped this for along time after. We sometimes go so intense on the sideways passing thing and end up with no player making direct runs to confuse the opponents and open up spaces, it hurts me so much when 5 players are around the peripheral of the block while only 1 striker is staying in the box and actually causing concentration problems for their defense. Walcott is one huge answer to this problem because of the direct way he plays but I think either a direct winger (I really liked the link to Afellay before he left to Barca or the direct striker I mentioned earlier) but the monotony of our style has started to bore me because of the results and frustration when we’re either ‘cheated’ by referee decisions or when we lose to off-the-script goals in most games we dominate.
    Little, but very important, adjustments are needed for this squad to get better and much more ruthless. We are very close.

    • santori says:

      Here’s what I think is priority:

      1) LWinger. Particularly if we move Arsharvin infield IF fab leaves.
      2) Striker. Soeone quick and direct.
      3) If Fab leaves, a spot for one more creative mid
      4)Experience defender to replace weakest link (Squillaci)

      • santori says:

        Striker… I think Wenger should keep tabs on Karim.

        He may still cost us a bit but if deemed surpuls to use by the current regime (and ebaring in mind we might expect regime change shortly), then we should snap him.

        He is strong, quick and direct which will compliment Chamakh’s aerial strength or RVp’s finesse/playmaker style.

      • james says:

        I do agree with Benzema, he’s a nutcase from what I hear and pretty indisciplined but I guess it’s up to Wenger to challenge him and use his problems as motivation for him (Wenger) to bring out his (karim’s) best.
        If fab leaves, it might be time to change the entire team strategy/formation cos I think we molded the squad a lot to make use of his unmatched skills and it’ll be better to adapt to the player’s we will have. Nasri would be more of an attacking midfielder than a box-to-box Cesc type but I still would prefer a change to more central strikers- RVP sits too deep and needs much more support inside the box from other players. Cesc provided a lot of that last year, Theo’s improving in understanding how to do that and sadly he’ll really miss the growing understanding he’s developing with Cesc- me thinks 2 upfront is the way to go and honestly, that’s really Andrey’s position, he’s a relatively lazy but deadly twat who can bring magic to the box, might be time to put him where he’s most effective.

  29. mike in africa says:

    seedorf is football’s living legend. true leader and pure class on and off the pitch. premier league’s ‘pace’ and ‘physical demands’ are overrated. a player like seedorf can add value to any team. those that say he would add ‘nothing’ to arsenal clearly have not learned; it is this ‘nothing’ that could nudge the team a little bit closer to success.

    • santori says:

      Maybe but you take a risk with a player that age. Injuries and fitness will start coming into play, particularly as you are asking him to step up into a more physical league.

      I would prefer someone around 24/25 entering his peak years with some solid footy title experience.

      Gourcouff to me is a better buy if we need to fill in someone creative going forward.

  30. […] Can Clarence Seedorf Be The Key Signing For Arsenal? I don’t normally spend much time talking about transfers so this is somewhat of an unusual post. There have been some […] […]

    • santori says:

      It’s been said before. I believe Lee Dixon is a huge advocate of Seerdorf but he said it last season and has his doubts whether this season is a bridge too far for Clarence.

  31. alphie says:

    a lack of pace would see him burnt completely on counter attacks,he suffers alot against players like nasri….
    I think what we are trying to achieve here is to get a much older version of TV5 with accolades…but the biggest point you’ve laid across is it needs to be someone who can be respected and be looked upto by the senior players like the effect lehman has on the team is immense

  32. santori says:

    I think we can do better.

    1) I don’t think Seerdorf’s position is an area where we need to prioritise. What we do need is a LWinger (particularly if Fab leaves and Arsharvin is moved in field – which seems to me logical as he has lost some pace but yet weighs in with his share of assists)

    2) In DM, Song needs a back up. Young Frimpong should step up IMO but will be a little rough round the edges. My choice for back up in this area is to push Koscielny forward (particularly if TV/Djourou work out). Kos is quick and intelligent and I believe he will function well sitting more defensively in midfield (He does like a gamble forward too). This might also afford us a chance to slot in an UPson as support (sub) for TV/Djourou.

    3) If Fab leaves, then Arsharvin should be moved in field. I’d keep Nasri as an option but deploy him wide to keep some level of familiarity out wide and in relation to the forward(s). if we get say Hazard for what to me is the more important LWing slot, he plays with both feet which means he will give us tremendous options with Nasri to swap around within a game + act as an alternate/supplement to Walcott’s pace.

    4)That may constitute an additional spot for a playmaker /cover for Andrei. Can Seerdorf carry this role. Most probably but I would think we should favour someone younger with more energy. To my mind (with Ganso set for Milan seemingly), a move for Gourcouff at Lyon may be a good choice. He hasn’t quite sparkled since his Bordeaux days but the quality (and importantly physicality as compared to Fab) is there. Also bear in mind that he will link up well with the other ex Bordeaux man, Chamakh.

    5) Where I think the ‘experience’may be most necessary is at the back. BUT we have to measure this against Vermaelen coming back in. I think it’s important as well to remember that it is not so much a question of experience that we are lacking but belief and confidence. In that respect, players like Vermaelen and Szsc whilst young have enormous confiedence and I think they should be regarded in this repespect first before we jump to a conclusion whether we will need that extra bit of ‘experience’ next season back there (not to mention coaching issues)

    However IF we do feel a need to reinforce the back with that element of experience, then I think the weakest link (Squillaci) should be let go.

    In which case a move for Upson (old boy)could be good as he won’t cost much but will come with an extra incentive to do well (particularly to make up for his lost Arsenal years). That’s what we need above anything, that intangible based on loyalty mixed with experience that could help organise and compel us to dig deep when we get ourselves into a bit of a crisis.

  33. santori says:

    Just to extrapolate what I view as our needs in midfield, the way I see it, our midfield can be divided into four distinct parts :


    Currently – Rosicky, Arsharvin, Nasri, Walcott

    IF Fab moves away, then the logical choice would be to move Arsharvin in field on account that :

    a)he has lost pace out wide and therefore has struggled
    b) He weighs in with his assists which suggest he could contribute better creatively from the middle.

    Assuming Rosicky is released (wear and tear issues), then we need one more Lwinger at least urgently to add pace in case Walcott gets injured.

    My pick is Hazard. he has expressed a preferance for us and more importantly has guile and pace. He also plays with both feet which will allow him to swap with Nasri 9within a game if need be)

    2)Attacking Mid : Fab, Ramsey

    Assuming Fab leaves, then Arsharvin to tuck in (nasri can be an option.

    3)Supporting Mids : Jack, Diaby

    I see these lads as the link players who contribute both going forward and defensively.

    4) Defensive Midfielders : Song, Frimpong

    We don’t play with a totally dedicated Dm but Song is as close as it gets with a more defensive bias duty brief. Frimpong should come in. The lad is both physcial and quick (Plus he has grwon 2 inches and is now a 6 footer). If we need an additional back up (on account of Frimpong’s experience) I would suggest experimenting with Koscielny as cover for Song.

    So in conclusion, if Fab stays, then just one Lwinger as an alternate to Andrei (Assuming Vela is not competitive enough) but if Fab leaves then maybe an additonal creative player (remembering that Diaby can also deploy LW if need be)

    • santori says:

      I am of course assuming our 4-3-3 but there is a case for someone to afford us an ability to deploy 4-4-1-1 if need be thereby taking advantage of RVP playing a free role behind Chamakh or a new striker (someone pref quick and direct like Benzema)

      In which case we need a more ‘complete’ mid with an extra pair of lungs such as we had with Flamini alongside Fab. That could be someone from within who may step up into this role next season IMO.

  34. santori says:

    BTW, regarding a more defensive minded acquisition, I wonder if anyone knows how Thomas Hitzelsperger has done this season?

    He is around 28 (at West Ham…ie. economy pricing) and has a Hammer blow of a shot. He can play a DM role or slot in at RB (I believe he is reasonably tall)

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