Arshavin Misquoted Again, FA Dismiss Stoke Complaints

It seems every time Arshavin gives an interview in Russia he ends up making headlines back in England. Some hacks have made an art out of translating an odd word out of context and making an issue out of it.

The latest translation we’ve seen is from an interview with Sport Express. The English media has jumped onto these words,

As for football I can say that my style has also altered – it is more effective, but less sparkling. I don’t remember when was the last time I scored a really beautiful goal. It is frustrating. I tried to analyse this, but can find no answers.

It’s an interesting twist in translation as the English article by Sport Express which conducted the interview uses the word “picturesque” while the English media is using the word “sparkling”. Not only that, some of them have gone on to stretch this to headlines like, “I’ve Lost My Spark At Arsenal”.  Clear example of disgraceful, sensationalist journalism.

You can see the article on the Sport Express website here. Their translation is not very different, in fact only one word has been changed, but subtle changes make all the difference especially when hacks take further liberties for the sake of sensationalism.

As for my football I can say that my style has also altered – it is more effective but less picturesque. I do not remember when was the last time I score a really beautiful goal.

Since the original interview was conducted in Russian, we can definitely rely on the translation given by the Russian paper as they’d know the context and the tone of the conversation.

I think Arshavin is the kind of guy who’d enjoy a solo goal but given the fact that most teams park the bus against Arsenal he’d not get that many chances to run at defences. It’s completely understandable that he’s missing scoring that kind of a goal. We can also see that he is very down to earth, practical, and honest as he admits he didn’t deserve the Zvezda Award (I guess it’s for the Russian player of the month).

If I became number one last month that means that there were no other significant events. Of course I scored two goals in the three starting matches but that is not enough to win month’s award.

Though I cannot name other candidate myself. The Russian internationals have hardly appeared on the pitch and I had no time to watch the Russian Championship.

The whole interview has a nice, positive feel to it and I’m disgusted by the malicious attempts of making a negative Arsenal story out of this interview. In the past I’ve seen some Gooners fall for such tricks. I hope most will now realize that it’s just another effort by the anti-Arsenal media to create a rift between the supporters and one of the star players.

In other news, the FA have dismissed Stoke’s complaints against Wenger. Funnily enough, most headlines say something like, “Wenger escapes punishment” when saying, “Stoke Appeals Rubbished” would be far more appropriate.

According to The Telegraph,

The FA have since studied Wenger’s comments and concluded that he has no case to answer. They believe that Wenger was entitled to raise general concerns about refereeing and trends that are occurring during matches. The FA also noted that at no time did Wenger mention Foy by name.

I’m sure by now all of you must have read the comments by Wenger and the response by Pulis so I won’t repeat those words. I did find Stoke’s complaints particularly funny as they were infuriated by Wengers comments, especially those against Shawcross. The ‘particularly Shawcross’ bit made it laughable because in a way they acknowledge that Huth was indeed using Rugby tactics.

I don’t waste much time on the English media but in the little that I do, I didn’t see any article that said Wenger is absolutely right and Stoke were using Rugby tactics as can be seen from the video evidence. Even now the focus is more on Wenger escaping, implying in some way that what he did was wrong. I just laugh it off but it is a very unfortunate sign that very few journalists actually understand the deep insight and truth in Wenger’s words.

Not only that, imagine if the situation had been reversed and Wenger had been complaining about the comments of someone else. Many would have jumped on the ‘Wenger whinging’ bandwagon without a second thought. In this case no one seems to realize that it’s Pulis who has been caught out and is whinging to save face. Stoke’s tactics were abominable and only the incompetence of the ref allowed them to get away with deliberately and systematically manhandling the opposition goalkeeper.

I believe journalists have a great responsibility as their job allows them to influence public opinion. If I’d been at the press conference with Pulis, I’d have asked him why his players were fouling Gomes at every opportunity. That way Stoke and other thug teams would have known that people are alert to their dirty tricks. It’s been caught on video yet no one had the courage to pose the question and put the Stoke manager under pressure (I didn’t see that press conference but I’m assuming it wasn’t done as it would certainly have created a furore of some sort had someone challenged the Rugby coach).

It seems Arsene is the only one who genuinely wants to clean up and improve English football and he’s the one who gets attacked the most by the largely biased media. What regrettable irony!

31 Responses to Arshavin Misquoted Again, FA Dismiss Stoke Complaints

  1. U fools says:

    Very good point… Journalists are just a bunch of scumbags… The world would be such a better place without journalists and politicians.

  2. Zak The Goon says:

    What did you expect? The English gutter press cant stand the fact that since Wenger came to arsenal the premier league took of like a rocket in the sky. Pre Wenger Serie A was the most watched league in the world it had all the best players and lots of money , it’s no coincidence that since Arsene came to England the standard of the premier league increased 100 fold. Wenger has revolutionised not only Arsenal but the whole English game from top to bottom, all premier league teams use Wenger’s methods when it comes to nutrition and brought in new training methods that have been proven to increase a footballers career ala Adams,Keown,Dixon etc etc.

    So in affect all these manager’s/clubs/gutter press/little Englander’s that slag off arsene off and twist nearly every statement he makes are just jealous that this ‘french …’ has done so much for the English game and football in general that they try and down play his wonderful contribution.

    Also please take note that Wenger has semi-neglected his family for the past 13 odd years due to working his butt off for ARSENAL and the ENGLISH GAME as a whole, without Wenger the league/arsenal wouldn’t be the same Wenger’s arrival has upped Fergie’s game along with countless other managers.

    Keep The Faith Gooners

    • desigunner says:

      I feel Wenger will truly be appreciated long after he’s gone. Most people right now are too short sighted to realize what he’s done and is doing.

  3. kc says:

    Great Post! So true! The British Media is loaded with bottom-feeding scum. Arshavin seems down to Earth. I’m So glad the little Russian Magician is on our side. Even out of form the man has 2 goals in 3 games as well as a Beautiful set-up for Theo. I’m expecting Big things for AA23 this term.

  4. munawwar says:

    awesome post. uk media is shit. i dont know why everyone hates arsenal there? even after the pathetic display by england at the worldcup by their fav. players and fav teams still they wanna slag wenger.

    i am convinced the media is paid by the big clubs to be biased. there is no other explanation. during worldcup it was all beauty vs the beast. and showing the dejong kick. and the yellow cards and how “dirty” holand play and how beautiful spain were playing. and its back to epl… and wengers style is and comments are twisted and tormented. bunch of fucking idiots! i got myself fooled by that article of aa23 on some tabloids. thankyou for this post.

    • desigunner says:

      I realize that most of us tend to believe something when we see it repeated by a number of different sources, in this case tabloids. Till a year or so back I used to do exactly that.

      In the last year or so I’ve made a conscious decision to always give the benefit of the doubt to Arsenal and anything or anyone connected with Arsenal. So I try to do my own research and the internet is a big help in that.

  5. Menace says:

    The media in England is not only biased but prejudiced and corrupt. The blatant deviation of language and source of issue is their forte. They will always blame ‘the foreigner’ and expose aspects of truth by tainting it so that their focus of hatred succeeds.
    The current witch hunt is against Capello and his English. The media particularly Chiles the pig ignorant money grabbing dope picks on the accent of Capello because Chiles lacks the intelligence to understand the game of football.
    There are so many TV celebrities created by the BBC licence fee and exploited by the ‘Private enterprise TV’ companies. Every contract in the BBC must have claw back clauses for publicity and training over the lifecycle of the employee. That way our fees will reduce when the defectors follow their greed.

  6. aravindvr says:

    Nice Article.
    After Arsenal, Arsene should be made FIFA President.
    World Football badly need some cleansing.

  7. metalgunner says:

    Arsene will never take up a FIFA job. Great post btw. I hate how the English media is so obviously biased against Arsenal.

  8. John L says:

    can i just say a big thank you!
    you and untold help me keep the faith. you always say what im thinking (albeit much more eloquently)but its always nice to know that there are other gooners out there that see through the bullsh*t… can be a bit overwhelming sometimes!

    agian, thank you and keep up the good work.

    keep the faith!!!!!!

    • desigunner says:

      You’re most welcome.

      I know exactly what you mean. There are moments when I almost end up throwing my laptop in frustration.

  9. John L says:

    watched ‘the art of soccer with john cleese’ today. it has a collection of interviews with a variety of different people talking about our beautiful game.

    it has alot of wenger. a great reminder of the values and philosophy that this man possesses. i highly recommend any disgruntled fans to check it out. we have a great man leading our club a man with values, high philosophical aspirations for the sport and great intelligence and insight.

    it is interesting to me that he is the brunt of so much criticism. although he is greatly respected in the game, there seem to be alot of people and media out there that dont like him. i like to look at football as a micro-cosm for the rest of the world, and i think its a little bit sick that wenger gets so much stick, most often, for aspiring to be something more.

    a great book to read ‘How Soccer Explains the World: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization’

  10. chukwudi says:

    I believe the English Sports press is the worst and most biased in the world. Rooney scores a penalty for Man U in a game they were expected to win anyways and he is back to his ‘BEST’ scoring form. How does scoring a penalty do that???? Just cos he is not an Arsenal player, he is the best but when Walcott scored a hatrick, he is still shite. They will always hate Wenger for the way his teams play. Just cos he does things differently. Clubs like Stoke are never likely to win anything except play the way they play.

    The press in England need to grow up and report football as it is and not hyping the english players jut for the sake of it. Maybe then they can win something at a major event (i laugh)

    • desigunner says:

      Actually they harm their chances by hyping up some mediocre players and only they are surprised when they don’t win anything. People from the outside can see it much better.

      You’re right, unless they get the media removes the inherent bias they’ll always end up misleading themselves.

  11. Northbanker says:

    A good article Desi which captures the English media in a nutshell. The anti-Arsenal media is such common knowledge amongst those involved in the game that they can use it to their advantage, ie Pulis, Sam, Arry etc. They know that whatever they spout the media will twist Wengers reply to make him look the guilty party.

    Plenty of people think this is some kind of modern phenomenom as regards to the English media. My father was an Arsenal fan since the mid thirties. When I was 9 years old and asked him to take me to my first game at Highbury he gave me this warning, ‘Never believe what you read about us in the papers because they don’t like us.’ Confused by this I asked him why? To cut along story short it stems from the thirties when Arsenal won everything there was to win. Arsenals football and tactics in those days were 20 years ahead of their time and the opposition (let alone the media) couldn’t fathom it out. Historically there are also other reasons which contribute to this stretching even further back which are well documented on another Arsenal blog. It’s part of the media heratige which seems to have stuck and probably always will. But it does make any Arsenal victory that much sweeter for us Gooners.

    • desigunner says:

      Thanks for sharing this. I was one of those who thought this was a modern experience mainly due to my limited knowledge of English football prior to the Wenger era.

      Is the blog you mention the Arsenal history blog by Tony of Untold fame?

  12. […] is a regular occurrence for Arsenal players these days. Andrei Arshavin (thanks to Desi Gunner for the link) has observed that he is more ‘direct’ in his play, losing some of the […]

  13. ak47 says:

    nice art as usual.
    its no coincidence that morally this world has gone to shit, if desi was writing for one of these rags how long do you think he’d keep his job for?
    journos, especially the good ones are in a catch 22, write subliminal nonsense regardless of the facts and keep up with the joneses or be honest and get the sack. it wont change-ever. arsenal promote fair play and equality, why would the press who promote celebs, fear, division, self satisfaction etc… welcome arsenal with open arms?

    • desigunner says:

      That’s a good point. Many of these writers might be forced into sensationalism just to keep their jobs. Wonder how they feel about it?

  14. Finnish Hit says:

    I shouldn’t dig into that that pile of trash that Tony Pulis is, but you can see that he is hugely xenophobic or maybe just envious of the success of foreign managers in the English game.

    I mean, the quote about “we” (as if he had anything to do with it) “have fought two world wars” etc. was such an atrocious attempt to devalue the French that I simply laughed.

    Bart Simpson has style and irony, comparing Tony P. to him makes me laugh even louder.

    • desigunner says:

      Yeah even I had a great laugh when I read his comments. He probably thinks highly of himself and of being English but doesn’t realize that people like him are harming the English game more than anyone else.

  15. mj_gunner says:

    nice to find a blof with an India perspective!
    found the link through ACLF which seems to be one of the best Arsenal blogs, along with Aresblog. Looking forward to more stuff from ya.

  16. mj_gunner says:


  17. […] Arshavin Misquoted Again, FA Dismiss Stoke Complaints It seems every time Arshavin gives an interview in Russia he ends up making headlines back in England. Some hacks have […] […]

  18. tony says:

    ARSENE WHO???? was what they said when he came yrs ago.sure they did not think he was gonna have such a huge blast so now that he’s gone about his biz rubbing it in their faces with his highly effective methods,i guess all their trying to do is save their already whacked faces so any other thing he does or says they just pick it up.

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