Video: Chamakh’s Headed Assist In ANC Qualifier

When I read on Goonerholic that Chamakh might have picked up an injury in the international game, it made me anxious and I was looking for news on that. That search was not fruitful but I did bump into this video of his headed assist in their 1-0 win over Tanzania.

He wins a long, high ball and there shares an aerial one-two with his strike-partner who goes on to score. I think once Chamakh spends some time with his teammates at Arsenal we will see more of such co-ordination between them and it will help us against tighter defences. Of course, there isΒ  a difference between Terry or Vidic and the Tanzania Centre Back (no disrespect) but I’ve no doubt we’ll benefit from this skill as other players learn to adapt to his skills.

I’m also hoping we use his ability to control the header to get some lay-offs on set-peices and from crosses for midfield runners.

27 Responses to Video: Chamakh’s Headed Assist In ANC Qualifier

  1. LondonGunner says:

    Great assist, I am sure that we will see more of this once he gels with the forwards.

  2. Pato says:

    It doesnt matter if Chamakh is injured.Our top top goalscorer Nicklas is back.He is better, younger and 2 inches taller.He will score goals for fun.His positioning is great and his shooting is improving every season.We are waiting for the Golden Boot, Nick.

  3. Phil23 says:

    Chamakh being out would be a blow because he needs a solid run without injury so that he can adapt quicker. We would also be forced to bring VP and Bendtner in a bit on the early side. Great pass with the head aswell. I hope it isn’t true that Sagna is out for 3 weeks. Eboue has proven to me that he bring complacency into the team at times. Lets hope Eboue steps up his performances. He can be another danger in attack but he needs to be solid defensively.

    • desigunner says:

      Unless the direct quotes are fabricated or have been bungled up in translation, there is a good chance Sagna will be out for three weeks.

      I’ve found sportinglife to be amongst the more reliable sources.

      I think Eboue has lost seriousness from his game. He likes to have fun and there is nothing wrong with that but at times he loses focus and that is a worrying trait.

      • Phil23 says:

        Lets hope that with more leadership on the pitch such as Van Persie Fabregas and Vermaelen, he will focus more on having a quality game. Who knows, maybe Arsene will play Koscielny instead. That would change the look of our line up completely and would open up the chance of a more direct left wingback because Vermaelen can drift to the left while Squillaci and Koscielny drift over a bit to make a strong 3 man defense. This would make us much more solid on the left because Gibbs can act as the first defender in the zone that Arshavin should be covering. We would also be more solid on attack with Gibbs as another option. Clichy will still be good in this role but Gibbs cuts in and feels comfortable interchanging with Wilshere and Arshavin. This is of course similar to Chelsea when they play Ivanovic at right back and Cole at left back. We would of course lose Sagnas crosses and threat on the right but we gain another strong aerial threat both defensively and offensively. It might not work but it would be worth a try against Birmingham?

  4. Furovich says:

    LOL poor Desi, so bored with the International break you have to write 5 articles a week just to pass the time!…I hate International too. πŸ™‚

    • desigunner says:

      Man, the break is a killer. I don’t have an issue with articles though. There is plenty of material to discuss. I can just take any game and find issues to discuss in that. But the fun isn’t there when at the end of the week we have nothing to look forward to.

  5. Pato says:

    Desigunner, how is Wenger going to play Fabregas,Wilshere,Ramsey,Nasri and Rosicky in the same team when they are all fit in few weeks? Lets not forget that some of them will have to play in the positions where diaby,denilson and theo walcott usually play.It feels like trouble. We will get even worse than Man City.Too many big egos. They will all want to play.Chesney,Clichy,Vela and Manone are very unhappy as well.

    • desigunner says:

      πŸ˜€ As far as finding problems with Arsenal goes, this one is most creative! I don’t think we will have any problems if all our players are fit. We only have problems because they are not. Don’t worry if they are all fit we will go on a big winning run and everyone will get their chances.

    • Pato says:

      I wanted to say Gibbs not Clichy being unhappy

  6. Maximilian G. says:

    the goal scorer is Mounir El Hamdaoui is Morocco’s # 10 (and Ajax #9)he he is same age as Chamakh,but finds the net a superb every 1.5 games on average in his career (and this year so far 1:1)and you only wish Chamakh would take something from his directness. that is what he shpuld provide for Arsenal not another goal creator, we have them plenty, but a hungry goal scorer with the “right kind of anger” in from of goal as (C.Seedorf observed it and called it recently re what Arsenal are want of ).. yeah( sigh)

    • Pato says:

      We have Bendtner and Walcott and soon Wellington da Silva.Fabregas,if fit, can score 20 goals a season.Afobe could turn into that type of striker or we could buy some of the best emerging strikers like lukaku(6ft3) and lacina traore(6ft8 with pace and technical ability).I agree with you though.We are lacking directness.

      • Maximilian G. says:

        Lacina Traore is an unbelievably exciting talent, almost as technical as Kanu, but faster sronger and more raw. what is the tab on him?

    • desigunner says:

      Oh, isn’t that the same guy who couldn’t get a game at spuds?

      • Maximilian G. says:

        yes correct, like Kanoute stuttering there as well at the time before becoming a goal machine,almost a pichichi, in spain, or the incredibly talented dos santos rotting on the bench.El Hamdaoui is not for Arsenal but with Suarez in Ajax he shows his hunger on goal. I have not seen many convincing runs of Chamakh on goal since he arrived, like Remy’s yesterday ,have you?. He is very fine footballer and creator just not an instinctive scorer

      • desigunner says:

        I think Chamakh will be a big player for us but not a goal machine. I think that is down to the fact that Arsenal don’t play with a style that relies on one man for goals. That also seems to be the reason Wenger was so keen on Chamakh. I mean just by stats Darren Bent isn’t bad, but he can’t cut it at Arsenal.

        Lacina Traore looks like an exciting prospect in the very little that I’ve seen. He has an amazing strike on him. Not seen enough to comment on the overall technical abilities.

  7. Salim says:

    I at Dar es salaam Tanzania, where I watch chamakh in the peach, I am not sure about injury storry cause I was focas on him every time and I never see any problem, maybe he get injury some where else.

    • desigunner says:

      Salim, Thanks for sharing that info. Did you read anything in the local papers or media about an injury to Chamakh?

  8. Salim says:

    If we have all our players back (free of injuries) it will be not a broblem (you cant compare us to city) we are in c.c, fa c, pr c and ch s so player like jack, nasri they play 3 games in one week and that is not good at all, we need all our blayer back that some player they can get days off.

  9. james says:

    Simply put, Chamakh’s quality and it was sad to see so many people pan him for his performance against Chelsea thinking anybody can just come in, do well and continue that against the reigning league champions.

    If only Arshavin learnt something from him…

  10. Ajinkya says:

    The kind of ball that Chamakh plays, is same as Zigic( Serbia forward). He stands tall and heads the ball to the supporting attack. Chamakh should do that too, we have really good players like Nasri, Arshavin etc, to take the ball inside the box and score.

  11. Yassir says:

    We should buy Monir, Ajax Amsterdam Attacker and see the results that Chamakh can bring with his Moroccan Teammate. Mounir was a deal to buy this summer, too bad Ajax got him first. Best scorrer in teh Dutch league for 3 years.

  12. […] Video: Chamakh’s Headed Assist In ANC Qualifier When I read on Goonerholic that Chamakh might have picked up an injury in the international game, it made me anxious […] […]

  13. Wasim says:

    Chamakh can press the opp back four single-handed nikky cant we need hard workers in the team . Chamakh is helping the defence since he came and nobody notices it

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