Arshavin’s Law: “If you do not score, you’ll concede”

Arsenal’s Andrey Arshavin has just created the First Law of Football (the ones created by FIFA don’t count, after all even  the ref’s don’t always implement them!)

When asked about Arsenal’s failure to turn the early advantage into a game winning score Arshavin said,

Yes. After that we had a few good chances. But here comes the law of football: “If you do not score, you’ll concede.” So that’s what happened to us. The Fulham players tried break through several times. They succeeded once. It’s good that we missed a goal in the first half, and not at the end of the second one …

There is more and you can see it on this link. He calls Nasri’s first goal beautiful and the second one a masterpiece.

Anyway, the purpose of this article is to officially declare (I’ll pretend I can) Arshavin’s First Law of Football – ” If you do not score, you’ll concede”.

It must be noted that this law is particularly applicable to Arsenal FC and the few other teams that play with a positive approach all the time. Well placed sources have said that the manager-who-must-not-be-named is currently reworking his laws of Anti-Football after five glaring holes were recently discovered in his theories. Till then enjoy the first law of Football from one of the game’s finest.

21 Responses to Arshavin’s Law: “If you do not score, you’ll concede”

  1. SFOGunner says:

    Good Funny Article. Arshavin make this law true. He needs too many chances to score and can help the opposition score by leaving clichy isolated.

    • desigunner says:

      🙂 Arshavin has the knack for making a good point in a funny sort of way. Or maybe it’s just in the translation.

    • samir nasri says:

      good, funny reply. i would say arshavin has been gaining form in the past games, give him time

      even while not in goal-scoring form, he has been finding his teammates.

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  3. Aussie Jack says:

    “If you don`t score you`ll concede” Hmmm! Does this also mean “if you don`t win you lose”? Sounds like good basic logic to me.

    • desigunner says:

      🙂 Why do I vaguely recall he said something along those lines. Perhaps my mind is just playing games with me. If I don’t remember, I forget.

      • La Shiz says:

        In almost every interview of Arshavin I’ve ever read, he has always advocated the importance of a good attack. There have been many incidents when after we lost a match, he said that it was because we didn’t create enough chances. He also criticized the players for not being more attacking and direct a few times.

        That’s Arshavin’s philosophy really and I’d say it suits him. And Arsenal.

  4. dennis says:

    Arshavin has not been right since Russia failed to qualify for the World Cup.But I think he is almost over it now.He can do no wrong for me.He helps sooth the pain of the departed Dennis Bergkamp

  5. A very wise Perception from Arshavin! I love it

  6. Joe says:

    The Tao of Arsha

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  8. diplo786 says:

    Sorry to say! But there is an “ARS” in Arsenal and besides I am a Barcelona and Man U fan! Arsss didn’t help her cause loosing a 8 team parlay in which every single team , except for Arsss,won.
    Need to improve all aspects of the team, perhaps a new one!!

    • MSL says:

      You mean like B-arse-lona?

      • Ajinkya says:

        @diplo786- Never should I see you here again.
        I know manu fans. India is full of them. They even don’t know their own team. Only rooney(they know him perhaps because of scandals) and maximum one more guy. And the fact that you are ALSO a barcelona supporter, shows that you are a “I support whoever wins” type.
        @MSL- lol.

  9. Dark Prince says:

    as someone rightfully said, Offence wins games, defence wins championships!!

  10. Miranda says:

    I think it’s true. And a related point: Wenger seems to have abandoned his defensive substitution. You know, that ghastly moment around 80 minutes when we’d be one up and he’d bring on Cygan (or later Senderos) to get in the way and confuse things, and you’d put your head in your hands or leave the pub knowing we were going to concede. Maybe he’s doing it less because we haven’t any defenders to bring on but I for one am mightily relieved. Less sure about turning Song into an attacking midfielder, however, but since our defence is dodgy anyway, maybe it doesn’t make any odds, attack being our only mode of defence? And he has got us three goals.

    Partizan: anyone else think it’ll be the B team AGAIN so that the key players will be rested and uninjured for United? Perhaps it won’t matter as surely, hopefully, Shakhtar will want to top the group so Braga won’t win or draw, but honestly I do wish Wenger wasn’t treating this comp like he used to treat the Carling and would do what all sensible managers do: ensure you’re top of the group and THEN play the kids in game 6. If it’s the B team again, I think we could lose so we’ll have to hope Shakhtar does us a favour. After that, we’ll have to hope the draw treats us kindly, but with the other English teams probably all topping their groups the chances of Real or Barca are horribly high.

  11. Nischit says:

    btw, completely off topic here desi. Chris Hughton has just been sacked by NU. SHOCKING!! I can’t believe the same club who appointed Alan Shearer, a man with absolutely ZERO managerial experience to save them from relegation, sacked a man who is a championship winner, and brought them back up at the first time of asking. They aren’t doing half bad either. Ok they’ve been on a bad run recently..but that’s ridiculous! I mean..This certifies that Mike Ashley is bonkers

    • desigunner says:

      Yeah that’s a strange one. I think the Shearer appointment was down to popular pressure but this one is difficult to understand. It could be that Hughton wanted a great deal of cash to spend in January? Or he wanted to take the team in a direction the management didn’t want? Difficult to speculate but there must be something going on behind the scenes.

  12. santori says:

    Whilst we revel in Nasri’s brilliance against Fulham, lets not forget Andrei put in a great shift. Yes his endurance maybe lacking but his distribution is sublime.

    Not to mention he could have got a twinkle toe goal himself from the edge of the box with a tad more luck.

    I get the feeling that he is on the cusp of scoring form and coming into a rich vein of form soon.

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