Classic Mourinho, Still Envious of Arsene

The Sith Lord of Anti-Football recently gave an interview where he was talking about the Premiership title contenders and the clubs he might end up at. The headlines that came out after the interview were along the lines that Jose dismissed the title hopes of Liverpool and Arsenal.

Before I go further I must confess that I don’t like Mourinho at all. He is a genius no doubt, but an evil one who achieves success with the worst possible anti-football. The simplest way to define my problem with him is this – if the managers at the top ten clubs were like him no one would be able to watch football; the beautiful game would end up as the most boring sport in the world. If you don’t realize how this can be just go and watch the Liverpool V Chelsea (Benitez V Mourinho) games that almost always ended in drab scoreless draws or were decided by a freak goal from a set-piece.

Anyway, debating the Dark Lord’s strengths and weaknesses is not the point of this post. I believe that deep down inside Mourinho has always envied Arsenal and Wenger. He is too smart a man to let it be known but it’s not difficult to see why this is the case.

While Mourinho was in England his Chelsea were never considered a joy to watch. They won plaudits for their success but never for playing the beautiful game. Arsenal were always mentioned above Chelsea as the most entertaining side, even when Arsenal were playing kids. I think part of the reason the Dark Lord was fired (let’s not fall for the mutual consent euphemism) was that the owner, who’d invested hundreds of millions, never really enjoyed watching the team. For a man with his talents and with the kind of success he’s achieved that knowledge must surely be a thorn in his flesh. Even at Inter, Mourinho spent a crazy amount of money and was successful in terms of trophies, but could never entertain.

Now he faces a Real challenge! I’m not sure the Bernabeu crowd will accept what he did at Chelsea and Inter. They might for a year or so because even their indiscriminate spending has not taken them anywhere and they must be desperate for trophies. But, just as Capello found out, he can get the sack even if he wins a title or two with mind numbing anti-football.

The Dark Lord is also smart enough to realize that he is in his dream job only because Wenger turned it down!! Imagine that, a manager wins the League title in three countries and the Champions League with two different clubs but is still second or third choice at his dream club behind a man who hasn’t won a title in five years!

I can clearly see why Mourinho is jealous of Arsene. Another factor that must rankle him is the fact that Arsene has developed so many youngsters on a tight budget while he has been spending with gay abandon. For every Sneijder who has starred for him there is a Mancini who has flopped; for every Milito there is a Quaresma. His achievements get diluted when his transfer success is taken into account.

It wasn’t surprising that Mourinho mentioned finding and developing a youngster as one of his managerial goals around the time he signed for Madrid. Once again the man is bright enough to know that developing an odd kid will not prove anything but it will at least give him a counter argument.

In this light, I found his recent comments quite amusing.

I don’t think Arsenal can win. Year after year it looks like they will but no. It’s always the same type of comment, ‘It’s a young team, it will be next season. I remember we played them in a Carling Cup final [in 2007] with a team of young boys, but they are no longer a team of young boys. They are now a team of 25, 26, 27-year-olds.

Cesc Fabregas, Theo Walcott, Gael Clichy, Alex Song, Bacary Sagna – they’re not a team of kids any more, they’re of an age to win things, but I don’t think they will do it.

Are you surprised that he still remembers that Carling Cup final? An Arsenal team full of kids gave the multi-million pound Chelsea a real scare and stole the spotlight from his title win. A clear indication of how well Arsenal have developed is that Mourinho actually thinks Fabregas, Walcott, and Song are 25, 26, 27 year old pros.

In reality that’s been a problem for Arsenal. The kids have been so good and performed so far above the level other teams with kids would have that many people don’t truly understand the ‘it’s a young team’ argument.

Interestingly, in the same interview, Mourinho had a go at Liverpool and Benitez. The Dark Lord’s dislike for Liverpool is not difficult to understand either. After all, Benitez dumped his Chelsea out of the Champions League on two occasions. Surely, that was another factor that contributed to his dismissal from a club where he couldn’t win the Champions League in spite of spending the combined transfer budget of ten, perhaps twelve clubs.

Now I’m sure many of you will see why I find the Dark Lord amusing and don’t really buy his doom and gloom predictions. On one point though I agree with him, we are no longer a team of young boys. That makes him envious and fills me with confidence.

61 Responses to Classic Mourinho, Still Envious of Arsene

  1. Benjamin Oakdale says:

    Tosh. Utter tosh.

  2. dev says:

    what are u babbling abt…the guys is just telling the truth just accept it and move on..

    • Gunner Boye says:

      Mourinho is a stupid and ppl supporting him n his comments r utter stupids…!! That includes U as well my fren Dev…!! hehehe… rofl…!! 😀 😀

  3. suhel says:

    nice 1 desi
    top stuff

    i really hate that guy

    lol song , fabregas , theo age 15-17 lmafo

  4. suhel says:

    lol song , fabregas , theo age 25-27 lmafo


  5. suhel says:

    sorry i ment age 25-27 lmafo

  6. Its about time someone said this so succintly!!! Excellent Post!!

  7. simms21 says:

    good stuff desi keep it up!

  8. Abishkar Shrestha says:

    Desi, been reading your blog for a few months now. Good stuff.

    re Mourinho, I have always thought Mourinho’s hatred of Benitez is down to the fact that he has so far proved the only one capable of beating him at his own game — extremely organized defense and negative tactics relying on small margins here and there. Hope they draw each other in CL this year.

    • desigunner says:

      That’s very true. Mourinho’s tactics look great when he bores a team like Arsenal or Barca to death but when comes up against someone like Benitez he looks just as clueless and one dimensional as anyone else.

      It will be amazing if Inter, Real and Spuds end up in the same group 😀

  9. shottagunna says:

    Mourinho is a Checkbook Manager, plain and simple. Yes, he has been very successful, trophy-wise, but produces dire functional football that drains the soul.
    To paraphrase something Ivan Gazidis said recently, Mourinho does not build, he buys a team.
    No wonder he is jealous of Wenger.

  10. john says:

    spot on brother.managers like him are killing football.even with that success nobody seemed to praise inter.what dull football they have played.i am sure madrid fans would never like his brand of football.and i also hope this year arsenal would prove him five years or even more look set to be dominated by arsenal.

  11. gunnerbill says:

    Mourinho got lucky at porto ,his champs league win with them was a total freek!Now lets see what did he do with unlimited resourses at chelski europe sod all!and at inter lets face it at barca they were so lucky to reach the final,bojans goal should have counted and inter would have been eliminated .sounds to me a case of the green eyed monster with him ,arsene has produced season after season a team that play the game how it should be played,a joy to watch with flair and zip not the none football that he instills in his players .Lets face it Jose ,ARSENE is reveared heigher in world football than you get over it PRICK!

  12. rohde says:

    he so he take the job that arsene don’t want…hahahaha..

  13. diablo says:

    good job dude keep it i love yur comments he is really jealous of wenger

  14. chengiskhan says:

    One need only watch the movie Amadeus and you have the whole story. Mourinho is Salieri and Wenger is Mozart.

  15. Filip says:

    We have to pay attention to some of the details/things that happened in the last 5 years.Considering Arsenal`s limited budget,very young team, selling at least two of the best players every summer(henry,hleb,adebayor,kolo toure,flamini,gilberto,viera,ashley cole,reyes,diara), other teams spending massive sums of money and the ridiculous number of injuries, I think Arsenal should have been nowhere near top 10.Instead , Arsenal probably could/should have been crowned champions twice in these years.Is it luck or skills ? I say the latter.What Wenger has been doing over the years is absolutely unthinkable.It is like a fairytale really.His last 5 years for me have been a bigger achievement to Wenger as a manager than the first 9(being unbeaten in 49 games is the best achievement ever for him but you get what I mean).Mourinho sounds absolutely clueless about Arsenal.His remarks lack any knowledge of what is going on with the club.His comments cant be taken seriously.

    • desigunner says:

      Yeah we should never take him seriously. He talks to stir up a controversy and keep himself in the limelight. I just read what he says for the entertainment value.

  16. Bio says:

    I have never really hated a team or manager as much as I hated Chelsea/Mourinho-for various reasons, most of which have been enumerated ad nauseum. But the man thinks he is a genius because he has had owners that provide him with unlimited funding, and because the press tells him so.
    But I really do not care about his opinion and Arsenal.

  17. Hornsey Nick says:

    Great article on the self-proclaimed “horrible one”. Ghengis Khan’s Mozart analogy is priceless,his one line sums up Mourinho’s hatred and jealousy of Wenger brilliantly (I shall be using that one myself in times to come).Superb Ghengis know wonder you conquered half the known world!! Top Man. As Wenger points out when Mourinho arrrived at chelski they were already finishing in the top 3-4 and spending loads of money, to take them to 1st spot didn’t require genius just cash! ShottaGunner, GunnerBill and Filip also spot on, as for our friend devi, well perhaps you should spend your time visiting chelski blog sites (if you can find any that is!)and celebrating the “Horrible One” with those chavs. As Tommy Docherty once stated about Mourinho “If he was made of chocolate he would eat himself”. Nuff said. Keep up the good work Desi – Respects

    • desigunner says:

      Thanks. I think Mourinho would eat himself even if he had been a toxic substance. The man just can’t see beyond himself.

  18. Seth Batter says:

    Top post
    this boring idiot has never built anything that didn’t cost the rest of his leagues combined.
    His football is boring and he’ll be fired at the end of this season even if he “wins” the lot.
    He wishes he was Wenger, that’s why he can’t stop talking about him.

  19. Seabass44 says:

    Just wanted to say thanks. I enjoyed this article, and pretty much everything you write.

  20. arvind says:

    As much as I disliked the chelsea mourinho I have to admit that he is a winner who gets his teams to perform to their best levels. I do not think anyone can question that he did not get the best out of his players. Even measely Porto did the job for him. If indeed Mourinho plays anti football and wins, then why not a genius like wenger? I do not agree that whole beautiful football argument. He gets his players to play his style and they win. I love beautiful football like anyone else but he is a master tactician. I will love the way he will get Barcashitlona to lose.

    • suhel says:

      y dont u shut fck up and gt ur horse shyt out of here
      and dnt forget to suck stink overdated 2 nuts between his leg u fagget

      • gunner_expat says:

        Hey kiddo, chill out. I mean drink some valium or smoke a spliff, the man has given a lucid argument, why don’t you follow suit?

    • Gunner says:

      i share a similar view with u. I do not like mourinho and the brand of football he get his team play. But a s a football fan, u have to respect the way he rally his players and his tactical ability. He won Doubles CL with a lesser team in porto, back to back EPL with cheski, and a treble with inter. it will be wrong to say he is a fluke.

      If there is area he is lacking, that will be spotting raw talent and growing of youth players to starhood. he is a good player manager, but he cant make them become better then what he have buy into the squad. And this is the biggest reason is support Arsenal and more importantly, Arsene Wenger, instead of Manure or F-arcelona

    • desigunner says:

      I’m not sure I can agree with that at all.

      Firstly he doesn’t get the best out of his players. Shevchenko, Mancini, Quaresma, and many others will testify to that. He only gets the best out of those who can work like donkeys in his incredibly boring system.

      And you’ve missed the point about the beautiful game. If you have a problem with Farca and are happy that they lost it’s one thing, but don’t forget that game was tolerable only because of Farca. Two teams with Mourinho like managers will always be intolerable. If the game dies because of managers like him the trophies will be meaningless in due course.

      Finally, you’ve lost your analysis in results. In the Champions League last year Barca beat Inter twice and drew once and lost only once. The only reason Inter got through could be down to the unfairly disallowed Bojan goal or the unfairly allowed offside goal (Milito I think it was). When it comes down to such fine margins it’s not about tactical genius anymore. Add to it the fact that their anti-football was disgusting and it’s not difficult to see why Mourinho wasn’t special.

      Yes he gets results. But many of those aren’t great achievements. For instance, Inter had been winning way before he came. The only addition was the Champions League. It took Mourinho over a hundred million pounds, 2-3 years, pathetic football, and a great deal of luck. At Chelsea with the money he spent he was a flop. He did get fired after all!

      You’ve just taken a look at the trophy count and ignored plenty of other aspects.

      I didn’t want to go into a discussion about Mourinho as I said in the post but your post made me put a few points forward. He has his positives and his talents no doubt. But he also has huge limitations.

  21. stephen says:

    mourinho is always talking about is-sent it mourinho how is always look in to peoples homes. the man as no stile just like is teams

  22. Tarun says:

    Great article…..Potty Mourinho needs to shut the fck up!!!

  23. charliegeorge says:

    Why on God’s green Earth would JM be envious of AW? It’s an utterly preposterous assertion. If anything, it’s the other way around. Look at the man’s record, FFS. AW can only dream of doing what JM has done, and continues to do.

  24. ROBBY says:

    it’s logical if u win trophy with real mdrid, b’cos looking at the squad is filled with such excellent players..ronaldo, van d vart, benzema, casilas, canales, kaka n so much more..these r all expensive players..but if u manage Arsenal, can u win with Arsenal players which are quite cheap player n unknown player except a few..

  25. pires is king says:

    Hey Des. I think your reflection that if everyone played like Mourinho, the game would deteriorate is the most pertinent. He does win matches, and trophies, and is damn good at it. But it is the Wenger’s of the game that give people hope and aspiration, in my opinion. Cheers!

    • desigunner says:

      I’m surprised many people don’t realize this. So many smaller teams have started parking the bus because they know it’s an easier way to get some result. The game has been the loser and people like Mourinho have been the biggest culprits.

  26. DKD says:


  27. DKD says:


  28. oyek says:

    Well said jose can’t coach club sides who r not well financed. He’s an opportuntist, he looks for leagues dat other teams r in trouble & immediately make his stance like in italy with inter milan. Also, he looks at d set up of d team b4 hitting d ground running. If he’s dat good, let him manage a club like blackpool with a relative finance of £8m per annum & turn it ard. Remember how much he paid lyon for essien dat d GM den said d funds was enough to run a club like lyon for 2 seasons.

  29. JITS says:

    Seriously, why has he got to be jealous of Wenger? As a manager of a club, its just the trophies and head to head records that counts. He’s miles ahead of Wenger in that department. Noone remembers a manager for developing a player. A manager is remembered for what he has won. OK, Wenger will be lauded for the great football he’s brought to the club. But so has Manuel Pellegrini with Villareal and Real Madrid. Whatever Mourinho said, he’s right. This is the time for us to prove our credentials. Its just a fact he tried to say that we cannot hide with the excuses of average age and maturity process anymore. It would be a delight if we took this as a motivation and go game by game, other than try to overdo things just out of pure desperation. It would be the icing on the cake if our team won the Premier league title this season.

  30. Goons_with_Guns says:

    Was skeptical before reading your post, but well written, just the same.

  31. Tesfu says:

    He is a man who learnt nothing from his teacher at barcelona

  32. Phil23 says:

    Mourinho will be embarrassed at the end of the year when we’re holding up a couple of trophies… Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal!

  33. Chris Chan says:

    Desi you are damn right, please right an acticle concerning other British football clubs attitude toward Arsenal FC success just because the manager is a foreigner, please also write the dark side of British pride and arrogance. There is a saying in the scripture in Proverbs 8:13 i.e. ” To fear the Lord is to hate evil; I hate pride and arrogance, evil behavior and perverse speech”

    • desigunner says:

      I’ve actually covered those topics in the past and will do so again in the future when its related to the current events

  34. charm chomba says:

    lets face it wenger cannot jose thats just just a fact Arsene Wenger has done so much in football so much so that many people enjoy watching football played by arsenal evenif they dont support the team
    This season will prove Jose wrong as he wait to be sucked at his new club which will not tolerate his way of winning trophies

  35. critic says:

    frankly arsenal are not genuine contenders, b’coz we haven’t done it for 5 years, and mourinhio just repeated things that he heard from press and pundits….nothing new as he is not wenger who in my opinion is the most intelligent person as football manager in the world…

    • desigunner says:

      Real Madrid have been knocked out of the Champions League in the second round for six years in a row. Are you saying they are not genuine contenders for the Champions League this year?

  36. king gooner says:

    dev you chav dick are you on drugs?what’s “maureens”obsession with all things arsenal & the prof-he’s like a stalker ffs!the article is 100% correcto!!

  37. Paul C. says:

    Mourinho’s obsession with Arsenal and AW has always been odd. Remember when Arsene was asked a question about Chelsea by the media, and he gave an honest answer (as he does about everything, for instance Scholes, sometimes to his detriment). Mourinho went nuts, accusing AW of having an “obsession” about Chelsea.

    The hilarious thing was that Mourinho then followed that up by saying something along the lines of “we have a dossier of everything that Arsene Wenger has said about Chelsea in the past year back at our office”. A dossier!!!!!! A DOSSIER!!!!! How hilarious was that. Mourinho accusing AW of obsessive behaviour when he had been saving everything AW had ever said about Chelsea for the previous year!!!!

    As you say, Mourinho is a winner. There is no doubt about that. He is also immensely entertaining. But the guy has some serious jealousy towards Arsenal and AW.

  38. Ketch says:

    this is what JM is all about, he sparks a reaction, take everything he says with a pinch of salt.

  39. Jose is a stupid man. Whether arsenal picks the titile or not does it concern him? He is evious of wenger. Let see how he will win his own titile with madrid. Gunners this is our season, we entertain any fear at all. Wenger should go ahead to complet his signings for the new center back and the goalstopper so that he will prove morinho wrong. Wenger should understand that the battle line is drawn, jose have to not winning the trophy. He should rise up and put him to shame. Wenger you are a profesor in football and that’s why I and gunners call you “the prof” keep it up, we trust in you.

  40. munawwar says:

    nice stuff.. hahaha… i wrote some same stuff on some fb group. jose is sooo deluded. i call him a trophy hit-man. he has no vision. he just spends and does some “win” football.

    speaking of boring football how dull was the pool vs citeh game? these days if i happen to be watching some other teams game its only on mute.

    • desigunner says:

      Neither team created much. City will probably play an extremely boring italian style I guess. How can they entertain with three midfielders like Barry, De Jong and Yaya.

  41. […] Classic Mourinho, Still Envious of Arsene The Sith Lord of Anti-Football recently gave an interview where he was talking about the Premiership title contenders […] […]

  42. joni bravo says:

    Very interesting read, keep up the good work desi

  43. John says:

    hey, nice blog…really like it and added to bookmarks. keep up with good work

  44. […] won a trophy for six years, before they went to Jose. Earlier this season I did an article saying Mourinho was jealous of Arsene and such games show […]

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