So Now Koscielny Is International Quality, Eh!

I logged on to this morning to news that Laurent Koscielny had earned his first call-up to the French national squad. This is certainly great news and while I’m a fan of the defender I didn’t really expect it to come so soon. It could be that Blanc wants to see some new players in action in a friendly before serious games resume. Nevertheless, it’s good to know that Koscielny is in the French manager’s thoughts and has done enough to earn a place in the squad.

Given our injury worries this could yet turn out to be bad news but I don’t want to dwell on it too much. It’s not that we can change any of that by worrying.

The French defender has been criticized for large parts of the season and only the recent spate of clean sheets has earned him some respite. I don’t really take the inane ramblings of the Misery Brigade seriously but even serious writers who are generally positive and like to focus on the details have questioned Koscielny. I’m sure many will say the jury is still out as he is adapting to a new league.

Broadly speaking, I agree Koscielny has made a number of mistakes, especially at the start of the season. There were times when he was not strong enough in a challenge, he also made the occasional rash tackle, was sent off a few times, and so on.

I have realized that often I agree with the observations of the critics but not their conclusions. So if a defender makes three mistakes in three games I would agree with the observations but not the opinion that the defender lacks quality. Similarly, a few good games don’t make someone is a great defender in my eyes.

The points I like to note are, what exactly does the defender do on the pitch, How often does he repeat his mistakes, How quickly does he add to his game, etc.

Based on what I’ve seen Koscielny does a lot more on the pitch than someone like Gallas, for instance. In that sense he is a big improvement. Gallas was not a bad defender but he didn’t attack the ball often enough and didn’t always close the striker down as well as Koscielny does. He certainly didn’t make as many tackles or interceptions as Koscielny. Gallas was physically stronger and offered something special in the box while attacking but I’ve a feeling Koscielny will improve on those fronts.

The other big positive I have felt is that Koscielny hasn’t repeated his mistakes very often something that Gallas and even Vermaelen have been guilty of. Part of the reason could be that Koscielny reads the game better than both and has superior tackling technique which probably gives him better positioning sense and more confidence in tackling.

Anyway, I don’t want to turn this into a eulogy for our new defender. He’s still learning and has a long way to go. If he carries on working hard and improving at the current rate he can turn into one of the world’s best defenders. But we all know it’s tough to reach the top and easy to fall down at any moment.

One point of this article is that development and adaptation are processes. They take time. Players must be given time when they are new or going through a lean patch of form.

Another point is that fans should not judge a player on his transfer fees or where he played his football. It comes across as an extremely naive way of thinking. At that level we have to implicitly trust that Wenger knows what he is doing and must have strong, objective reasons for signing a player who hasn’t played at the highest level for long. Le Boss doesn’t always get it right, no one can, but very few have the level of knowledge or understanding to question his decisions without the benefit of hindsight.

I have said this before and will say it again, this season Arsenal’s four central defenders are much better than the ones we had last year. Vermaelen is common to both years and is not part of the comparison but Koscielny, Djourou, and Squillaci are much better than Gallas, Campbell, and Silvestre.

After 24 games Chelsea, United, and Arsenal have conceded 21, 22, and 23 goals respectively! I’ve a feeling if the dubious goals conceded by each team are taken into account Arsenal might actually do better than the two rivals. That doesn’t conclusively prove that Arsenal’s defenders are just as good or better but it certainly disproves the theory that our defenders are much worse.

Public opinion is often influenced by writers in the media and the pundits who try to link every single event to title challenges. If a new defender makes a blooper in the first game of the season people start talking like, “Arsenal cannot win the title with such defending”. Not the exact words but you get the idea. It’s ridiculous but sadly, all pervasive. And it fuels the naive arguments based on the transfer fee and previous experience. I guess it’s something we just have to live with.

When I started writing this piece I didn’t realize this was how it was going to turn out. I was just happy for Koscielny and for everyone who works with him Arsenal. So for now I’ll just end with congratulations to a young man who has made a meteoric rise based on his talent and hard work. Long may it continue. Hopefully, he will come back with a pleasant experience, increased confidence, and no injuries!

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  1. Chris R says:

    Nice piece. I have been a big fan of Koscielny’s, even in the early parts of the season when he struggled. I can’t really add much more to what you said, but I do think Koscielny’s powers of recovery after an error are to be commended. He is improving with every game, and I think as he grows stronger he will become a truly world-class centre-back.

    • desigunner says:

      Excellent point about recovery. I guess that comes from a never say die spirit.

      • Prabal Rakshit says:

        I am sure some of the readers would have come across this Arsenal Column article on Laurent.
        Some interesting observations made in the article and the ensuing comments:
        – Kos likes to stick to the attacker till he wins the ball back. While this is usually very effective, it might backfire mightily if he is up against someone like Messi, who plays the false 9 role to the fullest.
        – His game is based on positional awareness and anticipating the opponents next move. More often than not he does it well, but if he gets that wrong, it has suslly resulted in a clear goal scoring opportunity.
        – His most important asset is that under almost all conditrions he can find a way to pass the ball to a team mate and not just boot it out of the danger zone. While the latter is certainly advisable in some cases (like defending a narrow 1-0 lead against Barca :-)), more often than not, it results in a missed counter attack or worse still being pinned by the opposition for a long time e.g. OT game this season.
        GOing forward I feel he should be partenered with JD20 more often rather than TV5, as we would have two very similar forward moving defenders, and can often be caught out of position.

      • desigunner says:

        Thanks for sharing the link. It was a very well written article.

        Succinct observations as well. However, I don’t think we miss out on counter attacks because the defender looks for a pass rather than a hoof. Counter attacks rarely come from blind hoofs. In fact it has been one of the weaknesses of Arsenal. I feel at OT we got pinned back because the midfield wasn’t able to find the balance between attack and defence. We hoofed the ball quite a few times and kept coming back.

  2. charybdis1966 says:

    Des, I was at the game on Tuesday and we were defending the goal I was behind and at the final whistle Clichy jumped onto Kozzer to salute his match winning goal and his memorable game.
    And as for the bundle after his goal, that showed the lads appreciated the importance of winning after a wrongly allowed goal.
    Great atmosphere there as you’ve probably gathered by now.

    • desigunner says:

      Thanks for sharing that. I hadn’t seen the post match incident. The huddle after the goal and the atmosphere at the stadium in general were great to see. Kudos to you for being a part of that.

      • charybdis1966 says:

        It’s one of those off the camera things I try and pick out, like when Cesc was asking the lino why he didn’t see Felliani’s assault on Theo towards the end.

      • desigunner says:

        Great. Cesc has been taking more responsibility in terms of talking with the officials. I like it but sometimes I worry if a ref will book him (even though he has the right to talk)and it might even lead to a sending off.

  3. Andy says:

    What were people expecting from Koscielny. He was plucked from the lower French league division, so he was always going to take time to adjust to the EPL. He was always going to make mistakes and for that I honestly can not blame him. If he had tons of experience as Squillaci then I would have an issue with him. In fact its’ Squillaci who has been a let down. I honestly thought his experience would be an added bonus, but he appears to be having a hard time adjusting to the EPL.

    • Kofi says:

      I think his adjusting has been humpered largely by shady officiating. His red card against Liverpool, Torres hit the ball to his face, Second was the clear dive against newcastle close to the centre line with claims of goal scoring oppotunity. I think we need to give credit where it is due. Rio and co get away with worse offences so these guys always play against not less than 13 people

      • desigunner says:

        I agree the one against Liverpool was certainly an unlucky one. Not so sure about the ‘dive’ by the Newcastle player. I think that was a foul and the debate was whether it can be construed a clear goal scoring opportunity so far away from the goal.

  4. sam says:

    certainly not a great news. we’ve lost players in the past because of stupid friendlies.
    someone please tell blanc that squillaci is french. i hope wenger does something about this. we need koz to stay fit till may.

    • drey says:

      lmao!!! take squillaci instead i beg of u blanc!!!

      • Kofi says:

        Interesting we now complain about Squilacci. He was in a top flight team with “more experience” than Kos. We even said he was better at the beginning of the season. Arsenal fans should now rise against the bias from officials and pundits who make us not trust our own players. If your wife does trust you what confidence do you have trying to impress her

      • desigunner says:

        Interesting point Kofi. At the beginning of the season there were a lot of positive vibes being created about Squillaci. He was supposed to he a rough and tough kind of player, experienced, and with character. Now the tables have turned on him. I think he is definitely better than Campbell and Silvestre and probably on par with Gallas.

  5. Paul C. says:

    Very nice piece. It is all too easy for people to jump on players after one or two mistakes soon after arrival at a club. That is especially the case when they are coming from a different country and culture. I always point out that Vidic was universally slated after his first 3 months at Utd. Many were calling him a complete waste of money and one of Fergie’s worst buys ever. Look how that one turned out.

    Koscielny has everything you could want in a defender. He reads the game well, tackles well, heads well, and is secure in possesion. His early problems seemed to be about lack of strength and occasionaly lapses in judgement as to how close to mark people. He got turned a few times early on which led to 2 red cards and a few cheap goals conceded. It has been ages since I can remember him getting turned easily.

    If the mark of player is how quickly he learns from mistakes and improves, then Koscielny has the potential to be something very special. Fingers crossed that he continues to learn at such a rapid rate.

    • desigunner says:

      Vidic is a very good example. Even the likes of Alex and Ivanovic didn’t start playing immediately after signing (for varying reasons). I’m going to keep a close watch on David Luiz just to see how soon he adapts. He’s come in at a good time when Chelsea have regained some form so it might be relatively easier for him but it will be interesting to watch.

      • AnonymousGun says:

        Why look outside, granted they are all defenders.. i just look inside and remember Pires in his 1st season fondly 😀

      • desigunner says:

        🙂 Yeah, there are some big examples at Arsenal. I was thinking more from the point of view of defenders and Arsene supposedly having a blind spot in signing defenders.

  6. Segzeal says:

    Truly,i was waiting to see what he could add and i never doubts Wenger’s signings as from the moment i saw the new on youngguns, i knew he was going to be a good defender. Good for Kozzer and good for Arsenal. Congrats Koz

  7. Billy says:

    As to our goals against total this year, I think the biggest reason for it is that we are leading the league with the lowest shots against. ManU and Chelsea are 2 and 3 in this category and we are leading them by giving up almost 35 less shots on the year!

    Whether this has more to do with our midfield or our defenders, I am not sure the stats can tell.

    • desigunner says:

      Excellent observation. I think Arsenal dominate the ball a bit more than the rivals and also push the opponents back a lot more. Chelsea did that earlier in the season but struggled a bit in the last few weeks. I guess that has a direct correlation with shots against. United often sit back and invite pressure.

      Of course, when we get it wrong there seems to be a higher chance of conceding as there are vast open spaces in the Arsenal half. This also makes the defenders look a lot worse than they are.

  8. Unbeatengooner says:

    Kudos to Koscielny. I liked it when, in one of his early interviews on his dual nationality, the boy expressed his confidence of being in the French national team for the European championship, 2012. He is certainly getting there and I hope, as a Les Blues’ fan, he and Sakho are there thereabouts for a long time.
    Maybe the comment is two articles too late, but I just feel one guy who could have been a fine addition to the squad just due to the mould he is, and yet is never far from being linked with arsenal, is Jan Vertonghen.
    Left footed, stands 6″2, technically better than most centre halves, physical and can play the ball.
    He’s had a problem having to play with a very similar player, Vermaelen, with two sides- Ajax and Belgium.
    The problem has made him take to the holding midfield role. That means he can play
    1. instead of Song.
    2. with Song, in Wilshere’s role.
    3. as back up centre half.
    Don’t get me wrong, after having sustained more testing transfer periods, this was one where we had, by far, one of the best squads, in terms of depth and balance. Besides, with someone like Wilshere doing the role better than most expected him to on the first day at Anfield, it’s not Wenger to kill one of his younger player’s chances by doing a carroll. So, I’d completely understand the decision. But, in general, the mould Vertonghen has to offer, I feel, could take so much pressure off Song and add balance to this promising outfit.

    • desigunner says:

      Your observations about Vertonghen are valid. We’ve discussed what he can bring to the side on a number of occasions on this blog. If memory serves, Phil, a regular contributor, was the first to mention him quite a while back.

      I have no doubt Arsene has a fair sized dossier on Vertonghen. Why he hasn’t made a move is something only the wise old man can explain.

      • Unbeatengooner says:

        I’ve been following you for a fair bit, and yet haven’t spotted it. My bad.
        Either way, the fan in me is still going to be kicking the boss itching him to buy someone who, clearly, is going to improve the squad.
        And yet, after a few years, when Ramsey, Wilshere and Frimpong would be bossing our midfield, Le Boss would turn to me and say – ‘This is why.’
        Coming from the land of Gandhi, and watching Wenger being our boss in a world of madness, I’m indeed moved to draw lines between the great men.
        ‘Ahimsa (Non-violence) is the highest form of bravery.’

      • desigunner says:

        I didn’t mean to imply that you’re late or anything like that. We’d discussed this in the summer transfer window or perhaps even earlier. So it’s quite possible that many readers haven’t spotted it. It doesn’t take anything away from the validity of your points anyway.

        I share the same feeling. I have been hoping for one versatile defensive addition. But I realize, just as you said, a ‘this is why’ moment will come soon enough.

  9. Jay says:

    Kozzer has played well since the boss broke up his pairing with squillaci. Most of the game where arsenal have conceded few goals was when djourou started. the game vs braga was an anomaly as both goals happened on a break.

    Djourou Kozzer partnership is what made him a france international. he’s been really good the last two months and thats when Johan started playing everygame.

  10. Darran Lancley says:

    Very good article. open, and not over opinionated. Like also how u say u did not know how it was going to turn out. I agree what you say about Kos. People expect the finsihed article immediately, but he still needs time. But like you say, all the signs are there and what i do like about him is how he reads the game the game. He prefers to see what the striker is about to do and stands his ground rather than dive straight in. Think this composure allows others to chase back as well. Keep it up Kos!

    • desigunner says:

      Thanks and good point. I believe defenders have to be good at decision making wrt standing off and closing down. Koscielny picks his moments better than most and has learnt from his initial mistakes.

  11. Northbanker says:

    As I don’t live in England anymore I can only manage to come here once a season combining visiting my sister and watching a game at the Emirates. So this season was the Everton game.
    The multiple mistakes (not only the offside goal) made by the match officials defied logic and made for a nerve wrecking game. But while some players were showing frustration Koscielny commendably kept his cool and just got on with the job. As well as learning to play in a new league with new players he also has to form a partnership with the other central defender. I think a lot of people who’ve criticised him forget he has had to adapt to playing along side 3 different central defenders since signing for Arsenal. This, together with all the other problems when signing for a new club, shows just how far he has progressed. Thanks Desi for a level headed analysis of the player.

    • desigunner says:

      Given their ages Koscielny, Djourou, and Vermaelen can form the basis of a strong defence for years to come. I can see them playing rotating and playing in different combinations seamlessly.

  12. realistic tony says:

    I was critical of kos….i believe it was as a result of adaption time coupled with quite exasperating displays with the very poor squillachi. I SEE A LOT OF IMPROVEMENT ALREADY…but hes some way off the finished article. But i can see him making it and he has a good heart for the fight.

    • Stepanov's sidestep says:

      It is a great relief to see this apparently rapid improvement in Kos, and very important to our title hopes.It must be quite a few years since we have witnessed young,raw centre backs maturing into first choice players(JD included-who knows,they may become as good as Ferdinand /Vidic)This is what we have been waiting for after far too long putting up with an endless parade of Hacks and Has-beens in the CB position.There was a time when Arsenal could, and would go out and buy any top England international defender, and marry this with developement through the ranks. I think we’re all looking forward to no longer choking on our hearts every time we defend a corner!

  13. Phv says:

    Desi, how do you watch the matches again ? Where do you download the Arsenal games from ?

  14. Davi says:

    Koscielny fell victim to the fans’ ridiculous demands of instant success, despite everyone saying whenever a player joins that they need a season to adapt to the PL. When I first saw kos I thought he was an extremely talented defender, as did many people, but I think he’d only had one season at the top level in france before coming here. It’s a very fast rise, so in reality he’s done remarkably well to settle in as quickly as he has. I would have expected the far more experienced squillaci to be doing better at this point in the season, but it hasn’t turned out that way.
    Kos is going to keep getting better, and I really think he will be top class in a season or two. He’s doing great at the moment, along with Djourou, but they will both get better with experience, and their odd mistakes will become increasingly rare. This international call up will only improve kos’ confidence make him a better player as well.

  15. samir nasri says:

    no one even mentioned the pace he’s gained since the start of the season.

    obviously it really is obvious, but he’s poured it on in terms of strength. i trust him to make last ditch tackles on messi, definitely more than gallas!

    by next year, provided he finishes this year strongly, i think we will have yet another defender capable of keeping the drogba’s, rooney’s, messi’s, and etoo’s of the world at bay on a consistent basis.

    • samir nasri says:

      this is not based on a transfer fee. or the call-up. none of that stuff

      the guy just has a natural feeling about his play, really good gut decisions that other defenders don’t make and attackers don’t expect. his long balls from the back as of late have been gorgeous

      the french connection at arsenal is great, i think it will definitely keep nasri and his compatriots on contracts, and i feel all the french we have are just great quality (coquelin isn’t even in our team yet..). and so what if they aren’t all english? from what i understand jack, theo, and keiran are great friends with samir and cesc. so clearly the nationality does nothing to stifle the team spirit.

      overall just happy watching the team play. the dynasty keeps growing, in my opinion.

      the only french player for me who hasn’t 100% proved himself, but i still feel has great qualities, is diaby.

  16. Davi says:

    Jay – the braga game was a joke. Dive after dive. With a strong ref we would have cruised that game, but every little trick the opposing players tried was bought by the ref and it game them confidence.

  17. IncredibleG says:

    Well said Desi,

    I feel that in Vermaelen, Koscielny and Djourou we have 3 TOP defenders at various stages of development. So much so that the rumours of us bringing Mamadou Sakho to the Emirates in the summer, even though I’d love that, leave me wondering how we can possibly use them all enough to keep them happy or play them enough to allow them to develop into the players they are capable of becoming.

    My big fear at the moment, and I hope it’s just paranoia, is for Alex Song. I don’t expect you to remember my previous comments but I keep a positive outlook on our team and don’t have much time for the constant negativity we see all too often as gooners. However, the comments (or lack thereof) coming out of Arsenal about Alex are not imbuing me with confidence in him making a speedy recovery.

    Alex Song is the one player at Arsenal that I cannot see a replacement for. I honestly think that Nasri is en route to becoming god 2 but Alex song manages to combine his CB grounding with that burgeoning attacking edge and, at times, spectacular control (see his goal at eastlands) and cool-headedness.

    The fact that no explanation of the extent of his injury has come from Arsenal gives me flashbacks to Rosicky and Vermaelen. I hope I’m wrong but I would pose the question: Given the general negativity of large portions of the online gooner community, why is no one else worrying about this?

    • desigunner says:

      Well I haven’t read the negative blogs for a long time so I don’t know what they’re saying.

      I’m a bit worried about Song but I think Arsenal can adapt without him if Arsene makes some tactical adjustments. If Diaby gets back to form and Wilshere and Cesc stay fit we can play without Song for a few weeks at least.

      • Claver says:

        I think with Song it’s just a knock on the hip from his collision with Szczesny. It will hurt for a day or two, then he should get back to fitness.

        A good rest will make sure he is back at optimum.

        It’s time for Denilson and Diaby to step up. Song, Nasri, Vermaelen shud be back for the Barca game. The 1st one, I hope.

  18. […] So Now Koscielny Is International Quality, Eh! I logged on to this morning to news that Laurent Koscielny had earned his first call-up to the French […] […]

  19. Henry XIV says:

    Nice article. I think Koscielny is improving with every game, and is obviously gaining confidence. One thing about him that makes me nervous though is his eagerness to go the ball . You counted that among Gallas’ problems and I disagree with that a little. I don’t think attacking the ball necessarily makes a defender better.
    I think an experienced defender doesn’t take uneccessary risks, and doesn’t need to attack the ball so often. A smart forward (or a very powerful/fast one) would be able to catch him out of position relatively easily, leaving a hole in the middle our opponnents can exploit.
    I’ve seen it happen a few times this season, and since Vermaelen is a similar type of defender, it can make for some uncomfortable viewing if they were to be paired together!

    On a side note, I would be curious to know your opinion on his aerial ability. I have to admit I’ve noticed JD has been terrific in that department, Koscielny? I don’t really know yo be honest. ( I tend to close my eyes when long balls are hoofed into our box 😉 )

    Apart from that, I think he’s doing pretty well so far and improving tremendously. The international call up is well deserved.

    • desigunner says:

      I meant to say attacking the ball, mostly headers, in the box.

      I agree attacking the ball in general presents the defender with a tricky choice. I think Koscielny is learning to get that decision making right but has room for improvement on that front.

      My problem with Gallas was that he stayed off the striker far too often. Even now if you see Saha or Dembele’s goal against Spurs you’ll notice Gallas dropping back and not closing the striker down well enough.

      Koscielny is decent in the air. Against Chelsea he won a lot against Drogba but most people reserved praise for Djourou after that game. Drogba initially started that game playing on the side of Koscielny and moved towards Djourou only after he struggled against the Frenchman. Even in the Sunderland away game and the visit to Blackburn where we were bombarded with a lot of balls in the box Koscielny did a decent job.

      Overall I think there is still an issue with the team shape and coordination amongst defenders and midfielders while dealing with aerial balls but Koscielny, as an individaual, is quite good in the air.

  20. Henry XIV says:

    I just read Prabal Rakshit’s post and he made the same points I did in my post and rather more eloquently 🙂 (it IS very late right now)

  21. chpangemanan says:

    I’m glad to know Dave’s (I know from twitter that Koscielny is called Dave by some of his teammates) call up and with Blanc being a defender himself, he must have seen Kos’ quality the way Arsene did.

    Even though this is only a friendly, but hopefully he can play against Brazil and test himself more against the likes of Robinho and co.

    Playing together with Sagna, Clichy, or even Squillaci together both at club and internationally will help them forge that un-mythical defensive solidity we all yearn. Congratulation for him again.

    On a lighter note, I see you’ve been following what happen to the players on twitter too desi…are you using it regularly now desi? Really curious to see how you feel during matches…

    • desigunner says:

      Not really, I’m a bit backward in that sense. I visit the players’ twitter pages via my browser (bookmarked) once in a while to see what they’ve been saying 🙂

  22. T2T says:

    Excellent blog. In a similar line, Mark Lawrenson on makes the following statement: “Joe Hart has made a couple of errors in goal too, which happens”

    When an Arsenal GK makes a mistake, “everyone”; pundits, the AA Brigade, etc all claim Arsenal need to buy a new GK, the ones we have isn’t good enough,…

    By many, Joe Hart was repeatedly mention as the Messiah that would solve all our problems, or maybe Shay Given who’s kept out of the ManC line up by no other than the same Joe Hart that has made a couple of errors.

    • desigunner says:

      You know if the Arsenal keepers and the pundit favourites (Hart for instance) both make 5 major mistakes in a season; the general comments would be that Hart just made a couple of mistakes while the Arsenal keeper made a mistake in every game. It’s just a matter of perception and how false opinions get formed by a few people repeating them.

  23. JJ Pittman says:

    Cant believe I went out for drinks and dinner and came back to a brand new post and 38 comments! Loved Kosc from the first match I saw him. Made a couple of mistakes early on, one WTF header back to Almunia which was converted to goal, but that kind of physical mistake happens.
    Think he still has a tendency to force the play too early which doesn’t help with our “high line” style and he doesn’t have the quickness of Clichy to get back and “clean up his own mess” These are very minor points, as he seems to be learning everything at a very rapid rate. He is already as good on offensive set pieces as TV5 who was arguably our best at that last season.
    Best thing I see about Kosc is his seemingly unruffled way of carrying himself.
    Congratulations for well-deserved recognition from his namesake, who was also an
    outstanding player for les Bleus. Have a good time and don’t get hurt!

  24. Kushagra India says:

    The best thing that I liked about Koscielny from his early days was his habit of attacking the ball out of the box he is a very proactive defender rather than a reactive very Vidic-esque ,keeps the danger out of the box..Best of luck to him.

  25. amaan says:

    what I like most about kos is (I may be wrong) he do not sulk if he makes a mistake. for e.g. he was directly responsible for the blackburn goal away. when he was overpowered by Diouf, instead he gave an excellent performance throughout the match and helped hold on to the one goal lead.

  26. alphie says:

    Desi..nice article.that versatile defender is song and his replacement is frimpong coz he can play DM well as per pre-season games b4 injury,he’s unique attacking skill is almost similar to diaby in that he helps the team quickly transform from defence to attack much faster than song.

    Kos is class,you can just see it and feel it.all he needs is more power which by season end i believe he’ll have achieved,


  27. yibeltal says:

    I love Koscienly, but not Squillaci. Koscienly is much more confident enough in reaching and blocking the ball from strikers but Squillaci can not did this before.

  28. Claver says:


    But how will Arsene play the 3 defenders? Together? I feel the competition will be between Vermaelen and Kosy.

    Djourou has a height advantage and is especially powerful in the air. Vermaelen is probably our best distributor of the ball amongst the defenders and Kosy our most tenacious marker.

    With these 3, I think we may be able to fully exploit our attacking capabilities if we play 3 at the back.


    Verm, Djourou, Kosy

    Song, Diaby

    Walcott, Fabregas, Nasri, Arshavin

    Van Persie

    The only thing necessary with this formation is for Fabregas (who can play deep) and Arshavin to be more defensively minded.

    There is no difference between this formation and our current use of fullbacks in the sense of attacking play from the wings.

  29. Faisal says:

    I don’t think he’ll get a start so injuru wise or even fatega is not an issue , i think it’s good no matter how u look at it ..
    I like kos , i think he can b the next vidic , wht i like the most is hoe intellegant his play is ,, he uses hia mussels , he tackels , but in a smart way , and he usually just uses hia awarnce to get the ball b4 the attaker by reading the game so well – nesta style – and thats the style i like !! U can even c his game reading in his goals , he dosent battle for the ball he just gets it b4 defenders and with no marking !!!
    I also like the fact that he’s a quick adapter , from what i’ve read 3 yers ago he waanet even playing profisional football !! Big steps in short period but he’s adapted well , just look at him at the blackbern game and now and u’ll c the defferannce !! I think wenger mented to ease him to the action but due to tv’s injury he was thrown amediatly to the sea !!!

    One more piont , i really like our new cb’s ,, even sculacci who i think is mediocare at best but ley’s not forget he’s our number 4 !! Even city don’t have a 4th cb such as !!!
    Btw ,, after verma’s retuern who would u like to pair him kos or dj ? 
    For my self i like them both and i can c us rotaiting much and picking them based on the apponant , how about u ?

  30. amit says:

    well written…hope that wenger buys a CB in summer!!

  31. oneil says:

    Every time i see Kos on the pitch the phrase “quiet but deadly” springs to mind…he has an air about him that i can’t put a finger the game against Everton, after the Saha goal you can tell there was one thing on his mind…”we must win”…he started going forward with zeal and i could just tell he was going to score and i called before the corner was taken…al i shout at the television was “MY BOY”

  32. aaaa says:

    I THINK he that donkey a chelski john terry had done a few misstakes peps would have sed not 1 thing we r a better team with kos in the team it is his 1st season at arsenal and in the epl i cant think of any cb that has come to a top 3 club in this country and done this well in his 1st year next year he will be so much better

  33. The BearMan says:

    Well done to Kos! He has worked extremely hard and done a grand job since his move to Arsenal. The Bear was very sceptical not in his ability, but his height and size and believed CD was too tall and order for him.

    The Bear never questioned his commitment, and large heart, and still affirms that he has such a vision and radar to detect perfectly where the ball will land the moment it leaves the oppositions keepers foot and will find himself there before everyone. Still believes he operates a little out of position and kinda felt linking with Alex Song or Diaby in an Emmanuel Petit, Vieira role\partnership, would have brought out the best in him. Taking the pressure off the back four… It will be interesting to read others comments on that?

    Kos did adjust to his role and English style very quickly.

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