Schwarzer Sets The Record Straight On Transfer Failure

You might have seen this interview by Mark Schwarzer over a week ago. I wasn’t able to comment on it earlier due to the focus on the League Cup final. But now that we’re past that I thought it’s important to acknowledge the real reason the Australian’s transfer failed.

According to the Fulham Keeper, the problem was not with the amount of money that Arsenal had bid but due to Shay Given’s decision to opt out of a loan move to the Cottagers.

Mark Hughes and the staff made it absolutely clear that they wanted to keep me and would only let me leave if they found a keeper of equal standing at the very least. They only had one option [Given]. Unfortunately the day before the window closed he made himself unavailable.

I’m highlighting this because a lot of unscrupulous writers in the media have concocted a false story that the transfer failed because Arsenal did not raise the bid amount from £2M to £4M. These baseless rumours have been lapped up by the Misery Brigade and the malicious myth has been propagated ad nauseam. Frankly, it is one of the dumbest anti-Arsenal stories I have seen but, unfortunately, many fans seem to fall for such lies.

When the real truth does come out in such interviews it gets pitiable coverage.

I’m not discussing the merits or demerits of Arsenal’s transfer dealings at this moment but it’s important for fans to accept the difficulties involved in the transfer market, especially in the current environment.

This particular incident highlights one issue and shows how a transfer can fail despite best efforts by the club/Arsene. I’m sure other bids have failed for various reasons some of which will hopefully come out in due course. For now I’m just happy to see this ‘official’ slap in the faces of the despicable rumour mongers.

19 Responses to Schwarzer Sets The Record Straight On Transfer Failure

  1. Zgunner says:

    Wenger is the best in the market.

  2. Prabal Rakshit says:

    Good one Desi..
    What was sad about this whole affair was that it was made public to the press a lot earlier than anything concrete was built. Wenger lamented at the indiscretion of Fulham management in not keeping this confidential. This in turn was a very stark signal to Almunia that he was no longer wanted and once he had to stand under the sticks, he always had the sinking feeling that he was at best a stop gap arrangement till the next Schwarzer, Given or Reina or Stekelenburg or Lloris or Neuer or … came into Arsenal

  3. wildflower says:

    This should shut a lot of people up.

    • Steve of Chiang Mai says:

      Unlikely – the haters hate Wenger cause he is French – just like the press – they want to hate him and hope he fails!

  4. keeming says:

    sad state of affairs that we have to spend effort on a keeper near the end of his career…

    but all’s well ends well, we now have 2 future polish internationals on books.

  5. Swagger says:

    I’m glad he didn’t come. He isn’t a good goalkeeper.

  6. Phil23 says:

    Kind of off topic but is anybody else really excited to see Aaron again soon? He was at a similar level Jack is at now before being injured, although Jack has proven himself at the highest level. That imo is the only difference in quality so far, this isn’t to say that Aaron wont do just as well in such games. I was wondering what other peoples opinions are on Aaron’s positional situation. I’m aware that he is being touted as the replacement for Cesc. Fair enough, they share many of the same attributes. I have another idea though and was wondering what people thought of it. One of the attributes that vary from Cescs, is Aarons great engine. He is an ex rugby player and imo he has bags of ability in defence as well as attack. If Jack can be converted into a dm then I think so can Aaron. People may think this is stupid but when we play two defensive mids both of them are given license to go forward as has been shown all year. Imagine having such a pairing behind Cesc! It would be our own improved version of Busquets Xavi and Iniesta. We would finally have a midfield that simply doesn’t lose the ball while having long passing threats in each position. We would lose no height as Aaron is the same height as Song. Both Jack and Aaron would grow in strength hugely over the next few years just as Song has. The thing is that you cant teach a player how to have a perfect first touch and the only way we can possibly step up our midfield is to have all three players with such an ability. Lastly, im not saying replace Song with Ramsey. I’m saying in two or three years we could have two complete midfielders who are the best of their generation playing along side each other. If Cesc goes there will always be another world class playmaker gem somewhere but there are so few players who have the play-maker ability as well as the ability to defend. Alternatively the team would no longer be built around Cesc so we could go back to our roots and play 4 4 2 with Walcott making his transition to striker. Oh the possibilities. What are your thoughts? (would like to know what desi thinks if possible)

    • desigunner says:

      I think it’s an interesting idea but doesn’t seem feasible. Neither of Wilshere, Ramsey, or Fabregas has a defensive mindset and they don’t read the game that well defensively. Wilshere is playing that role right now but his defensive contribution isn’t without a number of mistakes. I can’t see the three of them together giving the team the right balance.

      With Song the advantage is that he just doesn’t stop chasing the ball. It is an incredible quality and ensure the opponents don’t get enough time on the ball in attacking areas. Neither of those three can do it on a consistent basis and I doubt if they have the stamina that the Cameroonian has.

      It could still be an interesting approach in certain games but right now I can’t visualize it.

      • Phil23 says:

        I knew you’d take the realist view! The only counter points I will suggest is that both Jack and Aaron have A LOT of time on their side. Look at Song 4 years ago and he wasn’t anywhere near as good defensively as he is now. Jack Wilshere must have defensive potential if Cappello is willing to play him soley as a defensive midfielder. Ramsey also does have a better motor than both Fabregas and Wilshere. Another possitive that I mentioned on a different blog is that we will be able to have complete control in the middle of the park. Rather than keeping large portions of our possession passing between the Defenders and fullbacks we will be able to create passing triangles in the centre of the pitch much like Barcelona do at the moment because Busquets was so technically superior to Song. Therefore part of the defence is that we will have more possession. This is similar to my Denilson argument but I have since realised that Ramsey is capable of being even better at ball retention than Denilson. I agree completely that it would not be possible in all games but in Europe I think Song is out of his depth a little compared to in the premier league where he can use his superior strength and work rate without being fouled out of the game after 5 minutes. A player who I would love to see come in if Cesc left would be Jack Rodwell. He would add the height needed in midfield as well as make sure that Arsenal is truly loved by all of the British for having the most gifted British midfield of all time. Rodwell is also good technically which I think is important if Arsenal are to create a team that matches Barcelona’s current team as one of the best of all time. For now though, the idea of Cesc, Wilshere and Ramsey in midfield is heart warming.

      • desigunner says:

        I guess if Cesc is around for a few years we could see Wilshere and Ramsey developing the defensive side of their game by playing in deeper roles on a regular basis. However, if Fabregas goes then I feel Arsene will change the system quite a bit. I don’t see him continuing with this particular variant of 4-3-3 without Fabregas but Nasri could still surprise me. Anyway, that’s a thought I prefer to avoid.

  7. Uk says:

    Rubbish. If u needed a keeper u didn’t have to wait for crumbs @ the last minute, u set ur sights early on your target &get the deal done with time to spare or move on.
    It doesn’t surprise me akbs have jumped on this to akb’ise but this report only highlights the shrewdness of hughes as against the carelessness or negligence of wenger
    &yes i’m a hater, u got a problem with that?

    • Greencard USA says:

      Not worth a reply!

    • Phil23 says:

      Well if you knew what was going on/had half a brain you would know that we bid 18m for Reina early in the window. We then went for our second target EARLY in the window with Fulham the ones who waited for the last minute with Given. Sorry Greencard I agree he isn’t worth replying to, but then again he needs to know what a wanker he really is.

  8. Prabal Rakshit says:

    Not related to this discussion, but a nice exercise in crystal ball gazing:
    Would have preferred a more comfortable run though. 🙂

  9. WengerDoesntKnowBest says:

    I think Steve of Chang Mai (amongst others) don’t realize that it’s the constant failure to improve, reinforce and complement what we already have – despite the HUGE revenue he gets from selling players and the gates from the most expensive club in the world (we pay the highest prices for tickets).

    He panders to the egos of pretentious overpaid, under-accomplished players, and settles for 3rd-4th best every year. Why would the players push themselves for him if he thinks that 3rd in the league is like ‘winning a cup’.

    Birmingham fought like they wanted it, the were more hungry than us. Remember – these players are not Henry, Vieira, Petit, Pires who despite winning the league, FA cup, World Cup – were STILL hungry to compete in every game – these are players that have won NOTHING – and weren’t going to get a easier chance than Brum in the final this year. But their apathy and lack of steel/determination/bottle/fire suggested that they thought it was beneath them as they strolled around.

    Don’t even get me started on the lack of cohesion in the defence (even the most one-eyed AKB brigade cannot put their hand on their heart and say they are as confident in our back four + GK as they were with Graham’s legacies). Wenger cannot coach a defence, he simply has no clue. The best post-legacy player period was in our run to the Champions League final – and who was coincidentally at the club guesting as a coach for the defence? (answers on a Monkey’s Head – yes Martin Keown).

    Bear in mind the lot from down the road spend ~35-40M a year and have a much smaller capacity, and of those, most of them should still be in Parkhurst.

    Wenger lost the plot some years ago, and although he can still bring the best out of kids, should leave matchday tactics to a tactician and NEVER, BUT NEVER go anywhere near the defence whilst they are training.

  10. […] Schwarzer Sets The Record Straight On Transfer Failure You might have seen this interview by Mark Schwarzer over a week ago. I wasn’t able to comment on it earlier due to […] […]

  11. Uk says:

    Waste of time. There’s nothing an AKB won’t do to lick wengers balls!

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