Szczesny: “We are the best side in the Premier League”

I often find Player interviews on ATVO offer something interesting. An insight into a player’s psyche, thoughts on the spirit within the dressing room, opinions on various issues, or even some personal tidbits; there is something in these that we don’t get from regular media coverage. And after listening to his last few interviews, Wojciech Szczesny is fast becoming one of my favourite players.

There is absolutely no doubt about the youngster’s talent but I also love his honesty, confidence, and maturity. The lanky Pole’s from that extremely rare breed who make you believe they belong at the highest level just by their presence.

Speaking to ATVO after the defeat at Old Trafford Szczesny made some interesting comments. When asked about Arsenal’s say in the title race the Premier League debutant said,

We have a belief that we are the best side in the Premier League. If we put in the right performance and if we get a little bit more luck than we did today then we’re capable of beating anyone. So we feel we have a chance in the title race.

Now I don’t know about you but I really like to hear that from the players. If they are to win the title, they must believe that they are the best. Of course, there can be an argument that the recent results against the main rivals don’t support this theory but if the players let it affect them the situation will only get worse.

Sometimes while watching the games I do get the feeling that the players lack the belief they can beat the best. But I’m more than happy to take Szczesny’s word on this issue. It could be that what I sense as a lack of confidence is more a hesitation borne out of tactical adjustments and forced changes to the starting line-up. After all, despite all the criticism, no one can claim that we’ve had a stable back four or midfield all through the season.

This confidence has to be backed up with performances and the Polish custodian has no doubt what is needed against Stoke at the weekend.

We’re good enough. Surely, we are good enough to recover from this game and get the three points against Stoke. If you think about winning the title this year we’ve got to recover and get the three points. It’s as simple as that.

It really is as simple as that when we talk about it. Actually doing that on the pitch will be a little tougher but we just have to break our trend of losing two in a row. Even a draw will be a poor result. More on this before the game.

What I liked most was the youngster’s assessment of his own performance and the matter of fact manner in which he talked about his two crucial saves.

I must admit and I actually said to Wayne after the game that I was a little bit scared when he took that shot on because I knew he saw me a little bit off my line and that he was going to do it. But I don’t think he connected very well so it was a rather easy save. The first one he [Anderson] pretty much hit my chest. There wasn’t a lot I’d done. I just spread myself and he hit me.  They weren’t very good saves but they kept us in there so I enjoyed it.

Szczesny had a decent game even if his positioning and distribution was a little off. I doubt if he’d agree with some writers on the internet who thought he was fantastic even though he had very little to do.

I find it rather strange and somewhat unfortunate that Fabianski get’s criticized for his distribution when he has such a game while this kid is hyped up. Nothing against Szczesny but it does highlight the inherent prejudice in many of the opinions we see or hear.

I don’t know if Fabianski will be back for the Stoke game or not but I wouldn’t mind seeing Szczesny face another big challenge and one where he will really be tested.

16 Responses to Szczesny: “We are the best side in the Premier League”

  1. Jekyll says:

    This attitude is in fact precisely the problem. Wenger tells them if they just play their game and get a bit more lucky they can beat anyone. It is precisely this attitude that leads to the complacency that leads to some of the defeats we’ve seen this season (against Man U it was the other familiar problem of seizing up in the big games).

    The attitude should be we need to FIGHT to be the best, not – we already are the best. That’s the crucial difference.

    That’s not to mention the endemic problem in the way the team is set up that leads to the shipping of so many goals. Systemic issues need to be looked at, it is not about just ‘playing their best’ and ‘luck’.

    • desigunner says:

      Can you clarify what you mean by “fight to be the best” and why do you assume that when Szczesny talks about putting in the right performance it does not include “fight” ?

      I don’t understand how Arsenal can have systemic issues, be complacent, lack fight, and still be so close to the top.

      To me it seems the team has an incredible amount of fight and that covers up for many of the systemic defensive issues and the weaknesses we have due to lack of height in midfield.

    • sam says:

      Manure have dropped points from winning positions. Do they lack fight, too? I’d say yes. Players might lack fight every now and then, even Chelsea look out of fight. Barca sometimes lack fight in certain positions. But how much fight for any club can exist without confidence?!

      Also, seizing up in the big games is exactly down to a lack of belief, which Wenger tries to counteract with what he tells them that antagonizes you.

      Wenger also tells them they have to win the right to play, and that it’s a battle, and all the militaristic jingoism that you spout from your childhood hero’s tales. Of course the players know this. Some of them don’t have it yet, some do, some never will. The issues is more about balancing aggression with skill and clear thinking, etc. But you and your sports psychology degree already know much more than me, or Desi, or Wenger for that matter.

  2. T2T says:

    I’d like to compare the stats; we’ve conceded more goals than 4 other teams in the league. That’s hardly “shipping of so many goals”. Would we benefit from a better defensive organisation? Yes, of course – but let’s keep our arguments based on factual information.

    If Chamakh had scored when he was more or less one-on-one with Edwin van der Saar and we’d managed a draw, most would be very happy. I’ve spoken with several lifelong ManU supporters and they’ve all accepted that the game could easily have ended with a draw. The difference was very small and we did not have all of our best players fully available – unlike ManU. I’m already looking forward to meeting them at home.
    I’m more worried as it seems Chelsea is slowly getting over their slump in form and ManC is still hanging in there. If Tevez stays, they have to be taken as serious title contenders. The race for the top 3 spots looks to be a fight between the current top 5 teams.

  3. Zgunner says:

    “I find it rather strange and somewhat unfortunate that Fabianski get’s criticized for his distribution when he has such a game while this kid is hyped up. Nothing against Szczesny but it does highlight the inherent prejudice in many of the opinions we see or hear.”

    I totally agree…. I for one think Fabianski’s distribution is great (example in Chamakh’s 90th minute goal against Wolves right after great save.)

    • Sonu says:

      The best in distribution : Jens Lehmann!.Legend 🙂
      He set the likes of Henry, Ljungberg on a race with his quick distribution after a save or corner.
      I feel as a keeper it is really important that you make your presence felt and Jens through his own mad ways would ensure that the opponents knew he wasnt going to be a push-over in his own penalty box.
      I feel Chesny has more of that quality than Fab or Almunia.Although I wouldn’t criticise Fabianski for his performances recently, he looks like a man who wants to work really hard and that’s good.I would feel a little disappointed if Fab doesnt return in goal against Stoke.This game you can be sure will be a real test for the goalie in one way or another and Chesny having never faced such tactics might find it really difficult and Fabianski hasn’t done anything wrong so far to be dropped from the team.

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  5. sam says:

    yes he’s right and i believe that too.
    we’re the best team in the premiership but arsene’s management is the problem.
    this boy should’ve been number one but arsene ignored him in favour of his goalies.
    senior players who underperform should be dropped immediately but wenger doesn’t do that. i don’t wish a player to be injured but believe we would have been 4th or 5th had Almunia stayed fit. Arshavin will start again stoke and if we win he’ll definately start against chelsea.

  6. dev says:

    another wenger arse licking blog…clueless manager, tippy tappy playing softies.and certain fans that lap up eveything wanker and his stooges say…waiting for the day arsenal will be rid of this cancer

    • Furic says:

      “rid of this cancer” that’s so outrageously extreme it’s fucking hilarious.

    • HexyDre says:

      People like you sometimes make me hesitant in reading comments after a blog post. Such baseless bitterness, why? How would you open your mouth (type with your fingers in this case) and refer to Wenger as a wanker and a cancer….an yet pose as an Arsenal fan.
      You disgust me.

  7. Dave59 says:

    Dev said:”another wenger arse licking blog…clueless manager, tippy tappy playing softies.and certain fans that lap up eveything wanker and his stooges say…waiting for the day arsenal will be rid of this cancer”

    If there is a ‘cancer’ at the club it’s this type of negativity displayed by many home fans that transfers itself to the players. Supporter contains the word ‘Support’. Try it some time and you’ll see what difference having the 12th man makes.

  8. rohit says:

    im not reading much into this……good to see straightforward positive thinking from him….

  9. critic says:

    when v r onto it…i want 2 turn every1 attention 2wards smiley face of strikers just after de have missd a sitter.
    I read sumwhere sum1 wrote dat he was unhappy with d way vela “showed” his disappointment while he was missing sitters against wigan in carling cup. He was doing d right thing, one can feel sorry for himself after d game is over bt not during d game. If 1 doesn’t do so he is likely to miss another chance n then another and cycle continues. Let’s admit it nobody was going 2 cry with him even if he started crying in d middle of game. Instead, d same fans(some) wud hav ridiculed him n discussed on blog that he is not fit 2 wear arsenal colors.

    That’s why in my opinion attitude/arrogance(very thin line between them) of likes of bendtner, chesney, fabiansky etc. are justified. In this sports world(or in real world, as a matter of fact) which is full of people with short term memory, confidence and belief r d most important thing to achieve continued success. Hence it’s imperative to guard them with right kind of attitude or unshakeble belief,sumtimes wrogly seen as arrogance.

    All d anti-arsene brigade will understand it in few years time(max. 1 more)(arrogance/belief?)

  10. critic says:

    but sadly for arsenal, dey can only show it through their squad n coach, b’coz it seems fans, specially at ems just dn’t trust their team, even during the d match…

    A request 2 such fans…plz dn’t renew ur season tickets and try 2 stay away from ems as long as arsenal dn’t start winning trophies…it wil help in 2 ways
    1)negetive atmosphere will be lifted at ems.
    2)u guys won’t blame wenger for ur wallets getting lighter.,so that there will be one less reason to whine.

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