Hilarious: A Typical Conversation With A Spuds Fan

It’s been another busy day and I haven’t even been able to check the news, although a glance through the headlines showed there wasn’t much happening.

I did see the highlights of the reserves game against Blackburn and I must say the Bergkampesque goal that Aneke scored was heartwarming. The ball was played in from just outside the box on the left side. Aneke was facing the passer with a defender just behind him on his right. He used the pace of the ball to flick it over the defender and turned around him to get through on goal. After that it was just a tap in! Sorry that prose doesn’t do him any justice, wish I was a poet.

That kid seems to have incredible talent and I’m really looking forward to how he does in the reserves along with Afobe. I didn’t find the highlights on the net but I do recommend watching it on ATVO in case you haven’t already done it.

I did bump into this video today and it was hilarious. Apologies if it’s already been posted by someone else but even then it’s worth watching again.

Warning: I don’t need to tell you about the language when a Gooner bumps into a Spud, do I? 😉

9 Responses to Hilarious: A Typical Conversation With A Spuds Fan

  1. La Shiz says:


  2. chengiskhan says:

    JET looks like a man among boys. Can’t wait to see him more often in the first team and the CC.

    Afobe and Aneke looked very sharp and seemed to be enjoying their football. I’d say the future of Arsenal looks bright indeed!

    • desigunner says:

      That’s true. On the whole the youth double winning generation has a lot of quality. Aneke and JET stand out for me, and we can say Wilshere and Frimpong are already close to the top.

      The burst of acceleration from JET in those highlights was phenomenal. He left the full back for dead on a number of occasions.

      I was skeptical about Afore earlier but it seems he is developing at a rapid rate and I can see him developing into a Rooney like player.

  3. VanPersie says:

    Desi Cheater, U must be from India. Gooners can never be cheaters..

    • Manav says:

      What’s that supposed to mean?? Did you even read the post/watch the video? Were you in your senses when you left that comment??
      Grow up!

  4. GunnersProtector says:

    That’s how you treat a Spud.

  5. Finnish Hit says:

    Really, really well done! Good drama sense, timing, humour.

    (As a Finn, I don’t have anything much against the Sp*rs, compared to now three other Prem clubs I really love to hate.)

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