Wenger On Szczesny Quotes: “This Statement Is Not True”

I was listening to Wenger’s pre-match press conference and he was asked about the recent quotes attributed to Szczesny in which the youngster says the contract talks are off for the time being.

I don’t understand the statement because we are talking. So I’m quite surprised when I read statements like that. This statement is not true.

The quotes are supposed to be from the agent not Szczeseny and we are talking to the agent so I cannot understand where this statement comes from.

I expect the matter to be resolved shortly.

I’m not sure if the quotes I’ve read where the young Pole supposedly says he has enough money and money is not the issue, he wants chances before making his mind up and stuff like that, are the ones that Arsene is talking about. I must say when I first read the quotes, they did sound like something the Polish prodigy would say.

In any case, it’s good to hear the confirmation that discussions have not been called off and Le Boss, who is normally quite cagey in such situations, seems confident.

18 Responses to Wenger On Szczesny Quotes: “This Statement Is Not True”

    • desigunner says:


      • arsenal4ever says:

        thx for this clarification. I think Chezzer is a honest guy but I agree with him he needs more games. Would play him tomorrow. We could rotate a bit in not that important games. Like in Ice Hockey they do it each games!!

  1. Jeffersafc says:

    Once again, another example of readers, and especially Bloggers half reading an article, allegedly written in the first person by the Player, badly transcribed and frankly, a piece of Monday morning nonsense and treating it as if it gospel truth. If you stick to the facts from the official Arsenal website, which generally are properly researched, and come from the “horse’s mouth” so to speak, you do not end up writing awful articles like this and causing yourself needless anxiety. Get a Job…

    • desigunner says:

      Not sure what you’re trying to say.

      I’ve just mentioned what Arsene said about the Szczesny contract situation and it seems quite positive to me.

  2. ELVI says:

    what the hell is this,from where all this come from..

    • desigunner says:

      These are Wenger’s comments from his press conference. Le Boss doesn’t believe the quotes attributed to Szczesny are true.

  3. Jeffersafc says:

    What are you referring to Elvi?

  4. sad says:

    heh well it would be very very stupid comments to make as the best he can do is to stay at Arsenal really…

  5. Jeffersafc says:

    Sad – you are right, to a degree – but the boy believes that he has the talent to be a No1 somewhere, hopefully, our Club one day. However, it does seem to me that if he went to another Club, it would not be a Top 4 football club, which would, in my view, diminish his abilities. I believe that it is easier to play for a smaller Club – he makes an error and it is not scrutinized for a week – think Richard Wright, Alex Manniger, Alumunia. If he is patient, he stands a great chance of becoming a Great Goalkeeper in a Great Club for years to come – keep the faith!

  6. Champion says:

    Desi I am glad you wrote this article it clears a few things up. Szczeseny is a talented prospect, but he is not bigger than Arsenal and I would prefer he left if he was speaking out of turn and making demands.

  7. athlon29 says:

    It’s good news, I hope that we will read some positive news on arsenal.com shortly.

  8. Rosicky7 says:

    Yes l glad because he is going to be a great goalkeeper for Arsenal Football Club …….

  9. fan says:


    Vote for samir nasri player of the month

  10. Team Spirit says:

    would really be nice if its true… not to be talking to the boss and not to the press!

  11. 2 times says:

    the water in poland must be very goalkeeping friendly they have loads of good prospects coming through

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