Goodison Park – A Good Place To Gain Points On Rivals

Did you realize that as things stand, Arsenal have the best away record in the league so far?

I just noticed it and triple checked it because it was a little difficult to believe at first. But that is more down to the negativity on the internet that messes my mind rather than the performances because thinking back, since the start of the season, Arsenal have won at tough places like Blackburn and City, and drawn at Sunderland and Liverpool.

To put it another way, we’ve picked up 4 points on Chelsea due to our results at Anfield and the City of Manchester Stadium. I feel Goodison Park can be another venue that gives Arsenal a chance to gain some ground as Chelsea will struggle to get a win here unless Everton implode.

Of course it won’t be easy but the Gunners have not lost against Everton in the last six meetings.

Focusing on the game, I feel Everton will be very similar to Wolves but marginally better in almost every department, which makes them a much stronger opponent than the one we faced three days ago. They’ll be well organized, chase the ball all over the pitch, and will be a threat in the box from crosses and set-pieces.

On a positive note I expect them to go for the win and that could open the game up for out attacking players. Nonetheless, Arsenal will need the same level of defensive concentration and commitment that we saw in midweek, at the very least.

Tactically, a lot will depend on how Arsenal play this game. If we sit back like we did against Wolves, Everton will come forward in numbers and will create as many or more chances than Wolves did.

Since that was almost directly the result of an early goal I expect this game to be somewhat different. To be honest, Arsenal have not found their rhythm for a while now and that could make this a see-saw battle with some end to end action instead of Arsenal dominating possession as we’ve come to expect.

Wenger’s team selection will obviously be important but right now I’m happy I don’t have to make the difficult choices.

The back five is likely to be the same. Gibbs could be back in the squad but he hasn’t played for a long time so I’ll be surprised if he starts. Eboue hasn’t been convincing enough this season so it will be a big risk to play him in such a game.

There aren’t many options in midfield but Denilson could come in for Wilshere who has already played thrice in the last 10 days or so. I’d also like to see Nasri come in for Cesc, who has been out of sorts physically and perhaps mentally as well, but I can’t see Arsene leaving Fabregas on the bench. Song just has to play in this kind of a game.

Up front I’d like to see Arshavin on left. He was extremely lively in the previous game and showed the hunger and urgency that the fans wanted to see. He is a form/confidence player and will need a run of games.

Chamakh should also be a certainly unless Van Persie is fit enough to start. Despite his demands, I can’t see Bendtner starting.

On the right Arsene has a choice between Nasri, Walcott, and Rosicky. I’d go with Walcott as Baines is an attacking full-back and Theo could get some space in behind. He would also force the Everton defender to stay back more often that he’d like to.

The team I’d like to see is,

Fabianski – Sagna, Squillaci, Djourou, Clichy – Song, Nasri, Denilson – Walcott, Chamakh, Arshavin.

Having said that, I’ll be genuinely surprised if Fabregas doesn’t start.

We’ll have an unbelievable bench with the likes of Rosicky, RvP, Bendtner, and Cesc/Nasri/Wilshere. But I have a feeling the result will be decided by those who start and not by those who come on from the bench.

I’d like to see us continue to build on the impressive away record but this one seems like a 1-1 to me.

22 Responses to Goodison Park – A Good Place To Gain Points On Rivals

  1. Filip says:

    Fellaini is not going to play.THis is a huge advantage for us.

  2. goonerbegood says:

    the formation for this game shoud be 4-1-3-2





    • venky says:

      Really a thoughtful combination, but I doubt that ‘coz it is an away game so I think that Wenger would use two DMs in song and Denilson/Wilshere if he is fresh enough, Van Persie is definitely well short of being match fit. So Denilson / wilshere would come in place of v.Persie and we would see a familiar 4-2-3-1. Regarding rest of the team, we dont have much of a choice they choose themselves into the team

    • Arun says:

      Like your lineup.. But i will have this at home and would prefer more solidity in the middle in away games

  3. Filip says:

    Everton are very very wasteful this season, even more than last season which sounds impossible.They are just like us as Moyes said today.Distin and Baines are the weakest links for them defensively.The pressure they put teams though makes up for that.They were brilliant against us at emirates and if we play like we did against wolves. We will struggle big time.Our movement when we dont have the ball is pathetic.It is like a mid-table team really.We have to sort it out to challenge for the title.3 points are not very likely but stranger things have happened.

  4. Nischit says:

    I don’t expect a win in this one either desi. We got a bit of luck in the win over Wolves and that result just extended a string of below par performances. Our stars aren’t at their best for whatever reason. I fully expect cesc to start, as he has the ability to change the game in a second. I hope for nasri to start alongside him along with song. Although, I don’t expect that to happen. By a twist of fate, I can now watch the match tomorrow..woohoo! I just hope the Arsenal dont disappoint.

  5. Inja says:

    line up:

    Song, Nasri
    Rosicky, Cesc, Arshavin

  6. T2T says:

    I believe Everton will go for a win and that may open up some space for Walcott. Just having him on the field will deny their left side some attacking options and with Sagna as RB, we have defensive cover. An alternative could be to play e.g. Nasri in front of Eboue.
    I agree that Cesc hasn’t been at his usual level these last few games but he can still unlock any defense.
    It’s such a luxury to actually having alternatives all around except as CBs. I’d keep Clichy because Gibbs has been out. Denilson on for Wilshere who has played a lot for an 18 year old. Up front, Arshavin is the same as Cesc, he can undue any defense but offers usually little protection. Both Chamakh and Bendtner offers a target point and good work rate. I’d have van Persie start on the bench and ease him back.
    Everton away is a difficult game but we cannot be satisfied with anything less than 3 points.

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  8. Zgunner says:

    Inshallah Arsenal will win with STYLE.

    ——–Prediction: Everton 0-3 Arsenal————

    • Long Island Gunner says:

      Like your approach to the match ZGunner. We are an attacking team and – despite the man city approach to 8 holding mids – we should go out and play the soccer that comes from our DNA.

      I think Kos is still on a match ban, so probably Djourou there. Other than that I would only say change Fab in for mozart and off we go.

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  10. HexyDre says:

    I would like to see Cesc start tomorrow, but I wont be surprised to see Nasri start in his stead – he was rested in the last midweek game, so he should be up and raring to go.
    Either way, Nasri would start tomorrow even if Cesc starts, he (Samir) is (one of) our best player(s) so far this season, and I’ll pick him over Walcott.
    I know it should be a pretty difficult game for us tomorrow but I just have this funny feeling we’re gonna win 1-4: Cesc, Samir, Andrey and Alex. Cahill for them. (Wishful thinking maybe).

    That said, come on you Gunners!!

  11. MSL says:

    Get Rosicky in and rest Cesc.

  12. SomeRandomGunner says:

    Has Theo ever been more effective when he started than form the bench?
    I would go for same lineup as against Wolves with the exception of Denilson on for Wilshere and with a slightly more disciplined Song.
    Rosicky needs to start where ever i would like Rosicky on for Cesc.

    • AnonymousGun says:

      hmm.. a hattrick against blackpool, and 2 goals against rovers.. and a goal against Shaktar.

      Nope.. He’s shit and ineffective from start.. We should just sell him.


  13. Phil23 says:

    I would like to see Cesc playing in Wilsheres role this week. Nasri needs to play in the hole with Cesc’s fitness and form. He would be the attacking midfielder in almost any other team in the world on his form. He has a lot of energy and provides good runs off the ball. He is also dangerous when pushed against the last man which happens if Chamakh drops deep. The true vision and creativity that is sometimes missing when Nasri replaces Cesc will be there in the form of Fabregas. In saying this, I would be happy for Cesc and Jack to play half a game each. If anyone tries to tell me that Cesc can’t emulate or even better what Jack does in a deep midfield role then you under estimate Cesc way too much.

    • Long Island Gunner says:


      Spot on and very much my thoughts on our unique options as a squad to have two-way players with great engines show their class on both sides of the ball.

      Too many “labels” of he’s not a holding mid, so we’re soft in the middle crap rules team selection in the EPL. Put class on the field and surround it with more class and ask them to defend as a team and attack as a team and we will hit our level.

      As the great teams would agree – the best defense is keeping the ball.

  14. Nischit says:

    Arsene Wenger is a hard man to please !

    Wenger said:

    If you look at the number of times he was decisive then if you are not happy you must be very difficult to please. I’m extremely satisfied with the fact I signed him.

  15. critic says:

    it’s not whole team, it’s fabregase, he is not performing well and wenger is not putting him on the bench.

  16. aravindvr says:

    stop little man Tim Cahills headers n passes and we ll win this one.

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