Walcott Stretchered Off Against Switzerland

I’m watching the Switzerland — England game and Theo was stretchered off just after he did well to create space for Glen Johnson who picked up an assist. It’s not clear how he got the injury but it was part of the same attack from which the goal was scored.

He was strapped around his chest and his thigh as he was stretchered off. I’ll update this post if the commentators provide any further updates.

Hot on the heels of the news that Van Persie will be out till mid-October, this one has left me in a really depressed state. Fingers crossed it won’t be as bad as it looked.

Update: Looks really bad. Thanks to Renan for posting the link to this image


Coutesy Arseblog and Renan

Update 2: Thanks to the Eagle eyed Karan who spotted this in the soccernet commentary (on 53′),

The news coming in regarding Walcott’s injury is that on first inspection, it’s a sprained ankle. That’s a relief for England.

That shouldn’t be as bad as a ligament damage or an ankle break.

Update 3: Capello says it’s not a serious injury.

It’s a little problem or not so big problem

Walcott was taken to hospital after the incident, but reports suggest an x-ray revealed no break, although the extent of the damage to his ligaments is not yet known.

Update 4: This is from John Cross on twitter,

#England boss Capello: ‘I just spoke to Theo. He tells me it’s not such big problem. I said: ‘Two weeks?’ He told me less.’Good for#Arsenal

Okay, my blood pressure is back to normal. Now I can take  a break from this. Not as bad as it could have been, is our luck finally changing!?

107 Responses to Walcott Stretchered Off Against Switzerland

  1. Robinski Scotland Arsenal says:

    I too am watching the game, looks like a badly twisted ankle! Not what we need when his form was looking so good. Capello is a cunt, uses Theo as a puppet, think he should tell him to go fuck himself

    • desigunner says:

      Yeah I almost thought he’ll score as he was in a good position. Didn’t look like there was much contact either. Another really freak injury I guess 😦

  2. Robinski Scotland Arsenal says:

    Oh yeah, first!!!

  3. Mark says:

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA wat the hell dont we feed our players their vitamins, 3 games into the season and the injury list consists of van persie,frimpong,bendtner,nasri,ramsey and now walcott??? what the fuck is going on??

  4. nick says:

    its pissing since almost our vital players get injured whilst on international duty..with theo on,i had reasons 2watch the rather boring england game..with him off,am off aswel.just hope the injury isnt that bad.

    • desigunner says:

      Same here the only reason I was watching was because of Theo. Now I’m just listening to the commentary for some updates. Watching the French game.

  5. simon says:

    Fuck! This is must be some kind of sick joke. Its just totaly unbelivable.

  6. dilshan says:

    Is it ankle or even worse Knee looks like he got his foot caught on the ground…we have to plan for seasons without RVP and if he plays it has to be considered bonus now on words

  7. steve says:

    theo has been taken too hospital NOT LOOKING GOOD typical lose another player playing for national team BOL%$*&S

  8. Renan says:

    He’ll be out for a long long time…


  9. Danny_27 says:

    Commentary says he’s gone for an x-ray apparently – let’s hope it’s just a twist but I’d imagine it’s a minimum week or two out and then a maximum of…well…who knows – if’s he’s done ligaments we’re going to miss him for a long long time!

    • desigunner says:

      From that image it looks a lot worse than a twist.

      • Danny_27 says:

        Yep – hadn’t seen that image – having said that, I’ve gone over on my ankle before and just needed a couple of weeks before all had calmed down.

        Slo-mo/still images can sometimes look a lot worse BUT, of course, this does not look great!

      • desigunner says:

        You’re right. Almost anyone who has twisted an ankle while playing football would have looked bad in slo-mo but most injuries are not that serious and that’s the only silver lining I guess.

  10. j-rock says:

    Actually as soon as i turned on the telly and realised that walcott was not playing, i changed channels…i called a friend who watched the match from the start and he told me that the speed merchant has been stretchered off….

    I hate International footy with a persion…

    At the moment we have only Chamack and Vela , i hope they come back healthy otherwise are finished!!

  11. Adamu baba says:

    I am watching the game too. We are praying that it won’t be serious injury but it look like he is crying which normally resulting in serious one. Let wait and see.

  12. Mark says:

    so chamakh is a decent replacement but if he also goes belly up who can replace him? who is going to play n walcott’s position? his pace is all we use now what? what a disaster season this is going to be, USELESS keepers,6 first teamers on the treatment table with more to follow, NO trophies once again

  13. steve says:

    it just fucks me off the way all are players always get injured playing for there countrys……

  14. Dpt says:

    they should just scrap international football, who gives a f**k anyway! All we do is lose our players everytime there is an f**king international game! its gettng beyond a f**king joke!

  15. Renan says:

    I just hope it’s not going to be as bad as it looks. First was Bendtner, then Nasri, van Persie, and now him. What’s wrong with our players ?!

  16. Steven says:

    Mark, get a hold of yourself for God sake and stop spreading the gloom!Not like he was shot now is it? He’ll be fine and it wont be as serious as everyone thought! Get a grip people!

  17. DKD says:

    Broken ankle…….out for 2 months….pff

  18. clako says:

    how d you know it’s a broken ankle

  19. eve says:

    our poor theo, i realy hope he will be ok for his sake as well as ours as he has been on fire, why does it always happen to our players, why does this always happen to good guys, woulnt be so upset if it happened to rooney hes a dick. thoughts with you theo, love you lots.

  20. steve says:

    hopefully only twisted then maybe 2 weeks out, if it was broken then i think he may of been in tears when he left the field no tears fingers crossed…. still fuck international games

  21. Dpt says:

    might aswell write another season off…………………….ffs

  22. AFC says:

    I think you boys are freaking out a bit prematurely, I very much doubt its broken. Worse case scenario is it’s ligaments, 6-8 weeks. It could just be a twist though. 1-2 weeks max. Lets wait and see. Up the Arse!!!!

  23. Zyn says:

    Even if he’s out for a week (which I doubt) it’ll be a huge blow, he was our form player…

    It looks really bad though, IMO, ligament damage, 4 months at best…

  24. godsaveus says:

    looks bad =(
    hope he comes back soon

  25. AFC says:

    ligament damage = 4 months?? they could amputate it and he’d be back quicker than that.

  26. Eddan says:

    À lot of doctors in here…

  27. Renan says:

    If it’s ankle ligaments,, it will probably be 6-8 weeks. I hope I’m wrong tho.

  28. Alibaba says:

    Fabregas starts

  29. AFC says:

    Judging bu the picture, its not a cracked rib! Its either a sprained ankle, ligament damage, or a break. My moneys on one of the first two.

  30. AFC says:

    But I’m with Renan, it looks like that.

  31. drvics (mumbai gooner) says:

    Looks pretty bad. The problem with ligament injuries is that they usually end up causing chronic problems.
    Fingers crossed its just a strain, but going by Arsenal’s history regarding injuries, I wouldnt be surprised if its much worse.

  32. Mark says:

    broken ankle great well done theo start supporting someone else arsenal will remainn trophyless!!!!

  33. karan says:

    sprained ankle…espnsoccernet

  34. desigunner says:

    Now Fabregas gets a kick in his thigh, studs first from Cambiasso. Still he’s on the field and is playing so hopefully there won’t be much of an impact.

  35. Alibaba says:

    Fab4 just had a scare too. De Jong style kick to top of thigh. Ouch! Arg 2- 0 Spain. in side 13 mins

  36. venky says:

    season seems to be over even before it started. if it is upto one month i think we could manage with Eboue, else we are fucked up once again

  37. swappy says:

    think so hes gonna be out for some tym…….poor guy…it was lookin as if it wud be his yr…..
    der’s surely something wrong with our fitness and medical staff…ignore theo’s case….van persie out for 6 weeks….how can he be ….he just got a knock on ankle and its 6 weeks…ridiculous….Arsenal medical staff coudnt even find the solution of bendtner’s groin..

  38. Robinski Scotland Arsenal says:

    Just had a thought Desi … We only come to see EBOUE!!! He’ll play anywhere he’s strong, quick & can whip in a tidy cross, remember RVP’s wonder volley … The cross came from the Rev. Eboue

    • desigunner says:

      Eboue can deputize well no doubt. Certainly won’t be in same league as Walcott was given his present form but he can do a job in his own right.

      I also feel with our key midfielders coming back we might have Nasri and Rosicky available to play on the right.

      • Robinski Scotland Arsenal says:

        I think both players play better in the central or left flank positions especially Rosicky on the left? Never seen Vela play on the right, do you know if he would be suited there, thought he is left footed?

      • desigunner says:

        I think Wenger has used them both on the right on occasions. I’d say the idea is to have a technical player on one flank so that he can create with some short passes with Cesc and can also come inside when Fabregas drifts wide.

        I think Rosicky scored against Bolton in the comeback last year and Nasri against Porto while playing on the right.

        I don’t think we’ll see Vela on the right, although I do like that idea. With Arshavin on the left playing Vela on the right will leave both flanks vulnerable defensively.

  39. ads says:

    Truely gutted if it is as bad as it lukes

  40. ernest says:

    really news but nasri is back

  41. ernest says:

    trully bad news but we got ur little guys comin back nd rare to go

  42. rajat(gunner4ever) says:

    wtf…first rvp and now theo….

    the biggest dickhead in the world…FABIO-CAPELLO!!!…hE’ll never let him play in the so called important tournaments…..nd he wants to break his leg for the irrelevant match???…wtf…..
    doomsday for arsenal….
    nd probably the reason y we wont win the title again….

  43. Alibaba says:

    Did anyone see the story about numb-skull Pierce wanting to draft Theo into the under 21’s for their play-off game?

  44. karan says:

    haha…eagle eyed karan…this was my first comment on this blog…been readin it since quite sometime…just wanted to calm every1 down before it got gloomy!!! 🙂 And btw im from india too…Cheers!

  45. Siva says:

    No break – confirmed in the coverage by Skysports, ligament or only twist is yet to be confirmed.

  46. James mcc says:

    I blame these crap boots nike mercurial and adizero they have absolutely no support to the foot they are jus wieghtless crap. Get a good pair of leather boots on

  47. Filip says:

    I still remember Wilshere`s performances on the right wing against atletico madrid and rangers.He cuts inside on his left foot like Messi.I think he should be given a chance there.JET is very good on this wing as well and of course eboue and nasri who play there regularly.

    • desigunner says:

      I’m guessing the youngsters will get a chance in the Carling Cup but not in the first team as long as our main midfielders are fit.

  48. ttt says:

    pls update the post!!

    • desigunner says:

      I’m updating as soon as I know something but I’m not in England or Switzerland for that matter so can’t do much more than look around on the net for info.

      So far, based on the soccernet info, it looks like a sprain. We’ve know more once the results from the hospital visit are known.

  49. mike says:

    I hate internationals!

  50. Dave says:

    Fingers crossed for theo…
    when is bendy back? can vela step up…cause he is all that is left behind chamakh now…
    we’ll be right…could some of you bastards look at things just a little bit more positively…its like you’re all english or something!! HA!

    • desigunner says:

      No idea about Bendtner. He seems to have a setback whenever he’s making some progress. And then it’s always 4 weeks.

      I’m hoping Chamakh will see us through.

  51. Alibaba says:

    So just a sprain and Theo says it should be less than 2 weeks, Pheew! But still a bloody annoying injury during an int’l break to a player in form again. Here’s hoping he picks up from where he left off!
    Mexico play tonight. I thought Vela picked up a knock in their last game but i might be wrong. Anyone know for sure?

    • desigunner says:

      Hope he’s right. Arsenal staff and players have a habit of getting it completely wrong! I won’t think of it till he’s on the pitch and playing again.

      No idea about Vela. He didn’t play all that well against Ecuador but not sure if that was due to injury. Best would be if he’s left out of the starting line-up. An injury to the confidence is manageable IMO.

      • Alibaba says:

        I doubt it was Theo’s personal assessment based on how the ankle felt. More likely the physio/doctor standing next to him, who’d probably be Gary Lewin.

        Yeah, Vela should just hop on a plane and come back now, just to be safe you know! =P

      • desigunner says:

        That’s a valid point. Recent memories of someone at Arsenal making a prediction about injuries aren’t good, and when I heard this was Theo speaking, I just didn’t feel good about it.

        Things were good when Gary Lewin was here so hopefully you’re right about it.

      • Alibaba says:

        When an ankle gets turned like that it always looks serious, and more so when it’s our own dear player, as highlighted by all our immediate reactions. When Dawson went down in the last game i thought 6 months minimum and i loath the spuds so fack knows what they all feared, but he twisted both ankle and knee in a face twitching kinda way, and although he’s out for a while it’s still not as bad as first thought. Anyway, screw Dawson. My point is luckily it’s not as bad as we first feared, and we’ve still got plenty of options for his position.

  52. mike in africa says:

    wow… cesc did not have a great game. he had twice as much time as xavi but was much less influential; wasn’t able to control the tempo of the game and drive his team forward.

    no doubt you can’t put the poor performance of an entire half on one player; but it was a chance for him to prove himself.

    is there any chance that xavi is still a better player than cesc?

    • desigunner says:

      lol, it’s funny you insist on making meaningless arguments.

      Firstly, when Xavi came on Argentina weren’t even trying. Despite that he didn’t do much. Possession is all fine when the opposition is 3 goals up but he didn’t really turn the game around did he? The moment Spain scored Argentina upped the tempo and got one more and could have had more. In fact, the main thing this game showed was exactly what I wrote during the time of the quarter-final, difference between Arsenal and Farca is Messi.

      Secondly, Cesc is clearly not in the right frame of mind. That is an entirely different matter but can’t just be ignored while analyzing a game like this.

      Finally, go watch the World Cup again. In every single game that Cesc came on as a sub, Spain became far more threatening. In the game that he didn’t play at all Xavi and tippy-tappy sidekicks actually lost to Switzerland. Every time he was on the pitch with Xavi in the WC he matched Xavi on all the passing stats and did better in terms of creating chances.

      In the games I’ve seen after that article I’m even more more convinced about what I wrote. There is a real reason why Barca are desperate for Cesc.

      Anyway, You’re welcome to have your opinion but please don’t waste my time with it.

      • mike in africa says:

        wow… it was not an attack on u or cesc of any kind, but much appreciated for ur thorough analysis!

      • DesiGunner says:

        It’s not a matter of “attack”. You brought up an argument that’s really old and not at all relevant to this post. Then you offered a really simplistic view of the game and you did mock fabregas to an extent.

        I’m not sure what the purpose of your post was except wasting time and perhaps mocking Fabregas!

    • Alibaba says:

      I thought Cesc didn’t look his natural flowing instinctive self and probably tried to hard to impress following all the press about him. He was still pretty good, don’t get me wrong, but from what i saw of the game he came deep way too much looking for the ball when he should have left that up to Alonso and Busquets because it meant he was missing from forward Bergkamp(ish) role he was assigned.
      Anyway, it was an additional 50 odd minutes under his belt so that helps. He’s no doubt certain to start against Bolton but i wish we’d play our in form players first until Cesc is back to his best. I don’t like it when someone is gifted a starting spot just on reputation, tho he is Captain so that makes it harder to drop him.

  53. jp says:

    we are cursed when it comes to injuries. Cannot sustain or win if this continues.

  54. jp says:

    Van Persie gets injured and missed practically the whole of last year after successive years of major injuries. Then he plays the whole World Cup and immediately gets injured in the 1st game he start for Arsenal and is now out for 6 weeks. This SHIT is frustrating as hell!!! I don’t know what to say anymore, is it time to invest in another player? (as much as this pains me to say) But it is blatantly obvious that he cannot play the necessary games to be our impact guy. What makes it even worse is that all we need is 1 good injury free season and we could contend!!! Just Tired.

    • Alibaba says:

      Don’t panick yet jp, we’ve got the cover and our starting 11 + bench still look damn strong. RvP was bound to get injured at some stage, that was sadly inevitable, so it’s a little reactionary and premature to call for new signings. I understand the frustration completely – first start of the season and chau, it pisses me off too but i’m not worried about our chances – We’re still going to do the double. =D

  55. T2T says:

    First of all – good luck to Ramsey, v Persie, Bendtner, Walcott, Frimpong and Nasri. Let’s hope they all will come back to full fitness SOON!

    My proposed line-up for the upcoming Bolton game at home on Saturday:
    Sagna, Squillaci, Vermaelen, Gibbs
    Fabregas, Song, Diaby
    Eboue, Chamakh, Arshavin
    Subs: Fabianski, Clichy, Koscielny, Denilson, Wilshere, Rosicky, Vela

    The strength in depth is quite impressive, lots of full internationals on the bench. Maybe even allow Rosicky to start in place of Cesc…

  56. chandler Cruit says:

    You dumb English Phucks. You all know it but will not say it…You are mentally, skillfully, and without the use of proper nouns you are English (found wanting in all categories). I am sure this will start a some kind of racial crap but the cold hard truth is. You had nothing but tears through history WWII, The Gulf, YOU ARE ALL SELF CENTERED AND BLIND. ARSENALU< CHELSEA. Nothing without support from the world. Drop your FA drop your Nazi tendencies and stand up and be counted. You have no soul; you can not give credit when due you are weak and callow when called on. You have the very best players in the world minus a chubby Spaniard and a short Argentine. PS Shawcross really not the problem THE ENGLAND ASSOCIATION OF THAT’S OUR GAME” Good luck see where that will get ya, but you will not the problem was no winter break, players were tired, crap, crap, crap. God I Love being an American and not some pussy English geez.. France has taken your place and you theres. We saved you once we will again. English Breakfast causes aids. Fuck your media, the queen, Jose…………………………I am out CHANDLER CRUIT ( U phucking pathetic pussie) Love USA

    • desigunner says:

      This is one of the craziest comments I’ve ever seen! Dude, sorry to say this, but you’re not making any sense. You might wanna try again after a few deep breaths.

    • Alibaba says:

      Errr NURSE, ones got loose again!

    • WW says:

      Chandler Cunt Head-Fucking Son of a BUSH

    • Common Sensei says:

      You are such a dismal embarrassment to your country, noboddy gives a toss about the opinions of yet another dumb yank!

      Souless?? You mean like Hicks&Gillet ruining the historically most successful club in the world for MONEY. Or how about The Glazers doing the same to ManUtd?

      Lucky for us we have Wenger and the board to keep the shyster Yankees at bay at Arsenal.

      Your comment is so full of gobshite that it barely makes any sense – which is typical of an American. I remember watching the telly once and your own news company thought that Iraq was next to Egypt!! HAHAHAHAA ignorant twats can’t even read a world map from Google!!! Lol twaaaats the lot

      • Common Sensei says:

        And if we are that bad then why is it that you speak our language and not your own?

        why does you copy everythng we do?

        Why do you come looking for support from us whenever you need to go too war?

        And why when we need you to go to war do you turn up so late that we have already won it when you arrive?

        Nobody is going to get racial with your comments, because you are entitled to your opinion that English people are somehow worse at everything;

        Conversely I can be strong with my opinion that whilst not all Americans are as bad as you are – the USA definitely always manages to produce THE biggest plank-headed ignoramous pricks in the world unrivalled

  57. Alibaba says:

    Vela came on as a late substitute in a very entertaining mex vs col match. He got heavily booed when they called his name and mexican tv ran a poll asking if Vela should be recalled to the team. I think it finished 61% yes 39% no. The argument being he slagged off Chivas, their pitch and stadium atmosphere, also he isn’t a regular for us and he had a bad game last time out, so basically he’s pissed a load of people off. Tonight he had an average cameo appearance, a couple of good runs, couple of bad touches & passes, but he won the freekick just out side the box from which Mexico scored via a parry.
    I wonder how the poll would come out if we gooners did the same – Should Carlitos be called up for Mexico every few months for pointless friendlies? Hmmm, it’s a hard one!

    • desigunner says:


      I’m surprised Vela has been harsh about anything to be honest. He doesn’t seem like a guy who’d criticize the ground or the stadium. I mean he’s normally just running around smiling and enjoying the game whenever he gets a chance. I guess the lesson for me is we cannot judge a player by his demeanour on the pitch.

  58. Jay-Swag says:

    Mehn! Tot I was d only one who could read a quarter of “Chandler Cruit’s” comment and mark it an “X”. Well said Desi… Dude must need a breather after such rage of verbiage

  59. critic says:

    we should rename our club as GLASSENAL…..if theo goes for a long time we should forget about title…soon half the team will be out…i am not being pessimist, i am just pointing out the trend that arsenal follows..if one goes down then another goes and then another and then another…

  60. Common Sensei says:

    All teams have injury problems ours are not even near being the worst. The end of last season was pretty bad and during that time we WERE the worst, but we never had been before that because our squad had amazing depth to it —- only last season and the one before did we suffer.

    This season we will be better than fine, just you watch and wait 🙂

  61. […] Walcott Stretchered Off Against Switzerland I’m watching the Switzerland — England game and Theo was stretchered off just after he did well to create […] […]

  62. Filip says:

    It does not matter if our first-choice players are injured because we still have 56 to replace them.We should not worry much.

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