Wenger Deserves His £6M Salary + Hopes For The Champions League Draw

I saw an article today that ‘revealed’ Arsene’s new contract was worth 6M pounds making him the highest earner at the club and the second highest earning manager in the Premiership.

Given the vitriolic nature of some doom mongers it won’t be a surprise if some gooners come up with ill-conceived rants against this. I for one truly believe that Wenger deserves his bumper salary and a lot more.

The argument against him is not difficult to understand. 5 years, no trophies. These four words capture the essence although you can be certain the misery brigade will find different ways of attacking the manager. No big signings, faith in useless players, no ambition, no tactical knowledge, and so on – over the years we have seen many such pearls of wisdom.

Some fans don’t understand what the club has achieved in the last five years. It’s not just about profits. It’s not just about financial stability. It’s not just about living within your means. It’s all of that and much, much more.

Five years ago, before the move to the Emirates, Arsenal were in the 100 odd million income group. This was roughly in the same ball park as the likes of Villa, Everton, Spuds, City, and others (We might have been a bit higher due to regular Champions League football even in those days). It was also a long way short of what United were making.

In the last five years, Arsenal have more than doubled their revenues. Revenue wise, we are now amongst the top 5-6 clubs in Europe. I’ve not checked the exact figures or position but I’m sure you get the point. This means we’ve left the pack far behind and established ourselves into the elite of European football. Performance wise we haven’t been bad either. This is also backed up by our ranking amongst the top seeds for the Champions League draw, which, let me remind you, is better than what the free-spending Madrid have achieved. That is a testament to our consistency at the highest level.

This is a staggering achievement, especially because it has come without any kind of financial doping by a generous benefactor or an unmanageable debt. To put this in perspective, think about Spuds, Everton, Liverpool and other clubs.

All of these clubs have been trying for a new stadium. So far no one else has even come close. People criticize the sponsorship deals Arsenal signed because these days we aren’t getting anything close to the amount other clubs are making from such deals. They fail to see that these deals allowed us to accomplish something almost everyone wants but no else has.

All these clubs have spent and spent and spent. They are desperate for the Champions League that we take for granted. They are trying to find a manager who can take them to the top four and keep them there. Once again something we’ve taken for granted, although for the last few years many a doomer has made a fool of himself by predicting that Arsenal will drop out of the top four because the others have spent big!

In short, what Wenger has achieved is this – Arsenal are amongst the top 8 clubs in Europe in terms of football and finances. We’re amongst the very few who are financially stable. We have a phenomenal youth system that is about to yield its first crop of world beaters and gives us a strong base for the future. We have a world class stadium that will generate revenues that will help us compete with the biggest clubs. All this while many others have put themselves in serious financial difficulties, haven’t caught up with Arsenal, and can only go backwards. And I haven’t even mentioned the fact that we play the best football in the Premiership.

In Wenger’s early days we competed with United who were far ahead of us in terms of financial strength, which obviously gave them a big advantage. Now we’ll be competing with the likes of United, Chelsea and City with a much stronger base. We cannot come close to the wealth that Chelsea or City owners have but there is a good chance that the new home grown regulations and financial fair play rules will limit their extravagance in the years to come.

If you can’t see the difficulties involved in reaching this stage and the monumental nature of the accomplishment then there isn’t much to discuss.

It’s ridiculous to compare Wenger to someone like Mourinho on a single parameter of trophies. In the last five years Arsenal couldn’t have paid for a manager like the Dark Lord who cannot win much without hundreds of millions in spending. We never had and still don’t have over a hundred million pounds to spend.

In fact, it’s ridiculous to judge any football manager on a single parameter of trophies. By that logic Redknapp should be a God at Portsmouth. The best way to judge a managers performance would be to see how far he has taken the club given the resources he had and whether he built a foundation for the future or not.

In that sense, apart from Fergie, I don’t think anyone else even comes close to Arsene. If you put it all together even Fergie hasn’t done better than Wenger. Others like Benitez, O’Neill, Redknapp, etc haven’t really succeeded. That doesn’t mean these guys are not good managers. On the contrary it just highlights that Wenger is really the Special One!

During the summer PHW said that Wenger was the best manager in the world and it’s good to see that the board have backed his words by unanimously giving Arsene a 20 percent salary hike. I hope he sticks around for a long time even after his present deal and we can all enjoy the fruits of his labour in years to come.

In a quick side note, I’m hoping the Champions League draw throws up something like this,

Barcelona Bayern, Real Madrid, Spuds, Rubin Kazan.

It will be some serious fun. Given their luck this might not happen but I’m sure the Tinies will give us enough laughs no matter who they end up with. As far as Arsenal are concerned I’m not too worried. Hopefully we will avoid the long away trips. We have 5 away League games immediately after the midweek Champions League games and these aren’t just trips to the likes of Blackpool or West Brom. We travel to Sunderland, Chelsea, City, Villa, and United. Is that just bad luck? I find that difficult to believe but a good Champions League draw will surely help.

Update: Sorry got a bit carried away there, Farca and Madrid can be in the same group!

55 Responses to Wenger Deserves His £6M Salary + Hopes For The Champions League Draw

  1. Bob says:

    Barca and Real can’t be in the same group

  2. Talia says:

    Pity B*rca and RM can’t be drawn together.

    Let’s hope we get something that doesn’t involve too many air miles.

  3. Evan says:

    Good article. Wenger deserves what he gets and yes, though we didn’t get the much intended trophies, we’ve succeeded for the future!

    ..and Barca & Real cannot be in the same group in the group stages! 😉

  4. JP says:

    You are what the doom mongers are except opposite, surely there is a bit of middle ground here – you’re red tinted glasses need some optical focusing. Yeah sure there are plenty of positives with regard our club but it would take a blind man not to acknowledge some fault too. Wenger should not be beyond criticism when warranted.

    • desigunner says:

      If you read this blog regularly you’ll see I discuss many problems. In fact you can easily check the previous season review articles and others that are all for public viewing – there are plenty of problem areas that I’ve covered in great detail.

      I’ve never said Wenger is perfect and doesn’t make mistakes. Even the best managers make some mistakes. That’s a different issue. This article was about Wenger deserving what he gets and dragging other issues in didn’t make any sense.

  5. top 10 says:

    arsenal will win the champions league with ease

  6. top 10 says:

    barcelona are crap
    united are fuckin crap
    and madrid are the shitest
    none of these teams deserves to win the champions league

  7. top 10 says:


  8. Jaygooner says:

    Good positive post Desi. I was once told to look to the past to learn the future and I just didn’t get it. I definitely do now. Wenger is close to acheiving what Chapman did in the 1930’s. Financially secure, a growing worldwide fanbase, superb stadium, magnificent training facilities, fantastic worldwide scouting and of course a solid youth academy, bringing through the potential stars for the future. That is the Wenger legacy. It doesn’t happen overnight. To all the doomers. if you want tinpots and short term glory, I would only ask Are you really a committed Gooner? The Mighty Arsenal are on the verge of true greatness. dare I say likely to achieve something that will overshadow the Chapman years, the Invincibles, and the team that won the toughest Double of them all in 1971. Great times ahead….keep the faith EIE

    • desigunner says:

      Thanks. That’s a very pertinent question, are you really a committed Gooner? But it’s sad that people think just because they are dying for trophies makes them a committed gooner!

  9. goonerdan says:


  10. Abishkar Shrestha says:

    Good post Desi bhai. Wenger is a true visionary, unlike most managers in the prem whose horizons extend as far as their noses. I became an Arsenal fan because of his style of football, his vision and intelligence. I hope to see a first trophy soon, but I have enjoyed the ride and will continue to, no matter.

  11. isaic says:

    from what I checked last time in Forbes… Arsenal has the 3rd highest turnover below Man Utd and Real Mad but ahead of Barcelona!

    • desigunner says:

      This time I think we had some property income so we might be higher but we’ve to see over three, four years what we can generate.

  12. suhel says:

    Desi what have you been eating your posts are amazing. you hit the bullz eye with this post.

    Arsene = legend

    top stuff keep it up :)))

  13. Aktar Gooner says:

    Another quality article. I would love Arsene’s approach to be vindicated with a trophy this season, but people forget how close we came in previous seasons. There truly is a fine line between success and failure and we have had our fair share of bad luck and dodgy decisions which have caused trophies to slip from our grasp. Hopefully this year will be different and I truly hope he makes the signings that everyone know we need and doesn’t let quality players slip from our grasp over a few million squid. But then again what do we know….. only Arsene Knows……

    • desigunner says:


      We’ve been very close on two occasions and that is what gives me confidence for this season as well.

  14. aravindvr says:

    Why Wenger deserves 6M?

    Simples…if he had gone to Real he would have got 8.5M which Mourinho is currently earning…
    Wenger was the 1st on Reals books.

    For his Loyalty towards the club, dedication at this age and the contribution to World Football as a whole,I think Wenger is still underpaid.

    Remember all major clubs which built stadiums were relegated many divisions after few seasons-Derby County, Leicester City,Coventry City,Southampton,Middlesbrough, Bolton Wanderers, Millwall,Sunderland.
    While Arsenal under Wenger are playing Champions League football for 13 seasons continuously.

    And all those fools craving for big signings should always get ready for Championship/1st division football.
    Wenger in times of immense pressure form all these foolish Gooners kept us at the top.Hats off to the Professor.

    And hes not a quitter like Jose Mourinho.
    After Porto’s success Mourinho quit them coz he know he cant hold onto his new star players and he do not have the skills to develop youth.
    At Chelsea when they were losing, he ran…coward…
    After Inter’s success with veterans Jose knew he cant develop talents like Wenger does and so escaped…

    Jose Mourinho’s success lies in Club Owners ability to sign Big names.

    What has Jose Mourinho done for Football?
    He produced a greeat Fullback out of Samuel Eto’o.

    What has Wenger done for Football?
    Space not enough.

  15. t.boyle says:

    why havent we got millions to spend kronke usmanov and fizman between them have got more money than abromavich kronke has just spent 292 million pounds on the rams why are we shoping at mataln for a goal keeper when we should be shoping at harrods

  16. Robespierre says:

    Lets’ cut the crap
    In any company (yes yes I know Arsenal isn’t one)if the portfolio manager buys low and sells high he gets bonuses, Arsene has been doing this better than anyone else, he became a master of that, So sure he deserves a cut. and 1 milion bonus is a pittance for the cash flow he helped generate. In Weng we trust.

    Otherwise Desi what happened, you turned a thoughtful impartial analytical blog into a populist one, well I do not have to ask why you did that, do I?

  17. Alex says:

    Great post aravind.

  18. HexyDre says:

    Great read.
    I believe the next three years with AW would be awesome, and it would be nice to see the results of his hard work at the end of this season…there are times the man frustrates me (tactically) but overall I wouldn’t want another manager for Arsenal right now.

    • desigunner says:

      He has his own tactical approach. I don’t agree with him often but then I acknowledge that my knowledge of the game and experience is negligible compared to his.

  19. critic says:

    all is well, but we need to prepare for life after arsene. In my personal opinion if this indeed is last contract for arsene then board should bring a new assistant manager which can take over from arsene without any hiccups…learning the trade and culture of arsenal in the meantime…..what u guys think?

    • desigunner says:

      I think they’ll worry about it in the last year of his contract. By then they will know better if it is the last or not. Winning brings a different kind of energy with it, so if we start winning he might stay for a much longer time. That’s my guess.

  20. critic says:

    on a serious note on (s)muds, they have a decent team, bale(fantastic), modric, lennon, then a hodlding midfielder palacious, long range shooter – jenas and huddleston,kranjkakar(technically gifted) strikers – crouch(hatrick in cl with liv and now with muds), defoe misses more than he hits but still one of the top league scorer last time around, and i like pavlychenko. their central defense is a joke. Off the field they are nothing but on it they are good and on WHL they are formidable opponents……

  21. supasam8 says:

    i’m one of those people who believe everything wenger’s done has been in the right frame of mind

    but. even wenger himself said earlier this season. “if we fail to deliver this year, we’ll have to re-evaluate the way we do things” or something to that effect, i can’t remember the exact quote

    to me that’s saying he accepts he might have to buy. but i personally agree with him, this current squad certainly deserves another crack at it.

    • desigunner says:

      I think that also goes with the fact that now we can buy. The real estate business is no longer a liability and the football business is also profitable.

  22. longtimegooner says:

    Well nobody can argue that whatever Arsene has done for Arsenal should grant him a smooth 3 years contract. And we will still have great games that we will smash the opponents without problem. But when I look at our squad I see us lacking some important qualities in the English game. The GK position as one. You can not win anything with these funny Fabi and Almunia.Last year exactly when we started rolling Almunia left the Philips goal late going in at Birmingam and Fabi gave away the win to Wigan. In the time of the two games we were still in the competition and mathematically were still with chance. The other fact that worries me is the physical condition of our team. Wenger keeps buying light weight players ( Koscielny, Schilaci, Vermalen, Song ) for our central defensive and def-midfield roles and as we know how long and tiring is the premier league, you will need some extra muscles to keep up with the physical teams like Stoke, Birmingham, Sunderland and Blackburn. I do not say that our players are not good or with quality but how do you think will win a challenge between Drogba and Schilaci , and a challenge between Denilson and Essien. In the last years when Man U and Chelsea win against us is not because of tactics or style , it was pure physical presence. Last point I will make in support of Desi’s article is that there is a lot of blind belief in players like Denilson, Almunia and Fabianski the same way like before Wenger was keeping Grimandi, Stepanovs or Luzhny. I am really scared when I know that if Song is injured or does not play in 2 or 3 games and this games happen to be against top 7 teams our battle for the league will be finished.

    Keep up the good work Desi .

  23. zack_gunners says:

    i dont what to say about wenger….
    too many to say…
    youngsters and unknown player to star player, attractive fooball game and amazing stadium…
    we have financial stability, no big-money signing but still in top four…
    13 UCL continuous participation…
    arsene maybe same as chapman(if not better, but i think he’s better)…
    arsene will be legend…

  24. Mohamed Zubairu says:

    This kind of article delights me! Those who vilify Wenger all the time forget the position of Arsenal before the Wenger Era. We definitely were not always at the top like we are now. In a competition involving 20 teams, to come third or fourth should be considered a success. We forget that all those teams below us would also love to finish ahead of us too.
    Given the resources available to him and the results he delivers, he deserves some credit. Given the solid infrastructural foundation he helped to lay for a glorious future, he deserves some credit. And given the the positive financial situation we are in as against the “titanic” situation of other clubs of similar clout, we should honour him.
    Let us not forget that other clubs are watching. If he were to be available, most of the big clubs woujld sack their present managers and snap him up. If Wenger were to be available and “classless” enough even Spuds would sack ‘Arry and snap him up. Most times, a true icon only get the credit he deserves when he is gone. I hope we realize the treasure we have in Wenger now that we still have him. I know he won’t leave us for any other coaching job but when age catches up with him. Let the board get someone of like mind to begin to understudy him now so that when he has to take a bow, there will be a seamless transition.

    • desigunner says:

      That’s a good point about a true icon getting the credit only after he is gone. I’m sure Arsene will grow in stature after he retires. If he can now add success in terms of trophies he will also end up as the best example for anyone to imitate.

  25. Furovich says:

    beautiful article. Wenger is special to say the least. this season will see the first in a series of 10 consecutive champions league trophies.

  26. Wenger the wa*ker says:

    The greedy senile retard Wenger should be kicked out of our club.Fucking wanker

  27. Wenger the wa*ker says:

    Aravindvr,you are talking crap mate.Wenger is a loser,and is afraid of taking up the hot seat at any top club because he knows that he wont win fuck all and wont be able to fill that club with useless pieces of shit like Diaby,Denilson and that he would be kicked out of the club for not winning anything

    • aravindvr says:

      @Wenger the wa*ker

      How many Managers out there do you know can win titles with Certainty?
      If Titles and Cups are all you expect as a football fan,
      you need to go a long way till understanding the game.

      If Mourinho is not offered a transfer kitty, if hes told that the club is in crisis or moving to a new stadium, would he show the courage to stand there and build a new team.

      Players make their Success at Arsenal, while other clubs buy Successful players.
      We produce Winners , coz our coach is a Winner.
      Other Coaches buy Winners coz basically they are losers.

      Arsenal is a model club in World Football.
      Let it be our Coach or Management.

      As a loyal supporter at these times, when we moved to the new stadium,when financially we r forced act safe for longterm benifits, let true Gooners unite and support our Team.We r still at top in every means.

      Mourinho thinks Theo,Song and Cesc are 26/27…
      While actually they are 21/23.
      Thts our class, our class is beyond our age…
      A clear evidence that our playes are performing far above thier standards.

      If just buying players solve the problems, Liverpool should have been the most dominant team by now.
      How many players did Benitez sign-100?120?200?…Look where are they going.Look where their coach ran away and now trying to loot the players.
      Do you want that to happen at Arsenal.

      Novelty adds spice to our life and we fans expect to c new good players in our team every transfer window.But that cant happen at clubs expense. It is your problem, not Arsene’s/Arsenal’s.

      Wait and support your team.
      Dont moan about it.
      If u are a Glory hunter why not try supporting Manure/Chelski/ManShitty/Real/Farca?.
      Or if u regard Ch League appearance once in a century as gr8 sucess,why not try supporting the Sunday morning team called SPUDS @ ShitHArtLAne.

      We Gooners here are proud of this evolution.
      We can see slowly our team developing on all fronts-on and off the pitch.
      Theres only one way forward,the way of Arsene Wenger – Made for Arsenal,Made for Football.

  28. GBG gunner says:

    AW:s spending/achievements rate is unbeatable, and considering he has layed a foundation that may well live on and serve us for years to come even after he retires makes him unvaluable.

    The main reason for it being an economic success is because we reach CL every year. But to win PL, or even CL we need more quality, more proven players, so that we don’t dip as we always do in jan-april.

    To take that next step we have 2 options;

    1. wait until we get enough quality from our own ranks.
    2. Strengthen the team where we don’t get enough quality from our own ranks.

    Option 1 is failing, not because of lack of quality, but because our top players don’t want to wait for that day to come around.

    • desigunner says:

      To an extent that is a valid point. I think that is the reason Wenger brought in Koscielny, Chamakh, and Squillachi. Hopefully, we will get a keeper as well.

      It’s a fine balance. Often the external players are overrated. For instance, Denilson and Diaby are ridiculed by so many gooners while Milner and Barry are so highly rated. But Villa never came close to overtaking Arsenal even with those two in the team. So we have to trust the manager on such decisions.

  29. AnonymousGun says:

    Just as RM cant be in the same group as Barcunt, so cant we be in the same group with S***s

  30. Great article,
    Think Ill copy and paste this and reply to every aaa arsenal fan when they come on with the negatives.
    This piece is exactly on the money but the words escape me sometimes.
    We have something really special at arsenal that no other club has atm or the forseeable future.
    We have players coming through the ranks from the youths and academy.
    We can knowingly say im looking forward to how arsenal are going to get on in the next 5\6 yrs.
    It exciting times and the money wont always win.
    Also wenger isnt just a manager.
    Hes not a fkn harry rednapp cunt saying “The monies there,our chairman deals with that kinda stuff”
    Wenger has never put personal glory over the financial stability of arsenal and these fkn faggots calling for his head really anger me..
    The guy is a fkn genius and there isnt one manager who can shake a fkn stick at him.
    Laugh of the month was ferguson saying”man city are kamakaze spending”what a red nosed fkn hypocrit.
    Good article Desi

    • desigunner says:


      Fergie is worried cause he isn’t getting any money and is being forced to sign unknowns like Bebe. Tough times for red nose.

  31. Jay-Swag says:

    Top post…. Here feels like home…

  32. MrArsenal says:

    Like the post Desi… However i smell a hint of hypocricy with Arsene and the board… No doubt Sire Arsene “deserves” whatever salary he gets… However, have we not lost a bunch of players due to their wage demands and stubborness to bring home that £5,000 extra??… I do NOT condone that ATALL and obviously Arsene doesnt either because 9times out of 10 he’ll allow these players to leave and ruin thier carrer wherever they “think” they’ll be the next best thing.. So why is Arsene even accepting this BUMPER contract offer.. he doesnt need any more money! we’ve missed out on soooo many players due to their wages.. hence why on earth should our manager be payed soo much when our players are measly earners compared to the rest of the top “4”… STILL LOVE U ARSENE! GET LUKAKU!!! !!!!! RELEASE BENTDNER HE WILL NEVER SCORE MORE THAN 10 TAP INS A SEASON!!!

    • desigunner says:

      I think many of these stories have come from the media and we don’t really know the exact details.

      I’d say the club gives big packages to everyone who does well. In fact, if there can be a criticism, it must be that we sometimes give more than we should in terms of player wages.

      I don’t think our players are measly earners as can be seen from our wage bill. We’ve made an attempt to match the wages to some extent (can’t match the likes of Barca or City wages even now) and that has reduced our spending power in the recent years.

      Finally, I think a top manager should always earn more than his players. If players start earning more then there is a chance that the managers position might get undermined. So I think it makes sense to have Arsene as the highest earner at the club.

  33. ShaneGunner says:

    Excellent article. You are truly one of the best writers out there. Never fail to read your stuff. I hope all other gunners can see what Wenger is trying to achieve. I know there have been many complaints about him not adding more quality to the side over the past few years but you cannot deny his epic achievements in the way he runs the club. How many managers do you know of are able to read a balance sheet of their club’s financial activities? Only Arsene Knows!!

    • desigunner says:


      Most managers don’t last too long at clubs because they cannot achieve a balance between the football side and the business side. So even when they win they have to move on. Very few can actually create a legacy and Arsene is right up there in that category.

  34. Robespierre says:

    One surely does not have to vilify Wenger, the man is admirable in many respects, however the populist notion as if Wenger’s jurisdiction in this club extends to every area of its running and policy , from the new stadium to the finances to debt spread, is vastly exaggerated. He is not the owner of this ‘Inn’ even if he is a top quality visionary servant, of shrewd prudent well run club with capitalist owners who pursue sound policies for the most part.If Wenger would have seen himself as the manager of the club and nothing else (as Ferguson does even after 25 years in the helm) it would have been much better for the team. He would not have to compromise in what ends up being a remarkable lack of ambition at certain junctures that cannot but irk loyal fans. Having tenaciously secured one of the best world class midfielders in the world in Fab, and maintaining a team that is just 2 or 3 signings from possible greatness and being real contenders in all fronts one cannot understand Wenger’s decision making process (if it IS Wenger’s decision process) i.e to settle for a young inexperience french defender , Koscielny, as talented as he might be (and the jury is still out), next to another very young one who is brilliant yet has not yet shown he understands all aspects of the game( Vermaelen), as well as bringing an improved Silvestre replacement in addition. One cannot understand the procrastination re a solid confident keeper, and another top tenacious DM could have gone a long way ( as we saw with a Holland team this summer) could possibly guarantee top honors rather than another mixed season of some brilliant runs with crumbling at the top.
    Wenger has not shown that he is willing to do that nor what the alternative would be. Until he does that there is no right whatsoever to grant him all these accolades

    • desigunner says:

      I don’t think anyone here is talking as if the manager is the owner of the club. But there can be no denying that Arsene has been aware of what is going on and has made his plans accordingly. I think Wenger has often stated that he is just the manager and there are many decisions that are for those above him.

      If my memory serves me right you were amongst those who were saying a few months ago that Arsenal need an overhaul. Now you seem to have changed your tune to 2 or 3 signings. Then when we have three signings, you’ve problems with their quality even without giving them a chance.

      I think Wenger’s decision making process is his biggest strength. He has a clear method to his madness and that is the reason his “value for money” record is in a league of its own. And even with players who are ridiculed by all and sundry we do better than many teams who keep buying proven players – that clearly shows that Wenger’s method is far better than what others use.

      I don’t know what ambition you’re talking about. From whatever I’ve seen Mertesacker, Jagielka, Cahill, and some others aren’t much better than Koscielny. And if you’ve read this blog regularly then you surely know my opinion on keepers. I don’t see Stekelenburg or some others as better options than Almunia.

      I also don’t see how you brought holland into the picture. Their football was horrible and didn’t win anything. So whats the point of imitating them.

      That doesn’t mean I don’t want to see one or two more players coming in, but translating the lack big spending into a lack of ambition with poor decision making is rather silly.

  35. […] Wenger Deserves His £6M Salary + Hopes For The Champions League Draw I saw an article today that ‘revealed’ Arsene’s new contract was worth 6M pounds making him the highest earner at […] […]

  36. Arjun says:

    Great article Desi..
    If we compare Arsenal before and after wenger we can see that after 1970 till wenger came arsenal got 2 league titles only, finished 10th and even 12th in league, had a 38ooo seater stadium (Even newcastle and chelsea(a poor club then) had bigger stadiums), income as much as a midtable side, and above all a name ‘boring arsenal’… and after arsenal they won 3 titles, 4 FA cup, 1 champions league final, a new 60k seater mega stadium, revenues on the same level as any of the biggest clubs in the world, and gives its fans the most entertaining football…

    and the thing which i cant understand the most is, why the complaining gooners call themselves gooners..
    if they want to see a trophy winning team, no matter how they win it they can support chelsea, if they want a trophy winning team which plays beautiful with its own revenue they can support barcelona(for a short period of time till they become the leeds of spanish league) and i as a gooner is more than happy to see arsenal developing the way they are doing now..
    and would be supporting them always till they carry on the wenger legacy..

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