Arsenal 0 – 1 Newcastle: Match Thoughts And Individual Analysis

What a shame!

It seems to me that Arsenal have a knack for creating their own miseries. When one set of issues look like they’re resolved we come up with some other set of problems.

How can a near full strength Arsenal side produce such a dire first half is beyond me. Arsenal showed absolutely no urgency, no desire, and worst of all no intelligence in the play against a determined and well organized opponent.

Walcott’s main strength –pace; never used.

Fabregas’ main strength – passing and creativity; very poor movement up front and Cesc had to drop deep far too often.

To me those were the two main weapons we had and Newcastle were able to counter them just by getting the basics right. Surely if the Barcodes had to get something at the Emirates they’d have to work harder?

I can recall only three half chances in the first half. Cesc hit the bar with a free-kick. He also won a corner after a good run that was well-picked by Song. And Nasri forced an excellent save when he was set up by Fabregas.

In the first half Arsenal’s off the ball movement was astonishingly poor. All three midfielders moved forward in turns but Newcastle were able to crowd us out in the final third as their defence wasn’t being stretched by intelligent movement. In the air the visitors won almost everything and were quicker on to the loose ball. Even Arsenal’s pressing was half hearted and Newcastle were able to move the ball comfortably, at will.

To be fair, Arsenal did restrict the Toon’s attacking options. I don’t recall Fabianski having to make a decent save all through the game. But they got the goal from a set-piece, something that was always going to be a possibility given the way they were winning everything in the air.

I’m sure the Misery Brigade will be out in full force against the Keeper but I’m not sure he is that much to blame. Carroll lost his marker far too easily as Chamakh never attacked the ball. Not sure if he got a call but he seemed to have given up far too early. In that case, Fabianski was in a lose-lose situation as he couldn’t get to the ball while coming out and Carroll would have had a free header from six yards if the Keeper had stayed back. Bottom line is we can’t always blame the Keeper when everyone else is losing the aerial battles.

The first ten minutes of the second half were impressive. Arsenal came out with purpose, pressed high up the pitch and pushed Newcastle back. There were one or two half chances and Walcott hit the bar with his only meaningful contribution of the game.

This time, in accordance with popular demand, Arsene made the substitutions early. Before the hour was up Nasri, who might have picked up a knock, and Chamakh were replaced by Arshavin and Van Persie.

Surely now Arsenal will pin them back and force Krul into some heroics?

What happened next was the one of the most bizarre displays of chaotic, rudderless football one will ever see at the Emirates. It was as if Arsenal players had turned into school boys, albeit individually talented ones.

There were far too many balls over the top that were unerringly lost. Newcastle goal was never under siege. Arsenal just didn’t have the shape to sustain pressure. A few short passes would take play to one end. Then a long ball would give possession away as the visitors would win it in the air. Arsenal would be out of shape as the play was at the other end. Consequently no one would really challenge for the second ball. The Magpies could then bring it out and keep it for a while before the whole thing was repeated.

Arshavin showed some urgency, Van Persie had some good touches, Wenger even brought on Bendtner, but Le Boss wasn’t able to bring on the most needed ingredient – Composure.

In the end, to make matters worse, Koscielny was caught out by the pace and strength of the youngster Ranger and picked up a straight red for DOGO. He will miss the game against Wolves.

The only positive I can think of from this game is the return of Van Persie; now we have to hope he can play without injury till the end of the season.

Individual Performances

Fabianski: Mistake for the goal. Did well otherwise as he collected almost everything put in the box. As I’ve often said, we must not expect the Keeper to deal with all the aerial balls in the box. Just see how many times Krul had to deal with the balls in his box.

Sagna: Was strong defensively but didn’t have the right understanding with Walcott. The right side was always too tight.

Squillaci: Did fairly well in dealing with their big and strong attackers. Can’t really blame him for anything in this game.

Koscielny: almost like Squillaci, made decent interceptions, his weakness and inexperience was exposed for the red card.

Clichy: Newcastle rarely created anything from the right as Clichy did well defensively. Could have done better in attack but the movement up front was quite poor.

On the whole I’d not blame the back five that much even if this wasn’t a perfect performance.

Song: Made many uncharacteristic mistakes, wasn’t as close to the defence as I’d have liked. Had some decent moments while going forward but he has to learn to adapt his game and should stay deeper especially when we’re struggling to create space.

Wilshere: I was impressed by his physical presence and intelligence. Did well to win the free-kick that Cesc hit on the bar. did well to create the opening for Walcott who also hit the woodwork. Can’t really blame a youngster for lack of composure!

Cesc: I thought he was the source of our edginess. Not sure if the ref got to his nerves or whether he was frustrated by the lack of movement up front but this was a very shoddy display by his standards. The fact that he was still involved with almost everything Arsenal created just highlights how good he is but I expect a lot more from the captain.

Broadly speaking, I thought the midfield was quite poor. They rarely won the second ball in attack and not often enough in defence. The passing was too slow and predictable. Rushed forward without a plan and didn’t support the back five well enough.

Walcott: Newcastle, especially Enrique, did a great job of bottling him in one corner. Never got a chance to run at the defenders. Should have been substituted early as this was not his day.

Chamakh: Very disappointing. Didn’t move well enough. Should have swapped with Theo when they were able to close Walcott down regularly. Got into a couple of excellent positions around the edge of the box but just didn’t have the striker’s instincts to finish. Should have tracked Carroll better on the set-piece.

Nasri: made a few good runs but wasn’t able to create the final ball. Should have moved around a little more and should also have swapped wings with Walcott occasionally. Newcastle were clearly stronger on their left than their right.

I thought the front three were extremely disappointing and made it easy for Newcastle. Once the visitors had more confidence they could defend, they also had more belief while going forward.

Subs: Arshavin showed why he adds so much to the team. Van Persie had a few good touches but didn’t get on the ball often enough or should I say wasn’t found often enough by the midfield. Bendtner didn’t do much and strayed off-side on a couple of occasions.

Can’t see how anyone can be given the MotM in such a game.

I stopped talking about the title a few weeks back and have since decided not to look too far forward than the next game. In keeping with that, all I care about right now is a big performance at Wolves. Arsene doesn’t have much time, and Arsenal have a tendency to pick up bad results in pairs or threes, but he will have to come up with the answers against a side that is playing really well despite their poor results.

61 Responses to Arsenal 0 – 1 Newcastle: Match Thoughts And Individual Analysis

  1. jeff says:

    Great rating!! for me,the only player that satisfied me on that match was Wilshere.
    Also,that was perhaps the worst fabregas’ display..

  2. seedick says:

    forget about title now!!!. match after match we just go for intellectual analysis whereas football is played with willpower, guts n ability to switch to other tactics to overcome defeat

  3. True Gunner says:

    Theo Walcott need to develope his midfield play, he can’t just run at the goal all the time, maybe he is too direct, need to tackle and win balls.

  4. Tim says:

    Fabianksi misjudged the flight of the ball on the goal, but Chamakh let Carroll go too easily. And the keeper was hardly at fault for the fact that we created hardly any chances all game.

    With Spurs losing, Chelsea 2-0 down and United scraping a win, it’s clear that the four CL sides all struggled physically having played in being midweek. That doesn’t excuse today’s poor performance, but it does help explain it.

  5. vinnyjones says:

    cant believe he didn`t start arshavin,as much as he has his knockers. the little man frees up others as teams tend to try and crowd him and double team. also he is an out and out attacker whose not scared to shoot,which if you are going to start chamakh it`s better to have nasri right, arshavin left. bring theo on with 20 mins to go when the opposition are tired. i thought the boss got it wrong today as well as the fact we had no luck to speak of. but if i`m honest we deserved no more than a point for that display

    • desigunner says:

      I guess that seems like the right choice in hindsight but if I’m not mistaken, Nasri and Walcott are our leading goal scorers this season. So how can one justify leaving them out?

      Overall it seemed like a problem of balance and incisiveness against a very well organized and highly motivated team.

  6. ak47 says:

    need to pull their fingers out of their well paid arses!! i could go on for days but it would be like playing a newly promoted stripey team…. pointless!
    i have now conceded the title. cheers lads for not showing up, pissed all over my sunday.

  7. Pitseh says:

    Liverpool has just done us a HUGE favour…but in all honesty what they’ve done is just put a sugar coating on shit! (coz thats what we were today!)

  8. geoff reid says:

    we should play jet he is strong and fast and wont be pushed around like our powder puff forwards.

  9. La Shiz says:

    I am extremely disappointed with Cesc’s performance today. He seemed completely out of sorts not just by the way he played but also his demeanor and body language showed he wasn’t really up to it.

    Sagna had a great game I think, Wilshere as well. As you mentioned, I’m happy Van Persie is back in the team. The only positive I’d take is that Arshavin looked hungrier and more determined in the 30 or so minutes he played today that he has in the last 5 games.

    • desigunner says:

      Yeah I was quite impressed by Arshavin.

      It seems Fabregas was getting more and more frustrated for some reason and lost control of the game. Very uncharacteristic for someone of his talent and intelligence.

  10. La Shiz says:

    I was watching the Chelsea Liverpool game on ESPN and Steve McMahon went on to say after the game was over and Liverpool had won, “If Arsenal had a ‘keeper like Reina they might have won the Champions League in the last few years”. I normally like Steve and his comments but that was just uncalled for. Why do these experts haev to keep taking swipes at Arsenal out of the blue?!

    • sambo, ilorin says:

      And that is just the plain truth! If Arsenal have had a great gk in the last 3-4 seasons, we will have won either of the epl or cl. I have refrained from picking on any of our players but the simple reality is that our team is short in so many areas esp. in the gk dept. I know most Arsenal fans usually find comfort in the ‘siege’, ‘the world against us’, ‘the pundits hate Arsenal’ mentalities but we as fans need to open our eyes to the obvious frailities in this squad and adjust our expectation levels else some will end up in hospital beds.

    • desigunner says:

      Reina actually made more mistakes in that game than Arsenal keepers have made all season.

      He let one Anelka shot go through him and luckily it hit the bar. Then he came out and jumped for a ball that went below him, again luckily the striker wasn’t counting on it and hadn’t gotten in behind. People forget these kinds of mistakes that Reina, Van der Saar and others make. Arsenal keepers have been unfortunate that their mistakes have ended up in the back of the net.

  11. indiagunner333 says:

    I think not starting with Arshavin was a mistake…..he is the only player in arsenal who has a great long shot and whn defence is tight as it was today someone has to pull the trigger from long range……….look at torres’ goal today…..thats what we call a real CF finish…..
    one more thing one of the analyst from ESPN pointed out that if arsenal had the quality GK(like reina) we would have won 2 PL and one CL…

  12. nicky says:

    On the plus side and on another day, our shots that hit the bar would have been goals. However, on 3 occasions in the first have, we tried ridiculous close passing movements INSIDE their penalty area.This
    crazy tactic at present-day Arsenal has got to stop. Forget the “Perfect Goal” nonsense and adopt the “No passing in their penalty area” policy.

  13. ak47 says:

    ok i take it back;-S, thnx pool, for highlighting what a missed opp 2day was! still livid.

  14. La Shiz says:

    Dude, why is MY comment awaiting moderation when other can post whenever?!?!

    • desigunner says:

      Sorry about that. Part of your email matches one word I’ve highlighted for moderation because it is often used by people who only want to abuse.

      I’ll remove that one and hopefully it should be fine for you after that.

  15. ak47 says:

    youd think after last year we would have realised that being bailed out by other teams wont win u the title! stil livid!

  16. vinnyjones says:

    we were shit today make no mistake. boss got it wrong big time. midweek game no excuse.

  17. TAR says:

    I wouldn’t have started with Theo, but Asharvin on the right. Newcastle is not just any team and today, Wenger got it wrong today. We dropped points for no reason what so ever, manu maintain consistency with wins with a wounded team, but we cant win with our full strength team. Dificult to swallow for an Arsenal supporter…

  18. vinnyjones says:

    i personally would have gone with nasri on the right and andrei left. they swap around anyway. but if you look at our matches where we have scored goals this works better with chamakh up front. newcastle earned those 3 points today with an inspired effort. the 1 real chance they got they converted and they ran their arses off and didn`t give us any time or space just like west brom and sunderland did. we could learn something from the way they played today. sure we hit the bar and krul made some great saves. but the boss picked the wrong team!

  19. Linkz says:

    this was one of the most fustrating games to watch, the lads have themselves to blame, i wonder if leboss has the guts to sub Fabregas he should have been the one subed not Wilshere who i thought was far better, its not over yet but i feel the hunger isnt there.
    c’mon u gunners!

  20. Arun says:

    Chahmak did a Bendtner-against-Shakthar. Totally lacklusture. Van persie did better than him in his appearance after months out.
    Walcott Must and Must develop some trickery to add something to his game. Raw pace wont help when there is no space to run Thru. His too direct approach comes as an handicap in these situations. he still got a shot away which indicates he is sharp but the defender was sharper. Should have switched flanks or with chamakh.
    Wilshere was brilliant. was the only player whose decision making was good. Arshaving was great but received no support. Van persie had few good touches but had to fall deep to see any ball.
    Poor performance from Cesc. I’m not sure if its still his hamstring. Lost the ball more than any other player on the pitch. Poor team chemistry upfront. They all played like individuals who were suddenly put together in a team for this match.
    I would say, the improvement should start from Wenger. May be he is blinded with too much belief.
    When a team is going to perform like this, he should ve seen this coming in the training the previous day – The clear lack of match sharpness.

  21. Aussie Jack says:

    Not unexpected, I predicted Andy Carroll would be a handful after the Carling Cup game and he was. Arsenal did what Arsenal do best “looked a gift horse in the mounth”. How many times over the last few seasons have we been in a position to take advantage of Chelsea and United dropping points and blown it against unseeded sides?

    • desigunner says:

      Initially I’d thought the same about Carroll but after giving it a day I thought we dealt with him really well. Apart from one mistake he didn’t trouble the defence or the Keeper at all.

      I’d say the bigger problems were in the centre and attack which failed to create the kind of chances we’ve come to expect, especially at home.

  22. sambo, ilorin says:

    I am just benumbed by this un-inspiring performance. This bunch just dont instil any pre-match confidence any longer. Am afraid Arsenal will have to fight for that top 4 finish with this squad. What a shame!

  23. Wilsheres dad says:

    Newcastle came to the Emirates with the age old defensive plan & got it just right and too many Arsenal players were off their game to make the difference.
    The possitive is that even playing well below par we are still 3rd in the league with 2 thirds of the season left.
    Oh…& Wilshere was very good again today!!!!

    • Furovich says:

      Yes I totally agree, your son was great today. It’s a shame Wenger took him off and not Fabregas. Fabregas was terrible really, I would argue that we could of got something out of the game if he didn’t play. He was giving the ball away so much it destroyed ant continuity in attack.

      I know alot of people are bagging the first half display but I thought it was pretty good. To me the intensity was there and the midfield and defenders were energetic and composed. Chamakh didn’t show alot of movement but that didn’t surprise me.

      Newcastle were defensively superb. Also, I don’t really blame Fabi for the goal. Like Desi said, he had to otherwise it’s a free header. Chamakh and Kosc completely dropped of him :(.

      In my opinion red for Kosc was very harsh for many reasons…

  24. HexyDre says:

    Terrible loss, but sh*t happens. What happens in our next 3 premiership games would say a lot bout how the season would go/end.
    DesiG, you give Cesc too much credit…he was (kinda) crappy today and I’m sure he knows. I believe he should have been subbed instead of Wilshere who was our brightest spot on the field today.
    I also think AA23 should have started instead of TW14, to say the truth there is little Theo can do with the kind of game played today.

    Good to have RvP back, sad bout Laurent’s red card, I hope Cesc finds his form ASAP.

    Common you reds! We have a treble to fight for.

  25. Whatever says:

    Another shambolic performance from a team that is supposed to be going for top honors. What a joke of a team. A lot of half hearted players and very sloppy ones too. I think the fans should put more pressure on the coach and players. We have given enough support. How long can we allow this madness to continue. We should remember that it would be insane to expect something different this season if we keep going down this same path we have been going for the past 5 years. Arsenal is simply becoming a club without RESPECT

  26. samir nasri says:

    nought but to matches ago, you all had pre-match confidence. even you sambo, quite a liar i would assume

    but god damn, fuck me sideways, did we ever need those points with chelsea losing

  27. Sam says:

    Is it just me, or is Chamakh scared to shoot??
    And he is our CF, scary thought….

  28. MSL says:

    Jesus love of god. That was awful. Newcastle won everything in the air and even with Bendtner and RvP around we didn’t do much. Just couldn’t breach into the box. Exact opposite on our end, though we dud well to push Caroll outside towards the touchline, our defenders lost one too many headers. Newcastle is a big team and Kos needs to bulk up.

    The goal was pure miscommunication between Kos and Chamakh. Chamakh tracked Caroll and once Carroll jumped he just stopped and looked at Koscielny> No time to react and boom free header.

    The whole match was like that in the last third, the final ball didn’t fall once to our players. Wilshere was immense.

  29. Whatever says:

    If Arsenal fans threaten to boycott games, then I think those bunch of apathetic players would things more sriously. We really deserve an apology.

  30. Realistic Gunner fan says:

    Join us if you can. I and about 6000 other fan are planning a match boycott. We feel that the club and its set of lethargic players the being too flippant with ending the trophy drought which looks likely to continue if nothing is done about the whole situation. Just a few of these players are truly good enough to be represent the club. As a club, I think we are too concerned about some players morale that we have refused to tell those of them that are good enough so. Anyways, please keep this in mind and we will send out more details about the boycott soon

  31. T2T says:

    Supporter = One that supports
    Support = “…to give aid or encouragement to a person or cause”

    I’m as disappointed as any by today’s performance. It was just like WBA all over again. Every team with a talented, hard working striker and solid defensive organisation will create problems for us. Today, Cesc had probably his worst game for years in an Arsenal shirt. What AW should have done is always easy too see in retrospect. We had enough goal attempts to get a win but today was just not our day.
    I’m not sure why but several of the players seemed “uninterested”. Where is the hunger and willingness to work hard for the team. Is Chamakh running out of gas?
    How can Arsenal change this?

  32. santori says:

    I’ve said this before. We are too predictable.

    We need a new assistant (pref someone with a hairdryer) to help Wenger with his tactics. Yes he subbed early this time but the basic approach is still the same.

    There is simply not enough variation to our play. teams come over to the Emirates knowing what we will do, short passes.

    1)At times we need to consider hard crosses across the pitch to opposite flanks to switch our point of attack quicker.

    2) We are also not taking advantage of Chamakh’s obvious strength in the air. Our crosses into the box need to be sharper.

    3) Considering the amount of possession we normally have, we often fail to shoot at the target (particularly from distance)

    If we work out these kinks, we will offer ourselves better options going forward and more importantly make it more unpredictable for the other side.

    As is, we’ve blown a perfectly good chance to close the gap this weekend.

    • arvind says:

      very good points. point 1 esp. our attack is always one direction on the wings…. i like the idea of changing directions

  33. santori says:

    I agree with Desi that Fabianski is not fully at fault for the goal (Yes Chamakh should have tracked Carrol) but I am as yet not fully convinced by our keeper(S).

    Part of the problem is Wenger is affording them the opportunity to make their mistakes and learn (natural at this stage of their development) BUT it is at our expense!

    What he really needs to do is make it FAR more difficult for the keepers to break in. They should be out on loan to a good team. It is the best way to fully work out the kinks in them and realised their full potential.

    OTOH, we could well do with another striker. I wouldn’t mind seeing someone who is a pace merchant right up top to afford us the threat of beating the other side’s last men (Walcott to me is more a winger, he is clueless working in tight areas).

    If Vela doesn’t step up, Bendtner could be moved to the left in which case Karim Benzema anyone?

  34. Gunner says:

    i dun wan to sound like a “Doom and Gloom”, but this has really been a GOLDEN opportunity for us to close up the gap to 2 points and we blown it Big time.. 😦

    With respect to NewCastle, this is a bread and butter match we need to win for people to treat us seriously and end all the cheeky comments like “alll flair no substance” or ” pass till dead, just wont shoot” or “forever young” team. If we cant kill off games like this week in week out, how can we generate the “FEAR” that make teams lose the mental battle? With exception to few, All Teams fear to face Chelsea regardless place or time. Many Teams fear to face ManU ( not tat much nowadays). Most teams Fear to play in Anfield. EVEN Fuham gernerate such fear at their home ground.. With this type of performance, we can generate more laughter and quips against us..

    OK, i am rattling but it is just sooo irriating~

  35. metalhead says:

    I don’t know if Fabregas is still carrying that hamstring injury. He just looked totally frustrated like you mentioned Desi and I think the injury could be the source of his frustration.
    Wilshere was without a doubt the best Arsenal player on the field closely followed by Arshavin who put in a gem of a cameo. Like you mentioned the Arsenal “Misery Brigade” will shift their focus now from Arshavin to Fabianski.

    • metalhead says:

      One more thing I’d like to mention was that Walcott was stationed too high up the pitch. He was playing as a striker. I thought he would have been more effective if he hadn’t played so deep. Sagna barely had support when he was moving forward. Since Walcott’s pace is his forte he should have played more as winger where he can outrun people.

  36. Realistic Gunner Fan says:

    The main problem I have with Arsenal and most Arsenal blogs is that they always have an explanation for everything especially when we lose. Quite sad to be honest as most of the bloggers have turned to Idealists. Our season is still in serious doubt but as a fan I still hope for the best never the less I never lose sight of reality. Our bunch of players (kids) dont have a winning mentality. Some of them are just not good enough, others seem uninterested while the very good ones are injury prone or not getting enough support. We all support Arsenal because of the way they play which is very good but as we all can see, it takes more than that to win a trophy. I hope the real gunner fans wake up and stop being satisfied with top four finishes and a guaranteed place in the Champions League QF.

    • indian_gunner says:

      well because there is one.Nobody is satisfied with top four finish, we all want to win and there’s no doubt about that but the issue is how araea we going to achieve it? Real football is far more complicated than fantasy manager, well what i mean to say is buying a one or two players won’t suffice. There’s somethnig really worrying about this result and we need arsene addresses it well enough

  37. swikath says:

    Well what was scray though is that we don’t have “injures” to blame .We were alomst full strength and we lost at home to bar code! But what will define the season for me is how the team picks up from here and get back to winning ways.. The true mark of a top side is to pick themselves up when thigns are not so bright and lets hope the “maturity” that Wenger sees in the side is well and truly justified..

  38. Gunner says:

    for this match, we are nearly at full stength, with almost the full 1st team available (not count on the match fitness). We cant use injuries as excuses. We cant use Match fitness coz it is more den 1/4 a season gone. We cant say we are inexperience coz 80% of the players have at least 1 season of profession football at highest level. And Most important, we cant blame on not buying players coz i strongly believe we can win everyting with the current squad we have.

    We need someone to address to the issue y we are losing games we are suppose to win? and it is a recurring issue, with WBA, This match and even in CL~

  39. IncredibleG says:

    I think our biggest mistake was playing Nasri out wide oposing Theo. Whether we like his hot and cold style or not, AA takes their right back out of the game through constant man-marking and his tendency to drift out and forward forces the back line to stretch out when Theo’s in posession on the right.
    Noone will question Samir Nasri’s importance to the team but his instincts are those of a CM, he moves towards the play to get involved. Without a great attacking LB running in to take the wide space and maintain the threat, their right flank went unexploited for most of the first half.
    I felt for Theo as Sagna kept cutting off his space out wide but he should have used him instead of constantly trying to carry the ball. He also missed a fantastic passing opportunity with Chamakh when they crossed each other but its easy for us to say that with our elevated view-point.

    • desigunner says:

      I’m not sure Wenger will play Walcott and Arshavin together as that could leave us vulnerable defensively on both flanks.

  40. drvics (mumbai gooner) says:

    The Sunday defeat capped of what was a very miserable week for me personally. Anyone else think their situation in life mirrors the situation their favorite team is in?
    We had a very poor midfield performance, though Jack seemed to be one of the best players on the field. Though we aspire to play ‘Complete Football’, the truth is that the role played by Fabregas i.e. the creative central mid, is the most influential one. And so if that player plays badly, we as a team play badly, especially if RvP is not the leading CF.
    This is clearly the worst I have seen fab4 play. He was the reason that the full backs were not bombing forward because of the continuous loss of possession. I dont have the stats but I am sure Fab4 lost possession some 8-10 times, and several times these were unforced errors. That could also be the reason that the long ball was preferred later on as nothing was happening though the midfield. However I must say, noone else put their hand up to be counted and took charge of the situation. The last 10 min were excruciating as the team seemed clueless.

    All in all a very un-Arsenal like performance.

    So, did we deserve to lose? Yes
    Did we miss an opportunity to impress upon our credentials as title contenders? Hell, yes.
    Are we out of the title race? No way, there is still a long way to go.
    We just need to take it in our stride, learn what went wrong, get back on the horse and work our asses off for next month and half.

    • desigunner says:

      To me it’s the other way. A miserable performance leads to a miserable week. Most of the stuff in life is so routine it doesn’t matter but a bad performance makes it all depressing.

  41. critic says:

    i think desi quit…!!!

    • critic says:

      on a lighter note:
      i think arsenal are not pressing effectively and collectively, they did that at stamford only. Even against nufc 3-4 people were around single opposition player waiting for him to surrender the possession instead of winning it.
      That’s why ppl are saying they are playing without heart.(P.S – i think we need ref’s assistance to reduce every team to 10 man to score 2-3 goals)

      • critic says:

        on a more funnier note:
        does any1 notices that this is the same team from last season, in fact, we have a stronger defense this season, still we are not playing better than last season. I think we r playing even worse. Reason for that is(i think) simply because though personnel are same but they are not sure of their roles, midfield dynamics has completely changed. Song bangs forward, nasri wastes his talent in the flanks, fabregas is picked up irrespective of his fitness(ok i think last one was a bit harsh).I think arsenal think we can attack as a team but defending is only for back 4.

        Ultimately, we can only give opinions but the opinion that matters is of arsene.

    • desigunner says:

      I do agree that this team should be stronger than the last season’s team because

      1) defenders are better
      2) Wilshere is doing well in midfield alongside Song and Cesc
      3) as you said, the team is pretty much the same with more experience

      I also agree there is some confusion about roles due to the change in system. But that should not have such a big impact on the game. That just means the problem is a lot more complicated than we imagine.

      As far as defending goes, Newcastle barely created anything so I’m not sure how we can blame the team defence for this loss. Again, just a bit complicated.

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