Time For Van Persie To Do An Essien?

I was bemused when I read the news that Robin van Persie has been called up to the Dutch national squad. I’m not even sure he is in full training yet and can’t see the reason for this inclusion.

It seems Holland manager Bert van Marwijk has done a Jekyll and Hyde act here. I really liked the fact that De Jong has not been called up, in some ways it’s an extension of the ban voluntarily imposed on him by his national manager. It could be that De Jong has had a disagreement with Van Marwijk but I back the manager in this instance and appreciate his decision.

On the flip side the Dutch coach’s decision to include RvP in his squad seems inexplicable. Is he fighting a personal battle here because of the way Arsene blamed the Dutch for Van Persie’s injury last year? Why else would he want to call up someone who has been out of action for such a long time and that too for a completely inconsequential game?

I’d really like to know if he has been in touch with RvP about his fitness and recuperation. It will be disappointing if it turns out that the Dutchman told his manager that he was fit or will get fit by that time.

Given the number of injuries Van Persie has had in the last few seasons I actually think he should take a break from the international game. He should follow the lead of Essien and make himself unavailable for selection for a short while. The Ghanaian has had similar misfortune with injuries over the last two seasons and has done the right thing by taking a temporary break from internationals.

As far as I know after this ill-advised and awfully scheduled friendly in the middle of November, the next international fixture is anyway in March. Van Persie should see if he can remain fit for Arsenal till that period before going away for an international. I’d actually prefer if he excused himself till the end of the season.

I understand such a decision could lead to some friction with Van Marwijk but only if the national manager is extremely petty-minded. Surely he can see his player has been suffering from crazy injuries and needs to play consistently for his club before he can be considered ready for internationals.

Ultimately I guess this is something that boils down to the player himself. Depending on his stage of recovery Van Persie will have to decided whether he wants to risk himself in a meaningless international or not.  But I guess it won’t hurt if someone at the club reminded him of Essien’s decision.

29 Responses to Time For Van Persie To Do An Essien?

  1. HexyDre says:

    You’re right on the money for this one again. I think he should ‘pull an Essien’ till the end of the season. He owes this to his employers – Arsenal.
    It would be the joke (to me) if he takes off for an international friendly. A mirthless joke it would be.

  2. arsene-al says:

    honestly its completely utterly ridiculous if vp actually plays for holland before properly playing for us. especially seeing as hes been out because of the national side more times than because of us. i mean we dont even get the chance to injure him lol. its complete bs, i agree with you on the whole pulling out from the national side. im sure it would be a hard choice for him because he loves playing for holland, and especially now that they came so close to winning the world cup hell want a piece of the action in the upcoming euro. but he needs to understand his priorities and the club always comes first, anyway hes a smart guy hell do the right thing (plus wenger always has a say)

  3. indian_gunner says:

    Well desi, this must be the first time i am reading something on your blog thats rubbish!absolutely.
    ” really liked the fact that De Jong has not been called up, in some ways it’s an extension of the ban voluntarily imposed on him by his national manager. It could be that De Jong has had a disagreement with Van Marwijk but I back the manager in this instance and appreciate his decision.”
    I mean you did see the WC dint you?he was gung ho about his new approach the dutch team and YES THE THUG THAT DE JONG IS played a crucial role in it. He dint seem to have a problem back then and now the sudden turn around?You fell for that too?
    I really think Van Marwijk’s been bribed by the ARABS 🙂

    • Manav says:

      Looks like Van Marwijk is mending his ways (penance for his sins in South Africa??).
      Or is he seeking redemption for the Oranje?
      I don’t know.

    • desigunner says:

      I’m not sure what your point is.

      You’re working on the assumption that Van Marwijk was happy with De Jong’s tackling.

      From what I recall BvM said he’d warned De Jong a number of times and when he broke the leg of Ben Arfa, it was the final straw. Seems consistent enough to me.

  4. Manav says:

    I fear November & i fear winter.

  5. Metalhead says:

    The Dutch coach, it seems, has some personal vendetta with Arsenal!! Having said that I can bet on my bottom buck that he had a dialogue with Van Persie. I vaguely remember reading an article a few weeks ago where Van Marwijk mentioned that Van Persie spoke to him about his fitness and said that he would be fit within Nov 17 just in time for the friendly game. If, Van Persie plays that game and God forbid should he get injured again, I think the best solution will be to sell him off. It’s highly irresponsible on the part of Van Persie to even contemplate playing that game.

  6. steve biko says:

    Desi, congrats for a wonderful blog,

    If RVP does not do an Essien and withdraw from this crazy friendly then I think its time to sell him even if it means as early as January. Yes, he is world class when he plays but how many times is that? Right now I would entertain the idea of a fit but not necessary world class striker such as Rodallega or Kevin Doyle. With this guy as our main striker the prospects of amajor trophy are minimal. I would rather we eventually bid for Suarez.

  7. Nischit says:

    Lets put it this way desi…

    Its time for Van Persie to an Essien or time for Arsene to do a Fergie. Van Persie shouldn’t be wearing the orange jersey anytime soon.

  8. Steve Palmer says:

    Would i be right in thinking that the Dutch FA would be paying RVP’s wages after he got injured playing for them, as i know most of the players have insurances in case of injuries, maybe they want to see somthing back, personaly if he play’s he should be sold,and JET moved up a place, perhaps a Dutch team will come in and buy him, seeing how his so important to them

    • desigunner says:

      There is some confusion about that. Last time he was injured in a friendly it was not covered by the Dutch team. It led to some friction but Arsenal explored the legal avenues and realized there is no case.

  9. Emma BOgy says:

    i don’t understand Van Marwijk and what he is trying to do i think he should call himself to order because it dose not make any sense. Arsene PLease call him and talk to him i think he would understand and to you Van Persie use your sense.

  10. afrogoon says:

    Bullseye once again des.more grease to your elbows.I have a feeling this might all be media BS as i can’t fathom why ‘mr arsenal’ would directly disrespect the club in such a way.If he decides to go, i think it shows where his loyalties lie and the arsenal should also have a rethink about whether RVP should be a priority.

    Having said all that,i do reside in Ghana and in some quarters, Essien is regarded as a ‘traitor’ to the national team.The blow has been softened a bit though because of a plethora of young gifted midfielders in the national team otherwise he would have received much more vitrolic abuse than he already has.We should get some better perspective from some dutch gooners.

    • desigunner says:

      Thanks for sharing the Ghanaian perspective. I guess national fans everywhere will respond in a similar manner and it does put some pressure on players.

  11. steve biko says:


    My brother whats up! I am waiting for Geoff or Pedro to post a new one.

  12. Sadees says:

    Desi you’re right,but i think going 2 play for his country will protect him from being a traitor and i knew he’ll not perform better as they’ll expect him 2.

  13. embryo says:

    Holland really are taking the piss, and if RvP chooses to go then he’s doing the same, he was a legend at Arsenal, but his actions are starting to taint that, i’m starting to agree with the calls to cash in on him, never thought I’d say that but he should be putting us first.

  14. arthur3sheds says:

    I do not think RvP should play if he is injured and obviously he has no recent match experience so i see no reaso why anyone of sound mind would want to select him.

    However Essiens decision should not be commended in any way. It is a selfish decision as he cannot blame his injury woes on international games alone or because he plays too many international games. He has forgotten where he has come from. He played for Hearts of Oak in Accra and was spotted scouted/or given a trial while playing there. With Stephen Appiah past his peak his expertise and experience is vital to this young Ghana squad. This is a golden generation for Ghana he should be there to help them achieve all he possibly can. I am disappointed with his decision but would expect him to return for world cup qualifiers at least

    • gaagamel says:

      Essien never played for Hearts of Oak he played for Liberty Professionals

    • desigunner says:

      I think it’s not about turning your back on your country but more about taking a short term break for long term gains.

      Surely Ghana will not benefit if Essien gets injured again. Similar argument can be made for RvP. Both national teams will benefit more if the player can recover from his injury concerns and perform consistently at the highest level.

  15. gaagamel says:

    RVP shld be sold case closed

  16. charles says:

    I think is about time wenger consider selling VP off, how many games did he played last season or 2 seasons ago. Wages paid to him is a waste if he decided to play for Holland just back for m injury..it shows where his loyalty lies.

  17. Kenneth says:

    well the ball remains in RvP’s court. It is solely his decision to make himself available or decline the invitation. I just believe RVP should know better by now

  18. Sena..ghana gooner says:

    Where lies d loyalty of RVP?it mkes no sense to play dat useless friendly afta dat long injury. we shd not compare essiens situation to VP bcos here in ghana he is seen as a traitor wen he refusd to play qualifiers 4 ghana ba was in top form 4 chelshit…essien is fit nd was playn ba VP has not even touchd a ball 4 arsenal…a dnt even rely on VP as an arsenal player due to soo much injury

  19. ZUBI says:


  20. Vinci says:

    I’m a Nigerian gooner and I don’t think that players should be more loyal to their clubs. In VP’s case, I think, Wenger should try to build a cordial relationship with the Dutch FA so the lad wouldn’t have to risk getting injured during immaterial friendlies. If a cordial relationship is impossible, vP should be sold.

  21. Jonathan says:

    World CLass players are going to be called up by his nation, its as simple as that. I dont think Van Persie should go but the bottom line is that a semi injured van persie obviously is more influential addition than someone who is healthy. Im guessing they would rather play a half fit RVP than Huntelaar. The Dutch never said he will start so i expect him to play 30 mins, anything more than that would be an outrage and total disrespectful of the health of RVP

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