Rooney Is Not That Kind Of A Person, Carragher Admires Arsenal, More

There’s not much happening in the world of Arsenal. Even a comment from Fabregas that had enough juice to launch a thousand headlines didn’t really get much attention (and I don’t have words to describe how delighted I am by that). One rag did conjure an amazing headline about how Arsenal kept El Capitan against his wishes but it seems most other hacks are busy with the Cricket scandal or the Rooney scoop.

Regular readers will know that I don’t generally spend much time on these scandals. Personally, I couldn’t care less. But since I’ve not seen these comments from anyone so far I thought it best to say it myself,

I can assure you Rooney is not that kind of a person. He is an honest lad and a role model for youngsters all over the world. If, as alleged, he did go in hard I’m sure there was no malicious intent and he certainly didn’t want to hurt Coleen (or his fans, manager, team-mates, et al).

I’m not particularly interested in how the story unfolds on a personal level for the United striker but I’ll definitely keep an eye on how he is treated by his managers (club and country) and by the media.

Will Sir Alex “At Manchester United we don’t just build footballers in terms of just ability, we try to build their character and make them better human beings, in terms of standards and responsibilities.” Ferguson take any action if the stories are true? (I’ll be very surprised if they are not.)

I seriously doubt that. I don’t think United can mount a serious challenge without Rooney. In the past when Fergie had to take some tough decision he didn’t face the level of competition that exists today. Most teams in those days lost the game even before it started. There are some that still do as Mick McCarthy showed us last year but that number is rapidly dwindling. I think Fergie will try to protect his striker and will, in the worst case, shield him by not playing him in tough games like the upcoming visit to Everton.

I would also like to note that I browsed around looking for reactions to the revelations and ended up visiting a couple of United blogs. I was impressed by the fact that many of their supporters were genuinely disappointed and didn’t condone Rooney. I have to say I’ll probably respect them a little more because of that.

Moving on, I read an interview that Jamie Carragher gave just before his testimonial game. One portion about “class and dignity” caught my eye. Speaking about the recent image of Liverpool he said,

I care about the club because I’m a supporter as well. It does bother me if things aren’t as they should be. I think a lot about the future of the club, the direction it’s going in, the way it is run and how it is perceived from the outside. There are some things that Liverpool should be doing in a certain way, the correct way. We should be a little bit different, and we need to get back to that.

I’m not just talking about winning games, but the way we do things and the way we conduct ourselves. The class and dignity this club was renowned for. It’s the way Liverpool used to be seen by people and we should be aiming to recreate that.

I just think that over the last few years people didn’t like Liverpool. Other managers didn’t like us, we were always getting criticism in the press, obviously we were not doing well on the pitch so that comes with it, but everything was just negative Liverpool all the time.

We’ve had situations like Martin O’Neill and Steve Bruce criticising Liverpool and they were right. We shouldn’t be getting involved with stuff like that. Everyone else should look at Liverpool and say they have dignity, class. I mean, like the way people look at Arsenal. They do things right and you think they conduct themselves in the right way. I think we have been a club who were like that and we need to get back to that, to do things right. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose; that’s football. You can’t win all the time. But you can still behave in a way where people respect you.

I liked the spontaneous way in which the first club that came to his mind was Arsenal. He was talking like a fan and that makes it even more pleasing. I’ve a feeling most individuals involved with English football will probably name Arsenal if they’re asked to associate a club with “class and dignity” (Fat Sam, Pulis, Brown, and some others might have a different view but I think we all know why that is). It’s not directly related to the football but I believe it’s quite important in its own right.

There’s not much else going on. Robben came out with some comments about Van der Vaart saying he was as good as Fabregas and that Spuds are now in the same league as Arsenal. I don’t think its worth paying attention to, Robben probably doesn’t realize we are talking about a team game here; something he doesn’t really understand.

Adebayor says it feels like City are bigger than Arsenal. To be honest I can understand why he would feel that way. Firstly, his wages and those of the others around him can certainly create such an illusion. Then there is also the fact that he is constantly on the bench. Surely he won’t want to feel that he’s moved onto the bench of a smaller club. He does realize that it’s all about results but then goes on to say something like, “We can finish in the top three – that’s our belief now.”

He must be at a really big club if he has ‘top three’ ambition even after that kind of insane spending. Let’s hope we have better things to discuss in the coming week.

40 Responses to Rooney Is Not That Kind Of A Person, Carragher Admires Arsenal, More

  1. Filip says:

    You can discuss Clichy`s defending for the goal Belarus scored on Friday.He is 25 and he is supposed to be at his prime.Why does he keep defending so amateurishly ? I know Wenger wont sell him or bench him because Clichy is French and Arsene has spent 7 years to develop his talent so he wont give up on him now when his best years are supposed to be.By the way , Wenger has recently said in an interview that he may play Gibbs as a winger to give him more matches during the season.It is sad to see that Carlos Vela wont be given a chance to prove himself if Gibbs will be Arshavin`s replacement.It looks like Wenger picks the English players over the rest although Carlos Vela looks lazy so this probably is also important.

    • desigunner says:

      I was trying to watch some international games but got bored and stopped watching. Will check out watch Clichy did or didn’t do as the case may be.

      He does make more mistakes than we’d like for sure. I also feel he’s not contributing as much in attack as he can. Don’t know if it’s a confidence issue or some other problem. He doesn’t seem like a casual guy or one who would take things for granted. From his interviews he sounds like a proper professional.

      And with Gibbs I’m not convinced he’s ready to just take over. An odd game or two here and there are fine but he doesn’t look ready to start. I think he’ll make far more mistakes than what Clichy has been doing simply out of inexperience although if it’s not in the box then he might get away with it.

      Vela is another interesting case. It was good to see him get some minutes from the bench. I think this year he will get some chances and will have to take them. I get a feeling he is a bit casual about his game and doesn’t take it seriously enough. There is no doubt about his talent but he’s not developed at the rate we’d have liked. Not sure if his loan spells were too helpful either.

    • wondrinfree says:

      “I know Wenger wont sell him or bench him because Clichy is French”

      You ruined an interesting point about Clichy with this childish dig. It turned insight into tantrum.

  2. jack says:

    Nice play on the words go in hard 😉

  3. Sajalm says:

    Clichy,definitely a problem.
    a mistake costs a game or points or even trophy!
    hopefully someday our wise manager had a chance to look at his lb’s game while he is not negotiating!

  4. akex s says:

    love this website, keep up the good work.
    like the bit about robben and a team game.

    • Maanav says:

      the Dutch could’ve given the Spaniards a tougher time had their manager tweaked things tactically and done something to control Robben & Sneijder’s urge to go solo.

  5. mcmellish says:

    Great post as usual, keep up the brilliant work.

    By the way did you see this goal from Hamit Altintop. Absolute Cracker!!!

    • Maanav says:

      That was something! The veteran Turk’s still got the ability to surprise people.

    • desigunner says:

      That was an amazing strike. Stunning.

      I think Altintop has shown some good individual skill for his club as well but not the kind of consistency that top managers would like. I guess that can be said about many of the Turkish players.

  6. sharan says:

    Great stuff DG. As a desi gooner myself I particularly enjoy your blog. If the Rooney story affects Rooney’s game, Manure are sunk. Without him they are toothless. As for Clichy, I am still a fan. Sometimes he lacks defensive awareness, but man for man there are very few who would beat him down the right flank.

    • Maanav says:

      They’ve developed some sort of a resistance, an insularity to everything’s that’s thrown at them. Leading the way is Ashley Cole. He hasn’t let his ‘Love Rat’ ways affect his game. Same goes for Crouch who scored a hat-trick against BSC Young Boys in their home-leg UEFA CL play-off. John Terry is another one.

      PS : There’s been news that Jack Wilshere & friends got into a scuffle with the male companions of a woman after he was stopped from taking ‘up-skirt’ shots of her. The incident happened around 3AM in a London nightclub.

    • desigunner says:


      Clichy is very good no doubt and has his skills and speed. The point is he can be much better with some minor improvements.

  7. Kobby Ray Don Pedro says:

    Clitchy will come good, i still see Gibbs as one for e future.

  8. Phil23 says:

    Gibbs would play as a more support orientated winger like Eboue rather than taking over Vela’s spot as someone mentioned earlier. Also I think Gibbs is ready for some starts at left back as Wenger mentioned he was going to be given starts just before his injury last year and he has progressed even further since then. Robben astounds me. He loses the world cup for the dutch by being selfish and not playing in Van Persie and then sticks the knife in trying to get at Van Persie. he joins Xavi as my most hated players.

    • desigunner says:

      Gibbs is ready for some starts. I agree with that but I wouldn’t say he is ready for a run of ten games or something like that. Although you can always argue that if we have one injury he will have to deliver.

      It would be much better to give him the odd home game so that he can ease in over time.

  9. aravindvr says:

    yup u got it right….
    Carra and many players out there has a hidden respect for Arsenal,Wenger and our Club Management.
    and a hidden hatred towards Mourinho,ManCity and Chelski.

    I think even Real/Farca players respect us(inside).

    Basic human nature: Goodness over Evil

  10. Mr Kamara says:

    Fantastic site and although I rarely comment, I regularly read your articles. As a massive football and Arsenal fan I often take up a majority of my time reading football autobiographies and I’ve just finished J Carragher’s. He states in the book that the Arsenal team in 2003/2004 is the most complete team he has EVER played against. He goes on to dismiss Barcelona, Chelsea and Manchester United. Forget being a former Toffee, is he a closet Gooner?!? Lol

    Keep up the good work!

    • desigunner says:


      I’m guessing once Wenger retires many closet Gooners will come out with tributes. Right now only a few admire him openly. If anyone loves the game and gives it serious thought it would be near impossible to not appreciate what Arsene has done.

  11. Kushagra India says:

    I am reading this blog since it started ,u have a come a long way since gr8 work bro. 🙂 .This England team is full of infidels!!. I hope it has a some sort of damaging efect on UNited 😉

    • desigunner says:

      Thanks 🙂

      Personally I do feel I’ve matured a bit (in terms of writing and thinking) over the last year although there is plenty of room for improvement.

      Much of it is down to some excellent, thought provoking, constructive comments.

  12. Common Sensei says:

    Love how this article is proving the point that all of us over at Untold were making yesterday; about the way we conduct ourselves.

    People have identified correctly that the club needs to keep acting in a way which sustains the class and moral value in the club. It seems that the players and fans also have to be as vigilant to keep themselves out of trouble or it’s all for nothing! 🙂

    Rooney once again proving why moving to United (and not Arsenal) was the best move for him.

    The lifestyle of a United football fits him perfectly, whereas if he were at Arsenal we would have dropped him, and dols him off already!

    • desigunner says:

      It’s a bit sad that some fans don’t realize they are crossing the line whether it’s in terms of personal abuse or, in the worst case, racism. Thankfully, it’s restricted to the internet and to a limited number of people.

  13. Common Sensei says:

    *sold him off even

  14. Manav says:

    “Everyone else should look at Liverpool and say they have dignity, class. I mean, like the way people look at Arsenal. They do things right and you think they conduct themselves in the right way.”

    Couldn’t agree more.

    Arsenal is more than just a football club. It’s an organisation that’s been setting the Gold Standard in professional football club management. Others look up-to this club. We are the benchmark. Our sustainable, self-financing model is respected worldwide. Youth development @ Arsenal is something that the guys @ La Masia envy (& admire). We have a beautiful way of playing the beautiful game. A big share of the credit for this goes to that lanky fellow from Strasbourg whom we affectionately call Le Boss. He’s transformed this club from just a club to a way of life, a way of thinking. Over the past decade, Arsenal’s following has multiplied thanks to satellite television. Most fans who’ve, at any time in their lives, swore allegiance to this great club have stuck to their words. A minuscule fraction of has moved onto support other more ‘successful’ clubs. I’ve been a Red & White fan since 2003. We didn’t win the league that year but somehow I started to like the typical Arsenal way of playing. Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Ljungberg, Vieira….these names began impressing me. Since then, my support has been unwavering. I’ve been a proud fan through thick & thin. I hope to one day make that sacred pilgrimage to Ashburton Grove. That would be something! 🙂

    • desigunner says:

      Did you start following the game after the invincibles season? If so you really missed out on something truly unforgettable. Anyway I think we are going to have some great years in the near future.

      • Menace says:

        I have been a gooner since 1967 when I first lived on Mercers Road. The football I’ve seen played by the Invincibles was probably the best ever. It was the first time I had a season ticket. I have subsequently had a season ticket since last year. I believe the football played by Arsenal is special in that it makes the ball do the work and is like melody in its flow.

        When it comes to racism, i find name calling offensive but the real killer is the silent variety. Where you dont get a job or an apartment because of your race. In fact on the pitch there are examples of bookings where one gets away and the other is booked. Observe carefully – it is not just the ball that gets kicked.

      • Manav says:

        I started watching the Barclaycard Premier League (as it was called back in those days) somewhere around January, 2003. So that’s like some 4 months of the 2002-03 season. Not bad for a 22 year old, I guess! That’s when dad got a cable TV connection & I got to see ESPN/Star Sports regularly. Had never seen Arsenal play before that winter.
        I’ve got Arsenal’s season reviews for 2001-02, 03-04,…up till 2008-09. Waiting for some kind hearted soul to upload the 2009-10 SR (Torrent Zindabad!).

  15. Common Sensei says:

    Yeah we did win in 03 invincibles?? 🙂 Check yourself buddy lol

  16. maulid mohamed says:

    am really impressed with J. Carragher’s statement.if our rival(for lack of a better term)can say so about our team i just wonder when some gooners would stop mourning about any issue at the club and just get behind the team!!


  17. Steven says:

    I was one of those who felt that Wenger was not being fair by giving Denilson, Diaby and Walcott so much playing time ahead of Vela.That was last season and before.
    Today, I know how hurting the drop from the World Cup squad was for Theo and how he has responded with extra training along with some of his team mates to get it right and SHOW some plundits that he does have a footballing brain. We’ve also seen the improvement in his game,directness, work rate and goals.Let’s hope he continues with it.

    For Vela, I may not be in the know but is he just WAITING for the little CC, FA Cup and odd CL playing time he can get? I think Vela should be doing a lot of things to better his game, personally. Walcott knows now that unless he raises his game, he will be dropped again and has accepted the challenge and wants to become ‘undroppable’ just like Rooney.Vela needs to learn from this. He came to a top club at a young age but perhaps the slow rate of his game is down to laziness and not just a lack of playing time as someone pointed out earlier.

    What is he doing to get into Wenger’s mind? I know from watching him that he lacks that necessary grittiness, tenacity on the ball, ability to track back, etc. And due to his stature, he gets pushed off the ball easily. We saw him unable to really impress last season even when given little time to do so.

    If he really wants to play, he should ADD to his game all that will make him the natural choice behind Arshavin by bringing in whatever is lacking from it by staying back to do some extra training. Why is he waiting rather than fighting for a starting place? I expect him to be so hardworking and versatile that AW would not be able to ignore him.

    And Vela must realize that he doesn’t have too much time to improve…not with the imminent arrival of the likes of Wellington and other Reserve players being promoted into the first team. Then think about the likes of Ryo, soon arrive. For Vela, time seems to be running out every single day! Get to work Vela!

    • desigunner says:

      Well said. There are many talent footballers but only a few go on to make a big career for themselves and that is always down to what they do in training and after training. It requires a great deal of hard work and I’m delighted Walcott has taken that path.

      I’m not sure if Vela has a language problem or some other issue. His game seems to have stagnated at one level. For instance, he could have improved his right foot in all these years. He still has some time but he will have to show that he’s on the right track.

  18. SharkeySure says:

    Very good read that. I like your style….well played

  19. mark74 says:

    Get to work Vela! that comment says it all. I’ve lost count of the amout of times i have seen Vela get tackled and rather than get P****d off and angry he has just sat on the floor for 30 seconds staring at the ref with his hands held up high expecting the ref to turn to him and tell him that he feels sorry for him, either that or he just gives a little smile.
    Walcott also loses the ball as much as Vela does but the difference with Walcott is that you can see he gets frustrated with himself and doesn’t try to look for someone else to blame.
    Wenger must see this in training and if its easy for us to see the attitudes of players over 90 minutes occasionally (in Velas case 10 minutes) then you can understand why Vela isn’t given the chances regardless of the talent we know he possesses.

    • desigunner says:

      That’s true. Vela will have to adapt to the nature of the league. Hopefully, our coaching staff will get the message across to him because he has a great deal of pace and skill on the ball, which is hard to teach. Now he needs to work on aspects that can be developed with training.

  20. […] Rooney Is Not That Kind Of A Person, Carragher Admires Arsenal, More There’s not much happening in the world of Arsenal. Even a comment from Fabregas that had enough juice to launch a […] […]

  21. John says:

    hey man, nice blog…really like it and added it to bookmarks. keep up with good work

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