17 Passes, 8 Players Involved In Arsenal’s First Goal Against Wigan

Arsene Wenger had a lot of nice things to say about the second goal against Wigan. And I’ve no doubt even the worst critics of Arsenal will enjoy that goal and can watch it over and over again. The pass from Cesc was incredible and the finish was a piece of art.

I was thrilled by that goal but fell in love with the first one. Regular readers will know that I’m a fan of details and this goal provided a great many.

The ball went out for a throw on the right just inside the Wigan half. It was from a misplaced pass as the visitors were trying to break. The time was just about 20:00.

Sagna took the throw and passed it to Cesc who had dropped deep. From Fabregas the ball went to Song who spread it out wide to Clichy. The full-back played it to and received it from Nasri. Then Clichy played it to Song who passed to Nasri. The Frenchman turned his man well and ran forwad with the ball before passing wide the RvP. The Dutchman ran with the ball across the pitch before passing it to Wilshere who kept possession by intelligently avoiding a tackle by letting the ball run across him. Subsequently the ball was passed wide to Sagna and Walcott. It came back to the middle and passed between Wilshere, Cesc, Nasri and Song once again. The seventeenth pass of this move was the assist from Song. When the ball hit the net the clock showed 21:00.

All this is brilliantly captured in this graphic created using the Guardian Chalkboards.

This reminded me of the last minute winner against West Ham in which we had 9 players involved and there were 15 passes. In this case, barring the centre backs and the Keeper, all players made a contribution.

Once again we can see the ball moving from the right to left, back to right, before returning to the left from where the assist came. Such goals show the importance of patient sideways passes and keeping possession. Highlights packages don’t show these but to me they form the crux of football. They also show the importance of movement. For instance, RvP first touched the ball on the left touch line. He then moved to the centre of the Wigan half before proceeding into the box. Fabregas collected the ball inside the Arsenal half but also contributed just outside the Wigan box. Similarly, we can appreciate the movement of Song, Sagna, Nasri, and others. All of this happened within a minute and seamlessly.

I haven’t been able to locate a video clip with all the passes. If you’ve seen one please share it. Till we get that we can enjoy it on chalkboards and on ATVO if you have it.

Speaking of video clips, in no relation to the above discussion, have you seen this goal by Roberto Carlos? I really miss that character.

14 Responses to 17 Passes, 8 Players Involved In Arsenal’s First Goal Against Wigan

  1. samir nasri says:

    wow! what a goal!

    funny 17 to 0 and it can be just as classy. but i’m more partial to the buildup.

    amazing he still has that much skill!

    • desigunner says:

      Yeah nice contrast 17 – 0. Hadn’t thought of it that way 🙂 I guess great players don’t lose their vision or skills just pace and stamina over time, and perhaps some skills that might need those physical attributes.

      • Zgunner says:

        Can’t wait to see Arshavin pop another won of his wonder goals. Of course the scissor-kick goal this season is somehow overshadowed for many fans when they think of the Russian.

        How many people did what he did at Anefield?

        Class is forever. Roberto Carlos is a guy to be missed.

  2. golds73 says:

    Good analysis of the goal desi.

    It’s a real pleasure to watch Arsenal when they convert all those passes to goals, my fav of this category being the 20 something pass goal against Man United a few seasons ago( a close second is the sublime 24 pass goal against Bolton earlier this season).

    When one sees such brilliant movement and inch perfect passing that leads to a goal, one cannot help but beam with pride and stand in awe and admiration of the glorious visions that just flashed by.

    It was also exciting to see young Jack use the ball cleverly by letting it run and changing the direction of play instantly. There is no doubt playing together with skilled and technical players like Fabregas and Nasri has really helped him develop his game.

    Hope Arsene does not make more than four-five changes for the Ipswich game. We really need to win this one!

  3. JP says:

    Our display was pleasing to say the least. Despite our wastefulness in front of goal we stayed to the task which showed improvement from last year. We need to be better with that as we won’t get many chances against better teams. Otherwise, there are a lot of things that are coming together for us at a time of year when we have crumbled in the past. Keep the momentum going, avoid injury and we have a great chance for honors. Go gunners!

  4. […] 17 Passes, 8 Players Involved In Arsenal’s First Goal Against Wigan Arsene Wenger had a lot of nice things to say about the second goal against Wigan. And I’ve no doubt even the worst […] […]

  5. Ajinkya says:

    alex, this is the way you play football.
    Even i can come down to the field, kick players, tug shirts, and get away by setting up the referee.

  6. Ajinkya says:

    Must have seen this most of you, but this is real disgrace.

  7. If you had to axe two players who would it be?

  8. Claver says:


    How many World Cup winners were in that Utd team?

    I think Ferguson long ago made the decision that he cannot compete with Wenger at football, likewise Mourinho.

    The thing is; unlike the EPL, in Spain nowadays if you play football you win. Of-course, in the days of Real Madrid’s dominance it wasn’t like that.

    It took the fall of Real Madrid for the Spanish to win the World Cup. It’s not a coincidence. Spain didn’t win the World Cup last year, but well before that when their coaches started dropping Real Madrid players with big names and little world class talent.

    And even before that, when Spain saw a greater influx of Brazilian players. I think I have my timeline correct.

  9. critic says:

    glad iam no utd supporter

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