Woeful Arsenal Embarassed By Brilliant West Brom

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that this result was the shock of the season so far, at least in the Premier League. That is if you consider the reputation of the teams and their respective home and away form. But if you see the performance on the pitch on the day it is very difficult to say this was a shock. I don’t say this often, but West Brom completely deserved their win.

I think all the good work so far this season was undone by this game. The old problems returned to the fore and our plucky opponents were well prepared and alert enough to their chance.

I was really surprised by the starting line-up and within five minutes it was clear that this game won’t be as easy as it should have been. To me the three players who lost us this match were Eboue, Song, and Diaby. Almunia made a horrible mistake and the full backs were not convincing but the real villains were those three.

The first problem was the tempo of the game. Our midfielders, especially Diaby and Song were guilty of moving the ball slowly, not offering themselves often enough to receive a pass, and not reading the game defensively. That made it easy for West Brom to maintain their organization and gave them a threat on the counter attack.

The second big problem was that too many players were making the same runs. Eboue and Diaby got in the way of the creative and attacking players on a regular basis. We didn’t have any width for the first hour and it was overcrowded in the middle.

The biggest problem however, was that too many players switched off and were caught ball watching, making the job of defenders and the goalkeeper really difficult.

We had 15 shots in the first half but rarely any on target. Most of them were taken in desperation, a clear sign that the game was not flowing. In contrast, West Brom only had 35 percent possession but they looked far more threatening. Our full backs were exposed far too often and the midfield just wasn’t working hard enough.

The only real chance of the first half came when Almunia conceded penalty. I think the problem started when Clichy and Song went to ground in the West Brom half but didn’t win the ball. That left a huge vacant space on the back and Odemwinge was able to get in behind. Almunia came but didn’t get the ball. Clear penalty and a yellow card to Almunia was the right decision as Koscielny had already cleared the ball. The Keeper redeemed himself with a good penalty save, something he does well.

The warning signs were there but we didn’t learn. I don’t know what Arsene said at half time but it didn’t have any impact.

The first goal came when everyone went to sleep. A clearance was cushioned into the path of Thomas by Shorey. All Arsenal players were just ball-watching. Sagna was beaten by a simple dummy and Thomas played a harmless cross. It went past 4 or 5 statuesque Arsenal players and Odemwinge converted his tap-in.

Within  a couple of minutes it was 0-2. The ball was in a harmless position on the left wing. I think it was Odemwinge who was facing his own goal with Clichy right behind him. The full back Jara made a run past him, and the striker found him with a nice back heel. It was the most obvious pass but Clichy didn’t read it while Song was standing and admiring the run of the defender.

Koscielny was a little late in closing him down but the Right Back’s shot was straight at Almunia. Quite how he botched it is beyond me. The goal resulted from extremely poor defending by Clichy, Song, and Almunia but the Keeper would have to take the bulk of the blame for this one.

Arsenal woke up from the slumber after conceding two goals. After that the tempo was at a level one would have expected at the start. A couple of substitutions, Wilshere and Rosicky replacing the lazy Diaby and awful Eboue, made a big difference.

In the final half-hour Arsenal looked threatening but there was always the risk of conceding one more on the break. Once Koscielny was replaced by Vela, a seemingly positive but risky change, it was even more imperative that those at the back don’t lose their concentration.

Just the opposite happened in the 73rd minute. Clichy was caught square and Brunt was able to get past him with a simple touch. This forced Almunia to come out but he couldn’t get the ball on time. nonetheless, he did well to narrow down the options for Brunt who played a slow, hopeful ball across the penalty box. Once again the defenders, especially Song and Clichy, were sleeping as Thomas was allowed to attack the ball unchallenged.

To their credit, the players fought well in the final 15 minutes. Nasri and Arshavin in particular were quite impressive and looked like they could create something. The Frenchman scored two wonderful goals; one with brilliant composure and the second from a delightful pass by Arshavin. It was too little too late.

Individual Performances

Almunia: Good work with the penalty and a couple of other saves. Horrible mistake for the second goal. I won’t blame him for the first or the third.

Sagna: Got caught out for the first goal. Overall he worked hard and struggled with lack of support from midfield and Eboue.

Squillaci: Can’t blame him much. Might have done better for the first goal but difficult to say.

Koscielny: Was fairly solid and won many balls that came into the box, but should have done better in closing down Jara.

Clichy: Another difficult game for the Frenchman. He looks uncertain and shaky. Did really well in the first half to make an interception but then was indecisive when he had a good scoring chance. Bad mistake for the second and third goals.

Song: He seems confused. Isn’t doing the simple things right and is trying too hard to go forward. Should have been much closer to the defence and should have done much better for the second and third goals.

Diaby: This is the kind of performance that makes many people doubt him. Didn’t work hard enough, didn’t help the defenders, got in the way of Nasri and Arshavin. With his size and skills he should have dominated the midfield but he put in a lazy, disappointing performance.

Nasri: Struggled in the first hour as the two midfielders behind him didn’t do their jobs. Looked a completely different player in the final 30 minutes. Two high quality finishes and our most threatening player.

Chamakh: Was marked out of the game. Should have dropped deep more often. Should also be more alert to the loose ball in the box. These are the games where you miss RvP.

Eboue: Complete disaster. Very poor work rate, hardly any tracking back, made the wrong runs, and generally careless attitude.

Arshavin: like Nasri, he looked much better in the final half-hour. Worked much harder than the likes of Diaby and Eboue. Put in some good balls from set-pieces and crosses.

Subs: Rosicky, Wilshere, and Vela tried hard. I would have preferred Gibbs over Vela as the Englishman would have provided us with better penetration, physical presence, and crosses. Sorry, Gibbs was injured I completely forgot that in the moment. Thanks Gunner Young for pointing it out.

It was a hugely disappointing result that will allow many to question our title ambitions. We’ve blown away five points in two weeks due to some abysmal football. The expression on the face of Fabregas said it all.

I thought this game would have been perfect for someone like Denilson who would have kept the game ticking without getting in the way of others. We can’t do much about it now; the focus must immediately shift to the midweek Champions League trip. With Chelsea losing at City, we haven’t lost much ground but next week’s six pointer will now be a big, big game.

58 Responses to Woeful Arsenal Embarassed By Brilliant West Brom

  1. chengiskhan says:

    Completely agree with the analysis. Is it me or has Song been misplacing far too many passes lately? His performances have definitely not lived up to last year’s standards.

    I find it extremely frustrating that the tempo only goes up after we go 2-0 down. This has been a problem in the past as well. Why do we seem to lack urgency during the early parts of the game?

    BTW, Gibbs wasn’t even dressed. He was in the stands next to Cesc.

    • Very Disappointed Fan says:

      The analysis is great and right on. Absolutely true that we had no good performance from the midfield from the very start of the game. Song, Diaby, and Eboue were terrible. They provided no coverage, passes were also terrible and they made no good runs, even though they wanted to go forward more than provide any defensive coverae. Song seems to be completely lost in the games this season(especially the lsat 2 games). Is there something wrong with him?

      This lost was not only by the players but very much so by the manager(AW). I think his lineup was wrong, especially in the midfield. With the lineup, I also think that the formation was wrong with these players. Once again, AW screwed up on his tactics. This seems to happen every season.

      I do not believe that Arsenal will win anything this season again. We always never seem to take advantage of opportunities to go ahead in the table and/or get closer to the lead when opportunites age given. Like today, we had the opportunity to be a point from the top because the team at the top lost. Playing one great game today and screwing up like this in the next game is not going to cut it for us. We have to be consistent throught out the season, if we are serious about wining anything at all.

      AW and the coaching staff need to do better in the tactical department. They seem to be getting a lot wrong at crucial times in every season. I realize that today is only one game
      But these are the games that will come back to bite us in the ass every time.

      Let,s get our act together and go for broke. There is still time for this season but we can not continue to screw up like this.

  2. munawwar says:

    Clichy needs to stop playing… every goal conceded he is always there to be blamed most of the time…

    apart from that wenger’s interview was good… he is gonna yell a lot hopefully… and he knows we sucked!

    i hope vela plays more…

  3. santori says:

    Great analysis as usual Desi. Spot on.

    Rubbish performance and Brummies were good for the win. 😛

    My big gripe really is Wenger. He is a fantastic manager but he can be found out tactically.

    1) Why wait that long to replace the ineffectual pair of Diaby and Eboue? I would have thought it rather apparent 15 minutes into the first half that they were not up to it.

    2) Again, I feel 4-3-3 is too open for us. In this case, we had a team actually playing football although they were extremely efficient in doubling up and thanks in no part to the speed in which we played the ball.

    IMO 4-2-3-1 would have instilled better discipline in particular with Song who has become rather too adventurous of late and lost his discipline.

    3) Why on earth sacrifice Kos even at 2-0 down? Inexplicable. Instead we went 3 goals down which made a come back all the more harder.

    4) not enough variation to play as usual. We kept going narrow through the middle and were (as usual over intricate. I was actually pleased to see us crossing the ball, inaccurate as most of them were.

    5) Chamakh I feel is straining a little. He has been working his socks off since day 1. May have been better to have given young JET a go (at least for the first half) to add some zip. He would have been more direct for us which might have been a better solution against Albion.

    I would worry about Chamakh’s exposure to knocks at this point (not to mention fatique with Partizan and Chelsea coming up in quick succession)

    6)Once again, we gave away a lot of space on the flanks. Again I feel its part and parcel a product of the formation we play. 4-2-3-1 will make us more compact. 4-3-3 isolates Nasri and Arsharvin up front too much (or at very least gives Andrei and excuse not to track back to help Clichy.

    7)Bottom line, we can get a new keeper in January to afford competition to calamity Manny but if Wenger doesn’t realise his limitations as a tactical coach, it won’t make much diff.

    IMO, it’s high time he gets himself some better counsel on the sideline (replace Pat). That of course (unfortunately) is entirely up to him.

    • SomeRandomGunner says:

      In fact we play 4-2-3-1 it is the indiscipline of the two mid fielders at the fault. Song has been just awful since the start of the season we are much better with out him. After these kind of games Denilson seems to be a very very important player for Arsenal, he has been consistently doing what he does. I do not remember any inconsistency in his performance.

    • desigunner says:

      I’m not sure we can replace someone as early as the first half. That’s because sometimes players take a while to get going. It happens in many games that we struggle for 20-25 mins but then get it going.

      Arsene probably thought his team talk will make a difference, we did improve considerably in the second half against Sunderland.

      These decisions are never easy and if you use a couple of subs so early in the game it can lead to many complications in that game and the coming ones.

      Most of your other points are valid.

  4. Michael McCarthy says:

    Simple beat Partizan midweek then Chelsea. We are lucky Chelsea lost but Wenger may be looking to January at the moment.

    • santori says:

      Not so. We’re doing United a massive favour even if we do beat Chelsea which is doubtful based on the attitude at the moment.

    • desigunner says:

      Given the way we are playing I’d just like to go game by game. A win in midweek will put us on the road to recovery, then take it from there.

  5. santori says:

    The other thing of course is Wenger doesn’t have a hairdryer.

    OTOH United do which explains their better mental fortitude.

    Diaby got to be made to realise this is a make or break season for him. His place is at stake. That goes in general for the rest of the squad.

    Wenger keeps going on about development in public which I feel does not keep the ‘younger’ players sufficiently on their toes.

    They’ve got to be made to realise that we will replace them from market if they don’t perform.

    I’ve got my comeuppence from a week of gloating..and now I’m off to eat some humble pie. Thanks lads. 😦

    • desigunner says:

      I think Wenger’s style is different. He let’s people do their thing. The hair dryer works for managers who want the players to play the way they define.

  6. Gunner Young says:

    Agree with your write up, except Gibbs is actually injured and was not in the squad.

    Today Song was poor, Diaby and Eboue had no drive whatsoever. It was the sort of lazy performance from our midfield compounded by defensive mistakes that had us fans in a rage last season. It is only the start of the season so I am hopeful that the players can re-group and make us proud.

  7. looneygooner says:

    Not good enough and never will be until we learn to defend as a unit, stop giving the ball away and have a keeper that the defence can trust, Wenger had a chance to get a keeper, but lo and behold didn’t, the buck stops with the manager who’s tactics and team selection were crap. I can’t believe we have a keeper worst than Carson, that itself tells a story. WBA deserved their victory we were too arrogant and so was Wenger in not realising the dangers, field your best side, score a couple of goals then take player off, not Wenger he does back to front, we have seen this too many times, no silverware, just a top four finish to keep the board happy, great ambition from a club of Arsenal statue

    • desigunner says:

      If you look through the premier league games so far many other keepers including Cech have made more errors than Almunia. The only thing is the other players in Chelsea have done well to cover for him.

  8. damien says:

    This happened because we had no leader on the pitch to lead the team!!
    Attitude problem. Me thinks.

  9. Myra says:

    Kudos to WBA. I am glad we didn’t salvage a point. I don’t think this is a disaster, just a reminder.

  10. Goons IfNotNow itsNever! says:

    Song song song. That goal against bolton really got into his head, didn’t it? No discipline whatsoever. Always trying 2 go 4wad, being caught out of position, making reckless tackles…. Anyway, i really don’t see why managers like big sam n pulis insist on breaking our legs,we are easily beatable wen u play football as sunderland n west brom hav shown.

    • desigunner says:

      That’s true. Wigan and West Brom are good examples of smaller teams playing well and doing well. Is it a coincidence that their managers are not English?

  11. 10missing says:

    Thanks for being more honest than most of the press who’ve put this down to a bad day at the office, rather than Albion sticking to a game plan. After following the Baggies through thin and thinner for 30 years I never thought I’d see the day when I was disappointed to go in at 0-0 at HT and disappointed to concede 2 goals at the end. Yes some of your guys were poor today, but RDM and the players deserve more credit. To be fair, our club has the second lowest budget in the Prem and for long periods we outplayed you.

    2 other points, first we’re not Brummies – that would be like me suggesting you were Cockneys.

    Second, I don’t know how Wenger dares criticise other sides for foul play. Lots of cynical Gallic fouls from your lot, particularly after we’d gone 2-0 up.

    Still best of luck for the rest of the season, much prefer you lot to Utd, Chelsea etc.

    • desigunner says:

      Congratulations to you and I hope you can repeat this against the other bigger teams.

      I like RDM and the way West Brom play. In fact, I consider WBA to be role models for other teams in the bottom half/mid-table.

      Can you mention some specific tackles. I honestly didn’t see any dangerous tackles.

      Thanks for visiting and for your comments.

  12. supasam8 says:

    watching song today was like watching felipe melo, at least every time i’ve seen him.

    i ran around like a headless chicken for the majority of the match and made far too many reckless slide tackles that led directly to good chances.

    ultimately if we want to blame anyone it would be our collective defensive unit minus almunia.

    i couldn’t say he was at fault today, the second goal was saveable, sure. but at times he was dealing with almost arsenal like pressure with shots on the end of the play..

    it seems like everytime we have a chance to go by chelsea or get close, we choke. i hope it’s not because of a ridiculous mental block that all of us are struggling.

    • desigunner says:

      I think we have a mental problem but this was not down to that. The mental issues will come to the fore next week, hopefully I’ll be proven wrong.

  13. John says:

    I didnt see the game and my tele is thankfully as I would have throw it off the wall.

    I wasnt expecting us to walk this game but defintley win it yes. One question Song,Eboune and Diaby did not play mid week for various reasons and from want I’m reading regardless of their playing ability there was no hussle from them to create or defend which it a joke considering two off them dont play regularly in the team.

    Maybe I’m being stupid but if your not getting a game when a chance arises you bust a lung to get in the team?????

    • desigunner says:

      I think Eboue has been getting more and more casual for a while now. He was a fanstastic Right Back at one time but if you see his performance against Spuds, it would be hard to believe that.

      I think he just doesn’t care anymore and goes out and does his thing without enough focus.

      I think whenever he is fit Diaby will start regularly and that worries me because he has this on and off thing.

  14. arsene-al says:

    honestly guys the season is still young, and considering this is the our first loss in all competitions id say its decent. the boys played well in the end so we know they have it in them. plus those baggies were bound to beat us at home EVENTUALLY, i mean come on 27 years of home wins for us. its not that bad. our boys were probably tired after all the games they’ve played, and if you’ve noticed we’ve slowly been losing key players. a good rest and a shouting from wenger will wake them up and hopefully some people will come back from injury. THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT, THE FUTURE IS RED AND WHITE

    • SomeRandomGunner says:

      It is not the result. It is the consistency and the performance. We cannot be having such performance for two consecutive matches.

    • desigunner says:

      I appreciate your attitude. There is nothing wrong with believing in the team. I still think we can turn this around but we’re doing it the hard way.

  15. Vermaelen says:

    There goes the unbeaten season ):
    I actually thought Almunia had a good game apart from the 2nd goal, it’s no point critising our keeper when our defence went missing. Most disappointed with Song, he seems to have a 360 degree change back to the player he was the season before the last. Where has our rock gone?
    Arshavin has improved a lot, I actually noticed him chasing the ball! Also continued his good form from the Carling cup and was creative, perhaps it’s because he was playing behind the striker instead of to the left after the subs?
    I also have to say I was wrong about Wilshere, four games in a row and he seem to be getting better after each one. Now that he’s not starting I kind of miss him already. It’s not often you can say that an 18-year-old is doing much better than established stars like Song. Hopefully this is just an one-off game and we’ll bounce back in mid-week.

    • desigunner says:

      Yeah the keeper issue is a real shame. People just go on and on about it and we keep moving farther away from rationality.

  16. Tactician says:

    Let me just say that since Alex Song scored against Bolton he had been a complete disaster. I think that goal went to his head. He is pushing way too far forward now and on two occasions he was the ahead of every other player tries to get on the end of a cross. That’s chamakh’s job mate. Get back and play some defense. Against Sunderland, his first yellow was a direct result of being too far forward and then having to make a bad tackle because he was out of position. I know his reaction probably got him booked but that play should have never happened if he was where he was supposed to be. Ugh


    I’m not kidding- a players has a lot to do with his game.
    since song changed to this ridiculous do, he’s been pathetic.
    torres cut his locks- crap

    adebayor- when was with us,did not score in ten straight games after he cut his dreds.

    berbatov cut his locks= he’s now tranformed

    so i suggest song goes back, and get back his former do.

  18. Tim says:

    What’s done is done. We were complacent and didn’t give a very decent West Brom side enough respect.

    The most important thing now is to ensure this does not happen again. A positive result at Chelsea next Sunday and all will be well again. Defeat today doesn’t help, but anyone who writes off our title hopes on the basis of one terrible performance needs a dose of reality. Freak results happen. Let’s just hope that’s all it was – a one-off.


    • desigunner says:

      Well, I hope you’re right. I’d thought Sunderland would have done enough to end our complacency, if it exists even after all the experiences we’ve had.

  19. Phil23 says:

    I think we’ll be able to analyse this game better after the Chelsea match. It could have been just the kick in the arse they needed to invoke change in the squad. The thing is we aren’t in the position were we only have a couple of players and they are playing badly. We have players like Wilshere Rosicky and Cesc itching to play. Lets not rip the team down like most the other blogs because i would feel much better about this loss if we beat Chelsea away and knock them right off that high horse of theirs!

    • desigunner says:

      Interesting point, let’s see. Did you get the feeling I was trying to rip the team down?

      • Phil23 says:

        No I was actually quite impressed that you managed to stay objective considering the poor performance of Arsenal. At least United haven’t beaten Bolton, not such an ‘easy win’ now are they? We can make up for this loss with a win at Chelsea.

  20. Steve says:

    I for one find it hard to believe JET and Eastmond could have played worse than Song Diaby and Eboue.At least if they did inexperience has got to be a better excuse than “didnt give a damn” or “couldnt be bothered”. Song has been indifferent for quite a few weeks when he should be the shinning light. Perhaps scoring that goal the other week has gone to his head. I am definitely do Denilson fan and if I were Song and some one suggested Denilson was a better option I would be looking for some anti-depression pills if not a wrist razor!
    Desi Gunner – fantastic analysis of the game. I am still doubtful of Vela’s quality as a player without Fabregas gifting him with miracle passes.

    • desigunner says:

      Song should have been stepping up in the absence of Cesc and RvP. I’ve a feeling he is trying to do that but hasn’t found the right balance. It would be best for us if he reverted to the basics.

      Vela doesn’t have the physical presence for the league. And he hasn’t learnt how to make the best use of his pace. I’d say that’s also down to the tactics we have and even Walcott suffers due to that at times.

  21. Gtr gooner says:

    I dont know whats going wrong with arsenal. Clichy is getting awful day by day. AW doesnt seem to create competitions for first team place.. And that is why song is getting spoiled. I think AW needs to give some hard words lecture to players to inspire them for Chelsea game…i became fan of arsenal because of AW but now i must admit that i am losing faith in AW

    • desigunner says:

      I don’t agree with the competition theory at all. We made 8 changes to the starting line-up at Spurs, and we had RvP, Vermaelen, Bendtner, Diaby, Ramsey, and Cesc missing for that game. That’s 13-14 players who didn’t start and we still had a team that dominated the game. That means we have 25 top class players. No one can create more competition than that.

      Diaby knows Wilshere will take his place. Eboue is anyway not a starter. Our problem isn’t due lack of competition. That’s just a lame argument doomers like to make.

  22. Ameen says:

    I think we were lacking balance in the midfield,had wilshere started instead of diaby the result would have been completely different.

  23. jp says:

    At the beginning of the year a friend asked me how I felt Arsenal’s chances were. I a stated that as long as Arsenal have their best player available for a majority of the season we will struggle. We are a very average team without Cesc and Van Persie. They are the only truly world class players we have. You add to that our second tier of Vermalen, of late Walcott and regular injuries to key players what you are left with is a very average team there for the taking. We saw it at the end of last year and we saw it last week against Sunderland (as Cesc went we went) and again this week. Without our quality on the field we struggle.

    • jp says:

      I need to edit before pressing the post comment!!! I meant if we DON’T have our best players on the field we struggle.

      • jp says:

        Having said this playing extra time against our arch rivals didn’t help either. But again whilst I admire our depth as I feel we have done well with all the injuries we have had for the last for years. The fact remains that 2nd and 3rd choice players are that for a reason.

  24. Steve D. says:

    I wrote a comment on another site before reading yours and I believe we have come to many of the same conclusions. Here’s part of it copied below:
    “I think we lost today because the midfield didn’t control the game. Unfortunately Diaby and Eboue were not on song and Song couldn’t do all the singing. Diaby really slows our passing down when he’s not on form and he is only just back from injury. When Jack and Tomas came on, the game looked totally different, I just wish AW would have changed it before the 2nd goal.
    I was surprised when Vela replaced Kos as I think the little Mexican didn’t get up to speed and just got in the way. (I also thought the balance of the team went when a striker came on for a CB)
    The only player I wish AW would try not playing once and a while is AA23. Sometimes he tries to take too many players on rather than passing and it can spoil the possession football and rhythm.
    Well, it had to happen sometime and Chelsea also lost, so never mind. Personally I suspect we’re another year or two away from the title, but when we get one, we’ll dominate for a long time, IMHO!!! Can’t wait – but willing to wait and trust in Wenger – I just hope the more shortsighted of our fans don’t destroy it before it begins.. have patience, PLEASE”
    Sorry it’s long Desi, but although I always read your blog, I don’t often comment as you tend to say it all. V/Good blog mate – thanks for your effort.

    • desigunner says:

      The problem right now is that we’re struggling mentally and the longer this titleless streak goes on it will get worse. If we don’t win this season there will be further complications in the Summer, especially with Cesc. Arsene has to get the system right.

      Thanks. I think most people who visit this blog regularly won’t mind the length of the comment as long as you’re talking about football/Arsenal, so feel free to say whatever you’ve on your mind.

      • Arsenal4 says:

        I am not sure about the mental struggle got anything to do with the lost to WBA – it simply because our midfield is poor. Nobody willing to play the play maker role, which i was hoping from Nasri … thus the disitrbution of the ball is poor, mainly on the left side where either AA or SN tried to run with the ball …. can also tell Song that he’s no Fabregas … just keep stay on his defensive area … his bad defending & AA unwillingness to trace back cost the game

  25. garycartwright says:

    I didn’t watch the game but a lot of you don’t seem to give West Brom enough credit. You understimated us, we are a team who can easily finish in the top ten, we have some outstanding talented players and when your team is not concentrating enough against clinical attacking players they will get punished, simple as! And slagginf off Song like he’s Salif Diao is ridculous, he is a top class player, maybe had one or to bad games.

    • desigunner says:

      I gather you’re a West Brom supporter. Congratulations on the win, as I said in the post you deserved it.

      Beyond that this is a blog focussed on Arsenal so you won’t find too many people talking about West Brom, no disrespect.

      No one is slagging off Song as a talentless player, people are frustrated because we know he is too good to play the way he did.

  26. come on you arsenal! says:

    very disapointing result obviously.
    question: where is the creativity going to come from in the absence of cesc? arshavin isn’t consistent enough and he seems to be lacking that bit of sharpness and pace at the moment. we all know nasri is a wonderful at ball retention but i’m not seeing much incisive passes from him. maybe wilshere as a central attacking midfielder for the time being?

  27. Nischit says:

    horrible result. i only watched the first 75 min early saturday morning and after the 3rd goal i decided this performance wasn’t worth going late for my 11 am soccer saturday. Of course, after I leave, the arsenal decide they wanna finally show up.

    If you thought last week was the worst performance under wenger, what do you think this was? Its like they were trying to one-up themselves…not in a good way though.

    I thought squillaci’s distribution was really poor. koscielny was a shadow of the man who played against spurs. Diaby was woeful. Almunia was ok, but as wenger said, he made the last mistake for the 2nd goal…and boy was it a bad mistake. I think Almunia ( and possibly fabianksi too ) lacks the nerve to play for Arsenal. Samir Nasri seems to wake up only after 80th min. I saw nothing in the first 73 min. No positives what so ever. It was plain awful! It was arrogant, lazy football. We didn’t track WBA’s runs, we gave them too much space close to goal.

    It was like our team didn’t expect to defend on that day. Mind you, not that the team attacked very well. Woeful performance. What matters now is the response…and also, how often this kinda complacency creeps back in. If the players need a sunderland or a wba every coupla weeks to kick us back into gear, i fear for arsenal.

  28. LondonGunner says:

    Not all doom! I reckon this was one off, prior to the game we were playing well and the new signings were showing the reason why we signed them. I think we should concentrate with the coming games.
    P.S West Brom were awesome.

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