After Arshavin And Szczesny, Is Bendtner Being Misquoted?

In the course of my regular morning scouring of the internet for Arsenal news I came across this blog post that linked to this article in the Danish media.

The headline of that Danish post, if google translate is to be believed, is – Bendtner: I’m wasting my time at Arsenal.

It seems like an interview similar to the ones he has given earlier where he comes across as being extremely confident and deserving of a starting role. The striker seems disappointed with his lack of game time since his return from injury and that is understandable. He is the type who always believes in himself and wants to be out on the pitch. I don’t have a problem with that at all. In fact, I think that’s a fantastic attitude to have.

Only in this case, Bendtner also seems to be talking about leaving Arsenal unless the situation with his role on the bench changes.

Of course there is a line where he says his priority is, and always has been, to be at Arsenal. Again it’s something that I appreciate.

I’m not quoting anything from the interview because I don’t trust the translation to capture the tone of the conversation. If you understand Danish then it will be nice to get a first hand opinion on what has been said. Please do leave your thoughts in the comments. Until I get a first hand translation or a response on the official website, I’ll continue to believe that Bendtner wants a starting place (which is understandable), he is frustrated (which is acceptable), but his priority is to be at Arsenal (which is the most relevant point).

What I want to discuss in this post is the increasing number of translation manipulations going on and whether Arsenal can deal with them in a better way. If you’ve been reading Untold Arsenal or this blog for any length of time you’ll have seen some stories about how Arshavin has been quoted out of context or a complete hoax built around the Russian magician’s comments.

Similarly, Szczesny was recently misquoted to the extent that the Pole got annoyed and opened a twitter account to clarify. Fabregas too has suffered from translation issues.

Arsenal have top stars from around the world and for most of them English is not their first language. Obviously, whenever they give an interview in their language there will be a chance that something gets lost or worse, cooked up in translation.

One way of dealing with this is for fans to trust only a limited number of sources that provide accurate, reliable information. Clearly a sensible approach. The problem however, is that there are far too many writers in the media and the blogosphere who just need a chance to create a negative story about Arsenal or one of the players. Once these stories are repeated by others they get an air of credibility in the eyes of many readers.

If, like me, you don’t get conned by the media that easily anymore then you might say it’s up to the fans to know right from wrong and reliable from unreliable. That’s a valid point of view but not a comprehensive one. I can see the other side of this coin. Fans have plenty to deal with in their lives. If they see a report with quotes, and trust me these little symbols ” ” make a big difference, the majority are likely to believe it.

The clarifications might come a day or two later but many fans who have read something like Bendtner saying “I’m wasting my time at Arsenal” will have some sort of a negative slant towards the player at the back of their minds. And these things build up over time. It’s not right and one could blame the fans but it happens and we should not be in denial.

I’m convinced many who have a go at Arshavin these days have some of his quotes at the back of their minds without clearly knowing which ones were accurate and which were fabrications or taken out of context.

I feel there is a better, proactive approach that the club can take. All players’ contracts should have a clause that if they give an interview to a third party, a transcript of that interview should be made available to Arsenal before that is published or Arsenal should be informed beforehand if it’s a live interview.

This is not a complicated thing to execute and should allow the club to be prepared for any kind of translation issues that might occur. That way the official website can print any clarifications at a short notice before the quotes can snowball into controversies.

I remember Cesc used to come out with an official statement on whenever an incorrect report involving him appeared in the media. I used to really appreciate the quick response from El Capitan and the club. For some reason they’ve stopped this and haven’t done it with other players.

I hope they start this again and do it for all the players.

27 Responses to After Arshavin And Szczesny, Is Bendtner Being Misquoted?

  1. stonroy says:

    You may not have a problem with his confidence but I do. He seriously thinks he’s good enough and he’s simply not.
    First touch= Atrocious
    dribbling skills= Ball gets too far away from him and he looses it constantly.
    Doesn’t track back and work as hard for the team as Chamakh

    He’s great at heading in goals and he does know how to be in the right place at the right time, BUT he is not good enough to be in the Arsenal starting 11 and if that doesn’t motivate him to want to be a better player, if his confidence tells him he’s good enough as he is, then farewell I say.

    • desigunner says:

      I’m not sure why confidence and constant improvement can’t go together?

      I think Bendtner has improved consistently and will continue to do so as he gets chances. His dribbling and close control has improved a lot and I’d say he is better than Chamakh in that regard. He also has better instincts in the box when compared to Chamakh.

      Not saying Chamakh is bad, just that they have different positives and negatives. And I trust both will continue to get better.

      There was a run by Bendtner against Newcastle in the CC where he ran with the ball and went past 2-3 players before getting a good shot away. No reason to think he can’t do it more often and do it better over the coming years.

  2. Henrik says:

    Hi I’m danish and Arsenal fan.

    This translation is close to what he said in the danish paper.

    “If I continue to sit on the bench at Arsenal, then I must leave. It goes without saying. But my priority is very clear – as it always has been – to play for Arsenal. I have had much patience and will not sit on the bench more.”

    He is also saying he is wasting his time.

    Bendtner will have a hard time with van Persie coming back and he know it!

    • Jonathan says:

      He needs to get full fitness and consistently dominate in training and until he makes an impression on Wenger, can you blame Wenger for picking Van Persie and Chamakh over him… He may be the Dane’s best player, but hes still not Arsenals best player. Adebayor found out the hard way, Bendtner take note

      • T2T says:

        I’m not Danish but understand Danish well enough. Bendtner also states, if he is correctly quoted, that he is only missing the last few small tweaks to be at the very top and he will only get there by playing (“… Nu mangler jeg kun de sidste småting i at være helt på toppen igen, og det får jeg kun af at spille kamp”).

        Arsenal has a very big squad, in my opinion by far the strongest in EPL. The opportunity is, with the very hectic period coming up and still in 4 competitions, to rotate 2 – 4 players every game. Another options is to have a core of players starting in EPL and a slightly different core for the 3 different cups (CL, CC and FA). With most players available, Arsenal have an abundance of quality, especially in MF and strikers. How can we keep them all (partially) happy and at the same time let players such as JET, Lansbury, Vela and when fit again Ramsey – get their chance? A huge management challenge for AW.

  3. Wilsheres dad says:

    I’ve always liked Bendtner & believe that there’s a lot more to come from him.
    The problem is that Chamakh has settled in very well, gives more to the team when he plays & is likely to improve his game.
    I’d like to see Nick using this competition to up his game & prove his worth rather than complaining & talk of leaving.

  4. matlee says:

    I have always liked Bendtner and backed Wenger for the faith he has shown in him. Bendtner has been injured for a while now, not for the 1st time and i am sure it won’t be the last. he has only been back 5 minutes and should not demand to start ahead of players who have been doing well and covering while he has been unavailable. why is it just when things are starting to come together for Arsenal do we have to hear about players moaning. we have needed competition for places and now we seem to have some. why can’t the players understand that this is a squad game with Carling Cup, FA Cup, Champs League and Premiership with Internationals on top of that.

    the players need to get their heads down and fight for their place, do their talking on the pitch and concentrate on winning matches so we don’t drop more points at home to teams like West Brom and Newcastle. Bendtner has nothing to worry about with all the upcoming fixtures injuries or suspensions it won’t be long before he gets back in the team. lets face it RVP will be in and out as usual so it really seems pointless to kick up a fuss.

    • Cb11 says:

      Bloody well said mate!!

    • cjuillet says:

      agree-what was wenger supposed to do while he and RVP have been out injured for so long? Hate when they start complaining as soon as they come back as not good for team spirit-as you said lots of games coming up and Chamakh has done well so can’t be suddenly dropped

  5. Lebenglese says:

    I have always liked Bendtner, and rate him highly. He can definitely become a top class striker, but unfortunately his hard shell doesn’t really disguise his soft center as well as he hopes.

    This is a nervous cry for help, as he of all people knows just how hard it is going to be to force his way to the top of the pecking order. With Chamakh really warming to fans and Van Persie always a favorite, there is also the daunting figure of JET causing shockwaves in the reserves (This boy is a monster of a player and has some brilliant foot control and clinical finishing instinct). Then there is also Walcott and Vela waiting for their chance, with both fancying an outright striker role over that of a winger.

    Competition is fierce and in case he should fail he feels it is important that any interested clubs are always on alert and watching to help save him from his blushes. It is quite a sad sight as i truly believe he can mix it in with the best if he would only concentrate on fighting for the right to lead the line.

    This sort of behavior is quite shameful and cowardly and it can lead people to dislike him.Instead he should be getting his head down and doing a job for us so that we can start chanting his name and building on that ego.

  6. Finnish Hit says:

    Glad to see that Henrik already covered the translation. We Finns learn some Swedish in school, and Swedish is somewhat close to Danish, so I would have been likely to misquote about as much as the English press.

    However, some notes: The Danish seems to have a certain tabloid quality 😉 about it. The adverts, the comments, the links… they like to make suggestive headlines and misquotes like the alike “media” everywhere.

    Also, in smaller countries like Denmark and Finland, the people making it big abroad are national minor heroes in a way, and as such get very big coverage locally, good and bad. Just from you could find big articles about this issue like 1) John Jensen (the former Arsenal player) supporting Nick and believing he will make it with patience 2) the success of Bendtner’s rival (see what the nationalistic media is doing there!) (to clarify: not racist or xenophobic, just pro-Dane) Chamakh against Wolves 3) what teams Nick could and maybe should play for.

    So it’s only about some reporters trying to make a living. They may have some bits that are right, some that they are guessing, some that are even made up, some that makes headlines for them at their daily jobs.

    One point to Henrik to consider is of course: the translation is accurate, but we don’t know for sure if Nicklas really said those things.

    Never trust the media.

    For me, B52 is still an enigma but I can see him turning out to be a really fantastic player under the guidance of Wenger. He has all the qualities to be great. The ball-control whiners don’t understand that he’s still getting used to his frame and that there are other qualities (just like in everyone).

    Oh, the clubs that the tabloid guesses Nicklas should move to are: Tottenham, Bayern München, AC Milan, Newcastle and Aston Villa. Of course these are, once again, the results of another media hack working to earn his wages. Nothing to do with facts.

  7. stonroy says:

    Fillip what’s so special about reading how the Chavs are doing?

    • Filip says:

      I just want to point out that they are concentrating a lot on youth development as well.Many Arsenal fans seems to think that we will dominate in the mid 2010s thanks to our Academy and the new financial fair play regulations.

      • clarence says:

        youth development is not as people think. U dun get youth thru buying, or mass recruiting. u need the entire infrastructure geared towards this purpose, including the scouting network, youth training and playing philosphy… barca and ajax has ben doing for years and it took us more den 5 years to get it in order. bear in mind we already have the best youth scouting network, excellant youth trainng plan and wenger’s eye to accerate to 5 years. in normal terms, u will need more den 5 year just to get the foundation ready.

        so in epl, onli west ham has a equalLY good youth training, and onli Man u has youh scouting network o par with us. the key word is Youth~~

      • feygooner says:

        Setting up a great youth system takes time. When Wenger arrived at Arsenal, it took him a few years to set up a really good one, and only now have we started to get great batches of youngsters (Wilshere, JET, Lansbury, Afobe, ANeke etc). I believe this is because to get the best out of a youth system, you need to coach them with the high standards from when they were just 7-8 years old. This makes sense logically; Wenger came 14 years ago, take 3 years or so to put the system in place, and then 10 years for the 8 years old to mature into great talents.

        I doubt that Chelsea will be producing good youngsters on a regular basis for at least 5 years.

  8. Nasei says:

    Let the boy GO!! he is a decent target man but I’ve never really liked him, his head is too big for his boots, I personally think he is blocking players like Vela who are better. Vela is a better finisher & has much much more potential. For me he can go, he misses to many chances & he is way too arrogant, his first touch is poor and he needs like 50 chances to score ONE GOAL!! Garbage, he can go!!

  9. george says:

    Desi,Arsene has made a reply to B52,which sort of says he was not miss quoted.It seems Arsene does not have a problem with it .So no worries.

  10. Soeren says:

    I’m also a Danish Arsenal-fan and I’ve read Bendtner’s quotations from different sources (these quotations are on every sports website in the Danish media). To me it seems more plausibly that he said, “I’m wasting my time on the bench” rather than, “I’m wasting my time at Arsenal” (though the title in question correctly says, “Bendtner: I’m wasting my time at Arsenal). just wanted it to sound more sensationally.

  11. Soeren says:

    If I may add, in the interview Bendtner never says these words, “I’m wasting my time at Arsenal”. It’s only the title that says that. But he does say that a move away from Arsenal will be considered an option if he doesn’t play on regular basis.

  12. Jj says:

    B52….if he really wants to be our number 1 striker then step up. I believe out of all our strikers we don’t have a clear number 1 like we used to…Alan smith….Ian wright….Herny.

    Rvp is ment to be but he is forever on the treatment table… Vela has not been given a good run in the side to prove himself….Chamakh is new and still needs time to settle, but he needs to take more shots on goal!! B52 plays good then poor then good the poor then…. You get what I’m saying!! All any of them need to do to become our main man upfront is score goals, they all have the ability and the potential. B52 just take your chances when they come and you will be picked every game… The amount of chances our forwards get each game is enough for us to score 5-6-7 goals each game. So any of them can do it…. It’s as simple as that. Wenger knows that…. Once any of them find that scoring touch they will become the main man….

  13. Filip says:

    I have been supporting Bendtner for at least two seasons.You can see that he is consistently improving his overall game.His goal/match ratio is improving every season for the last 4 years( since he was 18).Also,he has the winning mentality (he has scored countless winning goals in the last 3 seasons).I believe he will be our Drogba.No doubt about it.He wont leave.It is as simple as that.

  14. MSL says:

    I don’t understand how many fans who moan about team lacking steel and spirit want Bomber 52 gone. He is growing, 23 and was injured (did you guys forget it dampens development!) for quite sometime. Give the man a break. I would have him just for his confidence and fight. We need that belief, confidence and desire. I also love how everybody thinks they 100% know what is going on. Wenger knows better and he is not someone who usually takes uncalculated risks or efforts. Yes, AW has got a somethings wrong but I trust him on this one as I eat my words about Fabianski.

    PS: Fabianskis a good(great?) shot stopper but still is indecisive at crucial times.

  15. poodle says:

    nobody cares whats right or wrong. Most fans just love to hate, and now we can hate Bendy is great!…

    I mean honestly, what would you do if you lived in a sad council flat. your mun and dad never worked and you were 3rd generation kid in a council estate with no future? your mum is 30( you are ofc now 15) and you got 5 half brothers and sistets and only 3 know who their dad is?>

    Ah typical england that is. PL is like bread and circus for the masses. you keep em happy, show em some footy some x factor and some other garbage and they shut up and stay home and spew vile on the internet instead of at the streets.

    Unfortunatley we seem to have many here as Arsenal fans. oh well off to Maurizius tomorrow( some of us got money you know) tata!

    • Bob says:

      And yet for all your wealth and rarefied stock you still can’t spell Mauritius correctly.

      What a charmless, graceless, and thoroughly ignorant post that was.

      Come back when you’ve learned to show a bit of class.

  16. colneyblog says:

    I don’t know if the comments are true or not but Wenger certainly reacted to them in his press conference earlier today.

  17. Champion says:

    Chamakh has shown us that we could and if the quotes are right, should do better than Nick. NB52 and Arsenal might be better off parting ways at the end of the season. Hopefully he will play out of his skin between now and then. I think the time has come for us to start being more ruthless with players whom speak out like this as its not good for the squad team spirit.

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