Arsenal Players Now Getting Injured Even On A Holiday?!

As fans of a team that plays some amazing football, we are used to our players being kicked on the pitch and picking up all kinds of injuries. But the surprise I got today was of the worst kind. I was looking forward to watching Fabregas in action against Birmingham but Arsene has all but ruled it out.

Speaking to ATVO in his usual pre-match interview Le Boss said,

Cesc is very, very short and unlikely to be involved [on Saturday]. He has a little chance for Tuesday.

I just don’t understand what happened here. We knew he was a little short for the visit to Stamford Bridge. Subsequently, we read his tweet saying he was fit. This is what Cesc tweeted on Oct 5th,

I’m fit and training with the team. If the game was today I could have played, but it was 2 days too short and didn’t want to take a gamble.

El Capitan’s more recent tweets have all been about his holiday in Capri. I didn’t see any talk of an injury there. All this makes the news of that he’s very, very short all the more baffling.

With Cesc and RvP missing, and Walcott unlikely to be risked from the start, the home game against Birmingham will probably be a much bigger test than it would otherwise have been.

I would have considered the possibility that Arsene thinks Cesc isn’t mentally ready, especially after his recent comments about the winning mentality. But given the way Fabregas has performed when he has been on the pitch, it would be extremely unfair to question his commitment to the cause.

Speaking about his recent comments, I think some will view them as thumbs up to their belief that Arsenal don’t have a winning mentality. But it is worth noting that, in the same sentence, Fabregas also said that we have a wealth of quality and we should start winning. To me that means he thinks we have what it takes to win but just lack the winning habit which comes from getting the titles.

No one can deny that winning any form of silverware will provide a big boost to everyone including the players. But these comments should not be seen as an acknowledgement that half the squad is useless or that the manager doesn’t have a winning mentality because he doesn’t make the right substitutions!

Moving on, Alex Mcleish has started the mind games before the visit to the Emirates. We can be certain Birmingham are going to play an ugly, physical game with some rash and reckless challenges. Their manager is hoping the ref will turn a blind eye to their violence.

There is a fine line for referees. The British refs tend to kind of let the play flow. They allow the hard, robust challenges.

I would hate to think that Arsene’s comments would influence a referee in the English game.

We have Martin Atkinson this weekend who was on duty as part of the officials team at the World Cup final and he’s a top referee.

I am sure he will give a strong performance and you have to be strong at somewhere like the Emirates.

We are the small team going to play the mighty Arsenal and you hope that the referee’s fair. Martin Atkinson and the British referees all come into that category

It sounds like, “We are a small team going to kick the might Arsenal and you hope the ref knows I’m British but Wenger is not”. The Scot builds on Fat Sam’s comments and is setting the ref up with some clever points of his own,

Well Sam (Allardyce) said he thought that was a clever tactic, to influence referees.

But as I said, I think the refs are above all that. They should be above all that. They have to be strong.

We don’t want big crowds influencing the referee when there’s a challenge or something like that.

That shouldn’t go against us, especially when you have referees of a top calibre like Atkinson.

Those are astonishingly patronising comments towards the refs but the sad reality is that they seem to do the trick. I don’t blame the officials because theirs is a thankless job. No matter what they do someone or the other is going to criticize their performance.

In this particular case, I hope Atkinson doesn’t have his recent altercation with Arsene at the back of his mind. We could do with a half decent refereeing performance against a side like Birmingham. I haven’t forgotten the kick to Fabregas’ leg that eventually cracked against Farca.

18 Responses to Arsenal Players Now Getting Injured Even On A Holiday?!

  1. arsene-al says:

    i hope the ref really isnt that stupid. i mean really can it be anymore obvious, hes got his nose so far up the refs ass he can pick food out of his teeth..we really cant afford to lose more players

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  3. Phil23 says:

    Oh well I guess without Cesc our line up will be something as follows?
    Eboue Squillaci Koscielny Clichy
    (Song)Denilson Wilshere
    Rosicky Nasri Arshavin

    I can’t see us losing with solid subs in Walcott Bendtner and Gibbs all able to change a game.

  4. MSL says:

    I was quite shocked to hear those comments about winning mentality too. I reckon its just frustration. Its great to see this reaction because it shows that his head is in it. Did you get a chance to read this article by Storey?

    There has been lot of this talk lately. Again its just frustration at lack of silverware.

    Hoping Eboue and Diaby start and deliver.

    • desigunner says:

      I’d not read those comments from Shorey. Thanks for sharing. I think this is very similar to what we’ve been hearing from “English” pundits from that era.

      I’m not sure these guys are up to speed with the level the game has reached. He also doesn’t seem to understand it’s not easy to find guys like Vieira or Essien. I mean the De Jong’s and Barry’s of this world are ok when the team is primarily defensive but playing an attacking style demands a completely different level of talent even from the defensive players.

  5. DKD says:

    I guess AW was drunk

  6. aravindvr says:

    Wow star man NIck is back…

    Nicky Bedtners availability calls for an alteration in our formation….

    Nasri shud definetely play at the centre in the absence of Cesc…But with Song Diaby n Wilsh around,I dont think tht will happen…

    Arshavin can wait on the bench…with his pace n dribbling may be he ll be more effective from the bench…

  7. Enos says:

    Atkinson better be on top of his game because teams like Birmingham only come to the emirates to kick and hope for one long ball in to the box and maybe just maybe score. We need to show more maturity 2moro and not get intimidated by the physic of the Birmingham players. A midfield of Wilshire,Diaby, and song would do us goody in that aspect and we need to remember that Birmingham are not only going to sit back and just defend after watching the west brom video which will be good but dangerous as well. If we play as good as i know we can play, then brace urself for maybe a 4 nil. i cant wait. i will go with this line up. Subs
    ————–Fabianski————- Walcott
    Eboue—Squillaci–Kosielny—Clichy Rosicky
    —————-Song—————- GK
    ——–Diaby——-Wilshire——– Bendtner
    Nasri———Chamak——–Arshavin Djouro

    Goooooooner for life

  8. blue walufu says:

    The game will very interesting if chamakh can be brought in second half then we start with hustler bentner to tire the defence,bring in nasri and wonder boy walcot in second half to do the scoring then kill the game with vela at 80th min.fab,aluminium and vamaleen to rest for mancity tie
    lineup fabianski
    eboue koscienly squilaci gibbs
    song wilshire denilson
    rosisky bentner arshavin

  9. twoleftfeet says:

    Sorry to spoil the party guys but Kos won’t be playing. Which means we’ll have our 3rd & 4th choice CBs playing. I hope that denilson partners Song in midfield to compensate for the defense. Again, I can’t see either Walcott or Bendtner starting after coming back from such long injuries. The good news is that we will have some substitution options available in the 2nd half when AA23 and Chamakh get tired (they both played 2 intls)and my gut feeling tells me that we’ll clinch this one in the 2nd half!

  10. santori says:

    Fabregas is really starting to tick me off.

    He recently felt compelled to come out to the press and state that the team lacks a winning mentality (true maybe but do we need this in the open and will it help our confidence).

    Then he re-invites old wounds by electing to answer some press questions about his interest in Barca which he stated would have been great but as it hasn’t happened he was very happy to be at Arsenal.

    What are we now? His second best choice? What message is he sending to the rest of the team?

    Rather than castigate his teammates in public for their fragility, he should be offering constructive advice.

    Rather than casting his eyes at ‘greener’ Catalan pastures, he should be committing himself to getting off the treatment table.

    I’m not trying to be harsh with the bloke but he seems to me to be developing a habit of missing the big games when his presence really matters (Second leg against Barca and some weeks ago against Chelski)

    Of course he is injured but he could also learn to speak when necessary. Frankly, he is a great player but I’m not so sure he is the best candidate for the captaincy anymore.

  11. santori says:

    Here’s the article. Admittedly its ESPN SOCCERNET which aren’t the most reliable source but enough said.

    I think Fabregas should act like a captain. If you’re not even available to lead when you’re needed (for whatever reason), shut your trap.

  12. VR says:

    Why are we so tolerant of this from our supposed Captain? Where is his focus? We are still reading about him and Barca and now he’s critical of the players in the media.

  13. santori says:


    Fabregas is a class act but he should swap his little blau Grana testes for a real Arsenal pair instead. He should stop thinking of ready made success and start fighting for his team.

    Easy for him to pass comments sitting out Chelsea and now Birmingham. Where’s his bottle?

    We should give Nasri the break he deserves.

  14. Phil23 says:

    I agree this becomes a lot harder game without Koscielny. I agree about Cescs comments. Him along with half the first team are out injured. We had several very new players in Chamakh Koscielny Squillaci (Completely new partnership) Fabianski and Wilshere. I mean the game was going to be hard enough without the loss of our captain, vice captain, top goal scorer and our top center back. Lets hope Fabianski keeps up his form because our backline of Clichy Djourou Squillaci Eboue says to me that Fabianksi is going to be put under a lot of pressure. To me that is our entire 2nd choice backline. Clichy is officialy in his last few games to prove he doesn’t make a mistake per game. Thats not saying Gibbs never makes mistakes but he offers more in attack and defence imo although he doesn’t get up and down as much as Clichy but like desi said after the Chelsea game, we need to be more clinical in attack and defence. Gibbs will also make plenty of mistakes but would you rather he make them now or in a years time when he finally becomes the starter? (With Clichy making mistakes from now until then)

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