Szczesny Believes Fabianski Should Have Been No. 1!

Just before the Spuds game our young Polish talent Szczesny gave this controversial interview. Subsequently, the question was put to Arsene and he dealt with it in his typical diplomatic yet authoritative manner by acknowledging the player’s point of view but holding firm on his decision as well.

I don’t want to get into all those things again you must have read it in plenty of papers and blogs. I’d like to go into one aspect that seems to have been missed by many. Consider this part of the interview (translated using google translate),

Maybe problems of Polish goalkeepers for Arsenal comes from the fact that the team for four years won a single trophy and the pressure is enormous.

If you want to win, you have to expose the best in the club, not the oldest. For winning the title would do well to play the best goalkeeper at Arsenal.


Before the season I thought it was Luke.

I completely agree with Szczesny that the best Keeper should play irrespective of age and I’ve no doubt Wenger holds a similar opinion. It’s a different matter that Almunia is the best Keeper even though the young Pole seems to have a different opinion on that.

What is interesting is that the youngster considers Fabianski to be the best at the club. I know something was probably lost in translation, but translation errors can’t change the fact that he’s mentioned Fabianski by name.

Earlier in the interview, based on what I understood, Szczesny said that he expected Fabianski to be No. 1 after a good preseason and I’ve a feeling he thought he will be No. 2, competing for a starting spot. If that is the case, it’s not difficult to see why he is frustrated being fourth choice.

However, the important point here is that Szczesny isn’t frustrated because he is behind Fabianski. Many fans don’t like our current No. 2 and they’ve simply assumed that the youngster shares their opinion. I’ve lost count of the people who have been sympathetic towards the kid by saying something like, “How can he not be frustrated if he is behind Flappianski?”

This is a classic example of some fans pretending that their opinion is shared by the players. The logic seems to be, if there are plenty of fans who don’t rate Fabianski it must be obvious that Szczesny doesn’t rate him either. In the summer we saw other examples of this when some fans claimed that Cesc wanted to leave because he didn’t believe in this team or his team mates. Fabregas never really came out and said anything like that but many fans, especially the Misery Brigade, found it a convenient argument.

In this particular case though, we have clear evidence that Szczesny rates Fabianski highly.

I’m not trying to defend Fabianski. My opinion is that he’d benefit from a loan spell where he get’s a chance to play every week. He can make his mistakes elsewhere before returning to Arsenal a better and more mature player. Not sure if this can be worked out now but I do feel Fabianski really needs regular games.

Anyway, this article was not written to debate the goalkeeping position. The point is we should not assume that an opinion popular amongst fans is shared by the players who see each other in training every day and can form a much more informed opinion.

23 Responses to Szczesny Believes Fabianski Should Have Been No. 1!

  1. Talia says:

    Nice bit of national solidarity, but – oh dear. Really? Maybe he thought that if Flapsy was number 1 then he had a better chance himself. Cunning.

  2. Furovich says:

    It’s not neccessarily clear evidence Szczesny rates Fabianski highly, it could be that Szczesny doesn’t rate Almunia at all. Like Talia also said, maybe an attempt at a cunning move. Quite surprising that a 20 year old keeper came out with any comments really.

  3. Bongo says:

    You know the sign of a good keeper is maturity, which this boy seems to lack. Looks like we have another Bentley on our hands. It’s a pity because he looks like a great prospect. I think he sees Wilshire and Ramsey playing and thinks he can do that too. Maybe he is jealous.
    What he may not realize is that both those players make a lot of little errors in judgement due thier age and inexperience but they have experienced players to pick up the pieces. A mistake from a goalkeeper usually means a goal so there’s little room for on the job training at a top club like Arsenal with the likes of Messi and Drogba firing shots at your goal.

  4. Phil23 says:

    I think this is a great move by Szczesny, the main thing that Fabianski is missing is confidence. In this statement Szczesny not only helps boost Fabianski’s confidence but also get a few of the fans off his back. I agree with you desi that Fabianski should be getting some top flight experience maybe Newcastle?

  5. sameep says:

    I clearly remember Some 2 seasons back Bendtner had a moan about his playing time and said he could consider his future with Bayern interested in him. Then Diaby had a go with similar words 2-3 seasons back. Vela was talking a lot similar in the middles and end of the last season. All the three guys have nice attitude so they are still here.

    But now when I look back, I can only admire Wenger more. He has repaired their brains in very authoritative manner. These guys now love their position at club. Same will happen with young pole, if he has real good attitude. Wenger will manage him in the perfect way, I have no doubt about it. Otherwise we all know what happens to the guys who have bad attitudes, Anelka, Bentley, Adebayor are some of the examples.

  6. Common Sensei says:

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  7. BallaBalla says:

    Don´t forget that these guys see eachother play everyday in training not just at the week-ends when we all see´em. Maybe Fabianski plays good/solid in the trainings and even better than Almunia, at least that would clarify why Wenger and now Szczesny rate them high

  8. Fab says:

    i think scezesny should better leave in january…..

  9. 9jagun says:

    fabianski is not confident on the pitch period

  10. Goonerpower says:

    Let him go and get stekel……thingy from Ajax. He would be a perfect Arsenal goalkeeper for 10 years.

  11. Hadley says:

    Interesting. Maybe he heard Almunia was leaving during the summer. I totally agree about Fabianski benefitting from a loan spell

  12. emma says:

    RUBBISH!I prefer vitto mannone 2 dat basket

  13. Vermaelen says:

    At least we finally know why Arsene said he’s “potientially” a world class goalkeeper…

  14. lee says:

    arsene should do hs best to hold on to szczesny because he will be one of the best in the world one day, mark my words. my prediction, IF we sold him is that he would probably go to a championship club for bout 2 years, then a mid table premiership team would snap him up, then after a couple more seasons man u,chelsea, barca, real etc would be after him. unless youve actually watched him play dont tell me im wrong

  15. MikE says:

    ‘chesney’ has one year left on his contract.

    he will slip the net unless aw can involve him pdq!

    he is an awesome young ‘keeper and could be a future arsenal legend. tricky one to sort though as he wants/needs to be playing.

    maybe he will sign on again then be loaned out to a big(ish) championship or even european club.

  16. Roy says:

    Good points. Completely agree Flappy should be made to make his mistakes elsewhere, and IF he gets any decent kind of confidence and form should then return. To be number 2.

  17. IncredibleG says:

    do you agree that the seemingly net-wide slating of Fabianski has transferred from fan-blogs to the general media and that this has led to snowballing hatred for him?
    A couple of weeks ago, Joe Hart ran clear out of his box to come to a ball that was being comfortably contested by Kolo and his interference led to a very soft goal being conceded, we all remember it I know. What would have been the reaction if Fabs had done this? I don’t just mean from the fans because obviously he’s got previous(although nothing so brainless, even the double blunder in last year’s cl was more nervy than stupid) I mean from the media as well because over here the press got right behind Joe Hart after that. His nationality will be a factor in this but I can’t help but think that the countless blogs harping on about how much everyone hates Fabs has given license to the media to question his suitability to EPL football, the original bloggers then feel vindicated in their opinion because the national media are in agreement and. How much damage have these blogs done to A. Fabs’ confidence and, by extension, his performance and B. his value should we decide to part with him.
    The reason I bring it up is, sorry for taking so long, I also feel that Fabs needs a good long loan(more so than Szczesny due to his age) to a struggling team in a difficult league(preferably EPL) to harden his nerve. 1 year away and I feel he might come back ready for the no. 1 shirt. Obviously my mind, as I’m sure everyone else’s would, jumped immediately to Newcastle with their issues at the moment and because I’m certain that they can’t afford to cover Given’s Man City paycheque. But right now I don’t think they’d take Fabs because of the reputation that we “fans” have amplified and actively publicized. It would mean their first order of business would have to be explaining to their fans why they have recruited a player who is hated by his own fans and they’d know that at his first mistake they would be crucified.
    So the worst case scenario, which we are making more and more likely, is that we can’t get him out on loan to a big enough side, we aren’t willing to put up with his mistakes for long enough for him to mature through us, we can’t get a decent price for him because even “we” think he’s shit and when he does mature(maybe in his 30s) playing for another team; we have to accept that our impatience and failure to accept the varying rates of development in footballers have cost us a valuable asset as well as the money we could have earned for him as well as what we’ve spent on him up until now.

    • desigunner says:

      I do believe that constant criticism of our goalkeepers is a self-perpetuating myth and can cause serious damage to our title hopes. That is the reason I try to bring a strong positive focus on our keepers.

  18. josh phelan says:


  19. […] Szczesny Believes Fabianski Should Have Been No. 1! Just before the Spuds game our young Polish talent Szczesny gave this controversial interview. Subsequently, the […] […]

  20. come on you arsenal! says:

    fabianski must be god-like in training. ):
    i’m genuinely surprised szczesny is still behind flappy in the pecking order, i thought the fact that szczesny wasn’t sent out on loan implied that he was going to be playing a more important role at arsenal.

  21. jp says:

    how did we get to this point A op team with such hopelessness in goal!

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