Just What’s Wrong With The Arsenal Players!?

That was the sentiment many expressed when Walcott was injured. I hate internationals is another common feeling that is shared by football fans across club boundaries. And I totally relate with anyone who has gone bonkers with the news that Walcott will be out for six weeks or so.

These are times when the polite ones go ‘WTF!’ or ‘FFS!!’ while the regular guys just let it rip *@$@*!

I agree that all clubs have injury problems to an extent. But the kind of problems that we face has to be experienced to be believed. Nasri had a great pre-season and a good start. He was out for a month after a game that barely had a tackle. Frimpong looked extremely promising in pre-season and we were hoping he will take some burden off Song. What happens? Out of for the season just before the business starts. Van Persie plays the whole World Cup, works really hard till the last minute of the Final, takes a well deserved holiday, comes back and is crocked in his first start for Arsenal.  Walcott has a good pre-season, looks in fantastic form, goes on international duty and ends up on the treatment table for six weeks. And we aren’t even a month into a new season.

Now, before I go further I’ll mention that I’m extremely frustrated and angry but not worried or panicky. This post is not a doomsday prediction. While I can understand some of you might have your heart in mouth every time someone tackles Chamakh in the coming weeks, I don’t think we should add to the negativity that already exists around the club, especially from the media and the Misery Brigade.

I think the most annoying aspect of this injury mess is that we seem to be clueless about it. Last year when we lost the big games, some of them without a proper fight, it was difficult to take. Most of us felt the negative emotions like anger and exasperation. But even in those cases there was something we could do. If we watched the games carefully we could see what went wrong. We could see the improvements that were needed. And we could genuinely believe that things will improve.

I know some people have given up and will want to say that we have no hope of competing but that’s a different discussion and one that I’m tired off. So let’s stay off that path.

Just focussing on the injuries, it’s really difficult to believe that anyone at the club has a real idea of what’s going on. It would be tempting to blame the Arsenal medical staff but Theo was with England and that means he was with Gary Lewin, as proven a team doctor as anyone’s likely to get. Even they got it wrong. Similarly, Bendtner was with Denmark and they couldn’t treat him well. Van Persie was injured in an international last year and the Dutch medical staff botched his diagnosis. I’m not saying our medical staff is perfect but the problem, if at all it is with them, is certainly not limited to them.

One major aspect for us is the diversity in the manner of contracting an injury. We’ve had some serious contact injuries – Fabregas from Alonso and Gardner/Puyol, Van Persie from Chiellini, Ramsey was Shawcrossed, and so on. We also have some crazy, difficult to diagnose and treat injuries like the one Rosicky suffered or the one Bendtner has. We’ve also had stress fractures and other muscular problems like the one Clichy or Denilson had. I think we’ve covered any and all possible ways of losing players. Touch wood, I wouldn’t want another player to prove me wrong by discovering a new way of getting crocked.

The diversity is compounded by the sheer numbers. While Chelsea and United can point towards Essien or Hargreaves, no club has had three, or is it four, legs snapped into two. On top of that we’ve lost too many players for long durations due to serious injuries. We’ve reached a stage when a four to six week injury just doesn’t seem like a big deal! But if we ask Redknapp he’ll tell us that missing Dawson and Defoe will be a big loss for them. Fergie and Ancelloti will tell us (well they won’t say it in public but you know what I mean) they can’t afford to lose Rooney or Drogba for two months.

Amidst all this frustration I do have to say we’ve done much better than any club would have with these many injuries. Pundits and some other idiots don’t appreciate this right now but it will be put into perspective when another big club faces a similar crisis. And I hope it’s sooner rather than later.

Nonetheless, the question that I started out with still stands. Just what’ wrong with the Arsenal players?

Is it bad footwear? Is it the training methods? Is it the medical staff? Is it a curse? Is it just bad luck? Is it due to the kicks we receive? Do we rush our players? Are our players overworked and not rested often enough? Are our players too young and their bodies not completely developed? Or are they not strong enough? Is it due to the international games?

When things go wrong it’s easy to point fingers. Any of the above could be a cause for some of our problems. But even all of them put together don’t really explain all our problems. Wenger, the medical staff, and our players are in an unenviable position. I love solving problems and puzzles of any kind but I’m glad this one is not my responsibility.

I’ve run out of ideas now and this issue is far beyond the logical/analytical domain that I’m comfortable in. I guess it’s time to explore a different side of ‘keeping the faith’. I’m not much of a religious man but this season I’m going to pray. Unless you’ve a better idea?

56 Responses to Just What’s Wrong With The Arsenal Players!?

  1. Rob says:

    The answer lies in orthopaedic testing and ‘pre’habilitation… don’t wait til you’re injured to recognise biomechanical insufficiencies or dysfunction. It’s really not that difficult.

    • desigunner says:

      Are you suggesting that all other clubs do it but we don’t? Or that we should be proactive and do something that other clubs don’t?

      What about impact injuries? Or the ones that are difficult to diagnose even after the player is suffering?

      As I said there doesn’t seem to be a solution that can cover all the problems we are facing. Not to say that we can’t do anything, just that it’s a more serious problem than some would like to believe.

  2. I am totally amazed and puzzled. Seems to me Chocolate is a more durable material than the bones of the Arsenal players.

  3. Andy says:

    Wenger really should have bought another forward. We can not honestly expect RvP to play a whole season without picking up an injury. I mean, can someone tell me the last time he played the majority of the season. I even remember when he picked up an injury during a goal celebration! Now that RvP is approaching 30, I wonder if Wenger would consider selling him.

  4. Andy says:

    They don’t call RvP ‘Chocolate Legs’ for nothing

  5. feygooner says:

    Having 4 strikers for ONE position is just stupid.

    We have too many injury prone players I’m afraid. This leads to other players being overplayed and then they get injuries, and we have to rush our injury prone players back. It’s a cruel cycle.

  6. GoonerEris says:

    A totally frustrating question that begs for some research. It may be in the diet regime Wenger insists upon, or the fact that we play a quick passing game which will require a lot of physical exertion in training. What is interesting is that the club is also concerned about this state of affairs and been carrying out its own studies, using modern available technology. Whatever it is, no one will be interested in excuses at the end of the season.

    • desigunner says:

      That’s the key point, no one will be interested in excuses at the end of the season.

      I hope the GPS tracker will help us find some answers although I must confess I’ve no real clue how that can make a big difference.

      The diet regime is supposed to be one of our strong points, isn’t it? Adams and others of his generation owe their last few years to that. Has something changed?

      • plunkitt says:

        I remain amazed that injured players aren’t required to stay in residence in London, and that they seem to be able to see any quack they want. Why don’t Arsenal keep them close and under observatioin while they rehabilitate?

      • desigunner says:

        That’s another good question. I’ve no idea who decides where the player will recover. Maybe it’s thought that the recovery will be better with the family back home? It could be that everyday during the recovery period they don’t need to see a doctor. So they can be home and have periodic check ups. I think an Arsenal medic should fly out every time they’re having a check up away from London.

  7. Mohamed Zubairu says:

    I believe that the physical world is impacted either positively or negatively by the spirit world. If the cause of the problem is diagnosed, there can be a spiritual solution to the problem, provided the problem is spiritual.
    However, I have an opinion as to the logical cause of the problem. The style of football we play – beautiful, flowing, possessional football – would naturally attract tackles. This type of game, set in the physical and high tempo league that the premiership is attracts tackles. Barcelona are not having as much trouble with injuries as we have because the La Liga is less physical.
    Let me state that I by no means desire that we change our style of play. I think that the way we play football is the way it should be played. Football and rugby started as one sport but parted company many years ago. Football should be kept decent and distinct from rugby. If football ever changes from being a beautiful game like we play it, I will stop watching it.
    The authorities in the premiership should do something to stem the tide of overt physicality in football. Could it be one of the reasons shy England performs poorly in international tournaments? When we have bruised ourselves in the premiership before an international tournament, how can English teams and players do well?
    Is it just coincidental that the only English players that did well at the world cup were those who due to injuries, rested quite well before the tournament? I am talking about Fabragas and Can Persie. Could that be one of the reasons why Rooney could not fulfill his potentials at the world cup? Let us think about this.

  8. drvics (mumbai gooner) says:

    Ya Rob(@ 8.17), maybe they should replace docs with biochemists then.
    Sorry for the long post, but for a change the post tackles my area of expertise.
    There are a few points I’d like to make:
    First of all, predicting the exact severity of an injury and thus the recovery period can be difficult, especially in early hours after the injury. This is simply because the joint or the injured area is inflamed and small tears (and even hairline fractures) may be difficult to see clearly on scans and X-rays. Hence, theres always a second scan done once the inflammation is resolved which can confirm a ‘provisional’ diagnosis done earlier. So, i would advise waiting a day or two to get confirmed diagnosis before forming an kind of opinion regarding player injuries.
    Secondly, every injury has to be looked at as a separate case every time. There are a multitude of factors that one has to consider regarding injuries. Of course there several common factors that influence the Arsenal team such as training methods, diet,etc but there are also individual factors such as genetics and football technique. What I mean to say is, I would be very surprised if a group factor was to blame for the sheer number of injuries, simply cause there doesnt seem to be a pattern.
    There was somewhat of a pattern a few years ago though when we saw several gunners (especially youngsters) return from an injury and then have a recurrence after a couple of games (i remember Denilson, diaby, Sendoros, Rosicky and even TH14 having that problem. The explanation could be that the players were rushed on and hadnt recovered fully and so the injuries recurred. This could have been down to mis-judgement on the part of the management, but could have easily been that the player misjudged the recovery or the team were in short numbers and a 50- 50 decision on the injury didnt go our way.
    Another important point is the high number of youngsters in the squad. Experience of how to handle your body and how hard to push and when to take a break, comes with playing several years and gaining knowledge of oneself. Thats how Giggs and Scholes are having a long career cause they know what their bodies can handle (and they dont exactly have to fight for a guaranteed first team place, do they? That helps.)

    • desigunner says:

      Thanks for the post, you’ve made some interesting points.

      I’m not sure what scans or x-rays they did but if the diagnosis is not certain shouldn’t it be better to say we have to wait for further results? It could be that Walcott jumped the gun on this one based on the initial estimate given to him by someone. Of course, your point about the second scan is valid and I’m not debating that.

      I do agree that every injury is a separate and unique case. However, when we do face so many I guess it’s only natural that people look for patterns. Obviously, we can’t do much to prevent the kind of injury that Ramsey got or similar ones but are some others avoidable?

      You’re right about rushing players in some cases, and it’s a vicious cycle at times as feygooner said. Even last year one could say that Gallas was rushed back. Probably even Denilson and Bendtner. These are possibilities but we just don’t know for sure. Arsene and the staff would probably know better.

      Your final point seems most relevant. I too believe some of the youngsters don’t have enough experience to know how best to deal with their bodies. I guess we can’t do much on that front, it’s something that will come with experience. I remember Diaby did say he was taking better care of himself and RvP said something along the lines as well.

  9. Shravan says:

    Here we go, making excuses again!

    We never build squads that can go the long haul, imagine if Song gets injured or Almunia, what then?

    Barcelona play a high tempo game too, and they don’t get as many injuries as us. Only eduardo and ramsey have an excuse, the rest…….

    rvp should be seen as a bonus.

    What is wrong? why sign slight players with little muscle? look at the size of malouda-drogba-ivanovic, our biggest player is song and he is still not as muscular as even mikel!

  10. Dutchgunner says:

    Chocolate leg is a Dutch term for your weaker foot like van persie right. Not about injuries

    • Andy says:

      lol. yeah, it was a play on words. Anyway, lets hope he makes a speedy recovery and hope is able to complete the rest of the season.

  11. sharpgunner says:

    Too many biscuit-boned players at Arsenal. Has AW’s dietary system something to do with it?

  12. GoonerForLife says:

    Glass bones and paper skin!

    I dunno what the problem is medically, but, it’s a big one and the only logical solution i can think of, seeing that this happens every season is to deepen our squad. We simply need more reinforcements. We have a thin squad, who most of which play every week until a dreaded injury occurs.

  13. GoonerEris says:

    @GoonerForLife, “I dunno what the problem is medically, but, it’s a big one and the only logical solution i can think of, seeing that this happens every season is to deepen our squad. We simply need more reinforcements. We have a thin squad, who most of which play every week until a dreaded injury occurs”.
    Re-inforcements? That will be if you can predict the number of and players that shall have injuries in a particular season. Don’t forget there is a limit to number of players you can register for a season, within tricky considerations. In any case, Arsenal registered 76 players (including reserves and youth teams) this season. How much more re-inforcing is needed?

  14. Mark says:

    Arsenal buy technically brilliant players who are as gay as elton john and break easily its unfortunate and is why we wont win another trophy until 2020

  15. nick says:

    It’s because We have bought too many injury prone players.

    We have played the same football under wenger for more than a decade. Can you remember another group of arsenal players who got injured so often?

    More research needs to go into a players injury background before we buy/promote and play them in the first team.

    If your only 20 goal striker gets injured every year, you will never win the league.

  16. GoonerEris says:

    Mark. Mark. Oh dear Mark. You aren’t really a Gooner, are you? That disguise doesn’t fool anyone here, so go back to the hole you crawled out from with your -ve vibes along.

  17. WxM says:

    Arsenal players need some beer like in the old days

  18. liam's brandy says:

    yup beer is the answer to arsenals problems

  19. nemo says:

    i call rubbish to all of the above proposing “no excuses” or “weak youngsters as their hypothesis.

    it is frustrating, no doubt, but in the Arsenal case it seems rather clear.

    too many opposing teams get away with too much OVERT PHYSICALITY simply because of the perception of the Arsenal game. this gets further perpetuated by the ideaology of the English game, & how Arsenal is viewed by the league to be avoided physical or rough play. naturally, a bully gets away with a bit more rough-housing against a wimpy whistle-blower because everyone thinks the wimp is just crying wolf.

    as the bully gets away with more, & proceeds to take advantage of the perceptions in order to exact a competitive advantage…well…the more dangerous or potentially damaging the actions.

    after this, i think it is safe to summise that with Arsenal facing a higher propencity of overt physical play, then a greater probability for injury becomes elementary.

    • desigunner says:

      I think the club should spend some resources on measuring this physicality. Just counting fouls doesn’t make sense.

      We need some sort of an objective argument and a few hundred thousand should be spent by the club in hiring people who can devise a way to measure the physicality of the Premiership games so we can compare ourselves with the other teams.

  20. stephen says:

    as they say shit happens.its no wonder we got the best pitch in the premiership with all the shit that’s happing to our team

  21. Arkadiy says:

    Are our players eating a good diet? Perhaps they are not getting enough steaks. They’re probably being loaded with carbs for ‘energy’. They should eat more red meat…

  22. Filip says:

    It does not matter if our first-choice players are injured because we still have 56 to replace them , eh?

    • desigunner says:

      Right now I think we have plenty of players who can come into the team and do a good job. As I said this is not the time to worry or panic but I think many of us are wondering what’s going on.

  23. wan says:

    I think it’s the down to the fact that most of our players started playing first team and international football from a young age(because we buy/groom the best youngsters). Thus getting worked too hard or harder then players of other teams when they are between the ages 17-21. And minor injuries they picked up at that age leads to more complicated injuries when they are older 23+. this theory doesnt go for ppl like rosicky or the leg breakers ramsey dudu etc. But more like RVP, Cesc, theo, denilson, clichy, B52, Diaby, Vela.

    • desigunner says:

      I tend to agree with that theory. It doesn’t explain all our problems but it certainly explains some of them. But the sad part is that we don’t really have a solution for that.

  24. DieHardGooner says:

    Each and everyone of our brittle bones need to be loaned to Bolton for muscle buildng…ala Wilshere…

  25. La Shiz says:

    Desi, I agree with your post a hundred percent. When news came in the Walcott was out for 6 weeks, I had to /facepalm because we’ve dreaded but not believed that this could happen again. We’re still hungover from last season when the plague hit us. Its not so bad just yet, but these are questions that need to be asked.a

    I wouldn’t want to out & out blame the medical department, but it does make me wonder why we are the ONLY club which is raped by injury problems year after year. It was certainly the case last season, and the season before that as well, albeit to a lesser extent.

    I know every club faces injuries and every club has a few players who are perennially injured, but nowhere else do you see key players being crocked every time they go for an international friendly. If there isn’t such a game, then many never have a good season’s run without injury. All our young players have had to grow up dealing with these problems. It makes me think whether Ronaldo, Rooney, Lampard or Gerrard could have been such great players for their clubs had they had such problems.

    We lose our main striker, our supporting striker, our attacking midfielder and still we persevere. We get better results than any other team would, if put in our position because of our talent and depth in squad. But why do we have to go through this every season, season after season. Questions need to be asked why our best players are so injury prone: Is there something wrong with the way they run? Do they not do enough to protect themselves from mean challenges? Would it be prudent to impart any sort of training to avoid these injuries?

    There is only so far one can go on blaming ‘luck’ for injuries.

    At Ajax, which is now more or less a selling club, they train their players from a young age in all possible nuances of the game. They have dedicated coaches for everything. If a coach notices something missing in a players gait, his style of running, it is pointed out so that he can be faster and more efficient. It is easier to make these sort of changes at a young age.

    We remember how Arsene revolutionised training and diet regimes when he first came to Arsenal. We were fitter and quicker than most others in the premiership. I do believe
    something needs to be done once again to avoid these sort of incidents.


    I do realise that this rant is a bit premature and things aren’t as bad as they seem just yet. I also hope that everything is back to relative normality and we can field our best XI for once. I’m sure many people would agree, we were only one van Persie away from the title last season.

    • desigunner says:

      🙂 nice end.

      It is a really complex issue and I for one believe that the club are trying to find the answers. It’s just not something that can be put down to one or two reasons so it will take time. We must be patient.

  26. Vitamin Arse says:

    Let’s just do a Weapon X on the whole lot of em. Inject their frames with Adamantium and have a good laugh at Shawcross when he ends up shattering his fibula the next time he lunges at Ramsey like a rabid dog.

  27. aravindvr says:

    I think VPersie badly need a little alteration in his style of play.
    Last match injury was a perfect example.
    He hangs his leg out most of the times.During tackles and while sheilding or during his turns/skills.
    While his deft touches might be pleasing on the eye, it often ended up too bad for his legs.A soft foot means even a slight contact can harm him badly.
    Hope he adopts a little more powerful style when he returns.

    As for others,I think we r more thn equipped to deal with atleast 4 injuries at a time.

    • desigunner says:

      Actually I feel a soft foot that’s in the air will suffer the least damage and that’s one of the reasons I worry for RvP.

      The standing leg can really be damaged but a soft foot could easily move back under impact so the impact won’t be that much on the bones or ligaments.

      Think of it this way, hang a stick from the ceiling and try chopping it with an axe. Or fix both ends tight and then try chopping it. The soft foot example would be more like the hanging stick which will just move upon impact and will suffer less damage.

      • aravindvr says:

        ya..you r right.
        a hanging stick is less damaged thn a fixed one.

        But the difference and wat makes Footballers ankles damage is the jointsand ligaments.
        A hard contact might twist and damage the ligaments in ankles/knees if its in air and is too soft.
        I am not an expert on this,wat I write is from personal experience only.
        Lets hope Colin Lewin knows and does better 🙂

  28. Talia says:

    No conspiracy. No bad luck. Not anyone’s fault. And no rubbish curse.

    Just look at other sides in the Premier League. Look at Fulham right now or Newcastle, Blackpool, Everton or Sunderland.

    And it’s not just the crap teams.

    Take Chelsea: Terry, Lampard, Ivanovic, Kakuta, Bosingwa.
    Sp*rs (crap, but listed just for fun): Defoe, Dawson, Crouch, Bentley, and Woodgate.
    Man City: Bridge, Kolarov, Boateng, Ballotelli
    Liverpool: Kuyt and Ngog.
    United: Hargreaves, Ferdinand, Anderson.

    It’s everyone.

    Now look at us.

    Nasri: back in training, could be on for Bolton – definitely for Braga.
    Ramsey: last year’s quota. Also back in light training. Should be back in November.
    Frimpong: a reserve player. Would have played in the CC. Now that spot falls to the recovering Denilson.
    Bendtner: three to four weeks.
    Theo: four to six weeks.
    RVP: four to six weeks.

    The only problem we seem to have is that Bendtner, Theo, and RVP constitute three-fifths of our listed strike force. Not that Bendtner would play if RVP and Theo were fit anyway.

    So we’re actually missing just two of our first choice eleven – not for the rest of the season, but four to six weeks.

    It’s why we have depth to our squad, isn’t it?

    On Saturday we field AA23 or Vela on the left, Chamakh in the centre and … any one of Nasri, Eboue, Wilshere, maybe Rosicky, or Jay Emannuel-Thomas on the right. (All playing in front of Song, Cesc, and Diaby). Don’t tell me that JET would be out-of-his-depth as a direct replacement for Theo.

    And let’s say the injuries to our front three keep coming we could field Vela, JET, Afobe, and Aneke and still prosper.

    Real bad luck has Vermaelen, Koscielny, and Almunia all injured or Vermaelen, Koscielny, and Squillaci. Then we’d be in trouble.

    So, as ‘bad luck’ goes which would you rather – an offensive shortfall or a defensive one?

    We notice stuff because it happens to our players. But we play in a league that operates at “100 miles-per-hour” and we get at least our fair share of knocks. RVP (last year) and Theo were duffed-up by players who don’t play for Stoke/Blackburn/Bolton … and while you could unjustly claim that these two are predisposed to being crocked look at those tackles/incidents and wonder if the end result wouldn’t have been the same for anyone.

    Yes, we get kicked by thuggish teams, but that’s not the cause of our injury situation. This year we actually appear more resilient (see Blackburn away). Let’s see how things play out starting with Bolton. It’d be a very good reason to play the Scholes-like Wilshere.

    So, let’s not overreact. We’ve a long season ahead of us and it’s not too good an idea to get irrational too early. Peak now and we’ll have nowhere left to go.

    • looneygooner says:

      I totally agree with every sentiment, every team has injuries, that’s the price you pay for having athletes playing at such a high tempo, it is only weeks that our players are out for, so no panic yet

    • desigunner says:

      I’m not sure if you got my point of frustration being different from panic.

      You’ve put in some effort in explaining that other teams have plenty of injuries. I completely agree with that. I’d also say that our present injuries are definitely manageable and no cause for worrying. In fact, I’ve said that in the post.

      This post was more about sharing my feelings wrt the injuries we’ve had over the last two years and how thats making me feel right now as the list has already started growing. Last year we had a good run of 10-12 games before we started having problems.

      If we can keep our injury list down to 4-5 players at any given time we won’t have much problems. It’s when we go up to 8-9 and often 3-4 in the same area that we have problems. Hopefully, it won’t happen this time but we can only hope, or pray as I’d mentioned.

      I’m not responding to the rest of your post as that is more for someone spreading doom. If you read the post carefully once again you’ll see that’s not the point I’m making.

    • desigunner says:

      Btw, I do sincerely appreciate the positive attitude.

  29. makenzi says:

    We are being kicked to much thats why we have so many injuries. If you really look at how van Persie got injured, I think he was floored 3 to 4 times before coming off against blackburn

  30. Mohamed Zubairu says:

    I just got a flash of idea about resolving or reducing injuries in football. There is a need for one more protective gadget for the ankle in football. Ankle injury is quite prevalent in football which is what RVP and Walcott currently suffers. I think that something can be designed that would be strong enough to protect the ankle and yet flexible enough to allow maneuvers in the field of play.
    Let us imagine how many more injuries we would be having if there were no shin guards. Injuries can be reduced further if something is made for the ankle. Such an item would affect the design of football boots but can reduce injuries.
    Injuries seriously reduce the enjoyment of the game for sensitive people. Only sadists would enjoy a scenario of a serious injury.
    Rugby which used to be the same game as football, has a lot of these gadgets because of the its physicality. If rules cannot protect players more, then gadgets have to be introduced to do it.

    • desigunner says:

      That is a very interesting point and I’m sure some companies must be working on such a product.

      The problem with the ankle is that it really needs to be flexible. The shin pad is inflexible and hard because the shin doesn’t bend. The pad takes bulk of the force but does not hinder the ability to play football. If we put something like that around the ankle, that is rather hard and inflexible we might end up breaking more ankles.

      So it’s very tricky and if someone can actually make a product that can be flexible while taking bulk of the impact then they’ll surely make millions, if not billions.

  31. GILBO says:

    I think instead of going in on a tackle as though they are testing how hot is the water, they should tackle as though they want the ball.

  32. DKD says:

    this is too f!@#ing regular to be a coincidence
    colin lewin has been bribeb >>>no now im goin over the top .hes a fine bloke .now seriously enough is enough ,other players are kicked as much as us nowadays .when we won the championship before we went through it all .if the players keep f>>>king getting injured all the time we can jolly well forget the title .to deserve it we must be fit in all situations and that certainly involves are physicality and endurance and squad depth .lets just hope we can handle the storm
    ps -pray that squillaci doesnt f@#$k up like his jersey no ‘s predecessor .

  33. Am says:

    Add vermealen 2 this now, he out 4 atleast 1 game.

  34. GoonerEris says:

    Desigunner, I would worry that we could have two CBs with no EPL exerience against a team which plays a typical English game that Arsenal, purportedly, does not cope well with. I still expect an Arsenal win though, on Saturday.

  35. […] Just What’s Wrong With The Arsenal Players!? That was the sentiment many expressed when Walcott was injured. I hate internationals is another common feeling that is […] […]

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