Time For Djourou, Vela, And JET To Prove They Are Ready

Normally I like to look at the tactical aspects of a game while writing a preview. In this case, I tried thinking about it but frankly, I’ve no clue what’s going to happen. It’s always difficult to predict what Arsene is going to do, and it seems even Twitchy is feeling the pressure of the Champions League so will not start with his first team as he did last year.

I do feel we don’t have much room to manoeuvre as far as the starting eleven goes. There are far too many injuries and some promising youngsters are out on loan. Wenger will have to play some first team players even if he doesn’t want to.

From what we are hearing it seems Fabianski will start in goal. Last year Arsene showed that he preferred a strong defence behind the youngsters and this game should be no different. Eboue, Djourou and Gibbs should get a game, and with Bartley on loan, the fourth defender will be one of the two heroes from the battle at the Stadium of Light. I’d prefer Squillaci simply because I wouldn’t want to risk Koscielny, who will become more and more important to the side as the season develops.

I’ve no idea who will play in midfield or in attack. Denilson will probably get his first start of the season. Will we risk Wilshere in this game? Will we play Nasri in midfield to give him a run in a role he will have to perform against West Brom? Will it be left to kids like Lansbury and Eastmond?

Up front we might see Vela start in a central role with JET on one side. Once again I’ve no idea who the third attacking player will be. Will Rosicky get another start?

I think one of Nasri or Rosicky has to start if not both. And I’d prefer they start in midfield because we need their skills and experience to control the game. The starting line-up of my choice is,

Fabianski – Eboue, Squillaci, Djourou, Gibbs – Eastmond, Denilson, Rosicky – Lansbury, Vela, JET.

I’d say Djourou, Vela and JET have a good chance to show how close they are to the first team. Some fans want to see Vela get a start ahead of Arshavin. Similarly, some think JET is ready for the first team. The Swiss defender has a lot to prove after his injury problems last season. I was not very excited by his performance for the reserves against City’s “elite development squad”.

I also have my doubts about JET. Not regarding his talents but about his attitude. He seems to be overconfident and far too casual for my liking. I feel players who believe they are better than others need to show it in their performances that lead to results, and not just in some neat flicks and tricks or the occasional goal. Of course, he is young and has time on his side but a poor attitude can kill careers. This is the game for him to show he can cut it at the highest level.

Vela has not had that many starts even though he has been an Arsenal player for years. I’m not sure his initial loan spells were very useful to him in the sense of preparing him for English football. They just served the purpose of getting him eligible for a work permit. Since he’s been with us, the Mexican has suffered due to the poor timing of internationals and some injury problems. I like the fact that he’s impressed Arsene with his hard work during the summer and seems a lot more mature now.

This is his chance to show he is good enough to start ahead of Arshavin. Scoring the fourth goal in a 4-1 home win or the fifth and sixth goals of a 6-0 win is one thing, but leading the line against bitter rivals in a derby game is the real challenge.

To be honest I don’t have a good feeling for this game. I’m not sure the line-up I’ve listed above, or any that I can think of without involving too many first team members, has enough fight in it. I can see players like Vela or JET not chasing enough balls, not winning enough 50-50’s, and someone at the back making a bad mistake. Of course, a lot will depend on the opponents and they might put out a weakened team themselves which could even things out.

Even then, something about this game doesn’t feel right. Last year we had many bad results in pairs. It could be the reason Arsene wants to put out a strong team. And I’ll be a lot more confident if he does. Fingers crossed till the starting line-ups are announced.

24 Responses to Time For Djourou, Vela, And JET To Prove They Are Ready

  1. sssk says:

    If we did not had so many injuries we could have had a fantastic b squad on this game..

  2. Jason says:

    Why not try to let Mannone or Szczesny to start between the post? They are young and they should get more playing time… In fact, Szczesny was doing well while on spell loan last season… Nordtveit can play a role too…

  3. venky says:

    Agreed with the line up, except that I expect Aneke in the starting line up in place of Eastmond, Lansbury in midfield and Rosciky on the right wing .

  4. Viejo says:

    One of Rosicky or Nasri should definitely start in the middle otherwise we’ll lack that very important creative spark and the ability to hold on to the ball and control proceedings. Which one is a tough choice because Nasri has played 180 mins already in the last 7 days straight after an injury and will no doubt be required to start again at the weekend. So I’d play Rosicky with the view to sub him in the second half if we are ahead.

    I’m a lot more confident of this one than yourself it seems Desi. By all accounts the tots will line up with a majority young side and i have no doubt our quality is superior to theirs. Their only advantage comes from playing at home in front of a moronic bunch of fans.

  5. ibiza says:

    it shames me that u of all gooners is showin a lack of faith. I thought u were one of the good ones. Sadly i seem to have misjugded u!

    • desigunner says:

      Perhaps you judge too soon, one way and the other?

      This blog is not one of blind faith. I write what I think and I never expect us to win all games in the season. We will always lose some and this one seems to be one of those for reasons I’ve mentioned above. I’ll be delighted if the players prove me wrong.

    • desigunner says:

      The starting line-up gives me a lot more hope. Arsene knows this game is important to the fans. Now it will be great to watch.

  6. Davi says:

    It’s a joke that szczesny isnt in the squad for the game. A complete joke. He could well be the best keeper we have at this point. The only one who looks like he can be something really great.
    Btw I think JET will start up front (wenger seems to like him there) with vela on the left or maybe even the right. No idea who else will start, but yes, JET looks very likely. Hes been killing in the reserves, so he needs a real test. I dont think he has a bad attitude. Hes been named captain at the lower levels, and theres a reason for it. He will work for the team defensively. He has a bit of the diaby attitude on the ball, but he is a team player. It’s not uncommon for skillful young players in particular to want to hold onto the ball for too long

    • desigunner says:

      From the little I’ve seen Szczesny has a long way to go before he becomes a regular at Arsenal. I think we should have sent him on loan this year. It might happen soon, who knows. Maybe Wenger wanted to see how the start goes.

      Hopefully, you’ll be proven right about JET. If he can add work-rate to his long list of talents he will have a big future at Arsenal.

  7. The Goon says:

    The articles a rant-he’s pissed @ Arsene for not picking him for CC duty…saying he’ll leave on a free next year if he can’t get a chance to uproot Almunia & The Flap…

    I don’t speak polish, I used google translate, & Goal.com picked i t up…

    • desigunner says:

      Yeah even I read using google translate and it seems like a real rant. The kid seems frustrated but hopefully he won’t be rash in his decision making.

  8. aravindvr says:

    Arsene never apply his youth policy in Goal Keeping position.Fabianski at 23 is the best hes gone so far.

    Fabianski is sure to get the nod.
    Szczesny shud have been loaned out.

    Lets hope for the best: Szczesny to come up and deny those reports.
    or even better Szczesny getting a chance against WBA.
    and a well deserved rest for Big Man Almunia ahead of a busy schedule the week after.

  9. Robespierre says:

    Szczesny PRESUMABLY said among others:
    “Wenger told me to fight for a first-team place, but then he didn’t include me in the squad for the Carling Cup game. My friends told me not to worry, that it’s a marathon, and not a sprint. But a marathon isn’t about running in the same place for three years.”
    “I’m ready to play at highest level but I need a club that believes in a 20-year-old. In Arsenal there’s no such bravery. My main goal is to play for Arsenal, but if there’s a move option, we’ll have words.”

    Whether precise translation or not, the point is clear.
    If the Polish kid is the huge talent and future of Arsenal(and nothing less should be expected of him), he should either take his place between the sticks now at 20(as a Casillas, Buffon, vd Saar,or a R Clemence among other great ones; or as seen this week in goal of a serious Athletico team, an exciting 19 years old De Gea who single handed thwarted Messi, Villa multiple times) , OR at least be loaned ideally for another year to a v.good championship team and then a premiership team. This later route was taken by say Joe Heart, of whom no less than the great Casillas said this very week that he is very possibly the future #1 in the world. This is the sort of ambition one is to expect from the young pole anything else, a prospect, is not worth bothering and talking about, so which is it?.Does Arsene know?

    As to the team, the lineup is probably correct but if so quite disappointing compared to previous years of young guns blazing. In anycase playing in the Lane these days would have been a not so easy game for any lineup

    • desigunner says:

      I don’t think we have many young guns right now. Those we used in the previous years like Ramsey, Wilshere, Vela, et al are still there but just not seen as youngsters any more.

      If we had a full strength midfield we’d have seen players like Wilshere and Ramsey in this game.

      Wenger is taking his time in deciding what to do with Szczesny. I don’t see a big problem with that. We are barely a month or so into a season.

  10. DatGoonerDood says:

    Well, Szczesny should keep his head down and work hard. Comments like this won’t do him any good. Wenger’d rather him rot in the Reserves than sell him out.

    • desigunner says:

      That’s true, he needs to get his head down and focus on the job. There is a long career ahead of him and patience will be a virtue.

  11. Robespiere says:

    Well Desi, if you moderate me, for god knows what reason, please have the courtesy to let me know, and I will not bother

    • desigunner says:

      some comments get held up for moderation because I’ve flagged a few words … but i don’t look at the comments immediately. sometimes comments will be held up, but please don’t expect me to look at them immediately. most comments are anyway not moderated.

      I don’t delete a comment if it’s saying something/anything. The only ones I delete from the moderation queue are ones that are long abusive rants without a single attempt at discussion.

    • desigunner says:

      having reviewed your comment i don’t know why it was held for moderation, it doesn’t have any of the words I’ve flagged. Sometimes these things happen. I hope you understand the need for patience at times.

  12. Phil23 says:

    Well that was a rather nice win wasn’t it?

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