Video: Top 10 Goals Of The Year (Nasri 5th?) + Reserves Spanked

I just saw this video with the top 10 goals of the year and thought it’s worth sharing. Hamit Altintop won the ‘FIFA Puskas Award’ for the goal of the year but all the other goals are worth watching as well.

It seems Nasri’s mesmerizing run against Porto was 5th but I haven’t been able to find any official list declaring the order. This award was given based on the votes by fans on FIFA’s website. If you know more about the ranking of goals please let me know. This is the list I got from that video’s page on youtube.

1. Hamit Altintop, Turkey v Kazakhstan, Euro 2012 qualifier
2. Matthew Burrows, Glentoran v Portadown, Northern Ireland Premiership
3. Linus Hallenius, Hammarby v Syrianska, Sweden Superettan
4. Lionel Messi, Barcelona v Valencia, La Liga
5. Samir Nasri, Arsenal v Porto, Champions League
6. Neymar, Santos v Santo Andre, Paulista
7. Arjen Robben, Bayern Munich v Schalke, DFB Pokal
8. Siphiwe Tshabalala, South Africa v Mexico, World Cup
9. Giovanni van Bronckhort, Holland v Uruguay, World Cup
10. Kumi Yokoyama, Japan v North Korea, U17 Women’s World Cup

My personal favourite is number 10. Never thought Women’s football could have such … er, beauty! The one by Matty Burrows is inventive and really unique, while the one by Hallenius reminded me of Van Basten.

Altintop’s strike was stunning and I recall it was shared in the comments section soon after it was scored. I was impressed when I first saw the goal but never thought it would be Goal of the Year.

In the following video, the creator has included 11-15 of his or her (I have to include this after that 10th goal) own choice. As a Gooner you might want to avoid them (12,13, and 15), just a heads up.

I’m not sure why the wordpress system isn’t allowing me to make HD as the default for this video. Just in case you didn’t notice, you can choose the resolution and watch it in HD.

Moving on, not much on the Arsenal front today but talking of ‘Ten’ what about the 10 goals conceded by the reserves against the Villains! I haven’t seen that but judging by the text commentary and some reports, the game reflected some of the problems of the senior team,

  • Keeper made a mistake
  • Some players playing out of position
  • Probably the second string even by reserves standards (some first choice players on loan, others like Miquel with the first team)
  • Goals conceded on set-pieces
  • Has to be poor organization and lack of focus
  • No one really taking charge on the pitch (surely you don’t concede 10 goals even with 10 men against strong opposition if you remain organized and focussed)

I guess I’ll find more similarities after watching the highlights.

It’s just one game and I don’t want to read too much into it. The reserves have done really well even with a number of youngsters playing so we should not be too harsh.

I do have some concerns though, and I have talked about this in some earlier posts as well, because I’ve seen the youngsters and reserves players repeating some of the common mistakes we see from the first team in a number of games.

Obviously, they try to replicate the same system across all age groups but if the same problems are being repeated does it not mean the problems are more deep rooted within the system itself? Some have suggested that bringing someone like Steve Bould as No. 2 instead of Pat Rice might help Arsenal solve collective organizational issues, but if the young players are making the same mistakes I don’t see how Bould is going to make a big difference for the first team.

As I said, I don’t want to make a big deal out of this particular game but it is just another pointer (albeit a small one) that Arsenal could use a fresh mind especially for the defensive side of things.

28 Responses to Video: Top 10 Goals Of The Year (Nasri 5th?) + Reserves Spanked

  1. aravindvr says:

    Yup the reserves will only learn from this.
    But never expected Banfield’s Arsenal to lose 10-1 against Villa.
    Hmm….may be more clubs are switching over to Arsenes policy of bringing in youngsters.

    But the greatest news today is tht Arsene Wenger was voted the Coach of the Decade by International Federation of Football History & Statistics.Wenger pipped Fergie and Mourninho for the top prize.
    A truly deserving award for a man on a misssion and one who contributed much to world football.

    Congrats to Arsene for Winning this top award of the decade.Thank you sir.

  2. onabolu abiola says:

    Just last year nasri was rejected by his country as not being good enough. Our other strikers need to take up challenges and prove themslves worthy as being trained by the best coach in the last decade

  3. Igiri Sunday says:

    wow! 10-1 That is disastrous, a total massacre! Did they sleep? They’re nt a Team

  4. Igiri Sunday says:

    Arsenal have learnt 4rm Leeds’ game, hope they will take Ipswich very seriously if they dnt want to end this season trophiless! Chelsea trashed Ipswich 7-0 in the recent carling cup third round, i hope Arsenal can beat them 15-0 Their New manager will pose no threat! Up gunners,

  5. Miranda says:

    The list you give is simply in alphabetical order so it doesn’t mean Nasri came fifth. I voted for his goal, predictably, but there’s no info on fifa dot com that I could find as to how the voting went.

    • pinocchio says:

      does not seem alphabetical for the bottom half…

      • Miranda says:

        It is alphabetical – N, S, R, T, V (should usually be capitalised in Dutch names), Y. I wish Fifa had told us how the voting went. To judge from the comments when voting was open Nasri got a lot of support.

    • desigunner says:

      Now that you mentioned it, this seems pretty obvious! I guess my mind was already asleep at midnight when I posted this 🙂 Shame that we didn’t get a list with details of the votes. But with regards to FIFA I never trust anything they say or do anyway.

      • Miranda says:

        Ooooooo, are you suggesting Fifa aren’t to be trusted and they didn’t actually count the fans’ votes, just gave it to the Turkish player because he was their PC choice (Turkey being kind of underprivileged, not having won anything recently)? The awful thing is, I bet that’s exactly what happened. I mean, when you stop to think about it, a lot of the fans who vote on that site, at least to judge from the comments sections, are the type to go for the big name. My guess is, Messi actually won but Fifa thought it wouldn’t do to give him two prizes!

      • desigunner says:

        Agree with you on this. It’s hard to see the prize going to Altintop purely on the votes by fans. It’s not that he is from a country that would have a lot of votes or plays for a club that would have more votes than others.

        But if it had to be a PR exercise why not give it to the Women’s player? Perhaps they don’t see enough value in the Women’s game at present.

  6. samir nasri says:

    jeez. i wish we’d drop this whole 10-1 thing

    i don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it seems half our fans are ready to commit murder after hearing about this

    keyword is HEARING, because they never fucking watched it (i didn’t either)

    sorry for the language, but again the ridiculous doom mongers must find something to languish on

    • desigunner says:

      Yeah some of the reaction was crazy by even the Misery Brigade standards. That was the reason I specifically mentioned we cannot deduce much from a single game.

  7. pinocchio says:

    That is sad for you Desi, you moderate with black lists rather than blind criteria inherent to content. whatever else I thought this blog has had the integrity to avoid this anti democratic tendency of the small minds… shame you started this blog so nicely..

    • Miranda says:

      Blacklists? I noticed comments were being moderated a few days ago and was sad to see it – sad both that this might have become necessary because of spam or comments that were unacceptably offensive; but sad also at the possibility that this site was going the way of some others in refusing to allow comments that don’t toe the site’s party line. Le grove is often accused of doing this – I’ve no idea whether the accusation is fair as I’ve never looked at that site – and Young Guns likewise – anyone who questions the views of The Author (as the kid who writes that blog portentiously styles himself) will get their comment deleted or even be permanently blocked. Insecure and small-minded indeed, as Pinnochio says.

      Desi, if you’re going to moderate and disallow comments, that’s your right – it’s your blog and you can do what you like on it – but could you tell us your criteria? That way readers will know where they stand and, if they then get their posts deleted for breaking your house rules, they won’t have any cause to complain or think the less of the site.

      The reason (well, one of them) why so many people despise Le Grove and Young Guns is that they’re like frightened petty dictators, rather than having a clear, open policy which people can respect.

      • Finnish Hit says:


        As much as I basically dislike the idea of censorship, we should also respect the right of quality and ownership control. I have sadly noticed that there has been an increased amount of non-analytical bs or AAA (Anti-Arsenal Arsenal) commentary on this site, too.

        I have quit reading several Arsenal blogs because of the low value their comments section gives. I’m tired of the Chronic Misery Brigade. I don’t want to read complaints of the team and manager, I want discussion of other solutions than buy-and-sell, like tactics and team psychology etc.

        You have to respect that desigunner “owns” this site and in that way it’s his playground. Just like Sanderson’s at Young Guns. They do a big amount of work to offer quality and informational content.

        If you owned a night club, and you saw customers behaving badly so much that they may have a negative effect on the willingness of your other customers to back, what would you do?

        I wouldn’t be surprised and sad to see the best blogs moving to a payment model one day. That’s what the IPads and Apps are all about in the long run. (Although I’m scared of the Apple behemoth myself.)

      • desigunner says:


        I was forced into stricter moderation by a small number of highly motivated people who just write personally abusive, borderline racist, and zero-value comments. One or two of these are just bitter Tiny Tott fans who want to wind up others.

        I don’t really have a policy because I never wanted to do this and haven’t given this enough thought. Right now, while comments do get held up in moderation, I tend to approve around 95% (overwhelming majority would be a better) of those.

        The only ones that I leave out are from people who have nothing to offer (This is based on experience). If I don’t moderate, these guys tend to leave 20 meaningless comments on one post making it annoying for other readers.

        If you look back, there are plenty of articles where people have published an opinion contradicting my view and even with some degree of personal abuse. I don’t have a problem with that.

        I’m still trying to achieve a moderation system that makes it simple for anyone who wants to make a point (for or against my opinion) while keeping out trolls and bitter losers. So far I’m being limited by the options given to me by wordpress (or my understanding of how to use them).

        If I can figure out the system or work out a clear policy, I’ll publish it. For now any comment is welcome as long as it’s about Arsenal, or football in general, or related to the subject matter of the post.

    • desigunner says:

      Pinocchio, how do you think blacklists are created?

      Sometimes I do get the urge to delete comments like this one by you but I let it pass. You’ve no idea how many comments I moderate, why I moderate them, what percentage I accept, or any other relevant detail, but you want to call this ‘anti democratic tendency of the small minds’?

      Seriously? Ever wonder why ‘informed opinion’ is relevant and important to democracy whereas ‘opinion’ based on ignorace doesn’t really matter or worse, is detrimental?

      • Miranda says:

        A couple of points:

        Finnish Hit, yes, the site is Desi’s property and he has every right to protect its quality. If, however, he’s going to allow comments at all – which he doesn’t have to – he has a responsiblity to treat people with fairness, openness and courtesy. A lively discussion section can be as important as the blog itself in attracting readers, so blog-writers who want to enjoy that benefit have an obligation to those who take the trouble to contribute and enhance the value of their blog. It cuts both ways. No rights without responsiblities, being my point.

        Second, while I’m glad to be spared the Wenger-is-shit-we-must-spend-more-money type of comment, I’m dismayed to learn that comments are simply being deleted according to some unspecified criteria. National newspapers have rules – no offensive language, no personal attacks, no racism, sexism, ageism, etc., otherwise anything goes – so shouldn’t blogs do the same? Censorship according to some criterion known only to the censor IS undemocratic. It may also impact on the quality of the discussion.

        Look at what happened to A Cultured Left Foot: when it began it was famous for its lively discussion, but after a couple of years it became so bland some of the best and most knowledgeable participants deserted it and I stopped looking at it at all. The censorship wasn’t the hidden kind; it was open, democratic and came from the participants in the discussion themselves – they would simply tell people with critical and Misery Guts views to piss off. Fair enough and admirable for its straightforward approach, but still a pity, I think, because it turned a once interesting site into something as cheery and dreary as arsenal dot com. Be careful what you wish for, Finnish Hit: if you exclude all opinions except the ones you approve of, won’t you soon get a bit bored?

  8. Finnish Hit says:

    I actually like watching the reserve game compilations at ATVO, although I might skip this one… I have used it to check out our promising players, like Wilshire and JET. Was actually surprised to see the latter in the team this time.

    But to get a defender sent off at the start, have a really raw backline, most best players on loan and supposedly an offday for everyone can cause these things. Losing your league top spot back to Aston Villa really doesn’t add up to a crisis, only a horrible result.

    @pinocchio: I don’t know about the background, but I personally emphasise all possible moderation at quality blogs. There are so many other blogs available. To each what’s best for them.

    After all, everyone doing something seriously and stretching for substance and value, must also have the right to pursue quality. To protect his/her hard work.

    • Miranda says:

      I take the point that mindless and illiterate comments can detract from the site, but where does that leave people who aren’t very good at expressing themselves and whose first language isn’t English? Do they deserve to be silenced simply because they’re not very bright or can’t write a grammatical sentence? Well, maybe they do – I can see the force of your argument. But as I said above (assuming it passes the moderator), the fairest thing would be for the site to be completely open about the standards required and for the house rules to be clearly set out. To be censored without knowing the reason for the censorship is an unpleasant experience, and the sites that do it, without the courtesy and kindness of an explanation either on the site or by personal email, can generate a lot of ill will.

      Perhaps the simplest and least discriminatory thing would be not to have comments at all? Arseblog doesn’t and, though it does have forums, they are only open to people who’ve been invited to participate and who agree to the rules.

    • desigunner says:


      I have considered stricter moderation but it’s a tricky balance. Sometimes people get abusive or lose their rag but still try to make a point.

      My current way of dealing with this is just to be a bit harsh with the replies. It’s worked with a few people who realize they won’t get much support for pointless abusive posts on this blog.

      Sometimes I feel readers can make a big difference. If someone is overly abusive without basis, some strong responses by a number of people can force that person away or make him/her reconsider. Then again there are trolls who live for such responses!

      As you can see I’m still a novice at this and learning something new every day 🙂

  9. Claver says:

    I quite agree with Desi here. A reasoned approach to moderating comments is necessary.

    There are loads of pseudo-fans out there.

    It has often seemed to me that there is a bunch of people – paid, how else can they be on a lot of comment sections? – whose main purpose is to stir up some sort of negative emotion regardless.

    I am a supporter of Arsenal. That means I accept that the team comes with its flaws but I still prefer them over any other team anyway.

    Perhaps, it is the case that Arsenal are just such a well supported team all over the worldwide web. Perhaps, some of those negative comments are from people of different culture – a different way of doing things.

    Perhaps, by doing things this way Desi is setting an example for other Arsenal bloggers to follow.

  10. Miranda says:

    Desi, I’ve just seen your reply. Thanks, that makes things clearer. As I say, I’m actually glad to be spared the trolls and the racists, and I do see the problem of course. Maybe looking at the Guardian guidelines would help if were thinking of drawing up rules?

  11. desigooner says:

    I happened to listen to talkshite on my way home in the evening today. Durham spent at least 6-7 minutes making fun of our reserves loss to villa. This man at times behaves like a complete idiot. I fail to understand how someone can develop so much hatred against Arsenal and anything to do with it. This is the first time ever, I heard somone discuss a reserve game in so much detail.

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  13. carter plop says:

    Samir Nasri GOOOOLLLL the best player Nasri Rulz !!

  14. kindle review…

    Video: Top 10 Goals Of The Year (Nasri 5th?) + Reserves Spanked « Desi Gunner…

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