Mature Szczesny Backs Fabianski, Sounds Like The Real Deal

As many of you will recall, there was a story about Szczesny a few weeks ago when he gave an interview to a Polish paper. In that he came across as unsettled and many assumed it was because he didn’t like being behind Almunia and Fabianski in the pecking order. From what I saw on the internet this was probably the only blog which highlighted the fact that the youngster believed Fabianski should have been No. 1 right from the start of the season.

In the latest interview with ATVO the Pole once again had some nice words about his senior colleague. When asked whether we are seeing the best of Fabianski he said,

I still think there is more to come from Fabianski, he is a very good goalkeeper and I personally believe him.

I have known him for quite a few years and we have gone through that learning process together and I know he is a very good goalkeeper.

He has got his confidence back and he is doing quite well. I think if his confidence grows even more he will be a world-class goalkeeper.

Based on what Arsene and the coaching staff have said about Fabianski, and the comments of Szczesny, I’ve no doubt the Pole has what it takes to be a fantastic Keeper. He needs a run of games and many of us thought he could use a spell at another club but now that he’s had his chance at Arsenal I’m hoping he’ll deliver. Szczesny seems to have a similar opinion,

Definitely, I think that was Lukasz’ problem last year when he played one game every month or so. Then it’s hard to get your rhythm going, whereas (now) he’s got a good run of games. I think he’s played in five or six games now and you can see he’s more confident, his decision making is much better, and it looks like he’s enjoying himself.

When asked about the feeling in the squad about the visit to City and whether they thought they could get a draw or a win but won’t lose there, the youngster had this to say,

At this club there is only one name of the game and we want to win it. We don’t think of going to tough places and getting a draw. We always want to win and I’m sure that will be the attitude before the game.

Someone should tell him Arsenal don’t have a winning mentality!

I was impressed with the confidence he showed when speaking about his preparations before a game.

I just keep working hard throughout the week. That’s the only way to do it. As I said to you before, I’m not nervous; I don’t need to do any relaxation stuff. I just work hard and make sure I’m in good shape for the game.

At his age and in a role as tough as the Keeper that’s a fantastic attitude. I’d say most youngsters would be quite nervous before a big game and only the special ones have this innate confidence.

21 Responses to Mature Szczesny Backs Fabianski, Sounds Like The Real Deal

  1. John says:

    Szczesny is Arsenals future GK and I hope the rumours are not truth about his contract expiring at the end of the season and he leaves.

    Yes he is still very young and Fabinski has been really wgood since getting a start place but this kid is the real deal. Both are very good shot stopper but Szczesny has a great presence, commands the box well and can deal with the high ball even at his young age.

    I hope when he gets his chance and thats its sooner rather than later he I think make the number 1 jersey his.

  2. Phil23 says:

    Good post. I agree with Szczesny that Fabianski could be our very own top keeper. I look at City and I see the keeper I wanted us to get. Luckily with an extended run (months or years) I can see Fabianski reaching very high levels of keeping. He isn’t short of competition either as Szczesny is a great prospect. Nice early article today! Lots of people have put their line ups up for the City match and I saw a lot of the name Sagna. I don’t think its a good idea putting a half fit player in a new partnership when Eboue did so well last week. Its also a way of showing Eboue that he can earn a spot in the team with good performances. I have the faith that we have every chance of winning this game. Any threat they have can be matched or beaten by our players. Chamakh could be very dangerous against a relatively defensive back line. If Toure is in i don’t think he will hack Chamakh’s aerial presence. With their full backs naturally quite deep i think our fullbacks will push forward often to pin them deep so that they are less effective on the counter. I like our Defensive partnership for this game (Well they have come off a confidence building performance). They both add height and steel which will be added to by Song and Diaby. My only question mark is whether Nasri will play on the right or not. I have a good feeling about this match, i’m hoping for a 0 2 or 1 3.

    • AnonymousGun says:

      Sagna is a better defensive FB then EE, but yea, I agree, its vital to play based on performance and not name.

      Which is why at current rate, I prefer SN8 rather then AA23 at left wing.

  3. nicky says:

    I agree that Sagna should not be risked unless his injury is definately healed. Too often we have taken chances with players returning from injury too early and come unstuck. Eboue is an in-form guy, can be an extra attacker and should play.

  4. gulp says:

    @John you seen chesney play a game in PL before? You seen his presence calm down our boys in the top games in PL? Cos if you have not seen him preform like a wold class keeper how can you know he is? Chesney is exactly what Fabianski was 2 years ago. A really hot prospect for a future great GK. Everyone was raving about Fabianski until he had a series of bad spells last spring.

    Lets not do the same mistake about Chesney, let us not let fans like you who expect miracles from the boy , boo him after his first major howlers. cos they will come for him like for everyone. He will make mistakes, heck he may even hav a spell of bad runs just like Fabianski. But he will still be a good prospect no?

  5. VR says:

    keep faby in goal for now.

  6. Steve says:

    I am genuinely pleased for Fabianski…although when the Manager said he would be world class a few months ago everybody thought he was crazy (me included!)”Keep Fabianski in goals” was a comment I never thought I would read in an Arsenal blog 2 months ago – its a funny game eh?……maybe AKB really is truer that some folks think!

    • AnonymousGun says:

      Was that any surprise?

      AW was right back then before with Song, with Eboue, with Diaby, and with Denilson. And its look like he is repeating himself with LF and JD as well.

  7. gunner17 says:

    can’t see fabianski ever being world class…but it’s good that he’s got his confidence back…i want to see more szczesny though…hopefully he’ll get chances in the cups.

  8. Furovich says:

    I believe this is one of the most beautiful philosophies of the Arsenal Club, Wenger showing faith in players. Imagine if Arsenal won the Premier League with either Fab of Almunia in goals. After all the criticisms and people saying they weren’t good enough, to achieve something in that context would be incredible. I don’t particularly want wenger to go out and make big signings in any position (I’m not saying I’m completely against it). It’s a team sport and Wenger’s focus is on building that team. It is beautiful.

    • Zgunner says:

      It’s great to see some Arsenal fans get it.

      • samir nasri says:

        well put, that’s what drew me to arsenal in the first place and why i can’t see fabregas leaving this summer.

        it is indeed beautiful, i think it’s the people that never played on a good cohesive football team that don’t get it.

  9. santori says:

    Fabianski – well, he’s been pretty positive coming out for crosses. Good distance with the punches.

  10. Tobore says:

    Let meet at the other side of it

  11. […] goal we will see Fabianski retain his place, and with glowing praise coming from the current number two Chesney (when we all thought he might not like his fellow Pole that much) it is true that at no time in his […]

  12. samir nasri says:

    i think we should all knock on wood for the sake of lukasz tomorrow

  13. Pat says:

    Fabianski is having a great run, and long may it continue. I am more worried about Almunia being brought back. I would prefer Szczesny to be backup from now onwards, and Almunia MUST know by now that its time to move on…..

  14. zafar8787 says:

    are you on twitter DesiGunner?

  15. […] Mature Szczesny Backs Fabianski, Sounds Like The Real Deal As many of you will recall, there was a story about Szczesny a few weeks ago when he gave an interview to a Polish […] […]

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