Pictorial: Terrific Dive By Gareth Bale

I was watching the highlights of the Champions League games when I came across this work of art. Let’s have a look at some pictures.

Bale brings the ball into the penalty area. Nothing wrong with that, it’s a clever approach. Then he keeps it closer to his left foot and away from the defender. Once again, an intelligent bit of football. So far so good.

Then he kicks it forward with his left foot as he sees the defender diving in. Still nothing wrong.

After that is the truly artistic part. Keep an eye on his right leg and the defender’s left leg.

There is a great deal of daylight between the two.

In the above image, the defenders leg is on the ground. Bale could have easily continued his run but he lets his left leg hang.

We can see he is already on his way down without any contact. In a way he forces contact by falling on the defender.

Let’s look at this from another angle.

The first angle showed us just how much distance there was between Bale’s right leg and the defender’s left leg in one dimension. This angle shows us the other dimension. It’s clear from the picture above.

Even when the defender’s leg is on the ground, Bale’s leg isn’t even close.

Finally he just drags his right leg onto the defender.

The angle from the back clearly shows us daylight between the two players. The last three images also give us a perspective on the distance between them. If you only see the last image or this angle alone, something that the ref might have seen, it could look like a penalty. But see both the angles and try to visualize in three dimensions, you’ll see it’s a pretty blatant dive.

The funny part is the ref’s assistant was barely five yards away just behind the goal line. What’s the point of having these assistants if they can’t see such a dive? One could argue that a true artist can fool a ref’s assistant even at five yards. By that logic Bale deserves an Oscar for his theatrics.

If you add to this the fact that the first and third penalties were a joke, Huddlestone should have been sent off for a violent arm in the face of an opponent, and the inconsistency with the penalty not given for the Crouch handball, you have to wonder what’s going on?

Wonder what ‘Arry, he of the ‘Nasri dived’ fame, thinks of this? Perhaps, in twitchyland, it’s only a dive when your shirt has been tugged and not when you just milk a mistimed tackle that doesn’t really touch you.

The sad part was that almost everyone in the media has missed this one. Could it be that they didn’t even bother checking since this is an honest British lad we’re talking about? Someone please enlighten me if the definition of contact or foul is different in the British Isles.

Anyway, this dive or the diabolical performance by the ref doesn’t bother me. As long as Sagna knows what he will be up against I’ve no concern. For now, let’s just applaud an artistic genius.

40 Responses to Pictorial: Terrific Dive By Gareth Bale

  1. aravindvr says:

    Great Work…We need to bring all those culpable…under the spotlight
    all Spuds and British Players like Rooney n Lampard and even Gerrard escapes the Media but only Arsenal players like Eduardo and Nasri who just exaggerates an actual foul just to protect themselves are crucified.
    This is the real evidence of an Anti-Arsenal/Anti-Wenger English Media Syndicate.They r the ones who jump in and make headlines when Almunia makes a howler while they can easily forget the horrendous fowls commited by certain Ryan Shawcross’ and Martin Taylors.

    Carry on ur gud work.Lets bring all those deserving an Academy Award unnder the spotlight.

    I was wonderd by the number of dives Didier Drogba attemted against ManShity.Thankfully the Shiekhs paid the Ref enough money tht all those went in vain.

    Those desrving LifeTime Achievement Award for their extraordinary acting on the pitch.top 3 in my list is
    1.Didier Dogbark
    2.Wayne Phoney
    3.Cristiano Donalduck

  2. GoonerFred says:

    Oh! What an insight.

  3. Furovich says:

    Bale played for the penalty but that doesn’t mean its a dive. He trails his legs to make sure there’s contact but the contact is there. Almost every player does it and almost every referee will award it. You wont hear many managers, commentators or players even mentioning such an incident post match because the majority of them will consider such an incident a pen. Once the defender slides in, losing control of his body and the attacking player, he becomes vulnerable to conceeding a pen. Even if the defender doesn’t directly bring the attacking player down, he has already impeeded him with a mis-timed slide that ultimately is a foul. To also say the first pen was a joke and that Huddlestone should of been sent off is also pretty riduculous. I know this is an Arsenal blog but I don’t think your making much of an effort to keep objective on this one!

    • desigunner says:

      If you watch the replays in slo-mo you’ll see that the contact comes only after he is on his way down, which to me is a classic dive.

      I know players leave their legs trailing and I’ve accepted that as a part of the game. But in most cases the contact comes much earlier. Bale could easily have continued his run without any contact because the defender was so far away from him but he did a good job of faking it.

      For the first penalty I thought Crouch was the one who committed the foul. Surprisingly, some match reports agree with me on that. And as far as the Huddlestone case goes, even the biased English commentator said he was lucky to be on the pitch. It was a shocking swing of the arm, completely unnatural.

      I try to be objective as possible and Spuds are sh*t anyway. I don’t have to lose objectivity to make fun of them! Interestingly, if you note what the Spuds who visited this blog have said, you’ll see no one has argued it’s not a dive. They’re just trying to deflect the attention away with some rants. I’d say that is a good example of not being objective 😀

      • Furovich says:

        hahaha yea :)I think diving is a disgrace and post match review should be utilised to implement suspensions but when a player is sliding in I’ve got no complaints.I would be happy to see an Arsenal player do what Bale did, but yea no doubt it is a bit soft.

      • desigunner says:

        Agree with you on that. Diving, dangerous fouls, faking injury, deliberately wasting time, all this should be punished by post match video review.

        A few months of that will clean the game up.

  4. Phil23 says:

    What I found funny was that the espn commentators saw the dive and then tried to justify it by saying if he didn’t dive it might have been a penalty anyway. The whole refereeing performance looked very one eyed to me. Twente were easily as good as them on the night.

    • desigunner says:

      😀 Twente were surprisingly good. I don’t remember them troubling us much in that CL qualifier. Perhaps, it was the quality of the opposition that made it easier for them to impress.

  5. clockendrider says:

    This is part of the ongoing media attempt to beatify Twitchy. He has been singled out as the Man Most Likely to Manage England Next and as such his “achievements”, paltry as they are, need to be bigged up. Witness the ridiculous hyping of his top four finish for Tottenham last year. This beatification includes hyping up his ridiculous remonstrances when they lose, viz. the Nasri “dive” so that defeat to a younger side can be brushed under the carpet and similarly ignoring his own sides obvious faults and, in this case, cheating.

    • desigunner says:

      I’m not an England supporter but I’ll really feel for English fans if Twitchy gets the role. Of course, he’d be much better than someone like Fat Sam but he’s not international class. And his best skill, wheeling and dealing, would not be useful in the England job! 🙂

  6. Nischit says:

    Is it just me or a lot more people calling twitchy ‘twitchy’ nowadays? 😀

  7. MichaelA says:

    Love how arsenal fans are bringing something as petty as this up to try and justify there own teams disgusting cheating. Arsenal cheat game in game out, any tackle and Wenger is complaining teams are being to rough with them ! He probably actively teaches players how to go down in training ! The player here didn’t win the ball simple as its not like Nasri who dived like he was trying out for the Olympic swimming team or Chamakh who acted like he’d been hit with a club. Your embarressing yourselves Goons no one cheats like you guys !

  8. embryo says:

    if Nasri had done the same we would have been screaming for a pen, we hate the Spuds but if a defender tackles like that in the area pretty much any player will go down. i hate Bale, but that’s probably because he’s very good.

    • desigunner says:

      In real time it does look the way you describe it – if a defender tackles like that in the area pretty much any player will go down – I agree with that and that seems to be the reason why the ref gave it.

      But if you watch it in slo-mo, the defender did go to ground but was nowhere close to Bale. The way Bale fell was nothing less than theatrical genius.

  9. embryo says:

    also, isn’t it so funny how so many Spuds rsead Arsenal Blogs. hahahahaha small club, small ideas.

  10. Jeansy says:

    Im a massive Arsenal fan but I think the Twente player lunge was pretty out of control, I don’t think it caused Bale to go down, but you go in like that your asking for a penatly.

    I wonder with these extra referee’s in the champions league if it will be the norm to see more penalties like it that game.

    • desigunner says:

      I agree with you. Just from the way the defender went down it looked like a penalty. But the assistant behind the line should have seen the distance between the two players.

      I’m not sure what those assistants do. So far we’ve seen more penalties but mostly controversial ones.

  11. mjc says:

    Can we expect UEFA to take action against this dive, in the same way that they did to that dodgy Eduardo fellow?
    Or how about action against that fat lad for his backhand bitchslaps in the same match?
    I will not hold my breath….

    • desigunner says:

      Twente should make some noise about it like Celtic did. Then it could get interesting. But I don’t think the Dutch side have enough experience at this level to know how to make the right noises.

  12. Terminator says:

    Seriously guys, i know we hate sp*rs but this post wasn’t too useful. As long as he didn’t dive against us, i don’t see why we should stick our noses in whether he dived or not. At the end of the day they’ll only make it to d second round at best so we shouldn’t really care abt wat they do.

  13. Steve White says:

    haha u pathetic gooners!! They post an article showing frame by frame pictures of Bale apparently diving to try and justify Arsenals blatant cheating!!! Ok there wasnt much contact but only because bale jumped out of the way of the stupid challenge by the defender!! A bit different to throwing yourself to the ground from a touch on the chest!! Whatever makes u feel better about your teams embarasing constant cheating!!

    • Totalcrap hotsperm says:

      Hey, a bit jealous, huh?? Don’t cry, go support a decent team, you’d be less frustrated.

    • desigunner says:


      “apparently diving” , “jumped out of the way” – lol, you can’t see what’s in front of you, can you? Bale could have easily continued his run without even having to break his stride. But he actually broke his stride and fell on the defender just to get the contact.

      Not a bit, but a lot different from pulling a shirt in the box just enough to impede a players momentum and then pretending like nothing happened. Bassong was the cheat then, Bale is now and clearly ‘Arry is training them well!

    • Champion says:

      Bale will be off like a shot the minute a half decent team make him an offer!

  14. Totalcrap hotsperm says:

    Why oh why didn’t we sign Bale??? He is brilliant, even at diving. Too good to play for Spuds…

  15. ega2dark says:


    All divers, all cheats and all Gooners


  16. sld2010 says:

    yeh, you gooners dont dive, do ya? twats

    • desigunner says:

      Don’t know how this gem ended up in spam.

      Nice to note you can’t see the difference between clear contact and no contact. I guess you need that skill to support the team you support!

      btw, thanks for acknowledging that it was a dive by Bale.

  17. shottagunna says:

    The truth hurts. Thats all.

  18. […] it hadn’t been for a blatant dive by serial diver Bale in the opening minutes, the ref might have given one or two penalties to the home side. One can […]

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