Arsenal 5 – 0 Leyton Orient: Not Much To Think Or Analyze!

Arsene made 10 changes to the line-up and that meant rookies Miquel and Henderson got a start. The players coming in did not disappoint. On the contrary, the performance highlighted the depth of the squad and reminded us of the differences between playing at home and away.

Both teams started positively. Orient got some joy down Arsenal’s left channel but couldn’t make it count. The Gunners took the lead in the 7th minute.  Rosicky collected a loose ball and showed a burst of acceleration to get into the box down the right channel. Little Mozart squared it back where Chamakh was present to side-foot it into the far corner.

Orient came close to equalizing a couple of minutes later when a Corner was only partially cleared by Miquel. The ball fell to former Arsenal youngster Chorley whose strike was deflected over the goal.

The visitors again went close but the striker couldn’t direct the cross towards goal. This time the move came down the right as Eboue was caught napping.

After that chance Arsenal found their passing rhythm and controlled the game much better. Chances were limited at both ends but the Gunners were playing a patient possession game. It was good to see the midfielders taking charge as the backline was second string and the attackers included a youngster and a striker who is out of form. It wasn’t exciting but I thought it was the intelligent thing to do. Whether it was a consciously taken decision or happenstance is difficult to determine.

Around the half-hour mark, some good work by Henderson and Diaby allowed Gibbs to stand one up in the box. Bendtner attacked it well and powered his header past the diving Jones. I’m a fan of the striker’s ability to generate such power even when the cross doesn’t have any pace on it.

The Dane picked up his second minutes before the half time whistle. It was one of his trademark curlers from the left edge of the penalty box. We’ve already seen him score that way against City, Newcastle, and most importantly Ipswich.

The second half was more of the same. Orient had a couple of spells when they created chances. Both spells resulted from some sloppy work and lack of concentration by the Gunners. Thankfully, the visitors didn’t have enough quality in the final third. Some might say that is the reason the Arsenal players got careless in the first place. I didn’t like those phases but it was good to see that they didn’t last too long.

Arsenal’s fourth, and Bendtner’s hat-trick, came after a jinking run by Gibbs lead to a penalty. The fifth was a collector’s item as Clichy fired home his second goal for the club in all these years.

It was interesting to see that Arsene introduced three first string players as substitutes even though the game was quite comfortable. Nasri came on for Rosicky who was dizzy but hopefully nothing serious. Wilshere and Clichy came on for Diaby and Bendtner. It could be considered precautionary changes as both the big men will be needed at their best for the next few games.

Individually it’s difficult to say much about any player after such a game. The defenders struggled a bit on occasions, especially when the balls were played down the channels. It’s not something new and we see this even with the first team so I don’t want to criticize anyone.

Some players seemed to switch off at times. It could happen when the game is being played at such a tempo. Credit goes to the back five for working hard in those moments and to all the players for getting their act together soon enough.

I noticed there were occasions when Arsenal didn’t get enough bodies in the box even though the ball was in a dangerous position. But talking about lack of attacking intent after a 5 – 0 win seems absurd.

The youngster Henderson wasn’t involved often but did well when he was on the ball. It wasn’t a breathtaking debut but a steady, confidence boosting one. Miquel got another taste of playing with the big boys and must now go back to the training ground to further develop his undoubted potential.

The real positives must come from the return of Diaby and the quality of the finishes. Hopefully Bendtner will repeat the impressive performances he had towards the end of the last season. The margin of victory reminded me of the early days of the season when Blackpool, Braga, and Shakhtar were thumped at home. This would be a good time for the team to rediscover that form.

30 Responses to Arsenal 5 – 0 Leyton Orient: Not Much To Think Or Analyze!

  1. banglagunner says:

    after a debacle on sunday things looking good again, we must keep the good work at home on sat.

  2. amband says:

    a victory as it should have been last time should have happened to save a second game

  3. Dark Prince says:

    In this match, Arsenal had 5 left footed players on the pitch at the same time- Wilshere, Henderson, Gibbs, Clichy and Miquel. Is that some kind of record??

    Also think that Chamakh is out of form n should not be started against Barcelona. Bendtner though will be important for Barca game, though substituting him after an hour suggests that he’ll play against Sunderland as well. I think it will be crucial on who will play a d lead playmaker’s role against Sunderland if Cesc isn’t fit. Rosicky had a good game but i dont think his style supplements the forwards who r looking more for a killer pass. Not even Nasri can fit in properly in the central midfield role as his style is more to go one on one with the opponent rather than staying back and delivering the passes. To be honest, i’d love to see Wilshere in Cesc’s position. He has shown that he can deliver those killer passes. Also Ramsey should be used as substitute in Sunderland game. He too is our future like Wilshere. And he too likes giving those killer passes.

  4. chpangemanan says:

    Great win and I was glad the second team stood up and be counted. Great boost of confidence for Chamakh and Bendtner too.

  5. SoCal_Gun says:

    Do you think B52 should start @ the Nou Camp?

    He scored to give Arsenal an early lead last time……

    • Arun says:

      Bendtner starts. No question about that

    • roh_top_gun says:

      NikB is our best bet to lead the front line… something tells me he’ll do a good job… He handled himself well wen he came on against them at the grove and even played that crucial pass to wilshere to initiate the counter-attack for the 2nd goal… jus hope he will deliver…

  6. zaragooner says:

    A good come back from the team after Sunday’s bad movie..looks like Nick B’s emotion was not effected..Good for him. I don’t want to comment much on duo between Nick B and Cham, still early. We will look at their performance this Saturday. Hope the lads will do their job this Saturday. It’s good to see Diaby is back. He’s always brilliant, just hope the injury will stay away from him. Overall good job from the team. MU game is on 1st May. By the time, everybody is back, i mean RVP, theo and Cesc..Bring it on..

  7. Phv says:

    I advise Wenger to put Diaby as the striker instead of Bendtner or Chamakh. We all know why Chamakh should not start while Bendtner is clumsy and does not really fit our style of play.On the other hand, Diaby is tall and super quick.He is a clinical finisher. He can hold the ball up.He fits superbly in our passing style of play. It can be a master stroke by Monsieur Wenger.

  8. Arsenal4 says:


    Should be interesting if you have the time to do a quick analysis of what the next 10-11ish league fixtures means to MU, Arsenal, Chelsea , Man C & Spuds … also in perspective of cups games

    Hope you will have a time – i know i will look forward to read it

  9. Yeah, the most positive thing for me form the game is Diaby. I’ve always been a fan of the Frenchman and it’s good to see him back in action. I hope he stays injury free till the end of the season.
    Notice how the game changed (not that it wasn’t going well already) when Wilshere and Nasri came in, those guys are a delight to watch.
    Till Saturday…

  10. Rosdan says:

    i am very proud that we win 5 – 0
    but 1 thing i am slightly concern
    isn’t Ramsey will start at the game?
    as i red before, he will start
    i stay up at 4 am, in Malaysia
    just to see Ramsey play
    but, he not even in substitute
    so, i hope i will see him sooner
    miss him damn much

    • Nitesh says:

      Ramsey was on loan in at the time of the first leg…fa rules prevent him from being eligible to play in the 2nd leg

  11. karanja .D says:

    go Gooners go! Next patient- Man Useless.

  12. Aaela says:

    Congs boys, congs gunners!

    you need a little anger and determination to beat Sunderland, Barca, MANURE ETC

  13. JJ Pittman says:

    How about Clichy moving into midfield after substitution? His quickness, pace and savvy really looked good. Good for L Orient to get a payday, but good experience for us, too.
    Rosicky’s hustle made first goal. Excellent turnaround game. Win Saturday v. Sunderland and we’ll have lots of options.

  14. Wrenny says:

    This game turned out to be really useful. After the soul-crushing of Birmingham, playing Orient was like a sparring partner that we knocked around to boost our confidence before big games coming up. Without it we would have had a week before the Sunderland game to mull over all that crap.

    Nice warm-up for guys like Bendtner and Diaby who we are going to need on form while RVP and Cesc are out.

  15. cjuillet says:

    thanks agin Desi gunner for another great read.

  16. keith says:

    Please Wenger do not play Eboue against Barca i know Sagna can not play but lets switch either Gibbs or Clichy there.About the worst ever right back player i have seen out of position and Orient where targeting it if Eboue plays we are doomed

    • Arsenal4 says:

      err… Sagna can play in the 2nd leg .. and Eboue wasn;t that shabby in the 2-1 first leg win if you watched

    • amband says:

      Sagna should be removed from the club simply due to his stupid hairstyle

      Tolerance goes only so far

      • fazizu says:

        haha why is his appearance important to you…do you knock one out while watching him play?

      • amband says:

        he just looks bloody ridiculous. Typical football show Pony. I haven’t seen a footballer’s head look so stupid since Benny Hill took the piss out of footballers decades ago

        It really does look nonsensical

  17. Bretty says:

    In a way this match was a good thing.

    Even if we had won on Sunday we’d be without RVP which means we’d need our 2 other strikers to start performing.

    What better way to get your scoring boots on than in a game like this? It could end up vital for our momentum.

    Nice to see us get a solid victory after the dissapointment of Sunday.

  18. critic says:

    smiles all around again… 🙂 🙂

  19. Tim says:

    It’s the first step on a long road to redemption, but it was still a positive performance even if we were some way off our best. Good to see us being more ruthless in front of goal, and the confidence boost for both Chamakh and Bendtner was timely given RvP’s absence.

    Just what the doctor ordered. Victory over Sunderland on Saturday would be just one more forward step in a critical couple of weeks which will define our season.

  20. Claver says:

    Maybe the loss of RvP for a short while may be the best thing to happen.

  21. […] Arsenal 5 – 0 Leyton Orient: Not Much To Think Or Analyze! Arsene made 10 changes to the line-up and that meant rookies Miquel and Henderson got a start. The players coming in […] […]

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