Newcastle 0 – 4 Arsenal: Match Thoughts And Individual Analysis

Within 10 minutes the gulf in class between the two sides was clearly established. The first thought in my head was, how did a Chelsea side consisting of players like Anelka, Terry, Benayoun, Zhirkov, Ramirez, and Ferreira lose against Newcastle at home? The answer seems to be that their kids were not very good and they didn’t play with the right mentality.

Arsenal didn’t have either of those problems. The fringe players, it seems unfair to call talented players like Rosicky that, at Arsenal are probably better than those at any club in England and there is no doubt everyone was fired up and ready to perform.

The game started at a high tempo and our pressing forced Williamson into an error within the first minute. Vela had an excellent chance but couldn’t really get a clean strike on goal. Before the clock could show a minute on the board Arsenal had a couple of good chances from a Corner. Bendtner’s initial shot was blocked and his follow up effort was easily collected by the keeper.

In the first ten minutes Arsenal created three or four other openings but the finishing didn’t match up to the quality of the build up play.

After that period the game settled into a rhythm that one would have expected from the start. Newcastle were better organized and Arsenal had to work hard to open their defence. The hosts managed to create a couple of chances of their own with the help of the long ball.

Arsenal Centre Backs were caught napping when the youngster Ranger burst down the middle to latch on to a long punt. Szczesny came out but didn’t get the ball. There seemed to be a foul on Ranger either from Djourou and/or from Szczesny but he tried to regain his balance. That allowed Koscielny the opportunity to get between the striker and the open net. An excellent interception by the Polish Frenchman thwarted the Arsenal supporting Newcastle kid from opening the scoring.

Soon after, Alan Smith tested Szczesny with a thunderbolt and my stream wasn’t good enough to see whether the youngster got a touch or not.

On the other end Arsenal were creating plenty of chances but most of them resulted in simple saves or Corners.

It looked like a stalemate will be carried into half-time when Arsenal got a goal out of nowhere. Walcott sent in a deep Corner and the Keeper came out for it but missed. The ball was headed by an Arsenal player (couldn’t really see due to the quality of the stream) towards Bendtner who got an excellent header towards goal. Eastmond, or was is Koscielny, did enough to distract the goalkeeper and the ball went through his legs. The man on the line headed it back out but it went in off the back of the Keeper’s head. Cruel on Krul perhaps.

It was a funny/scrappy goal to watch but gave us an advantage going into the break.

It was good to see Arsenal come out focused and motivated to score more. We got the reward for our efforts under controversial circumstances when Walcott doubled the lead eight minutes after the restart.

A long ball (goal kick?) was headed forward by Sagna and that allowed Theo to get in behind the Newcastle defenders who were pushing forward. There is no doubt Walcott would have scored but there was some controversy as Bendtner collided with Williamson who was trying to chase back.

I think the ref did a good job of letting it go as he’d allowed the defender to get away with a similar collision early in the game when Bendtner was making an attacking run to support Theo who had gotten in behind on the right. One could debate that both decisions were incorrect but I was happy the ref showed a great deal of consistency.

I’m not sure Walcott himself was onside as replays showed he was marginally behind the defender when the header was made.

After the second goal Chris Hughton brought on Gutierrez and Carroll. Arsenal continued to play the tippy-tappy game and frustrated the home side. After the hour mark I thought our level dropped a bit and it allowed Newcastle the opportunity to build some pressure.

There was some anxiety in the way Arsenal were playing/defending and the crowd were urging the hosts forward. They created many half chances but our defenders did really well on most occasions. Szczesny was barely tested until the final few minutes.

Despite being down to second gear Arsenal created a number of counter attacking opportunities but the final ball was lacking. The game was settled in the 83rd minute when an alert Cesc stole the ball just inside the Newcastle half and played it out to Bendtner. The striker scored with a sublime finish bending the ball into the far corner. It reminded me of “The Curler” that was discussed in the comments section of a previous article.

Late on Walcott ran on to a through ball from Koscielny to pick up his second and Szczesny made a couple of impressive saves to keep a clean sheet.

Just like the previous game against City, this wasn’t a perfect performance but it was much more than good enough. You don’t win by 4 goals and keep a clean sheet in a tough away game if you don’t play well. Some players made mistakes but others were there to cover for them, we missed some chances but we created a lot more, that’s just what we need.

Individual Performances

I’m afraid I didn’t have a good enough stream so there might be some mistakes here. Please let me know if I missed some events or got some players wrong.

Szczesny: Confident display from the youngster with a couple of excellent saves. He did look uncertain when he came out early on and didn’t get the ball, but we can’t blame him for that. Defenders put him in a spot and then they bailed him out. I don’t want to make long term statements from one performance but I won’t be worried if he has to come on from the bench in a big game.

Eboue: Made some excellent runs but the finish/final ball was poor. Did a decent job defensively. With a little more concentration and better decision making he can be a big player but I’m not sure if he will be able to achieve that. Looked at ease in an unfamiliar left back role.

Djourou: Looked a bit shaky initially and had trouble with some long balls. Settled well as the game progressed. Made some important interceptions as the game went on. Won a number of important headers. Strong defensive presence on set pieces.

Koscielny: Another one who had a shaky moment or two early on. Exceptional reading of the game and we can see why he topped the French league interception charts. Brilliant defending in one-v-one situations. Very composed and confident on the ball. Played some intelligent and accurate long balls as well. I know it won’t be a popular choice but he was my pick for MotM.

Gibbs: Started well but picked up an injury early on. Hopefully it won’t be very serious.

Eastmond: Worked hard and chased the ball well. Also made some decent tackles. Didn’t look very confident in tight areas and should have helped the defence better when we were under pressure. Gave the ball away on a few occasions.

Denilson: Did a good job of keeping the game ticking but it was a patchy performance. Went missing for a while when the defence was being tested. Another one who lost the ball under pressure on more than one occasion. I thought playing with Eastmond left him exposed as both of them have similar weaknesses.

Rosicky: Was pulling the strings for the first hour or so. Looked at a different technical level than anyone else on the pitch in that period. Dropped deep often and played some good forward balls splitting the defence. Good to see him complete the 90 minutes.

Walcott: two excellent finishes (3 shots, 3 on target, 2 goals), some amazing runs, a couple of misplaced crosses, decent defensive tracking – Theo is back. Probably will be the popular choice for MotM.

Bendtner: Looked hungry and sharp. Worked harder than we’ve seen in the past. Used his physical presence well. Made a couple of excellent runs from the left with excellent close control. 6 shots, 5 on target, one fantastic goal.

Vela: Didn’t look very confident in the initial part of the game. Did a decent job on the left but could have done better with his crosses and runs.

Subs: Sagna made some uncharacteristic errors, I’m not sure he’s fully recovered from his injury. Cesc got a good run out and picked up an assist in the process. I thought Arsene made a good tactical substitution by bringing him on as Newcastle were beginning to dominate at that time. Fabregas brought in a strong presence in the middle and a great deal of composure. JET didn’t get enough time.

Again on a side note, I’d like to mention that all our goals in the second half came from uncomplicated football and minimum passes. It happens when we get wide open spaces. These are times when you realize some people are too eager to jump to conclusions or to form theories about the way Arsenal play.

72 Responses to Newcastle 0 – 4 Arsenal: Match Thoughts And Individual Analysis

  1. santori says:

    Szezcny….I thought he was very good. Commanding presence and some excellent saves. He’s knocking at the door.

    Walcott…a bit of ring rust but good to see him on the scoresheet. I thought the second goal was well dodgy (Bendy should have just stood still). All the same, Ref probably concluded that there wasn’t a chance in hell of Williamson catching Walcott in flight.

    Eastmond. Neither Denilson nor Eastmond were terribly convincing (Denilson in particular guilty of some very slack play). Neither can fetch and carry and added nothing to the attack IMO. Would have preffered to have seen young Lansbury on.

    Vela. I thought he was utter rubbish today. He showed no ambition or competitiveness. Contrast him to Bendtner who was hungry, played well out of position out left and finished well.

    Koscielny. An excellent game. He impresses me with his speed which will compliment well with TV’s strength. First choice pairing for me.

    Sagna. I don’t think he expected to be at the race. Poorer than average crosses (and that’s saying something, couldn’t take a throw in to save his life and loose positioning at the back. One can only hope it was a question of the wrong frame of mind.

    JET..would have loved to see him on earlier but alas Wenger as per usual takes too much time to enforce the subs.

    Joey Barton, if there’s ever a player for the FA to keep their eyes on and who’d vindicate Wenger’s rant about reckless play : 85minutes in and 4 nil down, he decides to take out young Eastmond. 5 minutes later he tries his hand at maiming Fabregas. Poor poor excuse for a player.

  2. Chris R says:

    Szczesny did tip Smith’s shot over – it was a superb save. I thought he was outstanding overall – I wouldn’t blame him much for being rounded early on; I thought he had to come for the ball and our defence had put him under pressure in the first place. His saves in the second half were tremendous and what I liked most of all was his authoritative punch in the dying seconds which travelled about 35 yards. I see no future for Almunia now – our 2 Polish keepers are showing amazing quality and they will only get better. Szczesny will surely sign a new contract now; he’s just too good to let go and I’m sure Arsene realises this.

    • desigunner says:

      I saw the tip onto the bar in highlights. That was a top class save. I liked the punch but would like to see him do that while under pressure. On the whole a very satisfactory effort from the youngster.

  3. HexyDre says:

    Yes, Szczesny got a touch on the Alan Smith ‘thunderbolt’ but a corner kick wasn’t given.

    I think Szczesny had a solid game, I don’t know what but the youngster fills me with more confidence than our ‘top two’ goalkeepers combined. Not that I’m taking anything from Lukasz who has been superb of recent!

    Throughout the game, I saw Szczesny commanding and organizing the defense whenever a spot kick is to be taken, his confidence is contagious.

    Good game, there were some shaky moments in the back but our defense held today, I think Koscielny is an awesome player, he reads the game like a ladybird series book (effortlessly).

    With Theo and Nikky (almost) back in full form, AW would have some (good) problem picking up starters right now, I can’t wait for this weekend’s game.

    Cheers to a treble winning season! 🙂

  4. Kannan says:

    Koscielny deserves MOTM… Especially for the calm defending against Ranger when the goal was wide open.
    Szczesny played very well. Perhaps he will start in the next EPL match. Very classy display. Better than Fabianski.
    Not happy with Eastmond and Djourou.
    JET seems to have potential.
    Bendtner did the Henry again. Super.
    Why oh why, did Wenger bring on Fabregas. Could have been injured by the Barton tackle. Let Fab be safe on bench, na…
    Andy Carroll should be given a chance with the English national team. Better than Heskey and Crouch.

    • Dave says:

      Agree 100% Koz was da man!! As good a performance from a CD as possible! I thought he was faultless! My MOTM! he will be class, i feel a better defender than TV but TV brings a bit of flair and a few goals! they will be at the heart of Arsenal’s Defence for years! what a salivating pairing to look forward to when TV is Back!!

      • desigunner says:

        I’m trying not to think about TV right now because Achilles is a very serious injury and he will take time to recover and get back to his earlier levels.

    • Szczesny had a decent game that is it, he is due for his howlers he is young he is bound to make it. I do not what you could see to replace/place him as No. 1 Keeper. He will certainly make few howlers in the next few games hope you do not jump on him. Let us be patient with kids.
      Koscielny is awesome, best defender in our team . Another common myth among Arsenal fans is Vermaelen is a better defender , he is a 3rd choice for me now.

      • themba says:

        TV third choice…??????
        i don’t know what you smoke when you watch arsenal

      • zack_gunners says:

        vermaelen will always be wenger’s 1st choice….

      • @Themba,
        The reason for TV being third choice
        1. TV positioning and reading of the game is not as good as Koscielny.
        2. TV does ball watching not as much as Clichy but he does fair amount of it.
        3. Both TV and Koscielny are similar type of defenders i.e they try to nick the ball in-front of the strikers. This is dangerous when they cannot get the ball. E.g against Barca @ home first goal, “TV attacks the ball and looses he is too far away and bang goal.
        Koscielny does the same but he has an amazing recovery speed and much more successful.
        4. Koscielny likes to defend TV has love for attacking though he has curbed it to some extent.
        5. Koscielny’s heading is far better and he almost never looses.
        6. Koscielny does not go for sleep when defending like most players in arsenal do.
        7. Tackling they are same.

        All in all I am telling Koscielny is far better defender than Vermaelen. Now coming to the second choice i accept Vermaelen is better than Squillaci but Vermaelen and Koscielny is risky due to their similarity in defending. So in that way Squillaci is a fixture and who partners Squillaci will be Koscielny.
        May be Koscielny and TV could work, if it works that would be the best CB pairing but they might need quite a few games together to make that combination working.

        Now give your reasoning for what you saying is right.

      • aravindvr says:

        I agree..
        Kos was awesome yest…
        and may be hes more composed and his positioning is far superior than TV5.
        But we cant undermine TV5 for tht matter.

        Its highly appreciable how Arsene solved our defensive and GK problems without any major spending.
        KOs and Squill were never targets for any top European teams.
        When Kos n Chamakh builds up some muscles as Verminator had done, our team gonna match the bullies like Chelski.

        Anyone noticed how stronger n muscular Chamakh had become compared to last season with Bord?

        too many changes for the gud so far…hope this trend continues.

      • Hong_gunner says:

        if Vermaelen is third choice, then I should be the new goal-keeper.

      • Hong_gunner says:

        @ somerandomgooner – you speak too much trash. saying Kos is better than Vermaelen, who has been consistent around for a year and so, on the basis of a few games, if daft to say the least. and defending is a team sport. you can be an awesome defender, but how defend as a unit is much more important. TV brings about that unity at the back and has been saving Clichy’s ass all this while.

      • @aravindr
        Yeah that is really great. I know there are few people who simply thinks Vermaelen is the best defender in our team and some like me he is not the best. But this is not in anyway suggests that Vermaelen is useless or anything to that effect.Vermaelen is good Koscielny is better.It simply tells how much stronger we have become.
        I accept your point about consistency, may be it is too early. But Vermaelen bringing unity and all is nonsense. Already Koscielny saved us many times because of other mistakes, he did make few mistakes i should say.

      • desigunner says:

        I agree with SRG that Koscielny can develop into a better defender than Vermaelen but I also think they can play together and do well.

    • desigunner says:

      I don’t think it would be right to drop Fabianski just when he is building some confidence.

      Carroll is certainly better than Heskey and Crouch but I think he has some attitude problems.

  5. santori says:

    Good to see us playing some counter attacking footy for a change.

    The key to it is efficiency. Converting the turn over to a strike on goal. I think Fabregas helped by playing the ball quicker.

    Prior to that, we were still very ponderous with our build up, particularly with Denilson and Eastmond slowing things down.

    I’m really enjoying the way Bendtner is developing with his counter attacking game otherwise.

    • Hong_gunner says:

      where Bendtner has improved his game the most is in making runs. he still has to work a bit more on his decision making while combining with his team mates and bringing the midfield into play, but the goal he scored against Man City reminded me of a certain TH 14. he was intentionally staying marginally offside(decieving the Man city defense to push up), and as Nasri controlled the ball, came back onside hence creating a large amount of space behind the defense. this guy could become a very big thing in the future. a team with Walcott, Wilshere, Ramsey, Bendtner, Nasri,(probably cesc as well) all at their peak, oh I can’t wait to watch it.

      • desigunner says:

        Interesting observation about Bendtner. People think he speaks to highly of himself but I think he is an extremely intelligent player and that means he will learn really fast. Wenger has often said that Bendtner always listens when Le Boss identifies his mistakes and then the Dane sets about to work on them. Top attitude.

  6. mjwalker04 says:

    .. thought koscielny did extremely well tonight.. not too keen on djourou in the center, but i think with a run of games he will find form and be a valuable asset in the back. i also thought that rosicky did extremely well and overall thought he has done very well this season, except for that costly penalty miss against sunderland. thought szczesny did extremely well, but don’t agree with the post above about him starting against west ham, fabianski is in really good form at the moment. I was impressed with eastmond as i thought he did well as well as denilson. vela looked out of touch, don’t know what the is the matter with him.. only seems to score when we are up by a few goals.. overall good performance and i’m sure west ham will be tried after their match today

    • desigunner says:

      Well said.

      Djourou looks shaky and makes some mistakes but he has a decent speed of recovery. Also in the box his presence is quite good. I don’t expect him to be first choice anytime soon but he can improve over the next few years.

  7. Karthik says:

    Good article Desi, though I think describing Rosicky as a fringe player is wrong, he is always in with a shout in the first team, though he may not always start, I think Vela is more a fringe player. Apart from that, top article, too bad I had to go to college the next day so couldn’t watch!

  8. Arsenal4 says:

    Happy days being a Gooner!

    Didn’t watch the match. It wasn’t telecast in any TV here in Singapore and to lazy to watch the low quality streaming at 3AM. Saw the replay – i thought all 3 goals from Walcott and Bendtner were very clinical – so it really good to see it. If we can convert most of our possesion and threat, this is the kind of scoreline that we expect from the Arsenal team.

    Also happy to hear Kosc back and doing his good as usual. Remind me how clueless i was about this guy in Aug – suddenly he’s now the critical part of the team. Awesom Wenger for getting him.

    Looking forward for another great game agaisnt this Sat.

    PS: it’s hard not to be super excited – but past years have proven that we shouldn’t count our egg till it hatch. But what the hell….. i am super excited with the current team!

  9. Filip says:

    I cant believe it.Wenger hails JET and Lansbury so much a day before the game and then he puts an average player like eastmond instead of lansbury and gives JET only 8 minutes.I simply dont get it. Qu`est-ce qui ne vas pas , Monsieur Wenger?Ne soyez pas hypocrite svp.Is he afraid to play a youngster because he may lose ? Such a drastic change from Wenger all of a sudden, desi.

    • It was very clear from his interview that JET was going to be in bench, perhaps Lansbury could have taken that midfielder role.
      Most surprising aspect was Cesc’s introduction. I was expecting JET to come on at that time but suddenly Cesc was introduced very strange decision indeed. Perhaps this will get Cesc a winners medal without this sub appearance he will not get winners medal?. Nasri,Arshavin,Chamakh everybody appeared so may be i am right.
      I believe JET would have been much more effective than Vela. Hopefully we will see him in the next match, and hopefully the next match is not against Man U.

      • desigunner says:

        Interesting point about medals. I never thought of it that way 🙂

        I’ve never seen JET on the left so can’t comment on that.

        why not United? I’d certainly prefer to play them in Quarters rather than a two legged semi or the final.

    • Sonu says:

      Well some people are just used to criticize all the time. What if we had lost with the youngsters ,all the Wenger bashers would have gone gung ho about having a wealth of experience and not using it. We have used Carling Cup to breed youngsters and get them into the first team but this year is different.We have gone 5 years without a trophy and let’s face it with the likes of Chelsea, City and other Premiership big teams out of the picture this is our easiest way to get some sort of Cup.
      Besides,the likes of Rosicky,Bendtner,Walcott all needed decent game time and this game came at just the right moment.

      • Hong_gunner says:

        “Well some people are just used to criticize all the time.”

        couldn’t have said it better myself.
        and for Cesc’s introduction, lets not forget the midfield maestro is himself coming back from an injury. and needed a few minutes. i have always thought Rosicky still has it in him, and with him playing full 90 minutes yesterday, it’s justified he has a lot to provide to this team. after yesterday, may be he won’t start against West Ham now, or may be he will. thats up for debate. and his fitness level. and i think wenger is feeling a little pressure(as a normal human would do) from the board and the fans. to win a cup. to shut the glory hunting fans. and he sees Carling Cup as the most reasonable target. and with the teams left in, why not!

      • desigunner says:

        As some wise man said, you can’t please everyone all the time. Depending on the current situation some critics come out in the open while others go in hiding. We really can’t do much about it.

    • desigunner says:

      Could it be that it’s more about your assumptions than about Wenger? I didn’t think at any time did Wenger say he was going to give starts to JET or Lansbury.

      On the whole his selection was about balance and I think he did a fantastic job of giving a game to those who needed it without disturbing the balance of the starting line-up.

  10. Phil23 says:

    Szczesny is number two but I think his path will be a loan to a premiership team next year and then come back to challenge with Fabianski. This way Almunia and Mannone don’t just up and leave both at once.
    Koscielny and Walcott are such vital parts to our team, I think next game we will see Arshavin and Nasri on the wings but our best team is probably Nasri on the left with Walcott on the right. The midfield of Song Wilshere and Fabregas is very strong with a great defence. My personal back 5 would be Gibbs Vermaelen Koscielny Sagna Fabianski. The hardest decision for me would be striker but at this point in time i’d lean towards Chamakh. In a month it could be VP but who knows? I don’t know about you guys but I would be confident to take on Barcelona earlier in the knockout stages because we are the more in form team and have the last of our most valuable players coming back from injury.
    To all the Denilson bashers… Denilson doesn’t really clog up play he is a master in coordinating the attack. He just works much better with Song and Fabregas. Although I agree with anyone that says he needs to sit deeper and concentrate more in defense. At least twice I saw Denilson making good forward runs and making a pass to Rosicky expecting the one two, only for Rosicky to lift the ball over the top to be intercepted by the defense. Later on Rosicky returned the pass to Denilson who instantly set up Vela for what should have been a good goal scoring opportunity, especially with Vela’s finishing.
    Good win for the team. Looking forward to West Ham!

    • desigunner says:

      Szczesny on loan? Do you mean in Jan or next season?

      I think the present state is quite good. Fabianski in goal and Szczesny behind him on the bench.

      It will be interesting to see how Arsene plays Arshavin and Walcott together. I’d put Nasri in the middle since Wilshere is missing due to suspension but I don’t think Arsene will do that.

  11. Manav says:

    Can anyone explain the reason why the linesman didn’t flag off-side for the 1st goal that Theo scored?
    I’m confused.

    • There were two decisions
      1. Whether Theo was offside or not i guess lines man was convinced that Theo was onside.
      2. Lines man thought Bendtner was not interfering with the play or Bendtner had no effect on the play. In other words irrespective of Bendtner’s collision with the defender this would have been goal. I think this is a subjective decision left to the ref. The law is some thing like “you can stay offside as long as you do not interfere with the play”

    • shail'09 says:

      Bendtner was offside but he wasn’t active on the ball so the offside wasn’t given; as for Theo, he himself appeared to be marginally offside but it was overlooked by the referee.

      • Hong_gunner says:

        being biased for my Arsenal, I’ll say the 2nd goal was a sublime finish from Walcott. speaking logically, Bendtner did definitely interfere in the play and Newcastle should have gotten a free kick.

    • Manav says:

      Alright, so the general opinion is that Bendtner couldn’t possibly have had any sort of effect on the game with that lobbed ball that dropped into the Toon half. Of course he didn’t get a touch on the ball and wasn’t involved in the goal in any way.

      • Manav says:

        One of the commentators was talking about some new rule introduced by FIFA. Said we’ll be seeing more and more of such kinda goals being allowed as legitimate goals.

      • desigunner says:

        I think the new rule is not a recent one but that change about player being active or not. I don’t know of any new changes after that.

        Bendtner was definitely interfering with the play but the ref showed some consistency and I’m happy with his decision making. It’s very difficult to make consistent, technically correct decisions.

  12. Sonu says:

    A good game overall in a tough fixture.Playing at St.James Park with a really vocal crowd is not easy but the home fans were silenced/subdued by Arsenal’s possession and composure.
    It was nice to see a lot of first team players get a start.
    But what I am really excited (off topic it might be)about is the central defensive strength we seem to have now.2 clean sheets back to back in away games makes some reading.
    As you said I am very impressed by Koscielny’s composure when defending 1v1 situations.He has a knack to stay on his feet while it would be easy to make a lunging tackle making it easier for the opposition.Another point worth noticing is that he seems to be the kind of player who is self motivated and is very critical of his performance.I cant wait for Vermaelen to get back into the mix.Just makes me wonder though if Wenger had just got this kind of talent in defense last season what a difference it would have made.Anyways that a discussion for another day.
    Congrats and Cheers all around now 🙂

  13. Nischit says:

    Chesny was quite good, and for the most part, his actions on the pitch matched his words. Walcott was efficient but in general play, looked a little rusty. His finishing was lethal however. The same could be said of Bendtner, but hey, you cant fault a man who scores a goal like that much. In fact, that describes Arsenal on the day. Created a lot of chances, took about half of them, but all in 2nd gear. Newcastle just weren’t in the game from the start.

    • desigunner says:

      I hope Newcastle play the same way when they visit the emirates in a couple of weeks. Something tells me that will be a different side 🙂

  14. The BearMan says:

    Arsenal was very fortunate again in this game, for we could have been punished had Newcastle worn their striking boots last night. Defence, Defence, Defence! Djourou is making the same mistakes game upon game. Those coaches needs to sit higher up in the stands and pen those errors down to take back to the training field on one-to-one sessions. They will cost us BIG TIME if they are not addressed immediately.
    The greatest disappointment was Mr. Wenger bringing on the JET so late in the game. For all we know the JET might be THE MISSING LINK, Arsenal needs right now. Had Arsene, stolen the opportunity and start him last night, most of questions would have been answered.
    Vela is not on form, and has not been from the start of the season. Ten to fifteen minutes towards the end of a game is when he is most effective. Perhaps he has lost confidence and needs to sit down with the Gaf and review, his training methods and all round game. The lad needs help, who is in his corner?

    • Arsenal4 says:

      Agree that JET might get the benefit playing more minutes…but I wouldn’t be disappointed that much though … not sure about ‘missing link’, our attack has been the best so far .. in avg. all competition Arsenal has been scoring an average 2.93/game (41 goals in 14 games).. for comparison Chelsea is 2.76/game (36 goals in 13 games) .. and that came with the luxury of missing 3 penalties … however,though, we might have missing links in our defense: a certain fella named Vermaelen, arguably a stronger defensive minded left back and getting the real Fabianski/Almunia to stand up…

    • aravindvr says:

      I think u r harsh on Djourou…
      He did gr8 this game…made few gr8 tackles and headers…
      Overall Kos and Djourou had almost perfect game…
      few attacks were down the Right flank(Sagna) and others were outside the box shots…

      abt JET u r right…he deserves a start considering his reserves perf this season…

      and with Wellington Silva arriving in Jan and may be Miayaichi(Japan) later, I think JET or Vela -one of em might leave soon…

      watch Wellington Silva Show at OldTrafford(3:30) in this one..our first Brazillian attacking player…

      cant wait to see him at the Grove..
      hrd hes currently at London training with the Team…

      • desigunner says:

        Wellington Silva is an exciting prospect. If he can deal with the physicality of the league and keep his head in the right place he will have a big future. But those are two big ifs.

  15. The BearMan says:

    The BearMan is available should Arsene require his services. It will be Demonstration – Talk – Action from the BEAR!

  16. Metalhead says:

    Newcastle apparently fielded a weakened side. While that is indeed a correct assessment, lets see how many first team Arsenal players were missing from the fray:
    1. Clichy
    2. Squillaci
    3. Nasri
    4. Chamakh
    5. Arshavin (sub)
    6. Van Persie
    7. Wilshere
    8. Vermaelen
    9. Diaby
    10. Alex Song
    11. Almunia/Fabianski

    Add to all this, Gibbs’ injury and Ramsey’s long term absence, we’ve got another whole team missing!!! Whoever said we played a strong side!!!! I think Arsenal have more depth in their squad than any other team in the league. I think Arsene Wenger will be really disappointed if he does not win any silverware this season, with this squad!

    • The BearMan says:

      I have to agree with part of your assessment. But we can only judge by the team that is put out on the night/day.

      Question? How often do players and coaches review past performances? Some players appear to be making the said mistakes from one game to the next. Clichy, Arshavin, Squillaci, Vela, Djourou to name but a few. In the last three games we narrowly escaped. The goal difference does not give an accurate picture of the overall team performance even in the last three game.

      Arsenal can and must do better than that, and the frustrating thing is, all the lads whose names I have quoted have the potential.

      How sad for young Gibbs, who is back on the treatment table once more. The Bear would like to wish him a speedy recovery! He like Koscienlny reads the game and find themselves in the right place, at the right time and taking appropriate action when needed. The others need to review their performances, iron it out on the training pitch with their coaches and stamp it firmly it their minds.
      They must take a leaf out of Nasri, Walcott and Fabianski’s book quickly. More drilling, more thinking, more reviewing.

    • LondonGunner says:

      I believe that we now have first 20 not first 11, our players have mature. AW has done wonders with them.

  17. critic says:

    r teams targeting cesc’s hamstring??? eg. barton’s challenge,de jong challenge…
    bend it like bendtner in henry’s corner…

    • desigunner says:

      I’ve not heard of a hamstring injury due to a kick in the thigh but an interesting thought nonetheless. Let’s see how it goes in the coming games.

    • critic says:

      hamstring muscle is in thigh, i guess, not sure, but i saw similar tactics in NFL in a movie “remember the titans”

  18. Arun says:

    I guess Carlos Vela is low in confidence and lacks power in his shot. He is not sure whether he will start the next game even when he plays well. Unless the manager gives him the confidence that he is very much in his plans, (ofcoz i believe Wenger has) he will continue to lack that thirst and hunger. There was a clear difference between Bendtner and Vela which was belief. Bendtner knows he will be starting in the coming PL games if he scores. But that is not the case for Vela. So he lacks the concentration that would be there had he had that belief. He just needs a little chat with Wenger reassuring his role and a run of games. Oh.. Don forget.. The boy is technically gifted.

    • Hong_gunner says:

      being technically gifted alone won’t make you a great player for granted. remember somebody by the name of Jose Antonio Reyes?

      • Arun says:

        All he needs is a consecutive run of games.. Given our perennial injury concerns, we need all our players in their top form and more importantly, in rite frame of mind..

    • desigunner says:

      I agree with you that Vela has the talent, have covered more in today’s article but I’m not sure it’s as simple as getting more games. Of course that will help but if his confidence is low playing a few games can also lead to a negative spiral.

  19. Cape Gooner says:

    Desi, you say Denilson was “Another one who lost the ball under pressure on more than one occasion”. I had the feeling that he was knocked off the ball too often and that he met the description “lightweight”. However, watching again it was apparent that he was consistently being fouled and the ref was not doing anything about it.

    I thought the ref had a very poor game.

    • desigunner says:

      I don’t think players can hide behind the refs flaws. We know what English football is like and after so many games here Denilson should have done better.

  20. […] Newcastle 0 – 4 Arsenal: Match Thoughts And Individual Analysis Within 10 minutes the gulf in class between the two sides was clearly established. The first thought in my head was, […] […]

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