Has Arsene Missed A Trick In The Transfer Market?

Who says Manchester United haven’t signed anyone in the January transfer window?! It seems they’ve added two more game changers to their list of match-winners. Lee Mason and Stephen Child haven’t been officially unveiled at Old Trafford but it’ll be hard to argue they’ve not joined Howard Webb.

I think Wenger missed a trick there. If he had signed one or two such men capable of making a decisive contribution Arsenal would surely have won the Premiership title and might also have benefitted in the domestic cups.

On a more serious note (some might say nothing can be more serious but let’s leave it at that for now) I think this transfer window has been a fairly good one from Arsenal’s point of view.

Interestingly, all the major ‘ins’ have been in England. Outside the Premiership the biggest deals were probably Gustavo to Bayern and Pazzini to Inter. I don’t think any of the deals was worth more than €15M but I could be wrong.

In contrast English clubs have spent lavishly on five strikers and one central defender amongst other deals. I’m sure you know the details so I won’t get into those.

Chelsea have strengthened their squad in what seems like a desperate last throw of the dice by Abramovic. After trying to bring the finances under control by signing a number of young players the Russian had to splurge when it looked like Chelsea could struggle for a top 4 place. Their recent revival and the addition of Torres and Luiz should see them cement their place in the Champions League spots. It will be a real surprise if the Blues win the Premiership this season but they will have a strong shout in the Cups.

More importantly, they will certainly have a big say in who wins the Premier League title. Manchester United have to play two games against them and that could help Arsenal.

United have back to back away games to Chelsea and Liverpool. Will Suarez and Carroll help the Gunners? Of course they could also hurt us when Liverpool come to visit the Emirates in April. Either way Liverpool’s strikers will make an impact on the Premiership title.

Whether Dzeko can make the Manchester derby any less boring will be seen soon enough.

From the Premiership fixtures’ point of view this transfer window has been good for Arsenal.

Not surprisingly, the exorbitant sums involved in some of these transfers have raised a number of red flags. In a couple of years we will see whether UEFA have the bite to go with their bark. These transfer numbers will certainly make a difference because this year’s results will be taken into account.

Then there is the Government that is closely monitoring football. The Department for Culture, Media and Sport is currently conducting an inquiry into the state of English football. I’m not a big fan of government interventions as they end up creating more problems than they solve but these transfers will definitely make an impact on the results of that inquiry. This article, an interview with Professional Footballers’ Association chief executive Gordon Taylor,  claims that the government might enforce even more stringent financial regulations than will be provided by UEFA’s financial fair play initiative.

In the short term, I can see many fans disappointed with the fact that the club did not buy any defensive cover.

My opinion is that Arsenal need one more versatile defensive minded player, someone like Song or Kompany who can play in midfield or central defence. I don’t necessarily see that player as a backup for Song or the Centre Backs but someone who can compete for a first team slot and offer a good option for rotations. This was my opinion in the summer when everyone else was crying out for a Goalkeeper and the performances so far have only strengthened my belief.

Arsenal have enough options in attack but the balance of the team is affected when Wenger has to rotate the Midfielders and Full Backs.

My guess is that Arsene understands this need. That is the reason he was looking for a player. It was not just a result of Squillaci and Vermaelen being injured. Everyone knew Squillaci would be back in three weeks. I don’t think that injury had much to do with Wenger’s interest in the market but it could have been a decent excuse.

Having said that, I can also understand why Arsene might not have found the right player this January. All the big transfers show that the selling clubs have extorted maximum value for their prized assets. Even then it’s not a simple matter of splashing the cash as the crazy, failed bids by the Tiny Totts show. ‘Arry said that Spuds offered £35M for Rossi but Villareal didn’t want to sell. If that’s true and if Athletico Madrid rejected a similarly insane offer for Aguero then we can see how Arsene might have struggled to find the right player.

This is not limited to the big deals either. Some clubs wanted Charlie Adam. But they didn’t get him. It was a relatively low value deal but there were complications.

Signing players in January can be a lot more difficult than the summer. For instance, last January, from what I have understood, Bordeaux didn’t want to sell and Chamakh didn’t want to force the issue in the middle of the season where they were having a decent run in the Champions League. Even if Wenger wanted him due to our injury crisis up front, Le Boss couldn’t have signed the Moroccan.

I think at some point in the future we will learn that Wenger had a number of targets for buying or for bringing on loan. But for one or the other reason nothing worked out. I know at the moment this seems like a hollow statement and some will continue to believe the club ‘did nothing’ in the transfer window.

Some time back, Arsene mentioned a very interesting point about ‘Artificial Pressure’ and I feel many fans succumb to this. Instead of analyzing the actual issues and current requirements they lose the point in generalizations based on the drought of the last five years. They also fail to acknowledge the practical problems in the market. In some ways it’s the fans showing they lack the mental strength to deal with the stress of following a football club that does things the right way. But over the last couple of seasons I have realized it’s impossible to have a rational discussion with someone who trivializes the issues or ignores the complexities involved, so I won’t make the mistake of trying to explain this to anyone who thinks Arsene did nothing in the January market.

I strongly believe a defensive player is needed but I would also give Wenger the benefit of the doubt. The fans can complain or turn themselves into ‘like a new signing’ twelfth man. That’s the only addition we can still make.

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  1. Domhuaille MacMathghamhna says:

    Excellent blog………right on………love the artificial pressure analogy……absolutely true for many wannabe Fantasy Football pseudo-managers who all know better than Arsene!

    Keep up the good work Desi gunner!

  2. Sonu says:

    To be honest,I really feel we missed a trick in this Transfer Window. I agree that, the club must have tried to sign or get players on loan and it might have been really difficult as clubs are not willing to let go of crucial players midway through the season. It’s only either a huge sum of money that can make them sell or they would be willing to loan out a player who is out of form or just a youngster and boy!, we have plenty of that in our team already. The reason I said we might’ve missed a trick is because we had a whole month to do something about our current situation in terms of lack of depth in the defensive positions.It shouldn’t be very difficult to find atleast an average player to play as back up and it is business after all so even if you end up losing a couple of million then so be it.When the problem is right there in your face,that is a risk you are expected to take, especially when there is a chance for this team to achieve something great this season and has a record of injury prone players, it just makes more sense to add to the squad now because we are in a position to win some silverware now and you can’t always rely on youngsters coming through next season.Get a decent player and win something for this season and when you have an abundance of talent at your disposal next season or this, that is a problem that Wenger is getting paid to solve amongst others ofcourse.
    Now it is just a question of keeping your fingers crossed, hoping and praying that our players remain injury free for the rest of the season and leaving a lot depending on luck.

    • Waleed says:

      Why would we waste money on an average player when we can just recall Bartley to play there if needed? Or even Ignasi Miquel?
      And then we have Song who can play at CB. So a couple of games with him there and Diaby/Denilson covering in midfield wouldn’t hurt as much as signing a crap CB just to please people like yourself who pretend to know but don’t know.

    • IndianGunner says:

      Here we go again.
      “has a record of injury prone players”
      Have you seen the last match with Everton? Almost each and everyone of our players was targeted and rotationally fouled. I think it was their substitute left back who first caught Theo on the ankle and that too at full speed.
      Our players are not injury-prone but are at the receiving end of deliberate physical onslaught designed to prevent us from playing.
      It’s because of ineptitude on the part of the officials that we have injuries.

      And to tell you frankly, it’s going to get worse since teams near the relegation zone would be realizing the possibility of relegation and going at out players to stop as playing.

      The sad part is, as Wenger said post-match, no amount of cover is good enough if you start loisng players every match

  3. JJ Pittman says:

    We have to give Wenger the benefit of the doubt. All your points are well taken. However, we all have to sweat out the total lack of cover at cb. Song can’t play everywhere, and he’s questionable for Saturday. I’m almost thankful Denilson is evidently not an option. He loses every physical confrontation and makes way too many low percentage passes, plus he is probably the worst going side-to-side instead of forward. The second half against a good Everton side we looked as vigorously offensive as Barca. Hard to maintain that level, but we have to try. Still a long way to go til seasons end.

  4. T2T says:

    Against Newcastle:

    Sagna, Djourou, Koscielny, Clichy
    Diaby, Wilshere
    Walcott, v Persie, Arshavin

    Subs: Almunia, Eboue, Song, Rosicky, Bendtner, Chamakh (the last one being either one of Gibbs/Denilson)

  5. Meneurdejeu10 says:

    Terrific blog Desi

    I feel the player that we missed out on is Luis Suarez. Two footed, pacey, shooting ability from anywhere and a world class matchwinner.

    At 25 million euros he is definitely value for money. Because next year he will be a leading candidate for footballer of the year.

    At 24 years of age, he is a better footballer than Bendtner, Chamakh, Vela and Walcott.

    We have strikers who are shot shy, physically weak, or technically inferior.

    Luis Suarez has the creativity of Arshavin and the finishing ability of Ronaldo of Brazil (arguably the greatest attacker of any era).

    Nasri Wilshere,Song with Suarez and Arshavin flanking RVP would have been special.

    Value for money and an outstanding footballer.

    Arsenal, Chelsea, Man Utd, Man City all missed out.

    • Waleed says:

      Suarez is definitely not better than all of our strikers. And with the exception of Chamakh, our strikers aren’t shot shy either.

      I don’t know why you’re talking him up so much. We have Nasri and Walcott who play on the wings. They are both better than Suarez.

  6. Meneurdejeu10 says:

    Oh yea. Arshavin is very special.

    Bergkamp,Henry,Vieira,Adams, and Arshavin.

    He is up there in terms of talent with any player we’ve had.

    Two footed,creativity and eye for goal. Primetime performer.

    Our best player. My favourite player on our team

  7. Dark Prince says:

    Well its said that if Chelsea win their fa cup replay against everton then their 5th round match will be played on the day they take on United. In short Chelsea’s home match against United will be postponed to May again. So United will have less pressure bcoz then they’ll have a weak off before they play Liverpool. Lucky or wat??

    • desigunner says:

      Lets hope Everton knock them out. Will be good for us on both fronts 🙂 Highly unlikely but we can always hope

    • Phv says:

      It does not matter because Torres still loves scoring against United even if Vidic and Ferdinand have had some rest.It will be 3 points for Chelsea.They will be really lucky if he is injured at that time.

  8. Phv says:

    The reason he does not buy defensive cover is Frimpong(and maybe Coquelin).He needed a striker last winter but chose to buy chamakh in the summer. Now he also chose not to buy in the winter and wait for Frimpong who is back in 7 weeks(but probably will not play for us this season) and also of course Vermaelen who is back in 4 weeks. If we survive without big injury problems from Song,Djourou and Koscielny in the next month we will be all right. This is a huge risk because of the number of games but Wenger is willing to make this risk.After the final in the Carling Cup and the elimination in the Champions from Barca, we will not have too busy schedule and the injuries will be at a minimum.Frimpong will be available from next season so we will have plenty of defensive options.I think Vermaelen can play as a defensive midfielder but Wenger will never play him there.We still have big chances for the title and the carling ! We have to keep the faith.

  9. mycroft holmes says:

    Stumbled across your blog–will bookmark it. Great read.

    I don’t know about a defensive transfer. I don’t think the limiting factor was price as much as it was the current roster situation. What calibre player are you suggesting we bring in?

    We’re thin at the back. We need someone who can step in a contribute competently and at least semi-regularly.

    A 15mil big-name transfer would bolster any defense, to be sure, but is that what we need? Djourou and Koscielny seem to make an excellent starting pairing. And those are our 2nd and 3rd CBs, respectively. When Vermaelen returns, the defense will be even stronger. We’re not going to spend 15mil on a #4 CB, a backup player.

    A developmental player–a young talent–would be a great buy at any time, but would not be much of a contributor right now. It would be a waste to spend on such a player now.

    The player to bring in would have to be an experienced backup player, but do we really want another Squillaci?

    …as frustating as the current state of our defensive talent pool is, I think there’s not much Wenger could have done there.

    • SomeRandomGunner says:

      I agree to everything you said. But i think both Djourou and Koscielny are better than Vermalen.Vermalen is just more popular scored more goals and he got an injury so he becomes the magical one which we dont have.

      • JJ Pittman says:

        Have to say that watching Koscielny come into his own has been a real pleasure. He has the same nose for goal on offensive set pieces that TV5 does. Djourou has the size and is learning quickly. Thankfully, he did not have a serious shoulder injury when he landed so hard and awkwardly v. Everton. All that said, I strongly believe Vermaelen is better than both of these men on his best, and, that said, I’m afraid we won’t see him again in full match form this season. If recovery from Achilles surgery were only a month, he would have had the surgery last September. Those who say he’ll be back in march are very optimistic. I’m hopeful, but not confident.

    • T2T says:

      And we also have young, talented CBs; Kyle Bartley completing his education in the cold of Scotland as well as Ignasi Miquel…

    • Wrenny says:

      I believe that what Desi was speaking about was having a versatile defender.

      When you look at the squads of our competitors, all of them have utility defenders, or players who can fill in more than one defensive position, in their squads. Some of them can play either CB or one of the full back positions, or CB and midfield, or can play either full-back position, or maybe even all three/four.

      Man Utd have Brown and O’Shea
      Man City have Boateng, Richards and Kompany Liverpool have Agger and Carragher
      Chelsea have Ivanovic, Zhirkov and Essien

      It means that these sides find it much easier to ‘fill gaps’ when a couple of injuries come along in the same position. This is something we’ve struggled with in the past with our defenders being mostly specialists in one position.

  10. Gooner from Sydney says:

    The usual positive blog writing from here, nice refreshing change. Keep up the good work mate

  11. Dark Prince says:

    Yes desi, hoping for everton to win that match!!

    On another note, the problem in our defence actually comes from the fact that Squillaci has performed poorly till now. If he was as decent as Sol Campbell was for us in last last season, then it would not have been a problem. But Squillaci really hasn’t performed of what we expect from an experienced defender. Also many say that we dont need a defender bcoz we already have 4 of them. But honestly how many years do Arsenal expect Squillaci to be a part of the squad? And with all the injury problems that constantly nag us, isn’t it highly optimistic to think that we’ll have all our defenders fit for the whole season??
    Also Vermaelen’s case is still a suspicion. There’s a big possibility that he wont play for the rest of the season. So a defender was necessary to be brought in, even if it was on loan.

    • JJ Pittman says:

      Sol was an all-time great whose body at 35 didn’t always respond to his head. We had Silvestre last season who was worse than nothing. Squillaci is not that bad, but he was out quite a while. He will not be on the roster next fall, so we could have bought someone who could be a three or four. I think Wenger believes that TV5, Kosc and Djourou are all we need long term, and he has rolled the dice that we won’t be exposed the rest of the way this year. Hope he’s right(what else can we do?)

  12. critic says:

    Positive blog my arse. It is one of the best (best for me) realistic and analytical blog about arsenal.

  13. Raghugovind says:

    I do agree with you Desi . Arsene has shopped in the January transfer window only if its extremely urgent case in point Arshavin . I knew he won’t buy a defender but what has irked me more is that he has not played any of the CB in the reserves in the the first team . He could have paired Ignasi Miquel with Squilasi in the match against Huddersfield. In hindsight everyone will say that would have been a bad idea but I feel Squillasi would have played with a little more responsibly if he had an inexperienced CB for company . Kos and Djourou have played a lot of matches on the trot and they deservedly need some rest . Had Ignasi Miquel got some experience playing in the first team we would not have to rely on him to perform straight away in case an injury crisis hits our defense .Touch wood !!!

  14. Tim says:

    I love your sense of logic ! Keep up the good work .

    To echo your view , I can’t explain how supporters who give up on their team mid-season can criticize their team of lacking effort .I do believe that it is the fans who lack mental strength.

  15. dotstuff says:

    Very matured contibutions from most people already.
    I think everyone has points to prove to him/herself so also Wenger. I don’t think any of us knows as much about the team/players as much as Wenger does. That’s the only reason I respect his decision not to buy any defensive cover this winter. Its a huge risk and one I pray works out. The market was overpriced and knowing AW-he will never be ‘forced’ to buy such players.
    Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and hope no major injuries it us in the last leg of the race.
    We’ve been lucky so far this season and I hope our luck holds out.

  16. Vineet says:

    Missed more than one trick

    Should have gone for Mertasacker, Samba, Given, Darren Bent and one good holding CM

    Should have kicked out Eboue, Diaby, Denilson, Vela, Bendtner.

    Total difference would have been loss of 15-18M pounds but team would have strengthened and we would have been serious challengers.

  17. The BearMan says:

    What some fans and certain players are banking on is other teams slipping up! But is that fast becoming the Arsenal way? To me that shows we are not confident in our teams’ ability to compete in all fronts. What will happen if Arsenal slip up at Wembly? Does that mean our entire season is over?

    The Bear still affirms Arsenal needed to prune and add 4 x quality players in order to mount a decent challenge to the end of the season.

  18. Goon says:

    Wenger was absolutely spot-on in the transfer market

  19. D gooner says:

    I think “dotstuff” is an ignoramus in this game. How could he av imagined that sort of thing in the jan window. He should take some pills to cure his insanity.
    Good work by Desi gunner. Keep it up!

  20. D gooner says:

    Sorry dotstuf. I meant ‘jack ass’ vinet.

  21. frimpong says:

    Well said and totally spot on. Let the wannabe managers keep doing the ranting even though they don’t have a clue wot it takes to be one!

  22. dotstuff says:

    The kind of comment made by D Gooner makes me sick.
    I’m so sure that if someone like you was at the helm of affairs there will be no AFC to support.
    Supporting the cause to buy ‘overpriced and overated’ players is the real definition of ‘insanity’
    Just look at the financial model already established and stop deluding yourself that things are not going well.

    • JJ Pittman says:

      Things are going wonderfully well financially! I don’t root for companies, though, root for the Gooners since 1971. Have seen some really wonderful football and this team has the chance to be special. Would hate to see it come apart from the hack and whack we have to take. I would have even accepted 36 year old Sol Campell. He wasn’t that bad last season as cover. Not Silvestre, though, I would put Eboue in cb before taking Silvestre back.

  23. SoCal_Gun says:

    Probably true…..especially after reading the Le Grove “exclusive” about AW

  24. Ajinkya says:

    Song will miss the Newcastle game. Bad. Diaby has the ability to start. But the worrying part is that he hasn’t been able to put on the style because of fitness problems. Hope everything goes right in that direction.
    As to the transfer window, we should have got one defensive midfield player. We at Arsenal worry more about having our players fit, more than anything else. Last season we had Robin in form, he took a knock in some international friendly. Bendtner was playing well. We lost him to injury. Now we have lost Nasri( 3 weeks away, i heard). Vermaelen.
    Still we cope and field in a capable squad week in and week out. i do not think any other team can put up with so many losses as we do.

    • desigunner says:

      Sorry but this is a seriously dumb article. Lazy, half-baked, somewhat populist writing at it’s worst. This reminded me why I don’t like to waste time on many football media writers.
      Is this guy auditioning for ANR?

      • Kushagra India says:

        Whats dumb about it will you explain mate and secondly he is on of the most famous pro- Arsenal journos around ,read his other articles especially that Barca one surprised that you didn’t know him..

      • desigunner says:

        “We know Djourou is injury prone”

        Do we know that? He’s had one long term injury which can happen to anyone. Does that make him injury prone?

        “And as for blocking off development of his players, Koscielny, 25, is in his first season in the Premier League. Squillaci is 30. He’s hardly going to get any better from here and he doesn’t need developing like Wilshere did”

        Bartley will get better but the writer ignores the relevant name. Why make a point if you don’t want to discuss it fairly?

        So Wenger recognizes the issue when he signs Reyes or Arshavin but doesn’t recognize the issue when he doesn’t sign anyone? Essentially, one year Wenger knows what is needed and in another he doesn’t? How dumb is that! Could it just be that Wenger recognizes the issue but the practical realities are beyond his powers?

        I can go on and on with the flaws of that article but it’s too silly to waste time on.

        I have heard about this guy and read a few of his articles earlier before deciding it wasn’t worth the time. To me it doesn’t matter whether a guy is pro-Arsenal or Arsene or anti-Wenger or Arsenal. As long as the logic is sound I’m happy to respect the writing.

        I read very few media writers. Most of them rehash the same arguments.

    • Ajinkya says:

      It looks like no one liked the article.

  25. Kushagra India says:

    Fair Play Desi but u urself conceded we need a defensive cover that was my whole point in last post…

    • desigunner says:

      I don’t think that need has been under debate at all. That is the reason Wenger decided to look for a player in the first place. But it didn’t work out and he is now having to rationalize just to cover it up, which is alright in my opinion.

      But the issue is never a black and white situation. It’s silly to think that a defensive player is a must and that by having one we will definitely win. Similarly, it’s sad to see fans assuming we cannot win without that one player. To me that is an extraordinarily immature thought process.

      • Kushagra India says:

        I never said we couldn’t win,but there must be a borderline between gambling and madness…

      • Kushagra India says:

        and Now I give my full support to the team….we are contesting on 4 fronts ….GLORY to the Arsenal..

      • desigunner says:

        I’m not blaming you personally so you don’t have to defend yourself. I acknowledge your right to an opinion and my arguments are always for or against opinions not people (although at times it comes across in a different manner).

        There is a borderline between gambling and madness but who is the best judge? We, with our limited information and superficial understanding, or Wenger, with all the relevant information, years of experience, and in-depth understanding?

        That is why I said we have to give him the benefit of the doubt. And those who can’t do that are normally caught up in the ‘no trophies for five years’ argument. That was the artificial pressure mentioned in the article.

      • Kushagra India says:

        and its high time u change ur Avatar to Thakur bored of Gabbar..

      • JJ Pittman says:

        Having another cb would not necessarily mean we win, but not having one would make us extremely vulnerable. Every time Song steps back to cb, we are weaker at holding mf(and yes, I know AW likes them all to be flexible and rotate) and it could cascade. Maybe there was no cb at all available at a reasonable cost. Don’t buy the argument about the number 25, since there are only 6 positions:keeper, centerback, fullback, holding midfield, attacking midfield and striker, the last two of which are definitely interchangeable in the Arsenal system, so we could have had room for another cb as cover, even if that one would be #3 or #4 next year with Squillaci gone. After 40 years of supporting this club, I really hope neither
        Djourou or Koscielny go down in the next two months, and wish we had got someone for cover, even 36yearold Sol Campbell.
        I’ll match my maturity and logic with anyone’s!

      • desigunner says:

        If I changed from Gabbar to Thakur how will I type! 😛

      • desigunner says:


        I agree there is need for one more player. I’m sure Wenger agrees with that as well. That is the reason he tried searching for a new signing.

        But once he realized the right player wasn’t available he had to rationalize. The 25 player argument and all those are just Wenger’s rationalization to deflect the argument. When he simply says ‘we are everywhere and nowhere’ – to me it says trying hard but can’t find – people don’t accept it.

        I don’t agree with the opinions that Wenger doesn’t want to splash the cash or doesn’t want to sign anyone just because he is stubborn or doesn’t care enough about winning. He wants to do it but only when it’s the right deal on all fronts.

  26. Kushagra India says:

    JC–“But the one area which lets him down is the transfer market. Last season, there was anger when Arsenal fell away towards the end because they needed – and didn’t get – an injection in the squad.

    This season it’s the same. And if Arsenal fall away again, that anger will increase.

    Wenger seemed to recognise the issue in the January of 2004. He signed Jose Antonio Reyes and, for all the player’s faults, he helped Arsenal win the league.””

  27. Kushagra India says:

    and he is one of the most pro arsenal journalists a self confessed Arsenal Fan…couldn’t have said it better we make life difficult for ourselves no doubt about that…

  28. Kushagra India says:

    lol funny reading the list of players Harry went for in the transfer window:

    Charlie Adam
    Sergio Aguero
    Karim Benzema
    Andy Carroll
    Edinson Cavani
    Lassana Diarra
    David Beckham
    Edin Dzeko
    Luis Fabiano
    Diego Forlan
    Fernando Llorente
    Romelu Lukaku
    Alvaro Negredo
    Phil Neville
    Scott Parker
    Giuseppe Rossi
    Luis Suarez
    Mark Van Bommel
    Mirko Vucinic


    • desigunner says:

      Yeah it was a crazy list! I didn’t believe most of it till I read that article which quotes ‘Arry confirming some of the bids.

      I have a theory that these were hoax bids just to placate the supporters with no serious intention of actually buying! Wild theory but could be possible.

      • desigooner says:

        Interestingly, just two days ago, Alan Brazil was praising on Talkshite, that twitchy ‘Arry has bucked the trend on mad and ridiculous spending and had not bought a single player to Tots in the January transfer window!!

      • desigunner says:


        If he’d signed a big money striker he would be praising his ambition and vision. Some people can’t lose no matter what they do just like Arsenal can’t win no matter how good they are.

  29. IndianGunner says:

    Reading some of the comments written here, without any thought or perspective, reminds me a quote i had read quote some years back
    “Arguing with idiots is like wrestling a hog in mud. You end up getting dirtier and the hog only enjoys it”

  30. Obessive idiots says:

    My god, what a surprise, so a linesman gets a decision wrong but its all because Fergie has paid him, i mean, you Arsenal fans are something else, are you lot seriously that bitter about Uniteds success and your teams lack of success that just about EVERYTHING is because the whole world and its mother wants United to win and Arsenal to fall flat on their face!

    Grow up u deluded soppy bunch of mugs, youve not anyting because you werent good enough! Its as simple as that muppets! LMFAO!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Bye fooooools

  31. Zerin says:

    I heard this funny comment from an Arsenal fan.

    Transfer window for an Arsenal fan is like being in detention while other kids are playing out

    • desigunner says:

      Yeah someone posted it in the comments a couple of days back. My reply was,

      “Or is it like being inside with a hot cup of coffee and a good book when others are toiling away in stormy weather on a wild goose chase?”

      Looks like Liverpool fans have finally found some hope 🙂

      • Zerin says:

        Nice! I watched the Newcastle game and couldn’t help feeling that the comeback was on. That changing momentum and the crowd getting louder.

        Glen Johnson got away with a push in the Chelsea game that Rosicky could not get away with.

        Dalglish is a breath of fresh air at Liverpool and has united everyone at the club. I couldnt watch us under Roy and I felt numb after a certain point

        You guys have a good chance of winning the league. You guys are in pole position as the fixture list will play out. Even though I dont like most Arsenal supporters it will be a good triumph of Wengers spirit and philosophy and ensure that Man Utd dont win.

        Chamakh has plugged a hole in the team as him and Van Persie offer adequate cover upfront. Get Hangelaand in the team and Arsenal have a great squad which really is not that dependent on Fabregas (thats the greatest positive this year)

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