West Brom 2 – 2 Arsenal: Match Thoughts And Individual Analysis

Is it two points dropped or one point gained?

To most fans, including myself, this draw against WBA is two points dropped. There is an argument that with 20 mins to go and a two goal deficit it could easily have been a loss. I agree with that too.  In the final twenty minutes the team showed great character and fighting spirit. The likes of Chamakh and Bendnter, who have not been getting regular games, came on and did the job that was asked of them.

Unfortunately, it took Arsenal an hour and two goals to get going. The starting line-up had Ramsey as many fans had demanded. It turned out to be a disaster. The youngster lost his man and jumped underneath the ball while defending a corner thereby allowing Reid to head home unchallenged. At the very least Ramsey should have been physically in contact with the West Brom defender as that would have put him off his jump.

Neither team created much but the Welshman missed a sitter when a Van Persie header fell to him after bouncing off the bar. It’s difficult to blame a player returning after such a horrific injury but he looked way off the Premier League pace.

I’d not have worried about the mistake for the goal or the miss, these things happen, but Ramsey was disappointing with his movement and passing. Add Denilson into the mix and the Gunners had a midfield that just wasn’t able to move the ball in the first half.

The tempo of the game was so slow that the home defence didn’t even break a sweat. West Brom were able to get bodies behind the ball and sit back on their early goal. With Denilson sitting in front of the defence the number of counter attacking chances were reduced but the hosts did get a couple of set-pieces. Thankfully, the mistake from the first one was not repeated.

Arsenal went one down at the break and came out with Chamakh instead of the Brazilian. It was a positive, decisive substitution like the fans have been demanding. But with Denilson out there was  little cover in front of the back four. West Brom created a good chance on the break ten minutes after restart.

Soon after they were two up after the world’s most predictable mix-up saw Almunia coming out and confusing Squillaci. Both lost the ball and Odemwinge guided it into an open net. It was such a horrible mess that some might even consider it a deliberate act of sabotage but I’ll refrain from going in that direction. The sad part is that Almunia’s biggest weakness is in coming out for balls that are not his responsibility but the coaching staff haven’t been able to sort it out. Of course, the player himself is to blame more than anyone else but once they know there is a weakness, why can’t they find a solution?

This is where I have to begrudgingly respect Ferguson. He can send out guys like Johnny Evans, Wes Brown, and Gibson on the pitch but still get results by adapting the rest of the team to cover their weaknesses. With Arsene there are many loose ends.

Bendtner’s introduction for Ramsey was another positive move. Arsenal then had Nasri and Wilshere playing in a deep role in a loose 4-2-4. The final half-hour was all Arsenal and no one would have been surprised if the Gunners had turned it around.

Arshavin got one back with a wonder strike following a neat one-two with Chamakh. Van Persie scored a poacher’s equalizer as a West Brom player was caught on the ball in his six yard box. The chance came after a good back post cross by Arshavin was played back across by the big Dane.

There were other chances and some corners but the winner didn’t come.

There were problems with the way Arsenal played as discussed above but there were a couple of aspects that impressed me.

In this game, once it was clear that the passing game wasn’t working too well, the Gunners tried putting in a lot of crosses and many of them were quite good. It showed that they have been working on this. It wasn’t perfect and isn’t something that can be developed overnight but it is the right start.

Towards the end Chamakh, RvP, and Bendtner were all getting into the box and attacking the crosses. They really did rattle the West Brom defence. I can’t remember the last time Arsenal strikers collectively troubled the opponents in the air in their own box.

I’d still like to see better crosses to the back post, especially when Bendtner is in the box. He can win a number of these headers and play them back across in dangerous areas. The Gunners will also have to learn to play the lay-offs with their headers when they’re getting bodies in the box. I cringe while saying this but watching some Crouch videos will help.

The most impressive aspect of the final twenty minutes though, was the work done by Nasri in a deeper role. The Frenchman collected the ball from the defenders and did a good job of spreading it around. Arsenal really missed this in the first half as their laborious passing was squeezing the play on the flanks and down the middle.

Such passing also brings the best out of Arshavin as he is able to receive the ball in space and run at the defenders rather than getting it in crowded areas.

Wilshere will have to learn from Nasri. The youngster has the talent to control the play from deep with his passing but hasn’t been using it. His driving runs end up with loss of possession when the opponents have so many players back.

If the two defensive midfielders can stay in deep positions it will also give more confidence to the likes of Squillaci who will then have someone to win the second ball. That doesn’t excuse his mistake but the point is not to get lost in the blame game but to think constructively.

Anyway, this is a good time to have the international break so long as the ones going on duty for their countries come back in one piece. Hopefully, a couple of regulars will return along with them.

Arsenal are unbeaten in 12 Premier League games now. It’s hard to believe but it’s not a bad run. It can turn into a great one if the Gunners can string together a few wins after the League resumes.

Individual Performances:

Almunia: One customary howler. Someone has to tell him to stay in goal and come only if a striker is through on goal down the middle, not if the ball is miles away and a defender near it or if it’s down the channels.

Sagna: He got too close to Nasri in the first half and there was no space down the flank. It was better in the second half as he stayed a bit deeper and went forward only when there was space.

Squillaci: Joint culprit with Almunia for the second goal. Made a big block to deny Fortune and later made a massive tackle against the striker in the box. I don’t know if he didn’t attack the ball because of a call from the keeper or for some other reason but there is no way a defender should let that kind of a ball bounce. There was only one attacker and if he’d knocked it anywhere it would have been safe.

Koscielny: Did a decent job on Odemwinge despite the striker having some pace on him. I like the confidence he shows on the ball even under pressure. Some of the midfielders should learn from him.

Clichy: Did really well on the left. Got involved with a number of attacks. Put in some decent crosses but will have to do better. Very good strike towards the end that almost crept in at the near post.

It wasn’t a bad defensive performance if one considers the ninety minutes of play and only four shots on goal. But it was a woeful performance if the manner of the second goal is seen. On this point I agree with Wenger’s critics. It’s a déjà vu no one likes. ‘Decisive’ is a word Arsene likes and he has to teach his back five to be more decisive in key moments. The defenders, especially Squillaci, did well after the team shape changed to a very risky 4-2-4.

Denilson: He’s lost confidence big time. Looked too nervous on the pitch and got some simple passes wrong. But while he was playing West Brom didn’t create much on the counter.

Ramsey: Not a game he’d like to remember.

Wilshere: Wasn’t able to take charge or make an impact in the opening hour. Has to learn to make better use of his range of passing.

The midfield just didn’t offer any kind of incisiveness in the first hour. Only after two of the three left the pitch did Arsenal move the ball with any kind of purpose.

Nasri: Was ineffective on the wings as the ball came to him wrapped by four defensive players. Good to see him taking charge late in the game.

RvP: Another player who struggled to get involved for two thirds of the game. Did manage to hit the bar with a good header in the first half and scored a classic fox-in-the-box goal.

Arshavin: Pretty much like Nasri, only that he was involved more on the left and in the box late in the game whereas the Frenchman was playing in deeper areas. Excellent goal. Wenger has to find a tactical approach that gets Arshavin in the game more often and with quick switch of play.

The front three were virtually invisible in the first half. All did well in the final twenty minutes.

Subs: Chamakh made himself useful and got a good assist. Bendtner played a key part in the second goal but I’d like to see more balls played to him in the box.

Arsene: Hindsight tells us it was a poor choice to pick Ramsey. Did well with the substitutions. Looks like he is working on getting his players to cross more and adapt the playing style. I’ve said this often enough – tactics will be the key in the remaining games.

101 Responses to West Brom 2 – 2 Arsenal: Match Thoughts And Individual Analysis

  1. arsene says:

    bit harsh on ramsey, i felt he was the only player trying to push the team forward in the first half

    • Metalhead says:

      I don’t think he is harsh on Ramsey. In fact I totally agree with him. Almunia is being abused left right center for his howler. Ramsey committed 2 howlers. It’s only fair that people criticize him as well. I don’t care if was out for a long time, this is a question of winning or losing the title race. No room for sympathy. Ramsey,Almunia, Squillaci and Denilson are to blame for the2 dropped points. If it weren’t for these 4 players Arsenal would have won the match.

      • FoolishgooNer says:

        Got to agree with you mate! Mistakes are made by those players and we had to fight back. Two points droped! I’m normally critical of the Boss’s tactics because it caused us lots of points, but today he get the subs right even though starting eleven was wrong. Frustrating but we got to move on. I will focus on the possatives The crossing, More players in the box was refreshing to see. Surely even with cecs back I would love to see more crosses and more balls in the opponents box and take advantage Persie chamakh and NB52 hight. Teams will come out and give room to operate for nasri AA Jack and Cecs. Come on Arsene if you see a bus for the first five minutes switch up play. I coach under 15’s Boys and they easly switch tactics with in games Arsenal can do it.

    • richie says:

      That Ramsey missed a sitter can be explained by his absense. That he didn’t defend a set piece properly coming back to us straight from the championship can’t! He did indeed try to move the ball forward pushing on, but there were a lot of missed placed passes and I would’ve prefered he gave more cover to the defence.

  2. fazizu says:

    with decent defenders this would have been a game in which we would have had a tough time breaking the opposition down in the first hour, and get a goal or two near the end as more space becomes available, but proud of the boys effort. desi you missed a clear trip on sagna in the box near the end of the match,CLEAR PENALTY!.

    • Sbaggieboy says:

      What you forget to mention my friend is that your 2nd was a clear handball by Bendtner. If West Bron had scored that we would never hear the last of it.
      Having said that the Gooners did not deserve to loose.

  3. Aussie Jack says:

    This is a team in disarray, there is no leadership they are only doing what they are told at training, they could be playing for the Home Office or the Prime Minister`s eleven under threat of losing their superannuations. Bring Fergie to Emirates and kick a few arses.(only kidding)

    • Metalhead says:

      Actually you’re right. What these players need is the hair dryer treatment. People like Denilson looked totally disinterested in the game. He didn’t look like a player who was playing for a team fighting for the title. He seemed chilled out as if he was having a nice stroll in the park. This man needs to leave Arsenal, come the end of the season. I don’t see him improving. At least not at Arsenal.

      I’m sure the hair dryer treatment will work wonders on the likes Arshavin and many other players as well. I think Arsene is too soft on his players.

      • colney says:

        I how some fans just spew nonsense and think it’s the gospel. Denilson disinterested? did he tell you that? Denilson is lacking in confidence and it’s easy to see why. With fans like yourself who moan and groan at his every misplaced pass how can he ever do anything right?

        If Diaby had played you’d be blaming him too.Either support the team and judge them when the season is over or bugger off and go support city or the chavs.

        Arsene too soft on players? Are you in the dressing room with him and the players during the team talks?

      • Metalhead says:

        Colney – Denilson is lacking in confidence, is that right? I’ll ask the same question that you asked me……Did he tell you that?
        Don’t be stupid, everybody makes assumptions about a players performance including you and me.

        Also, it’s easy to know a lot of things these days without being in the dressing room. Where have you been living? In a shell? Haven’t you ever read about Arsene Wenger’s calm half time talks? 🙂

  4. Metalhead says:

    I have a gripe against Arsene Wenger. He refuses to be flexible. There was more than one reason for him to play Nasri in the middle. Denilson, Wilshere and Ramsey in the midfield are not going to cut the mustard. Not now, not ever. A lot of us have been calling for Nasri to play to in the middle and Eboue to play in the wing. Playing Nasri in the middle and playing Eboue in the wing would have brought much needed balance to the team which was missing. Being a defender Eboue could have helped out in the defensive department where we are struggling. Nasri could have brought some creativity in the middle which was so badly lacking. 9 games to go. It’s still in Arsenal’s hands. Win all 9 matches and we are champions. We cannot afford to go into the remaining games with such foolish tactics. I just hope Cesc, Walcott and Song will be fit for the next game.

  5. Kofi says:

    Arshavin summed up what has happened to our players this season. Confidence. Our so called fans have us in.
    1st Kos
    2nd Arshavin
    3rd Squilacci
    4th Denilson
    5. Diaby
    I dont know if Fabregas would alson face it after the Barca howler.

    You dont get that from Manu and Spurs fans which very very bad. Look at how Gallas and Dawson are praised when we condemned them. Look at Adebayor now being brought into Madrid by Mourinho. Look at how we Wes Brown, Evan and Smalling. They never get the bashing our players get.

    • colney says:

      Very well said. And sometimes it makes you wonder why our away form is better than our home form. It’s because the away fans support the team instead of moaning and groaning at every stray pass.

      • Greencard usa says:

        Blogs like this and others concerned with constructive criticism and analysis should do their part by doing all they can to prevent distribution of this pitiable sleaze. In short, do not publish them on your blog and exile them to cyber oblivion.

  6. GunneRon says:

    Culprit# 1: Denilcunt
    In matches against teams in the lower half, especially when we trail, I’d rather see us playing a 4-4-2 with Cham and RVP up top than a 4-3-3 with an extra man in midfield, when that midfielder happens to be Denilcunt cos I honestly don’t understand what he brings to the team defensively… Neither does he track back as hard as you’d expect him (instead he just jogs around as if he doesn’t care much, the useless twat), nor does he tackle as often as needed (and when he does he commits a foolish foul and gets booked). I still believe we can challenge for the title if Cesc, Song and Theo can come back in time but not with denilson in the team no way.
    Culprit #2: Almunia
    Almunia is a good shot-stopper, no one argues about that. But what frustrates us fans and is plain for everyone to see is his horrible decision making in and around the box. I agree with you Desi, munia’s weakness is in coming out for balls that aren’t his. Such a mistake has cost us matches on too many occasions (manu’s 4th goal at highbury in 04-05, ibrahimovic’s 2nd goal for barca at the emirates last year to mention a few). Yesterday’s mistake is one you don’t expect from a professional goalkeeper, let alone one who plays for a team challenging trophies!
    We should seriously consider bringing in Jens for the Blackburn game cos surely he won’t do any worse!

  7. fat says:

    Yes,two substitutes are positive,Chamakh and Bendter are good in the air, but the key is keep arshavin here i think.With some movement from RVP and Chamakh, space are created for him to explode. And that’s the result for our first goal. As the part of 4front players playing in the box, we should try to create some head-set ball for second header, cause what i saw in the last 20 min, all the header are not really threated due to lack of angle or power, but never see the head-set ball in the box.

  8. Gurkhaligunner says:

    Did anyone noticed something intresting by yesterday’s game ? we did not beat any team wearing black and white this season funny…..

  9. oz gooner says:

    Good on you Desi for trying to find positives where there are none. Why was Ramsay playing ? cos our stubborn bastard manager thought he was very clever in the January transfer window and saved us lots of money not buying players we didn’t need.Now the title has gone along with all the other silverware. Can you see us getting five new quality players in the off season ?let’s see if you post the same blog this time next year.

    • colney says:

      Why do you even support Arsenal? If you can’t enjoy the rollercoaster of a season find another team to support. You are just another plastic who is glory hunting.

      Blaming the manager for not buying in january is just ludicrous. Unless you have managed before you have no business criticizing someone who knows what they are doing. How can you possibly find quality
      during the january transfer window?

      Instead of supporting the team through thick and thin you are moaning about the performance. Did we lose the game? No. we showed incredible character to come back from 2 down and almost won the game, yet you are here bitching. Head over to le moan and groan and join your buddie.

      • Metalhead says:

        colney – It’s easy for Armchair fans like you to be realistic and enjoy the “roller coaster season of a season”. I’d like to see you be this realistic when you have to pay week in week out to buy tickets also face the prospect of dealing with a 6% rise in ticket prices.

        Digging yourself into a hole and then partially coming out it is not “showing character” If you think Arsenal deserve only praise and not criticism for yesterday’s performance…..you have to be the stupidest person on God’s green earth!!!!!!!

      • Ash says:

        Metal head nobody is forcing you to go to the matches. Just because you go to the games doesn’t mean to love the club more than other people. I understand having a good moan is good to make you feel better but honestly there isn’t much we can do so let’s look at things in black and White terms. At the start if you had said to any Arsenal fan we’d be in this position with things in our own hands with 9 games to go we’d have taken that and you know it. And don’t give me any crap about we are arsenal and are better than that etc. After winning double in ’71 we went almost 20 years without title and under Graham after 91 we were a CRAP team that luckily won a few cups and I remember being a season ticket holder watching arsenal go 7 months without winning a home league game (94/95 season). So I know we were a lot shiter than this. I’m unhappy too but let’s just get behind the side after international break no matter what and then judge at the end.

      • Metalhead says:

        @Ash. Don’t be naive enough to judge my allegiance based on a few lines that I wrote. It makes you look stupid!!!!

  10. BergkampHenry says:

    god i hope they pull it together for the rest of the season. in the summer it would be great to see arsenal sell denilson (hes a decent player, but his confidence is incredibly low he needs a switch to a new club for a fresh start- maybe even a season loan to a decent club?) and almunia.

    Wenger at this stage of the competition will definately have to consider new signings in the CB/CDM department! i for one believe vertonghen is our man, but Moussa Sissoko (toulouse) has been celebrated in French Ligue 1 as the new Viera.

  11. Darule says:

    Arsenal are digging their own grave…. a total catastrophe. This game was a must win cause i don’t see us winning against Man U and Spurs. Wenger the biggest culprit here all for the sake of saving money for the club buys 0 in the jan window. He does not know what he is doing. Another season of firing blanks and this is not the first time we been giving away easy goals has happened many times and Wenger say we have the mental strength. This is not mental strength WENGER these are players making basic errors for games that matter!! I hope you listen and buy some quality players next season if not its better you leave!!!

  12. bangbang says:

    horrible and silly mistake really from almunia but seriously he got to bounce the heck out we lost nother 3point shame shame shame sad so so so sad

  13. leirbag says:

    Wenger has been starting with a more defensive side. then switching to attacking options. He must be loosing it now. He should have started to finish off the game. then bring in a defensive side. To me, it’s really absurd but i think the old man is losing it. I agree this was 2 points lost. I fancy Bendtner to start with Van persie in these last games. I know nasri is good but too much of anything is dangerous: He slows down the counter attack by trying to show of his dribbling skills. For a midfielder, dribbling is a vice. That is why fabregas and vieira thrived as effective midfielders. They never dribbled excessively.

  14. Metalhead says:

    Desi – you make an excellent point. Let me quote what you said:

    “The sad part is that Almunia’s biggest weakness is in coming out for balls that are not his responsibility but the coaching staff haven’t been able to sort it out. Of course, the player himself is to blame more than anyone else but once they know there is a weakness, why can’t they find a solution?”

    There are a lot more people here to blame than Almunia. You are absolutely spot on. Why haven’t we found a solution? It’s not a new problem. It’s been there for long time. If this issue has not been addressed then heads should start rolling, without a doubt. If this issue has been addressed then Almunia should leave, if it hasn’t then Gerry Peyton should be sacked. One way or another this problem should have been sorted by now. Considering we have a title race in our hands it’s a disgrace that a detrimental flaw in our game has not been identified and addressed by the coaching staff. Communication between the goalkeeper and defenders is of utmost importance!!

  15. damzbaba says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more Desi,but once again I’ll have to blame to Manager for the result. Its good to have Ramsey back,but to immediately throw him into the mix is asking a lot. I’d have preferred Rosicky starting instead of him because he would have done a bit better. I don’t know why the Manager can’t play a 442 sysytem against West Brom. We had to go 2 goals down before he decided to play to our strengths. You can’t leave Chamakh and Bendtner on the Bench because you want to play a system that accommodates Denilson. The passing was so tedious and lethargic in the 1st half from Denilson,he and Ramsey totally slowed the game down,playing like we had all the time in the world. There was just no urgency from them. Everytime Denilson starts alongside Wilshere,it takes a lot away from his game. You have a problematic goalie, a suspect centre back pairing, a faulty DM and then u put them all on the field. Some players getting bench time,have no business being rested when people who cannot deliver are making the team. Eboue,Chamakh,Bendtner… And Asharvin and Nasri came good eventually..I guess Denilson being on the pitch just pisses the whole team off. Just Hope WestHam can do us favours come April and our Big Guns return and we don’t lose any1. Cheers. Victoria Concordia Crescit!

    • colney says:

      Some of you fans don;t know what it is you want. Had Rosicky played you’d be here moaning about that too and saying Wenger should have played Ramsey!

    • Yes its unfair to expect other teams to play like us so that we can score more goals. Hogdson is a defense minded coach and surely his team did well enough. I cannot think of one good counter attack which we produced. While they had at least a couple.

      Is it a SHAME to defend?Or are we emulating real madrid. Score more goals than you concede.

    • Metalhead says:

      @Damzbaba – You make some very good points. I think Arsene refuses to be flexible. At times you need to temporarily give up your tried and tested tactics and try new ones to suit the players available. I think he had no other option but to play Denilson. He would have played no matter what thanks to the injuries that we have sustained. I don’t blame him for playing Denilson. However, out of the 3 players that you mentioned Eboue,Chamakh,Bendtner, all 3 should have played at some point during the game, at least 2 should have started. Your point about the 4-4-2 formation, sounds good to me as well. With Chamakh being the main striker. Van Persie playing just off him and Nasri patrolling the midfield would have given us more drive from the midfield. With eboue on the right we would have had a pacy winger who would give you width and could deliver crosses to Chamakh.

      I know its easy for us to sit and analyst everything after the game but Arsene Wenger’s lack of flexibility is making Arsenal too predictable.

  16. Cut our defense some slack. Djo, Squid, Kosc, Miquel are all first timers to Premier league(djo almost a debut full season, again plagued by injury).

    TR7 might not be clinical, but his work rate is tremendous. I personally think ramsey is being rushed in to the demands of premier league.
    Is it just me who thinks big dane is better as a ST than a lw?

  17. oz gooner says:

    colney you are a twat. If you went to a nice resturant and had a crap meal would you complain ? Some of us haven’t been supporters for 5 minutes. We know what we like and what we don’t and we’re perfectly entitled to say it. If you are hapy with our current squad and the way we are progressing through the season great. Some of us are tired of seeing the same mistakes and excuses ad infinitum.

    • colney says:

      It seems some of you Le Moan and Groan posters don’t like being challenged on your views because you resort to insults and name calling. You cannot argue a point succinctly without calling someone a twat.

      You know what you like because Wenger has spoiled you with his early success. As a fan you entitled to nought because it’s a 20 team league with only 1 champion and 19 runners up. Instead of doing your bit as a fan and supporting the team you would rather waste your energy directing abuse at players and coaches.

      What amazes me is why some of you put yourself through this “torture”, if the team is as bad as you it is and you are not getting your monies worth, then why are you still an Arsenal fan?

  18. paddy the gunner says:


    • mj says:

      Now, that would be very bad Paddy because it means that we can only win when every other team is having a poor year (which I don’t agree with). If that is our target then we are doomed because I believe we should be able to compete and win even if every other team is at their best! It would be good if we win this year, but this certainly is not the ‘only’ year when we can win the title.

      • cbinlondon says:

        I don’t agree that we can only win when other teams are having a poor year but we would not still be in contention for the title in most seasons, based on our current points tally of 58 from 29 games.
        I don’t think anyone really expects Wenger to make massive changes to the squad, so we have to expect that most of our improvement is going to be through the development of our current players whereas Chelski & city in particular are likely to spend big again to try to improve their squads. This doesn’t mean we can’t win next season but it is probably only going to get harder.

        Our big advantage should be over the next few years as the new uefa rules take effect – as we already have a sustainable model and good sources of income.

  19. marcus says:

    Whichever way you cut it, Almunia’s mistake was awful.

    I am a big pro-Wenger supporter, but he looked totally crestfallen at the end of the match….and dare I say it, he has to shoulder some responsibility for this.

    This really was a game of good bad and ugly, and the ugly truth is that a great team with ambitions of real greatness has been turning into the same cul-de-sac for quite a while now.

    Garth crooks was apoplectic about Almunia….I think he’s right.

    Such a poor error….

    Sorry but I think Arsene should have got rid of Almunia before now. For all the many positives and great things about this team, there is an old adage:

    you are only as strong as your weakest link.

    I do think Wenger is responsible here.

    Sorry Manuel, you are the weakest link, goodbye.

  20. ak47 says:

    hmmm very interesting. you say you’l refrain from going down the sabotage route well… i wont.
    he is old enough to know what he’s doing and if he doesnt then why is he there?
    he’s a 33yr old keeper who got shunned in favour of fabby and chezza. keepers 10 years younger and more. now theres no option he’s been called in.

    cant imagine anyone in that situation not holding any kind of resentment for the team that has humiliated them in that way. he should have been sold or released. feels like a woman scorned to me.

    squilla would have dealt with it had it not been for ally in the corner of his eye baffling him.

    i think dennes has the technical qualities to play for arsenal. problem is fresh blood or additional approaches need to be added to the coaching imo.
    cos the de ja vu is starting to take the piss.

  21. Hannibal says:


    For the last 5 years, we have been singing the same refrain. WENGER, the master of the choir, is singing the same refrain week after week. Yesterday he was blaming everybody again, including the pitch! And we all say ‘Amen’! How long are we willing to tolerate this? Yesterday was the 7th time this season that the team had the opportunity to decisvely close the gap. Once again, it could not, in front of a weak team playing fot its survival in the PL.

    And we go about looking for the reasons except where they actually are. WENGER has run his luck. Why can’t we see this and why do we prefer to remain blind? With WENGER at the helm, Arsenal is going nowhere. He has run out of ideas and is now totally dry.

    One of the most mediocre tacticians in the English PL, he does not know any longer what to do with a most unbalanced team. That the team is so unbalanced is right down to his callousness. How on earth can anyone thinks that we can win the League without a proper goalkeeper, a proper central defence, a proper defensive midfield and a set of top class strikers?

    WENGER’s magic is that he has been able to make everybody share into his delusions, his megalomania and his permanent search for scapegoats, which is the same as his refusal to take responsibility and be finally accountable.

    These are STRUCTURAL issues. They will be there as long as this man is Arsenal’s manager. How can we explain that a man who goes home each year with 5 million pounds in his bank account cannot buy decent players? How can we explain the passivity on the bench, when Mourinho or Pep Guardiola are almost always standing, directing the players, encouraging them and driving them to their heights? How can we explain that EBOUE has not been playing at all when we need velocity in the middle of the park? How can we explain the fact that WENGER first sends a defensive team on the pitch and then scramblss to save something of the game in the dying minutes?

    Like many, my patience with him has run out. It’s TIME FOR A CHANGE AT ARSENAL!

  22. Tim says:

    Two points dropped, but it’s not over yet – and for once the international break couldn’t come at a better time for us to heal physically and mentally.

    The team showed great character in coming back – although it was a mess entirely of their own making – but you just know United would have had the killer instinct to finish the job and take all three points.

    Oh well. One point is bad – but it was less bad than getting none at all. Odds against us now, but we’re still very much in the race.


  23. marcus says:

    I am not saying this to stir the pot….but it is on record that Wenger doesn’t do reconnaissance on other teams.

    The interesting thing about that second WBA goal is that the ball held up heavily in the wind, which is why Squill was backing off it, because he was reading a longer trajectory, and Manuel came out, because he was reading it longer also.

    Are these the fine points that are costing us?

    Man U and Chelsea tend to beat us these days because they tailor our game to us.

    Sure one day we will do a Newcastle and pummel Man U 5-0 , but when?

    And will our ‘balls out’ strategy win us the title?

    • Sbaggieboy says:

      What wind? I was at the game yesterday and there was no wind! Your keeper for whatever reason came off his line when he should have stayed put.

      • marcus says:

        Well then, there are no excuses, not for Almunia at least……although the ball pitched up very strangely, so I believe Wenger when he says it was a quagmire.

      • Sbaggieboy says:


        There were a few bobbles yesterday but you cannot blame the pitch! Piss poor defending by the centre half and keeper…yes
        Arsenal had enough possession to win 5 games let alone one! Little penetration in the final third for long periods and believe it or not the Baggies actually defended very well and hit you on the break several times.
        Arsenal are I would say are 3 to 4 players short of being a world class side. Keeper, Centre half and a top striker…not alot to ask i know but will cost you 75m

      • marcus says:

        I wasn’t at the game Baggie, but RVP is a world class striker…scores at almost a goal a game these days

  24. amband says:

    Chamakh should get more starts

  25. Ash says:

    Am really at a loss to explain why Wenger continued with this formation with the group of players he had available. Surely 4-4-2 from the start was the way to go? Nasri is better in the middle and only plays on the wing to accommodate the system we play and Fabregas. Wilshire is MUCH better as a holding player than Denilson ever will be. Eboue could play on the right and Arshavin on the left with Chamakh supporting RvP. Arshavin looked MUCH better when he was hugging the touchline and in his 1st season that is where he was deployed. We may not dominate possession as much but at least we would be able to get crosses in the box and be dangerous from the off. I won’t say too much about the defence but I think Squillaci is not as bad as people make out. Almunia came out and called for it so what do u expect the defender to do!? We always say trust each others call and communicate. Almunia and Denilson should NEVER play for arsenal again.

  26. amband says:

    Ash says

    ” Am really at a loss to explain why Wenger continued with this formation with the group of players he had available ”

    I can help you here Ash. Wenger is a dickhead. There, you see, you learn something every day! ( grin )

  27. GunneRon says:

    @ kofi, wake up and smell the Kofee (pun intended)…
    It is obvious to everyone that almu and deni aren’t the players who will win us the title. Even Wenger realised this yesterday and took off the brazilian at half time. Now before you think I’m one from the Sack arsene brigade Im not, I still think he can pull this off and I never blamed Arsha, B52, Rosicky ( who have been at the receiving end of many a gunner fans’ abuse)cos I still believe they can bring something to the team. But I cannot help calling almu and deni ‘culprits’ (even desi used that word, does that entitle him to your criticism which seem to have stem from my using the term?)they have let wenger down though he believed in them and had “confidence” in them…
    Kofi Are you saying that if deni and munia cost us more matches we should continue backing them? like I said, even wenger seems to have realised this, that’s why I believe we won’t see much of deni henceforth.
    We are supporters of Arsenal FC,the Greatest club in the world, we criticise 2-3 players (that happens at every club) but that doesnt mean we don’t believe in the rest. WE WANT THE TEAM TO WIN, We have class and don’t need to learn from supporters of pathetic clubs like manu. If you like to learn so much from them go support them…

  28. Gazouillot says:


    First, let me correct something I have seen posted on this site more than once. Wenger earns 6 – NOT 5 – million pounds a year. All of that to not check on opposing teams; to select the crappiest players on his team; to ask them to play in the wrong positions; to refuse to substitute them until it is getting too late; to save money by bringing in the oldest defenders he can find; to maintain in the team one of the most terrible goalkeepers in the League, etc… etc….

    Second, in any other team, this man would have been FIRED long ago. The team has shown great character and resilience; the team is full of promise; the pitch has been so bad; the referee was unjust; we are making lots of progress — always the same crap. What is so astounding is that there are still some to beleive this deluded guy and to repeat the same shit.

    I am FED UP with WENGER. He should come and kiss MY ASS.

    And I am French!

    • mj says:

      How many teams are there in EPL who would fire a manager who consistently get them in top 4? Its not like he cannot create competitive teams and cannot compete for titles. I believe apart from Chelsea and maybe ManU no other team (even City) will. Remember its first time in a long while that City are in top four. So, out of 20, 18 teams or 90% of teams will actually be happy with Wenger – why? [I have included Arsenal] Because even for the smallest clubs in EPL he can bring success while staying within the means.
      I believe the problem is that some fans are beginning to feel that Arsenal have ‘already’ become a big club. What I feel that we are very near, but still not there. So, there is a mismatch of expectations. Just look at Liverpool/Everton and compare with us 10-12 years ago, and where they are now? I think that people need to understand that we are in the process of evolution, and we are not there yet. Consider this as an example: How many years do you think it would take for Everton to reach the level of ManU/Real Madrid/Barca? We are also not there, but pretty near and it will probably take a few more years. The point is that we are undergoing basic/elemental changes which take time, and the hiccups/setbacks should be expected. In any case, Arsene Wenger is still our best bet till we are into next phase. I wouldn’t give it to anyone else to take our club from the level of Everton to level or Barca/ManU!

  29. amband says:

    HAHA! He has a German sounding name, and he is from Alsace. Maybe to can blame the Germans too ( grin )

  30. Geronimo says:


    I have the habit of reading various web sites after each Arsenal game. I can tell you that judging from fans’ reactions the tide seems to be turning against Arsene Wenger. Over the last months, responses to the erratic performances of the team have been getting ever strident. And the general mood is clearly against Wenger.

    I have noticed a level of verbal violence against him that was never there before. Lots of people are saying as loudly as they can that they are “fed up” with him. They blame him squarely for a whole set of decisions.

    The acrimony centers especially around the following decisions: (1) the refusal to buy top players for the following posts – goal keeper, central defense, defensive midfield and a top striker; (2) what appears to be the poverty of his tactical repertoire; (3) erratic choice of players who are deployed in the wrong positions in the field; (4) his passivity and reluctance to substitute players well until the game is about to be lost; (5) the lack of accountability and the refusal to shoulder personal responsibility.

    I could cite more. But clearly, Wenger has been losing the confidence he once inspired. People are now talking openly about his being “delusional”, “inflexible”, “arrogant” and “stubborn”.

    A good number are now demanding the unthinkable – that he be fired.

    A crisis of legitimacy is building up. If Arsenal goes empty hand this season, it is likely that the calls for his head will amplify.

    I cannot see him coming back next season and surviving without drastic reforms. But Wenger being the autistic man he has always been, it would be a miracle if he were to change radically.

    The divorce between the manager and the fan will therefore grow and a crisis is likely to cripple Arsenal’s near future.

  31. amband says:

    AW will be back. He’s paid 7 mill a year and he is doing the company’s bidding

  32. realistic tony says:

    good reply geronimo. Its so obvious only a stubborn blind man cant see the problems that were apparent 3 seasons ago.oh yeah weve got one of those leading the arsenaltitanic to further ruin!

  33. HeartofOak says:

    ERRATIC is the appropriate term for our performances.
    AUTISTIC is the appropriate term for WENGER’s attitude.

    I also HATE his constant and repeated attempts at either always pretending that everything is going in the right direction or squarely blaming some scapegoat. He never takes responsibility. Is this part of French or Alsacian culture?

    For a good English man like myself, I think it is a sign of dishonesty. Questions of accountability are absolutely important and it is true that after 5 abysmal years, any other manager would have been fired.

    I also read that Wenger is on record for never monitoring opposing teams. Even Sir Alex does this. I don’t even mention Mourinho who provides his team with all the facts they need to know about their opponents.

    all of this to say that I too am inclined to think that Wenger won’t lead us anywhere and the time has come to part ways.

  34. amband says:

    makes no difference. The supporters don’t count. It’s a privately owned club with a strategy. Why should they care what you think.

    They want you at the games and with season tickets to impress the sponsors where the real money is. They need you through the turnstiles for gate takings to pay players

    But don’t think for one minute you will be allowed to influence a private business matter. The company is not concerned with your opinion

    It is not a concern of ours according to law, just the board members

  35. Janvion says:


    Here in France we have given up on Wenger. He is known here to be an arrogant man who is a front for his club, in reality a medium-range business that is peddling the illusion that it is of the same caliber as Barca, Man U, Chelsea or Real Madrid.

    In truth it is not. Arsenal’s success is that they have been able to sell that illusion to so many people and for cheap.

    Arsenal is what Ajax Amsterdam used to be in the 80s – a small club practicing a more or less fluent but inefficient football. They do not buy expensive players. They use young ones they have bought for nothing and fill the gaps with ageing men who have bypassed their sale date (Campbell, Sylvester, Squillachi, and now, who would believe it, Jens Lehman).

    That’s Wenger business model. It is a small business mentality, but brings quite handsome profits to those at the top.

    For the young players this is magnificent. They do not need to win trophies. But if they excell, they can be sold at a great price to bigger teams.

    What Arsenal needs is a profligate owner such as Abramovich or some Cheikh in the Gulf who would put money without counting, get rid of Wenger, and buy new, ruthless players in search of trophies.

    So for all of those who are fed up with Wnger, I suggest you support other teams.

    Wenger and his ass may be at The Emirates for a very long time to come as long as he is able to sell the opium to those who are willing to be blind enough to consumme it.

  36. amband says:

    Very true, Janvion. Wenger will be around for a long while. We certainly don’t want that crook Abramovich nor the other crook Alisher Asimov

    Is this the type we want? Why is this man allowed to do business in Britain?

    Shortly Before August 31, 2007: Dubious Uzbek Buys Major Shareholding in Arsenal
    Edit event

    Alisher Usmanov, a Uzbek-Russian businessman of dubious repute (see September 2, 2007), becomes a leading shareholder in Arsenal. Together with his associate Farhad Moshiri, a London-based Iranian, Usmanov purchases a 14.5 percent interest in the football club through the company Red & White Holdings for £75m. The stake is purchased from David Dein, who left the club’s board in April when he fell out with other directors over the lack of foreign investment in Arsenal (see April 2007). Dein was previously close to Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, who is now reported to approve of the transaction. The deal makes Red & White Holdings the third largest shareholder in Arsenal, behind Danny Fiszman (24.11 percent) and Nina Bracewell-Smith (15.9 percent). The US businessman Stan Kroenke holds 12.9 percent; nobody else has more than 5 percent. [BBC, 8/31/2007]

    Entity Tags: David Dein, Danny Fiszman, Stanley Kroenke, Alisher Usmanov, Farhad Moshiri, Nina Bracewell-Smith, Red & White Holdings

    Timeline Tags: Misc Entries
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    September 2, 2007: Former Ambassador Accuses New Arsenal Shareholder of Numerous Crimes
    Edit event

    Former British ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray accuses new Arsenal shareholder Alisher Usmanov (see Shortly Before August 31, 2007) of a string of crimes in a piece posted to his blog. [Craig Murray, 9/2/2007] Murray learned of Uzbek affairs during his time as ambassador in 2002-2004, but was removed from his position under a cloud after he complained too loudly about the use of torture in the “war on terror.” [Grey, 2007, pp. 152-169] In a no-holds-barred post entitled “Alisher Usmanov, Potential Arsenal Chairman, is a Vicious Thug, Criminal, Racketeer, Heroin Trafficker, and Accused Rapist,” Murray sets out Usmanov’s many alleged sins, including his activities as an underworld boss, influence peddling with Uzbekistan’s ruling clan, bribery, and a “particularly atrocious rape.” [Craig Murray, 9/2/2007]

    Entity Tags: Craig Murray, Alisher Usmanov

    Timeline Tags: Misc Entries

  37. marcus says:

    Here in France we have given up on Wenger. – janvion

    Nul n’est prophete dans son propre pays

  38. Thamesin says:

    If Wenger’s ass will be there for a long time to come, then it’s time for us to fuck it and forget about Arsenal becoming a champion again.

    I too am one of those who are sick and tired of the team becoming THE laughing stock of the game.

    We want to fart higher than than our ass would allow. And when our fart does not flash, of course people start laughing.

    No balls. No dick. Not even against smaller teams.
    Am fuckin’ tired of carrying Wenger’s bloody ass and foul fart.

    Time he fucking fucks himself and leave us in peace.

    • colney says:

      well then it’s a good thing you were not a fan in the 70s and 80s. It speaks volumes of you as a fan because you cannot defend your team when people make accusatory comments.

  39. amband says:

    Thamesin ( love the name. Good play on words )

    AW will be around for a long while yet while the board has the same people on it

  40. roy says:


    Great blog. Have an Arsenal blog of my own. And well, a desi gooner myself. Do check it out and let me know if you’d be interested in a link swap. Any comments suggestions etc would be appreicated.



  41. colney says:

    It appears Arsene Wenger has become a victim of his early success. Arsenal were a crap team in the 70s and almost got relegated, a mid-table team in the 80s and 90s that occasionally won a few cups before he arrived.

    Now that he has turned the club into one of the most consistent performers in england and europe we’ve also attracted a lot of johnny come lately’s who only see trophies as some sort of divine right. 6 years without a trophy is nothing, compared to the long droughts this club has had in the past. Even the mighty united once went 26 years without lifting a trophy.

    The players feed of the fans and with all the groans and moans and sarcastic cheering it’s no surprise our home form has been checkered this year whilst we have one of the best away records this season.

    I really don’t know what people expect of Squillaci, Denilson and Diaby. Squillaci is our 4th choice CB, United have Johnny Evans as their 4th choice, is he better than Squillaci i think not. You can’t have 4 world class players at cb or for every position for that matter, it’s just not feasible. You need squad players to complement the squad. No way a world class player comes to Arsenal to ride the bench.

    We are all disappointed with the performance yes, but instead of showing the team support some of us are insulting players and moaning and groaning. Contrast that to the fantastic away support yesterday, you could clearly hear them till the final whistle. The players fed off that energy and chanting, they wanted to give their all. Noone knows what will happen but in the end this could be a point gained or two lost.

    Constructive criticism is good but what i cannot fathom or accept is the constant moaning and abuse directed at players. Why not wait till the end of the season before making judgments about the team? 9 games to go and support for the team will be crucial especially at the Emirates, it can be the difference between 2points lost or 3 points gained. You don’t believe me go rewatch the Arsenal v Barcelona game or Arsenal v chelsea game again.

    • Metalhead says:

      @Colney. There is a lot of truth in what you say. I agree with almost everything you said. In fact, if you are a regular visitor to this blog site you will find Desi Gunner preach the same thing.

      Unfortunately, you’re a dying breed and I’m in the same bandwagon as you are!!!!

  42. oz gooner says:

    all AWs early success was hinged around the best defence in the world, one which he had no input into. Not only did that backline and some midfielders eg Parlour get us across the line time and time again AW kept them going probably 2 seasons longer than necessary because he didn’t have the wherewhithal on how to replace them. He still doesn’t.You can name the world class defenders he has brought in on one finger. And Pat Rice is no innocent party here either.

    • colney says:

      You really know nothing about football, the best defence in football? I presume you are talking of George Grahams defence of Keown, Bould, Adams, Dixon. Now while those were great players it’s a myth that they had the best defence. On average George Grahams defence conceded as many goals as this Arsenal defence post Graham. They were a midtable team with the occasional cup win here or there. In Europe we were even worse. Graham came up against Sven’s Benfica and Arsenal were embarrassed.

      Moving on to the invincibles, that back 5 did not include any of George Grahams players. Lehmann, Lauren, Toure, Campbell, Cole. And you think he knows nothing about defending? The same coach who masterminded our record of clean sheets all the way to the CL final has more defensive nous than you. You are the one who knows nothing about football.

      And to say Arsenal kept the likes of Parlour going 2 seasons longer than necessary because he didn’t have the wherewithal to replace them highlights your naivete. The likes of Adams, Keown, Seaman, Parlour and co. have all come out publicly to thank Wenger for helping them prolong their careers, with his dietary plans and training methods. he is the same manager who helped Tony Adams when it became clear Adams drinking could derail his career.

      I have no problem with people criticizing wenger because like every manager he is not immune to criticism, but think before you talk because the criticisms you are leveling at him are untrue and just based on media driven myths and cliches.

  43. Zgunner says:

    Arsenal are still UNDEFEATED in the league in 2011.

    That’s a good thing and the team I believe in this team. They will fight till the very end.

    Go Gunners.

    • Thunderbolt says:

      Oh yes. Go Gunners.

      Lead by 4 goals before half time and concede 4 by the end of the game.

      Oh yes goalkeeper. Mix-up with central defender at Wembley and lose a final everyone thought was in the pocket.

      Alleluia at West Brom. Mix-up again and concede another stupid goal and blame the pitch.

      God is Great. Go And get whipped every year by Barca.

      Go Gunners go. Turn us all into the laughing stock of the season.

      Go Gunners go. Fuck it for fuck sake.

      Alleluia. Amen. Praise Wenger’ass, yes!

      • Zgunner says:

        Yes I’ll praise Wenger… without disrespecting him and without sarcasm. Without shame and without blindness. He is the best thing that has happened to FOOTBALL let alone Arsenal… so quite frankly… I won’t even read your message properly.

        GO GUNNERS.
        You’ve gotten it broken down wrong son. This team has grown since last year and is still growing… SILVERWARE WILL COME AND I AM MORE PATIENT&REALISTIC THAN YOUR NEGATIVE SORRY ASS!

      • Zgunner says:

        And ARSENAL remain undefeated in the league in 2011.

  44. Googleman says:

    I am not a Wenger-hater. I have been a supporter of Arsenal since 1967. I am old enough to have seen many seasons pass by. Wenger has been given 5 full years to experiment. For the last 5 years he has been giving us the same excuses.

    If you want to build a winning team, you start by building a very strong defense. He has not done that. In fact he manages one of the most unbalanced teams in this category. This has been his choice and he should shoulder the responsibility.

    It is not as if nobody told him. People have been saying this all along. No wonder now they are screaming. Wenger’s policy is in ruins. And the more obtuse he is while the team aligns erratic performances after erratic performances, the more he will unfortunately become the subject of abuse.

    A team needs its supporters. For supporters to get behind a team, they need to see that things are being done the right way. If in spite of that we lose, they will understand that everything in our capacity was done.

    Right now, very few believe that everything is being done, starting with building a balanced team, getting the tactic more or less right, showing less passivity on the bench, working hard to fix basic mistakes such as conceding some of the stupidiest goals of this season.

    Wenger is totally oblivious to all of this. It is this autism and this blindness that many have been pointing to on this blog.

    People are not stupid at all. You cannot convince them that things are on the right track if we keep either losing games or not being able to break through when we have the opportunity.

    Games such as vs Newcastle, West Brom, Sunderland, Birmingham – and one could go on and on – do not help.

    Opposing denialism to their objections will not work. It will only make them angrier and the whole environment toxic.

    Right now, Wenger’s autism is creating precisely such a toxic environment.

    • cbinlondon says:

      While I agree that our defence is not strong (and we have conceded a number of soft goals this season) we have only conceded more goals than chelsea & man city in the league. I think our defence has generally done pretty well considering the injuries we’ve had and the lack of cover they receive from midfield. Is there any other team that does look strong at the back without the 2 first choice cb’s (and 2 keepers)? Man u and chels have both looked weak when they’ve had injuries too

      My only complaint about the defence is that we should have bought/loaned another cb in jan when it was becoming pretty obvious tv couldn’t be relied upon to play a major part in the season (and squill wasn’t good enough) – but who knows if we tried or whether there was anyone suitable available?

    • Zgunner says:

      It’s a vicious cycle, and I understand fans wanting to vent frustration.. but what I don’t understand about many Arsenal fans is why they kick the team when it is down. Get behind the team. Analyze and CRITICIZE. But remember it’s easy just pointing it all out in retrospect over the internet. Try his job one day and see if you can do half of what Wenger has and IS doing for the club.

      Wenger didn’t fumble in the Carling Cup Final.. the goalie did.
      It was not meant to be that day. It is frustrating but it is not by blaming Wenger that these problems are going to disappear.


      On another note..

      WBA game was not bad at all.
      1). Arsenal lost in the Carling Cup final.
      2). They got whooped out of the Champions League.
      3). Then took another one from Old Trafford on the chin.

      If you’re a boxer and you get hit that much… but you get up and you get that come-back at that HORRIBLE West Brom Pitch.

      Watch out Blackburn.

      This is the only thing a real fan should be talking about. The NEXT game.. because we are definitely in it… SO GET BEHIND THE TEAM FFS FFS FFS


  45. santori says:

    It’s a bit worrying as we are not finding the form necessary despite still being best placed to cull back United.

    We can’t do much with the backline now other than possibly gambling on Lehman to add some organisation.

    OTOH, we could add more sharpness up front which would somewhat make up for our deficiencies at the back.

    For starters, I am not convinced that Denilson adds much going forward but he should do a decent job holding with Wilshere.

    I think we are still better off with Nasri just ahead but there is a case to also play RVP in a withdrawn (striker)/playmaker role.

    This would afford us the felxibility of deploying Nasri out wide and possibly playing Chamakh up top. We also have the option of bringing on Bendtner when necessary (prob for Andrei)

    As you point out Desi, it is encouraging to see us make good use of our extra aerial power with RVP, Chamalh and Bendtner up top. The proper crossing will click in when we finally accept that this is a very good ruote 2 option for us.

    Whilst Ramsey was off pace due to his recent return, it was also encouraging to see him get to the second ball and I do feel we need to capitalise on this if we are to break down defenses.

    Whilst we can only hope our defenense (Squillaci/Kos) stays as firm as possible and concentrates onlimiting their howlers, I believe we should put our best efforts on sharpening our offense 9as the best form of defense)

    Yes, someone has to buy Wenger a better hair dryer and remind the lads that there is still something to play for till seasons end. They’ll have to keep their chins up and remind themselves that if United can do it, so can they.

    Here’s hoping we get Song and Cesc back soon.

    • desigunner says:

      The problem I feel is that it is very hard to replicate the work rate and football intelligence of Fabregas. Van Persie or Nasri in that role can work but the team will still have to adapt a lot, especially with RvP in a midfield role. That will mean the wide players will have to play like proper midfielders. Fitting Arshavin in takes a lot away from other positions.

  46. oz gooner says:

    Yeah colney our training regime is so good we can’t keep a consistant team on the pitch our players are out for inordinant amounts of time. I stand by my statement of course those players were happy to play beyond their best years, now let’s hear your stats on injuries trainspotter.

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  48. Claver says:


    You have too many fake ‘Arsenal fans’ on here.

    Bring Ferguson to the Emirates?
    And go £700m in debt buying players?

    Arsenal is the best team in the EPL, without a doubt.

    It isn’t that the other teams are good. It’s simply that Arsenal’s flaws are deceitfully exaggerrated (sp).

    See, if there is one thing that is consistent in the EPL, it’s the awful, biased refereeing.

    Most fans compare with ManU, but if they looked at the facts, they’d be voting for a change in the FA!

    What is surprising about a draw against WBA?

    I’d rather watch the Arsenal, win or lose. Unlike some powder puff fans.

    If you enjoy success in your life your know that win or lose you still keep your belief.

    I still believe Arsenal are the best team, possibly in all of European football.

    Arsene DOES have a winning formula, perhaps some changes in his off-field team would help as the backroom stuff seem uttterly docile.

    In my view, Arsenal are already winners. Winning a trophy ISN’T winning. You win before you win the trophy.

    Arsenal are already winners, our team doesn’t have a point to prove. We already are better than possibly the best team ever, Barcelona.

  49. Claver says:


    You have too many fake ‘Arsenal fans’ on here.

    Bring Ferguson to the Emirates?
    And go £700m in debt buying players?

    Arsenal is the best team in the EPL, without a doubt.

    It isn’t that the other teams are good. It’s simply that Arsenal’s flaws are deceitfully exaggerrated (sp).

    See, if there is one thing that is consistent in the EPL, it’s the awful, biased refereeing.

    Most fans compare with ManU, but if they looked at the facts, they’d be voting for a change in the FA!

    What is surprising about a draw against WBA?

    I’d rather watch the Arsenal, win or lose. Unlike some powder puff fans.

    If you enjoy success in your life your know that win or lose you still keep your belief.

    I still believe Arsenal are the best team, possibly in all of European football.

    Arsene DOES have a winning formula, perhaps some changes in his off-field team would help as the backroom staff seem uttterly docile.

    In my view, Arsenal are already winners. Winning a trophy ISN’T winning. You win before you win the trophy.

    Arsenal are already winners, our team doesn’t have a point to prove. We already are better than possibly the best team ever, Barcelona.

    • Kushagra India says:

      What a load of tosh buying good players send u in debt i.e. 700m…If u ever read economics the debt due to the glazers not Fergie…. MUPPETTRY no ones says we broke the bank and do a citeh or chelsea…ur losers attitude is outrageous…

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  51. amband says:

    Clever says

    ” dESI,

    You have too many fake ‘Arsenal fans’ on here.

    Bring Ferguson to the Emirates?
    And go £700m in debt buying players?”

    why not? It’s not your money and you are not affected by it

    It’s the owner’s money

  52. Vqmpre says:


    Oh yes. To criticize Wenger’s delusions is now to be a “fake Ars fan”. His denialism is now contagious. Have you read his weekly letter? The same old shit. Put those letters together. Read them one by one. Only one possible conclusion.

    Either he truly believes what he is saying and he is a perverse sado-masochistic guy. Or he is just throwing sand in people’s eyes and the game is soon coming to an end.

    I have hardly seen anyone so unwilling to take responsibility.

    Now you tell us that we have conceded as few goals as Man U? Where do you get your stats? How many games have we won? Why are we, among the top teams, the only ones to struggle against lower level opposition?

    Why do we have to start all our games with the wrong line-up and the wrong tactic; and spend the last 20 minutes frantically trying to avoid a tragedy? Why does it happen so often and why is it that nothing has been done about this?

    The reason is simple – the obtuseness of a man so imbued with himself and so megalomaniac that he cannot contemplate the possibility of making a mistake.

    Look at his substitutions – 10, 15 or 20 minutes before the end of the game, when everything seems to be lost. Then he is happy to declare” Oh yes, the team showed great spirit and resilience”.

    This has been his song for the entire last 5 seasons. He is no longer abusing the theme of youth he exploited for 4 years. But the cowardice and lack of accountability is still the hallmark of this sorry figure.

    And by the way look at him on the bench or cutting a lonely figure in the stadium. It is as if he does not know what to do with his emotions.

  53. Claver says:


    Why not? Did you think carefully before making the statement or you just said it?

    ‘It’s not your money and you are not affected by it’

    Dear chap, you wouldn’t happen to work in the public services would you?

  54. Zgunner says:


    New Article please 🙂

  55. Kushagra India says:

    We talk of shared leadership but where are the leaders if any in our squad…..

  56. Kushagra India says:

    Fully agree with ur assessment of Arsha he can be devastating in the final 3rd

  57. […] “This is where I have to begrudgingly respect Ferguson. He can send out guys like Johnny Evans… […]

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