Szczesny Has Expressed His Desire To Stay

After a long time, it seems, a vast majority of Gooners actually want a Keeper to stay at Arsenal. Many believed in young Wojciech largely based on glowing reports and rave reviews but his performance against Newcastle clearly showed he has the potential to be a future great.

Obviously, everyone is concerned about his contract situation as it expires at the end of this season. Arsene was asked about this in his press conference before the West Ham game. Le Boss was positive and his words reassuring,

Yes [an offer has been made]. We are negotiating with him and try to extend [his contract]. He wants to stay and I want him to stay. So plus, plus plus, should be plus!

Spontaneous Laughter all round.

Wenger was also asked about Szczesny’s earlier comments where the youngster showed his frustration at the lack of game time,

I want to play him. Our job is about competition. He has the qualities to fight for the position and that’s what I wish. He’s a very young goalkeeper, very talented goalkeeper. We brought him here at the age of 16. He made the effort to come at the club at the age of 16. He wants to be successful here and I want him to be successful here. So normally it should work.

Asked if he was concerned about the contract situation Arsene said,

There is always a concern; we are not scared of that. I just told you he expressed his desire to stay, I want him to stay and you know my famous rule of the plusses!

Even if we take all the football out I would be a fan of Wenger just for his sense of humour and the way he deals with repetitive, mind numbing questions. These are the kind of moments that make me watch every single interview or press conference that Le Boss gives.

Coming back to the point, I’m happy that Szczesny has expressed his desire to stay. As I’ve covered in a couple of earlier articles the youngster seems to have a great deal of respect for Fabianksi and knows that he will have to work hard and wait for his chances.

I’m guessing the negotiations are mainly on the length of the contract and the wages. I hope we give him a good 5-6 year deal. I believe players like Wilshere, Ramsey, and Szczesny among others should be on long terms deals. We’ve all seen the advantage of that this summer when Farca couldn’t force our hand. Having these players on 3-4 year deals will put us under pressure almost every other year.

Off-topic, I wish to share this article. It’s a good read that I’d missed and would like to thank regular reader/contributor Shashi for sharing it with me.

Overall, the article has many insights but I was particularly interested in this line.

Wenger lists desire, competence, courage, audacity and the capacity to question yourself constantly as vital ingredients for any manager in whatever field.

Note the words, “capacity to question yourself constantly”. To me, this is a very important quality that all leaders and visionaries must have. The world changes constantly and no one can survive at the highest level without adapting to these changes.

I’ve always found the criticism that Arsene is stubborn completely baseless. He has a method to his madness and doesn’t respond in a kneejerk manner or based on short term performances/issues. Some people don’t get this but that probably shows they’re too stubborn in their own views?!

9 Responses to Szczesny Has Expressed His Desire To Stay

  1. UDEHSAM says:

    you are spot on dear!!! you’re the most reasonable person i came across today. keep it up sir!!!

  2. gooner1 says:

    may i know the name of the writer.

  3. Viejo says:

    I think Szczesny knows he can become the No 1 within a year, 2 maximum. Even if he is, on the face of it, demoted to No3 when Almunia returns it is quite obvious now that Almunia and Fabi will fight out the top spot this year with Fabi being given priority. Almunia is certain to leave either next summer or in January if the right club comes in with the right offer. This will leave Fab @ 1, Szczesny 2 and Mannone 3, and in that situation it’ll only be a matter of months before he gets his proper chance to stake a claim to be our No1 and he won’t give it up. Question is would Fabianski want to leave if when he realizes he won’t be permanent first team? I’d hope not for a couple of years at least if at all and by then Mannone will have stepped up and Martinez or Shea will be @ 3.

    • desigunner says:

      Goalkeeping is a tough job. It’s rare that any club has a top quality No. 2 leave alone 3. Most of the time one Keeper makes the No. 1 spot his own and the other good ones feel like leaving mainly because hardly any manager rotates the Keepers.

      It’ll be interesting to see how the situation develops at Arsenal.

  4. Reds says:

    Top write up, keep up the good work

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