JFK Would Have Understood Arsene Wenger’s Predicament

A few days back, during the course of some random web surfing, I came across a quote by former US president John F. Kennedy. It took a few moments to sink in but since then I haven’t stopped admiring the wisdom captured in just a few words. Moreover, it’s extremely relevant in the context of Arsenal FC.

I guess many of you might have come across this one earlier but this was a new one for me.


The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie – deliberate, contrived and dishonest – but the myth – persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic.


If we think about Arsenal, there are plenty of opinions around like “Arsenal lack a winning mentality”, “Arsenal goalkeepers are useless”, “Arsenal only lack two (pick your favourite number) world class players”, and so on.

These are not lies or to put it differently, there is a grain of truth in these and most other opinions. There are times when we can see Arsenal players are hesitant or nervous and lack confidence. The Goalkeepers have undoubtedly made some glaring mistakes. Buying world class players will improve any team.

Similarly, we can clearly see these are not absolute truths either. Many like to pretend that their opinion is gospel and will solve all problems the club faces but there is hardly any consensus and most often the doctrine changes based on the performances in the last couple of weeks.

To my mind, most of the “definitive opinions” that we hear about Arsenal fall under the ‘Myth’ category. They’re not completely wrong because most often they’re based on valid observations. No one can deny the mistakes made by the Goalkeepers or Clichy for instance. Wenger has acknowledged that at times Arsenal players look nervous or lack confidence. When the discussion is about buying players, Arsene never says that it won’t work. He just says that, “buying is not the only solution”.

It’s not difficult to see why these myths about Arsenal are persistent and persuasive. There are recurring patterns, mistakes that are repeated, and silverware that’s lacking.

Interestingly, that quote by JFK was followed by this line

Too often we hold fast to the clichés of our forebears. We subject all facts to a prefabricated set of interpretations. We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.


These lines are not directly relevant to Arsenal as this has nothing to do with forebears. But we could replace forebears with pundits and it would make sense.

The last line is a classic so I’ll repeat it, in bold. We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought. Too many pundits and media men write clichéd opinions about Arsenal with complete disregard for, and at times a sinister manipulation of, facts. Unfortunately, we can also add a number of bloggers and supposed Gooners to this list.

The end result is that many fans who don’t have the time to look at the details end up buying these myths. If so many are saying it, it must be true! The cycle repeats and gains more strength.

There are times when the facts are so strong they can overcome the myths. For instance, at the end of the summer transfer window, a large majority of the Gooner community was crying out for a new goalkeeper. The myth had gone from strength to strength over the course of last season and the summer. But some strong performances by Almunia initially, and then by Fabianski, aided by a much improved defence, have countered this myth.

I have no doubt there are many who are just waiting for the Keeper to make a mistake before they launch another scathing attack but they are no longer in a majority.

In other cases, the facts alone are not strong enough or they are difficult to identify. Myths involving complex issues are often difficult to bust once they get popular acceptance. For instance, what facts can we use to have an objective discussion about winning mentality?

Let’s look at it from the “discomfort of thought” point of view. It’s easy to say, “Arsenal lack a winning mentality”. But what is the solution? How can we even think of a solution to such a vague problem? That simple, comfortable opinion does not say whether this is a problem with one individual player, all the players, coaching staff, and/or the manager. That’s why it’s such a vague problem.

Can anyone say Wenger lacks a winning mentality? Or that Fabregas lacks a winning mentality? How many players lack a winning mentality? Will buying one leader solve the problem? If not, how many do Arsenal have to buy? Will of those players gel together or will Arsenal face a Cityesque situation? What if one of the new buys flops? What if one gets injured? What will the contingency plan be?

I could go on and on. Clearly, once you actually think about an issue it always turns out to be a lot more complex than simple cliché’s would have you believe. It’s not difficult to see why thought can be discomforting. The more answers you seek the more complex it gets. That is the reason, in a sport followed by billions around the world, we only have a handful of top class managers. In the world of Football Manager there can be hundreds, if not thousands, of winners but not in the real world.

I’m not saying that fans have no right to criticize or that any criticism, per se, is wrong. The point is, criticism that is devoid of respect, especially towards the complexities involved, just generates myths – persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Sadly, too many seem to choose the comfort of opinion over the discomfort of thought.

N.B. The quotes are from JFK’s Commencement Address at Yale University.

47 Responses to JFK Would Have Understood Arsene Wenger’s Predicament

  1. 7masters says:

    The problem is Wenger himself need to stop feeding these myths, Earlier he told everyone he would buy in January Window. Now it almost near he comes with another line that he would not buy……Now who is messing around.

    Arsenal have conceded more goals and every time any team counter attack they score. It a fact
    Arsenal defence is weak it a fact.
    Arsenal Midfield is always out of positions it a fact. Nervousness and fear comes when you doubt your ability or you are confused, In Arsenal case the manager is always tinkering with team formations and players positions. These why despite collecting great players Ranieri Chelsea could not win anything. It a fact

    Wenger has become another Ranieri, I don’t if he does not buy any goal keeper but he need to have quality defence to protect the the goalie, But Aluminia has cost us many games yet Wenger still believed in him. Desi I understand your support of Wenger and pack of lies being spread by both Media and opponents but the facts is Arsenal no longer have that fear factor. United, Chelsea, Liverpool always come prepared when they played us plus they feared us, Not any more.

    No disrespect to Koreans but a player who is nothing special like Jung-park has made a habit of scoring against how? He hardly score in whole seasons but when he plays us he see weakness all over the pitch and duly take advantage. We where given the easiest Champion League group and guess what happened next? We qualified after losing top spot and now go to meet Barcelona. Arsenal are there own worse enemy and sometimes you wonder why? If you look at some decision the manager has made in last few years in Big games it look like he was more nervous and these has filtered down to the players. We lost cause we made same mistakes each time.

    I think when the manager has not pressure to perform these is what happen and it reflected in our lack of trophies which is no big deal but losing big games all the time that hurt more than anything else. Two years ago he promised verbally that we would win something and it now third year yet same problems.

    I just think Arsenal are in very good positions all we want is effort from players and the manager. Full stop plus he if he really believe these players are good enough so be it get on with it, No more I would buy or wont buy to media.

    • desigunner says:

      I’m not sure how you can accuse Wenger of “feeding these myths” when most of the times his words are taken out of context. You claim he said something earlier but provide no quotes with a context. This is precisely how the myths propagate.

      • 7masters says:

        He is feeding these myth directly or indirectly, Sometimes it best not to make any comments to media at all. I think myth by itself does not effects us in any way, For a journalist when Wenger start talking about not buying in January Window it him enough ammunitions to create a false headline. Arsenal or Wenger would never get favourable media coverage no matter what anyone say. If you watch Wenger weekly press conference he tries to answer each questions the journas fire at him and these give them chance to create false stories.

        These myths would simply disappear if nobody responded to it in the first place and Secondly we lose many games on our weakness which is defensive or lack of it. I can give you many quotes made by Wenger after losing games actually agreeing with Media on facts like
        1) Arsenal need to buy Defensive cover
        2) Lack of winning mentality
        3) Youth
        4) Bad tackles

        Many myths created by media have actually been made into facts with help of the manager. While Anceloti and Ferguson never accept them like recently Chelsea where many games without a win, Chelsea just refused to allow the media to dictate anything to them. Only after Spurs draw did they admit it was a blip but indirectly. See the difference while Arsenal despite contrary to what everyone say media has made manager react etc United game previews media where on about Arsenal suspect defence, Guess what Arsenal came into game so defensive minded that they never created one single chance….So who is being influenced here?

        I maybe wrong but I think Arsenal players and manager read to much or are influenced by it more than any other team. Hence these myths only work if you start to believe it and they become a facts. et One myth that has developed life of it own is Arsenal injuries or softness with terrible consequence for Ramsey, Eduardo. In fact no big game for Arsenal comes without both Media,Arsenal speculating on availability of certain player for that game etc Fabregas. While the best thing is to be decisive and ignore anyone who is not 100 percent fit no matter how good they are. So these injuries and it problem is also somehow causing problem for team preparing to play big games why?

        I think Wenger is very good but let not be blind to facts he is human and make mistakes. It simply he is paid to make decisions on football and it up to him get on with it instead of looking excuses after excuses. One myth that is also very funny is Wenger is bad loser and he duly delivered that on prompto after United game complaining about the ground. So Desi nobody hates madia more than me but if you feed them you only have yourself to blame.

        Media are simply jealous and it high time the club treated them with hands attitude. Alex Ferguson never speak to BBC or sky lool cause he never forget how they hounded him early on his career. He has someone junior to represent him. Wenger should do same after games cause it breaking news every time he speak to them full stop.

  2. Alex says:

    Best Arsenal blog I’ve read in a long time. In a slightly related slant I’ve been thinking a lot this year about why we always seem to be at risk of conceding. While technical defensive issues surely play a key role I feel other teams always think there is something in the game against us due to this concept of mental fragility and obviously past history. We don’t have that fear factor around us that Man Utd and Chelsea have. I really don’t feel teams put them under the same pressure once they’ve gone up. Clearly it’s a self perpetuating issue and the only way to solve it is to win games and defend well. Like Fabregas’s comment today, mentality and perception plays a massive role. That’s where we as fans can play a role and stop moaning and support the team. Who can deny the flat atmosphere at the Emirates doesn’t contribute to some of these performances at home. Here’s to hoping a good performance against Chelsea gets that positive feeling flowing in and around the team.

    • Henrik says:

      I just love this blog! Thanks!

    • 7masters says:

      I agree with you here Alex, I really don’t care about buying players or blaming any player. We need to learn to defend as a unit. I have watched Barcelona and it seem defensively they are not that great, Pique,Puyol, Abidal,Alves are not exactly the rock defensive team. What you notice Barcelona defensive is more offensive minded than to defend. So when Alves attack the right wing Others come into his position in case he lose the ball. Also they always try to play to nearest player then move to another position while in better shape.

      Now Watch Walcott he should be passing to nearest player while moving to position where can cause maximum damage. He does not do that and easily always lost the ball. Another thing is when players reach certain level up front no team mate is on hand to help why? Another myth that Arsenal try to pass the ball to net has made us become shrinking violet when inside 18 yard boxes. Arsenal strongest points is passing the ball in offensive way all they need to do is stick to that full stop.

      I really cannot believe we are going backward in these regard if you watched Manchester United game we created zero chance why?

      Arsenal always create chances and the more chances you have more likely you would score full stop. All these passing deep in your own half is pointless. You need to move the ball faster we are good at these and we need to play to our strength.

      Plus another issue is if a player is not performing he should let other play. Arshavin has not played that well and it time Walcott and others where given chance. Arshavin never help out at the back and up front he has not caused any problem or scored. But he is good player to have around when the team is winning or need someone to hold the ball.

      Arsenal should play to there strength and they should just focus on winning and simply ignore the media. After one win you hear players talking about winning champion league and then lost three games in a row. They should just focus on job in hands until last minutes in May, Full stop.

    • desigunner says:

      Completely agree with you about the importance of fans and the atmosphere.

      When United get battered by Villa they are praised by many for getting a point while playing poorly. Arsenal are roundly criticized for a similar performance. There are many who try their best to create a negative Arsenal story and fans can certainly help in countering that.

      • 7masters says:

        true@ it easy to attack Arsenal than United hence media always attack us full stop. We should treat them like lepers seen but not touched or entertained in any way. We need them and they need us so feed them junk to keep them busy but never let them dictate to us like they do.

  3. cescfiberglass says:

    Excellent post!

    I have been following you since you newly started. This is like a pinnacle to your work to date.

    I completely agree with what you say.

  4. Filip says:

    Completely agree.Great article.

    Off topic… We can all agree that the team`s performances have not been good at all so far this season.We have had 2-3 great performances against rubbish teams ( Braga,Donetsk and Bolton) but in general we have been very poor and we are not playing the most attractive/beautiful football the one we are famous for.We played well first half against Spurs and first 30 min against Fulham but it is not enough. However, we have had many great individual performances by Koscielny,Djorou,Nasri,Walcott,Chamakh,maybe Arshavin,Song,Fabianski.Now we need to put them together and find consistency.What I want to say is that these poor performances have been down to the midfielders and people should appreciate more what Diaby is doing for the team and the difference that he makes with his presence.He is back now and Arsenal will kickstart the season and will be finally playing with style.Wilshere will get a deserved break.In my humble opinion,Arshavin should only play in the last 30 min of games if we want to challenge for the trophy until the end of the season.

  5. Talia says:

    It really pisses me off when quotes are misattributed.

    JFK may have delivered the lines, but the words are by Theodore C. Sorensen. Ted. Which reinforces the point of the myth over substance. JFK was no great president, not even a good human being, but as mythology the world has rarely seen anyone more charismatic.

    As for the post, rather than use the word ‘myth’ to illustrate your point – isn’t much of what you say more about ‘narrative’.

    It’s easy manipulation and lazy gullibility that creates these ‘myths’ as you put it.

    And sometimes the narrative is flattering – we play the best football in the league, Arsene Wenger is a genius …

    And sometimes it’s not – We’ll never win anything with kids, unless we buy a pair of off-the-peg centrebacks we’ll continue to lag behind …

    The point is that none of this is true. We don’t play the ‘best’ football in the league because the ‘best’ is subjective to interpretation. Wenger is not a ‘genius’ in the same way the Leonardo da Vinci and Mozart clearly were. And of course we can win stuff with a young squad and any number of iffy defenders.

    As Wenger once said in different circumstances: “It’s just noise”.

    • desigunner says:

      I’d say narratives are built around one or more myths (they could be built around truths, lies or a combination of the three). And my problem is not with the narrative because the flawed ones wouldn’t exist if the myths at their core were recognized (the ones with lies are generally easy to recognize).

      I agree a myth can also be a pro-Arsene one even though the examples you mentioned didn’t make much sense to me.

      If someone says “Arsenal play the best football in the league” it’s just an opinion. One could build a narrative around that and it would be worth a read but I feel it would also be harmless.

      I’m not sure we can say the same about the narratives built around the negative myths.

      And thanks for telling us who JFK’s speechwriter was.

  6. Horsemonkey says:

    This is just a ridiculously good post.
    I’m a 15 year old boy and I can see all this stuff is true. Why is it that so many adults can’t?

  7. 7masters says:

    cool article agree

  8. Dark Prince says:

    This i guess is the problem of media. The whole english press is out against Wenger. Most probably bcoz he’s french, sounds like racism to me. For eg, look at Roy Hodgson, no one is saying anything about him even though he’s performing miserably. He has dragged liverpool even below Benitez. But Wenger is challenged all the time after a loss. Even if you look now, we are the main title contenders to Manu but still we’re dismissed even before half way of the season. The english media should learn to respect someone even though that person is french.

    • 7masters says:

      I just wish our players could deliver it for the manager, Cause he has gone to extreme length to immune them from Media attacks. Yet they let him down countless times. If Wenger was Spanish or another nationality he would hailed as the man who saved the English football, Despite supporting England world cup bid they always attack him.

      Just ignore the idiots not worth anybody time.

    • desigunner says:

      I’m eagerly waiting for Wenger’s autobiography. Would love to know what he really thinks of the English media and the general approach to football in England.

  9. cjuillet says:


  10. arsha says:

    I think narratives whilst created by truths, myths and lies themselves are capable of influencing what is very real.

    Take this notion that Man utd always move up a couple of gears post christmas. Sure they maybe more consistent than other teams but I have no doubt that Ferguson and United play a significant role in creating this echo chamber where this crypto-fact is hammered by the media, pundits and fans. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and helps psychologically push the team forward as well as becoming a psychological barrier for Man utd’s rivals.

    Exactly the same occurs for this “Arsenal have won nothing for years” mantra…it is pushed with such ferocity and zeal by the media that it inevitably effects our fans, players and management. One begins to truly question and wonder is this simply the innocent reporting of the facts or are there other factors in platy?? How many other teams have won nothing for years?? I mean Tottenham and Liverpool haven’t won the league for decades yet there is nowhere near the same level of pressure or doom mongering narrative.

    • desigunner says:

      I agree the narratives certainly make a big difference. That is the reason I’m hoping Arsenal fans don’t fall for the ones built around myths. We can already see the impact on the atmosphere at the Emirates. It can really drag the team, manager, and ultimately the club down.

      We know there is a lot of negativity about Arsenal in the media so it’s up to the fans to put in the extra effort to counter it rather than building it up even further with constant, often unjustified criticism.

  11. faiz says:

    another fantastic piece…thank you.

  12. IndianGunner says:

    Truly brilliant article.
    I have read many idiots make such statements “We don’t have winning mentality” etc without providing a solution or a reason for it.
    Remember it’s the same team who have got a result where Manu or Chelsea have struggled i.e. Aston Villa, Everton etc. So how come the winning mentality switches off and on during the season?
    The thing that some people don’t realize is that against good opposition games are pretty close and often it’s a fine margin which separates a win from a loss.
    Case in point: Loss against Manu. The Park goal was a fluke and that was the only differentiating factor.
    One cannot make a generalized view that we lake a winning mentality just based on this one result.

    So to address the consistency aspect of our game i believe we should get a good run of games where we get a positive result. That increases the morale and confidence and also puts doubts in the minds of the opposition.

  13. pinocchio says:

    I am 14 years old and this is the best post ever in your blog which is the best blog ever and you are the smartest of all gooners and I am so happy that I can add my adoration togther with a bunch of other witless sycophants adoring the great desi guru

  14. katikiro says:

    it is the first time I see such a philosophical question being brought into debate about football, and actually it is a difficult one! The article itself, is full of contradictions, perhaps becuase the nature of the subject itself is never hardcore scientific or hard core factual (which nonetheless is not independent of subjectivism). I will too end up being inconsistent in my comments!

    if the blogger says “it’s not difficult to see why these myths about Arsenal are persistent and persuasive. There are recurrent patterns, mistakes that are repeated, and silverware that is lacking”, the blogger is in a way suggesting they cease to be myths in themselves, but facts! This suggetsthey are based on facts, and therefore, to me, becomes facts!

    Some of the facts begins not as hard facts and tangible, but are reflected in the behaviours and acts of people, and that is why the blogger says, “if so many are saying it, it must be true. A cycle repeats and gains more strengths”. What may be held as objective truth, in such cases, are the results of intersubjectivism, which happens when so many individual people hold or believe something is true. But I am getting a bit awkward to believe the case here for Arsenal is only the media and myths created by it. Arsenal has offered too much to the negative media to celebrate on. Arsenal itself, and in particular AW, is the source of what we call “sinister manipulations and disregard” because it has offered hard core facts to serve as the source. wait until Arsenal begins to win titles and darlingly win gaome against their darling the Man, the Chelseas, etc, and see whether such sinister disregard and manipulations will be there. They will invent other “myths”, such as “it is not an English team because it is full of foreign players” but men, these will be mere lightweight stories and wont invoke the slightest concerns. Correctly, the blogger says at the moment there are fewer believers to the myth of “poor goal keeping” situation! This is despite of whatever the media might be saying. The facts are speaking for themselves! unfortunately enough, the blogger did not highlight what the manipulated and disregarded “facts”, positive ones, are. Who doesnt understand that it is the fifth year the team has been going with silverware? Who doesnt understand that we have weaknesses in defence and in the the three pots? whatever the manipulations and whether or not facts are blown out of proportions, they are there for them to dine on.We Arsenal need to do a critical evaluation of ourselves.

    AW himself, is a myth!It is not understood, and the media is dining on that to create the so-called myths, why the defence is leaking, or rather, the team does not have sense of defending,but yet AW is not, or had done but failed, to change the situation? Why Mourinho virtually succeeds in about turning everybody on the pitch into a defender?! But also, the effects of ideology on the part of the “pundits” in most of British Media apart, it take some good brains to understandd at times what AW is saying. He has the brain far too big for self-procraimed “pundits” in the English media, and even in Arsenal.net pundits! You cant blame them for that. Deliberate distrortions too, I concur, are there. Why should Ramsey say Showcross wanted me to feel the impact of the tackle, but yet a pundits or sports writer in such a giant media like the BBC say Ramsey said showcross did not intend to hurt me? What does it mean by “he wanted/intended to make me feel the impact of the tackle?” I was ashamed of the BBC!

  15. D-Gooner says:

    Good read! I have got to say this is two thumbs up! Well done for a fantastic blog.

  16. Marcus says:

    Sorry Talia, but you’re talking rubbish.

    JFK was a great president. To say otherwise shows a lack of substance.

    He stood up to the banking cartel, and like every previous president who had tried to wrest the money supply from the banksters, he was eliminated.

    Cool post Desi…keep ’em coming.

    • Talia says:

      See what I mean about myth.

      It would take me far too long to pen a convincing polemic, so let me suggest that you engage in a little more reading.

  17. samir nasri says:

    the fact is, arsenal has so many supporters or “supporters” around the world.

    i started watching the arsenal because from the time i was 7 until i was 19, i played under a great coach who also loves the squad. in canada. so there’s not so much importance placed on football here.

    he would tell the team to flick on the EPL on saturdays, and to especially watch arsenals precise movement and attacking prowess. i must admit, as a kid i was not interested in all this, i just loved playing the game. but as i started to realize that every touch is as important as playing the right notes to a song, or illustrating a point with confidence and intelligence to thousands of ignorant americans, i started to find arsenals style more and more attractive.

    by the time i finished playing football outdoors, i had become much more technical. and that’s only down to watching great arsenal players, current arsenal players. i fell in love with the midfield combo of cesc and samir when nasri first arrived, it may not have worked perfectly this far but excellent passing and perfect dribbling is what i like in football.
    i didn’t fall for the invincibles.

    the problem we have with the doom brigade, is that many of them (i can’t say all) watch the club because they thought arsenal would be a good footy club to choose for bragging purposes.

    i’m not sure many of our supporters ever fell in love with football. and i’m not sure they are intelligent enough to think about anything that does not guarantee immediate joy.

    i’ve been upset about losses, of course i have. but when it comes down to it, isn’t it about football? winning is important, my team came close to great cup victories many times, but we could never make it 100% all the way, it’s crushing and i’m sure it’s the same for our players. i don’t feel like i wasted my time playing for a team that didn’t win cups, granted we won the league a few times, but it still doesn’t matter. in our province it is about cups. so in that sense, why does arsenal have a god-given right to walk through teams, that’s a myth, just like Man U always deserve it, it’s all just bullshit.

    i feel like the ones who are so passionate about losing are the fat assholes who couldn’t play in the first place. if you’ve ever played at a decent level, you should realize winning isn’t ever guaranteed.

    with so many supporters all over the globe, many are bound to be idiots, or just bad supporters.

    haha wow, what a long, drawn out, all over the place type of comment.

    that truly is a testiment to this blog. desi, you deserve the praise you are recieving.

    • desigunner says:

      Your point about a large supporter group having some idiots and glory hunters is completely valid. Normally, I’d just discard them but over the last season or two I feel many rational, loyal, and passionate fans have been moving over to the dark side, if I may call it that.

      Obviously, there is a valid question – how long can one keep the faith. And the answer to that lies in careful, detailed, and objective analysis of the events of the last few seasons and not in the myth based narratives created by the doom mongers and the media.

      • samir nasri says:

        i suppose so. but it’s hard for me to understand a lack of faith with this squad, because every time i see the current team on the pitch i see them either doing great things or struggling to become great.

        5 years is not that long. i’m actually not a hockey fan, but in my hometown the vancouver canucks have never once one the major trophy. they’ve been trophyless for.. 40 years i think?

        but the passion for the team is very strong, because they’ve been playing an attractive game for 16 years.

        i know the passion for arsenal’s footballing brand is strong, but there are far to many short-sighted, i can only say, idiots.

  18. Marcus says:

    But I agree with Desi. Myth is right.

    British culture adheres to certain norms, and Wenger just doesn’t fit the mold.

    Too cerebral for English palettes, and hence he is mythologized as a hopeless dreamer.

    Of course the truth is that he is just playing his limited hand as best he can.

    The other great myth is that Britain rules the world. Every world cup the Great Myth is rolled out. Trumpets are blown, the Cavalry gets decked up, the Queen takes her rollers out, and every 4 years we quickly have to stuff the Myth back in Granny’s memento box in the attic.

    Football and Mythology go hand in hand for some reason.
    Thor Ferguson and Odin Beckham….it sounds right somehow.

  19. hercules says:

    Here’s a quote


  20. afrogoon says:

    desi……you my friend are a legend mate!!!!thoughtful,erudite,factual analysis as is the usual i have come to expect from your and officially my favorite arsenal blog.Out of curiosity what is your line of work?

  21. Marcus says:

    Hercules, what a pointless remark

    • hercules says:

      lol its not pointless to real fans.
      Desi Gunner is an insult to anyone who pays hard earned money and follows their tram home and away.
      A pointless internet johnny come lately fan who probably has never even kicked a football.
      today he “supports” arsenal, tomorrow he will “support” manchester city

      No passion no class, no clue sums up this reprobate

  22. Kushagra India says:

    You made my day gr8 work keep it going!!

  23. Kushagra India says:

    But some strong performances by Almunia initially, and then by Fabianski, aided by a much improved defence, have countered this myth……….
    Don’t agree here
    Sorry mate Almunia is not a top 5 keeper its plain to everyone he can’t perform consistently throughout the season and its Wenger’s fault that Chesney had to start against Manure and looked nervous because we didn’t sign a good keeper and we still haven’t learned to defend as a team repeating the same mistakes .Its a recurring predicament.

    • 7masters says:

      I agree Aluminia is worse Arsenal keeper ever, He also make defence wobbly. Fabianski is much better and have been unlucky but he shown everyone he is top drawer. But defensively we need to have back up to present squad, If another defender get injured then we are looking disaster in run games that matter.

  24. Ketch says:

    Definitely the best blog

  25. Marcus says:

    Arsenal have messed up at times Hercules, but what do you realistically expect from the team?

    Chelsea lost Terry and Lampard and Drogba was a bit ill, and they completely fell apart at the seams.

    Man U had a good balance of very solid defence, and amazing attack, and won the title for 3 years running.

    At some point we will get the rub of the green. Key players will be fit, referees will find it difficult to be biased, and players like Nasri and Fabregas will show up for big matches.

    Wenger has persevered with Fabianski, and actually he looks a pretty decent keeper.

    Maybe there are one or two positions where a different player could give us an extra edge, but overall its a pretty damn good team, imo.

    At Man U they spiked the pitch so we couldn’t play…that’s what I call a back-handed compliment.

    The question is always, how well does this team adapt to adversity?

    If I could add one player to the Team it would be Tony Adams.
    The guy was a legend.

    Beyond that there seem to be one or two players who are erratic but Wenger has a lot of faith in…..apart from that, what do you hate about the way things are?

  26. 7masters says:

    Hercules is another idiot so best to ignore him Marcus, trying to reason with an idiot is purely time wasting of highest order. He has issues in his life which he is trying to take it out online. It very simple he has no life or friends to discuss his frustrations, That why when you see people coming online with garbages it always due to loneliness and frustrations.

  27. santori says:

    Cliches cut both ways and are best avoided.

    Nothing is inked in stone…unless of course you are a media pundit. 😀

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