Rankled Pulis Is Whining. I’m Loving It!

I burst into a spontaneous laugh when I read the latest comments attributed to Tony Pulis, the man who will go down as one of the greatest Rugby coaches of all time – after all, he’s taken the sport from a Rugby field to a Football ground. Who could have done more for the game of Rugby? Pulis is a visionary genius and all that.

Here is what he said (I’m assuming in a pre-match press conference),

Wenger is perceived to be a genius but he hasn’t delivered a trophy in six years.

I have exciting and skilful players like Etherington, Fuller and Tuncay and I am sure they wouldn’t have joined us if we were as bad as Wenger makes out.

But his comments are aimed at seeking an advantage with refs.

I don’t think we need foreign managers running the national sides.

I’ve got nothing against foreign managers, they are very nice people. Apart from Arsene Wenger.

Before I go further I must say I’ve not seen these quotes except in that article that I’ve linked to. So I’m not sure about the authenticity but they do sound like comments Pulis would make. We also don’t know the exact questions put to him.

Nonetheless, it’s clear that the Stoke manager is going down the same path as Phil Brown and some others before him. I also feel it’s possible that Potters could get relegated but for that to happen the refs would have to do their job right, something we really cannot count on.

The first thing that strikes me about these comments is the pettiness. In India we have a saying which can be loosely translated as follows,

Don’t spit at the sky, it’ll just fall back on your face.

This seems like a classic example. Pulis tries to play the “no trophies” card but given his own record it seems rather lame. Since their promotion to the Premier  League Stoke have spent, net, close to 44M pounds in three transfer windows. I’ve not done the math but I’ll be surprised if Wenger has spent that much money, net, over the last 7 or 8 seasons put together.

In effect, roughly on the smaller budget than Pulis, Wenger is doing so much more. It’s easy to say Arsenal are a big club and Stoke are a smaller club. But why is that the case? I mean Bendtner, Fabregas, Clichy, and others youngsters were there for the taking. Arsenal took them because of Wenger’s genius.

Simply put, Arsenal are bigger and better than Stoke but that’s not down to the money spent. It’s down to vision, knowledge, and hard work by everyone at the club. Stoke could have developed some youth talent while they were fighting for promotion, it’s not that expensive. But they just didn’t have it in them.

Blackpool and West Brom are shining examples in this regard. They’ve not spent crazy amounts. In fact both those teams put together haven’t spent as much as Stoke. Still they’ve done wonderfully given their resources. These clubs show smaller teams can do it the right way. It’s not easy but it can be done.

Then Pulis defends his playing style. It’s laughable to list names like Etherington, Fuller, and Tuncay to say that your team has skilful players. The Potters’ boss ends up making a mockery of his own point. It gets worse when we add the fact that Tuncay is considering leaving the club because he isn’t getting games!

I will stay to January and try to get myself into the team. But if I cannot, then I will ask the club to let me go. I have to think about my career and about Turkey.

I wonder if it has anything to do with his lack of Rugby skills.

Even the rest of his comments are just an attempt at deflection and while he’s tried to cover up his dislike for foreigners (it could simply be because they’re better than him and not a racial or xenophobic issue), there is no doubt Pulis is bitter.

I think, apart from the inferiority complex, a large part of this resentment is simply down to the fact that Arsene saw they’d started fouling the keepers blatantly and mentioned it in public. Once the matter was out in the open it took away their biggest attacking threat. Blackburn and Stoke are two teams that have made an art out of fouling the keeper but by bringing the issue in the media Arsene has left them exposed and vulnerable. Is it a surprise that there has been more spotlight on these teams and even shows like MotD are talking about these tactics?

Even when they expressed outrage at Wenger’s comments about Shawcross, the Potters never complained about his comments on Huth or their general tactic of fouling the keeper. They knew the video evidence was clear enough and even the most biased of observers would not back their story. So they decided to put the focus on Shawcross as it seemed, in a case of mistaken identity perhaps, Arsene mentioned the wrong name. It was a nice deflection tactic to focus on an irrelevant detail so that the real problem gets swept under the carpet.

Now Stoke will have to wait for a few weeks till the matter cools down before they can use this trick again and that could be costing them vital points. In the meantime Pulis is fuming as he’s running out of ideas. I’m sure Arsene has no time for such meaningless, vile comments as he focuses on his job but from a distance, I’m just loving it.

30 Responses to Rankled Pulis Is Whining. I’m Loving It!

  1. dave says:

    Tony Pulis – Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

  2. T_arsenal says:

    This engilsh managers well not all of them I heard holloway respecting arsen n he atleast knows wat football is n to sy u hvnt won anything for the last 6 years the STOKE manger to sy this is I dont knw it’s beyond me this is two years prem team two years it’s a sin

  3. hiyu says:

    so true. everything about this is so true.

  4. TheGooner says:

    wengers titles;


    Ligue 1 (1): 1987–88
    Coupe de France (1): 1990–91

    Nagoya Grampus

    Emperor’s Cup (1): 1995
    J-League Super Cup (1): 1996


    Premier League (3): 1997–98, 2001–02, 2003–04
    FA Cup (4): 1997–98, 2001–02, 2002–03, 2004–05
    FA Community Shield (4): 1998, 1999, 2002, 2004

    now tony pulis

    1995–96: Division Three Runner Up (promotion to Division Two) – Gillingham

    2007–08: The Championship Runner Up (promotion to Premier League) – Stoke City

    Now im sorry but this man cannot criticise wenger when he has won f*%k all. His achievments as a manager is a joke compared to wenger haha the guy just makes it worse for himself.

  5. Shashi says:

    Actually, money is a factor. Small teams discover and make players all the time, it’s just that these players move on when the club cannot sustain a wage-bill that a big club like Arsenal can afford. Take the case of Aston Villa and James Milner for example. The truth of the matter is that it’s never an even playing field, because young players would never choose to sign for a small club if a big club came for them. I don’t think that the smaller teams just don’t know about players like wenger does, that’s not true, it’s just that they will not be able to sign these players if Arsenal are around like in the case of Chamakh who sunderland wanted to sign. In conclusion, I must say that Arsenal fans are correct to give credit to Arsene for his frugal ways but it would stupid to ignore that things like wage-bills are also very much a part of finances and Arsenal win against smaller clubs in that regard. In addition to this advantage, the prestige, name etc of playing for a so called big club surely makes the playing field uneven for smaller clubs.

    • desigunner says:

      I’m afraid that is a rather generalized argument and allows people to hide behind the “no money” excuse.

      If you look at smaller teams in other leagues across europe, many play excellent football despite not having the kind of money that teams in the Premier League have.

      I don’t agree that some of these managers know all the talented players because I genuinely doubt their ability to judge talent in the first place. It boils down to how well they understand the game and given the way their teams play it’s difficult to believe that they know much.

      Wigan, West Brom, and Blackpool are excellent examples of teams with little money but an excellent approach.

      To me it boils down to the knowledge/talent of the manager. Then to his principles and hard work. Money is a factor only after that and not such a big one that would excuse an archaic approach to the game.

  6. Junaid Tariq says:

    fuck u pulis… u r not good enuff to clean arsene shoes.. how dare u.. start ur english politics wid someone else.. it goes d same for ur other english gay manager friends

  7. suhel says:

    are u guys talking about the person who wheres his cap to cover is bold head lol

  8. Stoke fan says:

    Arsenal fans have no right to arrogant. Our flair players including Delap will be coming down to the corporate bowl to smash your Blue Square Premier standard of a defence to pieces. When we win we win with style Arsenal need to resort to diving.
    Wenger needs to kicked out of the Premier League and allow for the proper footbaling sides like Wolves,Blackburn, Stoke,West Ham and Newcastle to raise the pl’s profile.

  9. adam says:

    The best thing that could happen to the PL is that Pulis, Allardyce and Postman Pat get relegated. I am tempted to throw Coyle in there too because Bolton are the dirtiest side we have played this year and Coyle seems to have thrown his football out of the window in favour of a more kicking and screaming style. Watching a tremendous and very, very unlucky performance by Blackpool this afternoon I wondered what Pulis thought. Here’s a team, like West Brom who don’t feel they have to foul their way through games and play on the edge of some kind of maniacal physicality to stay in the PL. How much better would it be if these two stayed up and the increasingly pathetic Pulis and the deluded and possibly mentally-ill Allardyce made way for these teams?

    • Shillong Gooner says:

      Well argued… Nice Article….

    • desigunner says:

      I have some sympathy for Coyle because his Burnley team were not bad at all. The rot at Bolton goes really deep because of the number of years Fat Sam spent there and it would be tough for any manager to completely change that.

      Every year I wish these thug teams get relegated but they’ve learnt the art of manipulating the refs. Unless the custodians of English game take it seriously and give refs the freedom to take the right action, these teams will manage to survive and others who do it the right way/hard way will struggle.

  10. Phil23 says:

    Good article there are plenty of sources out there confirming those statements. I love how this pretty much confirms he personally is guilty for coaching these things into his players. Him pointing out Shawcross makes him look like more of a fool. I think that if Shawcross had played under a more respectful manager he would not have the terrible record he has today. Stoke for relegation along with Blackburn and Wolves?

    • desigunner says:

      Stoke and Blackburn for relegation anyday. Wolves, Birmingham, Bolton, Newcastle, are bad on some days but difficult to pick between them.

      Having said that, I won’t mind Liverpool going down either 🙂

  11. MSL says:


    Dear Pulis,

    I mean to say this in the best possible manner. You are a thug and your team plays football that makes angels weep. No one outside of Stoke would ever pay a penny to watch your neanderthals wander all over the pitch. You will be forgotten as soon as your career is over while Wenger would have left a legacy behind. You look pathetic, son.

    A very concerned gooner

  12. Arsenalisto says:

    Tony Pulis is fake and g@y 🙂

  13. Arsenalisto says:

    Phil23, it’s sad 4 teams can’t be relegated, one of Bolton, Blackburn, Wolves, and Stoke would still be up bringing shame to the PL.

  14. Rash says:

    Stoke fan – Yes we have rights to be arrogant with scumbags like you and your bitchy manager eh…cse we won more and we’re a BIGGER club mate! Hahahaha kick wenger out and let stokes rule EPL???? LoL I wonder if stoke fans have their brains up there or in their a$$!

  15. aravindvr says:

    Wats the point in discussing abt a Third rate Team and a third rate manager?

    We all shud deviate from such useless waste of time…..
    coz how loud these people whine,their voice will always be unheard of since they dont have the class and character….

    Lets talk about better teams like Blackpool and Everton instead,since these teams have shown character within their means…

    Let the Stoke Piles win or lose..who cares?
    and Who cares abt their arrogant fool Boxing coach Tony Police…

    and we all know Staoke fans regularly spies on Arsenal blogs n forums just to admire us or envy us and may be learn more on Football…

  16. digger says:

    “Wenger needs to kicked out of the Premier League and allow for the proper footbaling sides like Wolves,Blackburn, Stoke,West Ham and Newcastle to raise the pl’s profile.”

    Of course, the billions of pounds which flow into the premiership from abroad only happens because Chinese punters love seeing Stoke and Blackburn kick the fuck out of each other.
    Nonsense – the entertainment factor in the league is made up by Arsenal, United, Chelsea, Spurs (regrettably), Liverpool and City. As for the rest, it doesn’t whether it’s Stoke, or Norwich, or Hull – your sole purpose is to make up numbers.

  17. iteezy says:

    soo true….hahahaa lol

  18. Jon says:

    Welcome to Stoke. The home of Shitball.

    £45 million on creating a national embarrassment and a global laughing stock.

  19. Metalhead says:

    Stoke will be relegated this reason.

  20. Gungadoon says:

    Desi Arm Chair you soppy third world arm chair fan, must you continue to embarass yourself.

    Why do you insit on making comments abotu a game you have no affiliation with and pretend to follow a club you have demosntrated no support for.
    Next year you will be called Desi Manchester City fan.

    Please stick to Kabbadi, I implore you.
    Or at least admit this site is nothing but the bitter deluded jealous ramblings of a no mark arm chair fan who’s jealousy of being left out because his country are no marks when it comes to football comes accross in every blog that is amde

    LEave football to the real fans

    • Incredible G says:

      Please don’t refer to football as “our game”, me and the rest of Britain have had a wee sit down and agreed that its probably for the best all round if you move on. I know we might have trouble finding a new home that would actually take you but then there’s always plenty of warzones and active volcanoes to choose from.

    • Kill Racists says:


      u must be a spuddy,stokepile or black shits…
      hope to c a world were Asses of u racists are burned hell…

      ur father cud have played Kabbadi instead of making up with ur mom..tht cud have saved this world of a scumbag less..SOB

  21. anon says:

    ok, so from this article we have established two main things…

    Gungadoon is a massive racist and/or hideously stupid.
    (I opt for the latter…)

    However, I begrudgingly respect him, and commend him on following the I-hate-life-football-team!

    P.S. – who gave such a cretinous, serf the technology to express his insignificant musings?

    Maintain the football aristocracy!

  22. clarence says:

    Do we really need to entertain such a loser hater?
    It is MAssively degrading to even respond to him.. Seriously, just let him be.. we dun need to go down to his level.. it is just way too low~

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