Wasn’t Flamini’s Tackle Robust, Ball-Winning, And Fair?

I know everyone’s mind is on the The Game right now. Mine is too. But time is up to it’s usual tricks and is refusing to move along. I’m being tortured by this wait so I thought it would be worth discussing Flamini’s tackle on Corluka from Tuesday’s borefest.

Here is a video of the incident.

‘Arry didn’t mince words while talking about the challenge.

That is a red card all day. How has he not got a red card for that? It’s an absolute disgrace, they should look at that, surely, and do something about it. It’s a dangerous, dangerous tackle. He was two or three feet off the floor with two feet. It was a leg-breaking tackle.

I completely agree with that assessment. But why isn’t anyone mentioning the fact that Flamini got the ball? After years of watching the English game I have learnt that any kind of assault is justified as long as one wins the ball.

Wait, one guy did mention it. In the video, at around 0:24, you can hear the analyst, sounds like Souness, say ‘the ball’s gone nowhere.’

In this article I discussed the importance of understanding what a player is trying to achieve with a tackle. To me it is directly linked with malicious intent. As the commentary about the Flamini tackle shows there are people in the English game who understand this.

Yet the Joey Barton assault on Diaby was hailed as a fair and robust challenge. Even in that case the ball went nowhere! If Flamini was off the floor with two feet, what can one say about this?

I got the gif from the comments section of this article on Untold Arsenal. All Credit to Johnny Deigh. If the gif appears as a still image click on it or open it in a new window.

Aren’t Twitchy’s words applicable to this tackle just as much?

It’s a dangerous, dangerous tackle. He was two or three feet off the floor with two feet. It was a leg-breaking tackle.

Since most people are preoccupied with the upcoming battle royale this one might slip under the radar but at least we gooners have yet another example of the double standards in the English game.

46 Responses to Wasn’t Flamini’s Tackle Robust, Ball-Winning, And Fair?

  1. Phv says:

    The media hates us and our ” cheating,diving, foreign” players.

  2. simms21 says:

    I was exactly thinking the same thing yesterday when I watched it. If they were talking about Wayne Rooney they’ll be like ‘Look at how much he cares how he gets back and gets stuck in for the team!’

  3. king gooner says:

    flaminis tackle was def “robust”it was simply the follow through,johnny foreigners fault for not leaping five ft in the air to avoid it,how dare the arsenal defender fake injury..pssss er hmm he plays for spurs what? i said he plays for spurs!oh in that case it was adef leg breaker thought it was those cheating gooners again,sorry about that!!

  4. nicky says:

    Until last night, I was a fan of Flamini, would welcome him back at the Emirates and always admired his non-stop 90mins effort for the team. I know he was playing against the “old enemy” but I was disgusted with the tackles he made and his attitude afterwards. He should have been red-carded for the attack on Corluka and now I don’t want him back.

  5. Steve Palmer says:

    Evening good point Desi,
    I would just like to say that the tackles were both leg breaking tackles, in my mind like you i see that as a sending off, but as with many of the rules in football they can be interpreted with two meanings, and that depends on the officials on the day. If either of those tackles was shown in the form of technological help for the officials, they would be hard pressed not to award the red card. Many games would be better off with the rules being changed to just one meaning, Handball whether accidental or not is handball, Offside, anybody in an offside position when the ball is kicked is offside. And any two footed tackle is an early bath.

    • desigunner says:

      I’m not sure we should stop the game for technological use in such cases but even if there is retrospective punishment based on video evidence, irrespective of the on-field decision, it can make a big difference as players will know they cannot get away with it.

  6. Jonny says:

    Nicky – NOW you ‘don’t want him back’?? I’m perplexed – where would he play even if we did have him back? He’s rarely been considered good enough for the first team since he left and is half the player Song is.

    This tackle changed nothing for me, I stopped wanting him back years ago.

    I love the fact everyone who leaves The Arsenal ends up regretting it.

  7. MSL says:

    I am tired of fighting on all the soccer boards I know. I gave up trying to convince morons.

  8. The BearMan says:

    Someone ought to send this video to the FA and simply ask if Diaby should have been sent off. Any player would have reacted after being struck in that manner. I firmly believe all referees are capable of incompetences, they definitely require video evidence to assist them make tough but fair decisions. They are waiting until a player like Rooney is stretchered off before a very important match before they come to their senses.

  9. critic says:

    absolutely spot on desi.

  10. Anil says:

    Ahh, those foreigners,dont know how to play the game, always cheating.

    Good Englishman would never do that, eh!

    I wonder what treatment the national team will get after all the cinema of the past year or so. Probably the foreign refs will feel they need to be…er..educated! too bad for Old Riley, he is outnumbered this time 😉

  11. Mike D says:

    The things thats has got me about the whole thing is that no one has even mentioned the other night. Gudjonnson (apologies for the spelling) nearly bust malouda in two and mike dean didnt even bat an eye lid and, more to the point the media hasnt thrown a hissy fit!

  12. aaaa says:

    who give a shit bout this lets just scream and shout for our team 2nyt come arsenal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Jon says:

    Hey read through the English reports- ‘Former Arsenal Player Flamini …’ Why not ‘a former Marseilles’??!

  14. nicky says:

    There was some talk last year that Flamini was available and wanted to return. At the time I thought he would be a good addition to our m/f, Denilson was getting some stick and Flamini IS a 90 mins worker.
    I agree that he is another “leaver” who hasn’t prospered and I’m sorry to have perplexed you.

  15. Davi says:

    Great point. I didn’t even think about this hypocrisy. Flamini’s was more of a classic two footed, off-the-floor “leg-breaker”, but barton’s new “knee tackle” isn’t much less dangerous really. The gif shows how close it was to breaking diaby’s leg.
    We have to keep pointing out this hypocrisy, or else things will never change. Our players are put in danger far too often because weak refereeing allows awful challenges like barton’s to go unpunished. He didn’t even blow for a foul when he did something similar to arshavin, and allowed the newcastle players to purposefully foul us continuously without booking them. It just encourages “tackling” like barton’s and in the end the choice seems to be to either react like diaby did and end up going down to 10, or one of our players suffers another horrendous injury. I’d personally rather players reacted like diaby. Losing a couple of points is less important than ensuring no one get’s seriously hurt.
    Doesn’t mean diaby was right to react exactly how he did, he needed to kick up a fuss, but could have avoided a red card if he’d kept his head a bit better. It’s almost a lose-lose situation really. Shouldn’t be this way.

  16. dutchgunner says:

    speaking of bed refs anyone else worried about having the same ref against birmingham that reffed the game with eduardos leg break?

    • desigunner says:

      Man, I hadn’t checked who the ref was for the final. Now you’ve me a bit concerned. To be fair this team is good enough win against 12 or 13 but I’ll be worried about reckless tackles all through that game.

  17. RockyLives says:

    Barton’s tackle was worse. Flamini’s, though bad, did not target the player’s standing leg (the one with his body weight on it) so would always be unlikely to cause a break. Barton’s was a shocker on Diaby’s standing leg which, as your gif shows, bends painfully under the impact. I suspect if Diaby had had slightly longer studs on his leg would have snapped.

    • Davi says:

      Good point. Flamini’s was at worst an ankle breaker, but barton’s could have snapped one of his leg bones – a far worse outcome

  18. RockyLives says:

    you mean the one who also wrongly allowed a penalty to Brum in the same game, after Clichy had made a clean tackle? Yep. Worried.

  19. jack says:

    i am not interested in flamini tackle.but look at arry now.he says the tackle should be looked into.a few months ago he was saying that arsene wasnt there in england in 70s so he didnt know what english football was.he said tackles and broken legs were part and parcel of football.now look what he is saying.such a looser

    • desigunner says:

      Excellent point. Twitchy was mocking Arsene earlier but now he’s moaning like a drain. And it’s not the first time ‘Arry has been whingeing a lot this season but no one seems to bring it into focus. I wonder why!?

    • Gunner slide in says:

      Peter Storey was one of the real hard men of the game in the seventies and yet by his own admission never broke another players leg in his career.I don’t know about the records of Norman Hunter, Tommy Smith, and co. but I reckon they had a ton more respect for their fellow players than the likes of Joey Barton etc…who seems to be one of the modern breed of no brains ,no conscience.NO Arsene wasn’t there in the 70’s but if he was,he would have seen far less broken legs.

  20. James says:

    I’m sorry but the Flamini tackle is much worse. I have always been told that if you in for a tackle you have to go in 100%. Diaby should have seen Barton coming and gone in 100% himself. Still a very bad, sending off deserving tackle though.

    The rules need to change. You should not be allowed to even go to ground if you are tackling face on. There is no need. You stay on your feet and go into the tackle with your the side of your foot. End of.

    Flamini is a shit player, another “dog” as souness so marvelously put it yesterday, covers a lot of ground (considerable more than anyone else on the pitch yesterday if you check the stats) but that’s all. Song is 10x the player.

    Come on my arse!

  21. yash says:


  22. AP says:

    Aw cmon, we all know what happens next if this were EPL – {insert thug name} did not mean any malice, i know him personally, he is a saint who saves stray dogs from the street, puts half of his money into charity and is a decent honest upright sportsperson and a devout family man or whatever.
    ah how i wish some upright sportsman 2-foot-tackled Harry’s twitching neck…

  23. Mark says:

    doesn’t matter if he got the ball.
    these potentially leg-breaking tackles need to be eradicated from the game and unconditionally condemned. the player tackled had to be taken off. people who make those kinds of tackles are really foolish.

  24. 037 says:

    Great point, Desi!
    There are obvious double standards in the eyes of the English refs and managers.
    What Flamini did was meek compared to the assault on Arsenal players by Newcastle, Birmingham, Stoke, etc.

  25. Metalhead says:

    I was absolutely seething when anger when I read that SOB Harry Redknapp’s comments. If Arsene Wenger said something like that the disgusting media would have made him the culprit. The media of course were busy vilifying Gattuso. What double standards!

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  27. emma says:

    You just said what i was thinking. The challenge on diaby by joey was even horrifying than that of Flamini/coruluka. The english press never deem is wrong rather robust. all were calling for a red card. Never was a yellow card shown to barton in this incident. Spurs fan should get over it and stop moaning

  28. Danny Johnson says:

    You are missing the obvious point. It’s like diving: when Jonny Foreigner does it, it is cheating, dishonest and un-Ingerlish. When Rooney, Gerrard and owen do it, it is professionalism, smart and demonstrative of their commitment.

  29. Nayim says:

    A simple rule of football is that you cannot have both legs off the ground when you go into a challenge. It’s in the rule book. The force of such a challenge is likely to break someone’s leg as it hits in two locations, usually at and above the ankle. I know you posted this just to get visits, and you’ve obviously got me, but you’ve also managed to get the worst out of people as shown by some of the comments. As a Tottenham fan I would never wish for that type of challenge on an Arsenal player. For you to entertain the idea that this may have been a fair challenge shows either your deep lack of understanding of football or your moronic hatred of the spurs. I saw moronic because this goes beyond normal football rivalry. Either way, you have managed to disgust me.

    • desigunner says:

      Immediately after I’ve quoted ‘Arry, I’ve clearly stated I completely agree with his assessment. At no point do I say that the tackle was a fair challenge. The title of the post and most of the content was to mock the pundits in the English media. Most gooners understand that because we’ve been frustrated by such rubbish for far too long.

      There is only one moron here and it’s not difficult to see who that is. It’s your stupidity and hatred of gooners that prevents you from reading and understanding a pretty simple article.

      • Nayim says:

        Since you refer back to your article, let me point you to where you say: “But why isn’t anyone mentioning the fact that Flamini got the ball? After years of watching the English game I have learnt that any kind of assault is justified as long as one wins the ball.”

        I also refer you to where I write “As a Tottenham fan I would never wish for that type of challenge on an Arsenal player.”

        My “stupidity and hatred of gooners” is clear for everyone to see. Congrats on making such a strong counter-argument.

      • desigunner says:

        What do you understand by “most of the content was to mock the pundits in the media” ?

        This article highlights the hypocrisy and inherent bias in the media – the assault on Diaby was just one example.

        Your stupidity and hatred of gooners is clear to see from the way you’ve misread such a simple article and the language you have used.

        Anyway I can’t waste any more time on an idiot.

    • desigunner says:

      Sorry, after reading the comment below it seems you’ve got a challenger for the dumbest comment contest.

      • Nayim says:

        You don’t seem very open to people who disagree with you, do you? I guess this is not the place for any intelligent conversation, certainly not with stupid idiots like me. Your comments don’t make much sense and really contradict what you see in your original article… I realize that you are probably simply a teenager who is passionate about their team, so I’ll let this be. Cheerio!

  30. samsdad says:

    You gooners are becoming insufferable.Always bleating about your own misfortune.Why dont you all just concentrate on supporting your team. The Flamini tackle was a bad two footed challenge with the player launching himself with his feet studs up and off the ground.If Diaby had challenged with a committed tackle, he wouldnt have come out second best. But he pussied out of the tackle cos hes gunshy after his injury. Truth is, he really shouldnt be playing if hes scared to go into a tackle.

  31. Gunner slide in says:

    There is a skill and art to the sliding,ball winning tackle,where the ball winner is able to claim the ball and rise to his feet in one smooth operation.The other variety is purely to spoil, often done in an oafish manner by the likes of Numb nuts Joey Barton and others who have broken Abou’s bones out of frustration at there own lack of skill.The photo illustrates this lummox in a typical attempt (not) to obtain the ball with his knees, therefore protecting his own shins while taking out his opponent with full force.

  32. gunner says:

    Why waste of time talking about someone who didnt want to play for the club and thought he’s too big for Arsenal, just like hleb and adebayor.

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