Leyton Orient 1 – 1 Arsenal: Match Thoughts And Individual Analysis

I had mixed feelings after this one. The primary one was exasperation. But I also saw a team of players who haven’t played together work hard and play with the right attitude. It’s not easy to play the Arsenal way with so many of the starting eleven being non-regulars.

For large parts of the game Arsenal went forward and controlled the game without really creating gilt-edged chances. The passing, movement, and most importantly, understanding in the final third was missing. That led to a number of hopeful shots from outside the box at inopportune moments. Most of these went wide and one or two drew a simple save.

Chamakh had the two best chances, one he side-footed into the arms of the keeper while the other was just beyond his stretch but he should have been anticipating it better. Since it came from a cross it again left me wondering how often do Arsenal practice this.

The performance in the second half was better. Rosicky finally broke his drought with a brilliant header after some good work by Bendtner. Little Mozart had another chance soon after but the Keeper saved well. In general Arsenal got in behind on a couple of occasions and should have scored the second.

As has become usual, once the opponents started showing some attacking ambitions, the Gunners looked a bit confused at times or were caught off-guard. Leyton Orient never managed to dominate the ball but created enough intelligent moves to start getting a sight of goal and get their hopes up.

One snap-shot from the edge of the box went wide of the post. The next one was saved by a block by Squillaci that cost him his senses for a short period. The goal came after the substitute striker, Tehoue, burst in-between Miquel and Gibbs before firing past the hapless Almunia.

I haven’t seen it again and wasn’t focusing very hard on this game so I don’t want to proffer strong opinions but all three moves came down our left. Gibbs was often out of position as he went forward without considering the priorities.

Even tactically the left axis of Gibbs – Denilson – Arshavin was quite weak. Since Orient never really tried hard to attack they were comfortable for the first hour or so but once the home side showed some intent we struggled down the left.

This was compounded by having a young kid, Miquel, on the left side of central defence. By and large he was impressive but the mistake for the goal was a typical rookie mistake. No striker should ever get between the left-back and the central defender in that manner. Miquel was caught ball watching at the worst possible position and time.

The goal came too late for Arsenal to regain the lead.

This result will undoubtedly bring over the top criticism for some players but I feel it’s good that Arsenal can put out such a team and play the way they did. I saw United against Crawley town and they were under pressure for a much longer period against a far weaker team.

The goal came from having two youngsters in defence and not giving them the right cover. We can say that it’s a tactical mistake but we can also say it’s the kind of lesson these kids would otherwise not have received. Even the experienced midfield got caught out a bit when the free-kick was taken short and that is a bigger concern in my opinion.

We now have an extra fixture but I feel, given the way we can make so many changes, the home game should be a good opportunity for the second string to get another chance of gelling together.

Individual Performances:

Almunia: I guess many will take the easy route of bashing the most criticized player in the squad. I have seen Given and Reina concede this way so I won’t blame the Keeper. Once the striker is through in that manner, when the goalkeeper doesn’t even get a chance to rush forward and cut the angle, it’s almost like saving a penalty.

Sagna: Decent game on the right. Orient barely had an attack from that side. Should have done better in attack but we could see he was trying.

Squillaci: Not spectacular but did what he had to do. Good block that seemed inadvertent but resulted from good positioning.

Miquel: Barring a big mistake for the goal his debut was impressive. Looked composed on the ball, heading was good. Should not be playing at this level as he is always likely to make a mistake in a really dangerous area. Needs to go on loan, to a team where he will face a lot of defensive pressure, to sort those issues out.

Gibbs: Went forward quite often. Didn’t always get the ball which showed the players didn’t understand each others’ movements. Needs to focus on defending, especially late on, as that is his primary responsibility.

The back five weren’t troubled much so it’s difficult to say whether they did a good job or not. It would have been a decent enough effort but the soft goal spoilt it.

Song: Worked hard in a box-to-box manner but his passing was sloppy at times. Should have played on the left side of midfield. Should have stayed much closer to the defence in the final few minutes.

Rosicky: Another one who put in a lot of effort. Came deep to collect the ball, tried to create opportunities for others, took his goal really well, MotM if anyone deserves it in such a game.

Denilson: A very limited performance. Didn’t offer anything in attack. Didn’t even take charge of the midfield to spray the ball around as the opponents sat back. Keeping things simple against such a team is wasteful because it’s like playing into their hands.

The midfield saw a lot of the ball but didn’t create enough. Song was sloppy. Rosicky didn’t always have the right understanding with Arshavin. Denilson must have been the dream player for the hosts.

Bendtner: Can’t fault him for work rate. Dropped back, came in centrally, ran with and without the ball. Shooting was rushed and scuffed. Good work for the assist.

Chamakh: Very rusty and disappointing. Like Denilson didn’t do enough in midfield, Chamakh didn’t do enough in attack. He looks completely confused and doesn’t seem to know when he should take the initiative and when to play for the team.

Arshavin: Had moments of inspiration when he tried to create something but mostly it wasn’t his day. Even then he forced a decent save and hit the post. Should have shown better composure late on in the game.

The attacking players were not on the same wavelength. There should have been more runs in behind the defence or more bodies getting into the box as the opponents were set out to defend.

Wenger: I would have preferred Song on the left and Denilson on the right from the start. Since most of the game was easy it didn’t seem relevant but to me it’s a matter of maintaining the right balance. I also wanted to see a clear counter-attacking approach from Arsenal in the final 15-20 minutes but the players kept playing the slow build-up game. Substitutions might have made a difference but we need to win such games with the team we’d put out.

At least this game served the purpose of resting the key players ahead of a tough game against Stoke. If the result in that one is positive this game will be forgotten.

55 Responses to Leyton Orient 1 – 1 Arsenal: Match Thoughts And Individual Analysis

  1. Tim says:

    Although it was a far from coherent performance, really we should have won this one. Gibbs has had a few wobbly games recently, Chamakh is short of both form and confidence, and Denilson frustrated me because there were times when he could and perhaps should have attempted more ambitious passes than he did, but always took the easy sideways or backwards option.

    Nice to see Rosicky get a goal, but in truth his influence on the game was minimal, as it has been in all his recent appearances. He still has some great qualities, but I fear his best is now long past him and all those injuries have finally overtaken him.

    For all the unwanted distraction of a replay during such a busy time of the season, I expect we will play a full second XI in the replay, so hopefully it will not affect the first-teamers. We have bigger fish to fry right now.


  2. amband says:

    At one stage Arsenal had 73% possession. Wenger rotates again and we have an unnecessary return game

    he is a damned nuisance

    That second string side is a disgrace. They don’t have time to get used to each other, no continuity through game experience as a team

    get rid of Wenger. We WILL lose the Carling cup. One win over Barca is not enough

    There are too many competitions

    • roh_top_gun says:

      Our first team just beat the best side in the world, we are in rollicking form in the PL, we still are in all 4 competitions, our trophy drought will hopefully end next week… And you STILL WANT TO MOAN, and call for Arsene’s head… Pfff…

    • Mick says:

      In the first sentance you complain that Wenger is rotating too much, then in the second you moan that the second string is a disgrace because they do not play together enough to get used to each other. Are you confused, do you not have a brain. Idiot.

    • Meg says:

      You are concerned we are in too many competitions yet appear annoyed at the possibility that we could go out of the FA Cup. Would have thought you would be pleased on that basis. You keep contradicting yourself.

      • santori says:

        The first team players need adequete recovery time after the massive effort against Barca.

        Would you rather we played our first team players against L&O or against Stoke midweek.

        You can’t have your cake and eat it. It was an acceptable gamble.

  3. Greencard USA says:

    Song is one of my favorite players;I love his tenacity, committment, and the confidence he usually radiates in the midfield. But, in this match I was keenly stumped by his repeated failure to pass the ball successfully; and far too often his successful passes seemed to be to players already under much pressure. Perhaps his options were limited. This is certainly one to forget.

    • roh_top_gun says:

      Song probably underperformed because he was thrust into Cesc’s role… Ya, he does pull off the odd gr8 pass and chips in with goals, but puttin him in El Capitan’s boots was a bad move by Arsene… As you said, a night to forget for the Cameroonian…

      • Hong_gunner says:

        Song asked to play Cesc’s role? are we having a post game laugh here?

      • roh_top_gun says:

        @hong: right side of midfield, that’s wer cesc plays, rite!!! if i recall correctly that’s wer song played for large parts of the game… his instructions may hav been different, but he DID play in Cesc’s position…

      • Phil23 says:

        He absolutely did not play Cescs role. That was quite obviously Rosicky. You know the player roaming around in a free role all game? How often have you seen Cesc play as a right sided defensive midfielder? (In our side the right sided player is the more defensive of the two)

  4. Metalhead says:

    Not only is Arsenal one of the finest clubs but also a generous one, it seems. Leyton Orient players – pack your bags….it’s time to go to LA. Vacation’s on us!!! Oh by the way enjoy yourselves while you still can cause you guys are due an Ar## whooping at the Emirates!!!

    • max says:

      as much as i wished to win this and avoid an unnecessary extra game, i feel happy for you leyton guys.

      enjoy your big day out and the extra $$$

  5. roh_top_gun says:

    Atlast, some perspective… After reading player-bashing stuff in almost every blog i’ve read, some perspective… I knew it’l be here… Disjointed performance but it wasn’t for the want of trying… IMO, this replay will actually help the 2nd team with some more game time… With a sprinking of 2 or 3 first-teamers and the backing of the home crowd, we should see that through… Top post, Desi

  6. Samtjmon says:

    good review.
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  7. Hong_gunner says:

    I think we played pretty well over the 90 minutes, bar a lapse in concentration from, first Gibbs and Miquel(mind, the french guy(name??) did his share to show a nice touch and go past two defenders) and then Manuel -who fucking else – Almunia. It may pretty well be the last game we’ve seen Almunia in an arsenal shirt, but lets not dwell on a player who has proved time and again that he doesn’t belong here. He’ll be off to a mid-table spanish side next season, which is good for the club as well as Almunia, so he gets some play time where he can play without much pressure. Rosicky was ok, but then again, he has lost all of his creative spark and his movement off the ball is pretty sluggish, to put it lightly. we should have won, but a replay won’t hurt us that bad. We invite them at home, with another opportunity for our reserves to prove a point and get some playing time. Chamakh was a bit disappointing in front of goal, but that’s down to lack of confidence, which is my guess(is/was not as sharp infront of goal as van Persie is anyways, is he?) Miquel impressed me. awesome positioning sense for such a small kid. Arshavin is getting sharper and Bendtner is there and then about to be a good squad player. without being over-confident, we’ll win the replay.

  8. Northbanksy says:

    Agree with your analysis & ratings, all of which supports my belief that what we were lacking was some creativity in the mid-field. Work rate, passes completed & possession count for nothing if the team are unable to create enough good chances.
    I’m surprised that AW decided to start with 2 defensive midfielders in Song & Denilson, or persist with them both for 90 minutes when it became apparent that Orient weren’t playing a physical game & that our 11 were struggling to create much despite bossing the game.
    That the current B team looks not unlike the A team
    (when Fabregas was out injured) of a couple of seasons ago tells us just how much both A & B teams have improved.
    Provided we win the replay it’s all positives…more game time for the B team, an extra game for fans that can’t normally get to games to see their team & some extra £’s in both clubs coffers.

  9. Paul C. says:

    Good to see there are a few blogs, like yours, that dont go all crazy after a tough away fixture that we got a draw from.

    Another point to note was the pitch. It was not up to EPL standards and didnt help our passing game at all.

    Overall, I thought it was a decent performance ruined by that late goal. Had Rosicky or Arshavin’s chances gone in it would have been 2-0 and we would all have been applauding a “professional” performance by the 2nd string. Alas, twas not to be.

    The same team should roll Orient in the replay, although I would be at all surprised if we see a couple of 1st team players in that game as well. Diaby should be back as well, which should provide us with some much missed dynamism in the middle of the park.

    • dreddy says:

      with all the dynamism that Diaby has.. he’s been placed in a DM or CM role.. but he lacks defensive awareness, and he hardly tracks back. I’m pretty sure we can find another individual who can do his offensive job… and also do the defensive duties he does not do…

  10. roh_top_gun says:

    I read somewhere that the revenues that Leyton will get from the game on the Grove 2 weeks hence will be enough to keep them afloat for atleast 3 seasons… If a last minute slip-up has actually resulted in the survival of a struggling(financially) team, it can only be a good thing, rite??? 😀

  11. Phv says:

    I have been supporting Denilson for years but it is just so depressing to watch him play this season. I am sure he will be a success in La Liga. Wenger must sell him to Villareal,Sevilla or Espanyol.No doubt he will have a good career there. He constantly slows down our attacks.Making simple sideways or backward passes does not help you win matches that’s for sure.He is only good at interceptions but in England teams don’t always pass the ball on the ground.He is not particularly good defensively and in the air. He refuses to track back in important moments and has no pace. His long range shots are good but he only scores once or twice a season and he hasn’t so far this season.He adds nothing in attack.Arsenal always struggle to score when he plays. After 5 years of development with Wenger and 145 matches , you would think that he would show some kind of improvement. Wenger has kept his faith in Almunia and a few others but it will be absolutely disgusting if he does not sell Denilson in the summer and replace him with Lansbury.
    Henri’s runs from deep (a la Ljungberg/Lampard) are great. He is very good at crossing and shooting from range. Over the last few years , he has made many through balls so his vision/creativity can not be questioned.He is tall, has good pace and his hard word/commitment are obvious.He adds something extra special in attack. Wenger knows it and he has said in an interview.

    • critic says:

      ya, i kinda agree with u. He is slow, doesn’t have physical ability. But he is technically good, a trait not appreciated in epl. It’s “kick the player, hoof the ball” kind of league.

      May be he is playing with some injury. My guess is he has not recovered from his back injury as of yet. But still we now have good youngsters coming through the ranks eg. lansbury,frimpong,coquelin etc. Hard to see him in arsenal shirt in coming two years.

    • w12mcee says:

      next season the additions of lansbury, frimpong and rambo will bring about some changes, basically stay if u can fight for your place or leave to somewhere where u can get games easier.

      • Northbanksy says:

        I’m not sure where Denilson fits into our squad.Though showing good promise a couple of seasons ago he’s not really developed in any positive way.
        He appears to be more of a defensive minded mid-fielder but lacks the pace, aerial ability & power to be really effective in this role, especially in he EPL. Equally he’s lacking in the special attributes needed to make him
        an attacking mid-fielder. So, though he covers 2 roles, he excells at neither. I’d like him to find his place in the squad because he’s put in some good shifts in the past for the club, but with the likes of Frimpong , Lansbury & Ramsey in contention I can’t see that happening.

      • santori says:

        As volatile as Diaby is, he adds more to the team than Denilson IMO.

        Also think we could benefit from Ramsey coming back from loan ith some of these types of games.

        Not to mention I was pleased that Miguel got some time on the pitch but perhaps we will see the return of TV for the rematch.

    • santori says:

      Lansbury is not up to mark yet.

      You’re forgetting Rambo and Diaby not to mention Frimpong.

  12. Desert Jackal says:

    bottom line: the squad is not that deep, the so called second string has showed again its success in producing replays in every cup game against lowly opposition. the 2nd,and 3rd striker in Arsenal are absolutely way below the necessary grade, Chamach holds ball but is not a goal scorer in a million years and right now is a pathetic shadow, and Nick is confident as usual with his over dribbling and uncalibrated game.This was a game for Vella, or Jet.

    ALMunia is a demoralized beaten keeper, which he showed from the first shot which he spilled.Of course he should have saved,the ball under him, is even worse ta between his legs which he loves too. Almunia is sulk and has no motivation and should never ever be entrusted again.
    Denilson kept the ball moving I thought but The real worry is Song, there is some post barca mini-crisis there, where he was exposed as not sufficient at the highest level.Atrsenal is totally dependent on the first 11 anything short ofthat will be an unraveling,,

    • Clarence says:

      How many clubs in the world can field almost the entire 2nd team in a cup competition and still dominate in most part of games?

      We have manage to rest almost the all of the 1st 11
      , which is needed after a game with barca. That itself is an achievement.

  13. critic says:

    one thing that i want to point out, chamakh is not out of form, he is just “not that kind of player yet”. Whenever he gets the ball on his feet, he turns his back to the opposition goal.

    He is a heading maestro who just can’t find ball in the air. Hence his confidence is going down. If that cross would have been in air he would have scored. He makes intelligent runs but to appreciate those runs there is no midfield master and no understanding in the 2nd string side.

    Well that’s just my observation. Chamakh is not good with his feet………yet. He really needs to work hard on himself otherwise he will be termed as a flop and soon be forgotten by merciless arsenal fans.

    • santori says:

      Chamakh is rusty.

      Somehow I would have preffered had Wenger started him for some of those matches in the Carling Cup against ‘minor opposition’.

      It really is hard getting back into it if you’ve been warming the bench for a bit.

  14. JJ Pittman says:

    Nothing new here: when we play our best 11, we can(and just did) beat the best team in the world. When we play our second 11( okay, 9 of 11) we can’t beat a championship or first division side.
    Another example of why possession %age doesn’t count if you’re going side-to-side.
    This is my main criticism of Denilson.
    Bendtner and Chamakh may be okay as #9 target man strikers, but only RvP is effective going in and out from the flank.
    All those people who think Gibbs should replace Clichy in the first 11 should have learned why he is not ready.
    I really did like Miquel in the middle, thougt AA23 played well especially in 2nd half when he took more onto himself, and was very gratified by TR7s goal and all-around play.
    Guess we’ll see how important the “silverware” is by Wednesdays lineup against Delap and Stoke. Would like to see all of first 11 who are physically fit in both matches this week.

  15. Boop says:

    Diaby and Ramsey would have made the difference last night toward us getting a second or third goal. This B team is decent, for sure. But like Desi says it’s hard to play the arsenal way without a lot of practice together, but mostly, without at least two creative players seriously on form. Arshavin was one, and perhaps Diaby and Ramsey would have had what it took to unlock them for a second goal. If you think I’m nuts, just consider how flat the first team is without one of Nasri, RvP and Cesc, esp. when Arshavin is off form.

  16. Phil23 says:

    Harsh on Denilson much? I thought he put in a decent shift considering the tiny amount of game time he has had and the opposition who don’t even deserve to share a pitch with the talent and technique Denilson has in his left foot. He put in a solid defensive shift which i’m sure nobody noticed. He had the most difficult job on the field as he had a debutante behind him, the constantly out of position at the wrong times Gibbs and the very attacking/cut in field most of the game Arshavin. This left him with a very hard job defensively which he dealt with well all game. He didn’t offer much going forward like many have said but he also lost the ball once in the entire game, added another goal threat with his shooting, was the deepest lying midfielder a lot of the time, and lastly his percentage passing meant he did not lose the ball deep with only Miquel to cover him. To say he is slow is to not look at the player properly and remind me of similar Arshavin is lazy quotes. Unlike Song, Denilson does not run all over the park. He instead jogs around at a leisurely pace which often frustrates us all including myself at times. This is part of his game though as it helps him with three things. Firstly as he is jogging around, if you watch closely he is constantly aligning himself into a position where he is able to intercept the pass. Secondly Denilson is able to use bursts of pace just as a Central defender or winger does. This is very helpful for intercepting the ball and also can catch the opposition out easily as they can often assume as fans do that he has no pace. Lastly, Denilson is ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS available for the short simple pass. Not only is Denilson always available in midfield, when we are defending goal Denilson is always the player who sits just ahead (often ahead of the ball which is where he gets a lot of criticism) and is avialable for a short easy pass out of defense rather than having no options and the players being forced to boot the ball up field to nobody. Many observations are correct and he has weaknesses. The problem is that those same people are often unable to see his strengths. He is technically superior to most of our team and plays with his head rather than his physique. Btw look at Denilson and tell me he hasn’t bulked up. People seem to forget that this guy is Brazilian and that he is the best player for his age group in all of Brazil in his position, no easy feat. If you put Denilson into our best line up, people would/should moan less about his percentage passing as the creativity would come for the likes of Cesc, Nasri, Walcott and Van Persie. Funny that… Play him against other technical players and he will shine, play him against oafs and he will look like a fish out of water. Don’t forget this guy is still young and will develop over the next year a lot. Just look at his transfer rumours, its not clubs like Espanyol looking at him, its clubs like Barcelona. Finally, I agree that Denilson has been taken over by our wonder kid Jack, but that does not render Denilson useless. Him and jack are the much better pairing against technical opposition. If anyone should be getting stick for this game it should be Song who turned in a below average performance. (worse than Denislon if you watch the game without tinted glasses) I don’t mean jump on Songs back but rather just jump off Denilsons back, he had a very decent game so leave him alone for one god damn game. Btw I think the replay is great as we were always going to play the first team in the prem, ccf, prem, CL so these 2nd stringers deserve more game time. Maybe a couple will be sprinkled in the ccf but we shall see. Im sure I will get disliked for sticking up for Denilson but he truly is a very good player who just needs faith, European ties and a bit of a rest from all the jibes he gets every single time he plays.

    • santori says:

      We need Ramsey back from loan, TV to return into the backline and Diaby to get his head out of his rear orifice.

      • Phil23 says:

        That we do. Imagine a full 2nd XI that looks like this:
        Eboue Squillaci Vermaelen Gibbs
        Diaby Denilson
        Bendtner Ramsey Arshavin

        This could be interchangeable with Rosicky Vela and the many youngsters coming through. Not bad if I say so myself. Top top quality players some of them. I’m assuming Vermaelen would start as second choice as Koscielny and Djourou have a great partnership. Vermaelen, Arshavin, Diaby, Chamakh and Bendtner would all be interchanged with the first XI with others not far off at all.

    • Greencard usa says:

      Yours is a timely reminder that talent is not only individual in a vacuum but depends much on the conditions on the field and the forces therein; the relations between players. I like your spirited defense of this Arsenal player can find little to grumble over.

      • Phil23 says:

        Thanks greencard. Nice to see others appreciate that things aren’t always black and white. Something Desi’s blog is good at showing.

    • roh_top_gun says:

      take a bow, Phil23… i’v been ridiculed by so many of my mates wen i’v tried to explain why is denilson is good… it couldn’t be put better than this… i jus hope he turns over a new leaf next season, lik song and theo hav done, coz if there’s any player who deserves it, it’s denilson… i love that bloke…

  17. Boop says:

    My point was that this B team just needs another creative player with vision.

  18. Ole Gunner says:

    The worst player on the pitch was Alex Song. Denilson did nothing special, but Song was dismal. You’re blaming the wrong player.

    • santori says:

      Song’s played a lot of games this season.

    • Hong_gunner says:

      only one question for you before you dismiss song:
      what kind of a player is Song?
      is he a:
      1. typical screening midfielder who sits in front of the defense all game?
      2. a box-to-box midfielder by natural instincts?
      3. a defensive minded midfielder who likes to break the play as higher up the pitch(mostly around the halfway line) as possible?
      4. any of the above options, aided by a quality to position himself well to make his interceptions look simple?

      If you’ve got the answer to that one, which I doubt you have, I’d like to ask you again:
      Did Song have that bad a game to be singled out?

      • Ole Gunner says:

        Players can have bad games. Doesn’t mean anyone is ‘dismissing’ him. Get grip of yourself.

      • Hong_gunner says:

        I do have a grip over myself. and I still haven’t got my answer. of the question:
        In your opinion, why do you think Song was the worst player on the pitch?

  19. […] Leyton Orient 1 – 1 Arsenal: Match Thoughts And Individual Analysis I had mixed feelings after this one. The primary one was exasperation. But I also saw a team of players who haven’t […] […]

  20. FoolishGooner says:

    Chamak didn’t get the proper service, so he went back to get his own. Song ran and ran more but there was no movement around him. He took the ball from defense ran all the way to the opponent’s box and there was no single arsenal player around him? Why, because NB52 is not a right winger! He negated Sanga’s involvement by not making runs or allowing the fullback to make runs to stretch the field? He also gave no support to Chamak. All in all Players on the field including Miguel did well. They just didn’t create enough dangerous chances, didn’t support each other (upfront). And we payed the price to have to play one more game we didn’t need! May be we need it, for Miguel and Gibbs sake. Cheers mates.

  21. FoolishGooner says:

    We will include this group to Diaby and may be Theo as subs.. and much better result should be expected.

  22. JJ Pittman says:

    Why is my comment “awaiting moderation” when 8 more recent are posted?

    • desigunner says:

      Sorry about that I was traveling all day. Not sure why you’re comments are getting held up in the first place. Will have to check the settings.

  23. crash cameron says:

    same old story of not adapting. yes, we all want to see the game played the Arsenal way. (Or the Barca way. Wouldn’t ‘Arselona’ be a hell of a team!)
    But doesn’t a team have to adjust to a patchy-looking backyard pitch (love the apartments at every corner, though) and maybe sometimes just hoof it forward instead of making highlight beauty.
    that’s what bit them in the end

  24. Arsenal says:

    Miquel looks good and he needs to be loan out to champions team for valuable defending lessons.

    Chamakh – clearly out of form and possibly out of fitness in the game as he talk about it and I personally see he needs to work out his fitness and desire for the demand of English game. Otherwise he will be a liablity like some players shows for a few season.

    Rosicky – Need a say more he is a top class talent when in song. But he never able to achieved for a few reason and perhaps he needs and looks likely to be sold off end of season.

    Squillaci & Bednter – both prove to be Arsenal subs and hardly reliable to lead the back or front respectively when we needs to take the game by the throat.

    Almunia – He needs to redeem for himself in the next replay match and I see him leaving Arsenal end of season. We all know he stay on for his pay check.

    Denilson – Never saw he set-up or up the tempo to attack.
    Defending was slow and never really worthy to wear Arsenal. Wenger needs to seriously look into internally for reserve promotion.

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