Thoughts On Starting Eleven And Tactics Against Newcastle

Newcastle are a blow hot, blow cold kind of a team. They’re capable of massive wins against sides like Sunderland and Villa but they can also lose to Blackpool at home. We don’t know which one will turn up tomorrow much in the same way as we don’t know which Arsenal will turn up!

The Barcodes (my favourite nickname in the Premiership) are a good team. They can play a physical game with long balls, good set-pieces, and shots from distance. They can also pass the ball around a bit as they’ve attempted over 400 passes in about half their league games.

With the likes of Nolan, Alan Smith, and Joey Barton in their side the Magpies can sometimes get overly physical but hopefully the ref will keep things tight. I don’t want to see the likes of Wilshere or Nasri getting provoked and reacting rashly with such a tight schedule coming up, and I certainly don’t want to see another Arsenal player picking up a niggling injury like Diaby did after that horrendous tackle by Robinson.

To me the most relevant detail is that Newcastle won’t bring anything to the table that we’ve not seen before. With key players returning after a rest, precautionary or otherwise, I’m hoping Arsenal will play with purpose and conviction. If that happens it won’t matter which Toon side turns up.

Obviously, we will need to deal with the aerial threat and physical presence of Carroll and Nolan. Can Koscielny, Squillaci, Sagna and Song deal with it? Absolutely. As long as the midfield stays close to the defence and attacks the second ball we should not have a problem. If they drift apart we will face problems similar to the ones we did against Shakhtar.

On the ball Tiote and Jose Enrique are two of their key passers with Barton and Gutierrez providing the creative threat. Once again, nothing we haven’t dealt with in the past but good enough that they deserve respect and our A-game.

I have a feeling this game could be a high scoring one. Newcastle are the highest scoring team in the league outside the top three. They also have a relatively weaker defence. If Arsenal can knock an early one in, this game will be real fun.

As far as the starting line-up goes I expect Sagna and Koscielny to come in for Eboue and Djourou. In the middle we should see Song, Wilshere, and Cesc. It will be interesting to see the attackers that Arsene picks. I guess Chamakh will be an automatic choice and I hope Walcott keeps his place. This will leave one place for Nasri or Arshavin.

My preferred starting eleven would be,

Fabianski – Sagna, Squillaci, Koscielny, Clichy – Song, Cesc, Wilshere – Walcott, Chamakh, Nasri.

With Bendtner, Arshavin, and Rosicky on the bench we should have enough strength to mount a late attack but I’m hoping Gooner nerves will not be tested in this game. Here’s to a high scoring encounter with Arsenal winning by a two goal margin. A clean sheet will be good but I won’t bet on it.

15 Responses to Thoughts On Starting Eleven And Tactics Against Newcastle

  1. K-TR7 says:

    I have a feeling nasri will be rested for this one.he has played so many games and i fully expect AA,Chamakh and walcott as our front 3.we’ll have a straight go at them from the off with that forward line and cesc and jack will have the liberty to slide in through balls all day you said it could be fun.

  2. akanimo says:

    arsenal will win 2morrow, i don’t care de score line. We r 2much 4 a newcastle side.

  3. Aussie Jack says:

    Can`t argue with that line up Desi. Andy Caroll is obviously the guy to keep an eye on he`s the kind of `up the guts` striker that would suit Arsenal but we do have a counter part if Wenger starts to play Walcott up the middle as second striker. Myself I`ve given Arshavin away.

  4. Arun says:

    Arshavin will start. The other place will be decided between Nasri and Walcott. Here, I think Nasri will get the nod and Walcott will comeon for Arsha as a sub lateron in the game.

  5. Atarha says:

    Hey mate; i like your choice of starting 11 for Arsenal but think Arshavin would start inplace of Wolcott, this way Wolcott comes of the bench to an already tired defence.

  6. Setos says:

    Yes walcot should start on the bench for later impact,nasri arsavin and chamack to start,perfect.we beat them 4-0

  7. Shorler da gooner says:

    I agree wit ur starting 11 except dat ashavin should play 4 nasri. We’ll need him more in diz busy november. 3-0 to arsenal

  8. nicky says:

    Newcastle will be so predictable. They will start with Smith and his thuggery. When he gets yellowed he will be subbed by Barton, the biggest thug of all. Then wait until HE gets carded and it won’t be long. As I said earlier…’s so predictable

  9. Fred Gunner says:

    Is it coş we suffered to beat West Ham?Is it cos we lost to Shakhtar?U guys are making Newcastle look lyk Chelsea,Man U or Real Madrid and Carrol is Drogba,Rooney or Ronaldo.These are the kind of games dat bring da best of us.We’ll thump them.

  10. GunnerX says:

    G’morning all. Nice post mate, and I kind of agree with your team selection though I wouldn’t be too surprised to JD start due to Carroll’s height advantage. We play Wolves away on Wednesday, so it an important week for us in what’s bound to be a crucial month for us! C’mon you Gunners.

  11. Zama says:

    I quite like your starting 11 and on current form its our best team, but I think Arsene will go with Arshavin as left forward. Overall I hope we don’t get any injuries from their resident thugs (Nolan, Barton, Smith) and don’t leave it late, like against WHU. Heres to Chelsea getting the shit kicked out by Liverpool 😀 😀 (Lol who am I kidding)

  12. G4L says:

    I am not too sure why rosicky is not even considered for a starting berth..yes he was dissapointing in a couple of matches but i think everyone in this team has had that this season already. AA has given the assists and scored goals..but other than these two contributions which takes up around 15 mins per game..for the rest of the 75 mins – he’s another eastmond on the side…misplaced passes..scary body language and a dropped shoulder attitude..i know thats a part of who he is..but i think if rosicky starts in as mamy games as AA does..he would atleast contribute for the whole of the 90mins..offensively and more importantly defensively, which would give clichy much more freedom. i think its time that we realize that AA is indeed a special player who can change the game at any minute but apart from that minute he is not so good.

  13. Bengali Gunner says:

    Why do i have that feeling that tomorrow were in for a shock defeat :/ outmuscled or something, and its not gonna be the same team we played against in the carling cup

  14. […] Thoughts On Starting Eleven And Tactics Against Newcastle Newcastle are a blow hot, blow cold kind of a team. They’re capable of massive wins against sides like Sunderland and […] […]

  15. leeroy says:

    Lay off barton. He did not receive a single card yesterday! What about those stupid tackles your ever so patriotic captain fab made?
    1 nil to the toon and loving it….
    this is to all who said it will be an easy 3-0 victory and all those other delusionized arsenal fans for their “easy vicotry” against newcastle!

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